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Woman's weekly magazine






Neven & Amelda talk family €120WT&WUOHRRINAKTMEHAY

26th November 2018

(NI stg £1.49)

Pg 8


I told you that November 26, 2018 Pg 12
we’d have a lot Vol.55 Issue 47
of competitions REGULARS
leading up to WITH THANKS TO:
Christmas - and Hazel Coonagh Viviscal Pg 10 16 Latest health news
this continues 20 Una Rice parenting
this week. ON THE COVER Competition 21 Parenting news
Firstly, why 39 Travel news
buy a turkey 2 Claire Foy FWRIONMDEDCEOARLAZTIONS 40 New in books
and ham when 4 Neven & Amelda Maguire 41 Reader fiction
you can (hopefully) win one? at 8 e ABC of LBDs 42 Soap gossip
competition is on page 35, nicely at the 14 Grown-up glitter 44 is week
end of our extra special Christmas food 24 Christmas food special 45 It’s your letters
features, full to the brim with festive 35 Win a turkey & ham 47 Una Power
cheer and recipe ideas. We then have 36 Do you have a toxic home? 48 Your stars
both a comp and reader offer for the 46 Win Dealz decorations 49 Angel reading
Perfection Pillow, which our Louise 50 Puzzles
reviewed previously and loved. Finally, Pg 24 52 I said it
we have a competition for €150 worth of YOUR LIFE 55 Turkey knitting pattern
Dealz decorations - a cool way to spruce
up your home ahead of December 25. Of 6 A tattoo-athon Make Christmas magical with Dealz €150WORTH Pg 44
course, we are still giving away books, 10 Christmas jumpers
a hairdryer and beauty too. And we’ve 12 A beautiful Christmas Chfpwab€rdyhattetmToeiheo1osrertmeh5iceufhaassgnoei0mrztsaoiacarmi.vwhmamntesfesToetgoaddaeelihsmysiroezltvtutkeoe.nhciteiapincuvolsnfiletngweourwgtitagoalehiospkitthsnteefirashthaooia€nohzcranCrsthdedf1etsohhe.ap5oqvtDnevranioif0auecvsecDwlrtad,adetauyueemlriDleeitolzaretalhoeeanliysohbzvaa-s,sewfealvlieaezvrntielnnhevgdiess WIN
more to come, I promise! 18 Eat yourself well toaacsouopSrrornyaeaoniyefreilygfecgAdllagnisehnoimtaiwsgooalscihsgtsidedionumshnhoturututoiaha.rd,mpnt’aTthitrcdrnrnrnrnntTienDlastoerceeeveasainte,gyerahotrsnereetayitfdlaikyrntaeendnibonltoarentosvllonsyweedegéiooalogletdeunuzfgad.m’sewcneulkovodctgiddeso,cCbhadonsnebhehrpe,,oedroehmabugldee,olcrspcperlonaisrataaaoeawgoroviiuaicuf-uynannsurtrfdhreomdsghttlaiosorabtskgtaentorliusyimtpicutlrpfeleecsnfneiaeh,suioaaroihuntsoidacsensrotocglldornoldhneitos,xokidflcnnwdwihnsmddosucttwoeldtCegee,srocrweimhrrrniaodetasehdliffaenmroiuwhlintneuacservtmencgaafhadihsdhte.ulieltsknnlitietuetiwahiintItrnthlchadcsifsdrsimmaevtageanriiotirisoenerngrharfeaagusesyni.r
19 Soothe a sore throat enrthoaaaoarnrswsWllgtyo.esevhfBo,aoeeemwcrttarhhaheoteliteslctrhshhymiyenotioohsgurudeurateiasofvrrehranCessiaulhttaaniirovbtidtuselreetcagvnmhdieeen,itaretDyssiidonotesnona.arelzel’issst etth€Thmhoo1ee5mabcf0ileooeimlwtnilnoho.pwirwsetitihnCittghhoiorfqainsudctefehmoscarotanmirsoca,netosinoaoimfnnpdwspalgicfynooenram4inynp5soglwueotrerer WELL DONE WINNERS!
It’s rare that we have a couple on our 40 Win a perfection pillow For more information see AdhQea..csBWoDirshaectiauciolihztnsoasndBt-dh.teirDsdeonytndeouaftrtoh?soediCr .sCoShuwrriescetemtsas
cover but we’d make an exception for Issue 44 (November 13)
Amelda and Neven Maguire. Honestly, Pg 46
they are serious #relationshipgoals. ey
chat Christmas, their children and what Pg 21 Three new books
their plans are over the holidays. We’re Maureen Ganly, Co Meath
delighted to feature you, Mr & Mrs M. Cocoa Brown tan hamper
Christina Finnerty, Co Galway
All this plus black dresses for the Beauty bag
shape and budget conscious, beauty Lydia McCartney, Dublin 1
that’ll prep and prime and psychic and Crossword winner
angel advice from Name and address with Editor
our experts.
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e Crown star Claire Foy takes a turn in a
very different direction to play tattooed
vigilante Lisbeth Salander in e Girl In

e Spider’s Web, a sequel to e Girl
With e Dragon Tattoo

To think of Claire Foy is to will soon pick up the mantle that, I can’t think a day ahead “I thought
think of the Queen. She has when the show makes a time really.” this could be
become as closely associated jump, Foy’s performance a bit extreme
with the monarch as corgis and looms so large in the public It isn’t the first time that but I loved it”
handbags. consciousness that it gave her playing Queen Elizabeth II has
pause when it came to choosing given her pause about another born Foy takes over the role of
Indeed it seems likely that she her next part. role that followed. Salander from Rooney Mara,
is one of those stars that will who was nominated for an
forever be associated with the She will next be seen as “When I did Breathe, it was Oscar for her performance in
role that made her famous, in shaven-headed, heavily tattooed in my head it was too similar
this case playing a young Queen and pierced vigilante hacker but I did it anyway because I e Girl With e Dragon Tattoo
Elizabeth II in Netflix’s big Lisbeth Salander in the latest loved it,” she says, referring to in 2012.
budget drama e Crown. instalment of e Girl With e her turn as the wife of Robin
Dragon Tattoo series. Cavendish, who was paralysed It’s not just Mara who has
Even though Olivia Colman from the neck down by polio at played the role before though -
“I was a bit worried everyone the age of 28. Noomi Rapace has also donned
2 WOMANSWAY.IE would think it was a bit black leather to take on the part
obvious,” the star says with a “ at is the same sort of thing. in the Swedish-language films.
chuckle. If something else like that had
come along, I wouldn’t have “It’s not ideal, is it?” Foy
“Or they would say I’ve gone, turned it down purely because laughs. “Hopefully at some
‘No, I throw off the shackles of I didn’t want to repeat the same point, I will be able to meet both
being the Queen and want to thing. of them and say, ‘I think you’re
shave my head!’ but that wasn’t amazing and great’ but it’s a
it at all. “If I love something, I’m weird thing, isn’t it?
doomed. I’m like, ‘Oh god, I’ve
“If anything I thought this got to do it’ and it was sort of the “I feel very, very honoured to
could be a bit extreme but I same with this.” share this part with them but at
loved it so couldn’t not do it. the same time we are all playing
In e Girl In e Spider’s a different woman because we
“I’m not like that. If it’s in Web, based on the first novel
front of me I am like, ‘ at is in the series not penned by late
what I will do’ but other than author Stieg Larsson, Stockport-


are all different women. made the film, and in the “Lisbeth, and what she stands to learn a whole new skill set,
“Of what I know about them process of making the film, for and what she’s been through talents she had not previously
the conversations that people in her life, has been around for had a chance to accrue in Little
and have heard about them, I are having are very different such a long time and the books Dorrit, Upstairs Downstairs, Wolf
think everybody has an amount and what is in the news is very were written over a decade ago. Hall and, of course, e Crown.
of respect for what we all do. different.
We all do the same job and we “Stieg Larsson wasn’t writing “I learned lots of new things
are all aware of how it works “Just by the pure nature of it, anything that people didn’t to do in the gym and lots of fight
and what it is and so I think we it is of the moment and that is already know so we will just moves.
would all be pretty much (she interesting because we haven’t have to see what effect that has.”
gives a nod of recognition), ‘Hi, made the film with that in mind “But I can only do it if I stop
how are you doing?’. at all. But timeliness aside, taking on my fist an inch away from
the part did give her the chance someone’s face, so it’s not very
Did she try to discuss the role good in everyday life.
with either of them?
“But it wasn’t just those
“Dear god no, of course not!” elements. My approach to
But one thing that marks this film was very different
Foy’s performance apart is the to anything else so it’s been a
timeliness of the film’s release. learning process.”
e film follows Salander as
she tries to rescue and exact e one thing she did not
vengeance for battered women. quite master was the world of
It’s the first movie of the series computer hacking.
released since the scandal
surrounding disgraced producer “ ere is no way,” she says,
Harvey Weinstein rocked looking baffled. “It’s a whole
Hollywood, and the image of world of intelligence. Coding,
a woman taking revenge on that’s a thing. I don’t even know
abusive men takes on a more what that is! ere is a dark web
loaded meaning. out there though!” WW
“Weirdly, since we have
The Girl In The Spider’s Web is
released on November 21

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A very

Celebrity chef Neven Maguire and
his wife Amelda talk us through
what’s on the menu at their
household this Christmas

One word to describe Neven but it’s just been hard to get
and Amelda Maguire? Lovely. the balance when I’m in the
Absolutely lovely. When they restaurant at home. So it’s
arrive at our photoshoot day been a bit of a struggle to be
they’re warm, friendly and honest with you, but it’s been
it isn’t long before Neven a good year overall, thank
has the entire team chatting God,” says Neven.
about their favourite recipes
of choice. From speaking In the studio, some
with the couple, it’s so clear Christmas decorations are
that they love what they do already up and I ask the
and while their business, couple what the festive
MacNean House and season is like in their house.
Restaurant, plays a huge part
in their lives, it’s their family “Santa. It’s all about Santy
that they hold closest to their for the twins. They’re nearly
hearts. Before we got them seven and it’s all about Santy
in front of the camera, we for them. We usually go to
sat down to chat about the mass in the morning and we
year that’s been so far and have lunch. I do the cooking.
just what’s on the menu for Amelda helps me,” says
Christmas 2018. Neven.

So what has 2018 been like At this Amelda laughs and
for the Maguires? They both responds: “Not very much. I
answer without hesitation. set the table!”

“Busy,” says Neven. “Ah you do,” says Neven.
“A bit crazy, but good, all “But it’s a nice relaxed day
good,” says Amelda. and we have the family and
“It has been really busy Amelda’s mum and dad. It’s
with the television work. just really nice. It’s all about
I’ve been away quite a bit food for me. The restaurant
which is, well, not unusual, is closed and it’s just a nice,
relaxed time.”

When it comes to the


Cover interview

By Amy Wall festive menu for this Christmas, actually enjoy the whole now that can help you. but we have this homeless
Neven is all about sourcing celebration of Christmas.” Don’t overcomplicate it crisis. It just doesn’t make
fantastic food from local with different starters. Get sense… Everyone deserves
producers. One thing that has as much help as possible a home, so that would be a
changed for the Maguires and get a lot of the jobs wish,” says Neven.
“We have a local producer in recent years is the way done ahead. For example,
who has the best goose and in which they celebrate cooking your ham, glazing “You’d hate to think of
Christmas. your ham, making your anyone on their own at
ornhill duck. We’ve been stuffing, that can all be Christmas. Anyone that you
using them in the restaurant for “For me every Christmas done two or three days know is going to be on their
29 years, so hopefully he’ll keep is different and it’s special. ahead,” says Neven. own, you’d nearly invite
me a couple of geese. I’m from a big family so them to your own,” says
it’s just lovely, all of us “To be organised is key Amelda.
“ ere’ll be buttermilk brined together, and now with but not to leave everything
turkey and I’ll have a couple the twins. It’s such a big until the last minute. You Amelda says that they
of wee starters as well. I’ll thing now in our house – to can do a lot of things. always try to take care
keep it very simple. And then see the excitement they Like if you’re serving a of people on their own at
maybe a plum pudding and an get. at gives me great vegetable like red cabbage Christmas and tells us that
alternative dessert. We usually pleasure,” says Neven, you can make that any Neven’s family, growing up,
do something simple like ice smiling. time now and freeze it until would invite a local priest
cream with pears, chocolate and Christmas and it’ll keep. who was on his own.
toasted almonds,” says Neven. “It’s changed because we
used to have Christmas in ere’s loads of different “And mum and dad would
“We were thinking for the restaurant because it tips and advice out there. have always sent food over
Christmas Eve we might have was all of Neven’s family Also you can buy my to the guards who were
some of my family up for pizza. and my family, everyone Christmas cookery book – working across the road,”
We’d do something early.” came together. ere could that will give you loads. I’m says Neven.
have been about 30 plus, only joking!” he laughs.
“We did that on one of the maybe 15 kids in that. So “ ere’s a good friend of
years. You did a selection of now it’s more intimate. It’s For anyone interested in ours whose wife isn’t well.
pizzas and I enjoyed that as at home and it’s all great. said cookery book, Neven I do a Christmas dinner for
much as Christmas day,” says Especially when you’ve got Maguire’s Perfect Irish them and he rocks up and
Amelda. kids,” says Amelda. Christmas (Gill Books, takes it with him and that’s
€17.99) is out now. nice. You think of other
When it comes to the festive “It’s all about them. It people. I think that’s really
season, Neven and Amelda each is and [Christmas] does If you’re not the one in important. Christmas is a
have their own favourite parts. change. To see when Santy the kitchen this Christmas, time for thinking of other
comes and they’re playing, there are some things people and giving, and
“Personally I love the whole it’s just lovely. It’s a nice you can do to help the enjoying time with your
lead up to it and Christmas family time,” says Neven. chef. Amelda tells us that family – not everyone is as
because we’re closed and we while she doesn’t do much lucky.” WW
don’t worry about the business. So what does Santy get cookery-wise you can
on Christmas Eve when ensure that your guests are WITH THANKS TO…
“For me every he comes to the Maguire being looked after. Photographer: Hazel Coonagh;
Christmas is di erent household?
and it’s special. I’m “I make sure the table is Stylist: Roxanne Parker;
from a big family so “You always have set and that when people
it’s just lovely” the carrot and the wee arrive they’ve got drinks or Hair: Barry Kane from Peter
sprinkles that you can get snacks,” says Amelda. Mark, 74 Gra on Street,
All the staff have their time now in bags. A little mince Dublin 2; 01 671 4136
with their family and we get pie, a glass of milk. ere “She’s being modest. Make-up: T Elliott; tel: 087 271
time. You’re not working. I used to be whisky… we’ve When I’m serving up she’ll 5852;
just love that. I enjoy it,” says had to cut that out! Just help,” says Neven.
Neven. milk,” laughs Neven. LOOK 1
Before we end our COVER LOOK
“I love Christmas Eve “It’s simple but there’s interview, I ask the Amelda wears: purple blouse
too. Christmas Eve and excitement and I suppose Maguires if they have €49.99 from Selected Femme
Christmas Day,” says you get excited too. I think any particular Christmas @ Arnotts; jeans €265 from
Amelda. there’s something very wishes for this year. J Brand @ Arnotts; purple
special about that.” velvet mules €49 from M&S
“ ere’s something very “ ere’s a huge homeless Collection; earrings €56 from
special about it,” Neven Cooking at Christmas can crisis now in Ireland and Rebecca Minko for Stella & Dot,
agrees. “It’s also a bit of a sad be incredibly stressful and I wish people maybe on
time too because you miss Neven offers the following Christmas Day, not even Neven’s clothing is his own
your parents and any loved words of wisdom. Christmas Day, but that
ones that have passed away. there was less homeless LOOK 2
You think of them. But I do “Keep it as simple as and that people would have Amelda wears: green silk dress
possible. People get very somewhere to stay that’d be €535 from L.K. Bennett; purple
stressed. It’s only one warm and have some nice velvet mules as before; Harley
day of the year. Treat the food. I think that would be baguette glass drop earrings €42,
turkey like a large chicken. a nice thing to do. It’s kind from Stella & Dot
It’ll take longer to cook of shocking because our Neven’s clothing is his own
but just keep basting it. economy is doing very well
ere’s loads of recipes

