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An overview of the visit to Ireland of Pope Francis August 2018 and the World Meeting of Families

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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2018-07-27 04:25:37

Pope Francis Ireland 2018 update

An overview of the visit to Ireland of Pope Francis August 2018 and the World Meeting of Families


“This is important: to get to
know people, listen, expand
the circle of ideas. The world

is crisscrossed by roads
that come closer together
and move apart, but the
important thing is that they

lead towards the good”

Pope Francis

The world’s most popular and reflect upon the central importance of “In personally inviting Ireland to
leader is coming to Ireland marriage and the family as the cornerstone host the World Meeting of Families,
of our lives, of society and of the Church. I believe Pope Francis is placing his
Pope Francis is more popular than any trust in our reputation as a warm,
political world leader, according to various The WMOF2018 will include exhibitions, compassionate and outward-
opinion polls. In 2016 a poll conducted cultural events, musical performances and looking people, a people open to the
by WIN/Gallup International, questioned happenings around the city. world and with a strong missionary
1,000 people in 64 countries and put him 11 tradition”
points ahead of his closest rival, President
Barack Obama, in terms of popularity. More Father Tim Bartlett, Secretary General
than half of the world’s protestants and
even the majority of atheists and agnostics WMOF2018
view him favourably, according to the poll
(information taken from BBC News, 24
March, 2016).

Why Ireland?

Dublin, Ireland, was chosen by Pope Francis
to host the ninth World Meeting of Families
from 21-26 August, 2018, because of its rich
heritage, the anniversary of the Good Friday
Agreement and its place as a technology hub
for the rest of the world.

What is the World “[The Pope’s] great ability is to do
Meeting of Families? things with gestures, particularly with
people who are marginalised”
Held every three years, this major
international event brings together families Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
from across the world to celebrate, pray


“Your Holiness, in your
words and deeds, you set a

profound moral example.
You shake our conscience
from slumber; and give us
confidence that we can come

together, in humility and
service, and pursue a world
that is more loving, more just,

and more free”

President Obama to Pope Francis
23 September, 2015

Pope Francis will be visiting Brother What are the key with a joyful atmosphere, during which
Kevin Crowley at the Capuchin Day moments? personal stories of faith will be shared
Centre for Homeless People in Dublin by families, each representing the five
1. The National Opening of the World continents. Pope Francis will be present for
“These are questions which all of us Meeting of Families will take place this event.
might well ask. Why do these, our simultaneously in the 26 dioceses on the 6 Pope Francis will visit Knock Shrine on
brothers and sisters, have no place island of Ireland on 21 August. the morning of Sunday, 26 August to pray
to live? Why are these brothers and 2. From 22 to 24 August, a three-day for families and the WMOF2018. He will
sisters of ours homeless?” Pastoral Congress will take place in the arrive to Knock Shrine in the morning
RDS, Dublin, and will include a thought where he will visit the Apparition Chapel
Pope Francis provoking and reflective programme of and then give the Angelus address on the
workshops, talks and discussions centred square in front of the Shrine.
on the theme: “The Gospel of the Family: 7. The Closing Mass for the WMOF2018
Joy for the World”. The Congress will also takes place at the Papal Cross in the
offer an engaging programme for young heart of the Phoenix Park in Dublin on
people to include faith and fun activities for the afternoon of Sunday, 26 August. The
children. Mass will begin at 3pm. This is a solemn
3. Pope Francis will meet with President Eucharistic Celebration which will involve
Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina at 500,000 pilgrims from Ireland and around
Áras An Uachtaráin on Saturday, August the world. Pope Francis will be the principal
25. He will also meet with the Taoiseach celebrant of this Mass.
and government representatives at Dublin
Castle. See for further
4. Pope Francis will visit the Capuchin Day information
Centre for Homeless People in Dublin and
the Pro Cathedral and is expected to travel
through the city centre to meet with the
public also on Saturday 25.
5. A Festival of Families will be held on
Saturday, 25 August 2018 in Croke Park,
Dublin. This will involve a cultural concert


10 Reasons Why

This will be a significant visit

by a global and spiritual leader

to Ireland and is the first visit of a

Pontiff here in almost 40 years.


This visit generates major
global exposure for Ireland.


The last World Meeting of

Families in Philadelphia had over
4,000 accredited international

“Business is a noble vocation, directed to 4.
producing wealth and improving the world. There are an estimated 1.6
It can be a fruitful source of prosperity for billion followers of the
the area in which it operates, especially if it
sees the creation of jobs as an essential part Catholic faith across the world.
of its service to the common good” Images of this visit will be seen
around the world.
Pope Francis

Research, conducted by Kantar
Media and commissioned by
Fáilte Ireland, showed that the
visits of Queen Elizabeth II and
US President Barack Obama
generated advertising equivalent
of €298 million in global
exposure for Ireland as a tourism

All 500,000 tickets are booked

out for the Papal Mass on

Sunday, 26 August, in the #PopeInIreland
Phoenix Park. Tickets for Knock
Shrine went within a couple of “I believe that the global
hours. community can draw

7. inspiration from Pope Francis,
Some 116 countries are who has, throughout his

represented in bookings for pontificate, offered words of
the Mass in the Phoenix Park. hope and inspiration in
times when they are
8. desperately needed”
Registered overseas visitors
President Michael D Higgins
for the Mass are in excess of
15,000 people. “On behalf of the
Government I welcome the
announcement by Pope
Approximately 46 per cent of Francis of his intention to
those planning to attend the come to Ireland in August
Final Mass have an address for the World Meeting of
in Dublin. The balance of the Families. I look forward to
remaining bookings is spread meeting him during his visit”
evenly across the country.
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Over half of those registered to
attend the World Meeting of
Families in the RDS are parents
of children under 18 years of
age. This pattern is expected to
be similar at the final Mass
in Phoenix Park.


