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WW22 2019

Woman's weekly magazine


Sun smart style WHY DON’T YOU…

Wallaroo Hats not only look Take a self-care trip?
great, they also come with an
inbuilt UPF of 50. Physically A self-care trip or ‘solo date’ is a trip you take that’s completely
blocking the rays of the sun, and totally for you. Whether it’s going out for lunch by yourself,
these hats can help to stop visiting a museum or going to a spa for a weekend, the benefits
harmful rays from hitting of these solo trips are manifold. Not only do they help us to
the skin. Imported from disconnect and relax, they also help us to feel better in ourselves
Australia and available and can boost our mental health. These trips don’t have to be
exclusively in Ireland at expensive. Simply make a list of all the things you really want to
Neelu Beauty Salon, the do, things that you enjoy, and then vow to take a little self-care
hats (from €85) are ideal trip at least once a month.
for daily wear. Made from a
crushable fabric, they’re easy to Sleep satisfaction
pack and available in an adjustable one-size
fit. According to recent VHI Health Insights Expert Group
Available exclusively from Neelu Beauty Salon, 25 Liffey Health Insights report, half gave the following tips to
Street Upper, Dublin 1 of employees in Ireland are help improve sleep:
dissatisfied with their sleep 1. Set an alarm for going
‘APPY DAYS and seven out of 10 report to bed, a reverse ‘snooze’
they feel tired and fatigued at button. It ensures we ‘know’
Irish Life recently launched work several times a month. we need to be asleep half an
MyLife, the first healthcare app The report showed that only hour before we fall asleep.
in Ireland that empowers users 13 per cent of employees claim 2. Stick to consistent sleep/
to monitor and improve their to have a good night’s sleep wake times (weekday and
own ‘health score’. Through the nightly or almost nightly. weekend). This allows us to
app, individuals can measure Meanwhile 30 per cent claim get through the natural sleep
their overall health and set to have become sick with phases more readily in the
fitness, nutrition or lifestyle colds or flu or physically ill overnight period.
goals each month. Users will due to poor sleep at least 3. Exclude screens for the last
earn points when they engage several times a year. The VHI few hours before bedtime.
with the app and complete
their goal. Irish Life customers Amazing walnuts
can then redeem these points
in the online reward store and According to research from scientists
premium customers can also at Pennsylvania State University in State
claim some great rewards. College, the humble walnut may help to
The MyLife app is available to lower blood pressure in patients at risk of cardiovascular
download for free on the App disease. Providing they consume them as part of a diet low
Store or the Google Play Store. in saturated fats that is. Scientists believe that this health
benefit is all down to a plant-based omega-3 called alpha-
START AT THE ROOT linolenic acid (ALA) which is abundant in walnuts. For
the study, scientists split 45 participants into three groups
Give your hair a boost with DeeplyRooted, a new supplement which followed three different diets. Only one of the diets
from Hush & Hush. A daily nutraceutical, DeeplyRooted is included whole walnuts. Scientists found that participants
filled with clean vitamins such as who ate the whole walnut diet had lower central blood
amino acids, fruits and botanical pressure than those who followed the other two diets.
extracts. All of these ingredients
promote healthy hair by nourishing
the follicle and the scalp, defending
against hair loss. Other ingredients
include zinc for hair growth, vitamin
A which is crucial for healthy skin and
a hydrated scalp and green tea extract,
a powerful antioxidant to prevent the
effects of ageing.
€74/120 capsules, available at and
professional beauty salons



