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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-08-15 10:13:00



With summer very gradually on the approach, we’re bringing
the outdoors indoors H&M


There's a grand stretch
in the evenings, as your
mammy would say, and
so we’re itching to take
Elbow's advice and throw
those curtains wide.
However, the lingering
Artic chill has us sulking
behind closed windows
longing for warmer
days. So for now, we're
adopting the Japanese art
of shinrin-yoku or forest
bathing. We know, another
one, but this idea is proven
to improve feelings of
wellbeing so we’re open
to trying this “topiary as
therapy” tradition. The
easiest option is to try and
bring the outdoors indoors
- use colours inspired by
nature, touches of gold
to warm things up and as
much greenery as possible,
it gives an impression
of being outside while
staying warm and will
soothe your soul from the
inside out. See, happiness
can be an inside job!

1 23 45 6


1. Tassle cushion, €40, Oliver Bonas 2. Brass lantern, €138, 3. Glass trinket box, €40, M&S 4. Tripod floor lamp, €129, M&S
5. Bird candleholder, €14.99, H&M 6. Rattan basket set, €50, Harvey Norman


Tropical interiors get dark and sensual.
Not a flamingo in sight



The Hawaiian trend gets LIME LACE TROPICS
a grown up makeover this
season in a look we’re calling HENRY HOLLAND NOIR
tropical noir. MAX MARA
The lushest new
Overall it feels much more opulent as ISABEL MARANT season trend
things get a little bit darker and lot more DRIES VAN NOTEN
plush. Instead of sunny and vibrant, the 1Picking a print? The
vibe should feel moody and overgrown, more vintage it looks the
as colourful accents come in chartreuse, better. Hawaiian palms
lime green and burnt orange against dark and illustrations work really
backgrounds of navy, black and bottle well as does cross-stitched
green in lots of different lush textures, embellishment.
from velour to silk.
2Add your own personal
Kitschy print is still king - botanical stamp with statement
palm and other leafy prints are ideal cushions or a throw in
for giving that deep-in-the-jungle clashing prints.
feeling that is actually quite cosy. But
the fun factor isn’t completely gone. 3Try metallic accents
Your pineapple accessories are still on with refined brass and
the money, but this season make sure gold accessories and
to throw some brass or gold parrot or ornaments, but also look
monkey accessories in the mix. for foil print finishes on soft
We Want
4Get crafty by painting
12 34 5 a coat of dark varnish
on wooden furniture
1. Pineapple lantern, €30, Abigail Ahern @ Debenhams 2. Palmier cushion, €63, Elizabeth Scarlett @ or by adding dark rattan
Amara 3. Bottle stop, €10, Matthew Williamson @ Debenhams 4. Palm cushion, €8, Penneys accessories.
5. Gold pineapple mug, €7.99, New Look
5Nothing makes an
accent wall pop like
large leaf palm print
wallpaper - the ultimate
tropical noir statement

up Your FOOD, BY





Author, blogger and
Clean Food Dirty City
creator Lily Kunin is
known for her simple,
healthy bowls and
smoothies. Here she
shares two recipes
to power up your

Mexi-cali Breakfast Bowls Super Berry
“Huevos rancheros can be greasy and fried so this is a good alternative
and you can make the hash and cream the night before” “Not all smoothies are created
equal. There has to be an ideal
Sweet potato hash Vegan lime cream For the lime cream ratio of healthy fats and protein
so you aren’t reaching for a snack
1 sweet potato cut into cubes 120g raw cashews, soaked Blend the cashews, jalapeño, an hour later during your morning
overnight and drained cumin, garlic, half teaspoon salt, meeting. Pick a clean protein
2 tbsp coconut oil melted 1 tsp ground cumin lime juice and 60ml water in a
1 ⁄ 2 jalapeño, seeded and blender until smooth. Thin with powder that works for you”
1 tsp chilli powder chopped water as needed until it becomes
1 garlic clove, minced a sour cream-like consistency. 240ml vanilla almond milk
1 red onion, diced Pink salt
80g frozen blueberries
Juice of 1 lime Top the hash with a poached 65g frozen cherries
2 garlic cloves, minced egg, lime cream, scallions, 1 tbsp coconut butter and almond butter
coriander and hot sauce. 1 tbsp maca root powder
1 can black beans 1 serving of protein powder
GEMMA AND ANDREW INGALLS Take Three Dash of ground cinnamon
Ground black pepper 2 dates or raw honey to taste
BOTTLE WITH TOTE, €18.80, BUILTTransport your smoothies in style
NEW YORK @ CREATIVE-TOPS.COM60 ml water/vegetable broth Pour the almond milk into a blender, then
BOTTLE, €45, S’WELL add the remaining ingredients and purée
@ BROWN THOMAS2 to 4 eggs until smooth.
LAURA ASHLEYToss the potatoes with halfTIP Lily says: “Maca powder is
the oil, half the chilli powder, made from a Peruvian root. This
and some salt. Roast on a adaptogen has a nutty, caramel flavour and
lined baking tray for 25 to 30 is rich in vitamins, minerals and protein
minutes, or until soft inside and and tastes good with nuts, dates and cacao.
golden on the outside. Toss It’s known for increasing energy levels and
them once, halfway through. mental stamina, balancing hormones and
elevating mood.”
Next sauté the onion with the
remaining oil in a pan until soft.
Add the garlic and remaining
chili powder and cook for one
minute. Stir in the beans and
season with salt and pepper.
Add the water or broth and
keep warm over low heat. Add
potatoes and stir.

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