An ink-credible day
e meaning behind this tattoo-athon that will touch your heart

Rhona’s Hospital and was transferred to “Leo is doing Irina Duane, Eddie O’Connor By Michelle Newman
daughter Molly Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital fantastic, but and Rhona Cullinan
in Crumlin later that evening. he will require
On February 18 this year in Leo had his first open-heart additional group and together we
honour of Congenital Heart surgery at just five days old heart surgery” started to work on a very
Defect awareness month over and was in hospital for three exciting project called
40 people took part in a tattoo- weeks, but thankfully was parents, I wanted to give Little Heart Warriors
athon at Crazy Cats Tattoo Studio discharged in plenty of time to something back to the Ireland, to help raise
in Ballyfermot, Dublin, to raise celebrate his first Christmas at hospital. I met Rhona awareness of Congenital
money and awareness for Heart home. Leo is doing fantastic, Cullinan, a fellow heart Heart Defects. When Rhona
Children Ireland. Here, Rhona but he will require additional parent, through a Facebook came up with the idea of
Cullinan, Irina Duane and Eddie open heart surgery in the holding a CHD awareness
O’Connor talk about why they future as he grows. My family tattoo fundraiser, I knew
got involved in the fundraiser owe everything to the amazing immediately I wanted to
and what the experience meant doctors and nurses in Crumlin be involved. I wanted a
to them. for mending Leo’s heart. meaningful tattoo for a
very long time, but I’ve
IRINA DUANE As with many other heart never had one. I found
I am a professional photographer a design online, a tattoo
and owner of Happy Memories of an electrocardiograph
Photography. My baby boy Leo
is only a year old but already a
CHD [Congenital Heart Defect]
survivor. At 26 weeks in utero
we found out that he has a very
rare heart defect, known as
truncus arteriosus. We were
absolutely devastated with the
news, but we decided to not let
the sadness take away the joy of
having a baby. Leo was born on
November 6, 2017 in the Coombe
Women and Infant University


Real life

reading [ECG] with a heart, Irina’s ECG and Eddie who kindly agreed to Eddie and a
several months ago. e CHD heart tattoo offer his services for the day participant on the day
Awareness Tattoo-athon was and donated all the money
the perfect occasion for it. I am amazing little heart warriors. raised to Heart Children with a heart, the arrow and
delighted that so many parents Ireland. At the end of the a heartbeat, I think it says it
like the design and it has become RHONA CULLINAN day he even tattooed his all for the kids.
a symbol for heart parents in Molly was born in September own thumb with the tattoo
Ireland. I got inked below my 2016 with down syndrome to represent the day He Other designs that people
heart to celebrate my little and a congenital heart defect was amazing! It was a very had tattooed on the day
miracle baby boy Leo. called Tetralogy of Fallot. She’s emotional day – one lady were things like scars which
two-years-old now and is got a heart with two wings a parent would have had
Having a child with a life- doing fantastic. I have several surrounding it to represent done to match their child,
threatening condition changes tattoos but I really wanted one the little baby who donated names, hearts and a heart
you. It brings strength that you to represent Molly’s journey their heart in order to save monitor.
never knew you had, it makes and her bravery through all her little girl. We all shared
you appreciate the little things her battles. Earlier this year a stories and laughed and It was such a busy day! My
in life and it teaches you that huge campaign started around cried. It was a fantastic day. brother was meant to help
miracles do happen. the world for people who have We raised a total of €1,037 on me on the day but he took
a child or sibling with down the day and I would organise sick and I ended up doing
e CHD Awareness Tattoo- syndrome, where a tattoo with it again in a second! all of the tattoos by myself
athon was such a great team three arrows represents the but I didn’t mind, it was a
effort. Eddie O’ Connor, the tribe and the community of EDDIE O’CONNOR great day and listening to
tattoo artist, inked more than the down syndrome world. other people stories and
40 parents on the day, including I wanted to get one of them People know me as Eddie the what they went through
himself. I volunteered to but I also wanted to get one to Bull, I’ve been a tattoo artist was a real eye-opener. I was
photograph the event, taking represent Molly’s heart journey, for 24 years and my studio, even tattooing myself, I was
hundreds of photos of parents, so when Irina suggested the Crazy Cats, is located on the the last one on the day, the
family members and friends of heartbeat tattoo - which I main street in Ballyfermot. 43rd person. I would most
CHD children. It was such an loved - I decided to add the I don’t specialise in just one definitely be interested in
incredible day. We laughed, we three arrows onto it because style, I like to think that I am doing something like this
cried, we shared our stories but it represents her having down an all-rounder when it comes again, especially if I could
mostly, we just celebrated our syndrome too. to tattoos but if I had to give help to raise money for kids.
a preference I would say I think my most enjoyable
Rhona a er having Getting a diagnosis of down black and grey realistic is my moment was looking at
her tattoo syndrome with or without a favourite. Rhona’s face at the end of it
heart defect is a very scary one. knowing that the day was
I hope that by sharing Molly’s I’ve known Rhona since successful, everything went
story people can read it and see she came in and got a tattoo off perfect and she did it all
that yes, it’s a hard journey, in my studio. When she and for her little girl. WW
yes, you will have bad days, her husband had their little
but that it’s the most rewarding girl Molly and I saw what she Happy Memories
journey you’ll ever make. was going through, being a Photography; www.
father to a little girl who has happymemoriesphotography.
Irina and I spread the word special needs I know what org or the Little Heart Warriors
about the tattoo-athon through it’s like to be in that situation. Ireland Facebook page
our Facebook page Little Heart My daughter has cerebral
Warriors – a page we set up palsy; she does not feel very
when we were creating a thank well at the moment but she’s
you present for Our Lady’s in great form, thank God.
Children’s Hospital in Crumlin. She has been in and out of
It was a great way of bonding hospital a lot, so stuff like
with other parents who had that would be close to my
walked the same corridors as heart.
we had and knew what we had
been through. I have taken part in other
charity events and when I
We had a huge response and I was asked to take part in the
contacted my own tattoo artist tattoo-athon I immediately
said yes, it was an honour
to do it. Rhona and myself
definitely had a few goes at
coming up with the final
design for the tattoo but the
design that we settled on,


€65 from Miss


€49 from Miss


A classic Cold shoulder Decadent
€49.95 from Zara €63 from Wallis €168 from Debut @

Bodycon Debenhams High neck
€57 from Lipsy @ Next €68 from Wallis
Fit and flare
€49 from Dorothy


A Z of little black

Leather Night-time chic
€200 from V by Very @ €50 from River Island

Jacquard Littlewoods Ireland
€105 from Laura


Inserts Kimono
€76.05 from Elvi €39.95 from Zara

8 WOMANSWAY.IE Maxi One shoulder
€332 from Monsoon €78 from Evans

Peter Pan LBDs for all
€42 from Dorothy
Petite: A sheath dress can give
Ruched the illusion of longer legs by
€47.50 from M&S making you look taller and leaner.
Lengthen your silhouette even
Twist knot more by keeping the hem at
€40.50 from Oxendales mid-knee or above. Avoid flowy
long-sleeved dresses as they can
Quirky esSquareneck Ultra sophisticated sometimes dwarf smaller frames.
€9 from Penneys €299 from Helen
dre€100fromLong Rectangle: A dress with a V-neck
Tall Sally McAlinden or o the shoulder will help create
a figure that flatters your overall
Wool blend silhouette. Top tip is to try and
€99 from COS stay away from clingy fabrics and
accessorising with tight belts.

Pear: An A-line dress will you
be your best friend this coming
season. While a halter top will
also be perfect in helping giving
you a more triangular shape and
proportional look. If you’re brave
enough to bare the chill, then a
strapless, loose fitting black dress
with can also work for you.

Apple: Shi dress is also a
good choice, especially for a
comfortable yet stylish look. But
if you want to embrace the 1920s
and go for something fun, why
not try a flapper dress? Try and
avoid dresses with full or pu y

Hourglass: A figure hugging dress
is naturally a great choice for
hourglasses. But a ruched dress
that draws the eyes to the waist,
is also another style that will be
sure to flatter your shape. With
this in mind, stay away from high

By Áine Toner Xtra vintage
€59.99 from H&M

Velvet Yippee! Leaf print Zipped
€73.50 from Principles @ €34.99 from New Look €84.99 from

Debenhams Simply Be


Dorothy Perkins

Santa’s sleigh €35 Prosecco €50 Sequin robin €37
from Dorothy Perkins from Evans from M&Co.

Turkey €27.99 Christmas dinner €18 Flamingo €41.60
from New Look from Tu @ Sainsburys from Oasis

Well, it is Christmas…

Reindeer €42 Gingerbread €38 Elf bells €16 Bow €56
from Wallis from Debenhams from Penneys from Sosandar

Charity €14 Fab-yule-us €27.99 Rudolph €34 Pudding €64 By BÁiyneÁiTnoenTeorner
from Penneys for from Simply Be from M&S from Monsoon
The Late Late Toy Show


BeautyTHE 12 DAYS OF

Let the pampering commence
with absolutely no partridges

1 2 3
CHRISTMAS… GET Brows, bikini line, legs, underarms, mo and BUFF AWAY
BACK TO BASICS more. Whatever you feel might need banished If, like us during the
When we’re stressed (hair removal is totally optional) then book winter, the skin on
and busy the very first your appointment with a therapist early. e your legs is drier than
thing to fall out the closer it gets to the 25th the less likely you are the Atacama then take
window can be routine. to be able to be seen. Also, whether it’s in salon this day to tackle it.
Ensure that you don’t or at home, be mindful to leave enough time Start with dry body
let your cleanse, tone for skin to recover from any hair removal such brushing, long strokes
and moisturise become as waxing. Doing it the day before the towards the heart. en
a distant memory, get Christmas party could still see legs a little red. why not try a sugar or
up five minutes earlier And remember, a good thick pair of tights is salt scrub. Finish with a
if you have to. If you always an option. rich, repairing body
really can’t find the lotion – use this daily
time to do this (we’re TRY… €9.49 Veet Sensitive Skin Wax Strips until skin is back on
not saying you might form, or when you can
have a hangover…) 4 ON THE FOURTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS… remember to. By Louise Finn
change up to a THINK FEET
moisturiser that is a TRY… €21 Avène’s
little richer than one e last time your hooves saw sandals may have Akérat 10 Body Cream
you’d normally use. been the summer. But come party season they
may have to come out of hibernation. First, give
TRY… €90 Charlotte them a good soak. Use a foot file to buff away
Tilbury Charlotte’s any hard skin, then liberally apply a foot cream.
Magic Cream If you’re feeling fancy then lash on a bit of
polish, ideally while having a glass of wine.
TRY… €13.45 Nacomi Smooth Foot Cream

56 7
CHRISTMAS… BECOME Our hands take a hacking in winter, make time
to book in for a manicure. If there’s no time or
ON THE FIFTH DAY OF SCENT SATIONAL no funds to do that then a good file and shape at
home can do wonders. In front of the telly is our
CHRISTMAS… HYDRATE, Don’t forget that a spritz of your usual spot, preferably while watching Gone
With the Wind, although you can pick your own
HYDRATE, HYDRATE favourite scent should be the last Chrimbo fave, Home Alone is pretty good too.
And don’t forget to moisturise…
Water. It is your friend thing you do before heading out the
TRY… €8 Mane n’ Tail Hoofmaker Hand and
during the festive period. door. For these darker days try Nail erapy

Keep an eye on your water woody, musky or deeper scents. 11
intake and make sure to IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BASE
Primer, it’s as necessary as eating a full box of
have your six to eight TRY… €114 Jo Malone Orange Celebrations on Christmas Eve. An eleventh hour
saver if you’ve been lax in taking care of your face it
glasses a day. Top up Bitters Cologne not only provides a flawless base for make-up but
helps it last into the wee hours. Because you might
moisture in the skin and only be going out for the one, but you’re not really.
hair by using a good
multitasking oil that TRY… €31 Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer
works for everything.
TRY… €25 E Cooking Multi ON THE TWELFTH DAY OF
8Olie from Skinfull Affairs “Sleep is the best meditation,” says
ON THE EIGHTH DAY OF the Dalai Lama. We couldn’t agree
more. A good night’s kip will do
CHRISTMAS… THE MASK wonders for mind and body. And a
good bit of post-party night cream
Masks have exploded in popularity or serum slathered on for good
measure won’t do any harm either.
this year, so pick your favourite, put
9ON THE NINTH DAY OF TRY… €38 Juliet Armand Vitality
CHRISTMAS… MIND your feet up and let one of these Cream
YOUR COLOUR babies do their elf-like magic.
Chances are if you colour
your hair then you’ve had TRY… €6.95 Kiss New York Hydro
10it ‘done’ in early December.Gel Mask

Practice makes
perfect, and if you
want to try a new look
then make sure to give
it a trial run before a
big night out. You
don’t want to look like
you’ve been using

Make that colour last Homer Simpson’s

longer by ensuring you use make-up gun…

products specially Picking a palette with

formulated to protect that a range of

colour. Try to wash only complementary

when necessary and make colours means you can

sure to use a hair mask or experiment before

oil to prevent damage if committing.

styling with heat

TRY… €8.25 Wet n’

TRY… €5.99 Head & Wild Color Icon

Shoulders Suprême Eyeshadow Palette in

Colour Protect Rosé in the Air


Get sparkly


As with most of the major make-up looks we’ve seen on the runway in recent decades
the lady behind them is none other than self-taught make-up maven, Pat McGrath.
The British artist, who is known for her fashion-forward looks and use of colour,
made us all fall back in love with glitter when she created ruby-toned glittering lips
for Atelier Versace’s autumn winter 2016 collection and, a er releasing her own
take on the look with her Pat Mc Grath Labs Lust 004 lip kit, the world couldn’t get
enough of the sparkly stu .

