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WW48 2019

Woman's weekly magazine






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Dec 2, 2019 ContentsStuff. Festive, Christmassy bargain? Let us know at recipes that will turn what’s
Vol.56 Issue 48 stuff. Beauty bits and fashion [email protected] lying around in your fridge
must-haves. ese are what around December 25 into
COVER IMAGE: we’re focusing on in this Elsewhere, we have chats a culinary extravaganza.
Hazel Coonagh week’s Woman’s Way special. with cover star Celia Holman
We’ve chosen party looks for Lee, who talks staying true ere’s a Christmas pudding
all budgets plus we have 50 to herself and why she’s a pie that looks delicious!
beauty treats under €50 if Limerick lady at heart while
you’re still looking for that Amy spoke with Andrea Corr Next week we’re focusing
perfect present for a loved one about her memoir and the on festive health and
(or yourself, there’s nothing importance of gratitude (both wellbeing and jazzing up our
wrong with a bit of Christmas great reads, I urge you to turn home in time for the holiday
#selfcare). Picked up a great to those pages). season.

We also have leftover Have a
fab week.

Pg 8 Pg 12 Regulars
Pg 30
26 Puzzle special
Your life Pg 22 30 Craft patterns
16 Niamh Browne 38 Reader fiction
18 Book extract 42 Soap gossip
22 Parenting treats 44 is week
45 It’s your letters
46 Your horoscopes
47 Tarot reading
48 Latest health news
60 Home & away

Pg 44

On the cover 24 Houseplant 101 Pg 21
34 Self care advice
4 Celia Holman Lee 36 Festive reads COMPETITION
6 Cathy O’Connor 39 Stationery gifts
8 Festive fashion looks 50 Ciara Mageean
12 Beauty under €50 56 Women in food
20 Agony advice 58 Easy eco swaps
21 Win André Rieu tickets 62 Sue Moorcroft

Pg 3925 Win Gionni handbags WIN
40 Andrea Corr
Issue 45 (November 11)
Gionni handbags M Carrick, Co Wicklow; Julie Ferguson,
Don’t miss out on this special cinema event
Co Kilkenny; Breda Reid, Co Cork; Dorothy Halpin, Co
AhwoSohatitinpnuvnhsieehjtdineoceSclhrwlAarrrdueokaKénealg7aritueoldiudeR0nydlognninrm,etihnbcggdbeaydJoeilsuaykaaonea-uitryn,efdrehApokt,wuytmeareffnhhJa7ourhivadiaer0lcufdsnliisyroootsWgiccéuhrennlh5Jeaiamnahoanc,blrrlsecthiee2itiayoimbserzreao0nmttsr’t4rnn,2shsca,eoenw0eeatdmvnlesn.foaei.Ioddyfnnsett aiwAinwHnahnenandxAAiaiyastddcwmshtncrlthumpkéoicesensaiitxRbunineeCrvceismtsreeeoligdumocauratias,fobnoawmiawtnovuhtuhuaeirh.hledtotleioiiinsclhorefenteetneinhemseCltecapirCwlhsbeviikeonfashrireiynearinfoo,eslwetcgomnclaiceootertravten!tene,
Editor: Áine Toner Wicklow; Carmel Chadwick, Co Tipperary ScmofaSCtorfcrcoaniahrthmeocyuiössesstMnssrsrmttbotOuuhsropsnhuresiecnctonwrhiwnnHfneooogasVfrrttellmailrldeaobaNn,tic,lnueeinatnrgwthapeci,esoislYeouRntcomdhaseridekseniog in Maastricht. figtviWivecekepeaahtwsiaravstyoeo!f
Email: [email protected] Beauty bag Mary O’Leary, Co Wicklow World-renowned
Yes to... products Karen Connolly, Co Kildare vbiioglginesisttc,lRasiesiuc,ailsmthuesic TTtTaPaciey(hacgwiodlforckneiarmnsdkiueoatdietrnhrptsmrseatsseerpsscyaitiorztstoinanenmhe,nuncrfdceeeieiruoJlnsmucalrmnaneirofdnsneaeomobtneutsidnrleaodaawy-acrcrsrnioreitdiyy.anenuicrwdonv.fe4oerurandwmmm,ennlsosuwaaa)d:snem.a,.lbye.l,e
Assistant Editors: Amy Wall Three books Angela Marley, Co Antrim ar4wori0gvtoihemrsrtltdi7nilwn0loi0owitdhn,0,eerw0aew0ncitoodthrirclsdodkevslelesitronslgedach WOMANSWAY.IE 21
Email: [email protected]; Crossword Olive Long, Co Donegal year.

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As another year draws to a close, Celia

Holman Lee has much to be thankful for

When we call Celia Holman happy was, and still is, at the happen easy for me, I would
Lee for a pre-Christmas catch forefront of her mind. have learned nothing.”
up, she has had her hands full
all afternoon looking after two “I am still the same person Celia is in agreement when
(of her five) grandchildren about my work today as I was asked if she feels as though
who were ill at the time and back maybe half a century the style of Irish women, and
listening to her talk about [ago] when I started. men, has evolved, noting that
them, it’s clear that she throughout the decades we
simply adores her role as a “It was always to give the have found more individuality
grandparent. “We just wrap best service, always do the and we’re not as ‘uniformed’
them up in swaddling clothes job to the best of my ability. I as we used to be, which is not
nearly and mind them. If it don’t know what it is like to be bad thing.
isn’t me, it will be Cecile or it employed because I’m always
will be Ger,” she says referring working for myself. That’s the “When I was younger and
to her daughter and husband. way I would be; I would always in my heyday we’d all have a
“We all have to mind them try to give it everything and tweed coat, we’d all have a pair
because like any grandparents continue to do so.” of jeans, we stuck to a look and
or any family, you adore your we probably were all carbon
little babies.” Being an Irish style icon, copies of each other but that’s
working in the industry for not the case [now]. There’s such
We begin our chat by over 50 years, Celia has an a vast amount of choice.
discussing what 2019 has been effortless flair for fashion and
like for Celia and her family dressing well. Does this status “There’s great acceptance of
and thankfully 2019 has been come with its own pressures everything now, from shape,
‘a really good year.’ though? Celia says that “when to age, to height, everything.
you’re representing a brand, We’re all human beings and
“Obviously nothing is plain an industry, a profession” for we’re all people and fashion
sailing, you’ll have little bits her it was always about putting is representing all that.
of ups and downs but overall, her best foot forward and The whole gender thing,
we’re heading into December looking the best she possibly everything is changing and
now and I can say it was a good could, something that has that’s good, that’s very, very
year. We’re all well, we’re all ‘stuck’ with her to this day. good, so all that change
healthy and we’re all busy.” brings great diversity in
“If it’s into town I’m going fashion and style,” she says
On the topic of being busy, in Limerick I don’t have to adding that this change and
I ask Celia if she ever finds it make, this sounds a bit,” she acceptance has been ‘quick’
difficult to take a step back or says pausing, “but it comes a due to the on surge of social
if being on the go is something bit natural to me now after all media in recent times.
she thrives on. She says that these years dressing myself. I
since beginning her career as don’t have to think about the “Everybody has their own
a model at the age of 15 she has process, I make it work and it individuality, that is very
been ‘mainly self-employed’ happens. But I would be very creative and good for us.”
all her life and keeping disappointed in myself after all
those she was working for of the years if I didn’t have that Combining fashion and
kind of attitude and if it didn’t personality is exactly what
Celia will do when she releases



By Michelle Newman. Image courutretseysyofofOOxexennddalaelsesI.rieeland. “We’re all human to hide anything.
Celia wears: Animal blush wrap dress VA653; Velour blazer DA098. beings and “I never left the city, I never

we’re all people wanted to leave the city.
and fashion is “I got married here, my
representing all
mother everybody belonging
that” to me lived here, I have my
family here, now I have my
her book which she hopes will five grandchildren who were
be finished by the end of next born in Limerick, so I have
year. Her office is ready to got my strength from all of
‘rock and roll’ she says and all that as well.”
that’s left to do now is put pen
to paper, but it’s important for Believing that it’s “very
her that she takes her time and important for all of us” to have
that it’s done right. a place to retreat and ‘escape’
to, for Celia this is her home
“It will be a mixture of my and her garden in particular.
life, not necessarily about me,
‘Oh look at me, I’m great,’ it’ll “I get great satisfaction from
go hand and hand with me and my garden and where I live
the fashion industry, we will and there’s lots of trees and it’s
hold hands as we go through lovely. That’s my downtime,
it together. Me and the fashion that is actually my downtime;
and me as a model and me as a my home and my garden.”
human being, but it won’t be
all about just me or all about Describing herself as a
just fashion, it will be mixed. “fanatically big Christmas
I have notes, I have it thought person” as her birthday
through I just have to get going coincides with the occasion,
on it now.” Celia also says that with
November being the month of
Having kept ‘trunk loads’ of the holy souls, it’s a chance to
photographs and memorabilia reflect and give thanks.
relating to her career over the
years has been a great starting “I think of all the people
point for Celia on this project. who are gone,” she says
remembering her late mother
“When I look at them or and father. “I’ve an aunt who
look at the pictures or look at was 94 on Monday, November,
something straight away the 11, she’s as sharp and looking
memory of that picture comes fantastic, really good. I was
back. So I have lots of that and delighted to be able to be with
you know, it comes back to me. her… you do reflect.”
It couldn’t leave me.”
As our catch up draws to
With Christmas just around a close I ask Celia about her
the corner, our conversation hopes for 2020 and what her
then turns to the people and goals are for the year ahead.
indeed the places that mean
most to us and for Celia one of “I’ve the big one next year,
those places is Limerick. next Christmas I will have the
big 7-0 so I’m praying that I
“I would not be the human will have great health, that’s
being that I am today without all I want is my health.
the whole of my roots, my
family, my Limerick-ness, “I want to make sure that
being a proud Limerick my family are well and my
woman, the Limerick people fantastic five beautiful, little
being so supportive towards darling grandchildren are
me. My background that I’m so healthy and happy. I will try,
proud of, it was the makings of because I love what I do, to
me and I think that’s how I’ve keep my pace of work but
looked at life, I’ve never tried maybe I will not be able to do
so, but I hope I can.”

