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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2020-03-03 05:05:41

WW08 2020

Woman's weekly magazine


Take 10
to... CLEAN


FIVE-MINUTE HAPPINESS FIX When was the last time you Let it out
took a look at your social
Take the first step media and are you 100 per If you do one thing this week,
cent happy with everything make sure it’s that you allow
As the famous saying goes, the AFFIRMATION: that’s on it? Social media yourself to express your
journey of a thousand miles can be a source of anxiety emotions because it’s essential
and stress, so why not take for your health. According to a
begins with a single step. One “It is safe for me 10 minutes today to curate study published in the journal
of the easiest ways to boost to trust myself. I take your social feeds. What I Psychosomatic Medicine,
your happiness is to simply excellent care of myself mean by that is delete any suppress our emotions (in
start. What’s the one positive or posts or pictures which particular, grief) can increase
beneficial life change that you’ve in body, mind and don’t resonate with who you inflammation in the body, which
been procrastinating on? Today, spirit.” are now. Block any people is linked to a host of negative
who aren’t apart of your life health conditions. So how can
find five minutes to take the first anymore or who you’re not we express our emotions in a
comfortable sharing your healthy way? It’s all to do with
step towards cementing that change information with. Recheck taking the time to tune in.
your security settings so
in your life. you’re only sharing the type HOW TO: EXPRESS
of information that you YOURSELF
want to share with others.
You’ll feel so much better 1. In a place where you won’t be
once you do it. disturbed, sit down and take a
deep breath. Relax and tune in
WRITE IT DOWN If you’re prone to overthinking and anxiety, here’s something that can help. According to how you feel. Ask yourself:
How do I feel right now?
to experts stream-of-consciousness journalling can help to quiet down swirling thoughts and mental chatter.
How do you do it? Well all you need is a pen, a notebook and a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Put 2. Name the emotion that you’re
your pen to paper and just write down everything that’s in your head in a stream-of-consciousness. The aim currently feeling e.g. anger, fear,
here is not to judge what you’re writing or to try and edit it, but to be as honest as possible and literally ‘empty’ anxiety, frustrated.
your thoughts onto the paper. Try this practice just before bed to help you unwind and relax before sleep.
3. Now just breathe deep and
WGivHeYyDouOrNli’pTsYsOomUe…love? accept how you feel. Give
yourself permission to really feel
If the chilly weather is doing a number on your the feeling and to express it in a
lovely lips, why not take five minutes today to give healthy way.
them some love? ALISO is a new Irish skincare brand
that has some beautiful products to get your lips 4. Choose an activity that
feeling soft and soothed. Packed full of organically- will allow you to express the
certified ingredients, the brand is meticulously emotion safely. You might like
formulated. Simply slather on ALISO lip scrub in to write it all down, dance it out,
sweet mint (€12.95), give lips a gentle buff and rinse hit a pillow, do a workout or put
off. Follow with a lip balm of your choice. Repeat on some sad music so you can
whenever your lips are feeling sore and dry. cry it out.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re dealing
with heavy feelings of grief,
anger, panic or depression it’s
always a good idea to speak to
your GP. Don’t be afraid to reach
out for support if you need it.



like more

Tarongia › manageable dough. a
Transfer the dough to
Sicilian Olive Oil-fried
Flatbread with Anchovy, floured surface and knead
Fennel, Dried Tomatoes
and Pecorino for a few minutes or until you

Serves 6 have a firm, smooth dough.

You will need Shape into a ball, place in a
For the dough
240ml lukewarm water bowl and cover with a cloth.
50ml red wine
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Leave to rise in a warm
1 tbsp runny honey
1 x 7g sachet dried yeast spot for 45 minutes or until
425g strong white flour, sifted, › doubled in size. 6 equal
plus extra for dusting Cut the dough into
Grated zest of 1 unwaxed lemon
½ tsp fine salt portions. Roll out each piece
Olive oil
into a rough circle. Leave to
For the filling
1 bulb of fennel, cored and rest for 15 minutes before
finely sliced
75g sun-dried tomatoes packed › cooking. olive oil for
in oil, drained and roughly Heat enough
1 red onion, finely sliced shallow frying in a deep
1 fresh red chilli, finely sliced
18 salted anchovies pan to 170°C. In batches,
100g pecorino or caciocavallo,
grated carefully lower the breads
1 tbsp picked thyme leaves
Sea salt and black pepper into the hot oil using a metal

Method spatula or spider and fry for

› First make the bread dough. 5–6 minutes or until golden

Put the water, wine, oil and brown on both sides. Remove
honey in a large mixing bowl.
Add the yeast and stir well. and drain on kitchen paper.
Leave to activate and become
foamy. Now add a third of › Keep warm. heat a
the flour, the lemon zest and To make the filling,
salt and whisk in to make
a smooth batter. Mix in the sauté pan over a medium heat
remaining flour to make a
and add a glug of olive oil.