Le : Model Bella Hadid showcasing Pat Mc Grath’s vision on the Atelier Versace autumn winter
2016 runway
Rex FeaturesGT LhrIoTwTEsoRmOeN IT
By Michelle Newman
1. Barry M Liquid Glitter Drops take liquid highlighter to the next level.

We love the lilac hues in this one and if you can’t flirt with fun colours
at Chrismas time, when can you? It would look incredible on darker skin
tones as well.

As party season gets into full swing Product: Liquid Glitter Drops in Feels €11.99 from Barry M
we show you how to wear glitter
for grown-ups 2. Just look at that glittering goodness! The L’Oréal Paris Glow Mon

Amour Highlighting Drops are so beautiful and are a great product to have
in your make-up bag all year round. Apply with your fingers (or a damp
sponge) to the high points of your face and you’re all set.

If you thought glitter and way for a new take on all that Product: Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops in 01 Champagne
make-up were two words that glimmers. Glitter - in whatever €13.99 from L’Oréal Paris
adults should never use in the form you feel comfortable using
same sentence, you couldn’t it - has now become something TIP! 3. If you want to give your dewy skin
be more wrong. Gone are the that every make-up lover TO AVOID a little oomph for the festive season,
days when glitter was strictly should have in their collection. GIVING A DISCO BALL then reach for Aura Dew by Shiseido.
reserved for young girls playing A RUN FOR ITS MONEY, This product is perfect if you’re
with their first eyeshadow ere are so many ways of WHEN USING GLITTER new to the glittery scene and it
palette (which we couldn’t incorporating this into your FOCUS ON ONE AREA OF would also look great on your
be happier about) to make look, here are some of our YOUR FACE AND MAKE lids for a glossy lid look.
favourites… THAT THE FOCAL
Product: Aura Dew in 03 Cosmic
ENHANCED EYES POINT €32 from Shiseido

Wearing glitter isn’t for the faint hearted but luckily the more PANACHE YOUR POUT
adventurous among us can take this to the extreme or you can use
a subtle hint of glitter to stay on trend without looking like you’ve Let’s talk lipstick: If mixing glitter and lipstick sounds like too
raided the arts and cra s drawer, it’s totally optional. For the eyes much work for you (most of us don’t have the time) an all-in-
there are lots of options out there. one product is the thing for you. Step forward the Too Faced
Throwback Metallic lipstick. We can’t get enough of the shade Hot
1. Powder shadow: Bronze and copper tones look great with any eye Flash, it’s a great dupe for the real deal without all of the e ort and
the colour will be a knockout at any party.
colour but particularly blue as they complement each other wonderfully.
This Chanel eyeshadow is great as you can build up the colour to create a Product: ‘Throwback’ Metallic lipstick in Hot flash €22 from
really vibrant look. Too Faced @ Debenhams

Product: OMBRE PREMIÈRE Powder Eyeshadow in Cuivre Lamé €32 Gloss is boss: If you’ve already found a lipstick shade that works
by Chanel for you why notswitch it up a bit and top it o with a glittering
gloss? The Fenty Beauty Lip Luminizer is the perfect way of
2. Liquid shadow: Silver and frosted shadows are very reminiscent doing this; it’s super shiny and the glimmering particles will look
fantastic over any colour.
of the nineties and we love this super shiny liquid shadow from MAC
Cosmetics. The wash of colour will reflect di erently depending on the Product: Glow Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Diamond Milk
light which is perfect for parties. If you prefer a more definite lid colour €18 (approx.) from Fenty Beauty @ Harvey Nichols
the Stila Glitter and Glow range is perfect. These shadows contains
beautiful glittery pigments, but the best part is the liquid feels like a
powder and isn’t sticky at all!

Products: Dazzleshadow Liquid in Diamond Crumbles €21 from MAC, Glitter and Glow
liquid eyeshadow in Rose Gold Retro €27.95 from Stila


Health news AINcToHE NEaWdSa..y.

According to new research from the Krembil Brain Institute,
drinking coffee could help to protect us against Alzheimer’s
and Parkinson’s disease. The study, published in the journal
Frontiers in Neuroscience, saw researchers analysing the
chemical compounds of three different coffee samples – light
roast, dark roast and a decaffeinated dark roast. By doing this,
researchers were able to identify a group of compounds in the
coffee samples called phenylindanes and observed that these
compounds inhibit the clumping of proteins that are present in
cases of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The researchers
also found that the caffeine content of the coffee didn’t
matter, but did observe that the darker the roast, the more
phenylindane compounds the coffee contained.

WEEKLY grandparents
ROUND-UP Awakening Inner Winter can take a nasty toll on
OF ALL Peace: A Little skin, so it’s important to do what Irish folk singer Mary Black recently
THINGS Book of Hours you can to keep your skin in tip- launched the Grandparent of the Year
HEALTHY top condition. Green Angel Pure Award. Specsavers Audiologists, in
By Sister Stan and Organic, a range of seaweed association with Beaumont Hospital’s
(Columba Books, and essential oil based skincare, Cochlear Department, is calling
€12.99) offers products rich in nutrients. for nominations as they search for
In this book, Sister With seaweed harvested on Ireland’s most amazing grandparent.
Stan gives readers an Ireland’s west coast, the products Nominations are open until November
invitation to pause, also contain vitamins, minerals, 30 and this year the winning
reflect and understand the iodine, trace elements and iron. grandparent will receive a trophy,
deep sense of peace that They’re designed to soothe, along with a €750 hearing voucher
can be found in silence. smooth and moisturise the skin, keeping it and a weekend away. The lucky
Through a carefully selected bright and healthy looking all winter long. Prices grandchild who nominates them will
collection of psalm extracts, start from €21.95 and the Green Angel Pure and also receive an iPad. To nominate,
reflections and prayers, this Organic range is available from selected stores fill out a form in any of Specsavers’
book is designed to give nationwide. stores nationwide or log on to www.
readers moments of quiet
contemplation throughout For details or to shop online log on to
the course of their day. This
is a nice way to give yourself
a break and focus on the NOMNIONWAT! E
present moment. Ideal for
anyone looking to develop
a sense of inner peace, this
book is also a lovely gift
to give to someone who is

Have the talk Prevention Manager with the Irish Cancer But prostate cancer is very treatable and
Society said: “Rather than insisting on a the earlier it is detected, the better. This is
It’s Movember, prostate cancer awareness test, we would strongly urge all men over why men need to be having yearly check-
month, and the Irish Cancer Society is 50 to simply take some time to have a ups, particularly if they have a family
urging all men over the age of 50 to have conversation with their GP. Men over 50 history of prostate cancer.”
a conversation with their doctor about are more at risk of getting the disease and To speak to a cancer nurse on any aspect
prostate cancer. Over 3,300 men are even if they are asymptomatic, it is worth of cancer you can contact the Cancer
diagnosed with prostate cancer in Ireland having that chat, as early prostate cancer Nurseline on Freephone 1800 200 700 or
every single year, but the survival rate often does not have any symptoms at all. drop in to one of the 13 Daffodil Centres in
is now over 90 per cent. Speaking about We know that sometimes men are slow hospitals nationwide. For more information
prostate cancer, Kevin O’Hagan, Cancer to go to their doctor if they are worried. log on to


Date for your diary TRIED AND Health news
The annual Aware Christmas Run, sponsored Boots Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society want to say a
by Cadbury, will take place in the Phoenix It can be hard to find grateful ‘thank you!’ to everyone who took part in the 2018
Park, Dublin, on Saturday, December 8 and a snack that’s not only Boots Ireland Night Walks. A massive €50,000 was raised this
registration is now open. Aware’s flagship satisfying but also year. This means that since the partnership began in 2012,
fundraising event, the run helps to raise funds healthy, so when a delivery €1.4 million has been raised for the Irish Cancer Society Night
for the organisation’s nationwide support, of YES! bars arrived into Nursing Service – that’s 4,064 nights of care for families
education and information services. You the office, we’ll admit that across Ireland. A huge well done to everyone involved.
can register for both a 5K and 10K run at a Team WW was a little
cost of €25pp online now and festive attire is bit sceptical. That being PET PROBLEM
encouraged. Walkers and runners are welcome. said, it was elevenses so
For details log on to the bars were promptly With people spending up to 90 per cent of their
opened and tested. First days inside during the winter months, the Asthma
Perfect pick-me-up impressions? Absolutely Society is asking people with asthma to be aware
delicious. This new range of what triggers their condition – including family
Feeling tired and drained? Boost your features a combination pets. Speaking about the impact pets can have on
wellbeing levels with Pharmaton capsules. of fruit, vegetable people with asthma, Sarah O’Connor, CEO of the
The only multivitamin that contains Ginseng and nut bars that are Asthma Society said: “For people who believe their
G115, it’s clinically proven to relieve fatigue designed to be wholesome asthma symptoms are triggered by animals, they
and restore your sense of vitality. Taking the without compromising on should see a doctor to get an allergy test as a first
capsules can also improve concentration and taste. With impressive step. All identified allergens should be addressed if
memory, especially when you’re tired. nutritional values (four they might be a trigger leading to worsening asthma
€15.64/30 capsules, available in pharmacies of the bars are high symptoms and/or attacks. If it turns out that pets
in fibre), vegetarian are a serious trigger, we recommend people should
friendly ingredients and consider rehoming their pet, if possible, [or take
the fact that they’re all steps] such as housing them outdoors.”
gluten-free, this is smart For details log on to
snacking in every sense
of the world. Team WW’s PETS AND ASTHMA
hunger was left satisfied
and we were all very If your pet is triggering your asthma, the Asthma
pleasantly surprised. YES! Society offers the following advice:
bars are the ideal snack to • Keep your pet away from living areas and the
have on hand when you’re
on the go. bedroom
Single bars cost €1.79 and • Keep your pet outside as much as possible
multi-packs are available • Keep your pet away from fabric-covered
from €3.99, YES! bars,
available in all major furniture, rugs and carpets
retailers • Ensure your pet is properly washed by someone

By Amy Wall who is not allergic
• Use a vacuum suitable for pets regularly.
Vacuums with a HEPA filter may be more
effective for asthma symptoms than regular
vacuum cleaners
• If your pet lives in a cage, clean the cage properly
as often as possible
• Investigate getting an air filter – some people
with asthma find these beneficial