And with a final laugh she
says: “And that in the name of
god that I get that bloody book
out there!” WW


50 OVER 50 “Life is over in a
flash and you’ve
Styleit out
Stylist Cathy O’Connor on got to try and
why she always leaves room enjoy as much stuck than to move on. ere’s
for the unexpected in life a huge amount of adapting
of it as you that you have to do because,
Turning 50 wasn’t a big deal as Fashion tends to be aimed at a possibly can” thank God, things never stay
I don’t gauge myself by my age younger market making some stagnant and nor should we.
women feel excluded We should be kinder to
I think for my particular ourselves – banish the negative We’re here to evolve – life is
generation that things have Even though women of a voice in your head not about having the same
changed so dramatically certain age, when you get to experience over and over again
in terms of the aspirations your 40s, you’ve got more e worst thing [is] to be
and the life experience that brand loyalty, you’ve got a looking at yourself and only In terms of personal evolution,
my mother would have few more bob in your pocket seeing your wrinkles, to be I do not want to come into the
anticipated, [hers] and mine than you did earlier, and yet, looking at yourself going, world and go out the other
are so incredibly, radically it’s a time that a lot of time ‘Oh, if only I was younger,’ end just having clocked up
different. ere are women fashion says: We don’t want or ‘If only I was half a stone years and the same experience
out there who are looking to talk to you. Age is not sexy lighter.’ For anyone at any over and over again, so I’m
better, as engaged in life as and so very often it will not age that is just a terrible absolutely open for anything.
ever they were, and I think fit in with the marketing mindset to have and I think It’s really good for us to be
more and more age becomes brief and that’s just not right, that’s why attitude is so curious about life, to be
less of a determining factor. that’s just ridiculous! A lot of important. I think self-talk engaged, to move with the
It’s up to us as individuals times there’s an exclusivity is really important and to times. What I absolutely
to not be beaten down or that is not appropriate and be mindful of what it is that know to be true, as the cliché
presumed upon because we with that in mind I absolutely you’re saying to yourself. If goes, it’s the journey and not
are a certain age, be it 21, 30, think that the greatest there is something in your the destination. It’s all the
40 whatever it is. ere are thing you can have in your life that really bothers you, learnings that you take it, all
certain projections, a certain wardrobe is attitude. None of take action! the insights you have while
kind of mentality, that has us are invisible, invisibility is you’re trying to go where
been put upon us in that way. not our brief. I’m not a planner, I like life to be you’re going. It doesn’t mean
a spontaneous adventure that if you don’t achieve that
With age people undoubtedly My work has taught me style is I have real difficulty with particular destination that’s By Michelle Newman
tend to care less for everyone at every age planning, I’ve got better but I it’s been a waste of time
like the unpredictability; I like because you’ll have learned
It’s definitely a time when Style is all about personal the spontaneity of anything something, it will have
you’re less concerned style – it’s not about trends might happen and I always informed you and you might
with what people think of and for me fashion is much leave room for that. I mean, my take an entirely different path.
you because at this point, more about trend-based; business in the past few years
hopefully, you know yourself looks that the moment they has changed so radically with ere’s loads to learn as we go
well, you’ve clocked up plenty are in, they’re gone. If you like the advent of social media it’s along the road. Life is over in
of experiences, you’ll clock your style, if you’ve always almost unrecognisable to what a flash and you’ve got to try
up plenty more, but I think loved style, it’s never over. It it was and so there’s no point and enjoy as much of it as you
there is a kind of feeling of doesn’t matter what age you in me moaning about that. It’s possibly can. WW
caring less than you might are, it’s never over. You should so much more difficult to stay
[have]. Living your own life never be listening to anyone For more information or to
as opposed to living it in some or telling yourself that in some avail of Cathy’s personal
way that other people might way it’s over for you because shopping service, email:
think that you should do. it’s just not. [email protected]


Lights, camera, Christmas!
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A MOMENT for me

“It was never planned, and your back. I was always Niamh with Fay “When I see
there was no strategy, there weary of [exercise] so I used and Luke it working for
was no business plan and to walk and swimming were myself I want
sometimes things work that the two things I did. I was in her ear, should both be gone in to share it
way, I think, because they’re a couple of car crashes in the six weeks. with others
meant to.” This is how Niamh space of a week, before my as well”
Browne describes the way tinnitus and afterwards it was “The six weeks came
in which MoMe started and recommended that I try Pilates and went, the vertigo went was unable to find a definitive
the unexpected success her to help with my back,” Niamh completely, never came back reason as to why this had
mindfulness card business has says adding that this was the but the ringing didn’t stop.” happened.
garnered since it began over first time that she really began
three years ago. to understand ‘the breath.’ Niamh goes on to describe “Nobody really could
that as the months went by she give me an answer and that
The mum of two from Co “All of us breathe from the came to the realisation that
Limerick - her daughter Fay is minute we’re born but so she was actually deaf in the
13-years-old and son Luke is many of us go around and same ear and even though she
eight – who set up her graphic we don’t really ever connect visited “consultants all around
design company Designers with our breath, or really even the country trying to find
Ink almost 20 years ago, says know half the time that we’re answers” unfortunately she
that she prefers to allow things breathing. It taught me to
to ‘unfold and happen’ in understand the inhale and the
life rather than ‘strategically exhale, literally.
plan’ too far ahead. This,
she believes, is one of the “That was the first time I
reasons why mindfulness really started to acknowledge
works so well for her. After my breath or notice that when
being diagnosed with tinnitus I was stressed out my breath
and having exhausted other would change, and it just
options to deal with the issue, made me become aware of my
she decided to try mindfulness breath basically.”
and meditation, not knowing
the profound and long lasting When Niamh woke up
results it would have. one Saturday morning in
September 2014 with a ringing
As a child Niamh underwent in one of her ears, feeling as
two spinal fusion operations if she had ‘just left a concert,’
due to scoliosis, which is a her first reaction was: am I
sideways curvature of the dreaming?
spine, and her condition also
meant that she had to give up “I couldn’t understand it
gymnastics, something she and I had never heard of this
loved at the time. happening to anyone else.
I went to get out of bed and
“Back then we wouldn’t the floor literally went from
have been as clued in or as underneath me, it was very
understanding of holistic scary, a very frightening
therapies and I was always situation,” she explains. After
told to ‘mind my back.’ I visiting her doctor Niamh
didn’t understand or wasn’t learned that she had vertigo
educated in the connection and tinnitus. She was given a
between your core strength prescription for the vertigo and
told that it, and the ringing in



was frustrating and the last was recommended to me by flashcards with helpful has taught me is to practice
consultant I saw said to me, Chime, I said to myself, ‘I ‘pointers’ and affirmations - gratitude; when you are going
‘You’re going to just have to know the exact woman I’m such as: be kind to yourself through a difficulty in your life
live with this, people could going to go to.’ So I literally today or to connect with or changes just always try and
have tinnitus forever.’ I would called Donna she said, ‘Perfect your breath or be gentle with think about the things that you
naturally be a positive person I’m running one in January,’ yourself - and she shared these are grateful for in your life. e
and I got upset and I started and that was the following with her pal. other thing is that life changes,
crying and the I said to myself, year then I did the [MBSR] nothing ever stays the same
‘Why are you crying? is course, which is mindfulness ese cards were such a and I think that the more we
isn’t life threatening, it’s not based stress reduction.” hit than soon Niamh was realise that things can change
a serious illness you should be getting requests for more cards and be open to changing when
grateful that it isn’t,’ but I still When she first started the and from there, her second they happen, I think it builds
felt that notion of, oh my god, course, Niamh struggled with business took off in July 2016. our resilience.”
I’ll have this ringing forever… meditation as she found it
He recommended that I go for difficult to sit still and saw “I thought of the name for As well as running Designers
support to Chime [formerly the practice as something she them and that’s why I came up Ink and MoMe, Niamh also
Deafhear] in Limerick.” ‘had to do’ rather than it being with MoMe which is a moment does some corporate work,
a time for her to sit and take for me, and it’s just taking visiting businesses to talk
Full of praise for the a few moments for herself little moments for yourself to employees about ‘stress
organisation, Niamh says that throughout the day. every day. management’ and ‘staying
while visiting Chime she was present in the workplace.’
encouraged to attend a group “It was more of a chore, it “I’ve never done any
session where mindfulness was was more of a ‘I better do this marketing or advertising it’s “I’m passionate about it so I
being discussed and she knew because I’m doing the course just been word of mouth and enjoy talking about it as you’ve
she had to give it a go. and I need to put this in my really my Instagram as well. probably gathered,” Niamh
diary, I need to meditate every It was never meant to be a says with a laugh. “It just
e year before developing day,’ but after time, it’s like business. It was just a little keeps me going and if anyone
tinnitus, Niamh met Donna anything when you’re patient project for myself because is going through change in
Curtin – an Associate with it, it’s become for me I didn’t have a deadline, I their life in general, I suppose
Teacher with the Centre for something that I enjoy.” didn’t have a client, it was when I see it working for
Mindfulness Ireland and got just a fun project,” she says myself I want to share it with
chatting about a mindfulness Whilst walking with a friend adding that she regularly gets others as well.” WW
course she was running. one evening and discussing messages from customers
the benefits of meditation and telling her how her cards have For more information on Niamh
However, not realising that connecting with her breath for helped them in various ways and MoMe, visit
this could be the answer to five minutes a day, Niamh’s throughout their own lives.
her problems, Niamh failed to friend was intrigued and
mention her own health issues wanted to learn more about “One thing that mindfulness
at the time. the practice. Keen to share
By Michelle Newman what she had already learned
“I never, ever connected and pass on her knowledge,
the two, so that’s why I think Niamh used her graphic design
it’s funny how life turns out background to create colourful
because when the mindfulness



mi ionaireQUIT LIKE A

Extracted from a guide that shows you how to live life on your own terms
THE MAGICAL NUMBER went on disability leave. Turned able to retire at 65 and travel
THAT SAVED ME the world like he always
out, there was a blood clot in wanted. But he never ended up
retiring because he was scared
From childhood up until age 30, his leg and the doctors said he he didn’t have enough money,
my life improved dramatically. might die if he didn’t reduce so he kept working “just one
his hours at work. A month more year”- year after year.
After all, through grit and Then his heart gave out, he
later, he came back, acting like died at his desk, and his kids
determination (and a healthy had him cremated and ended
dose of fear), I had made it into nothing had happened. The up traveling around the world
blood clot was still there, and with his ashes in a tin can.
the vaunted middle class as a
computer engineer, where not he limped around with a cane, The article was supposed to
only could I buy all the Cokes I’d but he just worked even longer be one of those “Awww, that’s
ever wanted, my biggest problem hours and screamed at us to do sweet. What nice kids to fulfill
the same. Everyone was either that man’s dreams” human-
was whether my breakfast interest stories, but when I read
muffins were organic and gluten- on antidepressants or having it, I didn’t identify with the
free. regular meltdowns. One of kids; I identified with the tin
my co-workers couldn’t take can.
But as Dad had taught me,
it anymore and also went on As I’ve said, I remain grateful
anything that can go wrong for growing up with a Scarcity
disability leave. Mindset. It kept me alive. But
will go wrong, and there isn’t now it wasn’t doing what it
Then I watched my mentor was supposed to. It had turned
a damn thing you can do to into a Hoarding Mindset.
collapse and almost die at his
stop it. One day, fate decided The Scarcity Mindset teaches
desk. That night, when I went you to sacrifice your time and
I hadn’t chi ku’d enough and your health for money, because
dropped a shit bomb. At work, home, I experienced my first money is life. And that works
panic attack. I also learned a when all you care about is
an announcement was made survival. But the problem with
that our department was being new life lesson: the Scarcity Mindset is that
Money is worth bleeding for, it doesn’t have an end goal.
“restructured” due to budget Once survival is no longer in
but it’s not worth dying for. jeopardy, there’s no off switch.
cuts (despite the fact that the You continue to sacrifice
Growing up poor had given needlessly, forever. It only
company had made two billion ends once you use up all your
dollars that year). Familiar faces me the Scarcity Mindset life energy and die in a cubicle
started disappearing, replaced that helped me claw my way somewhere.
with unfamiliar ones that more up to the middle class. But
often than not were stationed in somewhere along the way the The Scarcity Mindset trades
Scarcity Mindset had run out life energy for survival. The
an Indian call center. Hoarding Mind-set trades life
of steam. I’d made it, right? energy for nothing.
Despite having been a loyal
No more stomach worms, no I had seen it almost claim one
employee for six years and victim, and I didn’t want it to
getting promoted twice, I had more fishing for toys in medical claim me as well.
to submit weekly reports with waste heaps, no more treating
detailed examples to prove why empty soda cans like the most I needed a way out. WW
I shouldn’t immediately be fired, precious thing in the world. I
too. All of my colleagues were thought the whole point of Extract from Quit Like a
also hustling to prove why they getting a high-paying job was Millionaire: No Gimmicks, Luck
to be safe and happy. But I had or Trust Fund Required by
shouldn’t be on the chopping Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung
block. My best friend, as it turns done all the “right” things and (Quercus) available now
out, didn’t have the proof. Didn’t people were still dying around
matter that she’d been working me? What was the point of this
money if all it meant was the By Michelle Newman
eighty-hour weeks. Didn’t
matter that she had recently lost shiniest coffin in the graveyard?
her mother to a brain aneurysm, It was time for a change. It
her uncle to pancreatic cancer, was time to stop the bleeding.

