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We talked to the experts about how
to identify and manage this condition

From time to time we all have unhappy unfortunately there is no official ‘cure’ for By Louise Finn
skin on our face. But what if this isn’t rosacea. However it is possible to manage the
just a temporary flare up, but instead symptoms with certain lifestyle changes,
rosacea, a more complex condition that medication, suitable cosmetics, and avoidance
requires specialist skincare. of triggers.”

“Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin Identifying the condition is the first step
condition that can be characterised by red in managing it and there are some tell-tale
patches on the face. It can affect anyone, symptoms to look out for that might suggest
and is mainly found in adults,” says Marie it’s rosacea you’re suffering from. Redness is
the first thing to keep an eye out for.
erese Burke, Head of Training with Graham
Anthony Distribution. “ e first stage of rosacea is where a redness
appears on the face’s skin, appearing similar
And, as Dr Michèle Sayag, Medical Strategy to a sunburn. is is caused by flushing –
Director of Laboratoire Bioderma explains, us when excess blood rapidly flows through
Irish can be more prone to this condition. the skin’s blood vessels, which then need to
enlarge in order to handle this flow. After a
“Rosacea is an inflammatory recurrent skin period of time facial skin can become very
disease, more frequent in the North of Europe dry whilst the redness can become more
(Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia). Women noticeable,” says Marie erese.
with fair skin are more prone to be affected.”

Jeanette Hayes, Clinical Director of
Bodybenefits Aesthetic Clinic, Galway says:
“Rosacea is a progressive inflammatory
skin disorder, normally associated with
fair Celtic skins. As opposed to darker
skin types, fair Celtic skin has much less
natural melanin protection and therefore
suffers more from environmental factors i.e.
excessive sun exposure or sunburn, wind,
cold, outdoor activities like sailing, hill
walking, wind surfing, golf etc. e damage
tends to happen before the age of 20 but the
symptoms start to manifest between 30 and
50. Once the symptoms are triggered, they get
progressively worse over time, so the earlier a
person seeks treatment the better.”

ere may also be a hereditary element,
explains Laura Murphy, Assistant Training
Manager, La Roche-Posay Ireland: “Rosacea
can run in the family. It is more prominent in
women than men, however when men get it
their symptoms are often more severe.”

It is, however, a case of management rather
than cure as Laura explains.

“ ere are cases where it can spontaneously
resolve itself, or ‘burn itself out’ but


Skin care

“After a few years, redness often symptoms; however central to “We need to avoid water on our
becomes widespread and permanent the treatment is the use of gentle skin as much as possible, especially
and it is accompanied with cosmetics that can help calm and hot water and, yes I even mean in the
couperosis (dilated blood vessels) on protect the skin.” shower. e chemicals in the water
cheeks and the nose. After a while, make the condition worse and dry out
some patients can develop more So, what are the first steps you can the skin, ever wondered why your
complicated symptoms like pimples take to keep things calm? First, the skin gets even redder after a shower?
and sometimes pustules which can don’ts. “Avoid scrub and exfoliation If you can start using a non-soap gel
greatly alter their quality of life,” says style products as these can heat cleanser and remove the gel with
Dr Michèle . up and aggravate the skin causing cotton disks then you are foiling the
redness to worsen. Do not use hot secret culprit.”
For people who have had rosacea water when cleansing your face.
for many years there’s can be further Lukewarm or cool water is best. When it comes to the positive steps
complications, “ e bulb of the Avoid putting your face directly in the you can take, there are plenty of
nose can enlarge to up to 7-10 times flow of shower water as our shower skincare options for you to try.
its normal size, appear redder and temperature is often hotter than what
bumpy. is swelling is because we should allow on our face. Limit “Wear suncream or a moisturiser
there is formation of tissue and the time spent in hot (and very cold!) with an SPF every day – even when
sebaceous glands which produce oil environments, eg direct sunlight, the sun isn’t shining. UVA rays
on the skin get bigger,” says Marie saunas, steam rooms, hot baths/ penetrate deep into the dermis and
showers as this can exacerbate your can cause cells to become more fragile
erese. redness,” says Laura. and hence cause the skin to flush red
As well as this, “ e skin on the more easily,” says Laura.
forehead, chin, cheeks, or other “Avoid over exfoliating and in
areas can become thicker because of some severe case avoid exfoliating Marie erese recommends, “Using
rosacea,” says Jeanette. altogether! Harsh scrubs and acids ginseng and red algae extract will
If you think this might be you then will only thin the skin even further help to reinforce your blood vessels,
it’s vital to visit your GP in order to get and cause the broken capillaries whilst using a product like Uriage
a diagnosis. While these symptoms to worsen and become redder,” Roséliane Anti-Redness Cream will
might sound scary, if you do have says Clare O’Hanlon, Business help fight against kallikrein 5 activity,
rosacea there are plenty of ways of Development Manager at Juliette which causes inflammation and
managing the condition, central to Armand Skincare. vascular problems. Uriage Roséliane
which is your skincare regime, as Anti-Redness Cream uses its SK5R
Laura explains. “Some important advice to people complex to provide a highly effective
“While there is still much to learn with redness and couperosis is to try soothing action against kallikrein 5
about the causes of rosacea, there are and avoid all factors responsible for activity.”
various successful treatment options flushing. ey also need to hydrate
available to sufferers. ese include their skin and protect it daily from the Jeanette says, “Some of the best
oral and/or topical medication, IPL sun,” says Dr Michèle . know treatments used to alleviate
(Intense Pulse Light) therapy and and reduce the symptoms of rosacea
laser – all designed to minimise “Sometimes drinking alcohol or are glycolic, salicylic and azeliac
eating spicy foods can aggravate,” acid, retinol and highly concentrated
says Clare. vitamin C products (check out Image
Skincare and Obaji Skincare) and of
Rosacea… products to help course, a good sunscreen is a must.
Our experts’ recommendations Using the correct skincare range
and products are vital tools in the
€19.50 €21 Roséliane €16 Rosaliac €35 Multi-B €9.50 €17.50 treatment of rosacea.”
Xemose Lipid- Anti-Redness Make up Vitamins Thermal Sensibio
Replenishing Cream from Water from AR BB “At the same time, many woman
Anti-Irritation Uriage removal gel Serum from €23.50 Uriage Cream from need to mask redness and couperosis.
Cream from (micellaire Juliette Rosaliac AR Bioderma
gel) from La Armand Intense La e most complete solution is a BB
Uriage Roche-Posay Roche-Posay cream like Sensibio AR BB cream:
a protective and moisturizing
formulation with a creamy texture
and a tint to mask redness and a
photoprotective action (SPF 30, IP
UVA 17),” says Dr Michèle .

“Rosacea skin is thin, easily
irritated, dry, flaky and may be the
shape of a butterfly and cover the
cheeks and nose. e environment is
out to get your skin too so there needs
to be protection! e Juliette Armand
Multi-B serum is perfect because
it contains B5 and B6 for powerful
anti-inflammatory properties and the
Hydra Calming 24hr cream goes on
top to seal an environmental shield
over the skin and reduce blotching,”
says Clare. WW


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