“Welcome to Instagram, Pope
Francis! No matter what faith you
practice, we can all be inspired
by Pope Francis’s humility and
compassion... I’m looking forward to
following the Pope — and watching
him continue sharing his message of
mercy, equality and justice with the

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook

World’s Most Popular Leader
(WIN/Gallup International; March 2016)

Shortlisted for the Nobel Peace
Prize in 2014, 2015 and 2016



Pope Francis with Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II “In a world where various
forms of modern tyranny
seek to suppress religious
freedom, or try to reduce it to
a subculture without right to
a voice in the public square,
or to use religion as a pretext
for hatred and brutality, it is
imperative that the followers
of the various religions join
their voices in calling for
peace, tolerance and
respect for the dignity and
rights of others”

Pope Francis

Pope Francis with Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove (left) and Iman Khalid Latif, Executive
Director of the New York Islamic Centre (right)

“Pope Francis
has become a
spiritual reference

point for the
whole world,
not just for the
Catholic Church”

Rabbi Abraham

Pope Francis with Rabbi Skorka and Omar Abboud, former secretary-general of
the Islamic Centre of Argentina


Showcasing Ireland as the Digital

Tech Capital of Europe

responsibly by all stakeholders, 6.
will continue
to enhance our world as we We have a reputation for
innovation and tenacity, and
continue to bat well above

our weight in attracting large

companies and developing Irish

owned brands.

10 reasons why? know it for humankind. 7.

1. 3. The Digital & Technology
Experience in the RDS allows
Given the Pope’s strong The last technology shift families to hear about digital
connection with technology through the era of the internet advancements and give them
and the family, the World lifted over one billion people out practical hands on experience
Meeting of Families is an of poverty, according to the of the future.
ideal platform to share with Economist.
the world the digital and 8.
technological shifts that will 4.
impact on family life. We want to see every child,
Ireland is making great teenager, young and aging
2. strides with advancement in adult afforded the opportunity
technological, ecological, to see where this digital era is
The Fourth Industrial energy, medical and healthcare leading us, and with Ireland in
Technology revolution or initiatives. the driving seat.
Digital Era, if embraced

5. 9.

We have encouraged and This area of the WMOF
developed entrepreneurs,
educators, scientists, global exhibition will demonstrate

investors and the people of how technology in the Digital

Ireland to prepare for this new Era can positively assist families
in areas like protecting our
wave of technological growth. environment, enabling
advancement in healthcare

and wellbeing, and




The pillars of our Digital &

Technology Experience
Centre represent a $2Trillion
economy (McKinsey)
including the Digital Era or

Internet of Things (IoT).

Key Themes A Pontiff in the digital age

4 Medical & Wellbeing Pope Francis reaches out beyond the Vatican to engage with
people globally through social media, science and technology,
4S mart-Farming of the conducting Google Hangouts and maintaining an active presence
future on Twitter and Instagram. His first Instagram post reached one million
followers in less that 12 hours (now at 5.6 million) and @Pontifex has 18
4Energy Management million followers on Twitter. He shares his monthly prayer intentions in
videos on the Vatican’s YouTube channel.
4 Green & Clean
Transportation Pope Francis became the first pope to give a TED Talk in a surprise video
address from the Vatican to the 2017 TED Conference being held in
4V irtual/Augmented Vancouver, British Columbia.

4Artificial Intelligence

4Robotics in everyday life

4S mart Homes of the




At a glance and contemporary dancers, including “We’ve designed this circle
500 from Irish dance schools across that reaches about 60
4 Families from 116 countries will attend the country; a 1,000 strong choir; 100 metres out in to the pitch
the Festival of Families in the presence of community groups and 300 flag bearers. and there’s a ramp that
Pope Francis in Croke Park on Saturday, 4 The selection of themes and artists goes down to a small circle
25 August. featured in the event reflect many of the that sits inside, and that is
priorities in the ministry of Pope Francis where Pope Francis will
4 Pope Francis will deliver an address to including homelessness and those on the sit. He very much asked
the families in the stadium and will hear margins; migrants and refugees; care for to sit among the people,
five family testimonies from Ireland, our common home and the importance he didn’t want to sit on
Canada, India, Iraq and Africa. of the family. the stage, he wanted to be
4 The WMOF2018 has also announced with everybody enjoying
4 The event will feature one of the largest Tyrone Productions as its creative the show”
stages that’s ever been assembled in partner on the event with Ruán Magan
Croke Park. as Creative Director and David Brophy as Ruán Magan, Creative director
Musical Director.
4 The stage design for the event will
include a circle of encounter space The full programme and details of
where Pope Francis will sit with families artists performing are available at
to watch some of the presentations on

4 T he line-up includes some 2,000
performers including, Nathan Carter,
Daniel O’Donnell, The Riverdance
Troupe, Dana Masters, The Begley
Family, The Priests, The Holy Family
Deaf Choir and Deaftones, Celine Byrne,
Paddy Moloney, Bridgie and Missy
Collins and Moya Brennan.

4 A n orchestra in excess of 50
musicians; over 700 Irish, Sean Nós


The Festival of Families will feature (clockwise
from top left) Daniel O’Donnell, The Riverdance
Troupe, Moya Brennan, Celine Byrne, Patrick
Bergin, Nathan Carter, Dana Masters and Paddy
Moloney among others

For any further information, contact:
Niall O’Shea

Head of Financial Development
World Meeting of Families 2018

Tel: +353 (0)1 567 6800
Mob: + 353 (0)86 810 6860; email: [email protected]


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