and her grandmother to a heart THE HOARDING MINDSET

The pink slip was waiting for Looking at my mentor’s

her the day she got back from empty chair the next day, I

her grandmother’s funeral. remembered a story I’d once

Every day I wondered when read in the newspaper about

the axe was going to fall. It was a man who worked hard for

around this time that my boss decades so that he would be




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numerous possible reasons It may seem obvious, but
why your children might be they also need to understand
feeling resentful and upset with they are not to blame. I know
it’s never easy to re-live past
Agony AUNT you.Whilstsomeofitmightbe hurts, especially when some
down to the way you behaved of the feelings are still a bit
at the time, it could also be a raw, but please don’t give up.
lot to do with how their lives Try not to be judgemental and
avoid blaming your ex-wife
panned out subsequently. but, instead, concentrate on
explaining how you felt and
I know your son is refusing why you needed to separate
from their mother.
to talk to you and that your
Explain to them how
daughter doesn’t give you a unhappy this situation is
making you (and them too,
lot of time, but I really think by all accounts) and suggest
seeing more of each other in
you need to find a way to talk the future. If you can’t do this
face-to-face with them, then
to them about the divorce. It put it all in a letter or email.
Don’t expect an immediate
doesn’t sound as if you’re ever response, as they may need
time to mull it over.
really had a chance to sit them
If they will still not engage
HBDWEIOIVTTWOTHRECMRCAEYRN?EKILIHDASATVIPOEONASSTH-IP down and talk properly. with you, then all you can
How you do this might really do is to make sure
they know you will always
depend on what would be there for them if they
motivate them, but it might need you. Hopefully they
be easier if you started with will eventually come around
an email or a letter asking for but, sadly, there are no
a get-together, perhaps over a guarantees.
drink or a meal.
with your parents, and not
Your children are still quite with you.
young and haven’t had a
To him, you’re the
Columnist and trained counsellor lot of life experience yet, so “younger generation” and
Fiona Caine offers advice probably won’t appreciate he’s probably unwilling to
how relationships which seem jeopardise the friendship
he obviously values that he
When my wife and I divorced, used to be with my children. stable can fall apart. They do has with your parents. Not
it was a pretty messy business It seems so unfair - she need to know how much you wishing to be hard on you,
and a lot of bad things were regret how what has happened you should also consider that
said. I am largely over the and I both had affairs, but I’m has affected them. he may not be attracted to
the one that seems to have you and might even be using
the age gap as an excuse to
worst of it now and happily been blamed for everything. I’VE FALLEN FOR MY let you down gently.
settled with someone else - as Surely she should accept some PARENTS’ FRIEND
is my ex-wife. of the responsibility for what If you continue to try to
push for a relationship with
I’m really upset though, that happened; yet she seems to I’m 17 – the same age as my this man, I think you’re
going to get hurt, so please,
the relationship with my children have a much better relationship mum was when she had me, take his advice and try to
move on. If he’s still friends
is not as good as it should be. with our children than I do. which means a lot of their with your parents when
you’re a few years older and
They are now 22 and 24 and I R. S. friends are in their late 20s you still feel the same way,
that might be the time to
know I put them through a lot. and early 30s. One new friend revisit the idea. For now,
though, respect the fact that
I’m sure they blame me for FIONA SAYS: TRY BUILDING is a guy of – I think – 29, he’s not interested and look
for love elsewhere. WW
breaking up the family home SOME BRIDGES and he visits them often. I’ve

because, since they’ve left Presumably, from what you’re fallen for him big time. When

home, they’ve both had a string saying, your children lived I tried to tell him how I feel,
of failed relationships and my with your ex-wife until they he said he was flattered, but

son still refuses to talk to me. left home? In which case, they thought I should be going out
He’s living in a depressing probably only ever heard their with someone who was more

neighbourhood and people have mother’s side of the story. As my own age.
told me that he looks miserable things between you and her Why can’t he see that I am
most of the time. My daughter were acrimonious, I rather
serious about this and that

has a demanding job and works imagine they heard some the age difference shouldn’t
very long hours, so when I do difficult things said about you, matter?

eventually talk to her (which which could have coloured C. V.
isn’t often) she’s usually very their thinking.
tired and wants to end the FIONA SAYS: LOOK
conversation quickly. On top of that, have your ELSEWHERE FOR LOVE
children left what they would
I hate what the split up has have thought of as their home Whilst I completely agree
done to my family and, whilst voluntarily, or is it anything with you that a 12-year age
I wouldn’t want to get back to do with their mother’s gap really shouldn’t matter,
together with my ex-wife, I wish new partner? What I’m what matters to him is that
I could go back to the way we trying to say here is, there are he sees himself as a peer




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e legendary violinist, and the Coronation Concert gfitivivWceekepeaatwhsiarastvyoe!of
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with a one-off concert event This prize is for cinema
on Saturday, January 4 and As part of the celebration, tickets on January 4, only.
Sunday, January 5, 2020. In André Rieu will reminisce Tickets are non-refundable
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scammed into a hostage skills of its three
by Jacqueline Wilson situation disguised as a warriors. These
(Doubleday Children’s) package holiday. Luigi’s heroes have joined
Mansion 3 takes us to forces to track down
WDWIAIRMERPCYKYOIKNFIGDA:BALL The Last Resort, where the titular missing
King Boo wastes no time in imprisoning prince, but a er Trine
by Je Kinney the Mushroom Kingdom’s finest before 3’s forgettable journey
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Move over spider plant - we
have amazing bat flowers, a palm 2
tree and an air plant jellyfish

If your spider plant has lost its it needs moist air. It will sit elephant’s ear (Alocasia 4 3
lustre, you’re done with your happily outside in summer in a x amazonica), a dramatic 6
devil’s ivy and have lost your shady spot. addition to any room, with 5
appetite for your Swiss cheese its arrow-shaped evergreen 7 By Hannah Stephenson
plant, it’s time to seek out some 3. Go Hawaiian tropical leaves which reach up to
more unusual houseplants. 60cm (24in) long. They do
It may be rare, but the Hawaiian well in a warm, lightly shaded
You could go for a tropical palm can bring a dash of the room or conservatory.
look with parrot-shaped exotic into your home with its
flowers, or something rich green leaves and sweet- 6. Go batty
architecturally on-point, or scented jasmine-like flowers
even a plant that grows coffee which bloom in October. This The bat flower (Tacca
beans. So, what’s out there that succulent, which doesn’t need chantrieri), so called because
you probably haven’t tried? much watering, makes its main it mimics a bat in flight, is a
growth in the winter months striking houseplant whose
1. Take a breath of fresh air and is easy to grow indoors. large, rich leaves surround an
Give it a light position inside in almost black bloom with long
Move over cacti because air winter and a sheltered position ‘whiskers’ during summer.
plants are on the rise. They in the house or garden in the Plant it in well-drained soil,
don’t need soil, just a humid summer, when it is dormant. positioned in a shady spot
environment, so a bathroom When the lower leaves turn with high humidity, so place
or steamy kitchen would be yellow, snap them off to the pot in a tray of wet gravel
ideal and you just need to mist emphasise the characteristic of to keep the air around it
them a couple of times a week. the trunk. humid. It will need repotting
They can be used to trail or just annually as it doesn’t like to
form part of a display in a glass 4. Leaf through spots be pot-bound. It’s a great
container, provided there’s alternative to an orchid. If
plenty of air circulation around Variegated leaves are nothing you’re growing it from seed,
their base. Crocus offers air new in the plant world - but soak the seeds for 24 hours
plants in quirky upside-down what about spots? There’s a before sowing.
sea urchin shells to give a begonia out there to give you
jellyfish effect. spots before your eyes. The 7. Fancy a co ee?
Begonia maculata ‘Wightii’ has
2. Find a rainforest favourite a white dotted upper leaf and Ever thought of bringing
deep red underbelly and will your own taste of heaven
The parrot plant, also known do well in bright light but not into your home with a coffee
as the Congo cockatoo direct sunlight. Keep the soil plant? The Barista has luscious
(but officially Impatiens moist, watering once the top green leaves to add a tropical
niamniamensis), is a striking two inches of soil have dried touch to a shady spot in your
plant which produces unusual out, but don’t let the plant dry home. Its attractive clusters of
red and yellow flattened tubular out completely, and give the sweetly scented white flowers
flowers with a green hooded plant good humidity. are followed by glorious red
mouth, dangling below leaves berries, which are in fact
to provide an eye-catching 5. Explore elephant ears coffee beans. Sow seeds from
display. Originally a stalwart in January to December but
the African rainforest, it prefers Alocasia are proving popular you’ll need to be patient as
a humid environment and is at the moment, thanks to their they are slow-growing. WW
ideal in a heated greenhouse or tropical-looking veined leaves
frost-free room but keep it away in a variety of colours and leaf
from central heating because markings. Try the Amazonian


