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Kellogg-Hubbard Library
Annual Report FY 2020

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Published by Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 2020-08-24 18:13:47


Kellogg-Hubbard Library
Annual Report FY 2020


JULY 2019–JUNE 2020

Kellogg-Hubbard Library

135 Main Street | Montpelier, Vermont 05602 | 802-223-3338 |
Serving Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Montpelier and Worcester

Library Services Report

Carolyn Brennan making more content available for KHL patrons out of
a normally shared collection. We added a few titles on
LIBRARY DIRECTOR Flipster, a digital magazine app, and plan to add others
later in 2020. We also added Kanopy, an oft requested
2019-2020 has been a year of streaming video app with content for all ages.
evolution in Library Services.
After reducing Library In April, May and June we offered curbside library
administration to two positions, services, resuming lending in the safest, hands-free
opportunities emerged in other manner possible. In June we loaned more than 19,000
service areas. Between July items this way. We extended curbside to each of our
and December 2019 different, member towns, so that our patrons could pick up their
and some new, librarians took library materials close to home. We also resumed
over core services like collection deliveries to homebound patrons.
development, interlibrary loan, technical services,
adult programs and children’s programs. In January In July we began to cautiously fill other service gaps;
and February, we caught our breath, though at the time primarily public computers, internet access and
it felt like gearing up for the year ahead. printing; a crucial service for those of us that don’t have
access to a computer or the internet at home.
In March and April, we amplified our existing digital
services and added new ones. The Library website Looking to the year ahead, Library services will
became more robust than ever before and now patrons continue to evolve to meet the needs of our
can do nearly everything digitally that they used to have communities, finding ways to remain available if the
to do in-person. When we couldn’t lend physical books, Library should have to close its doors again. We are
we focused on digital books and audios available via the keeping a close eye on strategies from our library
Libby app. We added copies of popular titles and award neighbors in Vermont, across the country and around
winners for our patrons only, reducing wait times and the world.

Nonprofit Report

Jessie Lynn the financial manager, my job is to help steer the
organization through this time. In FY20, as you can see
NONPROFIT DIRECTOR from Sue Zeller’s report, we ended the year on very
stable footing. This put us in great shape as we head
“The Library will endure; it is the into a fiscal year with much more uncertainty.
We’ve reduced our budget by almost 5% in anticipation
—Jorge Luis Borges of a reduced capacity for fundraising without our
monthly booksale income and knowing that we can’t
This quote was at the end host our biggest in-person fundraiser, An Evening at
of a 2019 documentary The the Library, in December. Instead, we are developing
Booksellers which explores the other fundraising initiatives, including a monthly giving
changes to the rare book market program to ensure a solid, predictable income stream
in New York. We recently added from sustaining donors.
this film to our physical collection at the library and I
enjoyed it thoroughly as a lover of books myself. With all of our lives so greatly altered, each of us has
had to slow down and reassess what is truly important.
And what an apt quote for 2020. As booksellers and I have been so grateful for the comradery and
libraries have both experienced, when the world shuts companionship of my fellow co-director Carolyn and
down, people want books! They crave the literary the incredible staff here at the library during this time.
connection to other human minds and what a joy it is to Their good cheer and sheer determination to continue
get to feed that connection. to offer services to our community is a testament to
their love of this library.
At KHL, we will endure. We have lived through the
polio epidemic, the Spanish Flu, depressions, floods, We all look forward to seeing you again, soon.
fires, vandalism and now, Covid-19. In my role as

FY2020 BY THE NUMBERS RPreepsoidrtent’s

Circulation Amy Cunningham
288,602 physical books, DVDs, CDs,
and magazines circulated
As I began to compose this letter,
25,638 materials circulated digitally all of my thoughts were focused
around the library’s response
(e-books, audio downloads, Flipster and to Covid 19. The flexibility and
Kanopy) creativity of our library staff, the
generosity of our donors, and the
2,927 interlibrary items borrowed understanding of our patrons …
there is much to be said there.
& loaned
And while our Covid 19 era feels like it has lasted (at
Programs least!) twelve months, there are actually many pre-
174 adult library programs held pandemic achievements to acknowledge and celebrate
with 3,162 total attendees in this last year for our library.
257 children’s library programs held
with 8,045 total attendees • It was just 12 months ago that we wished Tom
McKone a fond farewell after his 5 years of loyal
Online service to this library.
8,451 uses of public computers
39,567 wifi connections in the library • It was just last summer that we began a new
chapter of library leadership with Carolyn Brennan
Outreach and Jessie Lynn as our co-directors.