Add the fennel and season,

then cook for 3 minutes or

until softened and browned.

Add the tomatoes, onion

and chilli, stir and cook for a

further 3 minutes. Transfer to

› a bowl. the grill. Divide

the fennel and tomato

mix among the flatbreads,

spreading it over the top,

followed by the anchovies

and then the cheese. Place

under the grill and cook for

3 minutes or until the cheese

is melted and golden brown.

Sprinkle with thyme and




Whole Cinnamon

spiced Chicken and Pilaf

Serves 4

You will need “The elements of this dish
are very simple, just roast
1 free-range or organic chicken, some spice and some
chicken, 1.8–2kg rice. But the technique of
6 sprigs of thyme cooking everything together
1 lemon, cut in half in the same pot amplifies
Olive oil all the flavours and creates
2 tsp ground cinnamon the most delicious, sticky,
½ tsp ground cumin lemony, unctuous cinnamon-
1 tsp ground coriander spiced pilaf. A good amount
1 onion, finely chopped of credit for this recipe goes
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped to Claire Thompson who
1 cinnamon stick wrote the brilliant The Five
3 bay leaves O’Clock Apron cookbook.
350g basmati rice, rinsed well Her cinnamon chicken
with cold water, then soaked recipe is one of our family’s
in cold water for 30 minutes favourites. Needless to say
A handful of flat-leaf parsley a great chicken will give you
leaves, roughly chopped a great dish, so invest in the
Sea salt and black pepper best you can.”


› Preheat the oven to

180°C/160°C fan/Gas Mark

4. You need a large, lidded

ovenproof pan or flameproof

casserole for this recipe,

large enough to cook the

› chicken and rice together.
Stuff the chicken cavity with

the thyme, a lemon half and

seasoning. Heat the pan or

casserole over a medium the rice and press down,

heat and add a good glug of then put the lid on the pan or

olive oil. Brown the chicken pot. Return to the oven and

all over, seasoning as you cook for 1 hour 20 minutes or

go, then sprinkle over the until the chicken is cooked

ground cinnamon, cumin through and the juices run

and coriander. Transfer to › clear.
the oven and roast for 30 from the oven and

minutes to further brown leave, covered, to rest for 20

› and cook the chicken. minutes. The rice under the
Remove the pan or pot
from chicken will be tender and

“From the Aeolian islands the oven (leave the oven on) delicious from all the chicken
off the Sicilian coast, this
wonderful bread is not for and lift the chicken on to a › juices and fat.
the faint hearted. The dough Lift the chicken
is fried in olive oil for a few plate. Put the pan or pot back on to a
minutes before the toppings
are added and then grilled over a medium heat on the chopping board. Remove
to finish. It is completely
delicious and the toppings can hob and add a little more the legs and breasts and cut
be varied to your liking.
The dough will naturally take oil. Add the onion with the each in half. Stir the chopped
on the flavour of the olive oil
used to deep fry, so be sure to garlic, cinnamon stick and parsley and juice of the other
go with a favourite variety.”
bay leaves and cook in the lemon half into the rice.

› oily juices until softened. Spoon it on to serving plates,
Drain the rice very well,
top with the chicken and

then add to the pan. Stir well serve.

to coat with the juices and continued on next page

season. Pour over a glass of

water. Place the chicken on



“This recipe is a love letter
to the blood orange. The
blood orange, a slightly
bittersweet citrus fruit, is
only available in the winter
months a er Christmas.
Aside from the delicious
flavour of the blood orange
itself, which I absolutely
love, it is also the crazy
colouring of the flesh
that gets me excited.
The colours of the blood
orange rainbow are an
intoxicating swirl of yellow,
orange, pink, purple and
red, o ering the willing
participant a gastronomic,
psychedelic freak-out. It’s
a culinary trip well worth

Blood Orange

and Saffron Jelly with
Blood Orange Granita

Serves 6–8

You will need
For the jelly

700ml blood orange juice
(from 9–10 oranges)
175g caster sugar
½ tsp saffron threads
7 small sheets/leaves of
gelatine (14g in total)

For the granita

220g caster sugar
500ml blood orange juice
(from 7–8 oranges)


› For the jelly, pour the

orange juice into a

saucepan and add the

sugar and saffron threads.