Everything you need to know about
this common health condition “ e vast
majority of
If you suffer from hay fever, allergic symptoms for hay ever patients will find Hay fever symptoms vary in
then chances are you’re sufferers. their symptoms severity depending on pollen
conflicted about the incoming severly disrupt count and weather conditions.
warmer months. On the one ARE THERE DIFFERENT their day to day The vast majority of patients
hand, it’s great to see the TYPES OF HAY FEVER? (94 per cent) will find their
brighter evenings and warmer lives” symptoms severely disrupt
weather but on the other hand, In Ireland, the majority their day-to-day lives.
it means weeks (if not months) of hay fever sufferers are hay fever symptoms all year
of sneezing, runny noses and allergic to grass pollen which long, the likelihood is that The most common symptoms
itchy eyes. When it comes accounts for up to 90 per they are allergic to more
to hay fever, it’s essential cent. However, some people than simply pollen. They ››inSBcnlluoedcekeze:indgand runny nose and
to educate yourself about it can also be allergic to other may have a perennial allergy
and to know what treatment pollens including tree pollens such as dust mites or animal › post-nasal drip
options are available for such as silver birch, horse dander. These allergies › Itchy, watery eyes
you. We spoke with Dr Iseult chestnut and hazel trees, and result in similar symptoms › Itchy mouth and throat
Sheehan an Allergist and weed pollen such as ragweed. to hay fever. It would be › Itchy and blocked ears
General Practitioner at Allergy Hay fever can also be caused recommended to see a GP or Loss of sense of smell and
Ireland to find out more. by the release of spores from allergy doctor for assessment
fungi. You may experience and allergy testing but also › taste and occasional
WHAT IS HAY FEVER? your hay fever symptoms to confirm that there is no Cough
from early spring or into underlying cause for these
Hay fever is an allergic late autumn depending on symptoms aside from allergy. › wheeze
reaction to grass and tree which pollen you are allergic › Sinus pain and headaches
pollens and occasionally to. Allergy testing is the only CAN YOU DEVELOP HAY Intense tiredness, reduced
fungal spores. However the way to confirm which specific FEVER SUDDENLY?
main culprit is grass pollen. allergies a person has. concentration, altered sleep
Hay fever is medically known Yes. Hay fever symptoms
as Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis. ARE THERE ANY RISK usually present in childhood and mood
Exposure to pollen if you FACTORS FOR DEVELOPING or during teenage years.
are allergic causes the body HAY FEVER? However, hay fever can often
to overreact and produce appear out of nowhere for
an antibody to attack the There are several factors some adults. Some people will
perceived threat. This results that increase your risk of have a mild allergic reaction
in the production of chemicals developing hay fever: Having to pollen and particularly if
which include histamine, the a personal history of asthma, we have a poor summer with
main cause for those dreaded eczema or other allergies, a lot of rain, it is possible that
hay fever symptoms which having a family history of they won’t be aware of their
can include runny nose, itchy hay fever, asthma or eczema, symptoms or will mistake
eyes and sneezing. Hay fever exposure to cigarette smoke them for cold-like symptoms.
season usually begins in early in childhood, exposure to When we then experience
May and can persist through diesel exhaust fumes in a very hot summer like last
the summer months until childhood. Research has year, the pollen count will be
early autumn. Grass and other shown that hay fever allergy higher and the pollen season
plants release a fine powder is worsened by being a can lengthen resulting in their
called pollen in order to smoker (active or passive) and hay fever symptoms becoming
reproduce. Some plants will exposure to air pollution like more apparent.
rely on insects to transfer their car exhaust fumes.
pollen, however others rely WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS
on the wind and it is these CAN YOU SUFFER FROM HAY OF HAY FEVER?
wind-borne pollens that cause FEVER ALL YEAR LONG?

If a person is suffering from



Research suggests that 80 per allergy so this is more likely to › around smokers for the the action of the chemical
cent of those with asthma be a cold. A runny nose due Check pollen count histamine which the body
also have hay fever and may to allergy exposure is usually releases during an allergic
notice that their asthma clear, watery mucus. next day so you can plan reaction. Antihistamines are
symptoms worsen during hay often effective at managing
fever season. Eczema can also WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO › your schedule accordingly sneezing, itching and watery
reappear or worsen during TREAT HAY FEVER? Choose seaside breaks for eyes. This can be combined
hay fever season. with a steroid nasal spray
holidays where on-shore which is much better at
HOW CAN YOU DISTINGUISH managing the symptoms of
BETWEEN HAY FEVER AND A The best way to control most › breezes blow pollen away a blocked inflamed nose. An
COLD? allergies is to avoid the trigger. Put Vaseline around your anti-allergy eye drop can
However, it is very difficult to be used which contains
It can be difficult to avoid pollen. Here are some › nostrils to trap pollen antihistamine which will
distinguish between hay fever tips to minimise exposure as › Avoid drying clothes outside reduce itchiness and irritation
and cold symptoms as they are Shower, wash your hair and to the eyes. A short course
so similar. The main difference of decongestants can give
is that the symptoms of a change your clothes if you immediate relief and allow
cold will usually ease after a the other medication to be
few days whereas hay fever much as possible during hay have been outside for an more effective. It is important
symptoms will remain while to use decongestants for a
the person continues to be ››fevAKeveroepisdehaaosrouenases: extended period maximum of seven days only
exposed to pollen. It is unusual as it can lead to a worsening
to develop a fever or sticky, of grassland Hay fever symptoms can in symptoms. It is important
coloured mucus with an and car sometimes be alleviated by to discuss these medications
using a range of over-the- with the pharmacist as
windows closed during peak counter medications from the some preparations can cause
pharmacy. These will usually drowsiness and impair
› pollen hours (ideally include antihistamines, steroid concentration.
Wear sunglasses nasal sprays and eye drops.
The most effective of these is IF OVER-THE-COUNTER
By Amy Wall › wrap-around) in late antihistamines which block REMEDIES AREN’T WORKING,
Avoid being outdoors WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?

