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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2019-06-04 09:20:35

WW22 2019

Woman's weekly magazine



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Back in the


Queen of the country WARDROBES

3rd June 2019
(NI stg £1.59)

June 3, 2019 Contents is week, I'm pausing to say about Louise's departure have photographs in next
Vol.56 Issue 22 goodbye to our wonderful but we still have a beautiful, week's issue of our judging
deputy editor, Louise. She is wonderful issue this week. day, where we'll be choosing
COVER IMAGE: leaving for pastures new and From a fab interview with our category winners. We'll
Hazel Coonagh we've no doubt that she will the Queen of the countryside, keep you updated on any
excel, because that's the kind Anna May McHugh, to chats decisions we make - and
of person she is. Personally with Will Smith, Michael again, thank you beyond
and professionally, I am going Sheen and David Tennant, measure for helping create
to miss her in the office (who plus fashion for jetsetters and and maintain such a worthy,
will sit beside me now?) but we beauty for skincare lovers, it's worthwhile, and, I think,
want to wish her all the best. rather a packed magazine. absolutely
We adore you, Finny. necessary,
If you've been following our ceremony.
I am living in slight denial Mum of the Year Awards, we'lll

On the cover Pg 10 Pg 36 Regulars
Pg 44
4 Anna May McHugh 24 Weekly puzzles
8 Jet set chic Pg 12 32 Knitting pattern
15 Win holiday vouchers 36 Books
22 Agony advice 37 Reader fiction
30 Celebrating nominees 40 TV pages
34 Homemade bodywash 42 Soap gossip
38 Will Smith 44 is week
56 Veggie good recipes 45 It’s your letters
46 Your stars
Pg 20 47 Tarot advice
48 Una Power
50 Latest health news
54 Food news
60 Home & away
62 I said it


10 Bright styles WSUINNWOANYEVOOFUTCWHOERS €w1o5rt0h Issue 19 (May 13)
12 Eye cream tested Bodrum each Killashee break Adele Foxton, Co Wicklow
14 Travel sized beauty FowtLcadArooftaceuinaoheusltrostltlmsbheethtatemtyuaoemwreirIobntrnrpseAheehuaelasaoiaplelztetsnoganfniiirhtpyfocnnaetdeoeuhrnrTgdeadtivStured’nsowfheesurtaiMdtaenikgnafmaonnooeihewBnIetrdiy…drayicdleaenoy,bviuzmytlttgteeaaleithh.htsaronnrfbuSeeecaorfistdenurrhvatiargeeennenfeztluyn’oeelrwousesroraafareauvveony.eev,ler Triton shower Ashling Aylward, Co Kilkenny
16 Veronica Butler 5lfianweat0SimcnhegnrSuhceydeweucanoiedilaknlbwonmueaswwierdgr.naymkssaePaygott.yyheoobuhptrnedwhawoasbagebocylioitilgmklenodilolaosuaaaekdgtngglyrnoierraessfheeeneoaauhsoxadnldrrootllpediyralwtvdeithoytrtdaashturoeilyaeeaauiurynlnnn–eestgcsdifyeafeooeotl.nrsruos New books Brid McCurry, Co Donegal
18 Mark Boyle Club Med Portugal Ziaja skincae Ciara Gill, Dublin 22
20 Parenting news Beauty bag Katherine Woods, Co Louth
Pg 14 26 Make a bee hotel Kusadasi Weekly crossword Dorcas Phillipson, Dublin 5
28 May's how to...
Editor: Áine Toner 52 Spotlight on hay fever money.
Email: [email protected] 58 Wales travel review

Call (01) 231 1800 to find out the best deals and destinations for your best break. WOMANSWAY.IE 15

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Managing director of the NPA, ‘Excuse me, I want to get well to judge the ploughing,
Anna May McHugh on fashion, up there.’ One of them said that’s a very important part
faith and first impressions to me, ‘Well we’re here this of it.
long time now and we’re not
BByy MMiicchheellllee NNeewwmmaann “There was a saying one lady secretary do for the moving!’ I got to peeking in “We like to have young
time, you never get a second ploughing?’ That type was between them and what was judges coming along and we
chance at making a first out there, without saying it on the platform, only the had a training day recently
impression and I’ll often to me, you know you get a wedding gear,” laughs Anna for them but all the time
go over that in my mind.” feeling without being [told] May. you’re trying to encourage
Arriving at our photoshoot it. But then I would say on the youth.”
at the end of April, Anna the other hand, because I “Things like that you’ll
May McHugh was self-styled was a female, I got away with always remember but I found Held in such high-esteem,
when she stepped on set things that I would not have that that was a great asset for there’s an abundance of
and ready to put her most got away with had I been a the ladies.” admiration and respect
fashionable foot forward. male. You would chance your for Anna May throughout
arm, as we say.” Between the years 2000 the country. Still, she is
“I don’t drink or I don’t to 2010 Anna May says that somewhat surprised that
smoke but I love the clothes. One such example being she noticed a huge growth in people have so much interest
I’d say from the first day I the introduction of a the association, but as far as in the woman behind the job.
started earning I bought fashion show at the National choosing a favourite decade
something new. Ploughing Championships. in her career she struggles to “[People say], ‘You’re a
pick just one. great woman,’ but it never
“I always feel that I’m Feeling as though she went to my head, I always
representing an association could count the number of Understandably so, kept my feet firmly on the
and I always like to present ladies attending the show on considering she was there ground. I just take it and
myself well, particularly ‘two hands,’ Anna May was at the very beginning when thank them for their kind
as you grow older you have determined to change this the ‘whole thing was very expression.
to do even a bit more with and sought permission to small,’ overseeing and indeed
yourself,” she says. include a more varied set of contributing to the national “It’s great to think that
attractions, thus overhauling treasure it has become. they do admire you and
As the proverbial first lady the perception of what the that they acknowledge the
of the National Ploughing event was and who it was for. “Going back and looking effort you make to bring an
Association, Anna May has through minute books, I event the size of this into the
been involved with the “That was in 1984 now experienced drawing out heart of the country every
association for more than so we’re going back a good a map with 25 exhibitors year and trying to improve
six decades, starting off as bit,” she says. “It was a male and today we have 1,700. it year after year. You have
an assistant secretary in the audience that we had, all Now that’s a number we a number, a big number of
1950s and progressing to the our members were male at don’t want to see grow people that acknowledge
role of managing director in the time. I went out and I because lookit, we’re a that openly which is nice, it’s
1973. She’s proof of where said, ‘Here, I’m going ahead voluntary association and encouraging, it’s an incentive
hard work, and the right mix [with the fashion show] it’s manageable but more to keep going.”
of fortitude and feistiness, whatever else.’ That brought than that now would be [too
can get you. In person, a tremendous number of much].” Her down to earth nature
Anna May is such fun to be ladies to the event and today, is something Anna May
around with an unassuming we have three shows on each Today, Anna May is a big believes stems from her
presence and an unmissable of the three days. advocate for encouraging childhood. She was raised on
sense of humour. younger people to get a farm with eight children
“I remember one time, involved in the association in the family, five boys and
“I was very young when I sometime after that, I wanted as, “It’s the future generation three girls. Her late husband
got involved in the Ploughing to get into the fashion show that we are totally relying John lived three miles from
Association; I was made and it was very packed, and on,” she says. “We try to where she grew up and she
secretary in 1956 when the I wanted to get up to the bring in the young people as knew him all her life.
National Ploughing was side [of the stage] to speak to
made a limited company. I some of the people who were “It’s not the “John was a very
would say that when I was coordinating it for me. years in your understanding man. The
made a secretary people life that matter, event wasn’t as demanding
were wondering, ‘What in “There were three men but the life in then in those years, he knew
the name of God would a standing at the door and it your years that when I had to go and he was
was packed out and I said, always there when I came
count” back.

“If I had to get a bit of home
help, which I did at times, but
he was ever so caring. John
was a lovely partner to have

continued on next page



in life, a lovely husband and very good Communion [this year] so I’m really
to me. The children turned out well and looking forward to that. It’s fantastic,
what more can I ask?” you get as much joy out of them and
maybe more than when your own
Every day is different for Anna May were getting it.
and that’s exactly how she likes it. She
loves a challenge and for her, there “The two older boys, they’re 13 and
simply aren’t enough hours in the day 11 and they’re into football and they’ll
to get around to doing all the things always say, ‘Nana, will you come to
she has planned. On the day we spoke the match? We’re playing on such an
she was traveling home from Athy, her evening,’ and you make an effort to go
local ‘shopping town,’ at 7.40am after and that’s nice.”
collecting flowers she was going to plant
that evening and the previous day she Having no plans to slow down
was in Co Carlow at 8.30am, where the anytime soon, with her good health,
88th National Ploughing Championships ‘good memory,’ and ‘great mobility,’
will be held. Anna May wants to keep going with
her workload for a long as she can. She
“The site is about 14 miles from me and lives from ‘day to day’ and if she was
I was meeting the people that are going to live her life all over again, there is
to bore two wells on the site because little she would change.
we have to have plenty of water for
livestock and that didn’t cause me any “I would say maybe I should have
bother at all, only get up and go. given more time to myself but either
you’re built that way or you’re not. I
“That goes on behind the scenes, now won’t say that I’ll do such a thing next
there is a glamorous side to it too; you’re year because you never know, but I
asked to a lot of things and people are don’t think about that because you’d
very nice to me. I’ve got great help and go mad otherwise if you did.
great support from the people around
the country and great support from the “I don’t spare myself and I’ve no
men,” she says. regrets, no none at all. It’s not the
years in your life that matter, but the
“I love getting up early in the life in your years that count.” WW
morning, focus on what you’re going
to do that day and that keeps the brain WITH THANKS TO…
extremely active. I get up shortly after Photography: Hazel Coonagh; www.hazelcoonagh.
seven o’clock and I got to bed very late, com
midnight never gets me to bed. I don’t Hair: Barry Kane for Peter Mark, 74 Grafton
know where the energy comes from, I Street, Dublin 2, tel: 01 671 4136, www.
really don’t and I always find something
to do. Make-up: Lorraine Byrne for Lancôme
Styling: Fiona Hayes;, tel: 086
“The day is not long enough for me. 177 5066
The Lord gave the blessing of good
health and it all comes down to that at ANNA MAY WEARS:
the end of the day; having God in your COVER LOOK: Turquoise dress and jacket from
life and I have him very much in my life. Vanity Fair Boutique Newbridge, Co Kildare, Anna
May’s own; shoes and jewellery, Anna May’s own
“To have been given such good health
all these years and to put them to good PAGE 4
use and if I can pass on something to Purple dress €995 from Escada @ Ela Maria,
somebody, it’s like the song [by Mahalia Newcastle West, Co Limerick; tel: 069 62855;
Jackson], ‘If I can help somebody, as I shoes and jewellery, Anna May’s own
pass along, then my living shall not be
in vain.’” THIS PAGE
Peach dress €170 and floral jacket €230 from Via
With hobbies that include gardening, Veneto @ Fifty Seven Boutique and Gift Emporium
community theatre and hurling, Portarlington, Co Laois; tel: 057 864 5570 and
making time for her own family – Athy Co Kildare; tel: 059 863 8611; shoes and
Anna May has two children, a son jewellery, Anna May’s own
and a daughter – and particularly her
grandchildren, is something she does as
often as she can.

“I have four grandchildren; I have
three boys and one with a girl. The
youngest of them now, the little girl and
the boy, are making their [First Holy]


50 and thriving
Celebrating experience and talent with our 2019 initiative

To highlight our commitment to empowering all why living your best life can happen at any stage.
ages, we’re launched 50 Over 50, an initiative Our interviewees are those who strive in their
that will honour the incredible, vital and necessary
work and achievements undertaken by so many professions, who make a di erence to those around
living in Ireland. them and who aren’t letting something as trivial as
age be a barrier in achieving goals.
Each week, the magazine will showcase an Irish
person who is continuing to make their mark in their We believe that everyone, no matter their age,
chosen field and in public life. We are speaking to can e ect change and truly, make a di erence
men and women from the arts, literature, sport, to others. Because you can be a trail blazer no
television, science and more, about their lives and matter your decade. And why should young
people have all the fun?