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9 - Spanish rice dish (6)
Once a month, we will be o ering readers (and crossword fans) a super puzzle to test 11 - Theme for a discussion (5)
your skills. This month, you could win a fabulous break at the Ferrycarrig Hotel, Wexford. 13 - Terse (7)
14 - Belgian town (3)
WIN! A FESTIVE ESCAPE AT 15 - Root vegetable (6)
FERRYCARRIG HOTEL WEXFORD 16 - Becomes less severe (7)
17 - Phrase that is not taken literally (5)
The festive season at the award-winning four-star Ferrycarrig 18 - A perfumed liquid (3,2,7)
Hotel located on the banks of the River Slaney in County Wexford 20 - Creative (8)
is celebrated with a delicious A ernoon Tea menu filled with 23 - Science of analysing data (10)
local flavour. We have teamed up with Ferrycarrig to o er our Big 26 - Navigable channel (8)
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experience. Festive A ernoon Tea at Ferrycarrig is on 35 - Yearns for (5)
o er weekly from Sundays to Thursdays from the 36 - Sums together (4)
beginning of December until Christmas Eve. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Over 18s only. Subject 37 - Mystery; riddle (6)
to availability. Following the festive season the prize 38 - Feudal vassal (5)
will include all as per outlined, however the Festive 40 - Inclination (8)
For reservations call 053 912 0999 A ernoon Tea Menu will be substituted for the 42 - Up for debate (10)
or see A ernoon Tea Menu. No alternatives. 43 - Remaining (8)
48 - Lack of practical knowledge (12)
51 - New ___ : Indian capital (5)
52 - Bundles of grain stalks (7)
54 - Contributes information (6)
55 - Hold firmly in position (3)
56 - Genuine (7)
57 - Food relish (5)
58 - Remorse (6)
1 - Made (12)
2 - Made an identical copy of (6)
3 - Celestial body (4)
4 - Say sorry (9)
5 - State of matter (6)
6 - Text of a play (6)
7 - Undoes (6)
8 - Norway lobsters (6)
10 - Savoury jelly (5)
12 - Musical instrument (10)
19 - Unhurried (9)
21 - Frozen water (3)
22 - Vault under a church (5)
24 - Dessert (anag) (7)
25 - Ancient wise king (7)
26 - Doing the dishes (7-2)
27 - Divide into three parts (7)
28 - Greek wine (7)
32 - Di culty (12)
34 - Stability (10)
36 - Change (5)
39 - Try hard to do something (9)
41 - Cease (3)
44 - First born (6)
45 - Away from the coast (6)
46 - Joined together (6)
47 - Tenant (6)
49 - Precipitates (5)
50 - Person with detailed knowledge (6)
53 - Travelled too quickly (4)

Post the completed crossword with the
competition form on page 45 to Big
Prize Crossword 48, Woman’s Way,
Rosemount House, Dundrum Road,
Dublin 14. Closes December 9, 2019.



Every letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number, the
The following events all same number representing the same letter throughout the puzzle
occurred in a year in living
memory. Can you guess the HARD SUDOKU
4 LETTER WORDS: Area; Door; Exit; Jazz; Plug; Pubs; Rare; Slit; ISSUE 47
1 Sofa; Took; Tree; Yo-yo; 5 LETTER WORDS: Bored; Equal; Ovens; SOLUTIONS
Razor; Relax; Screw. 6 LETTER WORDS: Archer; Cereal; Echoed; MEDIUM SUDOKU
1 Clint Eastwood became Expect; Hungry; Invest; Stolen; Unload. 8 LETTER WORDS:
Mayor of Carmel Advanced; Articles; Bathroom; Bouncing; Japanese; Ploughed;
2 The Space Shuttle Princess; Whispers.
Challenger exploded on
3 The Greater London
Council was The word may sound familiar, but do you know what it means?
became world A The reduction of weight A A birth mark
heavyweight by sugar free diet B A beauty spot
boxing B A small domestic fowl C Small depression on the cheek
champion C A tail-less ape or chin

A Protuberance composed of horn A Double, or two-fold
1 Ballet B Wax covered B A double cocoon with 2 or more
dancer Rudolf Nureyev C Of or pertaining to pottery silkworms
requested asylum in France C Complicated
2 The Peace Corps was 3 CLICHE
founded in the US A A cheese tart 6 ERRONEOUS
3 Dr Ramsey became B A hackneyed phrase A Worn away
Archbishop of Canterbury C A prison B Extra-sensitive area of the body
4 Britain provided both C Mistaken, incorrect
women’s singles finalists at


1 The first direct elections
for the European Parliament
took place
2 Rhodesia was renamed
3 Trevor Francis became
Britain’s first ‘million-
pound’ footballer
4 Nottingham Forest won
the European Cup


1 The NHS came into being
2 The new state of Israel
was proclaimed
3 Author Terry Pratchett
was born
4 Don Bradman retired from
Test cricket with a duck

ANSWERS: 1 1986 2 1961
3 1979 4 1948

ANSWERS: 1B. 2C. 3B. 4C. 5A. 6C



To solve the puzzle, simply write your
answers in the direction of the arrows


1 “Was that your new maths when Susie was ten years younger ALBERT MANITOBA TANA
teacher you were talking to?” than Pam is now. ATHABASCA MICHIGAN TAYMYR
At least one of them is in her BALKHASH NETTILLING TOLUCA
“She looked a bit young, is she ‘teens, and of course we have taken DOON NICARAGUA TURKANA
in her twenties?” ages in completed years. ERIE NIPIGON VAN
Betty smiled. “That’s right, INARI ONTARIO VOSTOK
Dad, and she’s lots of fun. Today 3 Sam seemed to be digging up his KHANKA SAIMAA VYGOZERO
she told us her age is one less square tiled patio when I dropped LADOGA SNOW WINNIPEG
than four times the product of its in on him yesterday. “No, only MALAWI SUPERIOR
digits. That’s our homework.” making it smaller,” he told me. “I’m
How old? removing the outer tile all the way
round. That’s taking away one tile
2 When Pam was a year older less than the total that will remain.”
than Susie was when Pam was The tiles were square and all the
half as old as Susie was when same size, so how many would he
Pam was as old as Susie is, Susie be removing?
was a third as old as Pam was

ANSWERS 1: Teacher aged 23 years old. 2: Susie 12 years old VISUAL PUZZLES
(Pam 14). 3: 24 tiles to be removed.
Fill in the blanks with the words:


ACROSS: 1 Court; 4 Caustic; 8 Natural; 9 Spurn; 10 Tilt; 11 Pedantic;
13 Drab; 14 Flue; 16 Assorted; 17 Halt; 20 Inept; 21 Portico; 22
Nunnery; 23 Tongs. DOWN: 1 Constellation; 2 Until; 3 Tart; 4 Caller;
5 Unstable; 6 Trustee; 7 Conscientious; 12 Garrotte; 13 Discern; 15
Deeply; 18 Align; 19 Grit.



Help Santa deliver the presents Find two identical cards COKRIDNSE’R


Find ten differences between the pictures Find seven differences between the pictures


“Make in
time for




Super cosy,
super easy!

Lattice lace shawl in Circle the size you wish to make (k2tog, yfwd) 4 times, rep from * to last
Wonderso DK 9155 14 sts, k1, k2tog, yfwd, k3, yfwd, sl 1,
LATTICE LACE SHAWL k1, psso, (k2tog, yfwd) twice, k2.
MEASUREMENTS 23rd row. K3, * k2, k2tog, yfwd, k5,
Lattice Lace Shawl, MAIN SECTION yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, k5, rep from * to
finished size end.
cm in Work as given for Main Section of Lacy 25th row. K3, * k1, k2tog, yfwd, k7,
110 x 113 43¼ x 44½ Stripes Shawl to **. yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, k4, rep from * to
Now work in patt as follows: end.
YOU WILL NEED 1st row. * K1, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, k2, 27th row. K3, * k2tog, yfwd, k9, yfwd,
Lattice Lace Shawl (k2tog, yfwd) 4 times, k3, rep from * to sl 1, k1, psso, k3, rep from * to end.
Wonderso DK last 3 sts, k2tog, yfwd, k1. 29th row. K2, * k2tog, yfwd, k1, (k2tog,
100g balls 2nd and every foll alt row. Purl. yfwd) 4 times, k2, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso,
6 3rd row. K1, * k1, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, k1, rep from * to last st, k1.
Colour used Vanilla 1005 k2, (k2tog, yfwd) 3 times, k3, k2tog, 31st row. K1, k2tog, yfwd, * k3, (k2tog,
Alternative Yarns Special for Babies yfwd, rep from * to last 2 sts, k2. yfwd) 3 times, k4, yfwd, sl 1, k2tog,
DK, Wonderso MerryGoRound, 5th row. K3, * yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, psso, yfwd, rep from * to last 16 sts, k3,
Wonderso DK Prints. Amounts may (k2tog, yfwd) 4 times, k1, k2tog, yfwd, (k2tog, yfwd) 3 times, k4, yfwd, sl 1,
vary. k3, rep from * to end. k1, psso, k1.
1 pair 3¼ mm (UK 10 – USA 3) knitting 7th row. K3, * k1, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, 32nd row. Purl.
needles and 1 pair 4 mm (UK 8 – USA 6) k7, k2tog, yfwd, k4, rep from * to end.
knitting needles. 9th row. K3, * k2, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, ese 32 rows form patt.
k5, k2tog, yfwd, k5, rep from * to end. Rep all 32 patt rows 9 times more, then
ABBREVIATIONS 11th row. K3, * k3, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, rep 1st row again, ending with a rs row.
alt alternate cm centimetre(s) k3, k2tog, yfwd, k6, rep from * to end. Complete as given for Main Section of
foll following g grammes in inch(es) 13th row. K1, (k2tog, yfwd) twice, * k2, Lacy Stripes Shawl from ***.
inc increase(ing) k knit mm millimetre(s) yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, k1, k2tog, yfwd,
p purl patt pattern psso pass slipped k1, (k2tog, yfwd) 4 times, rep from * to SIDE BORDERS
st over rep repeat rs right side sl1 slip last 14 sts, k2, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, k1,
one stitch st(s) stitch(es) tog together k2tog, yfwd, k1, (k2tog, yfwd) twice, (Both Alike)
ws wrong side yfwd yarn forward k2. With rs facing and using 3¼ mm
15th row. (K2tog, yfwd) twice, * k4, needles, pick up and knit 259 sts evenly
The yarn amounts stated are based on yfwd, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yfwd, k3, along row-end edge of Main Section,
average requirements and are therefore (k2tog, yfwd) 3 times, rep from * to last between cast-on and cast-off edges.
approximate. 15 sts, k4, yfwd, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yfwd, Work in g-st for 5 rows, ending with a
k3, (k2tog, yfwd) twice, k1. ws row.
TENSION 20 sts and 30 rows to 10 cm, 17th row. K1, (k2tog, yfwd) twice, * k4, Next row. K1, * yfwd, k2tog, rep from
4 in, over pattern on 4 mm needles or the yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, k2, (k2tog, yfwd) * to end.
size required to give the correct tension. 4 times, rep from * to last 14 sts, k4, Work in g-st for a further 4 rows,
It is essential to work to the stated yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, k2, (k2tog, yfwd) ending with a rs row.
tension to ensure the correct size of twice, k2. Cast off knitwise (on ws).
garment and you should always knit a 19th row. (K2tog, yfwd) twice, * k3,
tension square. k2tog, yfwd, k1, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, TO MAKE UP
If there are less sts and rows to 10 cm, k2, (k2tog, yfwd) 3 times, rep from * to
4 in, change to finer needles if there are last 15 sts, k3, k2tog, yfwd, k1, yfwd, sl Pin out Shawl to the measurements
more sts and rows to 10 cm, 4 in, change 1, k1, psso, k2, (k2tog, yfwd) twice, k1. given. Cover with clean, damp tea
to larger needles. 21st row. K1, (k2tog, yfwd) twice, * k1, towels and leave to dry. See ball
A er casting o , one stitch will remain k2tog, yfwd, k3, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso, band for washing and further care
on the right hand needle which is not instructions. WW
included in the instructions that follow.
Although every e ort has been made WOMANSWAY.IE 31
to ensure that instructions are correct,
Stylecra cannot accept any liabilities.
Stylecra cannot accept responsibility for
the result of using any other yarn.