› morning and late afternoon It is recommended to see your
› Don’t cut grass GP or allergy doctor if over-
Don’t smoke and avoid being the-counter medications are
not managing your symptoms.
Your doctor can make an
appropriate treatment plan for
you during hay fever season
and work out a preventative
strategy for future hay fever
seasons. Your doctor may
prescribe oral medications or
nasal drops or sprays which
are more effective than the
over-the-counter ones. Only
in severe cases will the doctor
prescribe oral steroids. By
going to your doctor prior to
hay fever season, you have
a much better chance of
managing your symptoms and
enjoying your summer. WW

Dr Sheehan works alongside Dr
Paul Carson at Allergy Ireland.
Allergy Ireland is based in
Stillorgan, Co Dublin.
For more information call 01
200 0500 or log on to


Food news NOOUWT Cream of the crop SKERRIES GOOD
COOKBOOK If you are a fan of an Irish cream
OF THE liqueur why not check out this Take a trip out to the sea
WEEK… Baan: one from Five Farms (€34.95.) and enjoy the new menu at
Made with cream from cows on
Recipes And Stories the Wild Atlantic Way this is e Gourmet Food Parlour
From My Thai Home by combined with 10 per cent, triple in Skerries. ey have just
Kay Plunkett-Hogge distilled premium Irish whiskey launched a brand new dinner
(Pavilion Books, €25) within 48 hours to create a drink menu and unveiled a new head
that’s nothing short of a treat. chef, Adam Kaczmarek. e
Thai food has grown Available now in SuperValu focus is on local and seasonal
in popularity in stores and online. Irish produce and Adam says,
Ireland in recent “We have created a really
years, and in this Yes you vegan special menu for the growing
book Kay shows e sausage roll has foodie community in Skerries,
you how to get that been re-imagined making these dishes with our
authentic taste at by Apple Green as valued customers in mind.
home. While the they have created We use the highest quality,
cuisine might seem a vegan version local produce to offer dishes
complicated Kay says which is available that are good value, tasty and
that once you master now in their stores nutritious.”
the basics there is nationwide. Made See www.gourmetfoodparlour.
nothing to fear. Plus with soyabean, com for more details
she’s open about chickpeas, herbs and
tricks and tips to help spices it’s priced at
simplify things such just €1.
as buying instead of
making curry paste.

ROUND-UP The new Garden Room has
OF FOODIE Fed up of stodgy, crumbly opened at Suesey Street in The weekend is a time to kick
TIPS AND gluten free bread? Promise Dublin and it looks like just back and relax, and award-winning
NEWS Gluten Free, a re-launch of the the spot for a bit of summer pub John Keoghs in Galway is here
Purebred brand, has said that this is a grubbing. It seats 40 and to help you do just that. They’ve
thing of the past with their new loaves. with a retractable roof launched a special Weekender menu,
They have created artisan sour dough and Foxford wool blankets served every Saturday and Sunday
style white bread, a chia and quinoa on hand you’ll be able to from 1pm. Billed as ‘comfort food’
so loaf and multigrain breads dine whatever weather the there’s everything from burgers to
summer brings. salads and light bites.
each priced at €3.89. See
In stores now for more details