Health feature

How to ward off winter bugs

If you manage to get through winter really work, but some high-quality Hobson. “Potatoes are also rich in vitamin By Abi Jackson
without catching a cold, there’s probably a supplements could have some benefits. C, and nothing beats mashed potato as the
good dose of luck involved, because coughs ultimate winter comfort food.”
and sniffles can spread very easily. So the “Stick to preparations that contain
number one way to ward off infection? well-researched bacteria strains – such as WATCH THOSE IRON LEVELS
Stopping the spread of bugs by practicing Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium – in a
good hand hygiene, covering your mouth dose of at least 10 billion bacteria per Low iron is one of the most common
if you’re coughing and sneezing, avoiding serving,” suggests Healthspan nutritional deficiencies, and with plant-
close contact, and trying not to spend all nutritionist, Rob Hobson (www. based diets increasingly popular, it’s easy to
day cooped up in confined shared spaces. fall short, as red meat is one of the best-
known sources. However, it is possible to
That said, there are things we can do to VITAMINS AND MINERALS get enough iron without eating red meat –
help support our immune systems. Diet beans, eggs, pulses, lentils and oats all pack
isn’t the be all and end all, but what we put Getting the right balance of vitamins and an iron punch.
into our bodies plays a part. minerals is essential for optimal health,
but certain nutrients may play a more “Serve non-meat sources of iron with
“There’s a deeply entwined relationship direct role in helping us fight bugs. vitamin C, which helps the body absorb
between nutrition and the immune this nutrient,” suggests Hobson.
system,” says immunologist Dr Jenna “Vitamin E, iron, zinc and selenium are
Macciochi ( required for the production of antibodies Beans also help keep protein levels up –
that fight infections. Vitamin C and zinc key, alongside iron, in stable energy levels
Basically, in order to get the most out of have been associated with the reduced and overall healthy functioning.
the nutrition you consume, it’s important risk of infection,” explains Hobson.
to look at the whole picture, including Constantly exhausted and struggling
getting enough sleep and exercise, not Oils, nuts, nut butters and seeds will with low energy? If you think you might be
smoking or drinking too much, and help with vitamin E. lacking in iron, see your GP – some people
keeping stress in check. But what does an do need to top-up with iron supplements.
immune-supporting diet look like? “Extra virgin olive oil is the best oil to
use on a daily basis and contributes to GET SPICY
BALANCE IS KEY vitamin E intake,” adds Hobson.
“Dried spices often get overlooked but they
“A balanced immune system requires a “Nuts and seeds can be blended into are a rich source of iron,” adds Hobson.
balanced diet, hitting all the smoothies or sprinkled over roasted
macronutrients and micronutrients to winter veg or frittatas. Nut butters also Spices contain a range of antioxidants
support the metabolic and functional make a good breakfast spread on too, and there are good reasons why
demands of the immune system,” says wholemeal bagels, topped with banana.” turmeric is setting the gold standard in
Macciochi. ‘super food’ spices.
Wholegrains and wheats are loaded
This means eating a wide range of foods, with selenium. And when it comes to “As well as being anti-inflammatory,
including fibre, which is vital. vitamin C, red peppers, citrus fruit, turmeric is a good inhibitor to vital entry
berries, kale, broccoli and potatoes are all into our cells,” says Macciochi. “Adding
“Adequate fibre and phytonutrient strong contenders. this spice regularly to meals could be useful
(found in fruit and veg) intake nourishes to ward off infections.”
the microbiome, keeping our barriers to “Dark green, leafy veg like kale are
infection robust,” says Macciochi. widely available in winter and can be OTHER SUPPLEMENTS
This allows key protectors like the gut and added to soups, stews and casseroles,” says
lungs to produce bioactive compounds Nutritional supplements might often seem
with broad-ranging health benefits, like little more than a marketing ploy, but
including boosting the number and health they have their place too – and it’s now
of our immune cells. recommended that adults consider taking a
daily vitamin D supplement during the
FEED YOUR GUT winter months. Why? Vitamin D is vital for
keeping bones, teeth and muscles healthy
“Even with a healthy diet, our nutrition is and just generally help keep us fighting fit
only ever as good as our gut microbiome,” – but most of our vitamin D is created by
says Macciochi. skin exposure to sunlight and from October
until early March, there simply isn’t enough
“The bugs in our gut are responsible for of the ‘right’ sort of sunshine to meet our
the production and bioactivity of many of needs. Generally speaking, the jury is out
the nutrients from the food we eat. A on whether we need other supplements, but
healthy microbiome is a diverse one and there might be times when topping up with
relies on us eating a diverse diet.” a high-quality supplement is a good idea.
Hobson suggests a multivitamin as a good
Our microbiome is unique to each of us, all-rounder. WW
so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t





Plus… 10% o online for every reader simply use code: womansreflex10


Following phenomenal worldwide success with the
original Reflex Pillow, Irish inventor Noel O’Connor has
now launched “Perfection Pillow” with an enhanced
formula plus optional accessories such as a travel bag
and silk pillow cases.

The unique design of the pillow helps to eradicate neck
pain, snoring and insomnia.

A subtle head dip cradles the head and supports the neck
muscles while the dedicated shoulder slot ensures optimal
positioning for head, neck and shoulders.

As well as reducing neck pain, the Perfection Pillow
can reduce or even eradicate snoring and sleep apnoea by
improving the uptake of oxygen while sleeping.

This revolutionary product has changed the way people
sleep and has been seen/heard on RTÉ radio’s Ray D’arcy
Show, Ireland AM and Today FM.

The Irish Times consumer a airs correspondent Conor
Pope says: “Who knew it was even possible to fall in love
with a pillow? I certainly didn’t. I’ve absolutely no idea how
it does what it does but it makes sleep better. Always.
It’s as simple as that.”

See for more information.

To win simply answer this question
on the competition form on page 45.
True or false: The inventor of the
Perfection Pillow is Irish.


and future AteExpectations
Recipes for the big day that Recipes inspired
look back and forward by the works of
Charles Dickens

Extracted from French
Christmas with plums
Dickens by Pen Vogler
(Cico Books, €13.99) Serves 4 Time 30mins Level Easy
which is out now.
Photography by Ria You will need
Osborne 3 tbsp water or juice of 1 orange
3 tbsp port
1 tbsp so brown sugar
A cinnamon stick
A small piece of orange or lemon rind
Approx 500g French plums, halved
and stones removed

1. Put the water or orange juice,
port, sugar, cinnamon stick,
and lemon rind in a pan and
heat gently until the sugar has
dissolved and you have a syrup.
Add the plums, cover, and stew
gently for 15 minutes. Serve with
cream or custard.

Pen says: “ e French Plums that
Scrooge sees in the greengrocer’s
are ‘blushed in modest tartness
from their highly-decorated
boxes’ (which, if ‘exceedingly
ornamental,’ even Mrs. Beeton
concedes might be put directly
on the dining table). Port and
cinnamon turn too-tart plums
into a Christmas delight. Candied
French plums were Christmas
gifts, but should not be confused
with “sugar plums,” which are, in
fact, sugared nuts or seeds.”



Pen says: “This old Scottish
recipe brings together the
chestnuts from the trees around
Joe’s forge and the mincemeat
that went into Mrs. Joe’s
‘handsome mince-pie,’ made
before Pip stole the leftovers for
Magwitch. The chestnut paste
lightens the mix and gives a
delightful toffee-ish taste.”

Pickled tablespoons/50–100ml of the Chestnut yolk, and stir this into the flour.
salmon marinade for a salad dressing. and apple 2. Mix with the blade of a knife,
3. If you wish to poach the mince pies adding a little more cold water
Serves 4 Time 3 Hours salmon, put the strained to make it into a stiff paste.
Level Medium marinade back in the pan, lower Serves 12 Time 1 hour Level Easy Bring it together into a ball with
the fish into it, and let it simmer your hands, touching it as little
You will need gently for 8–10 minutes, then set You will need as possible. Cover with plastic
300ml good-quality white wine aside to cool. For the pastry wrap/clingfilm, and chill in the
vinegar 4. For salmon that is a little raw 350g plain flour fridge for 20–30 minutes or until
300ml water and soft in the middle, place 175g cold butter ready to use.
3 red onions, peeled and sliced the salmon fillets in a glass or 1 egg yolk 3. To make the mincemeat,
1 turnip, peeled, quartered, and ceramic dish in a single layer Beaten egg or milk, to glaze cook the apple, chestnuts, and
roughly chopped and pour the hot marinade over For the mincemeat sugar together in a very little
A bunch of flat-leaf parsley and them. Set aside to cool. 1 large cooking apple, peeled, cored, water for 15–20 minutes until
thyme (tied together) 5. When the liquid is tepid, add and finely chopped (approx. 200g) soft and toffee-ish. Purée them
1 bay leaf the dill to the marinade. Chill in 200g cooked chestnuts, finely together with the cinnamon,
½ tsp salt the fridge for two hours. Remove chopped brandy, and orange zest. Adjust
2–3 tsp sugar the salmon from the marinade. 6½ tbsp dark soft brown sugar the flavourings to taste. Allow to
12 whole white peppercorns, slightly Using a sharp knife, slice the 1 tsp ground cinnamon cool, then mix in the dried fruit
crushed fish thinly. Arrange on a plate, 2 tbsp brandy and suet. Preheat the oven to
500g salmon fillets, skinned decorated with fennel sprigs, Zest of an orange or clementine 400°F/200°C/Gas 6.
A handful of dill fennel flowers, or dill. 180g mixed raisins, currants, and 4. Roll out the pastry to about
For the dressing 6. For the dressing, whisk the golden raisins/sultanas 3mm thick, and cut into rounds
Reserved marinade reserved marinade together 60g candied/mixed peel of about 10cm to line muffin
Olive oil with olive oil (in the ratio of 3 100g suet trays. Fill each pastry case with
Dijon or wholegrain mustard parts oil to 1 part marinade) and mincemeat, packing down the
To serve a little mustard. Method mixture.
Sprigs of fennel, fennel flowers, or 5. Roll out the remaining pastry
dill Pen says: “Mrs. Gamp, in Martin 1. To make the pastry, sift the and cut into rounds of about
Chuzzlewit, settles in to nurse flour into a large bowl. Cut the 8cm form the lids. Crimp them
Method her patient by taking his pillows cold butter into small pieces in together and seal with beaten
and ordering in ‘a little bit of the flour using a knife, then stir egg or milk. Decorate the tops
1. To make the marinade, put pickled salmon, with a nice little until every piece is coated with (or replace the lids) with holly
all the ingredients except the sprig of fennel, and a sprinkling flour. Using your fingertips, rub leaves, stars, angels, or bells,
salmon and dill in a saucepan of white pepper….’ This recipe the butter into the flour until cut from the pastry trimmings,
and bring to the boil. Simmer brings together the best it is no longer visible. Add two then brush the surface with
for 10–15 minutes, then put elements of pickled and fresh tablespoons iced water to the egg beaten egg or milk. Bake in the
through a strainer/sieve, keeping salmon to make a light starter preheated oven for about 15–20
the marinade. Reserve 4–7 for a festive meal.” minutes until golden. WW


Timele cla ics with a twist

Influences from Scandinavia make these special

Swedish Equipment and a meat thermometer. mustard crust. Serve whole on
Christmas Meat thermometer 3. Remove the ham from the the Christmas table and slice.
ham water and leave to cool. I
Method usually cover it with clingfilm/ Pen says: “It isn’t hard to cook
Serves 8-10 Time 3 hours + plastic wrap to prevent the your own ham – the trick is only
Level Medium 1. Place the ham in a large outside from going dry. in getting a lightly salted and
saucepan, cover with water, 4. To prepare the topping unsmoked gammon to begin
You will need add the onion, peppercorns and before serving, preheat the with, and also making sure you
2.5 kg lightly salted dry-cured bay leaves and bring to the boil. oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark use a meat thermometer so it
unsmoked gammon, with some Skim off any fat that rises to the 6. Trim off the fat from the top doesn’t go dry. Traditionally,
fat on top of the water. of the cooked ham and tidy it Swedish ham is boiled. Some
1 onion, quartered 2. Reduce to a very slow up a bit. Mix the ingredients recipes cook it in a pot of
10 black peppercorns simmer and cover with a lid. for the mustard topping with water in the oven, others on
2-3 bay leaves a fork and simply spread over the hob/stovetop, while other
Salt e cooking time depends on the top of the ham (use your recipes roast it. I prefer boiled
For the mustard topping the thickness and size of the hands). Put the ham into the and slow-simmered ham to
1 egg yolk meat. A rule of thumb is 45–50 preheated oven to allow the make sure it stays moist. Cook
3 heaped tbsp grainy mustard minutes per 1kg but when the topping to bake – you may this the day before and add
(Swedish if you can get it) temperature in the middle need to pop it under a hot grill/ the topping before serving.
3 heaped tbsp breadcrumbs reaches 72°C/162°F, it is done. broiler at the end, too. Swedish ham is served cold,
If you have a longer, thinner 5. e topping needs to set so this is fine (and can even
piece, it will be ready faster around the ham to give a improve the final result).”
than a very fat, rounder piece.
Always use your common sense

Extracted from
Christmas by Brontë
Aurell (Ryland Peters
& Small, €23.79)
which is out now.
Photography by Peter


Rolled meat mixture and stir by hand Brontë says: “Having lived abroad for so long, Christmas for me is all
turkey with to combine. about traditional food from home. Of course, living in the UK, British
meatball 3. Carefully remove the skin traditions have influenced our family, so we are partial to turkey at
stuffing from the turkey breast and Christmas – with a Scandi twist, of course. Roasting a whole turkey is
set to one side. If your butcher hard to do well, so I prefer to use sections of the bird to control the cooking
Serves 6 Time 3 Hours hasn’t already done so, use a better. Here I have mixed it up and settled on a marriage of Swedish and
Level Hard sharp knife to butterfly the British flavours.”
turkey breast – turn the breast
You will need over so the side that had the
1.5–2 kg boneless turkey breast skin is down, then slice into
with the skin on – ask the butcher the thickest part of the breast
to cut a one-piece turkey breast with the knife parallel to your
and then butterfly it for you chopping board so that you
(the ones in the supermarket are can ‘open’ the breast up, like a
usually made from several smaller book. Remove any cartilage or
pieces) other unwanted bits, and cut
3 tbsp freshly chopped parsley into any really thick sections to
3 tbsp freshly chopped thyme open further. Cover the top with
Approx half of the Swedish clingfilm/plastic wrap and beat
meatball mixture, uncooked with a mallet or rolling pin so
(see below) you end up with a thickness of
100–120g thinly sliced pancetta around 1cm all over, and ideally
(you can use streaky bacon, but a piece of meat that measures
the thicker the slices, the more approx. 20 x 25cm.
you’ll need, as it needs to cover 4. Cover the meat with the herbs
the whole roast) and season. Spread the meatball
A knob of butter mixture evenly over the meat
A glug of oil, for frying to a thickness of 1cm. You may
Salt and freshly ground black have some left over, but don’t be
pepper tempted to use it up. Carefully
For the meatball mix roll the turkey tightly, placing
300g minced/ground veal the turkey skin lengthways
200g minced/ground pork over the opening to help keep
1 tsp salt it closed. Cover the turkey all
1 onion, grated (squeeze out any over with pancetta slices. Using
excess juice) the butcher’s string, tie up the
1 egg turkey firmly and evenly all
3 tbsp breadcrumbs along at intervals of 1.5cm and
1 tbsp plain flour twice lengthways.
1 tsp ground allspice (optional) 5. Preheat the oven to
A pinch of ground nutmeg 175°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4. Melt
(optional) a knob of butter with a glug of
100ml cup warm milk, with ½ oil in a frying pan/skillet, then
stock cube dissolved in it quickly brown the turkey on
Freshly ground black pepper all sides. Transfer to a roasting
100ml plus 1 tbsp sparkling water pan, place in the middle of the
5 tbsp butter and a glug of oil, for oven and roast until done. is
frying will take anything from 50 to
Equipment 70 minutes, depending on the
Butcher’s string bird, the thickness of the meat
Meat thermometer and your oven. A good guide
is around 15 minutes per 500g
Method plus an extra 15 minutes (for
a 1.5-kg roll, that’s around 60
1. First make the meatball mix. minutes). e turkey is cooked
once the internal temperature
In a stand mixer, add the meat reaches 72°C/162°F on a meat
and salt and mix for about a 6. Remove from oven, rest for at
least 15 minutes, then remove the
minute. Add the onion to the string and carve. Resting should
bring the internal temperature to
mixer along with all the other 74–75°C/165–167°F) – any higher
and the meat will start to feel
ingredients, except the water. dry. Serve with gravy made from
roasting-pan juices.
Mix thoroughly, then rest for at

least 30 minutes in a cold place.

