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WW50 2019

Woman's weekly magazine



Laura Whitmore Anton du Beke


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23rd December 2019
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Dec 23, 2019 ContentsOur penultimate issue of it any other way, of course, you the inspiration to put
Vol.56 Issue 50 Woman’s Way for 2019 and especially as this issue is on pen to paper, or turn on your
by golly, it’s a good one. From sale for two weeks. Our final computer.
COVER IMAGE: our gorgeous cover star, Mary issue for 2019 will be on sale
Kip Carroll Kennedy, to chats with Noel from December 23 and, well Stuck for a Christmas
Cunningham, Paul Byrom I’m biased, but it’s shaping up present? Why not consider a
and Nadine Reid, to celebrity to be rather lovely too. subscription to our wonderful
Christmas secrets, our edible mag - see page 45 for more.
gifts special, fashion and We also celebrate our
beauty treats plus wellness reader fiction winners and On behalf of all the Woman’s
trends for the coming year, it’s we hope you’ll agree the mix Way team, I wish you a very
a pretty packed magazine. of stories suggests just how peaceful fortnight, and we’ll
Not that we wouldn’t have much talent for writing is in be back on
the country. I hope they give December

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Homemade foodie presents Issue 47 (November 25)
speak to our hearts Golden Spiderweb vouchers Marie Murphy, Co Wexford;
– and our stomachs! Sona MacEoin, Dublin 14
Limerick Strand tea Annette O’Brien, Co Kildare
Cbihsrciosttmti as Beauty bag Mary Cullen, Co Wicklow
Three new books Rosemary Lee, Co Cork
Makes 20 Yes to products Christine Kenny, Co Meath
Crossword Margaret Cunningham, Co Cork
Editor: Áine Toner You will need RcchheeecfifpsoehnabTnyoeCdshmaeyif,thSR.hTieaÉnfOoerNSmEm.oirStehe,einpwfaowsrtmwry.ation
155g caster sugar
125g butter › Once baked, remove and 120g Siúcra Golden Granulated
2 eggs Sugar
260g plain flour ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
1½ tsp baking powder 3 cinnamon sticks
½ lemon zest 3 star anise
75g pistachios 69abwolerhaotnolgefeictlzoienvstetosptiheecebso(ttthleeynemcuk)st be
90g cranberries

Email: [email protected] Pg 58 Method › allow to cool. a sharp
Assistant Editors: Amy Wall › In a mixing bowl, cream Once cold, using
serrated knife cut 20 slices
the butter and sugar until and place back on the baking
smooth. Add the eggs, one at tray and return to the oven

› a time. flour and for 10 minutes until they are
Next add the sieved mix until lightly golden brown. The
baking powder and biscotti can be served like
› To this add the lemon zest, this or you can also dip them Method
in melted chocolate. › Pour the gin, Siúcra Golden
cranberries and pistachios
and mix until evenly Granulated Sugar, cinnamon
Email: [email protected]; distributed. SCFmuiaúutlvchllrieeoadrixngein sticks, star anise, cloves
› Roll this dough into a long log and orange zest pieces into “TharaTtawftohlohnahhturiomidemleaoslnsrtaecincfdemlimoriwialniacglusntiaonryitllignllvdlha,Cedememefiadhitwrtngarrogweooidiiknsnifoijenyttluttammlooeoysincusrnortaodwrinutsfpmcheiyni.etagfseepuherSrhtalfteopiiottermvmlmesh-cewhreatebafolgatneyy-rt.cmt
a large saucepan and heat ho-ho so cosy.”
(roughly 13in x 3in) and place ouvnetrilathveersyugloawr dhiessaot,lvsetisr.r(iInt’gs
on your lined baking tray. important not to simmer/boil
Michelle Newman › Brush with egg-wash the liquid as the alcohol will
(mixture of whole egg and
milk) and sprinkle with
some caster sugar and place › boil off). has
in a preheated oven set at Makes 3 x 250ml bottles As soon as the sugar

Email: [email protected] 180°C (160°C Fan/350°F/Gas dissolved, turn off the
Mark 4) and bake for 35-40 heat and remove the pan,
minutes until golden brown You will need leaving to cool completely
700ml good quality gin (preferably overnight so that
and firm.



Email: [email protected]

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After four decades in
broadcasting, Mary Kennedy
prepares for retirement
(but there’s still plenty of
adventure to come)

During my 12 years in Woman’s Way, I performance part of it and I love the Nationwide. I’m getting retirement cards
have had the opportunity to interview interaction with people in different which is lovely, as long as they don’t
many well-known stars – but there are parts of the country. start sending mass cards and think I’m
some that remain your favourites. Mary dead!” she laughs.
Kennedy is one of them, which is why “I really enjoy all of the different
I’m sitting in her Christmas-decorated aspects of Nationwide because it deals “Last week one of the female
living room on a rainy ursday with communities, it deals with older producers on the programme had
morning, drinking tea, eating home- members of society and younger ones, a dinner in her house for female
made buns (Mary baked them ahead of and I just think it’s so refreshing to work producers we had worked with over
my arrival) and making googly eyes at with young people. A lot of our team are the last two years and myself and Anne
her seven-month-old grandson Paddy. quite young which is great, it’s lovely [Cassin, Nationwide co-presenter], just
Bliss. How is this work? to be working with younger people and to kind of mark the occasion. ere was
also, to be highlighting the wisdom and six of us and it was just perfect. It’s kind
It’s never been a hardship to work the experience and the value that older of the way I like to do it. I would have
with Mary and our cover shoot at people have. my, what I call my African women, the
Stauntons on the Green hotel was women I went to Africa with, and we
testament to how enjoyable it is to be “Our brief is to showcase and we do would have a gathering. It’s about 10 or
in her company. A week later, we settle it and I think we do it quite well on a 12 people and you get to see them and
back in her living room for a chat. tiny budget. We’re punching above our properly chat with them. It’s the same
weight. I’ll miss it.” with my teacher friends, so I imagine
Mary has been working with RTÉ we’ll be doing those kind of things.”
for 41 years and in just a few weeks’ A people person
time, she’ll be retiring from the Of the reasons why she thinks the
station. ough she describes the age of Mary has been saying goodbye for several nation has such good feeling towards
retirement at 65 as ‘arbitrary,’ and hopes weeks and smiles when we say that she’s herself is because, as Mary says, ‘I like
it’ll change, she does say she doesn’t considered a national treasure thanks to the craic.’
want to work ‘at the same tilt’ as before. her broadcasting career to date.
“I just do the job and I love it, I love
“I want to be able to work differently. “It is nice to have this positive people, and I would certainly continue
And not full-time because I’m conscious reaction to the work that you’ve been to go to those parts of the country. In
of the hourglass and I don’t want to get doing for so many years,” she says of fairness, people I may have filmed with in
to the end of my life and say, ‘I worked public reaction to her departure. some little community down the country
all the time.’ Some people do it, kind of have said, ‘Any time you’re passing, come
unconsciously. “[Daughter] Eva and I were in town in and the kettle will be on’ and that’s
the other day and we had lunch in e nice too.”
“I do enjoy what I do. I love the Morrison and a couple came up to wish
me well and to say how much they loved



