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Groomin g


Skincare 101 – better
skin, more quickly


You may have thought you’d left skin concerns
behind after the ravages of teenage acne – but is
your skincare routine up to par? Do you even have
a skincare routine? Does stealing your partner’s
fancy facial products count?
The good news is that keeping skin looking
and feeling great doesn’t require a garage full
of product or knowing a lot of jargon. Simple,
effective products will help achieve a fresher
looking face in minutes.
“Oil control and shine can be an issue for men
18–30 which can lead to break outs, pimples and
blackheads,” says Dr Howard Murad, founder of
Murad skincare. “This is because of the higher
levels of testosterone which increases the
activity of the sebaceous glands. Coupled with
the fact that men’s sebaceous glands are smaller
this can often lead to acne. This can
also be exacerbated when shaving, as the skin
becomes more irritated.”
Educating men on simple but effective
skin rituals is the first step in improving skin
condition. This includes using exfoliating
cleansers and helping control bacteria that can
trigger breakouts.
“In later years men’s skin may often still feel
oilier, this can be worsened depending also on
their working environment,” says Dr Murad.
“If they work outside, such as in a more
physical job, dirt and pollution can impact the
skin further, whereas in an office job the skin
can be affected by air conditioning or central
heating which essentially dehydrates the skin,
if the client is not using efficient moisturisers
the skin will naturally produce more oil to
rebalance itself.


“One of the first concerns men may notice Insider tips → Love the outdoors? Ensure your moisturiser
in their 30s is how the skin around the eyes is has an SPF of at least 15 to protect yourself
affected, puffiness, dark circles initially, and later The experts at LAB SERIES skincare for men when outside.
lines and wrinkles. Eye care therefore is also a share advice to ensure you’re looking in tip top
great step in improving the way the skin appears, condition (and impress your groomed mates). → Flying? Sleeping less? Working late? Use a
and also how the eyes feel when working in a specialized moisturiser to make sure you
drier environment.” → Warm your moisturiser on your fingertips always look your best.
before applying to your face. You will use
Men also tend to have more propensity to dry less and it will be absorbed more easily → When the heat rises, don’t melt! Choose
skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, “often and quickly. a moisturiser that gives hydration without
made worse by using inappropriate cleansers adding oil and grease. You may need to
on the face, and not rinsing shaving products, → Don’t forget to apply your moisturiser on change moisturisers each season as
shampoos etc sufficiently,” says Dr Murad. your neck and behind your ears. These temperature and climate changes.
areas need care too!
“Men may often be afraid to use moisturisers → Don’t act your age! If you’re starting to
as they don’t want to be greasy, so it’s important → Don’t forget your eyes. Air conditioning, see the years taking their toll on your
to recommend an efficient moisturiser and help sitting close to your computer and driving face act now. Use a specialized treatment
them to understand you can hydrate without oil.” long distances can all make your eye area that helps the skin look younger for longer
look tired. Use a cooling eye gel first thing and give the appearance of a younger
What’s your type? in the morning, and carry it around with you. ITM
you for instant refreshing wake-ups
To identify skin type, Dr Murad suggests to see throughout the day.
how skin feels after you wash your face with a
cleanser, particularly around the outside
portions of the face where there are less
sebaceous glands.

→ If you cleanse the skin, and it feels dry for a
couple of minutes after you cleanse, but
within 15–20 minutes feels normal again,
you have a normal skin type.

→ An oily skin type, even once you have
cleansed the skin, will still feel oily.
Blackheads, enlarged pores and pimples
are signals to oilier skin types.

→ If you have dry skin, it will stay dry after
cleansing for a prolonged period of time.
Flaky areas of skin are signs of dryness, and
fine lines can signal dry, dehydrated skin.

→ Enlarged pores on the nose and cheeks can
be a sign of combination skin.

