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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-06-21 07:48:42

food news tatler

food news tatler


Foodie fixture: cook alongside Nevin Maguire, Richard RECIPE
Corrigan and Kevin Dundon. A four-day
TASTE OF CELEBRITY extravaganza fusing demonstrations, tasters SHARING IS
from up and coming new establishments
Dublin’s favourite al fresco dining experience Brioche and Suesey Street, and treasured CARING
welcomes home Ireland’s leading culinary hints, tips and techniques from celebrity
exports including Cathal Armstrong (his chefs, this is a real taste and insight into These traditional Spanish
previous dinner guests include US Presidents what Ireland’s food scene has to offer. croquetas from Las Tapas
Bush and Obama), Robin Gill from the 16-19 June.
renowned Dairy restaurant in Clapham de Lola are perfect for
London, and Gordon Ramsay’s former enjoying family-style.
Head Chef Anna Haugh, all of who will
NFOEWOSD Faraway flavour POLLO

Savour summer’s inventive AN INDIAN SUMMER Chicken Croquettes
Regular festival or market goers will Serves 4-6
Tableware Tales: already be familiar with Kerala Kitchen,
who serve up Indian street food around This recipe is made for leftovers, ideal for using
AL FRESCO WITH ALESSI the country. Now it has opened its first up leftover roast chicken. Croquetas are super
Alessi’s new summer collection restaurant on Dublin’s Baggot Street popular all over Spain – every grandmother has
with a cool, laid-back interior and a cosy their own recipe. This is Anna Cadrera’s of Dublin
is sleek, stylish and neighbourhood vibe. Oh, and of course, restaurant Las Tapas De Lola.
outdoor-friendly. all the market favourites like the Keralan
Highlights include the coconut chicken curry and some hot new 250g chicken, or 1 small chicken to roast
‘Ellipse’ Collection by additions, like the Cochin chilli chicken. 160g butter
Added bonus: You no longer have to half an onion, diced
Abi Alice, a new range queue in the Irish summer weather to get 160g flour, sieved
of sophisticated multi- your fix. 1 litre warm milk
functional containers in mirror-polished 3 tsp salt
stainless steel, turquoise, sunshine yellow 2 tsp black pepper
or white. Perfect for displaying fresh fruit 1½ tsp ground nutmeg
in brilliant shades alfresco. 150g flour
4 eggs, whisked
STAMP OF APPROVAL Confectionary giant Nestlé has 150g breadcrumbs
announced that it is now 100 per cent Oil, to fry
certified sustainable. That means when
you pick up any of their choccie treats 1Preheat the oven 220ºC/gas mark 7.
(KitKat, Aero, After Eight, Quality
Street...the list goes on) you can be 2You only need 250g of chicken for this recipe,
assured that the beyond the sugar hit, it can either be leftover chicken from a roast,
your euros are going towards keeping you can roast a small chicken or chicken pieces.
around 30,000 Nestlé cocoa farmers We use roasted free-range chicken for enhanced
trained in safe work methods, planting flavour. Place a small chicken on a baking tray
disease resistant trees and refurbish
schools. 3and roast for an hour at 170ºC/gas mark 3.
While the chicken is in the oven, put a large
pot on a medium heat and add the butter.
When melted, add the onion and cook until soft.

TOP TIP: Replace the chicken with ham,
prawns or mushrooms for variety or whatever
you have handy. The whole point of these is to

use up some nice leftovers.


more delicious
recipes from some of
Ireland’s leading chefs as well as
lots of foodie features, interviews
and the latest news from the culinary
world – pick up FOOD&WINE
Magazine, on shelf now.

Photography by Harry Weir and Brian Clarke Add the sieved flour and stir constantly until 10To assemble, you will need three plates,
one for the flour, one for the whisked
4the flour is golden.
Add the warm milk and, using a whisk, stir all 11eggs and one for the breadcrumbs.
Using your hands, shape the croquetas to
5the time until the mixture starts to thicken. the desired size (we suggest 6-8cm long).
Add the salt, pepper and nutmeg, then set Pass through the flour, then the eggs and
finish with breadcrumbs. Continue until the
6 a side.
Once the chicken is cooked, chop 250g of 12mix is finished.
To fry, add enough oil to a large
7meat (off the breast and thigh). saucepan to reach a depth of 6cm. Bring
Add the chicken to the pot above and cook to a medium heat. Deep-fry the croquetas for
about four minutes, slowly turning them until
8for a further 10 minutes. golden brown. Serve.
Put the mix on a flat baking tray and allow

9to cool. Then refrigerate for at least six

hours or until the next day. This will make the
mixture much easier to handle.


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