“It’s winter, it’s
SKILL RATING** cold and we’re
in need of a cosy
SHELL-STITCH JACKET coatigan that we
Kathy Merrick’s jacket is worked in one- can throw on
row stripes of shell stitch, exquisitely when hitting the
o setting the icy gleam of the mohair and
silk yarn. It’s crocheted in one piece from shops”
the stand-up collar down to the armholes,
using increases to shape the raglan-style SHELL PATTERN pat reps.
yoke, before being divided for the body and
sleeves. Chain a multiple of 6 plus 1. Separate body and sleeves
Setup row 2 dc into 4th ch from hook Row 1 (RS) Work shell pat to first marker, ch
SIZE (counts as ch 3, 2 dc), *sk 2 ch, sc into next 6 (6, 12), sk sleeve sts to 2nd marker, work
Sized for Small, Medium, Large and shown ch, sk 2 ch, ch 3, 3 dc into next ch; rep from * across back in shell pat to 3rd marker, ch
in size Medium. to last ch, sc in last ch, turn. 6 (6, 12), sk sleeve sts to 4th marker, work
Row 1 Ch 3, 2 dc into first sc, work shell st from 4th marker to end.
FINISHED MEASUREMENTS (sc, ch 3, 3 dc) in each ch-3 sp across, sc into Row 2 (WS) *Work shell pat to ch-6 (ch-6,
top of t-ch, turn. ch-12), **sk 2 ch, sc into next ch, ch 3, 3 dc
› Bust 42 (48, 54)”/106.5 (122, 137)cm Rep row 1 for shell pat. into next ch; rep from ** 0 (0, 2) times; rep
› Waist 34 (40, 44)”/86 (101.5, 111.5)cm from * once more, work shell pat to end—64
› Upper arm 14 (16, 17½)”/35.5 (40.5, STRIPE SEQUENCE (72, 80) pat reps.
Work even until piece measures 4”/10cm
44.5)cm *Work 1 row each A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I; rep from underarm, ending with WS row. Place
from * (9 rows) for stripe sequence. markers between pat reps 20 and 21 (23 and
› Length 31½ (34½, 35½)”/80 (87.5, 90) 24,
BODY 24 and 25), and between pat reps 43 and 44
cm (49 and 50, 56 and 57).
With A, ch 97.
MATERIALS Work setup row of st pat, change to B. Place Waist shaping
stitch markers in sc between pat reps 2 and Dec row (RS) Work even in pat to 2 pat reps
› 2 .88oz/25g skeins (each approx 3, 5 and 6, 11 and 12, 14 and 15—16 pat reps. before first marker, *(sc, ch 3) in next ch-3
Inc row (RS) Inc in first ch-3 sp, *work in sp, 3 dc in next ch-3 sp**, rep from * to **
230yd/210m) of Rowan Kidsilk Haze shell pat to 1 shell before next marker, inc in once, moving marker up, work even in pat
(mohair/silk) each in #649 brick (B), next ch-3 sp, move marker up, inc in next to 2 pat reps before second marker, rep from
#666 alhambra (C), #667 tornado (E), ch-3 sp; rep from * 3 times more, work shell * to ** twice, moving marker up, work even
#589 majestic (H), and #582 trance (I) pat to last ch-3 sp, inc in last ch-3 sp, work in pat to end—60 (68, 76) pat reps.
to end, changing to C—26 pat reps. Work even in pat for 7 (7, 9) rows more. Rep
› 1 (2, 2) skeins each in #605 smoke (A), Next row (WS) Inc in first ch-3 sp, work dec row—56 (64, 72) pat reps.
shell pat to last ch-3 sp, inc in last ch-3 sp, Work even in pat for 5 (7, 7) rows more.
#600 dewberry (D), #652 mud (F), and changing to D—28 pat reps. Inc row (RS) Work even in pat to 1 pat rep
#583 blushes (G) Cont stripe sequence throughout, rep last 2 before first marker, inc in next 2 pat reps,
rows 3 (4, 4) times—64 (76, 76) pat reps. moving marker up, work even in pat to 1
› Size D/3 (3.25mm) hook OR SIZE TO Next row (RS) *Work shell pat to one rep pat rep before 2nd marker, inc in next 2 pat
before next marker, inc in next ch-3 sp, reps, moving marker up, work even in pat
OBTAIN GAUGE move marker up, inc in next ch-3 sp; rep to end—60 (68, 76) pat reps.
from * Work even in pat for 7 (9, 9) rows more. Rep
› Stitch markers 3 times more, work to end—72 (84, 84) pat inc row—64 (72, 80) pat reps.
› 5 (6, 6) 1½”/38mm buttons reps.
› One ½”/12mm button Next row (WS) Work even in shell pat.
› ½yd/.5m grey felt Rep last 2 rows 4 (4, 5) times—104 (116, 124)
› Tapestry needle

6 shell sts and 10 rows = 4”/10cm over
shell pat using size D/3 (3.25mm) hook.

1 Jacket is worked from the neck down in
rows to armholes, then is divided into body
and sleeves to finish.
2 To inc, work 2 shell sts in indicated ch-3
3 Change to new color by working the last 2
lps of the last row before color change with
new color.



Work even in pat until piece measures 20 With I, beginning at right front neck edge, right front and attach to left front 4”/10cm
(22, 22)”/51 (56, 56)cm from underarm. join yarn with sl st, ready to work across away from edge.
Fasten off. bottom edge of sts. Cut smaller felt circle a little less than
Row 1 (RS) Ch 3, 2 dc in first ch-sp, *sc into ½”/1cm and attach to left front 4”/10cm
SLEEVES next sc, ch 3, 3 dc into next ch-3 sp; rep away from edge, lining up with topmost
from * to last st, sc in last sc—34 (36, 36) pat ch-12 lp. Sew smallest button to smallest
Beg at underarm ch-6 (ch-6, ch-12) and reps. felt circle. Sew remaining buttons to larger
working into opposite side of chain, join Foll reverse Stripe Sequence, work even in felt circles.
yarn continuing stripe sequence to work pat for 8 rows. Fasten off. Sew sleeve seams. Block to
across chain. measurements.• WW
Row 1 (RS) Ch 1, [sc in next ch, ch 3, 3 dc in Buttonbands
next ch, sk 2 ch] Join I at bottom edge of right front. Pattern taken from Crochet
1 (1, 3) times, work even in pat to end, Row 1 (RS) Ch 3, 2 dc in same row end, *sc This! Step by Step Techniques
turn—22 (24, 28) pat reps. into next row end, (Sixth&Spring Books), which is
Work even in pat 3 more rows. ch 3, 3 dc into next row end; rep from * 4 available now
Dec row (RS) Work even in pat to 2nd pat more times, sc into next row end, ch 12, 3
rep, (sc, ch 3) in next ch-3 sp, 3 dc in next dc into next row end**; rep from * to ** to
ch-3 sp, work even in pat to last 3 pat reps, last row of top of collar, sc in last row end.
(sc, ch 3) in next ch-3 sp, 3 dc in next ch-3 Fasten off—6 (7, 7) ch-12 lps. Join I at top
sp, work even to end—20 (22, 26) pat reps. edge of collar on left front.
Work even in pat for 5 (7, 7) rows more. Rep Row 1 (RS) Ch 3, 2 dc in same row end, *sc
dec row—18 (20, 24) pat reps. into next row end,
Rep last 6 (8, 8) rows 3 (3, 4) times more—12 ch 3, 3 dc into next row end; rep from * to
(14, 16) pat reps. Work even until sleeve last row on bottom edge, sc in last row end.
measures 16 (17, 18)”/40.5 (43, 45.5)cm Fasten off.
from underarm. Fasten off. Cut 5 (6, 6) 1”/2.5cm circles from felt
piece. On left front, mark to line up with
FINISHING corresponding bottom 5 (6, 6) ch-12 lps on


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“I am worthy of
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What’s the one thing you I love it SO much is the children’s pleasure, I know all the lyrics and
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30 years old, it’s er, for an acquired them all again whenever, wherever. the first time I watched it; I was a
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ever watch) but I LOVE IT. It gives it off the TV (old school, I know) and
me 90 minutes to totally tune out Niamh says: “After a long day in I sat, cross-legged on the carpet,
and concentrate on the wafer-thin the office, there is nothing I love absolutely transfixed. e singing,
plot. I could tell you all the lines, play more than to pop in my earphones the dancing, I loved it all. I watched
all the roles, and none of my friends and listen to as many tunes from that video so many times parts of it
rate it but I love it. See also Dawson’s musicals as I possibly can. I’ve were actually worn out! It must have
Creek. Yes, I do own the boxset.” adored musicals from such a young been on TV over Christmas because
age – the excitement, conviction and during the breaks a Cadbury’s Roses
Amy says: “I’m a kid at heart and I passion every song contains. For advert played, the one with the
don’t think I’ve ever really grown up me, there is something so magical ‘ ank you very much, thank you
properly. e one show I will watch about how each song can have the very very much...’ jingle. I watched
over and over again just because power to represent both the story Annie again at Christmas a few years
and character. Grease is my guilty ago and I loved it just as much.”