#50over50 is to be celebrated – and that’s what Woman’s Way intends on doing


Know someone who deserves our 50 Over 50 recognition? Email
[email protected] with all the details

For sponsorship queries, email [email protected]

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IN THE POCKET puffy – no doubt thanks over it as well, it didn’t
FRIENDLY CORNER to the extremely high move around when I used
concentration of caffeine. concealer or become cakey
Noëlle tested: Boots Expert It’s easy to apply with the when I applied powder
Anti-Ageing Eye Cream €5.49 dropper but I’m never sure which I was impressed with.
This is a lovely cream that how much is a ‘regular’ It’s also cruelty free and
goes on very easily and is amount. That said, it has suitable for all skin types –
absorbed quickly. It made my worked well over the time my skin can get oily and I
skin look extra hydrated and I’ve been trialling it. A didn’t have any issues with
more plump, with an added high quality product at an it. This is a really lovely eye
nurtured feeling. This cream unbelievable price. cream and I’m definitely
contains Q10 which is known going to continue to use it.
to help generate energy in NOT FORGETTING ABOUT
cells and is an antioxidant, so Louise tested: Bioderma THE MEN…
it has to be good for the skin. Sensibio Eye €17
Your eyes are very sensitive to I have ridiculously sensitive Karl tested: L’Oréal Men
environmental damage and skin, but was delighted at Expert Vita Lift Anti-Ageing
these may help protect it. Since how gentle this product Eye Cream, €19.99
Q10 production decreases in is. With a gel formula you This product seems very
our bodies with age, adults of only need a tiny amount reasonably priced. It absorbs
every age could benefit from as it spreads easily and easily and has a nice smell.
more of it. At a price point of absorbs really quickly. This As I’ve only been using it a
€5.49 this is very affordable feels cooling on application short while I can’t see any real
and will definitely be on my and immediately skin felt effects yet but it does seem
regular beauty buys list from calmer. I found that in the to make the areas around the
here on in. short term this was great for eyes well moisturised with
giving tired eyes a pick me a refreshed feeling. I have
Michelle tested: Mario up of hydration and with started to notice a reduction
Badescu Skin Care Hyaluronic long term use I did feel like in the bags under my eyes. I
Eye Cream, €19 (available on my eye area looked more would recommend it. contoured. I’m not sure it
Áine tested: The Ordinary made a massive difference in
Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG, On first impressions I felt the terms of wrinkles but I only
€6.70 pot itself was quite small for used it for a couple of weeks
the price but, as I discovered so I feel with more regular
Within a few days the area later, a little (literally a dot) use that it could make
around my eyes looked less of this product is all you a difference if the other
need to use. So, in hindsight, positive effects are anything
I actually think it’s good to go by.
value for money. I liked
the consistency as I was
able to really work it into
the skin and it did what it
claimed: my under eye area
definitely felt and looked
more hydrated, plus fine
lines weren’t as noticeable.
My make-up sat really nicely



IN THE LUXURIOUSLY applied and didn’t leave any Michelle tested: Institut disappointed. The consistency
INDULGENT CORNER tacky residue. I was impressed Esthederm Paris Intensive is comforting without being
at how quickly it absorbed, Hyaluronic Eye Serum €39 heavy and it soaked in
Noëlle tested: DMK EyeTone plus your eye area feels a bit The overall look of the product instantly to the area under
Wrinkle Reducing Eye Contour treated. I’m excited to see is very sleek and luxurious and and around my eyes. As I’m
Lotion €65.60 what other benefits it’ll have. the design is very clever too – not usually one to use eye
Our eyes are the first place the metal head was lovely and cream, I was dilligent about
to show the signs of ageing Amy tested: La Roche-Posay cooling on my under eye areas applying this and after a
and, in my case, I am a little Hylau B5 Hyaluronic Acid Eye as I applied the serum. Again, couple of weeks did feel there
bit further down the line Cream €25.50 a little is all that’s needed was a difference. My under
than most with pretty deep I’m a huge fan of La Roche- here - it’s expensive but if eyes looked less puffy, more
lines, so I was delighted to Posay’s Hydraphase eye used sparingly, it will last a hydrated and fine lines looked
test this DMK Eye Tone. It cream, so I was excited to try decent amount of time. This reduced. What I noticed the
feels wonderful on the skin out their latest addition: the did a great job of hydrating most was that my eyes looked
and targets dark circles and Hylau B5 Hyaluronic Acid my under eye area, I noticed a more rested, no mean feat
red puffy eyes. There are 190 eye cream. The brand’s first real difference after just a few for someone who works at a
nutrients to help the skin to dermatological anti-wrinkle uses. My make-up sat nicely computer all day.
look and act younger. It also solution, this product claims over it as well but you do need
contains Hyaluronic Acid to restore and re-plump to give the serum enough time NOT FORGETTING ABOUT
which gives you volume and sensitive eyes. Featuring to soak into the skin before THE MEN…
retains moisture, so it looked a high concentration of applying anything over it. Karl tested: ClarinsMen Baume
great on my skin when I vitamin B5, it’s promised This is definitely more of an Anti-Rides Yeux €42
applied it. It did make my skin that wrinkles and fine lines indulgent eye product but if As I’m new to eye creams I
much more hydrated and felt will look reduced and your your beauty budget allows you wasn’t sure what to expect.
very nourishing on the skin as eyes will have a more ‘awake’ to splash out, then I would It’s great that there was no
well. A lovely luxurious cream look. Right, so does it actually highly recommend giving this lid; you just have to twist and
and a wonderful treat. work? I’ll be honest and one a go. use. I found it easy to apply
tell you I loved this. After and it has a soothing feeling
Áine tested: Lancôme smoothing on every morning Louise tested: L’Occitane en when rubbed in. I used it after
Advanced Génifique Yeux Light for about a week, I did notice Provence Immortelle Divine a shower which seemed to
Pearl Eye & Lash Concentrate a considerable difference. My Eyes €59 soften the tighter areas of skin
€55.50 eyes appeared brighter and, I’m a huge fan of the around the eyes. As I have
The 360˚ applicator deserves yes, more awake and best of products from L’Occitane been only using it for a week
praise of its own – simply all? I didn’t have that tight so I’d high expectations for I haven’t seen the desired
circle it around the eye and it feeling I sometimes get around this eye cream, and I wasn’t effects yet but have noticed a
helps to massage the serum my eyes. This packs a powerful reduction in puffiness. I will
into the skin. It had a lovely punch of hydration and is a keep using!
cooling effect as soon as it’s great addition to any skincare
regime for dry, sensitive skin WOMANSWAY.IE 13
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going on holiday
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A moisturising mist that’s enriched with A so ening shampoo that is suitable for Make-up melting o your face will be a €4.50 from Boots
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Beauty Discovery Box €40 from Debenhams Jo Malone London Fragrance Combining Palette €27 Olive Essentials Travel Set €16.32 from DHC Li Structure Cream €22 from Filorga
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Better Than Sex Deluxe Mascara €14 from Barry M Dual Ended Brow Wand in Medium €8.99 Clarins Water Lipstain in 07 Violet Gem €21 Lock It Travel Size Liquid Foundation €21 from
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If you’re a Fair City fan Coffee is served this line of work.
then you’re bound to “You need to be patient,
recognise Veronica Butler; Fair City extra Veronica Butler
the woman who can be on how she got into acting very much so, but always
seen in the background, be early, suss out things.
regularly serving coffee to still is, a huge fan of. between so that’s fine, you Even if you’re there a half an By Michelle Newman *Photo credit: Harry Weir
the residents of Carrigstown. “I love Fair City, it’s go off and have your coffee hour before, settle in, have a
So just how did she end up in the morning, have your coffee or whatever.”
in the role you may ask? It fabulous, it’s great fun, it lunch and then for the
all started by chance when really, really is. It’s like one afternoon break you go off While Veronica decided
Veronica was asked to do a big happy family,” she says. and have a chat with your to press pause on her career
favour in 1995. friends. as an extra while her
“There might be new children were young, this
“[Her son] James was extras on the day, there “If it’s a very long day they is something she is has no
about six years of age and he might be a younger girl, a might need you again the regrets about, as she wouldn’t
went to drama school with a younger guy or maybe an next morning, it might be have wanted to miss out on
lady called Catherine Beatty. older person. They might be only one or two scenes, it those ‘important years.’
She asked me would I take a little bit shy so you show would roll over the next day
some of her students out them the ropes, fill them in for continuity.” “They come home, they
onto the set of Fair City, it on what to do and just go tell you about their day, you
was a Christmas scene where with the flow. We all have to One thing Veronica do their homework with
Santa was coming up the start from somewhere. After advises, is getting enough them and I always find that
street. We were all clapping a few scenes, they might rest the night before and around the table at the meal
away and it was very joyous, as well [have been] there being ready for the long and, it’s the greatest time to find
very happy, so I said, ‘God for years, they’re great, no sometimes, tiring day ahead. out exactly what happened
this is great, this is good problem to them.”
fun.’ I kind of got the feel for “You don’t want to be in school that day.
it on that particular day but Veronica explains that she yawning and falling into a “Now we shouldn’t really
I left it for quite a while and I usually works on the soap cup of coffee or something.
said, ‘No the children are too about once a week but there You have to look very active, say that because you’re
young.’ I was a stay-at-home is really no such things as an it’s full-on,” she says before not supposed to be talking
mum looking after things, average day when working adding that perseverance when you’re eating but we’ll
my husband was working as an extra as your hours and punctuality are other eliminate the bad manners
and I was doing all the jobs are dictated by the shooting crucial qualities to have in because you have to find
at home, the usual toing and schedule. Some days she out what exactly has been
froing from school and all starts at 8am and finishes up going on all day, you know?”
that sort of thing.” in the early afternoon, other she laughs before adding
times, especially in the run that family dinner time is
Roughly ten years later up to Christmas, where she something they still do ‘as
when her children Vanessa could be shooting as many as often as they can.’
and James were older, eight scenes, her days tend
Veronica decided to give to be a bit longer. While Veronica has had
working as an extra a serious
go. Having landed roles in “You get your breaks in many laughs on set since
various films and dramas she started working as an
throughout the years, extra over a decade ago,
including Raw, a recent An including a time when a
Post advert and even Mrs. fellow extra tried to eat a
Brown’s Boys D’Movie, one of plastic chocolate donut and
her favourite jobs is working order a coffee that wasn’t on
on a soap that she was, and the menu, her favourite part
is the people she has met and
“I love Fair the friendships she had made
City, it’s fabulous, along the way.

it’s great fun, it “You meet new people to
really is. It’s like mingle with, you to get to
one big happy know [people of] different
nationalities. I have a very
family” good friend, Kathleen is her
name, she comes up from
Arklow for Fair City and
then I would meet her an
odd time in the city centre.
It’s all communication, it’s
making friends.” WW

For more information on
working as an extra, see



Mark Boyle rejected modern technology and
embraced a completely new way of life

Roughly 11 years ago, Mark so it’s not that privileged, you immediacy because that’s “I think we’re always
Boyle decided to try and live know?” he laughs. what I’m trying to convey trading in convenience
without money for 12 months. too, for us to be alive in the for that sense of aliveness,
“When you get rid of all the immediate moment and to be because if you think of the
is turned into a three-year bills and you get rid of all the very alert and aware of life few times in your life when
undertaking, and a very distractions it means a lot of around us, so that was kind of you feel comfortable or you
positive one at that, for the the pressure comes off which weaved into it in a sense too.” feel it’s convenient, you don’t
author who now lives on a means you don’t have to be often feel alive,” he says,
smallholding in Co Galway. driven so much by clock time. Winter was approaching before referring to one night
Still not comfortable with the I definitely wouldn’t go back when Mark was putting the in particular when he was
pressures modern life placed to being dictated by the clock finishing touches on his log coming home late in terrible
on him and the way these again because I found it quite, I cabin, which he built by hand. weather, feeling hungry and
mounting pressures made him wouldn’t say stressful, but just knowing that he had not
feel, in 2017 Mark decided to kind of relentless.” is cabin didn’t contain any caught any fish.
go a step further in pursuit of of the conveniences we’re
his own contentment when he In his book e Way accustomed to, which was “I felt so alive; you feel it
unplugged from technology. Home, which was written a conscious decision on his in your body, this is what
by hand and frequently by part. In fact, Mark was so it means to be alive. It’s not
His disconnect from the candlelight, Mark documents determined to fully immerse comfortable, but it’s got its
always on, always contactable his experiences and emotions himself in this new way of life place. en the next day when
way of life that most of us are throughout the process; that he purposely did not build you’re sitting by the fire and
used to, allowed him to truly the good, the bad and the a toilet in his new home, rather you’re reading a book, you
connect with the people and sometimes unexpected he designed in a ‘certain level really appreciate the comfort.
the things which mattered feelings he had along the way. of inconvenience.’ You need to understand grief
most to him. and sadness to understand,
“In some ways it kind of “I found when I was in a happiness and joy.”
“I think that was one of the reflects my life,” he says, house, because everything’s
biggest elements of the whole referring to the way in which laid on for you with switches Even though, as Mark says,
thing for me was giving up his book is compiled. and flushes, I found that I the Internet is a relatively new
clock time and not being driven couldn’t remember the last development in the grand
by the turning of the clock. So “People often ask me, time I actually went out under scheme of things, he did
I wake up these days with no ‘What’s a day in your life like?’ the stars at night and enjoyed have some concerns that he
alarm clock, I wake up with It’s kind of a collection of lots the night sky. I kind of forced wouldn’t be able to manage
the birds singing. It could of different things and the myself to be outdoors as much without it or being able to
sound like a very privileged book in some ways reflects as possible. I always feel most use the phone whenever he
position to be in but I don’t have the structure of my own life; happy [when I’m connected to] wanted to. Unsurprisingly
running water for example, a bit here and a bit there. e the world around me.
first person gives a sense of



though, Mark was able to find “I think the
alternative solutions to these most important
issues and the result was thing is to live
better than he ever expected. your life as you
While some of his pals have feel called to
remained ‘online buddies’ and the rest
which he is completely fine works itself out”
with, a few close and ‘strong’
By Michelle Newman friendships are still very much worried about,” he says Mark has had to sacrifice He’s realistic that this is not
part of his life today. referring to his mother. over the past 18 months or so. possible or practical for the
However, he soon discovered majority of the population, but
“Instead of emails or phones “But it’s been the opposite in a new outlet, in the form of he does recommend anyone
now I just write letters and I some ways because she says to traditional Irish music and who is intrigued about what
really love the difference in me now that every week she local music sessions. this feels like to give it a go and
the idea of a love letter than an gets really excited when she to start by taking ‘baby steps.’
email. [When] you get a love goes out to check the post box “I started going to trad music
letter and you might go up to and she always writes back and started learning the tin “You don’t have to go as
bed and read it three times straight away and it’s turned whistle myself. You’re always far as I’m going right away,
and feel excited but if you get out to be a really lovely thing. making a choice, whatever it’s just more of a case of re-
an email, you’re very unlikely you accept you’re rejecting calibrating your relationship
to want to read it three times. “And I’ve started to go something else. with the whole thing and see
It’s less quantity and better up and see them a lot more what actually works for you.
quality because it evokes a because I think in some ways “I’m not saying the odd It’s quite liberating,” he says.
different way of thinking.” the phone can be a poor time I don’t miss listening to a
man’s substitute for face to bit of Pearl Jam or a bit of radio “I think the most important
A lack of communication face contact. You pick up the or something, I definitely do thing is to live your life as
with his parents, and how this phone and you can have a chat, sometimes, but I’d still prefer you feel called to and that the
would make them feel, was you’ve a sense of having spent where I am now than where I rest works itself out. at’s
another worry of Mark’s and time but you actually don’t get was.” where the magic
there was a certain element of any of the sensory perception happens.” WW
guilt that went along with it. of being in the same space. Having ‘tasted both sides
Whereas now when we get of the coin,’ by living most of The Way Home by
“I thought, ‘Is it selfish to do together we’ve got a month to his life with technology and Mark Boyle (Oneworld
that to your parents?’ I knew catch up on [and] about life.” money, versus living without Publications, €23.79)
she missed [me] originally, either, Mark is resolute that is on sale now
so that was one of the things, Match of the Day and the continuing to live his life
before I started, that I was music of Joni Mitchell and unplugged is the way forward
Davie Bowie are interests for him.