continued on next page



On leaving Nationwide, a show she has preparing for a special one-off show do those things.”
presented for 15 years, she says she’ll miss celebrating her RTÉ career. As discussed in previous interviews,
the interaction with the team.
“One of our producers is producing, as Mary is an advocate of learning through
“And the ‘What are you doing? Where [singer] Joe Cuddy used to say, ‘a medley counselling, something she speaks
are you filming? What story are you of my hit,’ an hour-long programme about during our conversation.
working on?’ I’ll miss that. And I’ll miss which will go out between Christmas
getting into my car to go somewhere and New Year, highlights of the different “People go to counselling at a time of
I haven’t been before, that huge sense programmes I’ve been on. When I think crisis or chaos or turmoil, and I did, but
of anticipation is really nice. And the of it, I think, there was a lot. I didn’t stop when the crisis changed.
welcome, and the opportunity to say, It’s a bit like going running three
‘Well done, you’re doing a great job here’ “I’m a teacher by trade and then times a week, I go once a month and
to whatever the enterprise is, be it the answered this advert to be a part-time more frequently if I’ve got some little
Ploughing, be it Showcase, be it Tidy continuity announcer. It just shows concern. I do think it’s like training for
Towns, be it a charity event. I’ll miss that you, it’s a really important lesson to be mental health, it’s maintenance.
kind of connection I suppose.” open to opportunities, even if they’re
challenging.” “ rough the years of doing that, I
And the acknowledgement of the effort have become comfortable – through
that so many put in to the programme It’s important to say ‘yes’ to things, the counselling – with allowing my
coming to their locality. says Mary, even if, ‘A lot of people would vulnerability to show. I would have
say, ‘Ah no, I won’t go for that, you’re been the person who would say, ‘I’m
“ ey put so much preparation into it. thinking you’re rising above yourself.’ fine,’ but I think when you allow the
And some are nervous but they always vulnerability, people respond in a
say afterwards, ‘I don’t know why I was “Everywhere I positive way.
nervous.’ at’s what we want from that,” go, there are
says Mary. memories. I miss the “ ere are so many people who
fact that I won’t be cannot do that, who keep the stiff
Just say yes doing that anymore upper lip or who think, even within
but I’m very grateful themselves, that they’re okay. It takes
Mary turned 65 in September and was for all of it” a long time to be comfortable with
asked to stay within RTÉ until the end of showing your vulnerability and it can
the year. “ e first time I ever visited the lead to rejection and a negative response
developing world, I was asked to do but overall, I think it’s well worth it. It
“I’d rather this than having finished the commentary on Mother eresa’s just seems so wholesome to me.
in September,” she says. “It’s busy, it’s funeral and it was like landing on
Christmas, there’s lots going on. I’ve another planet. “I go and get my bloods done every
only really been conscious of it since year and I try to maintain physical
September. Last week we were filming “But it just got embedded into me health but I just feel this is just so, so
in Kilkenny for the Christmas carols and and I’ve been to Africa up to ten times, important. And I think you can improve
I went out for a run – it was absolutely some times with Eva, once with my it, the same way you can improve your
beautiful weather, cold and bright – on sister, my friends and also, we’ve done physical wellbeing and nurture it.
the two mornings. a few different programmes with the
peacekeepers in Africa, with Concern “I’m at a stage in life where I can
“On one morning I went down by for its 50th anniversary and then factor it in. I go very early in the
the [river] Nore, it’s called the Lacken educational programmes.” morning when I’m going and it doesn’t
Walk and the Canal Walk. In the course interfere with your routine.”
of a five-kilometre run, I passed three When it comes down to it, Mary’s
locations in that linear route where I’d ethos is ‘say yes and then worry about it.’ Family time
filmed at different times.
“It doesn’t have to be something is has been a year to remember for
“One was the statue of the hurlers in like going to Calcutta, it’s something Mary and her family: grandson Paddy’s
the city, and I can remember when it challenging for a particular person. I arrival and son Tom’s marriage to wife
was unveiled, and there was another would always say just try it; if it doesn’t Shona. Eva and Paddy have been living
one there when we did a piece with Tidy work out, at least you’ve tried it. with Mary for the last few months
Towns volunteers on the bridge. en until their home in Limerick is ready,
there was a place a tiny bit further down “I find it empowering to do things that something Mary has dubbed a ‘joy.’
where I had filmed with the Plurabelle are a little scary, I think it’s important to
Paddlers, the women who had breast “It’s a bonus because in the mornings
cancer. en there was another one Eva sends me a text, ‘Morning from
where there was a bridge and there was Paddy and me.’ He crawls around on my
a whole community greenway. It was so bed and tries to get my make-up, my
lovely, in one half hour, in one location. phone but it’s a bonus. It was lovely also
Everywhere I go, there are memories. because we had the christening here.
It’ll be very strange when he’s gone
“I miss the fact that I won’t be doing but it’s right and Limerick is two hours
that anymore but I’m very grateful for all away. I’ll be there for breakfast!”
of it. It’s a wonderful 15 years.”
Tom and Shona have also had the
And while Mary was gearing up for bonus of Shona’s mum who came to
co-presenter Anne to host an at-home
segment chez Kennedy, she was also continued on next page


live in Dublin ahead of the wedding, reference for when you come home. cleaners are coming on Saturday and
making it a truly family affair. “So they know where you went for the gardener came yesterday and got
the garden all sorted for Christmas.
“Shona’s mum, once they got coffee, where you went shopping. I did Now, they probably won’t put the
engaged, came over. She’s doing an it with [youngest daughter] Lucy in camera there but it doesn’t matter.
online psychology degree and she said Korea and it was a completeness of her
she could do it as easily in Dublin as time in Korea. We went to her school, “We’re going to reminisce about
Australia so she rented an apartment met her school principal, again we did a some of the Christmas programmes
for a year and is here until the end bit of travelling. It was only ten days but we’ve done, we’ll have to look at the
of January. She was here for all the you can get a lot into that.” decorations and we’re doing it on the
preparations of the wedding and all the Monday. We’re going to have a little
celebrations. Her time in Australia got off to a great walk around Knocklyon.
start thanks to Shona’s mum.
“This year, Tom and Shona are going “I’m a member of the St Vincent
to host Christmas dinner in their house. “Shona, Tom’s wife, her mother, de Paul here and our meetings are
Everybody will bring something and it’s being Australian and knowing I was Mondays. It’s going out on December
lovely, it’s the next stage.” going over, gave me two books for my 23 and the St Vincent de Paul appeal
birthday, Picnic at Hanging Rock and is at full tilt at that stage. It’s about
Mary also seized the chance to visit The Thornbirds. I read Picnic... on the the gathering of the members and the
son Eoin in Melbourne for his 30th plane going over then I had this epic, ethos.”
birthday. this classic, to come home to in the
evenings when they were at work. I’d Plus it’s interesting for readers to
“Oh Áine!” she says when reliving it, sit out on their balcony with the sunset know that Mary is as much part of a
her smile across her face. going down and reading The Thornbirds community as those she has spoken to
and it was just lovely, really lovely to on Nationwide. She agrees, saying, ‘I
“The plan was to go over for three have the association with Australia.” just try to hold on to Monday night [for
weeks in January because I’d have this].” WW
been retired and now I couldn’t,” she So travel is still very much on her
explains. “I’m really glad I didn’t have agenda? Mary’s at-home section on Nationwide
the opportunity to go for the three (and the final programme of 2019) will air
weeks in January because it was extra “Oh definitely! I’m a traveller, and on RTÉ One on December 23 at 7pm
special to be there, for a week, and it I really loved Melbourne and Sydney.
was just the three of us. Melbourne was kind of sedate and The Christmas carol service in Kilkenny
Sydney is buzzy, more of the surfer Castle will air on RTÉ One on December
“They came over for six weeks for the dudes. I would like to go back. 24 at 9.20pm
wedding and Paddy’s christening and
were going to a wedding and when they “There are loads of places I would love WITH THANKS TO
were going back, I whispered to Eoin’s to see. I’d love to go back to India, one of Photographer: Kip Carroll;
girlfriend Nicola at the airport, ‘I’m those Ayurveda places. Hair: David Cashman; Instagram @cashmandjmc
going to come over for his 30th,’ which Make-up: Amberr Smith for Paula Callan
was the end of October. “My sister Deirdre and I went to Stylist: Lorna Weightman;
China last year and I loved Korea so Assisted by: Olivia Keaney
“She organised it so, so well and said maybe I’d go to Japan, and Asia.”
she was feeling sorry for him as they’d MARY WEARS:
be coming into the apartment block Mary also speaks of the importance of Cover: Dress €132 from Monsoon; necklace from a
after work every day and he’d say, ‘I’ll being warm in order to receive a warm selection at Swarovski; shoes €35 from M&S
just check the postbox,’ and I came over welcome in return. Look 2: Jacket €495 and trousers €375 from
with a bag of cards and presents! Victoria, Victoria Beckham @ Brown Thomas; blouse
“I think you have to remember €325 from Vince @ Brown Thomas; shoes €48 from
“It was absolutely wonderful, to go that we have lovely people in Ireland Faith @ Debenhams
for walks, to go for coffee, we went to and I have a huge connection with Look 3: Jumper €620 from Isabel Marant @ Costume
Sydney for the weekend. Some people them through the work I’ve done on Dublin, Castlemarket, Dublin 2; tel: 01 679 4188;
say when someone gets a surprise Nationwide. jeans €50 from River Island; boots €140 from M&S
they say, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ Look 4: Blouse €480 from Isabel Marant @ Costume
but Eoin was just quiet. Then he just “Tom and Shona are very gregarious Dublin; trousers €475 from Vivetta @ Costume
kept hugging me and [saying] quietly, and would have chats with anyone and Dublin; shoes €35 from M&S
‘Oh my God.’ It was so muted. It was everyone. It’s really nice if you’re open
just unbelievably lovely. Nicola had to that, you definitely get the response Cover shoot shot in Stauntons on the Green,
decorated the apartment with banners and the warmth back.” 83 St Stephen’s Green South, Dublin 2; tel:
before he had gotten up on his birthday, 01 478 2300; visit
she had balloons and we had to go into Hello 2020 for more information
town to collect the cake. It was really,
really nice and I wouldn’t have had that Mary says she’s ‘very open’ to
if I’d gone in January. what the coming year has to bring
and is interested in looking into
“When I was in France for a year, a documentaries.
friend came over. My parents weren’t
able to come and they never got to see But before that, she has to have the
where I was. I think it’s nice for Eoin for camera turned on her as Anne hosts the
Nicola, as her parents are coming over at-home slot.
in January, for your family as a point of
“Any of the places I’ve gone to for the
at-homes, they say, ‘Oh Mary, we’ve
done a whole spring clean because we
knew you were coming!’ So the window