Place over a medium heat,

whisking to dissolve the

sugar. Meanwhile, soak the › Once cold, pour the

gelatine in cold water to › set for about 4 hours. syrup into a freezerproof
For the granita, put the container and freeze, every
soften it. Drain the gelatine hour scraping through
with a fork until the syrup
and squeeze out excess sugar and 300ml of water is completely frozen and
resembles snow. Serve the
water, then whisk into the into a saucepan. Bring to jelly alongside the granita
for an incredibly fresh and
hot juice until completely the boil, stirring to dissolve light finish to a dinner. WW

› melted. the sugar, then boil over a
Strain the
mix through high heat to create a sugar

a sieve and pour into syrup. Whisk in the blood Recipes from Moorish by Ben Tish
(Bloomsbury Absolute). Photography by
individual glasses or a large orange juice. Pour the mix Kris Kirkham.

serving bowl. Cover and into a bowl and set aside to

place in the fridge. Leave to cool down.


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Food news Cvehgicekteanblaenpdie

from Bellygoodness

Serves 3-4 Cook 45 mins

We Sussed, the Wicklow-based rapeseed oil, is You will need
a two-calorie healthy heart oil spray with 55 500g diced chicken pieces
Stainless steel per cent less saturated fats but nine times 1 tbsp coconut or olive oil
stock pot €18 more omega-3 than olive oil. It’s gluten and 2 medium carrots, peeled and
from Argos lactose-free, and vegan friendly, and it’s from thinly sliced
a small food producer in Ireland. Sounds great 6 fine green beans or asparagus,
to us. spears cut into 3cms slices
Available from €3.30, see for more 1 pack Bellygoodness White sauce
information ½ tsp chopped dried thyme
Salt and pepper to taste
Let’s get ready 2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled
and thinly sliced
Iceland Ireland has added seven ready meals to its 2 medium white potatoes, peeled
exclusive Slimming World range, with prices from and thinly sliced
only €4. There’s Diet Cola Chicken (€4), Vegan
Cottage Pie and Jackfruit Chilli (both €4) and our Method
fave, Soy Ginger Chicken Noodles (€4.25), perfect
for after that gym workout. Or just when you ‘forget’ › Heat oven to 180°C. Heat
to go to the gym. Available now for all 27 stores.
See for more oil in a large saucepan over

medium heat. Once heated,

add chicken pieces and fry

for 5-10 minutes, stirring

› regularly to prevent sticking.
Add sliced carrots, stir well

and continue cooking with a

YOUR lid on for a further 5 minutes.
ROUND-UP Cpreolevbernaatnece Add other green veg, stirring
TIPS AND Noel McMeel, award- well in for 2-3 minutes more
NEWS winning executive
head chef at the Lough before adding thyme. Drain
YAY! Erne Resort has put
provenance at the off any excess liquid leaving
Aldi has announced the return of its ‘Grow with heart of his newest menu at the Catalina
Aldi’ supplier development programme for 2020, Restaurant. In it, he’s focusing on fresh just a little to coat the meat
which will see it invest more than €500,000 in produce from Fermanagh, Cavan and Tyrone.
supporting up-and-coming artisan Irish food Lough Erne Resort’s newest winter menu › and vegetables. of
and drink companies and offering them the o ers three courses from £56 per person Stir in the contents
chance to become a core range listing in all 140 and includes tea or co ee and petit fours. For
Aldi Ireland stores. more information on The Catalina Restaurant the white sauce, until all
ingredients are fully coated

and season with salt and

pepper to taste. Once the

sauce is warmed through,

transfer all contents to an

ovenproof dish deep enough

to allow for the potato

› topping. potato slices on the
Layer the

top overlapping to cover the

meat and veg. Brush potato

PERFECTLY PLANTED layer with oil or melted butter

Plant Kitchen launched in M&S stores in 2019 and in 2020, they’re and season lightly again
going bigger and better. For starters, you can now get No Chicken
Kievs (vegan kievs with creamy garlic sauce) and ensure you look before baking for approx. 25
out for the No Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich, which we prefer to the
non-vegan option. Whether you’re adopting a vegan lifestyle or minutess or until potatoes
simply want to substitute a few meals each week with meat-free
options, this is one way for you to go. Expect to see us tucking into have started to brown.
a No Chicken Kiev this evening…
For more information
on Bellygoodness, see