Take your chance to learn Regular readers will World-famous German wine brand, Black
something new with the know we take snacks Tower is launching a new Limited Edition
Elbowroom Escape in Co very seriously in Fruity White wine. Pretty flowers and
Wicklow. They are playing WW, so we can’t colourful dragonflies adorn the bottles,
host to a series of foodie wait to get our which will be served at the Woman’s Way
experiences throughout the hands on a bag Mum of the Year Awards. Priced at €8 and
year teaching you everything of the new Clintons available from Dunnes and Tesco, it’s the
from vegan bakery to creating Crisps. Available in Seared Steak, Sea perfect companion with which to celebrate
your own preserves. www.the- Salt and Vinegar and Mature Cheddar life’s little achievements this summer and Red Onion flavour this new Irish (#CheersToMe). Tasting like pineapple,
brand is in shop nationwide. passion fruit and honey, this smooth and
refreshing wine is singing with flavour.


Woman’s Way



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grEasy being n

Veggie and vegan recipes to delight
Elly says: “The spicy cubes of
fried paneer cheese are strong
competition, but I reckon it’s
actually the sauce that is the
star of this show. Inspired
by Indian restaurant yoghurt
sauce (perfect for dipping
shards of poppadum into
while you neck a cold beer and
deliberate over what to order),
it was one of the most popular
things I’d made in ages when I
first served it up.”


and pea grain
bowl with mint
yoghurt sauce

Serves 4 Time 30 minutes
Level Easy

You will need
2 tbsp coconut oil (coconut is best
for flavour, but any oil is fine)
2 x 225g packs of paneer, cut into
2cm cubes
1 garlic clove, peeled and grated or
2cm piece fresh root ginger, peeled
and grated or crushed
1 tsp cumin seeds
2–4 tbsp tandoori curry paste
(according to taste)
250g frozen peas, defrosted
4 tbsp boiling water
2 x 220g pouches of mixed rice
and grains (I use brown rice and
mixed grains)
130g baby leaf spinach
Lemon wedges, to serve
Red chilli slices, to serve
Naan bread, to serve

For the yoghurt sauce
250g Greek-style yoghurt or plain
coconut yoghurt
1 tsp ground turmeric
2 tsp lemon juice



3 tsp mint sauce with lids off then seal, label
1 tsp caster sugar (or to taste)
2 heaped tbsp finely chopped and freeze. It will keep fine
fresh coriander
½ tsp flaked sea salt › for up to three months.
Reheating guidelines:

Remove the container from

Method the freezer and defrost

› Heat the coconut oil in a in the fridge. Once fully

thawed, tip the dhal into a

large frying pan over a pan and gently heat, stirring

medium–high heat. Add the regularly, until piping hot.

paneer cubes to the pan and To cook from frozen, tip the

fry until golden, in batches if dhal into a pan, cover with a

necessary. Allow the paneer lid and place over a low heat

to form a crust on each side to thaw. Increase the heat

of the cubes before turning to cook.

› them over. 10 minutes, For the soup
is takes about You will need
1 portion of spinach, squash and
but it stops the paneer from “Dhal freezes sweet potato dhal, defrosted if
really well, so frozen
breaking up and also adds a you can make 500ml boiling water
1 tsp vegetable bouillon powder
lot of important flavour and a big pot” 1 tbsp tahini, thinned with a splash
of water
texture. Remove from the 1 handful of croutons
1 small handful of coriander,
pan and set aside. Lower the Spinach, roughly chopped
squash 1 handful of toasted pumpkin
heat to medium–low then seeds
and sweet potato dhal
gently fry the garlic, ginger
Makes 8–10 portions
and cumin seeds for one Time 1 hour Level Easy