“ ere are loads of
places I would love to
see. I’d love to go back
to India, one of those

Ayurveda places...
and I loved Korea
so maybe I’d go to



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base notes are You may love the initial top notes, but as the fragrance
the longest lasting, develops, it will take on a di erent scent which you may
and they remain not like as much. Take your time and decide over a period
once the top notes of time, spray no more than two fragrances per shopping
have completely trip, as the scents will merge into one.
What are the crowdpleasers when it comes to
dissipated” top notes, heart notes and base notes?
Light, subtle top notes are o en most popular as these
By Michelle Newman ANU Earth Goddess are what you will smell first and they are what you
Perfume Oil €20 form your opinion on. Consumers most o en opt for
Chloé Eau de Parfum light fruits such as grapefruit, and more vibrant citrus
from €81/50ml from notes such as lemon, lime and orange, and bergamot.
Herbs are also widely used and well received, such as
Debenhams clary sage and basil. When the top notes mellow, the
heart note comes through, and this becomes the most
dominant scent in your fragrance. At The Fragrance
Shop, we find the bestselling heart notes are typically
floral or full-bodied ingredients such as black pepper,
rose, ylang ylang, cardamom, cinnamon, jasmine and
neroli. Your base notes are the longest lasting, and they
remain once the top notes have completely dissipated.
This means that they are almost always rich, deep
and full bodied – vanilla, patchouli, amber, musk and
cedarwood are most o en used as they last hours a er
first application.
To make your perfume last all day…
Spray on all pulse points, and anywhere that emits heat,
as this intensifies the scent – your wrists, your neck,
ankles, behind your ear, your collarbone and the back of
your knees are great starting points. Fragrance latches
to fibres, so always make sure you spray onto your hair
for long-lasting fragrance. I would suggest misting
fragrance onto your hairbrush and combing it through
the hair straight a er drying. Another top tip for making
fragrance truly last longer is to pair it with the matching
body wash, as this intensifies the fragrance. If you chose
not to do this, ensure you use an unscented body wash
and body lotion, as these strong artificial scents can
block the fragrance.

For more, see



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Schwarzkopf got2b
2sexy Volumizing ghd Curl
Hold Spray
Hairspray €4

WOW Cream Colour Phyto Professional Batiste Dry
Supernatural Spray Workable Holding Shampoo
in Beautiful
€28 Spray €16.15 Brunette €3.95

14 WOMANSWAY.IE Silvikrin Secure Hold R+Co Vicious JOICO DEFY
Mousse €2.30 Strong Hold DAMAGE Protective
Flexible Hairspray
Shield €24.95


Advent calendar OIL BE BACK
from L’Occitane
e one beauty item we never forget to apply

Kemon Elizabeth
Actyva Arden Eight
Bellessere Hour Cream

Oil All-Over
€24.95 Miracle Oil

NEOM Great €35
Day Glow Face
Oil €48 Certified


DMK Seba-E Superfacialist Codex Facial Oil L’Occitane
Hydrating Oil Vitaminc C+ €103 Immortelle
Brighten Skin Divine Serum
By Áine Toner €34.50 Renew Cleansing
Oil €14.99 €92
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Brilliance Facial Oil Facial Oil €25 WOMANSWAY.IE 15
approx from Avon



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Urban Decay Honey Naked Palette €49 Essence Epic Sunset Eyeshadow Palette Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Eye
€11.99 Palette €44.50

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C alenGdiralrsbaaweraBinragelnlayelfslosty,olferoaLriabsderiemeasosGtnrceoayu,napcneadrre

Sometimes an idea has to be because we can contact
brought to the table a couple anyone and even simple

of times before it’s really things, like the WhatsApp

taken seriously and that’s group we’re in; those simple

exactly what happened when small things as a community

Anne Buggy first suggested being able to communicate

that e Ballyfoyle Ladies together is just brilliant. It

Group create a calendar for really has brought a true

charity. community spirit together.”

e group, who are based in In February this year they

Co Kilkenny, began roughly went to see Menopause The

two years ago as a way of Musical in the Watergate

bringing women together, eatre, Kilkenny, and

sharing interests and hobbies. afterwards the group of almost

“ e church and the post 40 strong enjoyed a meal,

box that’s all that’s in the along with fun and laughter.

village of Ballyfoyle, there’s “ e topic was about women

nothing else,” explains Anne. as well, the menopause, and

“ e houses are quite scattered we all opened up and spoke

around so people would be and that night at the meal I

used to seeing neighbours and said, ‘We should do something

maybe they would wave but really fun together as a group,’ all looked at me and they said, wouldn’t have really spoken

you mightn’t know them, you because we’d really gelled.” ‘We never knew you were a lot about it and maybe

mightn’t be talking to them Anne’s idea of creating sick, if you’re going to organise everyone has to take time to

ever. It’s quite a rural part a calendar was met with it, we’ll do it with you.’” process it and when your kids

of the country so we set up ‘nervous laughter’ but two It was back in December are young you want to move

this community meeting and months later at the group’s 2009, just before Christmas, on,” she says.

people said that they would annual planning meeting for that Anne found out she had “I was out of work for a year

love a ladies’ group. the year ahead she broached breast cancer. She and her and that’s what it took really

“We have different events, the subject again, this time husband Pat decided not to to recover, but I was very, very

circuit training, Zumba, sharing her own reasons tell their three young children lucky; I had a great family,

knitting groups, book clubs. behind it. until after Christmas who great supports at home. It

On ursday we have guest “I said, ‘I had breast cancer were aged six, 11 and 14 at certainly brought us very close

[speakers] we use people and if we can raise money as the time, as they wanted to as a family together, no matter

from the community, there’s a group or as a community to ‘shield them’ from what was what is going on we just get

an artist in the community, come together to support any to come for as long as possible. on with it, there’s nothing

a nutritionist, we do health woman in our group or any Anne had surgery in January that can knock you more than

and wellbeing. ere’s about woman in our community 2010, began chemotherapy something like that, but we

70 in the group now we all who is going through any the following month and got through it, absolutely.

know each other now, we all treatment, wouldn’t it be a radiotherapy not long after. And my mum, she lived with

consider each other friends great thing to do?’ And they “I suppose up until now I us and she was fantastic,



Pictured le to right: Kay Brennan,
Breda Tynan, Anne Buggy, Brid

Stapleton and Bernie Costigan. All
five ladies feature on October.

