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Published by elynne, 2021-08-31 10:33:19

Catalogue fall winter 2021 def

Catalogue fall winter 2021 def

Dress-up set unicorn

WS 1204


The animal backpack is sure to turn
heads wherever you go. This fun back-
pack is spacious to store all the essen-
tials and will never leave your side! It is
super soft and has a zipped opening
as well as adjustable shoulder strap.

Backpack monkey

WS 2007

Backpack panda

WS 2008

Backpack sloth

WS 2006


A super cute bag for children. In super-
soft fabric with shoulder strap. This cute
little supersoft shoulder bag in soft plush
fabric with a full animal body is perfect
for little ones to have their very own bag.

Purse polar bear Purse flamingo

WS 2201 WS 2202

Purse elephant Purse unicorn

WS 2203 WS 2204

Purse hare

WS 2205

WS 2202

Purse panda

WS 2206


A super cute bag for children. In super-
soft fabric with shoulder strap. This cute
little supersoft shoulder bag in soft plush
fabric with a full animal body is perfect
for little ones to have their very own bag.

Polar bear Elephant

WS 6001 WS 6002

Hare Leopard

WS 6003 WS 6004

WS 6005

WS 6004 WS 6003

WS 6002 WS 6001


This gorgeous round furniture will definitely add
warmth and softness to your room or nursery. The faux
fur is a delight to step and sit on. It offers the luxury and
softness of fur while remaining entirely animal friendly.

Besides being a wonderful decoration, you can use
the furniture in any room of your home as a foot-
rest or a place for the children to sit, read and play.

Pouffe medium Dusk rose

WS 6101

Pouffe medium Koala grey

WS 6102

Pouffe medium Vanilla cream

WS 6103

Pouffe medium Jungle green

WS 6104

Pouffe large Dusk rose

WS 6151

Pouffe large Koala grey

WS 6152

Pouffe largeVanilla cream

WS 6153

Rug Dusk rose

WS 6201

Rug Koala grey

WS 6202

Rug Vanilla cream

WS 6203


Diameter 120 cm

Brown bear rug

WS 1607

Discover our ordering platform

Wild and Soft has a user-friendly B2B ordering platform. There is no lon-
ger any need to fill in and transmit orders manually or to order by pho-
ne. Everything is done through a single platform. Just like in a normal
webshop, you indicate what you want to order and in what quantity.

In your shopping cart you will see an overview of your desired order. This way
you can check everything again or add things to your basket before ordering. If
a desired product is out of stock, we cannot work with backorders. In this case,
please send a message to [email protected] with the desired product that
is not available. You will then be notified when the product is back in stock..

Once payment is made, we receive notification and shipment is done as
soon as possible. Shipping time is reduced to the absolute minimum.
If you do not have a client ID yet and you want to create one? Please contact
[email protected] and we will be happy to create a personalised ID for you.


Wild and soft

The wild and soft range is made with
lots of love in Indonesia. For over 20
years we have built a relationship with
the manufacturer, which ensures op-
timum continuity and quality. Howe-
ver all designs are made in Belgium.

We strictly monitor the production
quality before the products are shipped
from the factory. Our partner undergoes
various annual audits to assess the
factory’s quality management processes

and social compliance.

Indonesia is best known for its
production of high-level acrylic
fabric which is the core of our
Wild and Soft items. This way
we can assure the absolute best
quality and finish of our range.


Wild and soft

Wild and Soft cares about our planet and the
animal kingdom. Therefore we set up the Wild
and Soft foundation. This foundation sup-
ports two wildlife sanctuaries: The Zonneg-
loed, sanctuary in our home country Belgium,
and the Cikananga sanctuary, in Indonesia.
We chose Indonesia as this is the country whe-
re the Wild and Soft creations come to life.

These wildlife sanctuaries take
care of animals that are seized by
illegal trade, private ownership, ex-
ploitation by entertainment indus-
try or research. In addition, many
animals are also threatened by de-
clining habitat and deforestation.

The sanctuaries provide shelter and offer
a safer place for them to grow, heal and
recover. Many animals arrive in a neglec-
ted state where they receive the profes-
sional care they need to rehabilitate.

We and the sanctuaries have an important
task to raise awareness concerning the ex-
ploitation of wild animals and their habi-
tats to guarantee their future existence.

Did you know... that worldwide 52% of the species
have disappeared in the last 40 years?

Therefore Wild and Soft supports Wanicare and the
Cikananga centre to shelter endangered animals and place
them back in the wild. Moreover, Wild and Soft supports the
sanctuaries with a small contribution per item sold to stop the

illegal wild animal trade and to preserve animal wildlife.

