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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-07-13 07:32:30

WW11_teen skincare

WW11_teen skincare

Is the teen in your life in need of
some skincare tips and advice?
We’ve got them covered

Sometimes it happens almost overnight. “As hormone “Over cleansing By Louise Finn
One minute your child is playing make levels rise the skin will
believe with their friends and the next so do the oil cause the pores
they’ve become a teenager. Alongside glands, these to produce even
the many changes happening can come the over produce more oil to replace
challenge of looking after their skin. Due to which can lead to blocked pores, spots and what is lost. is
fluctuating hormone levels they can struggle even cysts… When teenagers suffer from leads to a vicious
with greasiness, spots and acne. But help is problematic skin it can be an embarrassing circle of overactive
at hand, as the experts we spoke to explain. time and they feel they are the only ones who sebaceous glands”
seem to be suffering. But it is very common,
eir products, tips and tricks help to make it a lot of teenage girls will find that they break says Marie erese.
easier to understand and look after teen skin’s out before their menstrual cycle and the boys “Cleansing your skin is one of the most
unique needs. may be simply over sweating during sports.”
important parts of a beauty routine. It preps
THE SCIENCE “Puberty. e word itself is filled with so your skin for all other treatments. Good
much emotion and nostalgia,” says Jennifer cleansing habits should start from an early
“Puberty causes your body to increase its Rock, e Skin Nerd. “It conjures the image of age but it’s usually when we start to notice
production of sebum (oil secreted by your redness, spots and an uneven complexion.” changes in our skin (such as puberty) that a
sebaceous glands) leading to blocked pores good cleansing routine becomes essential.
and spots,” says Marie erese Burke, Head of If this all sounds a bit overwhelming then
Training with Graham Anthony Distribution. don’t panic, there’s plenty that can help. e build-up of excess oil (sebum) and skin
cells need to be removed to keep skin looking
“ e oil glands in the skin can start to BACK TO BASICS healthy and radiant – water alone cannot
over-produce oil and as a results the pores get remove oil and debris. Wearing make-up only
clogged and fill with oil and dead skin cells. “Anyone’s natural reaction would be that increases the need for effective cleansing!”
their spotty skin means that they have dirty
is can give the appearance of little bumps skin and will try any to rectify the problem
which are white heads or black heads and [with methods] such as over cleaning the
most often appear on the forehead, nose and skin and drying it out. But that is not the
chin,” says Tammy Byrne, Skincare Specialist answer with teenage skin and over cleansing
at OSLO Beauty. the skin will cause the pores to produce
even more oil to replace what is lost. is in
“Leading on from this stage some breakouts turn leads to a vicious circle of overactive
can appear, these are called pustules and they sebaceous glands that leads to blackhead and
occur when the filled pores mix with bacteria spots,” says Clare.
and become inflamed, leading to a breakout.
e key seems to be that you cleanse, but
e third stage is where the breakouts become with the right products and at the right times.
very inflamed and are deep in the skin and
can be quite sore. is is the most severe type “Your skin is the largest organ of the body
of breakout and medication may be required and needs oxygen to remain healthy.
with a good product home care routine.”
“An uncleansed skin is an asphyxiated skin
Clare O’Hanlon, Business Development which leads to an unhealthy appearance,”
Manager at Juliette Armand Skincare says:


Teen beauty

“You don’t want anything containing Tttreoyn
rough, sharp bits as these can irritate and
scratch the surface of the skin. Jojoba €19.50 Blemish €35.50 Clear Cell
microspheres are great to gently buff away Spot Treatment Cleanser from
surface impurities and dead skin cells” Image Skincare
from Murad
ere is one exception to this, says Clare.
“[ e] rule when it comes to acne is not to €18.95 Balancing Face €29 Lipocontrol
scrub the skin as it can spread the infection, so Cream with Tea Tree Oil Hydra Gel from
I recommend Juliette Armand’s Argile Scrub from Australian Body Care Juliette Armand
mask, this mask is not to be scrubbed into
says Corinne Morley, Trilogy in-house expert. the skin just applied all over and left on like a €39.50 Brightening €16.50 Sébium Global
So, how much cleansing is enough? mask once a week.” Exfoliating Powder from Bioderma
Tammy says, “A good cleanser to wash the
skin AM and PM and to remove the build up
of oil will leave you with a good clean base “Teenagers today need to learn the basic €11.50 Sébium H20 Micellar €25 Hyséac Purifying
for any other products you choose to apply to of skincare and realise that less is more. Water from Bioderma Cleansing Gel from Uriage
your skin.” Less cleaning, less scrubbing, less picking
(it causes scarring), less make-up and less €18.50 Hyséac €16 Normaderm Beautifying
“Skin needs to be cleansed effectively creams when the skin feels tight after a SOS Paste from Anti-Blemish Care from Vichy
morning and night. Use a cleanser that is shower etc,” says Clare.
free from sulfates, alcohol, mineral oils and Uriage
fragrances, which can all irritate the skin and e ideal is that you have a roster of
or lead to breakouts,” says Marie erese. products that cater specifically to your skin
type but that you don’t overload skin.
“Twice a day is ideal, but the general rule
is always cleanse at night, even if you’re “Look for products that help control
not wearing make-up. Otherwise all the oil, unclog pores, clean without stripping
grime from the day just stays there, clogging moisture and moisturise without adding
your pores, dulling the complexion and grease, all to help treat and prevent breakouts.
encouraging unwanted breakouts,” says
Corinne. e best ones also help repair the lipid
abnormalities in the surface skin cells,”
REMOVING DEAD SKIN advises Marie erese.

“Next is a scrub! Scrubbing the skin will “When looking for a cleanser, look for a
stimulate the dead skin cells to come off so cleanser with a blend of pure plant oils and
they don’t build up and clog the surface of the calming natural actives, such as Trilogy
pores,” says Tammy. Balancing Gel Cleanser, to help your skin re-
balance itself,” says Corinne.
“Exfoliation is really important, especially
if you are starting to wear make-up on a Tammy recommends products containing
daily basis. Polishing away old skin cells salicylic acid as, “Salicylic acid is antibacterial
encourages cell turnover and reveals new anti inflammatory and it is drawn to the oil
skin underneath – it’s essential for restoring a in the skin. Image Skincare has a wide range
radiant glow. How often depends on your skin of products and also a salicylic range called
type. Every 3-4 weeks is probably enough for Clearcell.”
very dry or sensitive skin, otherwise once a
week is good,” says Corinne. Marie erese agrees that, “some of the best
ingredients to look out for are salicylic acid
to fight infection and help loosen the build
up of dead skin cells that block the pores. Tea
tree oil (antibacterial) has hyaluronic acid
to hydrate the skin and natural plant oils
containing fatty acids.”

Jennifer says, “Topically it is worth
investing in topical antioxidants such as the
Image Ormedic Serum. To prevent scarring
we need what are known in the industry
are ‘tyrosinase inhibitors’, Iluma Lightening
serum will tackle the redness, the sluggish
appearance and the scarring.”

“I recommend teenagers use Juliette
Armand’s Lipocontrol Hydra gel as it regulates
oils for six hours and takes three weeks to
regulate it completely, this product is perfect
for shine control and used under make-up
like a skin primer whilst hyaluronic acid
hydrates it without needing oily residue and
ingredients that would block the skin even
further,” recommends Clare. WW


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