2. Add the sparkling water to the


Apple trifle 25g rolled/old-fashioned oats 3. Combine the flour, bicarbonate a few more minutes – be careful
50g panko breadcrumbs of/baking soda, salt, cinnamon not to over-toast the nuts, as they
Serves 6-8 Time 1 Hour 50g chopped hazelnuts and mixed spice/apple pie spice can go bitter. Once everything is
Level Medium 150ml good-quality cold custard in a bowl, and set aside. Beat the crispy, turn out into a bowl and
200ml whipped cream (forming soft butter and sugar until fluffy, then leave to cool, stirring once in a
You will need peaks) add the egg and keep beating while to break up any lumps.
1kg tart apples (Bramleys or until incorporated. Fold in the 5. To assemble the trifle, put a
Granny Smiths) Method dry ingredients, followed by layer of the remaining apple
1 vanilla pod/bean, seeds scraped 150g of the apple compote. Once compote in a glass trifle bowl
out, or vanilla extract 1. To make the compote, peel, core combined, pour the mixture as the base, then add a layer of
3 tbsp sugar and chop the apples. Place in a into the cake pan and bake in the cake. Add more compote,
For the cake pan with the vanilla, sugar and the preheated oven for around 10 followed by a good layer of the
125g minus 1 tbsp plain flour 100ml water and bring to the boil. minutes until just baked through. crunch, then apple again. Add
½ tsp bicarbonate of or baking soda Simmer for about 20 minutes until Insert a skewer into the centre – if a layer of custard, followed by
A pinch of salt the apples are mushy, then leave it comes out clean, it’s done. This is crunch, then apple, then cake.
1 tsp ground cinnamon to cool. Remove the vanilla pod/ a thin layer, so it won’t take long. Repeat again, reserving a bit of
1 tsp mixed spice/apple pie spice bean, if using. The compote needs Leave to cool. the crunch to decorate. Finally,
75g softened butter to be quite tart to balance the cake 4. To make the hazelnut-oat spread the whipped cream on top.
100g caster sugar and cream. This makes enough for crunch, melt the butter in a frying Leave to set in the fridge for at
1 egg the cake base and trifle. pan/skillet, then add the sugar least an hour. Just before serving,
50g butter 2. To make the cake layer, you and stir until melted. Add the add the rest of the crunch on the
40g tbsp golden caster/superfine need a 20 x 20cm cake pan, or oats and breadcrumbs and fry for top to decorate.
sugar the equivalent (it needs to be a several minutes, allowing them to
relatively thin layer). Preheat the crisp up. Add the nuts and fry for
oven to 170°C/340°F/Gas Mark 3½ .

Brontë says: “This is a pimped-up version of a very
traditional Norwegian and Danish dessert known as
either tilslørte bondepiker or æblekage – layers
of crispy breadcrumbs, apple compote
and thick cream – utterly delicious,
but more of an everyday dessert.
Here, I’ve added a cake layer
to make it more like a
trifle, but have kept the
crunch by adding some
hazelnuts and oats.”



Here’s to the future MEAT
New recipes to join your festive recipe roster

Celeriac Leaves from 1 to 2 sprigs fresh cloves. Fold the foil over the in a saucepan. Squeeze two of
roast with rosemary, finely chopped, plus 1 celeriac so it is nicely sealed and the roasted orange halves, two
citrus sauce whole sprig for garnish place on a baking sheet. of the clementine halves, and
2 bay leaves 2. Preheat the oven to perhaps one lemon half, all of
Serves 4 Time 3 hours Level Easy 1 tbsp coarse mustard 350°F/180°C. Bake the celeriac which should be still warm from
1 tbsp red wine vinegar for about two hours, until you the oven, over the mixture.
You will need A splash of brandy or whiskey can effortlessly puncture it (Naturally, keep some of the
1 x 900g celeriac Sea salt and freshly ground black with a sharp knife . For the last roasted fruits for garnish.)
2 to 3 tbsp butter, so ened pepper 30 minutes, place the halved 4. Press some roasted garlic
1 co ee spoon fennel seeds oranges, clementines, and gloves and stir these into the
1 co ee spoon caraway seeds Method lemons as well as the halved sauce. Stir in the mustard and
Flaky sea salt and freshly ground garlic bulb on the baking sheet slowly bring the sauce to a boil.
black pepper 1. oroughly wash the celeriac; alongside the celeriac in the Douse with vinegar and a splash
1 head garlic, separated into cloves a brush (a clean toothbrush) oven. Open the foil, remove the of brandy. Season with some salt
but unpeeled, plus 1 to 2 heads works well for reaching between loose garlic cloves, and roast the and pepper.
halved horizontally the roots. Dry and (using clean celeriac uncovered for another 5. Place the celeriac on a large
2 to 3 oranges, halved hands!) rub with butter all over. 30 minutes to get a nice brown (preheated!) dish. Pour the
2 to 3 clementines, halved Place on top of two sheets of crust. sauce over it. Arrange the rest
1 to 2 lemons, halved aluminium foil that you have 3. In the meantime – this can of the roasted fruits around
For the citrus sauce stacked crosswise. Briefly crush be easily done after you serve the celeriac and garnish
3 tbsp orange marmalade the fennel and caraway using the starter – quickly make the with a handsome sprig of
a pestle and mortar. Sprinkle sauce. Warm up the marmalade rosemary, which will now look
the celeriac with salt, pepper, along with the chopped suspiciously like a pine twig.
and the ground seeds. Also top rosemary and the bay leaves
with the (unpeeled) loose garlic



Serves 8 Time 4 Hours Level Hard Spread the filling over it parchment paper. 7. Brush the bread with the
using a pancake spatula. 6. With a sharp knife, cut lightly beaten egg. Bake
You will need Allow a margin of about into the roll every 3cm, for about 30 minutes, until
250ml milk 2cm at the long sides. almost all the way through, golden brown. Optionally,
50g butter, cubed 5. Roll up the dough from a but not quite. Pull out dust with icing sugar.
2¼ tsp (1 envelope) active dry long side, moisten the bare each cut piece, exposing
yeast edge with water, and press the sides, and the spirals Extracted from Home
450g plain flour to seal the seam. Place the will form a circular fan of Made Christmas by Yvette
50g lightly packed light brown roll with the seam facing swirls. Cover with a clean van Boven (Abrams,
sugar down. Moisten the ends of dish towel and allow the €26.99) which is out
½ tsp sea salt the roll as well and bend wreath to rise again for now. Photography by Oof
200g currants them together, forming a about 45 minutes. Verschuren
50g chopped succade (preserved or circle. Place the wreath on Preheat the oven to
crystallized fruit) a baking sheet lined with 400°F/200°C.
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp mixed spice
Zest and juice of 1 lemon
Zest and juice of 1 orange
100g butter, at room temperature
2 tbsp light brown sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
Icing sugar for serving (optional)


1. First make the dough. In a
saucepan, heat the milk until
just below boiling, then add
the butter and remove from
the heat. Allow to cool for five
minutes – until just below body
temperature – then add the yeast
to the now lukewarm milk. Let
stand for another 10 minutes.
2. Combine the flour, brown
sugar, and salt in a large bowl
and form an indentation in
the centre. Pour in the milk
mixture. Using a wooden spoon,
combine until the dough holds
together. Continue kneading
with your hands on a lightly
floured countertop for another 10
3. Shape into a ball, place in a
greased bowl, cover, and let rise
in a warm spot for 90 minutes,
or until it has doubled in volume.
For the filling, heat the currants,
succade, cinnamon, mixed spice,
and the lemon and orange zest
and juice in a saucepan. Cook
over very low heat, until the
currants are nicely plumped up.
Let cool. Mix in the butter and
brown sugar and set aside.
4. Knead the dough briefly
once more. On a lightly floured
countertop, roll it out into a
rectangle about 45 by 30cm.





Full- bottomed pan. Add the onions Panettone, in the ground almonds.
flavoured and sauté them for about 10 mascarpone 2. Using a bread knife, slice
red cabbage minutes, until soft. Stir in the and almond off the ‘muffin top’ from the
garlic, rosemary, and juniper cake panettone to create a level
with pears & hazelnuts berries and sauté them for a surface; discard the trimmings,
minute. Add as much cabbage as Serves 10 Time 15 mins I cut them into small fingers to
Serves 8 Time 1hr 30mins will fit in the pan and cook while Level Easy serve for breakfast or afternoon
Level Easy stirring until it wilts. en add tea. Peel away the wrapping
more cabbage. You will need around the sides of the
You will need 2. Add the cinnamon, sugar, and 250g salted butter, so ened panettone, then cut horizontally
2 tbsp olive oil vinegar, cook for a while, then 500g icing sugar through the middle with the
2 onions, sliced douse with the stock. Cover the 320g mascarpone, at room bread knife to create two or
2 small cloves garlic, minced pan and let simmer over low temperature three tiers of cake. How many
Leaves of 4 sprigs fresh rosemary, heat for about 45 minutes. Add 100g ground almonds will depend on the height of
coarsely chopped, plus some extra the pear cubes about 15 minutes 1 panettone (about 1kg) your panettone; some are a little
for garnish before the end of the cooking. 3 glacé cherries, to decorate taller and comfortably allow
About 15 juniper berries, crushed Season. Let cool. A small handful of bay leaves, for two layers, while others are
½ head red cabbage, cored and 3. Heat up the cabbage in the to decorate more squat and allow for two.
sliced same pan, stirring continuously, 3. Place the bottom layer of
1 tsp ground cinnamon or just leave it at room Method panettone on a cake stand
3 tbsp raw cane sugar temperature. Garnish with some 1. Beat the butter with an or serving dish and spread
4 tbsp red wine vinegar extra rosemary leaves and the electric mixer until pale and a generous dollop of the
400ml vegetable stock hazelnuts, and drizzle with a fluffy. Sift in half the icing sugar mascarpone and almond cream
2 pears, peeled, cored, and cubed splash of hazelnut oil. and beat until well combined. on top. Top with the second
Sea salt and freshly ground black Add the remaining icing sugar layer of panettone (and repeat
pepper Yvette says: “ is is a good and beat until smooth. Beat with a third layer, if you have
50g hazelnuts, briefly toasted recipe for red cabbage, I find; I in the mascarpone until just one). Spread the last of the
6 tbsp hazelnut oil always receive compliments on combined, taking care not to cream over the top and sides,
it. What makes it easy is that it overbeat or the mixture will then decorate with the glacé
Method can be served either warm or become grainy and lumpy. Stir cherries and bay leaves. WW
cold. Serving it cold actually
1. Heat the olive oil in a heavy- makes things really simple for a Extracted from A Table in Venice by Skye
Christmas meal.” McAlpine (Bloomsbury, €25). Photographs
also by Skye McAlpine



Neven’s 2 tbsp good-quality cocoa powder, the melted chocolate. Transfer third of the icing over the cold
Yule Log si ed into the prepared tin and spread roulade. Using the paper to help,
1 tbsp vanilla extract out evenly. Bake in the oven for roll up the roulade to enclose the
Serves 8-10 Time 40 mins 20–25 minutes, until risen and filling.
Level Medium Method firm to the touch. 6 Put the filled roulade on a long
4 Turn the sponge out onto plate or board and trim down
You will need 1. Preheat the oven to a sheet of greaseproof paper the edges at an angle, then use
Butter, for greasing 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5. Butter a generously sprinkled with caster these pieces to make a ‘branch’
100g plain chocolate (at least 70% 33cm x 23cm/13in x 9in Swiss roll sugar. Carefully peel off the coming off to the side. Spread
cocoa solids), broken into squares tin, line with non-stick baking lining paper. Cover the roulade the Yule log with the rest of the
4 large eggs, separated paper and butter the paper. with a warm damp tea towel icing, covering the whole thing
100g caster sugar, plus extra for 2 Melt the chocolate in a and leave to cool. completely so that it looks like a
dusting heatproof bowl set over a pan 5 To make the icing, use an big log with a branch coming off
For the icing of simmering water, making electric hand-held mixer to the side. Using a skewer, create a
225g butter, so ened sure the water doesn’t touch the whisk the butter and icing sugar wood-like texture on the icing.
200g icing sugar, si ed, plus extra bottom of the bowl. in a large bowl until light and 7 To serve, transfer the roulade
to decorate 3 Whisk the egg yolks with the fluffy. Add the cocoa powder and onto a serving plate and dust
caster sugar until very thick and vanilla and whisk until you have generously with icing sugar,
pale in colour. Beat in the egg a smooth icing. Spread one- then cut into slices.
whites until stiff, then fold into

Extracted from Neven Neven says: “This
Maguire’s Perfect Irish
Christmas by Neven delightful French büche
Maguire (Gill, €17.99) de Noêl always goes
which is out now down a treat. As it’s so
rich you’ll find a little
goes a long way, so
make the slices small.
This also happens to be
gluten free if you use
gluten-free chocolate.”



Six things
to dolweftoivtehr
(Yes, there is such a thing!)