Outreach volunteers and staff made: • It was just last January we successfully concluded
the fundraising for our Give the Library a Lift!
290 outreach visits to member towns special projects campaign. In the last year, we
103 home delivery visits have made considerable progress on completing
building projects with those funds.

• It was just last December that we packed the
library to celebrate author Kekla Magoon at An
Evening at the Library.

And then came that day in mid-March when we
escalated to Level 4 of our emergency plan and closed
the library to patrons for the first time in living memory.

Since then, the staff of KHL has responded to this
challenge with great flexibility and creativity. “Pivot”
is terribly overused in our Covid-19 era, but they have
embodied it. From PoemCity online to Facebook Live
story time; from the complicated logistics of curbside
service to the projects they took on from home, they
have each changed course to service our community in
extraordinary ways.

The building and collections are tools. It’s the people
that make a library great. I think we have all understood
that to be true, but the collective and individual
responses to this crisis shine a bright light on that fact.

There are many uncertainties ahead. As we work
together in the coming months to navigate these new
waters, please know that the safety and wellbeing of
the staff and community are our very highest priorities.

Treasurer’s Report Misc. FIninceosm&e

Susan Zeller 4%8%SrpaeicsiinalgFEuvnedn-ts


The very successful completion

of our Give the Library a Lift! 11%DoAnpapteiaolnss&
(GLL) capital campaign – our
first capital campaign in almost
15 years – was quickly followed

the Governor’s COVID-19 state of OPERATING
emergency declaration, requiring 52% FMuunndiicnipgal

physically closing the Library and

remote work by employees for several months. The

Library staff moved quickly to continue to serve our DisEtrnidboutwiomAnennntual25%

communities online and with curbside pick-up. With

excellent planning and management by the Co-Directors,

and the support of our tremendous donors, we were able

to close FY 2020 with healthy reserve funds in what was a

most unusual year for operations.

The Library’s historic building is a treasured resource, Other Operations 2%

though an ongoing challenge to maintain and afford. As an 4%ProfessiToencahl nSoerlovCgicoyLell2sieb%3crt%airoyns

independent nonprofit, we are responsible for all repairs

and maintenance ourselves, from snow shoveling to

landscaping, cleaning to plumbing, to properly insuring our

assets. It takes a good portion of our annual budget to just

keep up with the ongoing maintenance. This is one of the

reasons we recently set target balances for several of

our reserve funds, including an Occupancy Reserve OEcxcuppenansecy
and a Technology and Innovation Reserve.

16This is my 5th year serving as a Library Trustee and my
%final year in the role of Treasurer. It’s been a pleasure and OPERATING
an honor to serve this beloved organization. I continue Staff
to be humbled by the enthusiasm and devotion this

organization, through its management, Trustees and BeSnteaffifts 16%
employees, demonstrates in serving the City and our
member towns, as a center of learning, joy and community.
The financials for FY20 are still in progress and will be
available in the fall. Library financials for the previous 5

years are available on our website:



• We upgraded the East Montpelier meeting room space.
• We installed a water fountain.
• We installed automatic door openers to our basement doors.
• We refinished the basement floor landing.
• We made A/V upgrades to the Hayes Room.
• We purchased new self-checkout kiosks.

East Montpelier meeting room renovations.

Give the Library a Lift! Update

BY STEVE GOLD, BOARD VICE PRESIDENT The freshly recapped library
chimney, part of the GLL
The Library’s multi-year Capital Campaign, called Give the renovations.
Library a Lift! (GLL), came to a very successful conclusion in
January of 2020. That fundraising effort, counting gifts and
pledges, was supported by more than 200 individuals, families
and organizations and exceeded its goal of $600,000. This
has put the Library in wonderful shape to
continue implementation of the 25 different
projects in our building.

That implementation was initiated prior to the completion of
fundraising, under the very able leadership, first of the Library’s
previous Director, Tom McKone, and, for the past year, of Nonprofit
Director Jessie Lynn, because some physical plant problems
couldn’t wait. Specifically, the refinishing of the exterior woodwork
on the addition, and the refurbishment of the windows in the
historical building, both demanded attention as soon as possible.
The windows project was partially funded by a grant from Vermont
Historic Preservation.