Parenting news Ask THE EXPERT TAKE THREE

I’ve been hearing a lot about hypnobirthing. New Reads
But what exactly is it and how does it work, and can
any pregnant woman use it? Giraffes Can’t
Dance by
YOUR Hypnobirthing coach unpredictable. Hypnobirthing Giles Andreae
WEEKLY Siobhan Miller, founder of gives you the knowledge, so (Orchard Books)
ROUND-UP The Positive Birth Company you might choose to embrace
OF ALL (thepositivebirthcompany. these options, or decline them. Illustrated by Guy
THINGS and author of Parker-Rees, this
CHILD Hypnobirthing: Practical “It also helps you have 20th anniversary
FOCUSED Ways To Make Your Birth confidence to make informed paperback
Better (Piatkus, £13.99), says: decisions that are right for edition is simply
“Hypnobirthing is for all women you and your baby, so you’re gorgeous. Gerald the
and all births; you don’t need not left feeling you don’t have giraffe wants to go to the Jungle
to subscribe to any school of any options. It teaches you Dance but, worried that he doesn’t
thought or be planning any about the stages of labour from know the correct steps, frets about
particular type of birth. In fact, start to finish, the benefits how to join in. It’s understood that
there’s no pregnant woman on of delayed cord clamping giraffes can’t dance… but can they?
the planet who wouldn’t benefit and immediate skin-to-skin, The new edition really brings this
from being better informed and the differences between international bestseller to life for
about her body and her options, active management and a new readers.
and having a practical toolkit to physiological third stage.
use in labour and birth. Dancing the
“Hypnobirthing is an “It helps you overcome Charleston by
evidence-based approach to anxiety and enjoy your Jacqueline Wilson
birth that seeks to empower pregnancy, and helps you have (Puffin)
women with knowledge, the positive and empowering
practical tools and support, birth experience you deserve, Mona lives with
enabling them to have a positive equipping you with tools and her aunt, a
birth experience, however they techniques you can use as dressmaker to the
choose to bring their baby into you navigate the challenges lady of Somerset
the world. of parenthood. Ultimately, Estate, in a little
“You learn about birth hypnobirthing will leave cottage. When
physiology, how your body you feeling more informed, Lady Somerset dies
works on a muscular and confident and even excited and a new family member inherits
hormonal level, and what about giving birth. the house, Mona’s life is changed
you can do to help make your immeasurably… but so are the
birth easier, quicker and more “It’s important to remember secrets she can’t avoid. Beautifully
comfortable. that a positive birth isn’t and sensitively set in the 1920s,
“Once you know why it’s one type; all births have vividly written, this is another winner
so important to be relaxed, the potential to be positive from Jacqueline who is such a force
you learn how to achieve experiences. The mechanics to be reckoned with
this, so your body can work of how birth happened matter in young readers’
comfortably as it’s designed to, little long-term, it’s how fiction.
allowing you to navigate your the woman felt during the
birth feeling calm and, most experience that matters most, My Little Album
importantly, in control. as it’s the feelings that last a of Dublin by
“You also learn about lifetime. Juliette Saumande
induction, caesarean and other (O’Brien Press)
interventions which may be “Hypnobirthing helps you
offered, because we know that have that positive experience so Illustrated by
pregnancy and birth can be that however your baby’s born, Tarsila Kruse, this
you’re ready to begin your new lovely book takes
chapter together in the best the youngest of
possible way, feeling relaxed, readers on a fun fllled tour of Dublin,
confident and happy.” helping them build their vocabulary
in Irish and English along the way.
Whether you’re spotting seals at
the seaside, enjoying a GAA game
in Croke Park or measuring yourself
against the O’Connell Street spire,
this is the book for you.


Teen talk 10 WAYS TO By Lisa Salmon

Earn yourself serious brownie points OPRNOLTINEECTREYPOUUTRATCHIOILND’S
with the purchase of a zodiac inspired
Internet Matters suggests these tips to help children
pendant (€69) from the Zendaya x manage their online reputation:
Tommy Hilfiger collection.
1. Teach them the difference between public and private
IN THE DRIVING SEAT information online

Research commissioned by SEAT has revealed what parents Review children’s privacy settings on the platforms they
want when buying a new car. Twenty-seven per cent, when use to make sure they stay in control of who has access to
asked what the most difficult element of driving with children what they share.
in the car is, said ensuring the safety of young passengers. A 2. Encourage them to be positive online
quarter of respondents stated they found it difficult to keep
children entertained on longer journeys. Actions online can have real world consequences - share
For more information on SEAT or to book a test drive, log onto real stories to help them understand the power of being positive online and warn them about fake news which can
lead us to believe things that aren’t true.
WFReUGloIvCeLOTHING 3. Make sure they know how to report abuse

Meaning ‘fruits of the earth’ Spend time together getting familiar with the reporting
in Latin, the collection started and blocking settings available on the platforms they use to
in 2004 when Lucy and Kurt screen out any abuse that breaks a platform’s guidelines.
wanted to create clothing to fit 4. Empower them to be themselves online
over their son’s cloth-nappied
bum. The company uses only Encourage children not to hide behind anonymity online
organic cotton grown by farmers and be tempted to say or do things they shouldn’t. Use
it trusts while the outerwear examples to highlight the power of being real online
is made from recycled plastic and developing their passions to create a positive digital
bottles. The detailing is really footprint.
where the brand comes into its own 5. Encourage them to search their name
– from reversible dresses and tops, clever design to allow for
more growing room plus cute patterns and bright colours, it’s Make sure children are aware of the information future
a brand we’ve fallen in love with. employers and teachers may see, and agree to remove
For more information log onto anything that’s unpleasant or incorrect.
6. Check their online reputation yourself
New launch
You can research your child’s online reputation by
INFANT Centre at University College Cork, in partnership searching their whole name and other identifying
with the Irish Ho ice Foundation, has launched information, such as a town or nickname, using a variety The site provides information of search engines and Google image search. If your child is
on a sensitive subje , shares research into the causes of a member of a social networking site, consider joining it
baby loss as well as promoting emotional wellbeing and yourself and ask to be your child’s online connection, or get
guides on accessing the appropriate support services. another trusted adult to do this.
“This new website will play a major role, I believe, in 7. Make them aware they can recover from online mistakes
providing vital information to parents and aff following
pregnancy and perinatal death in our ho itals,” says Let them know that if they make a mistake like sexting or
Irish Ho ice Foundation CEO Sharon Foley. posting something they shouldn’t, there’s always a way
to deal with it, and give them support to make smarter
8. Highlight the importance of choosing respect

Talk to them about respecting other people’s privacy and
viewpoints even if they don’t agree with them.
9. Be the example they can follow

Let your child see how you interact online to learn how
to be kind and make safer choices.
10. Be aware of the available resources

Internet Matters has produced detailed advice for
parents about proactively protecting your child’s
reputation online, as well as links to bespoke safety
advice on the most popular social media platforms that
children use.



Columnist and trained counsellor
Fiona Caine offers advice


Last week, my 15-year-old we asked why he’d turned him to talk about what’s me about it’. This may not
son stayed out overnight for off his phone, he said that bothering him. What he did work at first but if you’re
the first time. The problem he had needed some space, was thoughtless but, after patient and persevere, he
is he didn’t tell us, and we whatever that means. the police involvement, I may come around.
had a frantic night worrying suspect he’s already got
about him. After not getting Relief quickly turned to that message. What’s You should be prepared for
any response from his anger though, and we both needed now is a way for the possibility that he may
mobile, which must have chewed him out for being you to let go of your anger never be fully open with you
been switched off, we called so thoughtless. We also and start a dialogue with about any problems he has.
around as many of his friends grounded him for a month. him. Explain that you still Over time, young people
as we could remember. None Since then, he’s been distant love him, and that the will increasingly seek the
of them had seen him since with us and no one has only reason you got angry advice and support of peers
school or had any idea where mentioned it again. I do still before was that you were and friends, rather than
he might be. feel angry though. If he had so frightened and worried their parents. Please don’t
a problem, why didn’t he talk about him. Hopefully, if take this personally, it’s
At this stage, we got really to us? there is a problem, this will not a deliberate snub, it’s
frightened and called the L.A make it easier for him to a natural result of growing
police. Initially, they were not talk about it. independence.
too concerned, but as the night FIONA SAYS: PERHAPS
wore on, they started to look BECAUSE HE FEARED If not, it may be To help you navigate
for him in earnest. GETTING THE KIND OF necessary to ask him through this potentially
RESPONSE HE’S ALREADY directly if there is a difficult period, you may find
We stayed up all night HAD TO STAYING OUT problem. Avoid phrasing it helpful to visit Parentline
becoming increasingly OVERNIGHT this as a closed question (
desperate. By morning, we that invites a simple ‘yes’
were exhausted, but hugely I say this not to be flippant, or ‘no’ response. Instead, Finally, let him know that
relieved when he walked in ask a question that creates you’ve no problem with him
calmly at 9.30am and told us but to suggest that, if this is a dialogue, something like: staying with friends but in
he’d stayed with a new friend ‘You seem worried, talk to future, it might be a good
he’d made at school. When a cry for help, a grounding idea to let someone know
where he is.
and ongoing anger are

not going to encourage


TBSOEOLYALFNRMGIEERNHYDEM’DSYIDMNA’RTRIED why you would have known He’s a selfish, inconsiderate AGONY AUNT
about his marriage, so cheat and you’ve done the
For the past two years, I have you’re completely innocent right thing by ending it I CAN’T GET OVER MY EX
been having a relationship as far as being the ‘other immediately. I’m sure you’re
with an old boyfriend. Like woman’ is concerned. hurt, but he’s not worth I separated from the girl
me he’d had several messy, Have some sympathy for grieving over. You’ve got I loved two years ago
failed relationships and we his wife because I’m sure over several messy, failed but it’s not getting any
both found it easier to get back she doesn’t know that the relationships before, so I’m easier, especially now
together with someone that we man she married was still sure you’ve got the strength that she has started
already knew. Over the past conducting an affair with an to get over this one and put seeing a guy I used
few months, though, we saw old girlfriend and continued the whole sorry episode to work with. He left
less and less of each other – to do so after the wedding! behind you. his wife a few months
sometimes only meeting up ago and has already
once a week. moved in with my ex.
My problem is I still
I was afraid we were drifting love her and think about
apart but was completely her all the time. I had
unprepared for him turning up hoped to get back with
at my flat last month wearing a her but, now that this
wedding ring. When I asked him guy is around, I don’t
about it, he quickly took it off know what to do. Why
and said that he thought he had didn’t he try to save his
told me he’d got married just marriage before coming
over a year ago. I was so angry after my ex?
that I threw him out there and M.T.
then. Now I hate the thought
that I have been the ‘other FIONA SAYS: YOU
woman’ and feel so stupid for NEED TO ACCEPT THAT
letting him get away with this for SHE’S MOVED ON
so long.
E.L. He probably assumed,
rightly as it turns out,
FIONA SAYS: YOU that this lady was
WEREN’T TO KNOW – not in a relationship.
THIS IS ALL ON HIM And I’m afraid this is
something that you
Please let go of this guilt, need to come to terms
with too. It’s been two
nothing you did was wrong. years since your split
and nothing you said in
If you must blame someone, your longer letter gives
me the impression
blame this man who has that this lady had any
thoughts of re-starting
deceived and hurt you so your relationship. I’m
sorry if this seems
badly. There is no reason harsh but, deep down,
I think you know that
WHERE DO WE START FIONA SAYS: MAYBE START available, and your local the time has come to
SEEKING HELP FOR MY WITH A TRIP TO THE GP sports centre should have move on. Hanging onto
HUSBAND’S BACK PAIN? details and may even offer its the slim hope of an
If this will be your husband’s own service. unlikely reconciliation
My husband has suffered first treatment after many is preventing you from
with pain in his back, years of pain, I think it would Other massage types getting on with your life.
shoulders and neck for years. be a good idea for him to include Swedish, Therapeutic It may not be easy to
He has a high-pressured have a chat with his doctor or Remedial, and these can make a fresh start but
job but has always scoffed first. This should flag up any usually be found through if you try to avoid those
at the idea of treatment. potentially serious underlying alternative or complimentary places where you are
However, he’s finally cause and mean that your therapy centres. most likely to see them
agreed that he needs to do husband can be referred for together and throw
something but neither of appropriate physiotherapy, You should be able to find yourself into making
us has a clue where to go or other therapies if needed. a trained and experienced new friends, I am sure
for a ‘reputable’ massage. practitioner through the you can do it.
He’d be really embarrassed If his pain is indeed just Irish Society of Chartered
if someone tried to offer him down to muscle tightness and Physiotherapists (www.iscp. WOMANSWAY.IE 23
any massage ‘extras’. Can stress, then massage would ie). He really doesn’t need
you help? certainly help and there are to worry about being offered
S.K. many different types. extras by any professional
registered therapist.
Sports massage is widely

CODE WORD An actor, I was born in Hackney, London in 1972. I played
Stringer Bell in the HBO series The Wire. My films include Thor
and Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom.


