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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-07-27 06:42:50




Bake with Edward…
puddings eperfectmatch

for Sunday lunch

Greetings! I don’t know Sticky toffee 75g butter
why but when I think pudding 75g golden syrup
of steamed puddings I 50g brown sugar
always think of Harry Serves 6-8 Time 2 hours Level
Potter and the old British Medium Method
form schools with school 1. Preheat the oven to
dinners. ere is something For the base 170˚C/325˚F/Gas Mark 3.
quintessentially British 225g butter 2. Put all of the ingredients for
about the concept of steamed 300g brown sugar the toffee mixture into a pot and
puddings, but like so many 4 eggs bring slowly to the boil and then
of our favourite dishes in 350g flour remove the entire mixture from
Ireland we have regionalised 350g sultanas the heat and allow to cool for at
them and made them our 1 tsp mixed spice least ten minutes.
own with every family 2 tsp baking powder 3. Using your electric mixer,
having their own recipe. cream the butter and sugar
For the to ee mixture together until they are light and
Well, the puddings I have fluffy.
chosen for you this month 4. Add eggs and dry ingredients
are simply delicious. I did
smile when I was making
the chocolate pudding as it
brought me right back to my
childhood when the steam
would fill the kitchen, fog
up the kitchen windows and
even start running down
the wall beside the cooker
if mam forgot to turn on
the extractor fan… simple
childhood memories!

I have given you three
lovely recipes this week. My
mother’s best hit was the
chocolate pudding so I have
included that in this feature
for you. Also, who doesn’t
love sticky toffee pudding
with butterscotch sauce?
You can make this as a large
dish if you want but I love
the individual dishes as you
can stick any spare ones in
the freezer and get a sugar
burst whenever you fancy.
For a quicker version I have
included a baked pudding
with ginger - one of my
favourite flavours.

I really do hope that you
are enjoying the recipes and
thank you so much for your
continued good feedback.



Edward’s top tip Baked ginger brown sugar. slightly and then invert onto
pudding 2. Make a well in the dry the serving platter.
“You can have the pudding ingredients and pour in the 5. If cooled, this pudding can
made from early morning and with butterscotch sauce eggs, melted butter, milk be gently and successfully
just store it in the fridge until and treacle and whisk until reheated in the microwave.
required and then just bake Serves 6-8 Time 40 mins a smooth batter has been 6. To make the sauce, melt the
as normal at the appointed Level Easy achieved. butter and brown sugar until
time. I normally pour some 3. Divide the mixture between bubbling point. Whisk in the
butterscotch sauce on the For the pudding six individual (greased) cream and simmer for five
pudding when it comes out of 225g plain flour pudding basins or ramekins. minutes
the oven.” 1 rounded tsp of baking 4. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 7. Place the pudding in a deep
powder 180˚C/350˚F/Gas Mark 4 until bowl and drizzle with the
and beat thoroughly. e mixture, 1 tsp of ground cinnamon a skewer inserted in the centre butterscotch sauce or serve in
at this stage, will be quite creamy. 2 tsp of ground ginger comes out clean. Allow to cool a small jug on the side.
Add the cooled toffee mixture. 110g brown sugar
Pour the mixture into 10-12 2 large eggs WOMANSWAY.IE 21
individual pudding basins. 110g butter, melted
5. Sit the pudding basins into 75ml milk
a larger roasting tray quarter 1 large dsp of black treacle
filled with water and cover
the puddings with a layer of For the butterscotch sauce
parchment paper and tin foil. 50g butter
6. Bake in the oven for 1½ hours, 50g brown sugar
serve with fresh egg custard. 200ml pouring cream

1. Sieve the flour, baking
powder and spices together
into a large bowl. Add in the

Cookbook Photographed at Edward says
The Edward Hayden
Steamed School of Cookery by “For as long as I can remember
chocolate Hazel Coonagh. For we were thrilled when my
pudding details on Edward and mother made one of her best
his classes see www. culinary hits ‘Hot & Cold’, which
with chocolate and Baileys sauce was steamed chocolate pudding
with vanilla ice-cream. We
Serves 6-8 Time 2 hours Level thought at the time, and still,
Medium that it was culinary euphoria.
Still, this adaptation of ‘Hot
For the pudding & Cold’ is one of my favourite
110g butter, softened dinner party recipes and my
110g caster sugar friends delight when I produce
4 eggs it at the end of a meal. It is
150g plain flour a great dish to have cooked
1 tsp baking powder in advance which is an added
25g cocoa powder bonus and you can just heat it
up when required.”
For the chocolate sauce
225ml pouring cream “ e puddings I have
110g dark chocolate, chopped chosen for you this month
1 measure of Baileys (optional) are simply delicious”

1. Lightly grease a 2lb/900g pudding
basin with some melted butter.
2. In a large mixing bowl, cream
the butter and sugar together until
light and fluffy. is should take 5-6
minutes. Add in the eggs and mix
Sieve the plain flour with the baking
powder and cocoa powder, you
could use self raising flour instead of
these two ingredients if you would
3. Add the flour mix into the mixing
bowl with the butter and eggs and
mix until completely smooth.
4. Pour into prepared pudding
basin, cover the top of the basin
(not the mix) with tin foil and
then secure the lid. Bring a large
saucepan of water to the boil and
then sit the pudding basin into the
pot ensuring that the water comes
no more than half way up the side of
the basin.
5. Simmer for 1½ hours or until a
skewer inserted in the centre comes
out clean. Keep an eye on the pot
whilst it is steaming to make sure
that the water does evaporate.
Top up with additional water as
6. To make the sauce, put the cream
into a small saucepan and bring to
a rapid boil. Pour the boiled cream
onto the chopped chocolate and mix
well. Whisk in the Baileys if desired.

is is now ready to use.
7. Invert the pudding onto a serving
platter and serve with the hot
chocolate sauce. WW


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