This spring, two more GLL projects have been completed
successfully: the installation of a cooling unit in the Hayes room,
which was partially funded by a matching grant from the Vermont
Arts Council; and some critical masonry work - the recapping of
a leaking chimney and the replacing of deteriorated mortar, both on the exterior of
the historic building. Two more now are underway: a new book drop for the Main St.
entranceway will soon be in place, and our most ambitious project, the upgrade and
modernization of our 40-year-old elevator is scheduled to begin by early fall.

In order to be able to effectively carry out the entire scope of GLL projects, the library
planned to hire a project manager to oversee the many complex aspects of all the
projects. We are very fortunate to have found an excellent person to fulfil this role.
Richard Horchler, recently retired from his own business, was sought out by Jessie,
who was familiar with his work and knew he was just the person we needed. Rich has
already started putting his extensive experience and capabilities to work.

In these challenging times, with the Library’s services impacted negatively by the
pandemic, as have so many of our core community institutions, it is tremendously
uplifting to see such tangible positive things happening for KHL’s home. We are giving
the Library a lift, not figuratively but actually, both a facelift — windows, masonry,
new book drop, and, soon, in the renewed “lift,” the elevator. You can follow our
progress on the KHL website at


Follow KHL on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or sign up to receive
the e-newsletter:

/KelloggHubbardLibrary /KelloggHubbard

/gllkellogghubbard Sign up for Library eNews:

Children’s Library Report

BY MELISS BUNCE, CHILDREN’S When COVID closed the library, children’s
PROGRAMMING LIBRARIAN programming carried on with twice
weekly story times Livestreamed on our
During this last year, the Children’s Facebook page. Nicole, guest staff, and
Library continued its high circulation, I have provided them continuously ever
presented robust and varied since. The Summer Reading Program
programming, and increased the transformed into a combination of
emphasis on Collection Development. digital offerings with some in-person
Roles shifted as I began working in programs in each of our member towns.
October, specializing in Children’s The schedule includes story times for
programming and Nicole Westbom preschoolers and older kids, a weekly
transitioned to working in Children’s craft program, socially distanced
collection development. With the Shakespeare Camp, and most of the
renovation of the East Montpelier presenters that we had engaged earlier.
Room last summer, we were able to
provide another after-school space; this There is a significant silver lining to the
immediately became a very popular COVID situation. While registrations
destination. for Summer Reading are about half of
what they usually are, this is offset by
the tremendous increase in the viewing
of our story times, craft tutorials, and
special online programs. So many
children that ordinarily don’t participate
in or attend a program now have the
opportunity to do this from home.

Given the uncertainty of the future,
it is challenging to plan for this fall.
However, I can say with confidence
that we will continue to offer a robust
and varied number of programs for our
young customers. The online preschool
story times will continue indefinitely.
I have a lot of different ideas for how
to offer programs for school age kids,
depending on what is safe as we move
forward. I plan to partner with schools,
organizations, and local businesses
whenever possible; the response and
support from them this summer has
been very gratifying.

Top left: Lennon and Sahasra rehearse during
Shakespeare Camp 2019. Bottom left: Sam and
Dinah enjoy outside Story Time at the library.

Save the date: December 5, 2020

An Evening to Support
the Library

We may not be able to celebrate at the Library but we
can still celebrate from home. Details to come.

Library Programs During Covid

Outreach PoemCity 2020


From July 2019 until March 2020 our Outreach 2020 was PoemCity’s
Coordinator and volunteers made visits to daycares 11th year and like almost
in our member towns, filled the library book swaps everything else this year,
and loaned books at local community events and the it did not go as planned!
Library annexes. With just weeks until
we were set to hang 400
In the summer and fall of 2019, we orchestrated accepted poems, 86 from
summer story times and preschool visits with poets new to PoemCity,
crafts, and book giveaways at locations in five of our and launch 30 poetry-
communities: Berlin Elementary School and Berlin focused programs, the
Fire Department, East Montpelier Elementary, Doty library followed orders from the state to close and
Elementary in Worcester, the Adamant Methodist PoemCity was suspended.
Church and Maple Corner Community Center in Calais.
However, also like many other aspects of life during
Since March, we have reimagined Outreach; visiting our Covid-19, not all was lost. We were able to transition ten
five member communities on a weekly basis to deliver of our programs online and post a PoemCity poem-a-
library materials and offer free give-away books for day on our Facebook page. We provided viewing access
kids. to all the poem broadside posters on the library website
and even collected additional poems inspired by the
Our popular book groups, which previously met in community experience of the coronavirus quarantine.
Adamant and Middlesex have continued through
summer 2020 by using Zoom. This year we have read One intrepid young poet even coined a perfect new
a total of 7 books with 41 participants. Our last book term for PoemCity in quarantine times: PoemHouse!
group “zoomed” in June 2020 and we look forward to Thomas Brown of Calais Elementary School didn’t let
continuing in August 2020. the delay of PoemCity slow him down as he penned and
then posted his original poetry at home.