Coq au vin blanc: Cut up a whole pork shoulder into bite-size left over in a large pot and add pieces of beef or lamb, a few
chicken (or buy one already cut pieces and season aggressively enough water to total about diced root vegetables, and a bit
up) and season aggressively with with salt and pepper. Heat up a 3.7lt liquid. Bring to a boil, add of water or stock and simmer
salt and pepper. Heat up a slick slick of olive oil in a large, heavy 1lb/455g spaghetti, and cook until the meat is tender).
of olive oil and a knob of butter pot and brown the pork well until just al dente. Scoop out
in a large, heavy pot and brown (work in batches as necessary). one cup/240ml of the cooking Champagne and honey poached
the chicken pieces on all sides. Add a thinly sliced large red liquid, then drain the spaghetti, pears: Peel and core pears
Add a finely chopped yellow onion, two large handfuls of return it to the pot, and add the that aren’t too ripe (otherwise
onion, a few minced garlic dried cherries, and enough reserved cooking liquid and they won’t hold their shape)
cloves, and enough white wine red wine to come halfway up three tablespoons of unsalted and poach in Champagne that
to come halfway up the sides the sides of the pork. Bring to butter. Cook over low heat, you’ve brought to a simmer
of the chicken. Bring to a boil, a boil, turn off the heat, and tossing, until the spaghetti has and sweetened gently with
lower the heat, cover partially, cover. Finish cooking in a absorbed a lot of the liquid and honey. Cook just until tender
and simmer until the chicken 300°F/150°C oven, stirring now the mixture is saucy, about two and then remove the pears from
is incredibly tender, about 45 and then, until the pork is very minutes. Add two large handfuls the poaching liquid. Reduce
minutes. If you’d like, just before tender, about two hours. Ideally, of finely grated Parmesan or the liquid over high heat to a
serving, add a splash of cream or refrigerate the pork overnight pecorino cheese and then serve syrup and drizzle on the pears.
whisk in some crème fraîche to and then gently warm it the with extra cheese on top. Serve as is or with unsweetened
make the sauce extra rich. Good next day over low heat (it always whipped cream, plain yogurt,
as is or with sautéed or roasted tastes better the next day). Red wine onions: Thinly slice sour cream, or vanilla ice
mushrooms folded in at the Serve with creamy polenta, egg 2lb/910g red onions (about four cream. Also very good with
end. Serve with rice or mashed noodles, or rice – anything to medium) and cook down in pound cake or other plain cake.
potatoes. soak up all of the rich sauce. a little bit of olive oil, stirring
now and then, until softened, Red wine – poached eggs:
Braised pork with red wine and Drunken spaghetti: Pour about 15 minutes. Sprinkle with Poach eggs in red wine instead
cherries: Cut 2lb/910g boneless whatever red wine you have a quarter cup/50g packed dark of water for added color and
brown sugar and one teaspoon flavour. If you’d like a more
each salt and red pepper flakes. complex dish, start by crisping
Add two cups/480ml red wine. some diced bacon in a large
Boil, stirring now and then, until pot and remove with a slotted
most of the liquid evaporates spoon. Add tons of sliced
and the onions are collapsed and mushrooms to the bacon fat and
concentrated, about 30 minutes. soften them over the heat. Add
Taste and adjust the seasoning red wine to cover and simmer
with salt and/or brown sugar until slightly concentrated and
if needed. Store in a covered then poach eggs in the mixture.
container in the refrigerator Serve with the mushrooms
for up to ten days. Serve with on garlic-rubbed toast or soft
roast chicken, grilled lamb, or polenta.
alongside cheese, or use to top a
burger or roast beef sandwich. Extracted from Now & Again by
You can even use these onions as Julia Turshen (Chronicle Books,
the base for a stew (add browned €32.90) which is out now


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One of five turkey
and ham sets from
James Whelan

e ideal way to €W1O2RT0H
start Christmas
dinner - and To win simply answer this question James Whelan Butchers is a multi award-
we’ve five to on the competition form on page 45 winning artisan butchers with now eight
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a wide range of cuts, many which have
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International Great Taste 3 Star Award in 2016
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The Heritage Ham is cured on the bone,
using a process passed down for generations
within the Whelan family, it has a distinctive
flavour with a hint of smoky hickory
undertones and succulent sweetness that
comes from cooking on the bone.

James Whelan Butchers carefully select
their traditional Heritage Turkeys which are
raised as nature intended it, outdoors in
Tipperary where they are allowed to grow at
their own pace maturing slowly, which results
in richly grained meat, moist, tender and
beautifully flavoured.

As the busy Christmas season approaches,
James Whelan Butchers would like to o er
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Ham and Heritage Turkey worth €120.


Here’s how to reduce indoor air pollution

Time to carry out some air Southampton University

quality control checks? professor of allergy and

Breathe more easily at respiratory medicine

home with these tips. Peter Howarth, speaking

on behalf of BEAMA’s My

Outdoor air pollution in Health My Home campaign

towns and cities is a key (

concern right now, but ings like mould, damp

what about the quality of and condensation play a

the environment inside our big part in Toxic Home

homes? Our safe havens can Syndrome. Symptoms can potentially dangerous 5. Cut the moisture: Shut bespoke radiator company,

harbour potentially harmful include fatigue, dizziness, pollutants, and if these the bathroom door when Castrads (

toxins and poor air quality headaches and respiratory aren’t removed through showering, wipe down “As an alternative, consider

too - and while there’s no problems, while young ventilation, they simply wet surfaces, put on your a timeless cast iron radiator

need to panic, it’s a good children and the elderly or build up in your home. extractor fan and cover which won’t leave you

idea to be aware of how people with pre-existing 2. Wooden flooring: Carpets your pans when cooking. compromising on luxury.

these things can impact our health problems, are harbour dirt, dust mites, Excessive moisture allows Both the clean industrial

health, and steps we can often most at risk. Indoor pet hair, fungus and dust mites and mould to and heavily ornate models

take to prevent this. air pollution could even other potentially harmful thrive, can aid bacterial make a striking statement

What is ‘Toxic Home contribute to major illnesses particles that can aggravate growth and affect the in contemporary and
Syndrome’? including cardiovascular
disease and lung cancer. the lungs. Swapping carpet survival of viruses. traditional interiors.”

e idea that our homes How can you avoid a ‘Toxic for wooden flooring makes Watch what you burn Consider your candle
can make us ill is far from Home’ making you ill? it easier to keep clean. indoors choices too.
claptrap (ask anybody 3. Go green when you
“Candles are wonderful

clean: Use eco cleaning A ‘real’ fire, as opposed when you’re trying to

with a lung condition, ere’s lots more products which have fewer to central heating, might unwind. However, though

like asthma for instance information on the My toxins and pollutants in seem like an appealing they look harmless, many

and things like indoor air Health My Home campaign them. Non-eco household style statement, but what scented candles use paraffin

quality can be extremely website. Meanwhile, here cleaners can release you burn indoors could wax, which gives off the

important) and there’s even are Professor Howarth’s five formaldehyde when they contribute to toxic air. toxic carcinogens benzene

a term for it: Toxic Home top tips for avoiding Toxic come into contact with the “ ey may look beautiful and toluene when burned,”

Syndrome. “Toxic Home Home Syndrome... air, a substance linked to as a statement feature says Branch.

Syndrome occurs when cancer. in your living room, but “Opt for candles using

individuals and families 1. Clean your air: Make 4. Curtain call: Change your wood burning stoves, only natural waxes like

are exposed to a potent sure you have adequate shower curtain regularly particularly older models, soy, rapeseed, plant and

mix of airborne pollutants ventilation in your home to reduce mould growth are contributing to the air beeswax, to make your

within the home, arising to take out the pollutants which releases spores and pollution problem. So much relaxation all the more
toxins into the air. ese so, the UK government is satisfying.” WW
from poor ventilation, and moisture that can build

causing respiratory and up. All sorts of household can cause or exacerbate considering banning them

skin diseases to occur products including candles respiratory and skin altogether,” says Jayson

more frequently,” explains and cleaners contain conditions such as asthma. Branch, creative director at LDcoAa1evi0nIns,ard0CifiliPgsololaeapnhorvnsbmsewabLdlrateiearolnorecartveaecssinCaoantcmdatoonntTorruadwsekshrdloe.heetaeyesFonaD.uoswwnceersodawsimmnxiWgw.gon.riled

Scented candle Three-wick candle in lemongrass
in Thai lime and ginger €27.95
and mango
Black votive candle €15.95 By Abi Jackson
in seaweed and
juniper €5.95


Plum and ginger purple Interiors
ombré di user €40
Into the Blue
ISLAND Large pink geometric
HOME multi tassel rug €370

A vibrant new In Dublin’s fair city
interiors collection
The capital has become a muse for Arnotts this autumn and
Antique diamond their furniture campaign, Room With a View. The campaign was
designed to mirror the store’s approach when creating room
Pink agate glass box €20 settings in store. Into the Blue and Down to Earth are the themes
represented in the campaign; the former was inspired by the blue
candle holder €15 hues of Dublin Bay while the latter takes its inspiration from the
serene surroundings of the Phoenix Park.

Grey throw with sewn
threat detail €75

By Michelle Newman Everyone’s go-to highstreet store for all things fashion have recently Down to Earth
launched an interiors line, RI Home. Colour and pattern form a large part
of the 150 piece collection, with a nice mix of plush textures and necessary
neutrals thrown in for good measure. is collection is perfect for someone
who likes their home to reflect their personality – it’s fun and doesn’t take
itself too seriously! Pops of bright pink and glimmering gold accessories,
make this line a girly girls dream.

Partner Promotion

Out now... €2ON.L9Y9

Travel newsA ‘TWIXMAS’ Santa’s new home
e perfect gift Santa Claus is coming to town
Have a festive break away between and he’s setting up shop in the
Christmas and the New Year with this Dunboyne Castle Hotel and Spa has a GPO Witness History Visitor
special ‘twixmas’ offer from the five- Centre. From December 1, Santa
star Glenlo Abbey Hotel in county host of gift ideas that are perfect for and his elves will be offering
Galway. Enjoy a two-night stay with a very special experience for
full Irish breakfast on each morning, the festive season. From afternoon families. You’ll get to learn how
dinner on one evening aboard The the children of Ireland’s letters
Pullman Restaurant and a festive tea to a relaxing spa package, there get from post boxes around the
afternoon tea for two from €339pps. country to the North Pole. You’ll
This package is valid from December 27-30 are dozens of ways you can treat also meet the Christmas postman
inclusive. If you’d prefer to just celebrate and Santa’s elves before visiting
the new year, you can enjoy an overnight someone special this Christmas. the man himself. Tickets cost €16
stay with breakfast and a two-course per child and €8 per adult.
dinner in the Oak Cellar Lounge from Gift vouchers are on sale now directly
€99pps from January 2, 2019.
For details call 091 519 600 or log on to from the hotel. For details on gi cards call 01
801 3500 or log on to www.

Enjoy a seven-night
Festive escape
stay at the four-
Allow the team at The Galmont Hotel in Galway
to look after you this Christmas with one of star Estrela do Vau
their fantastic packages. Arriving on Christmas
Eve you’ll be greeted with gingerbread muffins aparthotel in Praia do BOOK
and mulled wine. On Christmas morning Santa Vau, the Algarve, on a
will arrive to visit all younger guests before a
Christmas Day lunch. That evening, you can self-catering basis from NOW
build your own sandwiches while enjoying €319pps. Flights depart
festive tunes from the piano man. A two-night
stay including bed and breakfast, dinner on from Dublin in May 2019
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day lunch and light
evening supper costs €425pps. A three-night and accommodation is in a
break is also available from €515pps. one bedroom apartment.

Super For details call 01 901 5205 or
log on to
Spend seven nights at the
By Amy Wall. All prices are correct at the time of going to print Hotel Catalonia Punta Congratulations... A new look
del Rey in Las Caletillas,
Tenerife, on an all-inclusive To Hook Lighthouse which was The Morrison Hotel on Dublin’s
basis from €419pps. Flights presented with ‘highly commended’ Ormond Quay now has a
depart from Dublin airport in the ‘Best Tourism Project in the UK completely refurbished bar and
on January 18, 2019. and Ireland 2018’ award category at the restaurant. Following an overhaul
For details call 1850 453 World Tourism Awards. The only Irish costing over €250,000, Quay 14
545 or log on to www. attraction to be shortlisted for the award, bar and Morrison Grill restaurant the 800-year-old lighthouse offers is now lighter, brighter and more
visitors an interactive experience that stylish than ever.
showcases the history of the lighthouse
in a fun and unique way.