Feel the magic of A tale ofFestive
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In a hotel full of secrets, A heartwarming Join the residents of Christmas on the
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Christmas wedding


The challenge

Bleep… bleep… bleep… the sound of cycling days and struggle into my weighty “I peep over the
the alarm clock infiltrates the duvet walking boots. The heating on and the edges of the duvet.
finally reaching and then stirring the co ee percolator set for my return I slip out My eyes are aching
inert form lying underneath. through the front door and into the early and my vision blurry.
morning risers waiting world. It’s dark,
‘Dear God, can it really be morning?’ crispy cold and the sky is still displaying a ey refuse to focus
I think. Well, not morning in the usual glittering array of stars. on the cat-faced clock
sense which begins around 8am but
5.45am on this morning that I have set The car in the drive is glistening with lying by my bed”
myself the challenge to be up and out early morning frost. I lament the passing
for an early morning walk followed by of my geraniums heads sadly bend under and their well wrapped up owner and
an hour at my laptop, writing up my the weight of the black frost. I meant to pot have to jump to safety out of the way of
morning experience. I read somewhere it them up and move them into a safer place. a power-walking collie, dragging a small
was a great way to kick start a writing Too late now. breathless woman behind him.
habit for those of us who dream of being
a writer. I’m determined to give it a try. Despite the morning chill the air feels I walk on for some thirty minutes,
pure, not yet filled with car pollutants noticing the small slivers of blue
I peep over the edges of the duvet. emanating from the gridlock on the Naas penetrating through the blackened
My eyes are aching and my vision blurry. dual carriageway that is the morning tra c cloud cover. The day is dawning
They refuse to focus on the cat-faced inching its way to the capital. unspectacularly. No magnificent pink
clock lying by my bed. I know, I must be horizons this morning. I find I am
the last of clock users. Finally, it swims For once the surrounding houses are unexpectedly enjoying the solitude
into focus; yep it’s 5.45am and time to asleep, their usually watchful eyes closed o ered on this early morning walk while
begin. I struggle with the temptation the rest of the world sleeps on.
to just stay in bed for another hour and and darkened. I climb a stile at the end of
invent a suitable piece of writing instead. the road and head for the lake my boots Back on my street I notice that life
I turn on the snooze button and consider crunching on the frosted grass underfoot. has begun again. I feel a smug sense
my options. At once the torturous of satisfaction that I have not only
countdown begins, like the self-inflicted The normally unremarkable lake is completed the challenge of my early
torment of the swimmer who immerses resplendent and luminous in the dark. Peace morning walk but am already mentally
themselves inch by inch into a freezing permeates the scene. I am surprised to find planning my next one.
sea. I know now there is no chance of that I am not alone as I spot a number of
returning to sleep as my conscience kicks other enthusiastic morning walkers, mostly Back indoors the aroma of co ee
in. I struggle out of the glorious warmth of the canine variety accompanied by their and the warmth of the house assail
of my bed and marvel at how much more slightly less eager owners. I nod amicably my senses. The heating has kicked in
attractive bed is in the early morning in the direction of three docile greyhounds thankfully. I shower feeling re-energized
than in the late night. and more alive than I’ve ever felt at this
time of the day.
I feel at one with those marvellous
Antarctic explorers as I trek around the I take my co ee to the awaiting
house in similarly icy conditions. I have laptop and begin the second part of
forgotten to reset the heating last night my challenge, which is to write up my
to take account of my early rise this morning experiences before they fade
morning. I swear that is an ice layer on into the obscurity of the day ahead.
the inside of the bathroom window. I There might be something to this early
make a mental note to check out those morning game.
SEAI window upgrade grants that all
and sundry are talking about. I quickly
don my waiting T-shirt, fleece and
jeans. I seek out my old reflective jacket
– a throwback to my long forgotten

Want to be published in Woman’s Way? By Sheelagh Mooney

We are always looking for reader fiction! To get involved, simply email a short story of approximately 800 words to Áine at
[email protected] If you require the submission requirements, she’ll email them back to you. Happy writing.


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By Áine Toner

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Andrea Corr speaks to Woman’s Way
about grief, misrepresentation and
writing her truth

TELLING THE like Daddy’s death, there it is.” bug me. ere were stupid
One of my favourite parts of articles around the time where
It’s not often that you read have passed away. I was linked with everybody By Amy Wall. Image by John Swannell
a book that begins with the “It was just a need to write Barefoot Pilgrimage is the link – some of them I hadn’t even
words: ‘I did not sit down that Andrea makes between met and it would be a front
to write a book’, but that’s it all down, so it was true. So grief and gratitude. page. And then there was
what happens on page one that it happened. I mean, it articles – Why Andrea can’t
of Barefoot Pilgrimage – a brought the house back to “ e grief is the weight of find a man – and stuff like
memoir by Andrea Corr. In life for me and it made me the love and the loss, that’s that,” she says.
this moving book, the singer laugh an awful lot when I was what grief is. I suppose then,
and songwriter brings readers back remembering us and if it’s so painful then there’s “When I was younger
on a deeply evocative journey the visions I would get of the so much to be grateful for I would be more affected
as she reveals childhood past… It was definitely more because obviously there was by that. Now it’s terribly
memories, the grief she of a joyful experience than a a lot of love. at is, I think, trivial and if it brightens up
suffered losing her parents and painful one and it definitely fundamentally everything. It’s somebody’s day, so be it. I
meditations on family. made me feel better after it.” all gratitude, even for the dark don’t care. Well I’m not saying
times,” she says. I don’t care, but I don’t mind
Memoir is something of a I ask Andrea if she feels that any more. You know what?
double-edged sword. Some her brain was protecting her So what would she say I loved music and I loved the
writers remark on it being a from the grief of losing her to anyone who is currently band and being in it and all
painful excavation of their mother and she nods. struggling with grief? of that, but I really didn’t like
lives, while others find it the celebrity side of it. I really
cathartic – but how was it for “I think for all of us, because “It’s understanding [that] didn’t like that exposure.
Andrea? we toured all the time, you why you’re so deeply sad is
could kind of pretend that she because you have loved and “Also people can make a
“Most of all it felt good. I was still at home, so you’re you’ve been loved and of judgement on you, but you’re
definitely feel good after it,” not visiting it and we would course you’re going to feel that not making a judgement on
she says. “How I had felt before be away from home all the way. at’s it. If you go, ‘I’m anybody else. I’m not going
it was deeply sad. e loss was time, so you could kind of just devastated,’ no wonder. And around the world going ‘Oh
suddenly overwhelming. I pretend it didn’t happen. To a that’s something to be grateful judgement on him!’ and
think I was haunted by mum’s certain degree,” she says. for. Just embrace it. Try not to writing it in a newspaper.
death once Daddy died and fight it. Embrace it. at’s how I suppose it is part of it all
what I had probably blocked “I also do think there’s you are right now,” she says. nowadays and that’s fine but I
out and chose not to record in something about grief and the obviously wasn’t comfortable
my head was there too.” brain and memory, because it’s “ ese days we all go with it.”
hurting, you don’t press record around with stuff, all the time,
Losing both parents is a I think and that was it. But at everybody is. It’s not that we And how does Andrea
devastating blow and Andrea the same time, I think in our want to go around the world feel now that the book is out
remarks that “the ground brains it doesn’t matter if you and start sharing [it] – do you there? Was she nervous about
beneath your feet utterly press record or not – it’s there. know what I mean? But at the publishing such a personal
changes” when both parents So once you dig into it or once same time I think we should book? Andrea says that she did
something else brings it up, embrace our lows like we have a ‘wah!’ moment when
embrace our highs. I think we she thought about the book
certainly embrace our highs being read, but ultimately it
and that’s wonderful, but we comes down to the truth and
should embrace our lows. the fact that what she has
Yeah, you’re sad. No wonder. written is the truth.
You were loved and you loved,
no wonder.” “It’s not a performance.
It’s the truth as I saw it and
As part of e Corrs, Andrea so I can’t be misrepresented
has had an incredible career anymore and also our band
and one of the things that can’t be misrepresented
many musicians say is that it anymore.” WW
can be hard to reconcile their
true, authentic self with the Barefoot Pilgrimage by
public’s perception of who they Andrea Corr (Harper
are. I ask Andrea if that public Collins) is available now
perception was something that
was hard for her to carry.

“Sometimes, but it seems
trivial now. Sometimes it did


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brings you Ireland’s

best for less

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on short-breaks, Save your favourite exciting new deals your orders and Purchase and

beauty, luxury dining o ers & venues so every day track your delivery redeem in a few

and shopping o ers you don’t miss out stats steps


Michelle’s suggestion
This canny woman has a clever trick to keep everyone on side

Coronation Street to be left alone but Daddy Ken is having Also this week
none of it. Atta boy, Ken.
Vicky gatecrashes Michelle and Robert’s › Who has bought concert tickets?
pre-wedding celebrations (oh, the Jade’s tightlipped about her new job › Who’s thrilled by a surprise?
timing). She claims she’ll take Rob for and doesn’t seem that upset to be leaving › Who does a deal with Derek?
EVERYTHING he’s got which leads to No 9. Hmm.
Michelle making a suggestion. Clever
woman. Michelle also makes Rob ban Amy is overjoyed when Mary
Vicky from the ceremony. ere’s a compliments her performance in the
crash... then silence. What’s going on? school production of Bugsy Malone.

e big day arrives but will Michelle be Nina’s annoyed that Roy has cleaned
able to go through with her plan? Also the flat and refuses any help with the
there’s a rather dark undercurrent to this household bills.
Paul leaves the factory staff speechless
Emma and Seb share a kiss after he when he opens up about his past.
helps her devise questions for the Rovers’
pub quiz. But is the course of true love Later, Paul arranges a surprise for Billy
running less smoothly than it should? and Sean back at the flat, revealing a
beautifully dressed Christmas tree and
Daniel gets his laptop back - hurrah - asserting that he’s moving on.
but can’t bring himself to watch Sinead’s
videos. We’re with you, hun. Mind you, We don’t want to give the storyline
someone’s able to help little Bertie fall away on this but things get rough and
asleep (er, to rap music). Daniel wants someone is pushed against a wall.

Rita realises she’s no friends when in
need of a human cat feeder. We urge you
to watch this particular storyline.



Emmerdale EastEnders Fair City

Kim has the results she needs but will she e day has come that no one thought Will reacts badly when Cristiano ends
have second thoughts about revealing would happen as one resident’s mood their relationship. As you know, we won’t
them? She’s being uncharacteristically, darkens. ere’s an attempt at a like Will when he’s angry... he takes
well, nice. confrontation and a bombshell. drastic action against Cristiano. Which is
very, very bad BUT could it be a turning
Diane’s floored to learn Wendy is As a husband talks about his past, his point for them (and how everyone else
moving into the village and wants to wife is left reeling. sees this relationship)?
protect Victoria from finding out. Let’s
just say it’s not a welcome arrival from a Concerned about Karen’s money Ger and Sharon clash as Ger ruin’s
few villagers. Will she find support? worries, Billy hatches a plan to help. Oh Sharon’s plans. What’s that sound? e
dear, this won’t end well, will it? noise of Sharon in even further trouble.
Moira - while inebriated - messes up
a business meeting. Totes inappropriate, Mick thinks of a new approach to curb Ray offers to help Mondo out of a jam
just as Cain insists she’s not allowed to see Linda’s drinking, a Christmas detox, and but they both end up in a pickle. Later
the children. despite agreeing, Linda hates the idea. in the week, Ray gets more than he
bargained for when he interferes with
Noah’s suspicious to see Sarah lie to After learning there might be rats in Mondo’s Christmas plans.
Charity and who blurs the truth? the salon, Denise orders Sheree to sort it.

And why is Tubbs so shocked?

