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Tugas Kolaborasi
Praise God, thank you for the convenience and grace for being able to finish this poem well and smoothly. I am Valentinus Tegar Nugroho currently in grade 10 at SMK PL Leonardo Klaten. My hobby likes playing futsal because with physical exercise my body will be more immune and fit. And I wrote a poem that is about the passion that happened to me, "Don't be discouragedEverything seems disappointing,Everything looks boring.I'm getting bored with lifeHowever, I wasn't ready for death.There are still many hopes, What have not come true yet, There are still many dreamsThat hasn't materialized yet. "I apologize that this poem is far from perfect for all, dear readers. With the hope that I can study with humility, yes, this is the outpouring of my heart that I have studied so far.
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