minute. Return the paneer You will need
4 tbsp oil (vegetable, sunflower,
to the pan, add the curry olive or coconut)
2 medium onions, peeled and
paste, stir and fry for one finely diced
3 garlic cloves, peeled and grated
minute over a medium heat. or finely chopped over a medium–low heat.
5cm piece of fresh root ginger
Add the peas along with four (approx. 30g), peeled and grated Add the onions, garlic and
or finely chopped
tablespoons of boiling water 2 tbsp garam masala ginger with a big pinch Method
1–2 tsp chilli flakes, to taste
› and stir everything together. ½ tsp ground turmeric of sea salt. Cook for 10 › Pour the cooked spinach,
If you have a microwave, 2 tbsp black mustard seeds
500g red lentils, rinsed well minutes, stirring, until the
1 small bunch of fresh coriander,
you can speed things up leaves and stalks separated onion has softened. Add the squash and Sweet Potato
1 tbsp nigella seeds
a little by warming the 600g diced sweet potato and garam masala, chilli flakes, Dhal into a large saucepan
butternut squash (total prepared
pouches of rice and mixed weight, widely available mixed) turmeric and mustard seeds, and add 500ml of boiling
4 tsp vegetable bouillon powder
grains according to the 1.5 litres boiling water stir thoroughly and then water. Stir in the bouillon
1 x 400g tin of coconut milk
packet instructions. If you 250g baby leaf spinach add the lentils. Finely chop powder until dissolved and
Flaked sea salt and freshly ground
don’t have a microwave, black pepper the coriander stalks and add then bring to a simmer over
Juice of ½ lemon
don’t fear. (Neither do I!) to the pan with the nigella › a medium–low heat.
Method Once hot, remove the
Simply add the rice and seeds and diced sweet potato pan
› Heat the oil in a large pan
grains to the pan, separating and squash. Give everything from the heat and blitz

them with your fingers to › a good mix. the soup with a hand-held
Dissolve the
break up any clumps as they bouillon powder › blender until smooth.
Divide the soup between
› tumble in. in 1.5 litres of boiling water.
Add the spinach
to the pan, Pour this hot stock into the two bowls, drizzle over

toss it all together, then pan and bring to the boil over the slightly thinned tahini

cover with a lid and cook a high heat. Lower the heat and then top with croutons,

for 2–3 minutes until the and simmer for 30 minutes, roughly chopped coriander

spinach has wilted and stirring frequently and and toasted pumpkin
seeds. WW
everything is piping hot. deeply so the lentils don’t

Meanwhile, make the mint stick to the base of the pan.

yoghurt sauce. Place the e lentils and squash should

yoghurt in a small bowl be tender and retain no bite.

and stir in all the other Add the coconut milk and Extracted from
Green by Elly Pear
› ingredients. spinach, then stir well. After Curshen (Ebury
Divide the rice Press, €27)
and grains two minutes, remove from which is out now.
Photography by
mixture between four bowls. the heat and season to taste. Martin Poole.

Serve with lemon wedges, Freezing guidelines: Divide

red chilli slices and naan the dhal between individual

bread, alongside the bowl of freezer-safe containers.

mint yoghurt sauce. Leave to cool completely



Woman’s Way’s trip to North Wales this
spring was brief but action-packed

ere are few things the ZipWorld that lives along the rich FACT BOX
Woman’s Way team enjoys Velocity coastline - including a pod With 232 weekly sailing options, Stena
doing more than travelling. of dolphins, which nearly Line is the largest ferry operator on the
However, whether it’s early Charlotte Church - and reduces us to tears such is Irish Sea, providing the widest choice
departure times, flight it soon emerges that our their beauty! We also learn of routes between Ireland and Britain.
delays, baggage restrictions carefully crafted itinerary about the architecture Stena Line also o ers the only direct
or invasive security checks, is as note-perfect as their of the area such as the service from Rosslare to Cherbourg with
sometimes, catching a local crooners. Compiled preserved medieval three return crossings a week. Facilities
plane can take the fun out by the new and brilliant Caernarfon Castle and the on-board include complimentary films
of a trip away - particularly Adventure Tours UK, our magnificent 19th-century and Wi-Fi as well as discounted shopping.
if young children are a part first activity sees us return Britannia Bridge, originally Fares from Dublin to Holyhead are €99
of the group. to the waters - a tour of the designed to carry trains for the car and driver.
Menai Straits on high- from the mainland across
Step forward: Stena speed powerboats no less to Anglesey. its association with
Line, the family-run Irish ( Dwynwen, the Welsh
shipping company that Another highlight is a patron saint of lovers. e
operates all-year sailings Our skippers, Ribride’s visit to the small island of equivalent of St Valentine,
between Ireland, the UK Charles and Christian Ynys Llanddwyn, which her saint’s day is celebrated
and France. With their Harris, bring us on an is steeped in history and on January 25 - although
assistance, Woman’s Way exciting - and often times, legend - in particular, the number of couples
joined a band of journalists terrifying - high-speed walking hand and hand
on an expedition of North tour of the strait where we across the golden beaches
Wales, taking the road - or observe a wealth of wildlife suggests that Dwynwen’s
sea - less travelled from romantic powers are
Dublin to Holyhead. present all year round
Before enjoying brunch
in the Stena Plus Lounge, We work up an appetite
we’re invited to meet the over the course of these
captain and his team where adventures - luckily for our
we get a glimpse behind stomachs, award-winning
the scenes. Over the
following four hours, we’re
all taken aback by how
effortless and smooth the
journey is.