By Michelle Newman. Photography by Claire Dunne. she kept the house going, nervous [about being in the of that group of 70 women community to come together
the housekeeping, cooking calendar] and we said, ‘You there are five of us that are that in future if anyone was
the dinners and all of that, don’t have to if you don’t want survivors and all five of us affected by cancer that we
we couldn’t have managed to but to be there to help even went into the October month would support them and that’s
without her. the people that do, do it,’ so [October is Breast Cancer the biggest thing.”
out of that 29 of us were in the Awareness Month].”
“Look, touch and feel on calendar in the end.” For Anne, and indeed
the eighth of the month, e calendar was launched the other members of e
that’s how I always do it. If e calendar was shot over on October 11 in the Avalon Ballyfoyle Ladies Group the
every month every woman three days between the end House Hotel, Castlecomer to ‘newfound friendships’ and
was to do it, it would be great. of August and September. a huge turnout with Anne the memories that have been
Whilst there were items of describing it as an ‘amazing made over the past two years
at’s something that I have clothing available to protect night.’ Proceeds from sales of will no doubt last a lifetime.
done since then.” the modesty of those taking the calendar will go towards
part, Anne says that as time research funding and Night “We’ll cherish them for
With the support and went on the group became Nursing for the Irish Cancer many, many years to come
encouragement of their group less self-conscious and more Society, Cois Nore Cancer and I think we’ll go down in
behind them Anne and, friend empowered and liberated than Support Centre, a local the local history books.”
and fellow group member, they had ever felt before. counselling service, and a
Majella Stapleton, set about portion will be kept for a Referencing the speech,
putting plans in place for “Everyone single one of the local fund. she gave on the night their
their upcoming calendar women after the shoot kept calendar was launched, Anne
shoot. Once they had found saying, ‘ is was absolutely, “For example if somebody describes the members as a
a ‘fantastic photographer’ amazing I felt so proud to was sick, nobody else need “truly unique, pioneering and
in the form of Claire Dunne, be part of this wonderful know and we’ll give them inspirational group of ladies
who was ‘privileged to help’ group of women, it was so money maybe for diesel to go who not only dared to dream
out, they then called a group empowering, so amazing to do up and down for treatment but made that dream a reality
meeting in July this year, what we did.’ We were women or if they needed any and showed that anything is
without telling the rest of the from all ages, 30s up to 70. financial help maybe to pay possible.” WW
group what was on the agenda their mortgage for a month
that evening. “Local people came on or if they just needed a treat, e Ballyfoyle Ladies Group
board, local beauticians, we to go and get their nails calendar is available to
“It was for 8.30pm, I’ll had our spray tans done, we done,” says Anne. purchase is shops and
always remember it. At about had our hair [done], we had businesses across Kilkenny. To
8.20pm there was five of us in our make-up [applied] so “ e whole idea of our donate visit www.gofundme.
the room, I thought, ‘We’re we looked well, but I mean [calendar] was to support com/f/ballyfoyle-calendar-
going to have to be in every we were all shapes and sizes women who have gone girls
picture,’ and by 8.40pm we which I think made it even through breast cancer, or any
had 30 in the room,” says better, even more special. Out form of cancer, to support the
Anne. “A lot of them were


WE ASK questions with..

20 Christmas
Nadine Reid
“I have a theme
The TV presenter on traditions and the theme for 2020 of the year!

Do you believe in Santa? Are you good at wrapping What will you be Previous years have
Yes, I believe in the spirit of presents? watching on TV this been, Courage,
Santa. Epic - ribbons, glitter, bows Christmas?
– I am known for using so › Dream Bigger... it’s
What was the best much Selloptape you need › Elf a great way to stay
Christmas present you’ve scissors to open. › Miracle on 34th Street
ever received? And every other Netflix. focused”
When my Grandma was alive What does Christmas mean
and all my family, uncles, to you? made for TV Christmas
aunties and their kids and A time to be reminded to
partners came together for believe in dreams and to show movie I can find.
Christmas. kindness to family, friends
and people you don’t know. What is your favourite Do you make New Year’s
Christmas pudding: with Christmas film? resolutions – and do you
cream, custard or both? Who will you be spending Miracle on 34th Street, it’s a stick to them?
Neither, I am not able for Christmas with? And who beautiful reminder of dreams
currants. I would go for the does the cooking? and that people can come I have a theme of the year!
chocolate log with custard! It’s my first Irish Christmas, together for good. #IBelieve Previous years have been,
Courage, Dream Bigger. For
Be honest: is it better to give 2020, maybe Joy or Breathe.
gifts or receive them? It’s a great way to stay focused.

What’s your favourite so I will be following Minnie Give. I feel a little awkward What’s the most
festive tune or what’s on [Nadine’s housemate] around receiving gifts sometimes; Christmassy thing you own?
your festive playlist? to her family or my Irish experiences, coffees and My Margaret O’Connor
sister Trudy Hayes’ family dinners I much prefer.

Driving Home for Christmas, this year, as I am working Who is the most difficult crowns are quite Christmassy
All I Want for Christmas. At St Stephen’s Day, I wouldn’t person to buy for? sparkly, glittery... it’s like a
the dinner table on Christmas want to risk being late. Nobody is, if it’s too difficult I royal Christmas coronation
Day, we would have Nat King So I’m sticking to Dublin. every time I wear them. WW

Cole Christmas albums, Jim Although I was very tempted just get them a drink.

Reeves and reggae Christmas to join [designer] Margaret If you could invite anyone for Nadine Reid (from Xposé)
albums. O’Connor and her family in Christmas dinner, who would plays the role of the Ugly
Clare for a real Irish country it be? Sister in this year’s Olympia
Which three things do you Christmas. All my cousins across the UK, Theatre Panto Cinderella:
want for Christmas? US and Jamaica. I would love The Story of Cinders and Her
Continued great health, to What’s your secret to a to find any distant cousins I Fella from Friday, December
laugh loads and have a great stress-free Christmas? have living in Ireland. (Found 20, 2019 to Saturday, January
first panto season. I don’t get caught up in on 23andMe). 4, 2020. The must-see panto
Christmas perfection. I am in Dublin, with a glittering
Turkey or ham? Or neither? grateful to make it through Where do you spend the celebrity line-up, traditional
I am used to having a turkey, another Christmas with actual day? panto values and the funniest
lamb, beef, salmon and family and friends that I My whole life I have been script, this year will be as
curried goat on Christmas love, that is the greatest gift. with my mom on Christmas star-studded and surprising
Day. That’s tradition in my So I have nothing to stress Day, sometimes we would all as ever. Nadine joins Fair City
mom’s house. about. go to my auntie’s homes in soap stars Ryan Andrews
either Wales or Nottingham. and Maclean Burke, Dancing
Tell us a Christmas joke. Do you have a Christmas Surprisingly never Jamaica. I with the Stars’ James Patrice
Q. What did Cinderella say jumper in your wardrobe? love waking up on Christmas (Fairy Godbrother) and Erin
when her photos didn’t arrive Yes, I started wearing it on morning with that hope of McGregor (Ugly Sister).
on time? November 3, no shame at all. Christmas Day snow, you
A. One day my prints will I love the fun of a Christmas never get that in a hot country.
come! wardrobe.




