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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-07-13 07:46:01

WW13_A-Z beauty

WW13_A-Z beauty



ALL YOU NEED We love: Jo Malone We love: Moroccanoil DEEP CLEANSE EXFOLIATOR FIXER
Cologne Intense Body Curl Defining Cream
We love: Carmex Creme Velvet Rose and (€29.95) We love: Murad We love: Vichy Skin We love: Clarins Fix
original lipbalm (€3.99) Oud (€80) InstaMatte Oil-Control
Us straight haired ladies mask (€45) Renewing Creamy Scrub Make-Up (€28)
Lipbalm may sound Fair enough, you don’t cannot understand the (€14.95)
like something only need to spend €€€ on value of a good curl A three-minute deep Setting sprays have
a teenager uses (and a body butter or crème cream and, a er a poll cleanse that will Not all skins need daily become all the rage
we’ve all been there) but even if you apply in the o ce, this was dissolve and control exfoliation so if you’re of late – but are they
but looking a er your once or twice a week, deemed the best. It’s oil. It’s said to prevent planning on scrubbing worth it? We think so,
lips is pretty important, the feeling of a thick infused with argan breakouts and is up a few times a week, a er all, no one wants
particularly in the cooler butter wrapping your oil and provides curl perfect for oily and/ opt for a product to have spent a good
weather. A wee tube skin in a nicely smelling memory to fight the or blemish prone skin. that feels creamy and while perfecting that
or container of lipbalm hug, well, it’s rather dreaded frizz, that no A weekly deep cleanse soothing, rather than smokey eyed look for it
will always fit in your lovely. curly queen wants. will help clear potential working its magic and to slide o your face. A
handbag or pocket. congestion and leave drying out skin at the setting spray will give
skin feeling gorgeously same time. longer lasting hold, so
pampered. more people can admire
your look.

OILS We love: Elemis Sweet Orchid
Monoi Body Oil (€56)
Oils have been big all year long
and body oils in particular are We love: Autograph Matte Velvet Lip
proving popular. If you’re not Colour in Poppy (€13.50)
the kind of person who wants
to dance around a er you’ve EVERYONE can wear red lipstick, it’s a
slathered on a body product matter of finding out which shade suits
post-shower, an oil may be a your skintone best.
winner for you.
PRIMER We love: Smashbox Photo
Finish Foundation Primer

We love: Bioderma We love: Elegant Touch I cannot tell you how important
Sensibio H2O Micelle Press-On Nails in primer is to me. It is the perfect
Solution (€11.99) Nirvana (€9.99) canvas for flawless foundation
application and it simply evens
Micellar water has We’re not all born with things up a bit. It can be worn
changed my skincare beautiful nails, nor do alone if you prefer and while
routine. I use it as the some of us have the it won’t make your dinner for
first stage in facial patience to grow them. you, it is a good addition to any
cleansing then follow up So press on nails are make-up bag.
with my regular cleanser. great, meaning you can
Okay, sometimes I only mix up your look without QUADS We love: Rimmel Glam’Eyes Quad We love: Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil
use micellar water but getting nail polish all eye shadow (€8.99) Body Scrub (€10.99)
if it’s late, it’s better to over your hands. By Áine Toner
remove make-up with it Eyeshadow quads are brilliant: Much like a facial exfoliator, your body
than not at all. fact – but hands up who only uses needs a good scrub regularly, to shi
one or two of the colours and never dead skin cells and leave skin smooth
the whole thing? Me too, but I’m and so . This one gets bonus marks for
coming around to the idea of using having oil in it, meaning skin isn’t feeling
all the colours. A er all, they’re in like it’s done ten rounds with a cheese
the quad for a reason, so they must grater.
be complementary, right?


Alphabet beauty


Blotting Paper (€6.99)
We love: L’Oréal Elvive We love: Inglot Face We love: MAC Hush We love: Too Faced We love: Clinique Colour
I have been using a Full Restore 5 mask pot and Body Illuminator Cream Colour Base (€22) Sketch Marker Liquid Pop Matte Lip Colour
blotting paper since my 300ml (€8.09) (€20) Art Liner in Charcoal and Primer (€20)
teens and the mixture of We’re continuously Black (€20)
disgust and satisfaction All the drying and A little bit of unsure about how We’ve returned to
they bring hasn’t gone styling and washing and shimmer isn’t just much blusher/bronzer It worked for Cleopatra lipstick in a big way –
away. However, they do dyeing can play havoc to for the young people, is too much. We need a so a kohl-lined eye and have moved on a bit
remove excess grease hair – so be gentle with oh no. When added product that is buildable should work for us from only using the free
and do help those who a hair mask that can to the face or mixed you can see exactly how too. If a pencil isn’t stu you used to get in
‘glow’ more than others. help hair look and feel with body lotion, much is being applied working for you, opt magazines – and now,
fuller and be silkier to an illuminator will and exactly what we for a pen liner that brands are combining
the touch. add definition to the look like. allows you to make colour with a lip primer.
places you want to paintbrush strokes Bargain.
show o . around the eye.



We love: Yonka Essentials Lotion Yonka
Invigorating Mist Dry Skin Toner (€30.50)

We do encourage the use of this to remove excess
cleanser and clear omplexion. A game changer.


We love: Maybelline Age WASHING HAIR XTRA LENGTH YOUTHFUL We love: Epsom salts
Rewind Eye Concealer (€11.99) (from €2)
We love: Pantene We love: YSL Volume We love: jane iredale
So you’ve got some under- Pro-V Air-Light Foam E et Mascara (€32.50) Liquid Minerals A When added to water,
eye baggage but you’re not Conditioner (€6.19) Foundation (€55) Epsom salts break
your lone. The most flattering Mascara would be my down to magnesium
way to apply concealer is to If you apply conditioner go-to cosmetic product The fountain of youth and sulphate, which get
draw a triangle under your eye sparingly because it and there are plenty may not be a reality into your body if you’re
with the point towards your weighs down your fine on the market that but there are plenty having a bath. An Epsom
cheek. hair, Pantene has just lengthen, darken and of products that will bath is said to work
answered your prayers. work wonders on your help you look more for bruises, sprains,
VPOEIWL DER In the revolutionary lashes. Remember to youthful. When it comes insomnia, sunburn,
formula, hair-smoothing apply product to your to foundation, opt for psoriasis and more but
We love: Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder (€5.59) components are melded bottom lashes too. something that plumps if you’re unsure, check
with bubble-forming and hydrates. with your doctor first.
Veil powder will help set your make-up and is ingredients to create a
universally suitable for every skin tone and type. It foam that conditions WOMANSWAY.IE 13
doesn’t dry out skin and will o er a matte e ect. without compromising
on volume.

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