We captured poetry
readings through Zoom
from poets originally
scheduled to read at
PoemCity like: Judith
Chalmer & Scudder
Parker, Aaron Marcus &
Sam Sanders, Sydney
Lea & Tim Mayo, Geza
Tatrallyay & George
Longenecker, and Sean
Prentiss & Jesse LoVasco.
PoemCity poets also sent
in videos of themselves
reading their poems. All
the readings continue
to be available online

At left: Children waiting to
march with the library on
July 3, 2019.

Meet New Library Trustees

Dan Greene What is the most surprising thing you
learned about the library since becoming a
What made you trustee?
want to become a I have been impressed by the co-directors’ attention
library trustee? to all the details of running a business, and the library
For the last year I have is a business. Budgeting, fundraising, projects to
been using the Library as improve and sustain our historic building, expanding
a base of operations for our offerings, staff management; above all: taking
tutoring students. While good care of our most important asset, our reading
there I have seen the community.
excellent service provided
to the patrons from the Dan Groberg
cities and towns the
Library serves. When an opening was announced for What made you
a trustee from Berlin I knew I wanted to be part of this want to become a
excellent institution. library trustee?
The Kellogg-Hubbard
What are you reading? plays such an important
I usually bounce between reading two or three books at role in our community.
a time. Currently I am reading Past Imperfect by Julian It goes well beyond the
Fellowes, Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror and The Light, and a ability to borrow books,
book on the artist Delacroix by Sebastian Allard. serves as a third space for
so many. It’s an honor to
What is the most surprising thing you steward this institution.
learned about the library since becoming a
trustee? What are you reading?
Being a retired school librarian I felt I had a handle on Most of my reading right now is with my two-year-old
the “book side”of the library, but I did not realize how daughter. Some current favorites include Are You My
complicated it was to successfully maintain the physical Mother? and Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.
What is the most surprising thing you
Sarah Seidman learned about the library since becoming a
What made you The tour of the elevator control room was pretty
want to become a enlightening.
library trustee?
As a longtime KH Graham Sherriff
supporter, I wanted to do
my part to help the library What made you
prosper for many years to want to become a
come. Being a trustee has library trustee?
already made me more My children and I have
aware of the many ways been regular patrons
that the library helps of the Kellogg-Hubbard
equalize educational opportunities for all parts of our Library for many years.
central Vermont community. It has been a central part
of our lives, whether for
What are you reading? borrowing books, hanging
I just finished Leif Enger’s So Young Brave and Handsome out and reading, finding a
and am about to start Jeanine Cummins’ American Dirt. quiet space for work or study, events, and — of course
I miss the browsing the library shelves for surprises! — playing with Legos. We have a deep appreciation for

the Library, the wonderful people who personal. Next up is Virginia Eubanks’s
work there, and the services it provides Automating Inequality, which examines
to everyone in our community. Also I how algorithmic bias entrenches
am a librarian myself, at the University socioeconomic inequalities. My kids are
of Vermont’s Howe Library, and I bring a really into Tintin (Herge) and Elephant
professional commitment to supporting and Piggie (Mo Willems) right now.
libraries. Serving the Kellogg-Hubbard
as a trustee is another opportunity to What is the most surprising
support access to information, literacy, thing you learned about the
and the exchange of “intellectual library since becoming a
energy” — but in my home community. trustee?
For a small library, there is an
What are you reading? astonishing amount of energy and
I mostly read non-fiction, but summer activity behind the scenes! The co-
is a good time to get lost in a good directors, staff, and volunteers work
novel. I just finished Madeline Miller’s on so many things, provide so many
Circe, which was a gripping read. It’s services, and serve so many people. I
a retelling of some Greek mythology am seeing how a small library can have
that is many things, epic, lyrical, a major impact on the wellbeing of a
humble, powerful, dramatic, and community.