To solve the puzzle, simply write your
answers in the direction of the arrows






Words go le , right, up, down, diagonally - can you find them all?
Why not give yourself a time limit in which to finish it

APOGEE FASHION RANCH SPEND ACROSS: 1. Greek scholar (9); 8. Bind (3); 9. Putting o (11); 11. Busybody
ARTICLE GLOBE RAVINE STERN (7); 12. Giver (5); 13. Holy (6); 15. Delay (6); 17. Lodgings (5); 18. Engine
BEAVER GRASS REDO STONY (7); 20. Melodramatic (11); 22. Nothing (3); 23. With sincerity (9). DOWN:
BROWN GREY REIGN STORE 2. Conclusion (3); 3. Match (5); 4. Disregard (6); 5. Foot-lever (7); 6.
CAMERA GUITAR REIN SUPPORT Thinning (11); 7. Allusion (9); 10. Wisely (11); 11. Villain (9); 14. Nature (7);
CITY HEELS ROOTLET SWEET 16. Mar (6); 19. Felony (5); 21. Entirely (3).
CYCLE PERCH SENSES WORLD ACROSS: 1 Stitch; 5 Odessa; 8 Reclaim; 11 Eta; 12 Panini; 13 Koala bear; 14
EQUAL PINE SHIP YEAR Most; 15 Bedevilment; 19 Think tank; 20 Unsightly; 22 Shortbread; 24 Drills;
EVERYDAY PLAIN SLANTED 25 Transgression; 31 Definitely; 33 Visitation; 36 Forgetfulness; 40 Sprain;
EXPERIENCE PLAY SPADE 42 End product; 45 Extremely; 47 Brainwash; 49 Astonishing; 53 Lone;
54 Disbelief; 55 Levied; 56 Ate; 57 Caesura; 58 Earful; 59 Throne. DOWN:
2 Trade in; 3 Trite; 4 Heidi; 5 Oakum; 6 Salutes; 7 Ambitious; 8 Realist; 9
Limitless; 10 Ibsen; 16 Vigilance; 17 Lets; 18 Egypt; 20 Undid; 21 Sti ; 23
Duomo; 26 Rayon; 27 Nevis; 28 Gush ; 29 Sharpness; 30 Beau; 32 Elope; 34
Inane; 35 Nancy; 37 Godliness; 38 Laughable; 39 Sheet; 41 Eton; 43 Ocarina;
44 Trawler; 46 Lantern; 48 Rioja; 50 O al; 51 Islet; 52 Hover


CELEB PIXELS We love Irish brand Green Angel Pure & Organic, an exclusive range
of skincare, spa and haircare products, made from a powerful blend of
four organically harvested seaweeds from Ireland’s west coast along
with luxurious organic essential oils. This powerful product is top of
our wishlist - Green Green Angel Pure &
Organic Seaweed & Collagen Face Cream
(50ml, €29.95).
See for stockists



There’s nothing Pointless I’m an actor and my Number:
about my telly appearances daughter followed me CLOSES: JUNE 10, 2019

Post entries to: Crossword 22, Woman’s Way, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14.
This competition in Woman’s Way is open to anyone resident in Northern and the Republic
of Ireland aged 18 and over except employees and their families of Harmonia Publishing, its
printers and anyone else connected with the competition. No purchase is necessary. We will
only accept one competition entry per envelope. Prizes are awarded by drawing entries a er
the closing date. Winners will be notified by phone or post. The editor’s decision is final.



sma spaceIN A
Garden designer and fill their space comfortably. conditions in the garden. Every
horticulturist Kevin Tools for cutting back plants garden has micro climates,
Dennis on a garden in autumn such as a good for example you could have a
with limited space secateurs and shears; hand very bright sunny garden but
trowels for pots and planting there is shade beside your shed.
When it comes to the garden example of how plants can with a good spade for larger There could be a wind tunnel By Louise Finn
not all of us are blessed with change an environment. spaces. Always wear gloves and at the side of your house or a
a couple of acres to play eye protection when cutting south facing wall bleached in
around with. But this doesn’t As you walk through the plants back. In a city garden you sun always dry. These are all
mean that you can’t create raised railway the plant themes will find that masonry painting completely different micro-
something wonderful in the change along the way and and timber maintenance is climates and the plants need
area available. Garden designer you can soak up the New York an issue if you want to keep to be picked to tolerate these
Kevin Dennis is a specialist in skyline at the same time, a must your garden looking smart so conditions. When you get it
creating gardens with limited see when in New York. consider tools for that. right you will be delighted.
space. We chatted to him about
how you can do the same. What are the greatest Are there any plants you’d What are the biggest
challenges of creating a recommend for small spaces? mistakes you see people
Where do you look for garden in a small space? I find small spaces usually have make in smaller gardens?
inspiration for your designs? Designing a small city or urban shady areas and there is nothing Too many hard surfaces and
garden has its challenges from better than lighting up shady not enough plants. We have to
In the world we live in today the amount of space available areas with the natural foliage consider the environment so
we do not have to look very and also the amount of light of plants. Helleborus varieties get more plants in your garden.
far as amazing design work is within the space to encourage which flower from January to They are good for wildlife, air
being carried out in every area people to use it. Design is always March are just great. I love the filtration, water uptake and
around the globe and brought the key factor to make the soft foliage of ferns in darker they have a calming mental
to us online every day. From space usable so it functions well spaces and Dryopteris ‘Crista effect on us.
contemporary architecture and for clients. Break the garden the King’ and ‘Erythrosora
landscape design to interior down in to square metres and Brilliance’ are both reliable with What should you keep in
design and fashion trends we allocating the right amount of different colour tones. Carex mind when designing?
can be visually overwhelmed space for different elements. grasses thrive there too for that Anyone who is designing their
online with websites such as For example, don’t over pave grass effect, although they are a garden will know what they are
Pinterest and Houzz. the space but just enough for a sedge plant. Geranium Rozanne going to use it for. Whether it is
small seating area, maybe built performs great blurring edges a young family or older couple
When it comes to in benches will maximise the and will trail over raised beds. they will consider the function
inspirational gardens, I have area to allow enough space for of the garden first. Here in
always started with the Chelsea plants or lawn. It will be the Are there any plants Ireland we are drawn to the sun
Flower Show that showcases plants that will make it a garden or practices you would so map the sun’s movement
great designers like Cleve West, and naturalise the space, plus discourage in a small space? over your garden space and
Andy Sturgeon and Luciano give us the green therapy we Be careful when choosing trees design your garden around that.
Giubbelie, to name but a few. need; it has been proven that for small gardens. Always look So, function first, social areas
Top trends can be seen there plants do lift your mood. at the mature size and spread on for hard landscaping in the
and the gardens are always trees before purchasing. Large sunny spot second, surround
pushing the boundaries in What kind of kit would you woody plants will take heavy yourself with plants third and
design and horticulture, from recommend to a gardener maintenance so choose plants make it visually appealing.
landscaping material choices to starting out in a small space? that fit the space correctly. If
plant type and colour trends. If the garden is well laid out and you can let a plant grow to fill Make sure you consider all
the planting is done correctly out to its true form without views from the interior of the
I paid a visit to the highline then the maintenance should pruning and it does not overfill house so you can enjoy the
in New York last year which be light. We don’t want large the space then that’s a great job garden when inside. WW
was very inspirational as woody plants or trees that we done. Do your research before
an old disused railway line have to wrestle to keep them purchasing. Kevin is presenting a garden
was transformed into an in order but rather plants that at this year’s Bloom festival in
elevated park which runs for Right plant, right place. Dublin. To find out more visit
2.3 kilometres long. A great Choose plants to suit the right


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May How-To



Some tips to ease the holiday preparations

If you’re anything like us in 2. Put your valuables in carry your driveway while you’re away have a think and see if you have
the Woman’s Way office, then on luggage to give the impression that the a friend who would be happy to
packing for a holiday is always Be conscious of when you’re house isn’t empty. help out.
a last minute ordeal. Take the packing that you place your
stress out of the pre-planning most valuable items in your 4. Communicate with your bank
and follow these handy tips: carry on. Mistakes can happen It’s never a bad idea to make
and if your suitcase does go your bank aware that you’ll be
1. Don’t forget to tell work missing the one consolation away. It will let them know that
We can all get overwhelmed is that you will still have your there’s no suspicious activity on
with the pre holiday madness important items at hand. your card and you can avoid the
and forget the smallest of worse case scenario of the bank
things and the worse thing to 3. Ask someone to take care of blocking transactions.
let slip your mind is to ask for the house
that precious time off work. It’s always a good idea to ask 5. Dog care
Make sure to create a reminder someone to keep an eye on your Organising a dog sitter can
for yourself and give plenty of house when you’re away. Or give you a peace of mind while
notice beforehand. even ask your neighbour if they you’re away. Kennels are a good
would mind parking their car in option but can be expensive,




Sometimes you just need to Specsavers Ireland chairman Kerril
give yourself a pat on the back Hickey gives the lowdown on how to
know what specs will suit you
Life Coach Astrid Longhurst returns to
By Catherine Devane this month’s How Tos to teach us how 1. What type of sunglasses suit on what you should be looking for?
we can all appreciate ourselves more di erent face shapes? Shape and style are hugely important and
It doesn’t matter what look you’re aiming often people get caught up in trends or
The majority of people don’t fully for; your sunglasses need to fit you well. selecting sunglasses that they have seen
appreciate themselves. We tend to Sunglasses come in many shapes, sizes on favourite celebrities but that doesn’t
be extraordinarily bad at receiving and styles, which can really change the mean they’ll look the same on them. Why
compliments or accepting praise. We way they look on your face. not check out Specsavers Frame Styler
pass off a lovely remark of how well available in all stores across Ireland. The
we’ve done by saying things like, “Oh it Make sure you choose specs to suit virtual try-on technology allows customers
was nothing – anyone could have done the shape of your face. The theory is to see how they look wearing glasses
it.” Generally, we are not taught how to that you should choose frames that are from every angle, seeing themselves as
appreciate and accept who we are. It is the opposite to the shape of your face, others would see them. Working with
often considered selfish to really look so if you have a round face you’ll suit an in-store frame advisors, Frame Styler
after ourselves first and yet this is what angular frame. A rectangular face has high is used to take a scan of the customer’s
we must learn to do if we are to thrive. cheekbones and a deep forehead so would face, analysing their face shape, marrying
be balanced by wide frames with a strong the results with the latest trends, to
My top five tips brow line at the top. recommend a number of frames.

› The most important relationship you Consider your features as these will 4. What kind of sunglasses are you
impact the shape and style you go for. predicting to be popular for this
will ever have in your life is the one Your sunglass frame should be in line with upcoming summer season?
with YOU. Begin to connect with you. your eyebrows, if they are higher then The 2019 summer eyewear trends coming
Every morning before you get out of they probably don’t fit properly. The lower through are suggesting the breakout
bed say “hello” to yourself, wiggle your edge ideally should not sit on your cheeks, styles are going to be quite innovative
toes and wish yourself a lovely day. even when you smile. Consider the width and different to the usual classics, with a
of the frame, they should be no wider fashion moment being given to styles like
› Choose to smile at yourself every time than the width of your face at the temples shield sunglasses, sporty cuts, hexagonal
as they may distort your face shape. cuts and big, bold patterned styles. That
you look in the mirror. Smiling is a fast said the classics will always have their
track to releasing stress and helping But as long as your frames fit correctly moment in the spotlight, trusted shapes
you move into the parasympathetic and suit your prescription and lifestyle, and styles that never date and can be relied
nervous system (branch of the nervous it’s OK to bend the rules and go for a style on year in, year out. WW
system responsible for relaxation). that suits your personality.