Wild and soft

Giftbox large Giftbox dress-up set

Giftbox coathanger Giftbox mini

Wild and soft is going green

All wild and soft products come packaged in a fun gift
box. Until now the gift box was red, this fall we are
changing the color from red to green. Green reflects

and reinforces our brand. Besides the already existing
large gift box and the mini box, we will also release the

coat hanger and dress up set box.


Large head

Alfred Albert Jack Francis
WS 0003 WS 0004
50x40x35 cm 26x25x25 cm WS 0005 WS 0008

EAN: 5425023079546 EAN: 5425023079553 25x25x35 cm 37x23x30 cm

EAN: 5425023079560 EAN: 5425023079744

Sophia Alice Chloe Joe

WS 0011 WS 0012 WS 0013 WS 0015

28x13x51 cm 45x25x30 cm 26x23x23 cm 25x20x21 cm

EAN: 5425023079591 EAN: 5425023079607 EAN: 5425023079768 EAN: 5425023079966

Julia Noah Hendrik Oliver

WS 0017 WS 0019 WS 0020 WS 0021

37x18x35 cm 22x35x32 cm 39x22x27 cm 37x32x32 cm

EAN: 5425023079980 EAN: 5425023070215 EAN: 5425023070284 EAN: 5425023070055

Basile Cesar Felix Billy

WS 0023 WS 0024 WS 0025 WS 0027

31x32x30 cm 27x21x22 cm 27x22x23 cm 30x39x41 cm

EAN: 5425023070062 EAN: 5425023070079 EAN: 5425023070086 EAN: 5425023070109

George Scarlett Daisy Ruby

WS 0033 WS 0034 WS 0035 WS 0036

44x59x25 cm 40x14x30 cm 33x40x30 cm 34x19x28 cm

EAN: 5425023070154 EAN: 5425023070161 EAN: 5425023070178 EAN: 5425023070185

Daniel Harry Thomas Louis

WS 0037 WS 0043 WS 0046 WS 0049

34x19x28 cm 29x25x28 cm 27x23x23 cm 27x23x23 cm

EAN: 5425023070192 EAN: 5425023070222 EAN: 5425023078402 EAN: 5425023070246

Lewis Alex Arthur Claire

WS 0053 WS 0054 WS 0055 WS 0057

23x23x50 cm 35x39x40 cm 24x50x56 cm 37x18x35 cm

EAN: 5425023078419 EAN: 5425023070314 EAN: 5425023079348 EAN: 5425023079454

Adam Nicolas Lucy

WS 0058 WS 0061 WS 0601

33x43x41 cm 53x32x27 cm 23x19x20 cm

EAN: 5425023079416 EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023071601

Mini head

Safari box
WS 5100
EAN: 5425023079898
L: 13x10x12 cm E: 21x10x10 cm G: 17x13x10 cm

Lovely box
WS 5101
EAN: 5425023079935
U: 18x07x14 cm P: 12x09x10 cm R: 13x10x21 cm

Jungle box
WS 5102
EAN: 5425023077030
O: 12x10x09 cm T: 13x09x10 cm M: 13x10x10

Bear box
WS 5103
EAN: 5425023077061
B: 12x13x13 cm PA: 12x09x10 cm PO: 13x13x13 cm

Prehistoric box
WS 5104
EAN: 5425023077061
M: 21x10x10 cm D: 12x16x14 cm T: 17x13x10 cm

Coat hanger Lion Giraffe

Elephant WS 0061 WS 0061
WS 0061
24x10x10cm 23x10x12 cm 24x13x10 cm

EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023070291

Unicorn Panda Rabbit

WS 0061 WS 0061 WS 0061

27x07x14 cm 23x09x10 cm 29x10x13 cm

EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023070291

Urang utang Tiger Monkey

WS 0061 WS 0061 WS 0061

23x09x10 cm 23x09x10 cm 23x10x10 cm

EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023070291

Dino Bear Polar bear

WS 0061 WS 0061 WS 0061

24x16x14 cm 23x13x13 cm 23x13x13 cm

EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023070291

Mammoth T-rex

WS 0061 WS 0061

24x10x10 cm 23x17x13 cm

EAN: 5425023070291 EAN: 5425023070291

Dress up

Lion mask
WS 1202
EAN: 5425023072141
M: 23x15x4 cm T: 18x35x4 cm
G: 16x16x2 cm

Dino mask
WS 1203
EAN: 5425023072189
M: 22x15x4 cm T: 10x29x10 cm
G: 16x16x2 cm

Unicorn mask
WS 1204
EAN: 5425023072226
M: 22x18x2 cm T: 11x31x9 cm
G: 16x16x2 cm