by Mari Hannah (Orion) SINÉAD
When the body of a young woman is MORIARTY
found by a Northumberland railway
line, it’s a baptism of fire for the Murder What is your favourite book views are spectacular,
Investigation Team’s newest detective and why? and the sta are so
duo: DCI David Stone and DS Frankie Probably Little Women because knowledgeable and
Oliver. Stone’s convinced there’s a Jo March is my favourite fictional helpful. It also runs
leak in the team: someone is telling the media all the character. As a child, she was the a writer in residence
department’s understanding, which could be giving the person I wanted to emulate. She scheme which I think is
killer a headstart. While Stone struggles with a mole, was a writer, and she was feisty fantastic.
Frankie’s struggling with reliving her past. Can the two and brave and brilliant.
put their personal lives to one side to catch a killer? Are you/were you in a
What’s the book, if any, that bookclub?
WIN BOOKS you wished you’d written? Yes I’m in a bookclub that my
Guess How Much I Love You by Sam sister set up about 20 years ago.
Every week, we’ll be sending one reader three books McBratney. It was my favourite I absolutely love it. The other
from the WW book cupboard. To enter, all you need to book to read to my kids when members are voracious readers,
do is answer this question: Who wrote The Insider? Write they were very small. It’s such a so we have very lively discussions
your answer onto the competition entry form on page 45 or beautiful story and always ended and it makes me read books I
email in. Best of luck! up with me getting lots of hugs. might not normally pick up.
Who could ask for more?
THE SENTENCE SOMEONE Where’s your favourite place
IS DEATH LIKE ME What’s a typical writing day to read?
like (if there is a typical day)? Bed. I love nothing more than
by Anthony Horowitz by MR Carey (Orbit) I’m someone who likes routine to lie in bed with a book while
(Cornerstone) and structure. So, I try to be at my the rain pours down outside my
Liz Kendall wouldn’t desk from 9am-3pm Monday to window. Utter bliss.
is is the hurt a fly despite having Thursday. If I can, I take Fridays o
second had to deal with a and I rarely work on the weekends. Do you enjoy the editing
Det Daniel violent ex-husband. Having said that, I o en write process?
Hawthorne But there’s another side my column for the Independent Not really, but I’m always so glad
mystery and to Liz that is dark and in the evenings and I also do a lot I did it. Editing always makes the
it really is a malicious, a side that of reading for the Eason’s Sinéad book so much better. All first
conundrum. knows how to exact and Rick Must Reads book club at dra s need edits. And as the
A celebrity revenge. Elsewhere, night-time too. editing process goes on, you see
divorce lawyer has been there’s teenage the book gaining layers and depth.
clubbed to death with a 1982 Francine, still trying to Physical book, Kindle or both? So, despite the sometimes painful
bottle of Château Lafite. cope after a Both. Kindle is brilliant for travelling process of editing, I am always
What’s odd is that the lawyer childhood but I love to hold a book and look at happy with the outcome.
didn’t drink… and what’s the abduction. its cover (I know how much thought
meaning behind a three-digit How are and work goes into covers). Which of your books would
number painted on the wall their lives be most suited to a TV/film
by the killer? It’s up to Daniel linked? What’s your favourite adaptation?
and his sidekick, Anthony, to bookshop? Readers have said that The Good
figure out what is going on. I was in Venice in the summer Mother is a book they could
and I went to the most amazing see very much as a movie. Who
Celeb read bookshop – Libreria Acqua Alta. knows…
The name means ‘high water’ which
THE has caused the owner problems over Sinéad Moriarty is shortlisted
GOLDFINCH the years, so he came up with an for the Specsavers Popular
ingenious way of keeping the books Fiction Book of the Year
by Donna Tartt dry when the city floods. The shop’s category in the An Post Irish By Áine Toner
“Where to begin? Simply put, I’m indescribably jealous 100,000 books are stacked into Book Awards 2018. You can vote
of any reader picking up this masterpiece for the first gondolas, bathtubs, and whatever for your favourite author on
time. And once they do, they will long remember the else can float. It also has resident
heartrending character of Theo Decker and his cats lounging about, which I loved.
unthinkable journey.”
Where’s your favourite library?
Sarah Jessica Parker I have to say I think the dlr LexIcon
in Dun Laoghaire is amazing. The


Reader fiction

Happy Christmas
Finding festive cheer is hard for Diana

The festive season was difficult for Diana. of spending December, instead of getting always bought too much, in case unexpected
Living alone and not having an immediate depressed every year.” guests arrived needing fed; also buying
family around, she always felt glad when extra toiletries and scarves in case she had
it was over. Now divorced with her son They talked about different possibilities, forgotten a gift for a sudden arrival. She also
in Australia and her daughter in Canada, but nothing appealed to Diana, she bought extra wine, chocolates and biscuits
she was no longer the focal point for certainly felt it was time to think of a in case of last minute invitations. It was
organising Christmas for her family. As way she could get through December. comforting to realise she had at one time
soon as the shops put up their decorations Since retiring and not being involved in been part of the mad Christmas rush to buy.
and started playing Christmas music she socialising with work, December became
longed for January, with all the crazy the dreaded month. All her friends had The shoppers were not crazy; they were
spending behind her. Instead of looking children and grandchildren and Christmas trying to do their best for their families as
forward and feeling joyous, as most was the highlight of their year. Everyone she had done; she had now moved on to a
people appeared to be, she tended to keep was rushing around, full of expectation different stage of her life and would have to
away from the shops, not wanting to be and happiness, on a mission to get the think of a new way of facing December. Her
part of the impulse to spend. Her friends shopping and gifts organised and wrapped attitude was definitely age related. While
had agreed not to exchange gifts as they in plenty of time before the great day. considering this, she wondered what people
had large families to buy for. Her niece did as they got older and less able to shop. It
always included her in their festivities and Many times Diana had wished she could was at that moment that an idea came to her;
had agreed years ago on a Secret Santa feel their joy and satisfaction, being laden she could become a personal shopper for the
with a limit of ten pounds. Diana always with parcels having over spent, feeling elderly, or people who were housebound.
made her contribution to the meal by tired but happy. She felt it was an excessive
supplying the pudding and bringing along and pointless exercise. Boxing Day was She would get leaflets printed and put them
four bottles of wine, which was much almost as busy as Christmas Eve with in libraries, doctor’s surgeries, notice boards
appreciated. people taking back unsuitable gifts, which in supermarkets, even sheltered housing
were the wrong size or colour or just not complexes. She had a strong feeling this
“What are you planning to make for wanted. It was now normal to put a gift would be a success. The following December
pudding this year?” asked her friend receipt in with the gift so that it could be she would be running around the shops
Carol when they were having a coffee. exchanged if it was unsuitable. buying for people who needed her help.
What a happy thought for next Christmas
“I had decided to make a cheesecake Was that the spirit of Christmas? It that was, she could not wait. WW
and I have a great recipe for ice-cream seemed to Diana if you hadn’t got into
which I thought I’d have with either fruit debt, or certainly spent more than you
or a hot chocolate sponge.” had intended, it was not a true success.
The January conversation was about being
“That sounds delicious, no Christmas frugal for the month paying off credit
pudding this year.” cards and hopefully being debt free by the
end of February.
“Everyone felt it was too heavy after
the meal, so I decided to make a lighter Looking back to when she was younger
alternative.” she realised that she had been part of
the panic to buy and get organised. She
“Are you still in hiding ‘til January?” was afraid she would forget anyone and
“More or less, I can’t get into the
Christmas spirit, aimlessly wandering “She had moved
around shops. I always feel it is a bit on to a different
pointless, I don’t have any Christmas stage of her life”
presents to buy except the Secret Santa
for ten pounds and that doesn’t take very
long. I always put money in a card for
Gary and Mandy, that way they can treat
themselves to something they want.”
“You need to think of a different way

By Elle Chandler Want to be published in Woman’s Way?

We are always looking for reader fiction! To get involved, simply email a short story of approximately 800 words to Áine at [email protected] If you require the submission requirements, she’ll email them back to you. Happy writing.



Standing in the dock...
Will Gina come through for Sally in the witness box?

Coronation Street late for missing a staff meeting (he missed it Also this week
because he was working on the play).
Sally prepares for her trial as Paula tells her › Who ends their relationship?
client/friend where she’s made an error or One Weatherfield couple look into some › Who isn’t enthusiastic?
two. She protests her innocence then it’s biological matters and realise they’re all › Who is propositioned?
time for Gina to take the witness stand. Will quite spendy. If only there was someone who
she come through for her sister? How will could be benevolent and help...
Sally react to the prosecution’s summation of
her morally corrupt character? Rita twists her ankle outside the Kabin and
asks Cathy if she’ll look after the Kabin until
Let’s just say someone is juggling a whole she recovers. Which is nice.
load of lies and untruths.
Jenny is suspicious of her husband’s actions
Meanwhile, Mary’s search for son Jude - again - but does she have any reason to be?
may be at an end. However, relations with Would it matter if she didn’t? Hmm, we don’t
daughter-in-law Angie aren’t exactly want to spoiler this but we’re pleasantly
blooming with possibility. Later in the week, surprised at where this story is going...
Roy treats Mary to afternoon tea in the bistro
to celebrate Jude’s birthday because he is a After a successful physio session, Jack
lovely man. announces that he wants to do some
fundraising for the hospital - and he’s got a
Phil - nasty Phil - continues to pile the cracking idea.
pressure on to lovely Brian at school. He
wants Brian to stay behind after class to work And who - foolishly - picks favourites?



Emmerdale EastEnders Fair City

Will a character’s conscience lose her the man Kat feels the pressure of the Knowledge but Carol can’t help but feel a pang when Robbie
she loves? Only time will tell this week. let’s say, this week doesn’t go smoothly. Watch hints things are back on with Hayley.
out for any obstacles, Kat. Later, a Slater’s
As Marlon and April decorate the Christmas words strike a chord with Kat. Orla and Wayne get some bad news while
tree, April talks about love, sparking an idea Tommy feels sidelined. Er, maybe not the
for Mr Dingle. Er, we’re not sure this is the Mel asks Jack’s opinion on something... right time, Tommy love? Meanwhile, Orla has
best idea we’ve ever heard... while setting up some fitness sessions. What’s a proposition for Wayne...
she got up her sleeve? We are so on board with
Two characters plot to break a couple up - this storyline and are delighted that Malicious Jackie and Charlie guilt Mondo into helping
will it happen or will they get found out? Mel is back with a bang. Melanie - and is there extra help coming?

During a meeting with Nicola and Struggling with the constant comments Sash urges Decco to sort out proper
Priya, Graham opens a beer, leaving Priya online - the rape is reported - Ruby contacts childcare for Sam as he’s struggling with work
concerned. He later misinterprets kindness as her SOIT officer for advice. e locals discuss and fatherhood. Wow, how modern.
something altogether untoward. the article, unaware that it’s about Ruby.
Damien offers Mairead advice that helped
Charity takes offence when Vanessa It’s Hayley’s birthday and Jean wants to Laura but will she listen? And who is jealous?
remarks on her parenting skills (but perhaps make it a day to remember. Will her plan be And who gets he wrong impression?
it’s justified, love?). put into place with ease? Well, it’ll be a day to
never forget, we reckon. Bela warns Paul not to let Oisín walk all
Elsewhere, Pollard comforts Rodney, who is over him but Paul’s impressed with how
hurt to have been sacked by Tracy. Ouch. Callum and Oisín managed in his absence.

Holby City Ros na Rún Soap gossip

By Áine Toner Serena fights chaos on the ward during Dee, unusually, doesn’t want to be the centre Corrie’s Gemma
a hospital inspection. Meanwhile Meena of Mack’s attention. Surely she isn’t doubting Winter is set
confronts a crisis of her own and has to make his loyalty... for an eventful
a momentous life decision. festive season.
Bobbi Lee offers to write the panto script?
Nicky gives her all to impress Mo, jumping Can she do it? And, er, is it not a teeny tiny bit “There’s lots
straight into a tricky diagnosis that will late on production front? of di erent stu
either help her pitch to stay on Darwin - or happening over
prove it’s time she moved on. at’s some Frances tells everyone she is leaving. Christmas – a bit
decision to make, isn’t it? Fight or flight for Will Tadhg reveal his plan to stop her? of a blast from the
one of our favourites. Well, probably not, I mean, why miss out past, which is quite
on dropping a bombshell at Frances’ most revealing,” she hinted to
With Holby still reeling from recent events, inconvenient moment? Inside Soap magazine.
Hanssen struggles to recover from his
personal trauma. We have to say, he’s grown In other news, has John Joe blown his “It might show us a few di erent
on us quite a bit in recent weeks (we just chances with the lovely O’Shea when she says elements of Gemma’s character, and
won’t say that too loudly!). she doesn’t mix business with pleasure? We explain some things about why she’s like
hope not, this is a great coupling. she is. There’s plenty to come!”

Still though, part of Gemma’s charm is
her ability to bounce back resiliently at
times of hardship.

“Well, she’s had her heart broken
recently, and I think people care about
her,” she said. “And I think everybody
knows somebody a bit like Gemma.”



This week... NOVEMBER 19-26


FAIR, DECEMBER 5-9 a new cinema to the STRANGERS
Looking for a gift that’s a bit neighbourhood. e
different? en mark this event Stella eatre is a is documentary has a
in your diary. e Gifted fair sister cinema to the premise so unlikely that
showcases the best of Irish larger Stella Cinema you’d struggle to believe
craft and design and includes in Rathmines and is the plot if it were fiction. It tells the story of the three
everything from jewellery to art and even artisan food. located in the basement identical triplets who were each adopted at birth to
Among those showcasing their work is none other than of the newly opened separate families. In 1980 they meet and what happens
artist elma Mansfield (pictured), with other exhibitors Devlin hotel. Like its after, well we don’t want to give that away but this is
such as the Ethical Silk Company, Burren Perfumery and big sister you’ll be able quite the watch. Released on November 30
Maple Tree Pottery. to enjoy dining to your
See for more details seat as well as cocktails Yule love it
with prices from €19 for
Oh yes we do! We’ve a family pass to Jack and the for more details
Beanstalk at the Civic eatre, Dublin to give away for
the show on December 26. Starring Enya Martin and MINGLE Head to the Marble City to get into the Christmas spirit
Sorcha Furlong you can enjoy a hilarious Stephen’s IN DINGLE this week. Yulefest has kicked off in Kilkenny with a
Day complete with beanstalk. e panto runs from whole host of activities taking place from now until the
December 12 to January 6 and you can book tickets at From November 30 to end of December. With gigs, ice skating, workshops, December 2 the Other theatre, comedy, demos and more, there’s something for
To win answer this question on our competition form Voices Festival comes everyone. See for more details
on page 45 or via email: what date does Jack and home to Dingle. Expect
Beanstalk at the Civic begin on? a weekend full of music, SPEC APPEAL
art, culture and more
A SONG FOR CHRISTMAS? with plenty of food and
drink options to enjoy too.
Feel like you could write the next classic Tickets are priced from
Christmas tune? en why not enter the €30;
Christmas FM Song Contest. Simply write
and make a recording of your song and BEHOLD, THE NEW BALMAIN COLLECTION AT
submit it to the radio station’s website. e SPECSAVERS. IT’S THE KIND OF COLLABORATION THAT
winner of the competition will see their GETS US GLASSES WEARERS (ONLY THE WHOLE WW
tune played on the air. e competition TEAM) VERY EXCITED INDEED. THE FRAMES ARE IN
closes on December 2. STORE NOW PRICED AT €239 FOR TWO PAIRS.
See for more details

at’s what your friends will be when

they see all the gorgeous bits you’ve

picked up from Sostrene Grene’s latest

collection. It includes stationery, craft

supplies, interiors pieces and even the

odd fashion item too.
Released on November 29 priced from


Over to you Get in touch

Win a prize or a dip in
our beauty cupboard

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01 240 5300 [email protected] 01 240 5363