We find out how this any version but usually the Muppet one Christmas. I love Christmas, and just
famous lot choose to on Christmas Eve; and we have an elf day doing a really traditional Christmas,
spend their Christmas Day as well where we watch Elf in elf hats. e downstairs, breakfast, presents,
boys dress up and [my husband] Steve Christmas turkey, the movies... Oh
WHAT DOES YOUR IDEAL CHRISTMAS [White] - a really cool rock star - has got lovely. Christmas Eve, putting the
DAY LOOK LIKE? an elf jumper with a hat that he puts on. It's presents out, I love all of that. And I hope
all going on!" it snows on Christmas Day and Boxing
Laura Whitmore, TV presenter Day, then it clears up. I don't want
"I would say it's family and home. My Rylan Clark-Neal, TV presenter lingering snow!"
mother is the youngest of 13 children, "My ideal Christmas Day looks like
so I normally go back to Ireland and pyjamas, presents, food, maybe the odd Shirlie Kemp, singer; Martin Kemp,
spend Christmas Day with my aunties, row and a load of games - karaoke and singer and actor
uncles, cousins and my godchildren. the one where you put the thing on your S: "Martin and I always wake up early. I
We don't even really watch TV; we play head and people have to guess who you will prep all the vegetables and Martin
a lot of board games. It used to be board are! [I am normally the cook in my house], makes breakfast; we always have a
games like Scrabble and Monopoly, but when it comes down to Christmas. I do glass of champagne and that's where it
now every year it's a new game like like to do it, but I don't actually know starts going wrong, because I'm not a
Pie Face. ere's also lots of food. We what we're doing this Christmas; I don't big drinker! We're just like most normal
have turkey, but it's all about the roast know if it's at home or the in-laws' or my families, Christmas presents normally
potatoes - I know that's such a cliché mum's or my brother's, but I'm sure I'll be in the morning, but the thing is with
for an Irish person to say, but I live for roasting something." Harley and Roman, they don't wake up
the roast potatoes on Christmas Day, early, so we're knocking on the door by
they're so crispy." Anton Du Beke, professional dancer 11am singing Christmas songs to them!"
"It's all about waking up - now we've got M: "It's just the same as everyone else,
Sally Lindsay, actress the babies of course – with the babies, then we watch a movie and maybe get
"While [my kids] still like to cuddle presents, and just joy and excitement at the karaoke out."
me I'm going to have a nice Christmas
at home, and then we'll go up to
Manchester for a week like we always
do. We always watch A Christmas Carol,

Competition entry form

Page 30 Sunway voucher Page 62 Woman’s Way beauty
Your answer: goody bag
Your answer:
Page 46 Yes To products
Your answer:

A winner will be selected at random. Closing date: Midday, Monday, January 6, 2020.
Terms and Conditions apply. Editor’s decision is final.



Contact number:

Complete and post to Woman’s Way Competitions, Issue 50, Rosemount House,
Dundrum Road, Dublin 14 or email [email protected]



Out of print Our Comedy/Humour winner is…

Patrick Kavanagh
From Rathgar, Dublin 6

Miranda Duffy loved books then genuflect, because the anniversary gift Tesla, which After that divorce, he only
and as PR for a publishing letterbox was at ankle-level. she truly loved and kept, and wore short-sleeved shirts to
house, arranged media and Below the letterbox at toe-level had hastily sped away in, with save washing and ironing long
print interviews, and TV was a NO JUNK MAIL sign the charger kit in her hinted sleeved ones. Christmas meant
appearances. Of course it in micro-sized lettering, only third month anniversary gift ankle socks instead of long
meant working at weekends visible after trekking up the aluminium-shelled Rimowa, on stockings, so little foot and toe
when the big TV shows were steps. the back seat. space to fill.
live, but there always was
a fuzzy-buzz about such When he’d heard another Appropriately dressed in her His cat-loving ex-Number
events – added to, by meeting author had sold more books, Wedding Day’s Going-Away Two in-laws still received a
celebrities, sport stars, he’d hurriedly written a outfit, her voodoo charmed fifth festive mega-box of 40 dog
musicians, politicians and congratulatory note – saying month anniversary gift sparkled food pouches.
everyone from the arts. how wonderful his book was as she had looked in the rear-
and the artwork on the front view mirror at her porcelain When ex-Number One and
So far, any author Miranda cover was truly excellent. veneers, tossing keys out the her North-South partner/
had dealings with, had offered Purposely naming another book car window. new husband had won a major
their sincere thanks and by a different writer. bridge tournament, he’d sent
appreciation for her sterling She’d replaced the different them a postcard of the Bridge
work. Going away contented A Nebuchadnezzar of coloured cap tags with plain of Sighs in Venice, and scribbled
that their oeuvre had gotten the weed killer to his next-door whites ones. Knowing the GREAT BRIDGE WORK on the
max publicity across the land. neighbours on winning the frustration he’d have finding back.
local resident’s Gardening the right key and lock. His Mr
Russell Alfred Tarperogue the Competition was much cheaper Magoo glasses plastered onto As a Christmas gift, Miranda
Third, was the exception. Like a than champagne and allowed his face. His public-only wearing was told R.A.T. the Turd was
magpie to glitter, always on the him to ask the Mister how was contact lenses, encased in a now out of print.
scent of want – his unwanted his weedkiller wife! saline-solution snow globe, had
TV appearance ‘not a pixel, even landed safely with the tossed About our winner
during an ad break’ summed When he’d met a famous keys. Or so she had hoped, not!
him up. rock musician he told him his Patrick enjoys writing –
neighbours loved his music so Castle Tarperogue was no letters, cards, short stories
R.A.T the Turd as he was much they threw bricks through more, yet despite the saying and a book but nothing in
known, was as bitter and a window so they could hear ‘never marry in a castle, not print (as of yet – until now,
twisted in life as he was in print. it better. And keeping things unless you own it’ her passion- Patrick – Ed).
Tales and Tears from Glass musical, he’d quietly made it faked seventh month anniversary
Eyes was his latest and he known on all his social media gift of a detached house with a
had scourged every bookshop, sites (comments disabled) roof garden, was now HOME in
checking if they had copies in that he was the anonymous her Tesla’s sat nav.
stock. The last time he’d asked, donor of an old piano to a
the sales assistant had mixed local retirement home – not
up his linage of hereditary. mentioning the 88 glued
hammers and 230 severed
“It was written by Russell strings, so their efforts couldn’t
Alfred Tarperogue the Third the be heard.
last time I wrote it!” was his
thundering reply. Ex-Number Three had said
their ten months of marriage
“There’s a shoe shop next was like his hair – dull and
door. You can shake in your dyed, parted and departed.
boots there,” was the R without Eggshells over trapdoors in the
the SVP. manor and manners he had
been born in and with. The
‘Rest in deep peace space’ unravelling like a toilet roll, had
were his condolences to the finally come to an end. Being
family of a late science fiction Wife Number Three to R.A.T the
writer and no doubt they would Third had gotten too much.
have an ‘open house casket’
when selling his property. She wouldn’t miss his hairy
index finger, beckoning her – as
There were never any visitors if she was in Summon mode
to Tarperogue Castle. The in her desired first month
postman had to climb twenty
narrow arched stone steps, and