Polar bear Tiger Buffalo
WS 1001 WS 1002
98x119x18 cm WS 1003
101x126x20 cm 92x115x30 cm
EAN: 5425023079362
EAN: 5425023079362 EAN: 5425023079379

Light brown bear Zebra White unicorn

WS 1004 WS 1005 WS 1006
90x122x18 cm 106x103x19 cm 90x116x18 cm

EAN: 5425023079386 EAN: 5425023079393 EAN: 5425023079447

Dino Lion Shark

WS 1007 WS 1008 WS 1009
114x123x33 cm 89x116x16 cm 114x120x15 cm
EAN: 5425023079430 EAN: 5425023079683
EAN: 5425023079409

Panda Lobster Hare
WS 1010 WS 1011 WS 1012
94x117x20 cm 104x109x18 cm 92x116x35 cm
EAN: 5425023079782 EAN: 5425023079799 EAN: 5425023070437

Giraffe Monkey` Donkey
WS 1014 WS 1015 WS 1018
101x115x21 cm 103x119x20 cm 97x105x24 cm
EAN: 5425023070451 EAN: 5425023070468 EAN: 5425023070505

T-rex White tiger Sheep
WS 1020 WS 1021 WS 1022
115x120x21 cm 98x116x18 cm
EAN: 5425023070536 98x116x18 cm EAN: 5425023070512
EAN: 5425023070512

Pink unicorn Lilac unicorn
WS 1062 WS 1066

90x116x18 cm 90x116x18 cm
EAN: 5425023070444 EAN: 5425023070550


Panda backpack Monkey backpack
WS 2008 WS 2007

48x32x12 cm 50x20x15 cm
EAN: 5425023071021 EAN: 5425023071014

Sloth backpack
WS 2008

48x32x12 cm
EAN: 5425023071021


Polar bear purse Flamingo purse Elephant Purse

WS 2201 WS 2202 WS 2203

12x19x15 cm 30x12x45 cm 31x19x17 cm

EAN: 5425023079737 EAN: 5425023079812 EAN: 5425023070321

Unicorn purse Hare purse Panda purse

WS 2204 WS 2205 WS 2206

29x18x25 cm 13x12x10 cm 13x14x10 cm

EAN: 5425023070338 EAN: 5425023070345 EAN: 5425023070352


Large pouffe dusk rose Beanbag Polar bear
WS 6151 WS 6001
55x55x35 cm 90x85x19 cm

EAN: 5425023071908 EAN: 5425023071922

Large pouffe koala grey Bean bag Elephant
WS 6152 WS 6002
55x55x35 cm 90x70x15 cm

EAN: 5425023071915 EAN: 5425023071922

Large pouffe vanilla cream Bean bag Hare
WS 6153 WS 6003
55x55x35 cm 94x94x14 cm

EAN: 5425023071922 EAN: 5425023071922

Medium pouffe dusk rose Bean bag leopard
WS 6101 WS 6004
32x32x35 cm 90x77x15 cm

EAN: 5425023071809 EAN: 5425023071922

Medium pouffe koala grey Bean bag pink
WS 6102 WS 6005
32x32x35 cm 90x77x15 cm

EAN: 5425023071816 EAN: 5425023078693

Medium pouffe vanilla Rug dusk rose
cream WS 6151
WS 6103 ø 120 cm
32x32x35 cm
Medium pouffe jungle green EAN: 5425023072004
WS 6103
32x32x35 cm Rug koala grey
WS 6152
EAN: 5425023071830 ø 120 cm

EAN: 5425023072011

rug vanilla cream
WS 6153
ø 120 cm

EAN: 5425023072028

Miffy collection

Large miffy head
WS 6151
31x33x21 cm

EAN: 5425023071908

Miffy coat hanger
WS 6151
15x20x12 cm

EAN: 5425023071908

Miffy disguise
WS 6151
110x99x20 cm

EAN: 5425023071908

@kleinewundermaus @huize_kooiker

@ma_family4 @house_to_home_no.17

@virginie.v.d.h @julisel @mayukahoney

@beau_by_bo @our_forever_shaftesbury @sweet.mum.of.leo


The animal heads by Wild & Soft are 100 percent
Belgian designs and made with high quality

materials. Because they are made by hand, every
animal will be original and slightly different. They
cheer up every child’s room and guarantee years

of friendship and a sense of security.
Plush animals on the wall, playful animal
backpacks and purses or complete animal
disguises make every child feel like the king of
the jungle. The collection is constantly expanding.
The Wild & Soft products are meant for the tiny
tots, but we have not forgotten about the adults.
Our ultimate aim is to make children and adults
laugh. Onwards towards a wild and soft future.

8800 B-Roeselare
+32 (0)51 50 49 38
[email protected]


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