Above, Jody Brown, left, picks up books from Steve and Nicole. Top right, George arrives to work, pandemic style.


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Donors Gerow Carlson KHL Sustainer?
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The Honorable & Mrs. Patrick Jeffrey Prescott & Andrew Shuford Stanley & Susan Walker Vermont Mutual Insurance Group
Leahy Aaron & Ashley Preston Susan Walter VSECU / Vermont State Employees
Thomas & Ruth Lehner Nan Prince Paul & Jennifer Waring Credit Union
Maria & Bennet Leon Elizabeth Pritchett Gloria Washburne Washington County Democratic
Michael & Sandra Levine Sheryl Rapee-Adams & Chris Susan Weber Committee
James Libby, Jr. Adams Harris Webster Washington Electric Co-op
Robert Lincoln & Lynne Walther Lorie & Robert Rice Barbara Weedon
Craig Line Susan Ritz & Ethan Atkin Peter & Fran Weinbaum In-Kind
Seth Lipschutz & Joanne Mankoff Duncan Robb Carole Welch Donations
Deborah Lisman Delia Robinson Carolyn Wells
Andrew London Alan & Gale Rome Michael & Emily Wetherell Alla Vita
George Longenecker & Cynthia Phyllis Rubenstein Catherine White Alpenglow Fitness
Martin Mathew Rubin Jay & Barbara White Anne Ferguson
Gary & Betty Lord Barry Rufenacht Ron & Lynn Wild Archer Mayor
Jessie Lynn & Ben Gabos Cadi Russell-Sauve Anthony & Katherine Williams Aromed
Don Lyons Stuart & Donna Russo-Savage Rick Winston & Andrea Serota August Burns
Janet MacLeod Anne Sarcka Nat & Martha Winthrop Birchgrove Baking
Therese Mageau Anna Saxman & Rob Halpert Diane & Paul Wishinski Bon Temps Gourmet
David & Adrienne Magida Elise Annes & Roy Schiff Jordan Witte Butterfly Bakery