Dancer Our Crime/ riller winner is…

Maria Brick
From Killorglin, Co Kerry

My mother’s old timepiece still lands, your crusade futile. Sometimes in the constant persecutor. “There is no room
hangs proudly on the mildewed wall. firelight, l would watch you in your trance- in this house.” You told her, mumbling
A witness of times past. Each tick like state hearing you hum. through your cigarette mouth. “No room
and tock an attempt to narrate and for you.”
reveal history. In our house, our The half-moon of the Mambo twitching
house of stories, it is the only thing through your feet. You would mumble The Christmas l returned to our house
alive apart from woodlice and rot. through your cigarette mouth returning our house of stories; the diggers arms
This soul forsaken place has corroded night-blinded from reconnaissance. thrashed. Slicing through briar and
season by season. Yet, the clock Holly bush heaving and thrusting deep.
stands steadfast. A loyal friend in my “Just no room for two of you.” Fall-away It clutched at the earth, scooping it
absence. On the green marbled wall throwaway. Time-step. Whisk. away with its huge jagged jaws. People
damp and fungus veined shines the of the townland circled the craters
blessed sacred heart lamp, its red light When the wireless played your song you edge witnessing the birth of unearthed
flickering in the night like a pulsating danced with her, spinning to spiral so fast, stony hollow. I do not know how many
heart. You did not smash it with your so furious, you would clutch your breast hours the metal monster dug. Churning
hatchet as you o en said you would. to calm your heaving heart. You, and your and turning the so slumbering soil.
It therefore continues to flare with lost dancer tripping the light fantastic. But when it stopped, the people flung
defiance in the cold abandoned ruins. I existed in this house in the shadow of themselves into the earth pit clawing the
another. I, the crimson flag in a raging Paso wormy soil with thorn torn hands until at
When l le , you took my stylish Doble. It was not your hand that wounded last, they found me. Battered bones and
clothes and built with your rage a me, no boot or bloodied boxer’s punch, but sparkling sequins scattered in the clay.
bonfire, topping the pile with my your words your harpoon poison. “You are Mary by name. I once your dainty dancer.
dancing shoes, scu ed and battered nothing like her.” You would proclaim with Cast out into the wilderness now home
from tripping the light fantastic, with the certainty of an enlightened preacher. at last. Restoration.
you. “Gone back to where she belongs. “Nothing.” That is how it was. No beauty
Mary by name, Magdalene by nature.” le for you to see, I once your dainty dancer.
You told to all and sundry. Street Topspin. Fish-tail. Whip. I weary with no
Angel. House Devil. Slow-fox. You, the will to flee, shackled by invisible chains to
abandoned spouse with head bowed, cha-cha no more.
my betrayal on sleeve. Roaming the
townland seeking tea and sympathy. “No room for two of you in this house.”
Whilst I, Mary by name, Magdalene by You had said. The blessed sacred heart lamp
nature, plied my deceit on the streets of biding me farewell not wanting us to part. I
Wild North London. ‘Blighty’ where we cast out in the wilderness. Some lads from
met. Swinging sixties Twist. Where our the townland caught sight of me once living
waltz was wild and magical. King and it up down in Kilburn dolled up like I was
Queen of the dancefloor. Champions of Grace Kelly. Jitterbug. Cakewalk. Shimmy.
the Lindy-Hop. I, your dainty dancer. But l I tell you now it wasn’t me. I, Mary of
Sugar-push. Swingout. Swing. I plucked the Northern Line.
from my Skip-jive city life. Sucked up by
a wild Tornado to an alien world filled In time, your elusive quest spiralled to an
with turf fires and bog. I flung from end. Slow-step. Reverse turn. Hesitation.
the Twisters thrust. Tossed into a new Years, tears and weather-worn, you
uncharted Oz where the tempo of our crushed, alone, defeated. It was then she
dance altered. Your steps not beside me rose from the abyss to taunt, to mock and
or in our time. Throw-out. Reverse turn. goad you. Flamenco in the fire-flames. For
Quick stop drop. I became the enemy. you had failed to find her, abandoning your
My glitter and gowns cast away as if search. She then became your torment, your
antiquities from another age.
About our winner
So, it began, your desire for her.
You, mining through your memories to Maria has had work included in several
excavate an unrequited love and past. short story collections and publications.
Your exploration frequent and desperate. In 2000, she was winner of the Dublin 15
You, hoping you would find her there and Community Arts Short Story Award.
not return. Invisible maps, unchartered Most recently she was shortlisted for the
Colm Tóibín International Short Story
Award 2019. She has featured on the RTÉ
One Radio programme Sunday Miscellany.



The magic Our Young Adult winner is… Penny Smith
of angels
From Celbridge, Co Kildare

“Why don’t we have shepherds back on the plane tomorrow just “No such thing as atmospheric conditions and the
any more?” in time for the day itself. magic,” announced Alannah weather, and no guarantee they
knowledgeably. would see anything. But here
Alannah looked across at Caoimhe was still worried they were, on their last day.
her little sister with the sort of about the farm animals Aine sighed, grateful that the
withering contempt reserved for bus had finally arrived. She became aware of a small
13-year-olds putting up with “But who looks after Daddy’s crowd that had gathered behind
their six-year-old siblings. sheep? They’re all on their own The brightly lit Christmas her. Some of the bus passengers
in the field.” village was ahead of them with had turned around, too, and
“Don’t be stupid, the sheep its covered stalls, the elves in were standing gazing in awe at
don’t need looking after. It’s not “There are no wolves in Ireland colourful costumes ready to the sight. “It’s magical isn’t it?”
the olden days.” any more,” Aine reassured her, escort them to the fair. They said someone quietly.
but the question lingered with could already hear the bells on
Aine sighed and leaned over her. Maybe in Biblical times the troupe of reindeer ready to The light was almost filling
to mediate in what looked like there were shepherds watching give people rides in the real life the sky now, billowing to and fro,
being another spat between her through the night in the fields sleigh, and the music blared out drawing fantastic patterns in the
daughters over something silly. around their Wexford home. Christmas carols. air, lighting up the snow-covered
landscape with an unearthly
“I expect the shepherds in the The countryside outside the Alannah and Caoimhe were glow. The girls were hand in
Christmas story had to look out window was in darkness and the quick to get off the bus but Aine hand – “Peace on Earth at last,”
for wild animals that might steal landscape covered in snow. They was held up by an elderly woman thought Aine.
their sheep,” she suggested. were travelling through a forest who was slow to make her way
of deep dark pine trees sparkling to the front, and couldn’t see Her phone vibrated in her
“Oooh, like lions and tigers?” in the crisp, cold air. The snow the girls at first. The passengers pocket. Declan’s name came up
said Caoimhe. had been a novelty when they surged towards the village, and she mouthed to Caoimhe,
first arrived, and Alannah and overtaking her as she searched “It’s Daddy!”
“No, silly. They didn’t have Caoimhe had quickly gathered around her.
tigers in the Bible,” said Alannah snowballs and begun pelting one The little girl pressed the
scathingly. another with them. But the thrill “Alannah! Caoimhe! Where phone to her ear.
of the winter landscape was are you?” she called.
“Well, maybe they did have beginning to pall now. They were “Daddy, Daddy!” she said
mountain lions,” said Aine, getting tired of making sure they But then her eye was drawn breathlessly. “You should be
anxious not to burst Caoimhe’s had warm clothing, and of drying to the back of the bus where here! It’s magic! The sky is full
bubble completely. “And wolves,” out their gloves every evening on the girls were standing together of angels!”
she added. the radiators. staring at the sky.
About our winner
Alannah turned away sulkily, “What did the angels look On the horizon ahead of them
reluctant to concede that there like?” persisted Caoimhe. was a strange green light. It Penny is English but has
might have been wolves. covered a small area at first but lived in Ireland for over 35
They were on dangerous even as she watched it grew years. She is a member of
Maybe this holiday hadn’t ground now. Aine played for steadily, the sinuous waves of Celbridge Full Stops and
been such a good idea after time. light circling and swirling up into Comments Writing Group
all. The brochure had looked the night sky. and is concentrating on
attractive – “Christmas in “What do you think?” writing short stories at the
Lapland” it had promised. “Meet “Big, with wings and all Of course she knew what it moment.
Santa in the land of ice and lit up, like a Christmas tree,” was. “The Northern Lights.” she
snow.” Declan had encouraged said Caoimhe. “And angels are breathed. The travel agent had
them to go – “You go, love. I can definitely magic.” mentioned something about
manage here for a few days.”