The new app that
brings you Ireland’s

best for less

Save Wishlist Discover Manage Vouchers

on short-breaks, Save your favourite exciting new deals your orders and Purchase and

beauty, luxury dining o ers & venues so every day track your delivery redeem in a few

and shopping o ers you don’t miss out stats steps

TheRoyal Treatment

Dukes Hotel entrance

Stoke Park
and Bridge

e Woman’s Way team TWO OF ENGLAND’S MOST LUXURIOUS divorcee Wallis Simpson. class, then indulging in By Domhnall O’Donoghue
are big fans of Bridget HOTELS ARE COLLABORATING TO GIVE Fittingly, Woman’s Way a little pampering in the
Jones’s Diary so you can GUESTS THE BEST OF TOWN AND world-class spa.
imagine our delight when COUNTRY LIVING felt like royalty during our
we found ourselves in stay in Stoke Park - the at evening, whatever
Buckinghamshire’s Stoke Stokes Park first of two hotels on our knots remained were
Park estate, circuiting the Great Hall weekend itinerary - but, given short shrift as we
very lake where Renée we’d little interest in treated ourselves to a glass
Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Stoke Park abdicating our throne such of Champagne, which we
Colin Firth once enjoyed a Suite was the high standard of imbibed while sashaying
spot of rowing. service we received! around the premises,
admiring the gilded
In fact, the five-star Standing amongst 300 mirrors, tapestries and oil
hotel’s proximity to acres of verdant parkland, paintings.
Pinewood Studios has seen this late eighteenth-
numerous productions century property offers Later, award-winning
take advantage of the sweeping countryside chef Chris Wheeler and
idyllic setting including views with Windsor Castle his team in Humphry’s
Layer Cake, Wimbledon peeping through the trees fine-dining restaurant
and two James Bond films, in the near distance. Our delighted our taste buds by
Goldfinger and Tomorrow suite was so luxurious serving up some delicious
Never Dies. that after checking in, we venison; the first mouthful
were just short of casting immediately informed us
Madonna filmed her aside our itinerary and that their 3 AA Rosettes
directorial début here - allowing the four-post bed were well-earned.
W.E., which documented to swallow us whole!
the romance between Clad in our finest tweed
Edward VIII and American Inspired by the golfers jackets, the following
and tennis players working morning, we partook in
up a sweat outside, we some laser clay shooting.
eventually mustered the However, our whistle-
motivation to venture stop visit to Stoke Park
across to the modern had promoted such an
Pavilion sports centre abundance of serenity
where we de-camped within us that we struggled
for the afternoon, first to call upon those
unwinding in a hot yoga mischievous skills needed



to blast circular objects flying FACT BOX couldn’t help but imagine what Penhaligon
across the sky – even if it was › Stoke Park and Dukes shenanigans these well-worn
just for a lark! London offer four- walls have witnessed! Clegg, the iconic tailors located
night Town & Country in Piccadilly Arcade.)
That afternoon, instead of packages for two people Before the potent tipple got
clay, our target was Mayfair’s starting from £2,575. the better of us, we popped Even though the decadence
Dukes London - one of the Visit downstairs to the hotel’s of the weekend left us feeling
capital’s most treasured or for Great British Restaurant. The like royalty, every monarch’s
properties. This collaboration additional information. scrumptious menus, which reign must sadly come to
between the two hotels is are overseen by the talented an end. At least we’re now
inspired as guests receive an Dukes Hotel Norfolk-born Nigel Mendham, armed with a treasure box of
opportunity to experience feature traditional British memories. WW
the contrasting dynamics of by The New York Times as ‘one dishes with modern twists.
both town and country – even of the world’s best.’ As the Woman’s Way is
though the addresses are just mixologist deftly created us a Our sartorial inclinations continuously aiming to
40 minutes apart. gin and vodka Vesper, made received a treat the next cut down on our carbon
famous by a certain 007, we morning as we mooched about footprints so for our
With Clarence House and St the luxury boutiques and transport from Dublin
James’ Palace as neighbouring stores nearby. to London, we opted for
properties, Dukes is a byword Stena Line’s sail & rail
for luxury and elegance, We allowed our olfactory package priced at €47 one
capturing the hearts of system to lead us to Penhaligon way,
celebrities and royals alike for perfumery, a Royal Warrant
centuries – notably the late holder, which was founded
Princess Diana. in the late 1860s by William
Henry Penhaligon, who later
In addition to our elegant became court barber and
yet cosy bedroom, a definite perfumer to Queen Victoria.
highlight of our stay here was
sampling one of the legendary (If there’s a chap in your life,
martinis in Dukes Bar – lauded he should visit another Royal
Warrant holder - Benson &