Capital Kitchen Kim Bent & Kathleen Keenan Autumn works behind the scenes for curbside pickup.
Capitol Grounds Jean & Robert Berry
Capitol Stationers Lindy Biggs & Stephen Knowlton Timothy & Donna Heney John Rosenblum & Ulrike Wasmus
Carolyn & Patrick Brennan Judith Bingham & John Myers William P. Herbst Mathew Rubin
Colin McCaffrey Sound Edward & Marilyn Blackwell Marcia Hill & Paul Hanlon Aidan Sammis
Contemporary Dance Studio Sarah Blair Sarah Hofmann & Ken Libertoff Anne Sarcka
Craftsbury Outdoor Center Barney & Darryl Bloom Mary & Peter Hood Elise Annes & Roy Schiff
Deborah Van Ness Nancy Boone Allison & Don Hooper Merry & Tom Schmidt
Elliot Burg Rachel & Micah Bornstein Bonnie Johnson-Aten Nathaniel & Angela Shambaugh
Global Gifts Carolyn & Patrick Brennan Clarke Jordan & Alex Brown Dave Shepard & Susan Warren
Guitar Sam Mary Bronson Michael Katzenberg & Linda Michael Sherman
Hunger Mountain Coop Georgianna Brush & Don Marsh Prescott Catherine Simpson
J. Langdon Art & Antiques Rodney & Sandy Buck David Keefe (bequest) John & Lizabeth Snell
Jasper Hill Farm John Buddington & Kathryn Gohl Michael Kulaga & Sarah Bothfeld Michael & Lynn Spencer
Jay Peak Pump House David & Virginia Burley Catherine & Richard Lanza George Spontak
John Weaver Lisa Burns & Joachim Mueller Sally & Mike Leahey Gretchen Stahl
Linda Hogan Scott & Cathleen Cameron Alan & Jane Lendway Jing Ji & Peter Stangel
Linda Maney Jeanne Cariati & Warren Kitzmiller Michael & Sandra Levine Susan Steinhurst
Lochlin Smith Gerow Carlson Craig Line Charles Stone
Lynne & Rich Hansen Charlie & Mark Catlin David & Adrienne Magida John & Patricia Stotler
Maggie Neale Cynthia Char & Peter Gilbert Richard & Iris Maizell-Wechling Barbara Thompson
Marcia Hill Kim Cheney & Barbara Smith Penelope Marwede Leigh & Ellen Tofferi
Marie Countryman Nancy Chickering & Kris Hammer Gertrude McArdle Jo Ann & Larry Troiano
Meg Baird Janna Clar Ruth & Robert McCullough Georgia Valentine
Michael Curtis Stewart & Denise Clark Ellen McCulloch-Lovell & Scott & Sarah Van Beck
Missy Storrow James & Joni Clemons Christopher Lovell Judy & Stephen Walke
Paul Contino Sally Colman & Richard Wiswall Tom McKone Paul & Jennifer Waring
Pinky’s on State Michael Conlogue & Paige McIntire James & Agathe McQueston Susan Weber
Post Office Café Miriam Conlon Bill Merrylees & Lucy Patti Harris Webster
Rachel Senechal & Wayne Paul & Maria Blais Costello William & Janice Miles Joyce Werntgen
Hamilton Amy Cunningham Robert & Sherry Morgan Michael & Emily Wetherell
Red Hen Bakery Barbara & Whitney Dall Laura Morse Ron & Lynn Wild
Rich Hochler Amy Davenport & John Durrance Rilla Murray & Peter Rousmaniere Cassie Willner
Roam Kathryn Davis Rachel & Josh Muse Jordan Witte
Salaam Lynne Dell’Amico Jane Osgatharp Linda Workman
Sam Matthews Elizabeth DiFazio Emma Ottolenghi Arthur & Patricia Wright
Sarah Seidman John Dillon & Kimberly Hagen Ron & Patricia Padgett Karen & Alan Zaur
Shaw’s Carol Doerflein & Frederick Mecke Priscilla Page Helen Zecher
Smugglers’ Notch Catherine Donnis & Douglas Hill Richard & Susan Paradis Susan Zeller
Steve Gold Timothy Donovan & Mary Tharp Scudder Parker & Susan Sussman
T.W. Wood Gallery Roberta & Peter Downey Leslie Parr Businesses,
Terrance Hutchinson Teresa Doyle & Chris Reed David & Giovanna Peebles Foundations &
Terry Allen Peggy duPont & Joe Fortin William Pelton Groups
The Drawing Board Michael Dworkin & Loring Starr John R Phalen
The Manghis’ Bread Jacqueline Earle-Cruickshanks & Charles Phillips & Elizabeth Community National Bank
Thierry Guerlain & Julie Allan Sirotkin Strobell Herbert Dental
Hendrickson Lois Eby Joan Polanshek Montpelier Minuteman Press
Vermont Creamery Suzanne & James Eikenberry Marie Polchies National Life Group Foundation
Vermont Gluten-Free Ruth Einstein Anthony Pollina & Deborah Wolf The MacLeay Foundation
Wayside Restaurant David Ellenbogen John & Gail Sullivan Stone Environmental
Sandy & Lissa England Michael & Nancy Read Union Mutual Fire Insurance
Give the Allyson Evans Sally Redpath & David Blosser Company
Library a Lift Hilari Farrington & Benedict Daniel Renfro Vermont Division for Historic
Koehler Alban Richey Preservation
Individual Donors Abigail Faulkner & Hobart Guion Susan Z. Ritz / Larsen Fund Vermont Mutual Insurance Group
Wayne Fawbush & Roberta Harold
Aaron Adler & Martha Judy Ken & Hope Ann Ferris
Jose Aguayo & Erin Caro Aguayo Marguerite “Petie” Ferris
Margaret Allen-Malley & Wallace (bequest)
Malley John Fitzhugh & Elizabeth McLain
Karen Andresen & David Williams Rollande Fraser (bequest)
Sorsha Anderson & Christopher Ruth Frost
McVeigh Ben Gabos & Jessie Lynn
Bridget Asay & Mark DiStefano Steven Gold & Irina Markova
Meg Baird & Brian Slopey Donna Goodrich & Jeff Lindholm
Laurel & Chris Barbieri Emily & Jay Goyette
Robert & Joan Barrett Garrett Graff & Katherine Birrow
Stephen & Kathy Barrows Nancy & Christopher Graff
Jane Bartrum Daniel & Mary Margaret Groberg
Candace Beardsley & John Thierry Guerlain & Julie
Fothergill Hendrickson
Marcia Bellas & Rick West James Gunther
Elizabeth Benjamin Marilyn Hart & James Powers

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