But it hadn’t worked out
for Alannah – she was too old
perhaps to be bothered with
the reindeer and the elves, and
amusing her little sister had
become boring... But it was
nearly over now. They were in
the bus on their way to Santa’s
grotto and Christmas fair, then


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What’s in your stars this week?

Sagittarius Capricorn

Nov 23 - Dec 21 Dec 22 - Jan 20

It may be a working Do you have your bossy boots
week, don’t hold back on? Well, you may need them!
on issuing invitations. It Getting others organised is
may be a quiet drink or increasingly more difficult as
a party. Get the details the month goes on. So get solid
finalised at the weekend. offers and promises and post
regular reminders. Someone
e sooner you let others whose attitude seems rather
know, the more of a lax could just be confused.
success it can be.

Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus

Jan 21 - Feb 19 Feb 20- Mar 20 Mar 21 - April 20 April 21 - May 21

After a tricky invitation Do you feel like breaking A great deal of confidence You have been tying up loose
arrives, you need to discreetly free and having a very quiet drives you forward this week. ends, and not just your own.
find out what is going on. A clue holiday? Does the thought of Knowing what your talents Looking for someone who
could be in the other people more plum pudding just puff are helps but you also need to really understands your
invited. So, are you in the you up? You are not alone. know how to use them. ere needs? is is likely to be
mood to make the best of your Remember, though, that some are chances to make great someone at work rather than
appearance? Make the most of things are very unpredictable. strides in your working life. an intimate connection. Being
an opportunity that falls into Just be sure that you do not yourself is what you should
your lap. is is especially true if you are have to stretch finances. aim for.
getting together with family.

Gemini Cancer Leo COMPETITION

May 22 - June 21 June 22 - July 22 July 23 - Aug 23 Yes To Skincare is the
perfect range for when girls
Getting organised with your ere is a tendency to believe With so much going on start taking an interest in
money for the holiday is that your partner has the around you, it can sometimes their skin. Whether you
sensible. It also serves to clear same interest in a project of be confusing and tiring. As are a teen or even a later
your mind on a romantic yours. Could it be that they much as you like to socialise, stage in life, this is the
issue. You may feel like just don’t want to upset you? let others take on some of the perfect introductory range
dithering and there is nothing Will it be heavy on your time? work. Doing this also frees of products to spark an
wrong with that. Just as long At this time of year, it is even your mind to get any business interest in your skincare
as you realise that, sooner or more important to keep the matters tied up before the routine. Yes To products are
later, a choice has to be made. work/home balance right. holiday, Leo. free of all the nasties and
filled with all the goodness.
Virgo Libra Scorpio
We have Yes To products
Aug 24 - Sept 23 Sept 24 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Nov 22 worth over €15 to give
away. To win all you have to
is is not the best time Romantic and business Some chances of success need do is answer
of the year for business propositions come your way. chasing rather than letting the following
opportunities. After all, don’t Don’t feel that you must them come to you. Make it your question using
you have enough to do? Find choose one over the other. job to be helpful. A joint effort the form on
the time to listen to ideas from Someone wants to form a is best but there may be a few page 21: Which
a friend. You may pick and relationship. ey are keen to hold-ups. All the more reason star sign is
choose your path ahead. Be give you what you need. Take to get started early then? A represented
aware that you should avoid charge early on to be sure that misguided friend may throw by the
making rash promises. things go your way. you off the scent of romance. scorpion?




What do the cards have in store for you?

Illustrations by Jeffrey ompson | I lost a locket necklace that I has been going on for months. the following questions: ey hold zero power. ey
inherited from my late aunt I am so upset and angry. We How happy were you in the get a bad reputation thanks to
and I am so upset. I last wore have been married for 15 years relationship? If this cheating their portrayal in the media,
it on a night out. I don’t recall and I can’t believe he would do had never happened would but they’re no more powerful
taking it off when I got home. this to me. I kicked him out of you still be together? Do you than a deck of playing cards.
Can you help me find it? I just the house we share with our feel you can trust him? Do I have been reading cards for
want to get it back. two children and our children you feel you can forgive him? 20 years and have had no bad
ANNA, CO DUBLIN have supported my decision. experiences. I’ve never seen a
Lately I have been worrying ese are all important things death on the cards. I’ve never
It’s always tricky to locate lost that I am overreacting but I to consider. I drew a card for seen anyone be cursed by a
objects with the tarot cards, just can’t stand to have him your future and I see the Six deck. I’ve never seen anyone
Anna, but I’ll do my best. e back in the house. What of Swords, which tells me that get possessed by demons as
cards I drew for you were e should I do? the pain you’re feeling now a result of using a deck. I’m
Lovers, the World and the LEO, VIA EMAIL will pass and you will move not trying to be patronising,
into calmer waters. Whether just truthful. I do believe that
ree of Pentacles. I get the e first card out for you is your husband will be with you perhaps the death you foretold
strong impression that the the High Priestess, Leo, so I when you do is completely was mere coincidence (it
locket fell off while you were do think the best thing you your choice. Trust yourself. happens). I also don’t believe
on your night out, but all is can do in this situation is Trust what your heart is that you were cursed by the
not lost. e World and the to trust your instincts. e telling you. Only you know deck. I see this happen time
what’s best for you in this and time again; I can’t count
ree of Pentacles leads me to ree of Swords along with situation. the amount of people who
believe that a friend of a friend the Seven of Swords and the have told me they’ve lived
who was with you on said King of Swords leads me I used to read tarot many their lives terrified because
night out found it and meant to believe that this would years ago, but got afraid when they heard a supposed ‘fact’
to give it back to you but has have continued to happen if the cards foretold a death. about tarot or they received
simply forgotten all about he hadn’t got loose-lipped Terrified, I wrapped them in a death prediction from a
it. I would begin by sending after some drinks. e ree black silk and threw them charlatan. Some reading about
word out to all the people you of Swords is the card of out. I feel like I have had tarot might ease any lingering
were with on the night out heartbreak and usually the misfortune ever since. Have fears you may have. I highly
and asking them to ask their calling card of a cheater. Are they cursed me? recommend any books by
friends who were also there. you overreacting? at’s for WORRIED, VIA EMAIL respected experts such as
I do believe the locket will be you to decide. While I can’t Mary K. Greer, Benebell Wen
returned to you but it may tell you what you should do, I’ll be frank with you, or Rachel Pollack. I do hope
take some time. and I certainly wouldn’t, I do Worried, but know that that you can shake off your
think that you already know this comes from a place of fear and understand that we
My husband has been having what’s best for you here. I compassion. Tarot cards are create our own luck.
an affair. He told me all after would urge you to consider just that – a deck of cards.
drink was taken one night. It

PLEASE NOTE: Tarot is not designed to replace any medical or financial advice or your own free will. Tarot can guide you and show you options of what
may happen. Remember, when it comes to making choices, you are the master of your own destiny. Do you have a question you’d like to ask Amy?
Write to: Tarot Questions, Woman’s Way, Harmonia, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14 or email: [email protected]