› Write a self-appreciation journal. Every 2. What are the e ects of not
wearing sunglasses during the
single day write three to five things summer periods?
that you appreciate about yourself. Most people are aware of how harmful
This exercise can be a game changer. UV radiation is to the skin. However,
many may not realise that UV rays can
› Accept yourself. As we grow older be harmful to the eyes. In summer,
the main risk is the increased exposure
it can sometimes be a challenge to of UV damage to the eyes. Just as
accept certain changes in our body or we protect our skin from sunburn, we
how we look. Although, on the other also need to make sure our eyes are
hand, growing older can also bring protected as we enjoy outdoors activities
with it a feeling of freedom that we by using sunglasses that have 100 per
didn’t have in our teens. Wherever you cent UVA and B protection. UV rays
are in your life choose to accept all of are a contributing factor to macular
who you are. Acceptance brings peace. degeneration, a leading cause of loss of
vision. UV rays, especially UVB rays may
› Be kind to yourself. Appreciation also cause cataracts which is a clouding of
the eye’s natural lens and the part of the
can be as simple as saying “Well eye that focused the light we see.
done, I’m so proud of you” to taking
yourself on a holiday just because you
deserve it. Kindness is love in action
and whenever we love and appreciate
ourselves we become the fullest and
most radiant expression of who we

3. When buying sunglasses, any tips



While our judges choose our category winners,
here’s some heartfelt snippets from those nominating

“I’m so very “A thoughtful
proud to call her mother and
my mum and if I’m grandmother”
half the woman
John on his
she is I will be mum Elizabeth
doing ok”
“When they
Debra on her made this
mum Anna “Our mum is

“She always just fantastic woman they
has been the always caring, broke the
glue and the kind and helpful in mould”
rock to keep our community”
her family Jacqueline on her
going” Michael on his mum Jane
mum Michelle
Roisin on her “She is a
mum Kathleen

never complains

“I just don’t know how always putting
she does it. She truly is others first”
mum of the year”
Louise on her
Celia on her daughter Joanna mum Kathleen

“I’m nominating “She deserves “Her most
my Mum for Mum of the to be recognised beautiful gift is
year because she does so she never requires
much for so many people and we don’t or wants anything
day in day out and would know what we only her family
never expect any thanks would do without
for it” her”
Sarah on her Barbara on her
Mary on her mum Mary
mum Liz mum Marian


“My mother is “No matter what MUM OF THE YEAR
so supportive and my mum always
puts her kids in “I know everyone
gives amazing front of anything will be bias for their
advice. You can go to she would do own mum, but mine
her about anything, anything for us” is a hero. I absolutely
judgement free and love and adore her
Megan on her and have no idea what
she will help” mum Rose

Chloe on her
mum Olive

I or any of my family

would do without her”

“She deserves “She is the definition Vanessa on her mum
this award for of a mammy. She makes Kathleen
being generous, everyone feel welcome
committed and and is always there for “I feel my mother
really, really everyone. She is the best has been a rock, a
tough, caring woman
patient” at advice and always who I cared for when
listens to us all moan”
Louis on his
mum Siobhan Ella on her
mum Mackie

she needed me”
Anne on her mum Margo
“Her personality is just fantastic,
caring for everyone who comes in
contact with her. A mum in a million”
Grace on her mum Dawn
“The kindest “Elegance and

most warm glamour describe

“She is the hearted women my mother now
most amazing lady I know” at this stage of her
I have ever met and
she is our inspiration to Rhiannon on her life but always”
be a better mum to our mum Rachel
Niamh on her
mum Geraldine

own kids”

Sinead on her “She is simply “We, as a family would
mother-in-law the best mom and be lost without her and
grandmother in the
Iris whole world. She works

“My mam is the so hard full time yet there’s is no way our
best in the world. I always there if i need quality of life would be
can’t describe how what it is without her”
much she is loved her to help out”
by all her family” Jason on his wife Simona
Niamh on her
mum Noirin

Mary on her mum WOMANSWAY.IE 31

Top fun SIZE: –
is lemon top is simply zingy
a) 39 3/8” –b) 43 1/4” –c) 46
BACK cast off at each edge, every 2 right side row: 1/2” –d) 50 3/8” finished bust
rows: –a) 26 times measurement
Cast on –a) 134 –b) 144 –c) –a) 10 sts 1 time; 5 sts 3 –b) 29 times UK Sizes: –a) 8-10 –b) 12-14
154 –d) 166 sts. times: [52 sts] –c) 30 times –c) 16-18 –d) 20-22
Beginning and ending with –b) 10 sts 1 time; 6 sts 2 –d) 31 times The model in photograph
st marked –a) A –b) B –c) times; 5 sts 1 time: [58 sts] Note: Decrease 1 st by work corresponds to size –a) 8-10
A –d) C, work Pattern St –c) 10 sts 1 time; 7 sts 2 times; P2tog.
following Graph A. 6 sts 1 time: [60 sts] At the same time: MATERIALS
Armholes: When back –d) 10 sts 1 time; 8 sts 2 Shoulder: When front
measures 13 3/8” (34cm), times; 7 sts 1 time: [62 sts] measures –a) 20 7/8” (53cm) GATSBY: –a) 6 –b) 7 –c) 8 –d)
bind/cast off 6 sts at each Neckline: When back –b) 21 1/8” (54cm) –c) 21 8 balls in color no. 54
edge; then decrease at each measures –a) 21 7/8” 5/8” (55cm) –d) 22” (56cm), Knitting needles Stitches
edge at 9 sts in from each (55.5cm) –b) 22 1/4” (56.5cm) bind/cast off at armhole edge Size 4 (US)/ (3.5mm)XX Pattern
edge (continue working the –c) 22 5/8” (57.5cm) –d) 23” (beginning of wrong side St (see Graph A)
9 sts in from each edge in 1x1 (58.5cm), bind/cast off all row), every 2 rows: XX 1x1 Semitubular Ribbing (see
Semitubular Ribbing), every remaining sts. –a) 10 sts 1 time; 5 sts 3 times instructions)
right side row: –b) 10 sts 1 time; 6 sts 2 XX Side Seams
–a) 2 sts 2 times; 1 st 6 times: FRONT times; 5 sts 1 time See instructions in basic stitches
[102 sts] –c) 10 sts 1 time; 7 sts 2 times; 1x1 Semitubular Ribbing:
–b) 2 sts 2 times; 1 st 6 times: Work same as back until 6 sts 1 time Row 1: * K1, P1, *; rep from * to
[112 sts] front measures 13 3/8” –d) 10 sts 1 time; 8 sts 2 * end with K1.
–c) 2 sts 2 times; 1 st 7 times: (34cm). times; 7 sts 1 time Row 2: bring yarn to front of
[120 sts] For armholes: work same as Work other side the same, work; slip 1 st as if to purl it; take
–d) 2 sts 3 times; 1 st 7 times: for back reversing all shaping. yarn to back of work, * K1, bring
[128 sts] For neckline: divide work in yarn to front of work; slip 1 st as
Note: Decrease 2 sts by work center and work each side FINISHING if to purl it; take yarn to back of
P3tog, and decrease 1 st by separately, decreasing 1 st at work, *; rep from * to *
work P2tog. neck edge, at 9 sts in from (Making up) Repeat these 2 rows for pattern.
Shoulders: When back edge (beginning/ending Carefully block all pieces on Note: To maintain a firm edge,
measures –a) 20 7/8” (53cm) with K1, continue working the wrong side, using steam slip the first st of each row.
–b) 21 1/8” (54cm) –c) 21 5/8” the 9 sts in from edge in 1x1 only. Always slip the stitch purl-wise
(55cm) –d) 22” (56cm), bind/ Semitubular Ribbing), every Sew all the seams of garment so you don’t twist the stitches.
Every 10 rows, on wrong side
row, work 1 row in 1x1 Ribbing.


Carefully block swatches with
steam before measuring gauge.
In Pattern St:
26 sts and 32 rows = 4x4”

using Side Seams.
Sew shoulder and side
seams. WW

Graph A R- Repeat
On alternate rows, @[email protected] Knit
work sts as they @[email protected] Purl


for warmer



HOW TO “Rose is both
tonic and
MAKE soothing
YOUR OWN to skin”

is geranium, rose and camomile
bodywash works for skin conditions

The essential oil of pot geranium reduces inflammation of
the skin and controls infection in wounds – infusions, flower
essences and petal maceration (flowers, for compresses,
softened with a touch of hot water or mashed to a paste in
a pestle and mortar) also work well. Rose is both tonic and
soothing to skin, while camomile is great for all complexion
types. It is gentle on seborrhoea and helps to flush toxins
from skin capillaries.

You will need glycerine. Leave to settle essential oils, you can
1 litre distilled/spring water overnight. supplement the natural
2 cups camomile flowers 2. e next day, if the mixture botanical ingredients with
2 cups rose petals is too thick and not the right 20–30 drops of each of their
1 cup geranium flowers and gloopy texture, slowly add essential oil counterparts for
leaves extra water or witch hazel to extra potency/aroma – add
½ bar (approx. 50g) improve the consistency or at the final whisk stage.
unscented, low allergen soap blend again to break it up into If you have a favourite
2 tbsp vegetable glycerine a better density for decanting. liquid soap or cannot find
an unscented, low allergen
Method e mixture will store for a bar soap or are out of the
1. Place the floral year but it’s generally used flowering season of the
ingredients and water in within months, if not weeks, botanicals, simply add
a lidded saucepan. Bring of making. Most natural the essential oils of the
to the boil and simmer, soaps will hold a liquid soap botanicals to any off-the-
covered, for 30 minutes. consistency after this recipe, shelf low allergenic liquid
Allow to cool fully. Strain but some natural soaps may hand soap or body wash. WW
out the flowers (discard not be 100 per cent natural –
or mix them with honey they may have extra oils, fats, Extracted from The
to produce a face mask or etc., in them – and so may Holistic Gardener
skin patch). Grate the soap separate into layers over time First Aid from the
into the infusion and bring and need a good shake before Garden by Fiann
the liquid to the boil again, each use. O’Nuallain (Mercier,
stirring until the soap is €8.99) which is out
fully dissolved – hand The supple and subtle now. Illustrations by
whisking or using a hand supplement versions Sam Chelton.
blender is OK. Stir in the If you are not allergic to


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SEVEN LETTERS What is your favourite have an excellent selection. I
book and why? prefer to buy from bookshops
by Sinéad Moriarty (Penguin Ireland) Dancer by Colum McCann. than online if at all possible.
It’s about Rudolf Nureyev In terms of the bigger
Sarah adores being a mother to her seven- the ballet dancer, and is told bookersellers, I have a few
year-old daughter Izzy. Each year on her through the voices of those haunts – I especially love
birthday she has written a letter of love to who knew him. It’s so vivid Dubray in Kilkenny, Woodbine
her. When Sarah falls pregnant she assures Izzy that even and visceral and poetic, that in Kilcullen and Eason in
with the birth of her brother, Ben, her love for her will not I was immersed from the Newbridge. What they all
lessen. A few months into the pregnancy, Sarah collapses opening sequence to the last have in common are sta who
and the doctors confirm to her husband and family there paragraph. The book itself felt are enthusiastic booklovers.
there is no hope of Sarah recovering. Will the family come like a beautiful last dance.
to a realisation and a decision? By far the best book I’ve Where’s your favourite
read in a long time. Very well written and the subject is What’s the book you library?
sensitively handled. It’s compelling, deeply moving and wished you’d written? I got my first library card from
heartbreaking and a tearjerker. A must read for all and I don’t wish I’d written it, but Athy library aged four, and
bravo to Sinéad for this beautiful, thoughtful read. I would love to be as brilliant it was there that I launched
with form as Ali Smith is in my first novel The Herbalist,
THREE TO TRY… Artless, a novel that weaves and where I launched my new
a ghost story with a series of novel Her Kind. The library
QUEENIE lectures on writing. is housed in a beautiful
decommissioned church with
by Candice Carty-Williams (Trapeze) Book, Kindle or both? high ceilings and stained-
Physical. I don’t have a glass windows, it’s a stunning
is focuses on the debauched life of kindle. I love all aspects of place to read, study or pick
20-something Queenie Jenkins, an a physical book, a beautiful out a new book.
aspiring journalist from south London. cover, the smell of brand-
She’s a little bit Fleabag, but less double- new unread pages. I love Are you/were you in a
barrelled and more relatable. is novel giving and receiving books bookclub?
is so relevant that it could have been written tomorrow, as gi s, or passing on one I’ve been a member of the
with references from Dua Lipa’s New Rules to the that’s particularly good. Some Rick O’Shea online book
gentrification of Brixton Market. books on my shelves are years club since 2015. It’s full of
old. I’m sentimental about enthusiastic readers and
THE MISTER books, I have Ladybird books I’ve received loads of book
from the seventies, and my recommendations there.
by EL James (Arrow) daughter’s first Winnie the There’s no pressure to
Pooh book. For me, a kindle complete a book in a certain
Maxim is a party boy who’s never worked could never hold memories timeframe, lots of discussion
a day in his life and has a different woman the way a physical book can. threads, and most
in his bed every night. en his brother importantly, its
dies, leaving him to inherit a noble title, a What’s your favourite good fun.
huge fortune and responsibility of running bookshop?
the family’s expansive estates. Meanwhile There are two small Her Kind by Niamh
Alessia has just arrived in London from stationery shops in Athy, Boyce (Penguin
rural northern Albania, and finds work as Maxim’s The Gem and Winkles. Both Ireland) is out now
cleaner. ere’s instant attraction and they quickly fall
for each other, but it’s not that simple - he’s keeping his WIN By Áine Toner
newly-amassed position a secret and she’s on the run
from something much darker. Every week, we’ll be sending one reader three books from
the WW book cupboard. To enter, all you need to do is
I KNOW WHO YOU ARE answer this question: Who wrote Queenie? Write your
answer onto the competition entry form on page 45 or email
by Alice Feeney (HQ) in. Best of luck!