We arrive in Wales
just after midday and,
without delay, set off on
a rip-roaring, two-day
adventure of the country
that brought us Shirley
Bassey, Tom Jones and



“We can’t help Ynys
but think this Llanddwyn
majestic landscape
could be a cousin
of the West of


Portmeirion Snowdonia foraging expert Jules stores and galleries, tea- built by architect Clough
National Park Cooper is at hand and we’re drinking in the quaint Williams-Ellis, the village’s
By Domhnall O’Donoghue treated to a cornucopia of cafés or exploring the familiarity is due to its use
Bull’s Head Coach delicacies created from World Heritage site of as a location for cult-classic
Restaurant locally sourced, seasonal Beaumaris Castle. series e Prisoner.
ingredients - including
seaweed popcorn, sea beet Started in 1295 by Overlooking the Dwyryd
pâté and roasted chicory Edward I, the castle was Estuary and inspired by
root and blackberry energy never finished as money those hillside villages
balls ( ran out - earning the so common in Italy,
moniker, ‘the greatest Portmeirion boasts two
On terra firma once castle never built’. It’s still hotels, a cluster of cottages,
again, our accommodation regarded as one of the most a spa, shops, an Italian ice-
for the evening is e Bull’s technically perfect castles cream parlour, gardens and
Head, an old public house in Britain thanks to its sandy beaches.
located in the centre of symmetrical walls-within-
the town of Beaumaris. walls design. Later, we delight in some
Whether it’s the charming fine dining in one of the
bedrooms or the cosy pub at afternoon, the pace property’s two restaurants.
that has maintained much of the activities go up a We learn that is has been
of its original features, notch. While we’ve never the proud recipient of
this particular Bull is been adrenalin junkies, two 2 AA rosettes; one
stubbornly old-school - Woman’s Way is constantly taste of our starter -
and it’s all the better for it. looking for opportunities miso glazed salmon and
to break free from our roasted octopus - and
at evening, we dine in comfort zones -and so, it’s easy to see what all
their restaurant where we at speeds of 100 miles per the fuss is about. Using
devour scallops for starters hour, we allow ourselves to predominantly regional
and a fish pie for mains - all be hurled across Penrhyn produce, we’re told that
locally sourced. In fact, as Quarry on the world’s the talented chefs are
the food digests, we learn fastest zip-line - a drop of constantly developing new
that the island of Anglesey 1,500 feet! Despite the fact dishes to wow our diners
is also appropriately that our heart has yet to (
known as Mon, Mam return to its normal rate,
Cymru - Mother of Wales we’re delighted we gave it a Our short but jam-
- seeing as her fertile lands go! (! packed trip to North
were considered capable of Wales comes to an end.
providing sufficient food e drive through Whether you’re a foodie,
for the entire country. Snowdonia National Park an adrenaline junkie or
( goes some way to calm the a culture vulture, one
palpitations. As we pass thing’s for certain: North
e following morning, armies of walkers, hikers Wales deserves its new title
we work off some of our and cyclists, we can’t help of Adventure Capital of
overindulgences with a but think that this majestic Europe. WW
walk around the charming landscape could be a cousin
Beaumaris. With the of the West of Ireland. Visit and
Snowdonia National Park for
cutting a fine figure in the Our lodgings is the additional information
distance, the historic town man-made village of
itself is a beautiful place to Portmeirion. Designed and
potter about whether it’s
browsing the independent