Holby City Ros na Rún


By Áine Toner Elliot needs life-saving surgery. Jac is Oh dear, Mo. She’s had so much fun at her Corrie’s Nigel Havers has teased his
the only one qualified to do it, but will hen that she kissed someone. But who? return to the cobbles. While conceding
her struggles with anxiety result in her And will she tell Colm? that Lewis is deceased, Nigel told Good
killing her mentor? Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan
Tadhg is trying his best to make up and Susanna Reid that his character has
Cameron sees an opportunity to make with Áine, who agrees to play camogie a “twin brother” and that he has recently
amends for past actions, but does so by again - but on one condition... Speaking been in touch with his former co-star
manipulating a patient’s relative for his of Tadhg, he tries to put the kibosh on Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey Roberts,
own ends. Pádraig’s pop-up nights in the café. Is he saying: “Sue [Nicholls] text me the other
capable of doing that? day saying, ‘I hope you’re polishing up
Still struggling with grief, Dom and your Brazilian accent’. So, there’s a clue.”
Lofty are thrown when Carole returns Laoise puts on a happy façade but Oh my goodness, the idea of Lewis
from holiday blissfully unaware of their Micheál knows she is not herself. Archer’s twin arriving in Weatherfield is
loss. Will she bring them together or only really exciting us!
drive them further apart? is is quality John Joe gets some much-needed
television drama at its best. words of advice (ie, he needs a bit of a
kick up the you know where).



is week... NOVEMBER 25-DECEMBER 2

The Gaiety Theatre is taking audiences on a magic Somewhere over the
carpet ride with its pantomime Aladdin. Directed by One4All has rainbow we will be
Daryn Crosbie, the classic Arabian tale of true love, announced a new walking in style
magic wishes and dastardly dealings, it’ll excite and partnership with with these
delight all ages with the extra helping of song, dance, Tesco Ireland. gorgeous
slapstick and laughter that you would come to expect. Available to purchase Rainbow Court
The show will run from November 24 – January 5. in a range of values heels from Faith @ Debenhams
To book log onto from €15 to €150, (€58.50), available now.
One4All gi cards
Christmas in the are now available at WinoSrtkyoleut
Hills of Donegal all 151 Tesco Ireland
stores. The ideal Fit Pink Fitness is an Irish fitness and
Running for its ninth year the Little Taste family Christmas athleisure brand, newly famed for its
of Christmas in Donegal town will take present! functional, comfortable and flattering
place on Nov 30, from 11:30am-6:30pm leggings designed for all shapes and
at the Abbey Hotel. This event will also TREAT OF sizes. Created by a mum of four with
be apart of the “Savour the flavour of THE WEEK a desire to create something that truly
Donegal Town” a programme that aims to felt and looked good, the leggings
immerse visitors with the best food and Flying Tiger come with handy pockets, all pairs
drink the town has to offer. The Christmas Copenhagen are high waisted, are easy to wash
event will have an array of things to chocolate bar sea and dry, and not see-through (our
offer throughout the day, such as children’s entertainment and salt caramel for bugbear). Fit Pink has also partnered
cookery and wine demonstrations. Tickets are priced at adults €4 just €1. Yum! with Plan International, to fight for
and children €1. Ticket are priced at €19.50 and available through girls’ rights. Ten per cent of each sale goes towards sanitary products for
girls in disadvantaged areas.
Santa’s House
Express Leggings are €45 and you can order
them from
Ireland’s leading Santa experience
is back for its sixth year at the five By Niamh Shields
star Palmerstown House Estate,
Johnstown, Co Kildare. Meet Santa
Claus, Mrs Claus, the merry elves and not to mention
Archie the bear. Visitors will embark on a Christmas train
through the mesmerising grounds of the estate until they
reach Santa’s magical kingdom. Mrs Claus will read her
classic tales to little ones while they wait to see the man
himself. While there, they can reveal all the details in their
letters and will be given an early special gift for being ever
so good. Afterwards visitors will be given a detour route
on their journey back to the stables to see Rudolph and
friends. Tickets are priced at €21 for children and €15.50.
To avail of tickets log onto

Award winning actress Christina Applegate turns 48 on November
25. The WW team loved her in Netflix series, Dead To Me.


Over to you GET IN TOUCH

Write our Star Letter
and win a beauty treat

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01 240 5300 [email protected] 01 240 5363

Star le er TIME FOR ACTION 60. Being only 62,
I have just returned from town and the Listening to the news, there are 10,000 my adventures
homeless and about 3,000 of those are must come to
stores are full of Christmas decorations. children. I go to into town every week an end with my
to see my sister and on my way home age, but reading
Growing up in Ireland in the 1960s there I notice that there are about 20 flats this lady’s letter
boarded up. I can’t understand how the gave me great
would not be a whisper of Christmas corporation can’t just do the buildings motivation. My
up and let those homeless into them, husband and I have
at this time of year. It would be late it baffles me. I would love to ask a booked a weekend in Scotland, the place
councillor about it but I don’t live in were we first met as we worked in a
November before even we as children town. I have asked my own councillor factory and both were from Ireland. It
but he is only focused on my own area. was love at first sight. We will re-live
talked of Santa. The eighth of December I would really love to see something get our youth again by acting 22 rather than
done soon. 62. The saying really is true – ‘Age is just
was the day Christmas began. VERONICA KANE, DUBLIN a number’ Thank you Woman’s Way for
the letters page as I simply love reading
The shop windows decorated, the FOREVER YOUNG other people’s stories.
Christmas baking began and of course I got so much inspiration reading
the letter in issue 46 about the lady
the turkey sales. Back then the rural embarking on her travels at the age of

women raised turkeys and sold them

coming up to Christmas. They would then

have money for the Christmas fare or

‘bringing home the Christmas’ as it was

called. About a week before Christmas

the shop where a family had shopped all

year would hand out the ‘Christmas Box’.

This would contain tea, sugar, whiskey,

barn brack and sweets. It was always WORTH

Christmas Eve when my father put up the €43WIN L’OCCITANE PRODUCTS

berried holly. Then the Christmas candle L’occitane are back with another hair product prize for

would be lit in the kitchen window. The our lovely writers. L’Occitane Gentle & Balance Haircare

wait for Santa would then begin. duo delicately cleanses hair while protecting and maintaining

It’s all a far cry from the bright lights scalp natural balance. Enriched with essential oils of

and weeks of walking in Christmas Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Chamomile and PDO Lavender, it

wonder lands each time we enter a store. o ers a unique sensorial experience, while its exquisite fragrance

But Christmas was a special time back awakens the senses.

then. Perhaps we have pulled away

too much from the image of that first This week’s star letter will receive L’Occitane Gentle and Balance
Haircare duo.
Christmas long ago.


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Page 37 Christmas books Complete and post to Woman’s Way
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Dundrum Road, Dublin 14
A winner will be selected at random. Closing date: Midday, Monday, December 9, 2019. Terms and Conditions or email [email protected]
apply. Editor’s decision is final.



What’s in your stars this week?

Sagittarius Capricorn

Nov 23 - Dec 21 Dec 22 - Jan 20

Using your charm to Someone who can make
delay a financial matter your life easier makes
gives time to think. ere themselves known. Hold on
are more solutions to to any suspicions until you
explore given the chance. investigate. Give health your
priority both for yourself and
ere is nothing wrong loved ones. With a busy time
in taking professional ahead you need to be firing on
advice. Just make sure it all cylinders.
is cost-effective or free!

Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus

Jan 21 - Feb 19 Feb 20- Mar 20 Mar 21 - April 20 April 21 - May 21

When getting something social Someone who you ask for is week is for strengthening Picking up on an old idea
organised, make it fun by advice may be hesitating. relationships by giving others could improve your finances.
involving others. Someone who Before thinking the worst, confidence in you. Let them Nothing happens immediately
you have not been getting on think. You may shave taken know that they can rely on but if you use finances
too well with could be drawn them by surprise. Ask again and seek your advice. Of carefully, patience will do the
in to make them feel more but in a more light-hearted course, you should only make rest. Optimism is the magic
accepted. When it comes to way and you could get a offers that you can deliver wand that sees you through
money, delay paying out only different response. Join in with on. To do less would produce any objections to your plans.
until you are feeling the need. something for charity. disappointment. You get what you put in.

Gemini Cancer Leo COMPETITION

May 22 - June 21 June 22 - July 22 July 23 - Aug 23 Yes To Skincare is the
perfect range for when girls
Be on your toes this week Are you sending out mixed A lovely week when you are start taking an interest in
when it comes to business and messages when it comes to much in demand. Young their skin. Whether you
cash flow. Someone may try to love? Trying to get everything people make you smile and are a teen or even a later
change your direction to gain that you want can be remind you of what is really stage in life, this is the
an advantage for themselves. confusing for both of you. important to you. Arranging perfect introductory range
You always like to think Some choices need to be made a get-together? Communicate of products to spark an
the best of others, just be by you. Be careful not to lose now to be sure everyone is free interest in your skincare
aware that not everyone is as what you have in the romance to attend. Head to local charity routine. Yes To products are
straightforward as you! stakes, Cancer! shops for some browsing. free of all the nasties and
filled with all the goodness.
Virgo Libra Scorpio
We have Yes To products
Aug 24 - Sept 23 Sept 24 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Nov 22 worth over €15 to give
away. To win all you have to
Given the chance to choose, Try to get more of a balance A lack of cooperation from do is answer
would you go ahead with what between what you want to do someone close is annoying but the following
you are intending to do this and what you feel obliged to not important. It is possible to question
week? Maybe you feel pushed do. is is important as you go ahead without their input. using the
into a corner? As much as you could end up feeling sorry for Should they show a change form on page
love to make others happy yourself. Bringing together of heart later, be gracious 45: Which
and be useful, you can say no. folk who are not getting on and bring them up to date. A star sign is
Romance makes your eyes well with each other is a risk romantic offer needs thinking represented
shine and your cheeks glow. but one worth taking? about, Scorpio! by the lion?




What do the cards have in store for you?

Illustrations by Jeffrey ompson | This year has been a asking for support if you reason. It is a difficult, harsh but the good news is that its
very difficult and trying need it and I would urge you time. influence is only temporary
year for me. I feel like to have a look at the Irish and when we pass through its
I’ve been knocked back Association for Counselling When Saturn returns, he energy, we find ourselves in a
so many times. A well- and Psychotherapy’s website, marks our transition into life that’s a better ‘fit’ for us.
meaning friend tells me, where you can full adulthood and he gets It sounds counter-intuitive,
that ‘everything happens find a counsellor or therapist rid of everything in our life but when the Tower shows
for a reason’ but I struggle in your area. which is no longer for our up, the best thing we can do
to understand the reason highest good. Around their is to surrender. If something
behind the many things that You say you don’t have a late 20s/early 30s many wants to leave your life, let it.
have happened to me this question and that’s okay. people experience periods Trust that it will be replaced
year – I lost my job, I lost a From reading your message I of loss or major transitions by something much better,
close friend and I have been feel that an outlook for your in relationships and career. because it will. Your soul is
having immense difficulty future would be most helpful. Does everything happen for a calling in all these wonderful
in my relationship. I feel However, we can’t look at the reason? Sometimes. But I’m new people, places and things
as though the rug has been future without first assessing betting in your case, Saturn is that will help you to evolve
pulled out from underneath where you’re standing right wrecking havoc. further on your path – you
me and I’ve been questioning now. just can’t see them yet.
my life. I don’t know who I e good news is that
am or what I’m doing. I’m I knew which card was Saturn gives us a blessing. I drew a card for you for
not sure what my question going to appear for your Once we’re on the other side, 2020 and received the Ace
is, I just want help. current circumstances before we see that his influence has of Cups, a beautiful, healing
ANONYMOUS, VIA EMAIL I even shuffled the deck. I’m left us with a life that’s more card. A new beginning is on
not sure how old you are, but true to who we are now and the way where you can finally
I’m sorry that you’ve had if you’re in your late 20s/early we’re better able to move into live free as your true self. I do
such a rough year, but I’m 30s, there is an astrological adult life on solid footing. But believe that in a few months’
grateful that you reached out phenomenon known as the I digress, the first card I pulled time, you’ll look back on your
and I would encourage you Saturn return. Saturn is for you was e Tower and Tower year and feel grateful
to seek support for yourself. the harsh taskmaster of the as I said, I’m not surprised to that everything transpired the
I fully believe that talk planets and, roughly every 29 see it. way it did.
therapies are incredible tools years or so, he returns to the
for helping us to heal and point in our birth chart where e Tower is the energy For now, please be kind to
for helping us to develop the he was when we came into that you’re currently moving yourself. Focus on letting go,
essential self-care practices this world. I’m not an expert through and when it shows surrendering and trusting.
that we need to help us cope on astrology, so if you’re up, it literally means that Know you are surrounded by
with this sometimes crazy curious about this I would ask everything false in your life light and protected as you go
world that we live in. you to read up on it yourself is crumbling so it can be through this intense period of
or consider a session with an replaced by something better. growth. ings will get better.
ere’s no shame in astrologer, but I mention the I know that’s hard to believe
Saturn return for a specific right now, but it is true.

