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In the framework of the eTwinning Project "Intercultural Competences and Active European Citizens" the 7th Junior High School of Rhodes "discovers" the town and the school of Benavente in Portugal

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Getting to know Benavente (Portugal)

In the framework of the eTwinning Project "Intercultural Competences and Active European Citizens" the 7th Junior High School of Rhodes "discovers" the town and the school of Benavente in Portugal

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The map of Benavente

Where is Benavente located?

The population of Benavente

Benavente is a municipality and one of the parishes in
Santarém District in Portugal. The other parishes are
Barrosa, Santo Estevao and Samora Correia. The
population in 2011 was 29,019, in an area of 521.38 km².
The economy of the area is based on agriculture (wheat,
corn, sunflowers, tomatoes), livestock farming (cattle),
forestry (cork oak) and food industries

The Lower Tagus River

In 1199 foreign settlers reached the left bank of the Tagus
River in Portugal. They formed a town in an area ruled by
the order of Calatrava, according to the plan of
repopulation of D. Sancho I, second king of Portugal, in
the late 12th century. Its lands were under the protection
of the lord of the castle of Coruche. There is a country
palace in the centre of the town and a church from those

The valley has been affected by severe earthquakes
comprising distant events, as in 1755, and local earthquakes,
as in 1344, 1531, and 1909. The earthquake on 27th April
1909 was located NE of Lisbon, near Benavente, causing
serious damage and many losses. The new town was built
after the quake on the east.


Symbol of justice and advice

Cruzeiro de Calvairo

Cross constructed in 1644


Administrative building

Igreja da Misericordia

Church and former hospital

Feasts and fairs in Benavente

• The Fair of Benavente (in September)
• The “Ascension Day” is the the municipality holiday
• Festa da Amizade, “The Feast of Friendship” takes place

during the last week of June, when everyone enjoys grilled
sardines and watches bullfights

Festa de Nossa Senhora de Paz, “Our Lady of Peace” is
celebrated on 24th of January

Portugal’s cuisine

The most distinctive feature of Portuguese cuisine comes
from the sea. A simple grilled fish, cataplanas, bouillabaisses
and any other fish or seafood dish are excellent choices.
There are countless codfish (bacalhau) dishes in Portugal!

Pasteis de Bacalhau

You may enjoy the delicious cuisine of Benavente. Savor
local favorites such as asadillo (roasted red pepper and
tomato salad) made with local peppers, roast suckling lamb
and caramel custard, as well as bacalhao a la tranca (garlic
paprika cod) and stews featuring the finest game, including
quail, hare and wild boar.

The school in Benavente

The school seems very large and has a very impressive
entrance. From the pictures where we saw the yard seems
very large and also clean. It is a well-made courtyard. As
you go in it has many vivid colors and is made with nice
ideas, it has many floors and many classes. They are nicely
scarce plants and the gauntlet. It seems that it has great
equipment at the gymnasium that it has. It's like a small

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7th Junior High School of Rhodes

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