Travel news IT’S


The Wild Atlantic Way
We live in a beautiful country, are dotted along the coast. If you’re
there’s no denying it and yet people The sister attraction to Ireland’s paying a visit, make sure you don’t
are surprised when they realise Ancient East, the Wild Atlantic Way miss the UNESCO World Heritage
just how much Ireland has to offer is a place that every single person Site, the Giant’s Causeway. Little
completely free of charge. Whether should visit before they die. First of ones will love climbing over the
you’re looking to spend the day all it’s spectacularly beautiful and 40,000 or so hexagonal-shaped
with your other half or keep the it inspires pride and awe over how pillars which date back to a volcanic
kids entertained during the summer gorgeous Ireland truly is. Located age that took place almost 60 million
holidays, here are our top years ago. Older explorers will fall in
picks of fantastic freebies on the West coast of Ireland, love with The Gobbins Costal Path.
that will keep your this 2,500km driving Recently reopened, The Gobbins
summer schedule fun route stretches from the takes you along a narrow cliff face
and exciting. Inishowen Peninsula path, under hidden tunnels, up
in Donegal to Kinsale. rugged staircases and more. It is
Ireland’s The best thing about incredibly popular though, so make
Ancient East the Wild Atlantic Way sure you book in advance (see www.
is that you can pack
Covering the area outside your bags and do the For more information log on to www.
of Dublin and east of the entire thing, or spend your
River Shannon, Ireland’s Ancient
East encompasses incredible places summer dipping in and out, The Mourne Mountains
like Wexford, East Cork, Carlingford exploring as you please. Highlights
and more. A region chocked full of include wild coastal walks, such as The highest and most
historical twists, in this very special the Inishowen Head Loop in the dramatic mountain
part of Ireland you’ll get the chance Northern headlands, catching range in Northern
to learn about Viking invaders, a wave on the surf coast and Ireland, the
spotting dolphins on the Mourne
Norman knights, High Kings cliff coast in Clare. Mountains are
and more. The region itself For more information a haven for
has plenty of free attractions log on to www. walkers. Voted
on offer but there are also the ‘best walking
a host of fantastic paid-for destination’ in
experiences that are so The Causeway
worth a visit. Highlights Costal Route Northern Ireland, here
include the Irish National you’ll find a host of tracks
Heritage Park in county Head north this summer and take and trails suited to all levels. You
in the spectacular Causeway Coastal could spend an entire summer
Wexford, Wicklow Gaol and the Route. Start your journey in Belfast exploring this beautiful region.
Irish National Stud in county Kildare. with a city break before exploring For more information log on to www.
For more information log on to the places of incredible beauty that mountains



Looking for something to do this GREAT DAYS OUT
summer? Here are our tips on how to
become a tourist in your own locality FAMILY FUN HAS NEVER
Hop online or head to your local library TAYTO PARK
and do some reading on the area in
which you live. Are there any significant Located in Ashbourne, county Meath,
landmarks around you? Do you really Tayto Park is Ireland’s only theme park.
know the full story of their history? Located 30 minutes from Dublin City,
Spend some time educating yourself on Tayto Park has a host of activities suited
your hometown – you may be surprised to a variety of ages. You can visit the
by what you find out. There could be a on-site zoo and see animals like tigers
hidden gem just around the corner from and buffalo, or, for more adventurous
your house. visitors, you can tackle Europe’s largest
wooden rollercoaster, the Cu Chulainn
2. KEEP IN TOUCH Coaster.
Many local council offices have mailing For more information log on to
lists that you can sign up for where they’ll
actively notify you of what’s going on in
your county. Over the summer months, FOTA WILDLIFE
lots of counties host festivals, live PARK
entertainment and more. Staying in touch
with your local council is a great way to be An amazing place to spend a day, Fota
kept in the know. Wildlife Park is not like an ordinary
zoo. Here, wherever possible, the
3. SHOW SOME FRIENDS OR FAMILY animals are allowed to roam free. This
AROUND means that you could spend your visit
One of the easiest ways to feel like a getting up close and personal with
tourist in your own home town is to show a kangaroo, a peacock or one of the
some friends or family around. See your many lemurs that like to hide in the
town through the eyes of people who may trees. Incredibly educational and lots of
not be familiar with it. Go to places that fun, adults and kids alike will get great
you would consider to be ‘too touristy’ enjoyment out of a visit.
and enjoy the experience. Even if you’ve For more information log on to
been to a local landmark a million times,
visit it again and try to see it through the
eyes of the people you’re with. TITANIC BELFAST