Partner Promotion

Travel news FAMILY

Looking for some family fun this spring?
I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of Head to beautiful county Sligo where you
the overnight stay. For starters, it’s easy to can explore ancient ruins, swim in the
squeeze in during a hectic week or weekend. Atlantic sea and try a host of outdoor
Secondly, you’d be amazed at the amount of relaxation you can activities. If you’d like to plan a special
squash into such a short period of time. I recently had the chance break away, simply log on to www.
to indulge in such a stay at The Heritage Hotel in Killenard, where you can find a host
Laois. First impressions? This is a huge hotel and despite the fact of itineraries suitable for all families.
that it’s so modern, it holds an immense amount of charm. Our
check in was quick and easy and I want to say now that the staff IN THE NEWS…
in this hotel are truly amazing. Friendly and happy to help, the
front desk went out of their way during our stay to make sure we CRUISE CURIOUS?
were well looked after. We stayed in a family suite, which was
like something out of a film (think sweeping curtains, swish flat Let’s be honest –
screen TVs and a gorgeous fire) and it was super relaxing and cruise holidays don’t
cosy. The attention to detail in The Heritage is second to none, come cheap and, for
and the room was spotlessly clean. We began our visit with most people, they’re
afternoon tea which was positively divine. It was the perfect way an acquired taste. If
to get into relaxation mode and I would highly recommend it. you’ve always been
One thing I noticed was the amount of locals in the hotel during curious as to whether
our stay, which to me is always a great sign of fantastic food and a cruise holiday is
good value too. After returning to our suite to unwind further something you’d love or loathe, here’s a
relatively new travel trend that we can get
(and a lovely dip in the roll top bath) it was time to on-board with. The ‘taster cruise’ is mini
enjoy some dinner in Blake’s restaurant. I have cruise that aims to showcase the best of cruise
honestly never had a meal as nice. Not only was culture without the hefty price tag. You hop
the service impeccable, the food was out of aboard for two or three nights, experience
this world (try the slow roasted Emo pork life at sea, maybe take in a port of call or two
belly – you won’t regret it!). Full bellied and and instead of forking out thousands for your
happy out we retired to our room where I fare, you pay a significantly lower sum. You
slept like a log. The next morning, breakfast get the best of both worlds and without the
was a sumptuous affair with all tastes catered stink of losing a lot of money if you ultimately
to and we took a detour to the spa before decide a cruise isn’t your idea of relaxation.
check-out. Housed in a separate building, What a bright idea.
the spa is sleek, stylish and very relaxing (you
Sun and sea
feel like you’re worlds away). It features a very
well-equipped thermal suite and a large menu of Enjoy seven nights
at the three-
treatment options. I went for a back and shoulder star Marinada
massage which was the perfect way to finish up Apartments in
a fabulous overnight stay. On the drive back to Salou, on a self-
Dublin I was already planning my next visit, catering basis
which is always the mark of a fantastic hotel. from €609pps.
The Heritage is unique in that it offers five- Flights depart on
star treatment with an affordable price tag. May 30.
Whether you’re looking for an overnight stay For details call 01
or something longer, it’s a great hotel that 231 1800 or log on to
will treat you like royalty.