e Tower is a painful card,

PLEASE NOTE: Tarot is not designed to replace any medical or financial advice or your own free will. Tarot can guide you and show you options of what
may happen. Remember, when it comes to making choices, you are the master of your own destiny. Have a question you want Amy to answer?
Write to: Tarot questions, Woman’s Way, Harmonia, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14 or email: [email protected]


An agreement was recently reached for
the provision of a new treatment for AYA is a new range of
people with haemophilia. Confirmed at vitamins and minerals from
the annual Irish Haemophilia Society Irish company Uniphar
members’ conference last month, new designed to help strengthen
treatment Emicizumab (Hemlibra) is your body’s natural
set to offer more protection against defences. Formulated based
bleeding and, instead of requiring vein on the latest cutting-edge
access, it is injected under the skin once research, the range has
a week or every two weeks. Speaking everything you need to help
about the treatment, Brian O’Mahony, you feel your best during
Chief Executive of the Irish Haemophilia the winter months and
Society said: “This new treatment is beyond. Whether you’re
a very significant step forward. It will in the market for Vitamin
provide greater protection for people with D3. Acidophilous, Vitamin
haemophilia from the risk of bleeding C or more, AYA has got
and it will be much easier to administer you covered. Prices start
without the need for regular intravenous from €9.95 and the range is
injections.” available exclusively at Irish
pharmacies nationwide.

What is COOL CBD
CBD has been growing in popularity this past year and
Haemophilia is an inherited Irish plant-based supplements company, GreenLight
bleeding disorder in which Supplements, have the perfect Christmas gift. Organic,
the ability of the blood to clot is lab tested and available in pharmacies nationwide,
severely reduced. This means that GreenLight CBD Oil helps to promote natural healing
people with the disorder may bleed and wellbeing. Prices start from €26.95.
severely from small injuries. For more info log on to
For more information log on to
ROUND-UP One in four Irish adults are
OF ALL Boots Ireland recently concerned about the elderly
THINGS announced the launch of its falling and suffering a fracture
HEALTHY new prescription ordering this winter according to
service. Available through the the results of a survey by
ON OUR RADAR T hrive Festival Boots mobile app, the new Amgen. The survey was
service will help to reduce the carried out last month to
Thrive Festival returns in 2020 and this is definitely one to wait time in stores by allowing mark World Osteoporosis
mark on your calendar. Taking place at The Convention customers to pre-order their Day. Osteoporosis is a
Centre, Dublin on February 29 and March 1, the prescriptions. All you have to do bone disease which affects
festival features a mix of talks, workshops is log on to the app, order what approximately 300,000
and fitness classes. New for 2020 will be you need and then pop into your people in Ireland. Prevalent
exclusive classes from Boom Cycle and chosen Boots to collect your in the over 50 age group,
UN1T from London, visitors will be able medication. Want to avail of the osteoporosis affects half of all
to purchase all-day access tickets, a service? Simply download the women and a fifth of all men
VIP package and tickets for teens will Boots app, register your details in Ireland. If you’re worried
also be available. More information is and then fill in your prescription about osteoporosis, speak to
set to be released in the coming day, information. e app is free to your GP.
but tickets are already on sale now. download via the iTunes app For more information log on
For more information log on to store or on Google Play. to



e Wellington Eye Clinic is calling FIVE-MINUTE SELF-CARE: CELEBRATE
for greater awareness around the YOUR SMALL WINS
main causes of eye problems in the
wake of a report by the World Health is week, take five minutes to celebrate your small wins.
Organisation. e WHO report states that one billion Often, we only celebrate the big moments in our lives –
people across the globe have a vision impairment that a promotion, an engagement etc. However, it’s just as
could have been prevented. Early detection is crucial important that we celebrate the tiny, everyday stuff too –
when it comes to spotting eye conditions and delivering drinking enough water, eating well, getting an early night.
the appropriate care and treatment. Speaking about Why is it so important? Well, by choosing to celebrate these
the report, Dr Arthur Cummings, Medical Director everyday wins we’re helping ourselves to form long-term
and Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Wellington Eye healthier habits and to rewire our brains for positivity. Give
Clinic and Beacon Hospital encouraged anyone with eye it a try this week and repeat every single day – you’ll soon
symptoms to seek an eye examination. notice a positive change in your behaviour.
For more information log on to
On the run
BByy AAmmyy WWaallll Is it time for IN THE
your eye test? NEWS… It’s time to lace up those runners and hit the pavement. New research
published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that
In general, you should Something fishy running is associated with a significantly reduced chance of dying from
have your eyes tested by any cause. While researchers aren’t sure how long or how far you need
a qualified optician every New research from the to run for in order to reap these benefits, they have suggested that any
two years. Your eye test is a University of East Anglia amount of running is associated with a 27 per cent lower risk of death
regular health check and it has found that contrary from all causes for men and women when you compare it to no running
can be crucial for detecting to popular belief, fish at all. Although more research is needed, this has certainly inspired
any changes in your oil supplements have Team Woman’s Way to get moving.
vision or any underlying no effect on anxiety and
health problems. Your depression. The research, KDINDOYOWU
optician will be able to tell which took the form
you whether you should of a systematic review, According to a study
continue getting eye tests published in the British by the University of
every two years or on a Journal of Psychiatry, Arkansas, running makes
more frequent basis. looked at 31 trials of you more desirable.
adults with and without In fact, 80 per cent of
WHY DON’T depression or anxiety. men and 60 per cent
TYHOEUFI…RSTTASKTEEP? Over 41,470 participants of women felt more
were randomised with attractive due to running
A lot of us put off taking some consuming more
action on our goals and fish oils and some regularly.
dreams until January 1, maintaining their usual
but it’s never too early to intake of the oils for WOMANSWAY.IE 49
get started. Why not get at least six months.
a head start on your big Researchers found that
dream for 2020 and take the supplements had
the first step now? is little or no effect when it
week choose one goal that came to preventing the
you’ve been daydream symptoms of anxiety and
about (e.g. writing a book, depression.
signing up for a class,
finding a new job etc.)
and simply take the first
small step in its direction.
Whether it’s plotting out
a storyline for a book or
updating your CV, the time
is now. Start now and
you’ll already be well on
your way to success by the
time 2020 rolls around.

WE ASK questions with..

20 health
Ciara Mageean

e athlete shares how she stays well

How important is health crucial roles and finding the “I find meeting in my body and wear a smile.
and fitness to you? balance for you is key. Your family and What are your top three
happiness is key and looking friends to be tips for staying in good
I am a professional athlete after your mental wellbeing health?
so health and fitness is is as important as your self-care. ey
pivotal to my life. physical wellbeing. brighten Find an activity you enjoy
Would you say that you Do you ever have days my day” and pursue it. Chat to
enjoy working out and where you struggle to friends, to your pet, to
eating well? make health a priority? needs addressing can be a anyone – conversation with
great way to start. Anything others is good, maybe even
Yes, even when I’m on my We all have days that we from meditation, to having sing a little. Eat fresh – when
break I always stay active don’t feel like exercising or a chat are all super exercises I eat well I feel good.
and eat well. I do have the eating the ‘healthy’ option. for your mental health and What’s your favourite way
odd treat every now and ones I do regularly. to relax?
then and I think that’s at is normal and you What’s your favourite
important. should not feel guilty for this. way to mind your mental Chatting to my family on
What’s your go-to healthy Having the odd day where health? Whatsapp and having a
dish? health isn’t the priority is I chat regularly with my laugh. I do also love nature
fine. Having the discipline to sports psychologist Kate so a wee walk listening to the
My whole diet is healthy, make sure the majority are is Kirby and my coach Steve birds just makes tension drop
but I do enjoy a warm goat’s something you can continue Vernon, not only about out of my body.
cheese and beetroot salad to work at. athletics but all aspects of What’s your life’s
with pine seeds drizzled How do you motivate my life. I find chatting to be philosophy?
with a bit of honey. yourself to exercise? very therapeutic and when
What’s your go-to guilty that doesn’t work I write Have no regrets. at is in my
pleasure food? Being a professional athlete, things down. When I see sporting career, my personal
exercise is my job so that problems on paper suddenly life, everything. Try to walk
I do love biscuits, chocolate is motivation in itself but it they seem a lot easier to away happy with what you
and crisps. So just them all isn’t what gets me out the answer. did and if you’re not, then
really! door. I enjoy pushing myself Do you engage in any other learn from it.
What’s your favourite and trying to reach my goals self-are practices? What’s the best piece
type of exercise? so that motivates me hugely. I do. I find meeting family of advice you’ve ever
And on the days I need a and friends to be self-care. received?
I am a professional runner little help I’m lucky enough
so that’s what I do every to have amazing team meats, ey brighten my day so To be myself and always try
day but I do enjoy a bit of we help each other stay much and also walking my my best. at’s all anyone
a change. I miss playing motivated. A simple trick, dogs when I’m home. I also can do. WW
camogie and I enjoy trying commit to a plan to train go to mass. Some people
new things like rock with someone at a certain may roll their eyes but I find Ciara Mageean is an
climbing on my off season. time. Not letting them prayer a form of meditation. ambassador for ‘Here
Do you think it’s down can be good external What’s the secret to for Ireland’ a partnership
important to have a good motivation when you lack a feeling comfortable in your between Circle K, the Olympic
balance in life when it little inside. own skin? Federation of Ireland and
comes to healthy eating/ How important is it to For me it’s realising that I Paralympics Ireland, designed
staying fit etc? factor in time to look a er am being the best I can be. I to support Irish athletes on
your mental health? try myself every time I step the road to the Tokyo 2020
Definitely. People often ask out in life. So therefore I will Games. For more information
me about my diet. I don’t It is so important. I believe have no regrets, feel happy log on to,
have a diet, I just eat food. I looking after your mental follow Circle K on Facebook or
don’t see good and bad, I try wellbeing is as important @circlekireland on Twitter
to keep it balanced, fresh as your physical wellbeing.
and have variety. In life I Setting aside a bit of time to
think balance is equally tackling anything you feel
important – work, family,
free time all play such


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