4. DO SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER Located in the Titanic Quarter in
DONE BEFORE Belfast, Titanic Belfast is the world’s
Whether it’s dining in that restaurant you largest Titanic visitor experience.
always class as being ‘too expensive’ or Educational and interesting, visitors
finally setting foot into the GAA grounds can soak up nine interactive galleries,
that your town is famous for, shake up explore the symbolism of the building
your routine and try something new. and walk the decks of the last
remaining White Star vessel, the SS
Sometimes all we need is to see things in For more information log on to
a new light. Try going to the highest point
in your town and looking down – what can
you see? Or you could try exploring your NEWGRANGE
town via its coast or surrounding hills?
Switch things up, adventure and have fun. Make history come to life for the family
Why not record your insights into a mini- this summer with a visit to Newgrange
travel journal of sorts or, for little ones, in county Meath. 5,200 years old,
ask them to write their own tour guide to Newgrange is known as the ‘jewel’ in
their town. the Boyne Valley. Built by Stone Age
farmers, Newgrange is older than both
Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of
For more information log on to


OPINION I said it:

T here,
How the sea changed my life

I grew up near Harrow. “ e rhythm regardless of the weather.
But when I was six, my of the waves In fact, I love it best when
godmother bought a cottage makes me it’s out of season. I swim for
in Bonchurch in the Isle of about seven months a year
Wight. I will never forget feel more (sometimes in a wet suit) and
seeing the sea for the first peaceful” often take my laptop down
time and thinking, ‘Wow!’ to the beach to write. I’ve
done yoga on a paddleboard
We used to go there all although I had to be rescued
because I drifted out towards
through my childhood and I France! e sea is central to
my plot settings. e rhythm
stuck postcards of the coast of the waves makes me feel
more peaceful. I have a sign
on my lift-up desk lid at in my study that says ‘By the
sea, all worries wash away’.
school to get me through the When we go away, the first
thing I do when we return is
time between. to run down and check it’s
still there!
My paternal grandfather,
Even better, my daughter
who had died before I and son-in-law have moved
here and I now look after
was born, had been in the my young grandchildren
two days a week as well as
merchant navy. As I grew up, being a full-time novelist
for Penguin. I love the fact
I began to feel convinced this that they are Devon born-
and bred. My boys feel
was in my blood because I felt ‘re-charged’ when they stay.
We do the Boxing Day Swim
such a strong pull to the sea. together!

However, it simply wasn’t Now after nine years, I still
get a buzz when people ask
practical to move to the where I live. ‘By the sea,’ I
say. It took me more than 50
coast. My life as a magazine years and a second husband
to get here. But I couldn’t live
journalist centred around anywhere else. WW

London, apart from an initial I Looked Away by
Jane Corry (Penguin,
three months training in €11.99) is released
on June 27.
Cardiff. I remember visiting

the local docks where my

grandfather had set sail at 16

and feeling very emotional. a family friend. He had just followed the removal vans

en I got married and taken early retirement and down the motorway one

brought up our children in suggested living somewhere wet windy November night.

Buckinghamshire while my where neither of us had been What had I done? Supposing

first husband commuted before. ‘How about Devon?’ I didn’t like it when we got

to London. Although the he suggested. there?

countryside was beautiful, I You’d think I would have As soon as we got there,

kept yearning for the sea. jumped at it but the truth I walked down to the

Our marriage ended was that I’d convinced promenade. ere it was! e

after 27 years. I took a job myself that the sea was an sea. Glistening and laughing

as a writer in residence of a impossible dream. So when and calling to me. ‘You made

high-security prison. Often, the opportunity came, I it at last,’ it seemed to say.

I would give them a picture of hesitated. From then on, I haven’t

the sea to inspire my criminal We found a beautiful house looked back. You can’t keep

students – and also give me in a lovely unspoiled seaside me away. I walk or jog along

strength and courage. town but even so, my heart the beach at least three times

ree years later, I married was in my mouth as we a day, often with our dog,

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Take a few minutes peace and quiet out of your busy day to colour in this powerful picture. As you concentrate on colouring,
expect to feel increased levels of wellbeing. We encourage you to tap into your creativity and balance your self-expressive chakras.

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