For more information log on to



Just for Take to the Rockies
Make your next holiday one
to remember with this

If you really once-in-a-lifetime DREAM
want to treat package from Travel
your mum this Mother’s Day, why not Department. On this
whisk her away to the five-star Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny 10-day adventure,
where you can avail of the A Mother’s Love package? you’ll explore America’s
Available on Sunday, March 22 only, this package includes Great White North.
an overnight stay with breakfast and a 25-minute spa Highlights include taking
treatment in the award-winning Oasis Spa from €117pps. in glaciers, canyons and
This package also includes tea and sweet and savoury bites valleys, passing through
in The Atrium after your spa treatment. cowboy country and Gold Rush
For details call 056 776 0088 or log on to territory and taking an incredible HOLIDAY

HAVE A SLICE road trip through the National 2020

The River Lee Hotel is the ideal Great savings Parks of British Columbia
base for anyone looking to and Alberta. You’ll also get
immerse themselves in the Enjoy a family holiday to the Costa the chance to explore the city
de Almeria this summer without breaking
of Vancouver. This package is available from
the bank. You can spend seven nights at the
€2,599pps and includes flights, transfers, bed
four-star Playalinda Aquapark and Spa in

Roquetas de Mar on a bed and breakfast basis and breakfast accommodation, admission to

history of county Cork and the from €329pps. This price is based on a family National Parks and excursions with expert
hotel’s Slice of the City package of two adults and two children sharing and local guides. This package departs in May,
is perfect for culture vultures. travelling in June 2020. June, August and September.
You can enjoy an exclusive For details call 01 539 7777 or log on to For details call 01 637 1600 or log on to
overnight stay with breakfast and

a behind the scenes private tour

of Nano Nagle Place. This package is

available from €239.
For details call 021 493 7772 or log on to

Time out in Congratulations!
A huge congratulations to the InterContinental Dublin which recently
Enjoy seven nights at earned a new Forbes Travel Guide Recommended Award. Forbes
the Hotel Catalonia Las Travel Guide created the original concept of five-star service and
Vegas in Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife, the InterContinental Dublin is the latest addition to its annual Star
on a half-board basis from €469pps. Flights Rating list. Speaking about the accolade, General Manager of the
depart from Dublin airport on April 17. InterContinental Dublin said: “We are delighted to earn this fantastic
For details call 1850 453 545 or log on to accolade from the Forbes Travel Guide which places huge emphasis on exceptional service to help discerning travellers select the world’s
best luxury experiences and the only way to get a Recommended
Rating is by earning it through their anonymous independent
inspection process.” Well done!
For more information log on to



The second series of The Split, about UK
lawyers and all their shenanigans, have FEBRUARY 24 - MARCH 2
been keeping the team entertained. Plus we
love their workwear looks. GLOWING

This has been a go-to
product for a good while
now as Áine is loving the
Garnier Micellar Rose Water
Cleanse & Glow (€8.95)

Get writing... Taste of Paddy’s Day SPop porfing
7-UP Style
Áine is about a third of the way through WE ARE LIVING FOR
her third book, set in Dublin, and we’re This March, 7UP THESE SPRING COLOURS
urging her to finish it (so we can read it). Free is launching ESPECIALLY THIS BLUE
She writes much of it in longhand, then the ‘Free Your FLORAL ORGANZA SHEER
types and edits at the same time. Have St Patrick’s Day’ SHIRT IN RIVER ISLAND
you been following the tips on the books campaign. Adding THAT’S JUST €51!
pages? Let us know something fresh to
what advice you have the celebrations, QUOTE
for those wanting to the brand is calling
write - email Niamh at on fans to enter an OF THE WEEK
[email protected] exciting competition for a chance to win one
of three bespoke experiences curated by “Being kind is never
some of the nation’s favourite celebrities. wasted”
Lucky music fans will be joining fun Irish ANONYMOUS
folk duo Hudson Taylor in the cool open
space of Urban Plant Life for an evening RADIANCE SKIN
of entertainment, electric atmosphere
and the best of Irish music. Harry and We love a good
Alfie will put on an intimate show, giving masks here at
fans the opportunity to see them perform Woman’s Way.
live up close and personal. For the food Avène’s Soothing
lovers, 7UP Free will welcome winners to Radiance Mask is
the Chocolate Factory, Dublin to taste a a great pick me
delectable selection of signature dishes up for poorly skin
from foodie fanatic William Murray of which helps awaken
Currabinny. Simply visit and re-energise
and select the ultimate experience for a dull, lacklustre skin
chance to win. for those morning
heads like Niamh.

Niamh was filled with ‘notions’ as she spent Valentine’s
weekend in the lovely London. From browsing around the
markets, being tourists going to the iconic London Eye,
Buckingham Palace and not to mention the West End. A
magic weekend with great company too.



Take a few minutes peace and quiet out of your busy day to colour in this powerful picture. As you concentrate on colouring,
expect to feel increased levels of wellbeing. We encourage you to tap into your creativity and balance your self-expressive chakras.

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