Star le er OFF THE HOOK to providers of public toilet facilities – please
So you’ve found the perfect gift but how are put a hook on the door for the comfort of your
I have decided to put pen to paper to highlight customers! It’s the small things in life that
you going to present it? When it comes to a bugbear of mine which I think a lot of people, make the daily jobs easy.
especially ladies, will identify with and that NAME AND ADDRESS WITH THE EDITOR
gift wrapping the possibilities are endless. is the lack of a hook on toilet cubicle doors!
Coming into the winter we will be wearing THANK YOU
Will you use gift wrap you’ve already got coats, and trying to hold a bag along with a
coat is often a struggle, especially in a cubicle I’d just like to comment on the
(maybe left over since last year)? Your gift with a wet floor. In an ideal world I would like winter coats suggestions in
a hook and a small shelf (if the cistern is closed issue number 44 (November
recipients will be none the wiser. Will you in) for a phone and a small mirror – but I would 5). It was great to see a huge
be very happy for the hook. So I am appealing selection of coats that are the
not use any at all? Will you buy expensive latest fashion. It gave me an
GET IN TOUCH idea of what coat I’ll buy.
wrapping paper that will get wasted? Not NICOLE PHILLIPSON,
When writing to us please remember to CO DUBLIN
all wrapping paper is recyclable. It is often include your full postal address and your
daytime contact number. Please write your
dyed, laminated or contains non-paper contact information in block capitals. This
is so we can ensure that your prize gets
additives, like gold and silver. Some is to you! Send your letters to: Over to You,
Woman’s Way, Harmonia, Rosemount
plastic-based. Foil or glitter decorated paper House, Dundrum Road, Dundrum, Dublin
14. Alternatively, you can email your letter
needs to go in the general waste. Sticky to: [email protected]

tape and decorations such as ribbons and BIRTHDAY
bows cannot be recycled either. Ireland is WRITE AND WIN
Happy birthday to
expected to generate 83,000 tonnes of Goldie Hawn. The With over 70 years of skincare WO€OV5RE0TRH
actress turns 73 expertise, the AVEENO® brand
packaging waste over Christmas. Research on November 21 continues to act as a pioneer in the

from Repak found that over the festive

period Irish people generate the equivalent

of the volume of packaging waste that both discovery of naturally active ingredients

the cities of Galway and Limerick would with real skincare benefits. AVEENO® body

produce in a year. This year I would ask all products all contain

your readers to get creative with their gift naturally active colloidal

wrapping. They may already have everything oatmeal and/or oat

they need at home – fabric, wooden or extracts to this day.

cardboard boxes, brown and white paper – The star letter winner

and their imagination. I would love to hear receives an AVEENO®

what other readers are planning. In the gi hamper of body

meantime, happy wrapping. products worth over


Competition entry form Page 46 Dealz decorations
Your answer:
Page 3 One of five Killeen cleaning hampers
Your answer: Page 48 Brooke and Shoals candle
Your answer:
Page 23 A pair of Perfection pillows
Your answer: Page 52 Woman’s Way beauty goody bag
Your answer:
Page 35 Win turkey and ham
Your answer: YOUR DETAILS

Page 40 Three new books Name:
Your answer: Address:
Page 44 Family pass to The Civic Panto
Your answer:

A winner will be selected at random. Closing date: Midday, Monday, December 3, 2018. Terms and Conditions apply. Photocopied competition entry forms are not allowed.

Complete and post to Woman’s Way Competitions, issue 47, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14 or email [email protected]



Make Christmas magical with Dealz €W1O5RT0H

This festive season we have To be in with a chance of winning
teamed up with the Dealz elves €150 worth of decorations for your
to give you the chance to win home this Christmas, simply answer
the amazing prize of dressing the following question and complete
your home with Christmas the competition form on page 45 or
decorations to the value of email in.
€150. The folks at Dealz have Q. Which on-trend food source
been working hard to deliver has Dealz added to their Christmas
amazing value and quality, and decorations this year?
with a selection of picture- A. Biscuits B. Donuts C. Sweets
perfect decorations available
from as little as €1.50, Dealz
has something for everyone this

Transform your home into a
winter wonderland with their
marvellous range of Christmas
home décor, which includes
stunning decorations, festive
lights and beautiful homewares.
Add a touch of sparkle with their
glittery decorations, twinkling
lights and beautiful ceramic
reindeer tea light holders. If
you’re feeling inspired and are
on the lookout for something fun
and contemporary to create an
alternative Christmas tree this
year, Dealz has designed an array
of hanging decorations including
Scottie dogs, pugs, cows and
pigs. They’ve even added a trio
of shiny blue, pink and silver
unicorns to the collection this
season, as well as colourful ice
cream cones, on-trend donuts
and sparkling baubles which
are sure to add a dusting of
originality and some extra glam
to your tree.

Whether you are a traditionalist
or love the modern touch, Dealz
has something to suit everyone’s
taste across their Christmas
range, which is available in stores
now. Beat the rush and get in
early for all your festive needs.

For more information see

Dear UNA Psychic solutions

abused my daughter for four years and my
niece for six years. It would kill my mother
if she knew her golden boy had done all that.
I know she would take his side. She always
made the excuse when he does something
wrong that he was born with the cord around
his neck. He’s slow but very clever.
Chris, Co Carlow

Renowned psychic Una Power offers You must go to the police and ask that they
readers some guidance on life’s issues investigate the crimes of theft committed
against her. It is her money and someone has,

and possibly still is, stealing her money. She

isn’t in a position to act for herself. If you
U care about justice you must allow the
na law to take care of her. Accusations
My hopes for a happy marriage or Christmas present. But says...“thVeirpgeorifsecthtieosniigsnt”of
sometimes in those dark against your youngest brother should
were too high, I can see that, now. I am hours before dawn she longs be investigated. The law has plenty of
for the sort of love prepared experience in dealing sensitively dealing
48 (Capricorn) and my husband, is also to accept her failures.
with these matters. It is not fair to any of
Capricorn (49). He barely tolerates me and

everything I do irritates him. We have never

had a proper holiday although we have no Match beautiful Lady you to be put under suspicion by anyone,

money problems mainly because I have Capricorn with generous, inside or outside your mother’s house for

always worked with him and I am a good attractive Mr Capricorn and you get crimes committed by anyone else.

money manager. He insists on life without a little foretaste of Hell. Curious, isn’t it? Guests
frills. He has never changed, he is mean.
find an invite to a fabulous dinner with them is My grandson’s language is foul. He

When we first met I admired him for ruined by the atmosphere in that stylish house. (Gemini) is only 12 and since starting his new

making his own way in the world without any I think the whole notion of couples counselling school comes home with filthy language and

help as it was something we had in common. before marriage probably arose from one of names he calls me but stops when his mum

I think we were both lonely at the time and those occasions. calls after work to collect him, I’m finding it

snatched at the one and only chance offered. I Be brave on this one and take a risk on very hard to cope with. I know his mother

don’t know how but we managed to produce joining with your husband and daughter on the doesn’t swear, except for an odd time.

the most beautiful daughter in the world. She marriage plans. Approve. Tell your husband My feeling is that it’s somehow tied up with

wants to get married the summer after next he’s the best dad in the world. It’s not too late my son, his father. He is on a trial break from

and my husband is supporting her. I can’t for you both to sign up for a course of marriage the lad’s mother. He says there isn’t any other

believe it, she is only 18. counselling. Think about spending, afterwards, woman in the picture; but the mother of my

He even told her that the sky was the limit a weekend together somewhere warm. grandson’s friend told me he has been seeing a

and if she wanted her wedding in a castle I’m from a big family who, like me, girl a few times.
she could have it, he would pay for it. When I suppose what I really want is for my

I objected he told me I was jealous of my now live in America, with the exception grandson to love me like he used to. My son

own daughter and to get over it. I am getting of my youngest brother who is my sick, (Aries ) could try a bit harder to explain what’s

the feeling that his new-found attitude isn’t elderly mother’s carer. We girls come happening but in fairness he does call round

sincere, just another way to get at me. I don’t home every year to help out. It was then every Saturday without fail to take him out.

think our own marriage will survive this. we discovered he had taken large sums of Maria, Kildare

Name and address withheld money from her account. My husband was

then entrusted with a very large sum of It’s horrible, isn’t it, when a child seems to turn

Capricorn and Capricorn face severe difficulties money to secure from her account in case against you. You presume that because you’re

in making any joint enterprise work. Your she needed it to get into a full-time nursing the adult it must be your fault. Not true. Your

marriage will survive. After all, you’ve survived home. We discovered that over half the grandson is hurt and angry but doesn’t know

a couple of recessions, competition, debts money was missing. The only one staying how to react. So he chooses the language that

owed and not collectable and together raised in my mother’s room was one of my sisters. most closely resembles how he is feeling. You’re a

your lovely and very good daughter. Capricorn I’m shocked and sickened to my stomach fixture in the kitchen; in his eyes, and you control

woman always knows how to behave in any and that she would do this to us. I can’t ask her everything that happens. If his dad has left home,

all circumstances, she is gracious and kind. as it could backfire on us. We’re in extreme it must be either your fault or his mother’s.

Always hardworking, she sets a good example financial difficulty. We have to put our house Completely ignore his bad language. Don’t

to her family and colleagues. People speak well up for sale, we put it up against a loan to buy show by an inch that it’s affecting you. Only

of her and treat her as she treats others, with properties abroad; they have not so far been respond to normal conversation if he cuts out

respect. If there is just a hint of duty before able to sell any. offensive language. He’ll eventually get the

pleasure it takes her a bit of time to haul back My brother, the carer, will inherit the message that he won’t grab your attention

from duty and indulge in pleasure; and that house after Mam passes, so there is a lot of by anger. Gemini is a great talker; it’s their

not every activity or thought must have a good anger in some members of the family over favourite way of communicating. I do predict

outcome rating. As a parent Capricorn has an that. We discovered last year that he had that you two will reclaim your parked friendship.

in-built faculty telling them when and where Contact Una... If you have an unresolved issue you need guidance on, Una may be able to help.
they must either ease back or gently lay on You can write to her at Una Power, Woman’s Way, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14; or email: [email protected]
some pressure over things like homework, diet, Please include your name, town, county and full date of birth. Please note, Una can only reply through this column.
sending an aunt a note of thanks for a birthday



What’s in your stars this week?

Scorpio Sagittarius

Oct 24 - Nov 21 Nov 22 - Dec 21

Falling for the oldest excuses Use your sixth sense and make
in the book might make you choices that you are happy with
feel foolish from time to time – and are good for you. Give
but there is nothing wrong others a second chance if they
with having a little hope in ask nicely. If they still try to push
your heart. If someone lets you their weight around make sure
down, try to forget about it and they know that you’re fully in
keep your guard up the next charge. ose that try to push the
time they come around. Don't boundaries may be good souls
beat yourself up – learn from it. but they need to back off.

Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries

Dec 22 - Jan 19 Jan 20 - Feb 18 Feb 19 - Mar 20 Mar 21 - April 19

It is far easier to stick to your You might be on the phone You might be drawn to the darker You might not mind spending
normal routine, isn't it? e constantly this week with a side of life later on this week. your money on friends that don't
familiar day to day actions can certain person, but don't expect Someone will be quite appealing have much but don’t go overboard
be very attractive but you'll get them to be as honest and open when they let their hair down. this coming weekend. You could
nowhere fast if you don't take a when you are sitting down face However, will this person make be joining them in the poorhouse
risk from time to time. Deviate to face. Don't start any type of you happy in the long run? eir if you’re not careful. A small treat
from routine at least once this serious conversation unless you're behaviour might be exciting at here or there will cheer them up.
week. Old friendships have a lot in person with this individual and the moment but it'll get old very However, they may feel guilty if
more to offer. can read their face. quickly. Take your time. you make a big purchase.

Taurus Gemini Cancer COMPETITION By Christianna Caeliss founder of Unleashing Aphrodite;

April 20 - May 20 May 21 - June 20 June 21 - July 22 Brooke & Shoals Fragrances are
constantly creating. Blending
Pick up your phone bill and look at Although you may have no reason e backing of friends will come combinations of floral, fruity,
it carefully. You could save a load to suspect the behaviour of in handy this week. ere are earthy and woody notes to
of money if you just think ahead. another, you seem to be keeping a certain tasks that will always be design wonderful scents that
Other everyday expenses could close eye on a certain individual. harder if you try to do them alone. enrapture, energise and engage.
also be cut back if you just look at Trust your gut instinct and keep Hold your head up high when All their products are made here
the details more closely. You won’t up current practices. You’ll know you do decide to ask for a hand. in Ireland. We’re giving away
have to work as hard if you save a if you’ve made a mistake soon You’re not weak, in fact you’re one a Brooke & Shoals fragrances
little extra each month. It's worth enough. If you’re right you’ll have of the strongest people around. limited edition cinnamon and
reviewing your bills this week. saved yourself a load of trouble. Remember that. cedar candle worth €20. This
candle blends the sweet aroma
Leo Virgo Libra of cinnamon spices with the
fresh, woody notes of cedar to
July 23 - Aug 22 Aug 23 - Sept 21 Sept 22 - Oct 23 create a fragrance combination
that will gladden the spirit and
You might adore another but In the heat of the moment you A close alliance with someone evoke yuletide magic. To enter,
you’re not sure about their might say and do things that could you are drawn to might turn into complete the form on page 45
feelings towards you. ere’s cause you hassle for weeks to a totally different relationship if with the answer to
a right time and place to ask come, Virgo. Be careful over the you’re not careful. Don’t make this question: How
certain questions and it seems to next few days and don’t let passion the first move if you not prepared much is the Brooke
be just around the corner. Don’t dictate what you say. If you do say for the second one. You have & Shoals cedar
be afraid to approach subjects something, apologise immediately the ability to stay in control, the candle worth? Best
that matter to you, especially afterwards, that will help. Be the question is… will you want to, of luck from all at
when it comes to the heart. upfront person that you are. Libra? ink carefully. the magazine.


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