Aimee has a secret she’s never shared but
suspects that someone knows it. Couple this
with the fact that her husband is missing,
and the police have their suspicions about
Aimee. Will she be able to cope with the
past coming back to haunt her at a truly emotional time?
Another winner from Alice, I urge everyone to read her
books especially if you love thrillers.



Peter’s broken heart

Peter had a broken heart. It felt like robotic body. crying, Peter had tears like that inside
someone had a vacuum cleaner in Peter rang the bell to get the attention him. He knew from experience that
his chest and was sucking all the once he allowed them to begin, they
nourishment out of him. of the class. They looked around to see only stopped of their own accord.
where the sound was coming from and
Why his mother had died so young slowly moved toward it. He was thinking of a fresh tactic
was a mystery. The car accident on how to calm Lincoln, when Dean
could so easily have been avoided. He He waited until he had the attention Philip, the boy at the next desk, looked
missed her. He was thinking of her of each and every one. Big eyes filled up and asked for permission to speak.
this morning and how he would have with wonder followed his voice and Peter nodded yes.
loved to talk to her. In her place there listened intently. He welcomed them and
was a vacuum. He and the vacuum explained they all had a desk, chair, and Dean Philip placed his arm around
had spent the weekend together hook and everything had a colour and Lincoln and reached for a tissue he
preparing for his new teaching job. number, corresponding to the row and had stored in his top pocket extracting
desks they occupied. it without disturbing his dickie bow.
They were a farraginous mix, the
class of 2019. Thirty pupils between He spoke clearly over Lincoln’s loud “There is more than one way of
the ages of four and five were all sobs. Knowing the message would not talking to your mother,” he whispered
settling in nicely - except one. The be absorbed easily he asked the class to as his button fingers manipulated the
exception was a blue eyed pale think about his words as they put their fine paper around Lincoln’s porcelain
skinned local boy whose sobs, on heads in their hands on the desk and face. Lincoln stopped in mid cry,
this, his first day at school, shook his rested. Twenty nine did. The exception and panned his eyes in Dean Philip’s
body. Tears fell from fair lashes, like was Lincoln. direction. He placed the sodden tissue
bungee jumpers out for the day. on the desk in front of them and
Peter went over to him. “What’s the reached for a fresh one. He moved it
He would shout, “I want my matter?” he asked gently. into Lincoln’s hand and freed his own.
Mammy” and the next couple of salty
acrobats would rush to the top of the Lincoln took the time to make sure He straightened his fingers and
queue. Most of the other children his message would be understood by tapped them on Lincoln’s freshly
would stop and look at him and then, an adult. “I want,” he licked his lips, dried forehead. “You can talk to her
absorbed by all the new adventures suddenly surprised by the taste of his in here,” he said. His index finger
unfolding, would walk away and tears, “to talk to” he lifted his hand to his pointed to the spot between his own
leave him to his misery. cheek, “my mammy” eyes and when he was sure he had
exactly the right spot, he closed his
Peter knew how he felt. He had sobs Peter waited. There was no use in eyes and then opened them slowly.
like that inside him too. They were saying, “Mammy will be back shortly” “It’s magic!”
large cells of disappointment. Like that wasn’t soon enough for Lincoln.
enormous duvets of dashed dreams There was no use in asking him to stop Ever so calmly Lincoln put his hands
they waited to be packed, binned and on the desk and his head in his hands,
ungraciously tilted into a garbage to join his colleagues. Dean Philip did
truck. Unlike the sobbing four-year- likewise. Peter lifted Lincoln’s name
old, whose name tag “Lincoln” had tag and placed it on the desk. He
fallen at his feet, Peter’s source of loss walked to his own desk and looked
would never return. around at the noiseless classroom.

Lincoln’s life would get easier when It was a full minute before he
his mum walked in with a fountain of realised the vacuum in his own chest
unconditional love. Peter’s life would was gone.
not get easier for some time.

Peter’s recipe for recovery was to
become completely absorbed in the
task of trying to make each child feel
loved and comfortable even though
that was the last feeling in his own

By Irene McCoubrey Want to be published in Woman’s Way?

We are always looking for reader fiction! To get involved, simply email a short story of approximately 800 words to Áine at
[email protected] If you require the submission requirements, she’ll email them back to you. Happy writing.



e remake of Disney’s Aladdin features Will Smith as
the Genie. He talks about following in the footsteps of
Robin Williams and why he stepped away from acting

It’s been a while since we’ve my mind and my education came with serious pressure. infuse the character with his
seen the inimitable Will and my emotional intelligence Especially as, in the original stand-up persona and when I
Smith in a new movie. Now could handle so I felt like I had 1992 animation, he was voiced thought about doing the Genie
he’s back with a bang - as to really retreat for a minute so memorably by the late in that way, that got my mind
the Genie in the live-action and grow and now I have new Robin Williams. into, ‘Oh, I can just infuse
adaptation of Disney classic, ideas and new beliefs and I’m the persona that people have
Aladdin. But the 50-year-old looking forward to creating Smith confides “it was known for the past 20 years
is certainly glad he took that new experiences.” deeply stressful and troubling” into a heightened character
break from acting. at first to think about following and capture a nostalgia, while
One such experience is the in the steps of Williams. at the same time creating
“I spent those couple of years magical and vibrant Aladdin, something new’.”
really learning and growing directed by Guy Ritchie. “What Robin Williams
and expanding,” notes the did with the Genie was Smith, whose previous big
Philadelphia-born star, whose Set on the streets of revolutionary in animation,” film roles include I Am Legend,
breakout role was Nineties Agrabah, the titular character, continues the actor, who is Independence Day and the
sitcom e Fresh Prince Of played by Mena Massoud, is a married to Jada Pinkett Smith Men In Black series, also found
Bel-Air. “I really feel like I got lovable street rat who believes (they have two kids together, encouragement for the role
to the ceiling of what I would he is destined for greater Jaden and Willow, while from Jaden (an actor himself,
be able to have and be and do things than making a living Will also has son Trey from a he’s starred in e Karate Kid
in my life. from petty thievery. previous marriage). and alongside his dad in e
Pursuit Of Happyness).
“My life had reached what en, he falls in love with “Actors didn’t even
the Sultan’s daughter, Princess know you could do that, he After all, there were certain
Jasmine (Naomi Scott), who introduced an idea and a way themes that resonated with
also has big dreams - of a life to come at these movies. So I him thanks to having a
beyond the palace walls and watched [the 1992 animation] 20-year-old son.
away from her overprotective about four or five times and it
father. And the Genie ends up was the music that gave me the “When a film is truly and
being particularly key to them in - because of my old school deeply based on ideas that sit
having a future together... hip hop music background, I near my heart, that is always
felt that I could create a new helpful,” he suggests.
Playing the famous shape- signature for the Genie.
shifting blue entity, who’s “ e concepts around
confined to an oil lamp, “What Robin Williams did is Aladdin as a character



becoming a man, the concepts “ is was the first project MICHAEL SHEEN AND DAVID
around the Genie, giving and since e Fresh Prince of Bel- TENNANT ON PORTRAYING
helping, these are ideas that Air that has used so many of THE END OF THE WORLD
I’m excited and proud to go the things that I like to do,” the
around the world promoting.” star conveys enthusiastically. It’s finally here - the
long-awaited, star-
It can’t go unmentioned how “In this film, I get to sing and studded Good Omens
diverse a film Aladdin is. And dance and rap and perform
that’s definitely something and do comedy and drama, so There’s an inevitable sense is coming. But loose-
Smith’s young co-star, actor it was a great opportunity to of responsibility when it living demon Crowley,
Massoud, is proud of. use myself fully as an artist.” comes to adapting a novel (Tennant) and fussy angel
for telly. But particularly so Aziraphale (Sheen), decide
“ e diversity in this film, Aladdin is the latest in a long when it’s a cult classic like to take it upon themselves
the ethnic representation, it’s line of much-loved animated Good Omens, written by Neil to stop Armageddon from
just beautiful,” says the actor, Disney tales to undergo a Gaiman and the late Terry happening. First though,
who was born in Cairo. fresh, modern re-telling for Pratchett. they have to find the
the cinema (next up is e Lion Antichrist - an 11-year-old
“I think, unlike other King, featuring Beyoncé). Since the book was boy unaware he’s meant to
films in Hollywood, we’re published in 1990, it has bring upon the end of days.
representing a lot of different For Massoud, and surely become “hugely important
ethnicities and diverse actors other members of the Aladdin to people”, notes Scotsman As for the relationship
in this, not just one group, so cast too, it was important David Tennant, one of between Crowley and
it’s just a beautiful thing. And when filming the remake to the lead stars of the new Aziraphale, “they’re yin
we honestly all love each other not think too much about it Amazon Original series of and yang I suppose”,
and get along and it was just being a “big deal”. the same name, which is explains Tennant.
such a magical experience.” based on the story.
“It was about removing “ ey’re the very
Massoud learnt a very the name Aladdin, the name “When you bump into opposite of each other, and
impressive range of new skills Disney, from the process and people for whom this book yet, because they’ve both
from being on set. “It was like putting my whole self into the has meant everything, of been on earth for all these
going back to theatre school all role,” the star recalls, when course you feel a weight of thousands of years, they’ve
over again to be honest with asked about what was key to expectation,” he continues. slightly shifted positions,
you,” he quips. his portrayal. I just wanted to “And it feels like, since this they’ve met in the middle
look at what the character was has been announced, I keep somewhere. He’s an angel
“I had an incredible time all about. His journey, his quest doing that.” who’s not without his
in theatre school learning all for personal identity, falling in flashes of naughtiness and
sorts of things - we did clown love, just the big themes that Add in the fact there’s I’m a demon who has been
work and mask and musical we wanted to focus on. So I been talk of a Good Omens known to do the right thing
theatre and all sorts of things. wanted to remove any of the TV show for years now, occasionally.
And for this it was like, alright, labels that come with it.” WW and “much-anticipated”
we’re going to do that again, is the term to describe the “Ultimately they would
but now I’m going to learn Aladdin is in cinemas now fantasy-drama, which also describe themselves as best
parkour and boxing and scuba stars the likes of Miranda friends but they could never
diving and camel riding and all “ e diversity Richardson and Jon Hamm. really admit that. But they
sorts of things.” in this film, However, the pair playing do rely on each other – they
the ethnic the two main characters are become attached through
Meanwhile, Smith found trying not to worry about the ages.”
the variety in the portrayal of representation, the pressure of the roles.
the Genie – who he lovingly it’s just Good Omens is available
calls both a “trickster and a “Neil is so involved in it, on Amazon Prime Video on
mentor” - hugely appealing. beautiful” he’s done the adaptation - I Friday, May 31
think that helps,” suggests
By Georgia Humphreys Welsh actor Michael Sheen.
“But it’s hard isn’t it,
especially something that
hasn’t been adapted before
- everyone has their own
version of what characters
should look like.”

e basis of Good Omens
is this: the end of the world


WHAT’S ON THE BOX? Programmesto
tune into this week


(RTÉ One, 7pm) (BBC2, 9pm) May 28
Join Áine Lawlor
and Marty From e Wonders of the Universe to
Morrissey once Stagazing Live, Professor Brian Cox has
again for Bloom a strong track record when it comes to
2019. RTÉ has three explaining the solar system to us. But in
live shows across this new series, he’ll be bringing us the
two days plus the Super Garden final. story of the planets like we’ve never seen
Our hosts will show us the best that this it before, with a little help from Academy
Bord Bia festival has to o er. It is bigger, Award-winning special effects company Lola Post. He’ll also be drawing on the latest
brighter and better than ever with even scientific data, which suggests we don’t know quite as much about the planets as we
more things to see and do for the whole thought, to piece together the unexpectedly dramatic stories behind the solar system
family. Áine and Marty are back in the and our place within it. Brian begins by tracing the development of the four planets
Phoenix Park to present three live shows closest to the Sun - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. For a while, all four had similar
from Bloom, Ireland’s largest gardening, conditions, so why is Earth now the only one where life persists?
food and family event. Áine and Marty
meet the designers responsible for THE VIRTUES EAT WELL
creating 2019’s stunning show gardens FOR LESS?
and take an in depth look into this year’s (C4, 9pm) May 29
biggest floral trends. (BBC1, 8pm)
As he tries to come to terms with his May 30
YEARS AND YEARS past, Joseph revisits a place he has Gregg Wallace and
confused and fractured memories of, Chris Bavin help another family sort
(BBC1, 9pm) May 28 with tough consequences. There is out their mealtimes and save a bit of
a spark between Joseph and Dinah, cash along the way. The Blackmans
Stephen and Celeste try to rebuild their and Dinah is inspired to address from West Sussex have a problem.
shattered lives, but Daniel’s world turns to some painful memories of her own. Nursery practitioner Kate has three
terror when Viktor has to flee from Kiev. Rosie Powerful four-part drama tackling daughters - one who is fussy about
loses her job, while Edith’s former life as an themes of repressed memory, what she eats and another who is
activist calls her back into action on a secret revenge and the hope of redemption. dairy intolerant and avoids gluten.
mission. e Lyons children are united when As a result, the busy mum ends up
they discover that their long-absent father, cooking four meals every night, and
Vincent, has died. ey attend the funeral has fallen out of love with cooking,
and face many home truths, on the day of the o en relying on convenience food
General Election that sees Viv Rook rising to and takeaways. Can the food
power. Drama, starring Emma ompson and experts bring the joy back into
Jessica Hynes. Kate’s kitchen?