PSYCHIC SUANYAS“Ldeeoebpae-ninrdogoCutaenpdhraihcpoaprtnyre”sdhoafre a


Renowned psychic Una Power offers
readers some guidance on life’s issues

MARY, DUBLIN happened to her, we were just work cooperate as, according to her, it would
colleagues. She is Capricorn (38) and I am not work. I tried to get her off my back
I hope you can help me. I’m Scorpio and in Leo (52). At first I was sympathetic to her, by explaining that my own work was
my 50s now. irty years ago I had a one now I dread the sight of her. suffering and our section head had spoken
night stand with our neighbour’s husband. to me about performance. It makes no
It started when she was in a taxi on the difference at all. She pesters me with
ere was drink taken on the night, but it way to the airport with her partner who repeat versions of what she calls ‘her
has plagued my conscience ever since. chose that moment to tell her he wanted trauma.’ I’ve had enough - can’t cope,
out of their relationship and wouldn’t be won’t cope. Any advice?
Sometimes they come over to dinner going on holidays with her and that she
with us, other times we go to them. Just should go ahead on her own. She didn’t do inking just about you for the moment,
lately I have been feeling unwell. that, she phoned me and told me how he what were you doing before your casual
ditched her with no warning whatsoever. work colleague landed in your life?
It isn’t helping that I am constantly
thinking that I should confess my sin to my She was so overwrought I was worried How did you feel about yourself and
husband and our neighbour. I want to be she might do something crazy and went your work after your section head spoke
relieved of my secret. straight over to the airport where I found to you? Did anything in your life change
her surrounded by several very concerned for the better? It should have done.
Hard as it is for you I feel you must people. When she saw me she rushed at
consider holding on to your secret. Of the me, clinging and sobbing. When your section head spoke
entire zodiac, Scorpio is the best keeper to you about performance she, as a
of secrets. I eventually got the story out of her. representative of the firm who pay your
ere had been a row at home with her wages, deserved to hear the truth. Very
ose concerned might not be able to partner on the previous evening over large institutions usually have access
react in the neutral way you prefer. ere something trivial and he told her couldn’t to helpful psychological services where
would be hurt, anger, speculation that live like that. I let her talk herself into there’s a problem.
intimacy took place more often than a calmer mood. It seems their entire
you admitted to. You might not be able relationship was built around having rows Leo and Capricorn share a deep-rooted
to handle the consequences. is is your and making up. hatred of being unhappy. It is a state that
own remorse and I’m sorry for you. Could I suggested she keep trying to get hold both signs fear. Kind Leo, when advice is
you be kind to yourself? Could you find of him and see if there was any chance of continuously rejected, is capable of acting
a penance that might relieve you of your making up and getting a later flight, but he without pity or mercy. at’s where you
anxiety and not destroy you? never returned any of her calls. are now. Re-visit your own motives for
She asked me to go with her to check keeping things under wraps.
Our Lord isn’t a monster in the sky if he was in their apartment. I was happy
waiting to pounce on a harmless and to do that. I was genuinely moved by Looking back down the months to when
well-meaning lady who has made family her reaction when we found that he had this occurred – was it such a big deal? On
life a pleasant and secure place in which packed all his things and gone without the day you did what was asked of you and
to live and grow. One part of me feels that even leaving her a note. I have never seen deserve a big pat on the back. Fortunately
your neighbour forgot the episode as it anyone so desolate. I was powerfully you have accepted that you’re fully
happened (drink?) and if asked about it moved to protect her. entitled to use the word no, without giving
would look genuinely puzzled and deny it. I stayed with her for that weekend any explanation. It’s a big, powerful word
listening to how she felt, and urging her that you just can’t argue with.
We’re given absolution from sin, we to go and stay with either her sister or her
only have to ask. Go now and ask for parents who live in the country. But she Have you advice for our readers? Want to
forgiveness. But acceptance of the gift is hadn’t ever told her people that her flat give your opinion? Send in your advice to
part of the bargain. mate was actually her live-in boyfriend. [email protected] with the headline
I began to feel that for every positive Psychic Advice.
OLIVIA, ATHLONE plan of action we drew up she wouldn’t

My working life is hell thanks to a nut case
who keeps telling every one that I am her
best friend. It’s not true.

Until a particularly awful thing

CONTACT UNA... If you have an unresolved issue you need guidance on, Una may be able to help. You can write to her at Una Power, Woman’s Way, Rosemount House, Dundrum
Road, Dublin 14; or email: [email protected] Please include your name, town, county and full date of birth. Please note, Una can only reply through this column.


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SSEPLEFC-CIAARLE kick off charades, you should definitely MOVE
play it in his honour. YOUR
It won’t be easy, but by getting
SIMPLE By Claire Spreadbury everyone together and asking non-blood During Christmas there
WAYS relatives to take the lead in raising a is the tendency for us to
TO TAKE It doesn’t matter if you lost a loved glass (just in case the lump in your stay cooped up indoors,
CARE OF one last week, last year or 11 years ago. throat is stopping you from saying but moving your body
YOURSELF Come Christmas, there’s a big aching something, even when you really want can be an excellent way
THIS hole at the table, in the room and in your to), it’s a chance to remember those to boost your feelings of
FESTIVE heart. Because there are so many family who aren’t with us any more, and keep positivity and wellbeing.
SEASON traditions woven into everything we do them being a part of your Christmas Every day over the
throughout December, it can be a really celebrations. festive period try and
difficult time of year, but ensuring you SHARE THOSE MEMORIES move for at least 20
remember those you’ve loved and lost can “Talk about the person you have lost,” minutes. Whether it’s
really help to keep them alive. Here are says Donna Lancaster, grief counsellor a brisk stroll outdoors,
some things that might help… and co-founder of The Bridge Retreat some yoga in your living
( room or taking a Pilates
GET EVERYONE INVOLVED ON THE class, make movement
FIRST CHRISTMAS “Share together all of your happy a priority to lift your
The first Christmas without that certain memories of them from over the years; mood.
someone is often the toughest. It’s likely the funny stories and individual quirks
you’ll want to start sobbing the second that made them so special to you all. DWORWITNE IT
you wake up, and as the day unfolds, Get out the photos and film clips and
every festive act can make memories celebrate their life. Allow yourselves to Christmas can be an
spiral. It’s tough when the emotions laugh and cry together in honour of the emotional time and often
are still so raw, but turning this into a love you all shared.” it can bring up some old
positive can really help. CELEBRATE THEIR LIFE AS WELL AS wounds. Adopt a journaling
CHRISTMAS practice over the festive
If your mum was the big organiser at Create a simple area in the home season to help you express
Christmas, you’ll want to remember her. If dedicated to your lost loved one, yourself. Grab a notebook
your partner always made the mulled wine, suggests Lancaster. Display photographs and write down how you
you’ll enjoy toasting them as you slurp and meaningful objects in a cluster, then feel. The simple act of
that first glass. If your dad was the first to for December, you could add a festive writing your feelings down
candle and light it each morning as a will be cathartic and help you
symbol of their presence. to release any sadness or
DO WHAT THEY DID AROUND THE stress that you’re carrying.
FESTIVITIES Remember – this journal is
“Play their favourite Christmas games, just for you. You don’t have
sing the festive songs they enjoyed to show it to anyone.
and watch the films that they loved,”
suggests Lancaster.

“Go for walks together along the route
they used to take. Make sure they’re felt
through all the many ways you share the
festive season together as a family.”
That toast really is so important. If it’s
all you can manage to squeak out the
words, ‘To absent friends’, before you all
raise a glass – that will do. It can be so,
so hard. But everyone who’s there with
you at that precise time knows exactly
who you’re thinking of, and everyone
will think of them too.

If you want to raise money or
awareness for charities that are
connected, it’s also a good time to pick
something to sign up to the following
year, so you’re doing something
positive. Ensuring lost loved ones
remain a part of your Christmas Day is
something that will bring you so much
happiness every year.


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