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อจท.Upstream 5 Unit 4b

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English 5 -4b

อจท.Upstream 5 Unit 4b

Unit 4b Vocabulary practice

Answer Key (Ex. 1)

Types of school: primary, secondary, high,
nursery, state, private
School subjects: French, Maths, Art, Geography,
Music, Science
People in a school: head teacher, headmaster,
pupil, librarian
Further Education: university, college
School facilities: library, lab, playing fields,
classroom, playground, canteen, gym

Suggested Answer Key (Ex. 2)

1 A: What type of school do you 3 A: How many days a week do you
have school?
B: I go to a state school. You? B: Five. You?
A: I go to a private school. Is your A: The same. What time do your

school single-sex or co- classes start?
educational? B: They start at nine and end at three.
B: It's co-educational. What about
yours? What about yours?
A: Mine's single-sex. A: Mine start at eight thirty and end
2 A: What's your favourite school
subject? at three. etc
B: Maths. Yours?
A: French. What's your least
favourite school subject?
B: Art. Yours?
A: Geography.

Answer Key (Ex. 3)

type of school: co-educational
favourite/least favourite subject: Literature/Mathematics
days a week: five
hours: 8:30-3:00
facilities: playground, Biology lab
years compulsory: 6-15 years old
other: blamed for cheating on an assignment/ threatened by a boy/
threw all his books in the mud/ stay away from him

Answer Key (Ex. 4a)

Answer Key (Ex. 4b)

Answer Key (Ex. 5)

Vocabulary (Ex. 5)

qualification (n) an exam that you have passed or a course of

study that you have successfully completed
[คณุ วฒุ ิ]

degree (n) the qualification obtained by students who

successfully complete a university or college
course [ปริญญา]

teacher (n) a person whose job is teaching, especially in a
school [ครู]

tutor (n) a private teacher, especially one who teaches

an individual student or a very small group
[ครูสอน, ครูรับจ้างสอนพิเศษ]

lecture (n) a talk that is given to a group of people to teach

them about a particular subject, often as part of
a university or college course [การบรรยาย, การสอนโดย
วธิ ีบรรยายในมหาวิทยาลยั ]

seminar (n) (1) a class at a university or college when a
small group of students and a teacher
curriculum (n) discuss or study a particular topic
course (n) [ชนั้ เรียนในมหาวิทยาลยั ที่นกั ศกึ ษากลมุ่ เลก็ และอาจารย์
pupil (n) อภิปรายร่วมกนั ]
student (n)
(2) a meeting for discussion or training
[การสมั มนา]

the subjects that are included in a course of
study or taught in a school, college, etc [หลกั สตู ร]

a series of lessons or lectures on a particular
subject [รายวชิ า]

a person who is being taught, especially a
child in a school [นกั เรียน โดยเฉพาะในโรงเรียน]

a person who is studying at a university or
college [นกั ศกึ ษา]

graduate (v) to get a degree, especially your first degree,
from a university or college [ได้ปริญญา]

drop out (phr v) to leave school, college, etc. without
finishing your studies [ออกจากโรงเรียนหรือวิทยาลยั
ขณะท่ียงั เรียนไมจ่ บ]

close (n) the end of a period of time or an activity
[การจบ, การสนิ ้ สดุ ]

deadline (n) a point in time by which something must be
done [วนั สนิ ้ กาหนด]

Answer Key (Ex. 6)

live and learn: gain experience over time
learn one’s lesson: learnt through a bad experience
learn sth by heart: memorise
read sb like a book: know someone very well

Answer Key (Ex. 7)

let down: disappoint
break down: become very upset
take down: note
go down: decrease, get worse
settle down: prepare to concentrate on sth

Answer Key (Ex. 8a)

Answer Key (Ex. 8b)

Answer Key (Ex. 9b)

dancer – She trained for ten years to be a ballet dancer.
collector – John is a stamp collector. He's got over a thousand.
comedian – Steve Martin is one of the best comedians of all time.
pianist – You have to practise a lot to become a good pianist.
examiner – The examiner was very fair when he marked my paper.
operator – My dad works at the factory as a machine operator.
musician – My favourite musician is Mick Jagger.
organiser – Do you know who the festival organiser is?
performer – She is a famous circus performer.

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