Bake Off: e

(Channel 4, 8pm) May 28

Liam Charles and Tom Allen present as one
of Britain’s toughest patisserie competitions
continues. This time the remaining teams must
make pristine, perfect cheesecake slices and
pear-shaped desserts. For the second challenge,
contestants must create a themed pièce montée with two flavours of choux buns – for
60 people, in only five hours. As ever, Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin will be passing
judgment on who is the weakest baker before another person has to leave the kitchen for
the final time.



By Áine Toner PUPPY SCHOOL Best of the rest

(C4, 8pm) May 31 Monday May 27
With four children under four years In 1947 the government began an
old, life can be hectic for Ella from experimental Glass House Scheme that
Cambridgeshire. And now she has Luna quickly became known as The Tomato
too – a boisterous Labrador puppy who House Scheme. Beginning as a pilot, it was
is proving hard to control. Ella sees Luna aimed at increasing the income of small
as a pet that will eventually help her with her anxiety, but she landholders in Connemara and the Donegal
has her work cut out when she first enrols at Puppy School. Gaeltachtaí.
Meanwhile, teachers Julie and Richard hope their cocker spaniel
puppy will fill the empty nest now their sons are leaving home. Tuesday May 28 SCANNAL (RTÉ One, 7pm)
However, making the puppy the centre of attention could be a In 2014, Ireland was gripped by the Garth
problem. And finally, the Chinery family from Berkshire arrive Brooks ‘Will he, won’t he’ perform in Ireland
seeking tips with managing Benji – the cockerpoo they hoped saga?’ Two concerts became five, but tickets
would provide some much-needed fun for their daughters a er were sold ‘Subject to Licence.’ The stage
the tragic death of their baby sister. was set for a full blown Country and Western
Garth Brooks concert scandal.
(BBC1, 10.35pm) May 31 Wednesday May 29 MUM (BBC Two, 10pm)
Songwriter and actress Gloria Tuesday. It’s first thing in the morning and
Estefan is also a businesswoman Cathy has a hangover. She and Michael try
and regarded as a music legend. She to piece together what happened the night
joins the host to chat about her life before. Can they?
and times as well as her musical On
Your Feet, soon to open in London’s Thursday May 30 GREAT ART
West End. David Tennant and Michael (ITV1, 10.45pm)
Sheen discuss their roles in the Described by Picasso and Matisse as “the
upcoming TV adaptation of Terry father of us all”, Cézanne is considered one
Pratchett’s Good Omens. Plus, the of the greatest artists of all time. Despite
Jonas Brothers perform their current single Sucker and this, Paul Cézanne remains somewhat
another bunch of intrepid audience members attempt to unknown, somewhat misunderstood.
recount an anecdote from the dreaded red chair.
Friday May 31 LAURA BRENNAN:
ONLINE (FAST) This new one o documentary follows the
final chapters in the life of Laura Brennan
(Netflix, from Fri) who was living her life to the full with end
This German series promises to stage cervical cancer. A er a heroic battle
be an intriguing a air – and before Laura died on March 20, 2019.
law-abiding folks out there get up
in arms about it, despite its title, it Saturday June 1 CASUALTY
isn’t some kind of twisted manual. (BBC One, 9.05pm)
Instead the plot focuses on 17-year-old Moritz who is The ED is shaken up by brash new
distraught when his girlfriend dumps him in favour of dating troubleshooter, Ciaran. With just three
the local drug dealer – it seems she’s developed a taste for months to turn it around he’s determined
pills during a recent stay in America. Moritz hits on the idea to hit the ground running, much to Connie’s
of winning her back by founding his own illegal empire with dismay.
his best friend Lenny, and together they attempt to cope
with such problems as meeting demand, quality control Sunday June 2 THE ZOO (RTÉ One, 7pm)
and, most importantly, staying under the police’s radar. Will Gerry has travelled over 8,000 kilometres
Moritz’s plan work? And can the nerdy boys really pull o to visit an elephant conservation project
such an audacious scheme? supported by Dublin Zoo in India. This week
he investigates what happens when the
animals and humans come into contact with
one another, and has some close encounters
of his own with elephants in the wild.



Ever so grateful?

There’s a sense of uneasiness throughout Weatherfield this week

Coronation Street lot of decisions to make. Also this week
Peter visits Carla and there’s news: if
Gary is quick to tell everyone › Who wants Audrey to rethink?
something about Nick (jump on that she wants a place at a special unit, she’ll › Who apologises to Mary?
bandwagon, Gary, why don’t you) while need to go to Carlisle. Peter tells his › Who is offered a job?
Sarah is keen to tell her big brother that nearest and dearest that he’s off too, and
she’s done with him. Meanwhile, why is directs them to a bag of mobile phones.
Sarah uneasily grateful to Gary?
Speaking of the Barlow clan, Ken gives
Meanwhile, two brothers are arguing a moving recount of all the dreadful
over what’s best. But they may have that things that have happened to his family
decision taken out of their hands. And as over the years, which have been done
they argue, their mammy gets involved by his family, and how forgiveness is
and gives them both a talking to. necessary to move on.

Asha wants to go to a party but Daddy Adam tries to woo Sarah with
Dev is too worried about visiting a dying platitudes about how Italian women
uncle in India. She asks her brother to aren’t like her and Gary is jealous.
cover for her. Bet Dev will love that. Oh, Tough. He wants her to give him another
he won’t but never worry, Mary’s got an chance but is it too soon?
idea for the twins.
Sally thinks others in the syndicate
Gemma’s got terrible morning sickness aren’t pulling their weight. Is she on the
but refuses to see a doctor. When she right track?
collapses, she’s brought to hospital for a
scan. And there’s a lot of news... plus a Old friends gather in the Rovers
(where else?) to say goodbye to a loved
one. Will they have a change of heart?



Emmerdale EastEnders Fair City

Someone who was a secret arrives in Kat needs Stacey’s help to sort Kush and Wayne and Orla try to stall for time as
the village (a total secret). Will they be Martin’s feud but it all ends badly, and not Dolores has many questions. Can they
persuaded to stay? Let’s just say another for who you’d expect. continue lying to everyone? And does
villager is determined not to be pushed anyone have good news?
out of this tricky scenario. Honey frets about telling Billy
something but is super suspicious of him. Bob and Heather disagree over how
Another regular stuns their family with best to help Heather - does someone else
a revelation... with emotional results. A Callum and Whitney’s housewarming have a plan? Heather and Jackie bond
friend is shocked with what’s going on as party gets out of hand. There’s a shock. during the week. Which is nice. But is
many struggle with the news. someone taking on more than they can?
Denise challenges Kim and Chantelle to
Someone’s secretly spying on Jacob but work together to impress a customer. Hayley wins Laura over with an
is spotted. Cue an ultimatum of rather impressive PR strategy but Laura’s got
scary proportions. Mick tries to win Spice Girl tickets but reservations about a photoshoot.
loses to another caller, Terry (played by
Elsewhere, the spark between Jai and Grange Hill icon Lee MacDonald). Paul’s stunned when he discovers who
Laurel is still evident while Charity’s is his anonymous backer... Meanwhile,
grateful for Vanessa. Mariam and Arshad realise there is Callum has little sympathy for him.
more to Habiba and Iqra being in the
Square than they’re letting on.

Holby City Ros na Rún Soap confidential

By Áine Toner In the hope of mending Isaac and his Berni has some apologising to do, bless Steve Halliwell, who plays Emmerdale’s
father’s relationship, Dom makes a risky her. Will she succeed or has that ship Zak Dingle, said his character will not
decision which lands him in hot water. It already sailed? cope well with partner Lisa’s death. He
looks like history is repeating itself: is it? told “The finality of death
Dee continues to take advantage is something we all experience at some
Hanssen finds himself perplexed when of sister Katy, making a doctor’s point sadly, but it’s good to show loving
an estranged relative arrives at Holby appointment and reading her diary. people and one of them dying will happen
begging for his help, but when doubt Curiouser and curiouser. to the vast majority of people.
surrounds the symptoms Hanssen must
determine the root of the problem. Mo has to participate in a treasure hunt “If you live long enough you’re going to
that Colm has organised. But this is an lose somebody, so to explore bereavement
Keen for a new start, a revitalised Chloe extra special sort of treasure hunt. is a good thing for the millions watching.”
returns to Holby and immediately throws
herself into work. But her joy is short Michelle’s a bit spooked to discover With Zak losing the love of his life, it’s
lived when she learns distressing news another resident’s link to Andy. Is this time to get tissues at the ready for one of
ahead of an important meeting. the time she’ll reveal all? Or the time she the saddest of soap departures.
realises she needs to take action?



is week... MREALEYAS2E9D MAY 27 TO JUNE 3
Finishing School: GRAFTON STREET AND
A Master Class for IN DUNDRUM TOWN
Knitters (GMC) by CENTRE NOW DO

Deborah Newton EAR PIERCING? THE
Often we find that it’s YOU PURCHASE A PAIR
not the knitting of a OF EARRINGS WORTH
garment that is the €19.90 OR MORE. NICE.
biggest challenge it’s the
making up of it at the AT THE FLICKS…
end. In this book Deborah

talks you through all the GODZILLA II: KING OF THE MONSTERS
techniques you need to
ensure that your knits are He’s big, he’s green, he’s angry and mean it’s Godzilla! Everyone’s
finished to the highest favourite giant, city-wrecking monster returns to battle some other
possible standard. With big, mean monsters. If you like kerplosions, monsters galore and lots
photography and step- of screaming then this is for you.

by-step explanations, it’s READ ALERT
never been easier to get

that professional finish to Picking your perfect holiday book is easier than ever
your project. thanks to Eason’s Sinéad and Rick’s Must Reads. Author

Sinéad Moriarty and broadcaster Rick O’Shea have

CARLOW CAN chosen eight titles that promise to keep you engrossed.
YOU GO? From touching real life stories to sci fi (such as Machines
Like Me by Ian McEwan, pictured) there’s something for
Celebrating its 40th everyone.
anniversary this year, See the full list at

Carlow Arts Festival

boasts an impressive TOY-RIFFIC
selection of acts taking

We want to the stage from June We know it’s far too early to mention Christmas,
4 to 9. With music, art, but with news this exciting we couldn’t wait to let
performance, family fun you know. Iconic toy shop FAO Schwarz comes to
and more, acts from Arnott’s this October opening a special flagship
around the world will be store, one of only two European locations. Toy
dropping in to entertain. master Ryan Tubridy helped with the launch and
And with 80 per cent it’s confirmed that the store will have a giant
of performances free of stand-on keyboard like the one featured in Big.
charge, it’s a great way Could Tubs play it on the Toy Show this year?
to keep kids entertained

THIS CHEVRON LAPTOP for less. Sea you there
€22. SNAZZY, JAZZY AND Celebrate all things nautical at Seafest,
OH SO PRETTY. for more details which takes place from June 7 to 9 in

the port of Cork. The family friendly

festival comes hot on the heels of the

Cork Harbour festival which takes

place from June 1 to 7. With over 70

events and activities at these back

to back festivals Cork is place to be

beside the sea.
See and www. more details


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Star le er own small, rural pharmacist knows me by family last weekend and I wanted to cook
I read with interest in WW Issue 19 name. She knows my family. She knows something delicious so I gave them a try.
‘Holey grail: Have moths invaded?’ when my prescriptions need to be filled Well, what a hit they were. There wasn’t
(May 13). When I was growing up we and when essential medication needs to any left for seconds! Please do keep up
all knew about moths and how to be ordered. I would encourage anyone the great work. I have been buying your
protect our clothes (a pillow cover over with a small community pharmacist magazine for years and I love it. You do
each item of clothing in the wardrobe) in their area to start building this such wonderful work every week.
and I suppose we didn’t have as many important relationship with them. They SHEENA O’DONOGHUE, CO DUBLIN
clothes anyway. Usually in September are invaluable and many times my own
we would all put moth balls (remember pharmacist has helped me and assisted me THANK YOU
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for protection of our clothes. So let’s to her. Thank you Woman’s Way
get back to the moth balls and have NAN FITZPATRICK, CO LONGFORD for another great issue.
moth-free clothes. Just a thought. I love your magazine
DORIS O’NEILL, CO OFFALY GREAT RECIPES and I read it every week.
When I am finished,
SO IMPORTANT To all at the Woman’s Way I wanted to I bring my copy to my
write in to you and let you know how local knitting group and
I enjoyed reading the feature on getting much I enjoy your magazine every single allow the other women to read
to know your local pharmacist (Woman’s week. Lately I have been really enjoying it. We then enjoy discussing the
Way, Issue 18, May 6). As someone who your cooking pages. The recipes have been articles over our craft work. Woman’s Way
lives with a long-term illness, my own to die for. Thank you for your recent recipe is always full of great fashion and brilliant
pharmacist has been invaluable to me. for the chorizo and cheese sausage rolls. stories. I enjoy it so much.
She is a great woman and is always there, My daughter was coming to visit with her DOREEN O’CONNCHUBAR, CO MAYO
no matter the time, to help me with my
questions and my medications. There is WIN A BIO OIL HAMPER WO€OV4RE5TRH
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of oil than most other dry skin treatments, it’s easily absorbed with a

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What’s in your stars this week?

Gemini Cancer

May 21 - June 20 June 21 - July 22

Impatience shows up Caring for others comes
when those around naturally. ere are times
you start dithering. when you forget to care about
Waiting for others to act yourself. is week may show
is frustrating. Future you moments of emotional
plans pivot on finances. tiredness. Taking on too
Sharpen these and make much does no favours. Doing
the most of any chance to something you love springs you
push along the cash flow. out of a dull patch.

Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

July 23 - August 22 Aug 23 - Sept 21 Sept 22 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Nov 21

Why would anyone do less To say you are in demand Having met someone who ere is so much to know and
than their best? e fact is this week could be putting it is a bit spiky and out of tune enjoy at the moment. Don’t
that to please everyone can lightly. It does seem that you with themselves, you want feel guilty if this is enjoyed
be exhausting. In this time are essential to others. at to help. Keep a distance alone. ere are times when it
of social whirlwinds it is is great, isn’t it? Yes and no. until you know more. With a is right to give full flow to your
hard not to be in the middle As much as being organised natural instinct that leads to thoughts and feelings. A treat
of everything. Give yourself can help, there always seems supporting others, this can be for others seems to be getting
a break midweek to do something left undone. Time to hard. Keep contact open but you really excited. Should you
something alone. call in a few favours. do confide in your partner. share this with someone new?

Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius COMPETITION

Nov 22 - Dec 21 Dec 22 - Jan 19 Jan 20 - Feb 18 If your skin is easily
irritated, prone to
You want to believe what ere are a few things A lighter week with more time redness and reacts
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Everything has been
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same things would be a good finances. ese could easily Look carefully. Spring clean zodiac sign is represented by
start. Be determined not to let spoil your fun if they are not those areas that haven’t been the ram? Good luck!
any difficulty stop you. in order. looked at for some time.




What do the cards have in store for you?

Illustrations by Jeffrey ompson | I recently turned 50 and have of power is always in the would you need in order to The Two of Cups tells me that
been in a slump ever since. present moment. You say that do this? The clearer you can a relationship can only come
I’m not sure what’s wrong you feel uninspired and bored get on each of your dreams, once you have learned how
with me. Lately my life just – this is great news. It means the easier you will find it to love yourself. Crossed with
feels boring and uninspiring. that you’re paying attention to move towards them and the Two of Swords and Six
I feel like my best days are and you want more for begin creating the life you of Cups, this combination of
behind me and I’m not sure yourself. You are in complete long for. I highly recommend cards suggests that there’s
what I want to do next or control of your life. You are reading some inspirational some things from childhood
where I want to go. I’d love the creator of your life. With books to help you feel better that you’ve been trying to
to change my job or move some concentrated effort it is and to inspire you to dream work through recently and
house. What do the cards totally possible to completely big – you might check out that it would be a good idea to
have in store for me? change your life for the better The Secret by Rhonda Byrne maybe speak to someone or
ANON, VIA EMAIL in a few short months. Your or Playing the Matrix by Mike get some support.
cards echo this. The Magician Dooley.
I can assure you, Anon, shows up first as the energy Know that there is a great
that your best years are not that’s currently surrounding I drew one more card for love out there for you, but
behind you. In fact, I do you. A powerful card, The your future and I pulled the right now your focus needs to
think that the best is yet to Magician possesses the ability Nine of Cups, the wish card. be on healing yourself, getting
come. It’s totally normal to make their wildest dreams Everything is going to be comfortable with yourself
to feel a little uninspired, come true. What this card okay for you. Get clear on and seeing yourself as the
especially after what many is asking you is this: What what you want. Move towards wonderful, beautiful, amazing
people consider to be a ‘big’ do you actually want? What it. Believe in yourself. Your person you are. The greatest
or ‘landmark’ birthday. would make you happy? If life will not look the same romance we will ever have
Around our birthdays we money was no obstacle, what by Christmas. I see lots of in this life is the one we have
always tend to become a little would you be doing with happiness, joy and dreams with ourselves.
self-critical. your life? fulfilled in your future.
Start there and watch as
We berate ourselves over I encourage you to spend Will I ever find love? I feel a huge healing unfolds for
what we have/haven’t some time jotting down your like everyone else has that you. Then open your heart
achieved. I’m going to dreams. Dream as big and special someone but I don’t. up to the universe and allow
ask you to try something as boldly as you can. Next, I have never had a proper it to bring you together with
different: acceptance. Can the Ace of Swords asks you boyfriend. I am 34. What do the person who is right for
you accept where you are to put a solid plan in place the cards say? you. The 10 of Cups tells
right now in all its perceived for making these dreams LISA, CO CORK me that you will have your
imperfectness? Know this: a reality. Say for example, happily ever after and you will
you are exactly where you you want to move house. The cards say that right now, understand why you needed
need to be right now. And Well, where do you want to your focus should be less on to do this work now in order
also know this: the point live? How much, feasibly, love and more on self-love. to bring your big love in.

PLEASE NOTE: Tarot is not designed to replace any medical or financial advice or your own free will. Tarot can guide you and show you options of what
may happen. Remember, when it comes to making choices, you are the master of your own destiny. Have a question you want Amy to answer?
Write to: Tarot questions, Woman’s Way, Harmonia, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14 or email: [email protected]


PSYCHIC saUyns.a..g“oSwocchdhoaearrnpbgioseouholteafcdiihsty”ianfnegeels

Dear UNA

Renowned psychic Una Power offers
readers some guidance on life’s issues

I have a dilemma. My godson, Pisces (15), and accept that I have to spend hours away confident and knowledgeable, had a friend
has asked me if he can come to live with
me and my family. I could put him up as we from home studying and commuting, so I or two, knew where places like your lecture
have enough room. We don’t have a close
relationship anymore as I don’t see him or accepted the offer of a woman on my course room, the canteen, the library all were.
his family much but he was always a likeable
young man. to use her apartment at weekends and You were lost quite a bit in that first week

Is this a good idea? My partner is not keen holidays as an informal tenant. wondering if you should really be there or
on it as we have two young children and only
moved into our house 18 months ago. He says I was checking with her about her discovered to be an imposter.
that having a teenager that we know nothing
about might upset everyone. arrangements for the Easter break when she Scorpio lady feels good about change when
Name and address with editor
said that my lover wouldn’t be around then she is in charge of it. Out of the blue you caught
How did your godson make his request? Did
he text or email? Did either of his parents ask because his youngest daughter was being your Libra looking at you, smiling and making
you? How did it come about that you were
asked at all without a scrap of explanation? christened. I was absolutely devastated. It his way to sit beside you. You were in a trance
It’s not an unusual request, lots of students
move in for a short time with relatives when felt as though a bomb had gone off. I never and in that trance-state were love-putty. All
they first start college. That whole transaction
is transparent, as is the one where an adult had the slightest hint that that there was a your fears were swept away by his supreme
relative or friend is offered a job some distance
from home. Your godson is still legally a child baby in the picture. I thought we had been confidence. The first time you went to the
and should be in school. You need to do a lot of
background checking and talking to everyone discreet and felt our meetings were our own canteen he steered a way for you through the
before deciding on anything.
secret. I felt betrayed. braying snorting and stamping first years.
Pisces is a lovely and lovable sign but takes
a long time to grow up. If you took him in I contacted him immediately to meet up Heroic man. What a gift to woman-hood. In
you might find that he would regard it as
a permanent move. Pisces boys and girls, and discuss breaking it off. That annoyed those first moments you were bereft of your
children and adults, don’t like moving out of a
home in which they’re comfortable. Anyway him, he couldn’t see things from my point of home, your partner and your children and
it’s the decision, after doing some finding
out and discussing it with your partner, that view. He thought we had a good thing going truly out of your comfort zone.
counts. What interests me is the question about
why you were the chosen one? Whatever the and would be mad to end it. What really hurt Your Libra (who knew exactly what he was
outcome of discussion, you are entitled to say
no. Please keep that in mind. me was his telling me that his home life was doing) was only a compensation, a stand-in

I fell in love with an attractive fellow student none of my business and wouldn’t discuss his for those you love and who love you. I’m sure
(Libra) on my course, I’m Scorpio (46). We
began seeing each other. I used to ask him wife and children with me. So we’ve decided you weren’t the first and won’t be the last to
about his background but he never gave me a
straight answer. My children and partner are to give our relationship a break and review be caught by him. The years treat Librans very
very supportive of my academic enterprise
things in September. kindly and often Libran woman can easily pass

I’m finding it very hard as I now realise for 30 years old when she is in her early fifties.

that I am in love with him. Do you see us Libra man relies for flirtation success on his

together again? I miss him so much that I am smooth and diplomatic manner. In selecting

in a state of permanent longing for a man I his next flirtation, he’ll make sure it’s someone

know will never commit to me. I’ve reached vulnerable who will meet his needs. If she gets

the stage where my confidence is shattered something out of it that’s okay but not essential

and I feel like dropping out of college. as he is used to being pursued by women and

J.H well-versed in the business of keeping home

and frolic time neatly separate. But there is

Dropping out wouldn’t resolve anything. At coldness in his method, he rarely leaves his wife

some point in our lives there is a precise and only rarely becomes emotionally involved.

moment when we are vulnerable and prey to Psychically, I see you doing very well in

the greed of people who are careless of our college and the experience you’ve gained will be

feelings. When you first entered the college good for you and your marriage. Two Scorpios

lecture theatre you were immediately plunged living together can find it challenging at times

emotionally back 30-odd years to your first so don’t be hard on yourself. You’ll snap out of

day at third level. Everyone else seemed the flirtation as quickly as you snapped into it.

Contact Una... If you have an unresolved issue you need guidance on, Una may be able to help. You can write to her
at Una Power, Woman’s Way, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14; or email: [email protected] Please
include your name, town, county and full date of birth. Please note, Una can only reply through this column.


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Health news TAKE FIVE: pelvic organs. Without them, your Asthma issues
internal abdominal and pelvic
By Lisa SalmonTHINGS TO KNOW organs would simply fall out. Your According to a recent survey
ABOUT YOUR PELVIC pelvic floor muscles are wrapped undertaken by the Asthma
FLOOR around the urethra, vagina and Society, two out of three
anus in women, and around the people with asthma currently
Do you wet yourself a little urethra and anus in men. They are do not have an Asthma
bit when you laugh, cough or able to contract when you cough or action plan. The research
sneeze? Then you might be among sneeze, to help you stay continent was conducted after recent
the one in three women (and and prevent leaks. figures for asthma deaths
many older men) who have a show they are on the rise. One
weak pelvic floor). 2. How to do pelvic floor exercises person in Ireland now dies
– It’s important everyone does every five days from asthma.
“While we’ve become almost pelvic floor exercises, even if they Speaking about the research,
comfortable discussing periods, don’t currently have a problem. Asthma Society CEO Sarah
pelvic floor issues are still Either lying with feet flat on the O’Connor said: “Every person
frequently ignored, despite floor, sitting or standing, draw up who has asthma should be
affecting one in three women. This your pelvic floor muscles, squeeze in possession of an Asthma
absolutely has to change,” says and hold for a count of five if action plan – UK research
Jane Simpson, who explores the possible. Let go and count to five. into asthma deaths indicated
topic in her new book, The Pelvic Repeat the process five times, and that having an up-to-date
Floor Bible. do this three times every day. Keep Asthma action plan made it
practicing and hold for a longer significantly less likely that
Here, she outlines five things time, until you can contract the a person would experience a
everybody should know about their muscles for 10 seconds each time. fatal asthma attack. To create
pelvic floor and how to keep it Once a day, also do a series of 10 your personal attack plan,
strong. short, sharp contractions, which make sure you consult with
will help you maintain control when your GP or asthma nurse.
1. Your pelvic floor muscles are the you sneeze or cough. For more details log on to
bottom of your core: Acting like
a hammock, pelvic floor muscles 3. Pelvic floor dysfunction isn’t
provide the main support for your just about stress incontinence – Do What a relief
you frequently or urgently need to
YOUR go to the toilet? Does the sight of There’s nothing worse
WEEKLY your front door trigger an urgent than itchy eyes caused
ROUND-UP need to pee? This is called urge by hay fever and if you’re
OF ALL incontinence and it’s thought that in need of some relief,
THINGS 25-45 per cent of women suffer here’s something that can
HEALTHY from this. help. Boots Allergy Eye
Mist (€15.99) contains
4. Childbirth is a common cause calendula and hamamelis
of pelvic floor dysfunction – Every natural plant extracts to
woman needs to do pelvic floor help soothed irritated
exercises after having a baby and itchy eyes caused by
– whether they had a vaginal pollen, dust and pollution.
delivery or a caesarean section. It’s easy
While common, it’s a myth that it’s to use and
normal to leak if you sneeze after comes in
having a baby. a handy
5. Pelvic floor dysfunction can sized pack
start at the menopause – Simpson so you
warns women not to neglect their can get
pelvic floor around the menopause, relief when
when oestrogen levels start to you’re out
fall. Oestrogen is important for and about.
keeping the pelvic floor ligaments
strong and elastic, so when
levels of the hormone drop,
the ligaments become thinner,
weaker and less resilient and
pelvic floor problems are more
likely to occur.


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