THE KIT Image Ormedic The Body Clarins Men Murad
Balancing Shop Maca
Skin Ceuticals Facial Cleanser Root Face Anti-Fatigue Cleansing
Emollience (€65) (€34.50) Protector
(€17.50) Eye Serum Shave (€33)
They say: They say:
An exclusive A harmonizing They say: (€37) They say:
combination of blend of A balancing
natural extracts chamomile, moisturiser that They say: Guaranteed
and essential oils green tea and oat hydrates where
kernel extract required Reduce ultimate glide
We say:
Hydrating, absorbs We say: Clean, We say: Say puffiness, and hydration
quickly, perfect soft skin your goodbye to
for dry or significant other shine dark circles We say:
sensitive skin will love and smooth Polished to
the skin perfection in

We say: Look a minutes

younger version

of yourself

Rituals Samurai LAB Series Pevonia Anne Semonin ILUMA Intense
Face Scrub & MAX LS Matte Aqua-Gel Oligo Cleansing Lightening
Wash (€10.50) Renewal Lotion Foaming Gel (€38) Serum (€49)
(€62) Cleanser (€42)
They say: They say: They say:
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great Japanese Balance in a Re-energises essential step to skin tone
fighters who paid bottle – hydration the senses while a daily skincare
attention to their without the shine leaving skin fresh programme We say:
personal and clean Skin soother
appearance We say: Tackle We say: Great
oily skin face first We say: A simple, for the most
We say: Become effective skincare sensitive skin
your own skincare routine


Basic shaving is simple –
remove the stubble and
you’re done. But a really
good shave requires a

little knowledge

BruLnAneDr E


Man shaving in New York, 1961


Kristina Vanoosthuyze, Global Shave Care RITUALS The Body
Scientific Communications for Gillette has Samurai Shop Maca
these recommendations for the best shave Magic Shave Root Shave
→ Shave after the shower (and not the other cream Cream
way around). The warm water and steam (€19.50) (€14.50)
of the shower will help hydrate the beard
hairs and make them easier to cut. Better Gillette Fusion ProShield Kiehl’s
still, wash your face and neck with a mild starter pack (€20) L’Oréal Paris Smooth
cleanser before the shave. This will not only MenExpert Glider
soften the hairs, but the rubbing action contains Fusion ProGlide Anti Irritation Precision
of your hand may help to release trapped,
ingrown or low lying hairs. and three blades Shave Gel Shave
(€6.19) Lotion (€18)
→ Apply plenty of shave gel. This provides a DON’T FOGET Dermalogica Shave Kit (€33)
protective anti-friction layer and improves POST SHAVE…
razor glide. It will also lock in moisture in
the hair, further softening facial hair. Leave Embryolisse White Stuff
the toughest to shave and most vulnerable for Men Fresh Ginger
areas (eg the neck, around the lips) until & Lime (€9.95)
last, so the shave gel has more time to soak Post Shave
in and further soften the hairs. Balm (€24) American
→ Shave with a technologically advanced Nivea Men Crème
multi-blade razor and use light, gentle Post-Shave (€3)
strokes throughout your shave. Rinse the Cooling
razor frequently to prevent buildup of hairs Lotion
and debris between the blades and on the (€12.90)
blade edges.

→ Make sure your blades are not too old
or dull. Fresh blades provide a closer,
smoother and more comfortable shave.
Replace the blades at the first sign of

→ After the shave, use an after-shave product
containing moisturising ingredients to
rehydrate and comfort the skin.


You’ve heard of foil
and rotary shavers but
which is right for you?



Young man shaving his head with The experts at Remington suggest a foil shave
hair clippers, London, 1997 if you’ve sensitive skin or fine/light facial hair.

“With this type of shaver, a foil mesh covers
the linear blades meaning it’s kinder to
sensitive skin. The foil also captures the hair
with its slots cutting close to the skin offering a
closer shave than rotary. With a foil shaver you
can either follow the direction of the hair or
shave against it.”

If you’ve normal skin with thick or heavy
hair, a rotary shaver should be your pick.

“Designed to follow the contour of the face,
as you move the shaver in a circular motion,
hairs slip into openings in the heads and are
cut off. The circular motion makes it easier to
manoeuvre around difficult areas such as the
neck and chin.

“Rotary shavers give you the best results
when you have strong hair growth and are
cutting longer hairs. They are ideal for people
that don’t shave every day or clean shave or
need the closest shave.” ITM


Remington Remington KEEPING BaByliss Essentials Wahl Classic Edition
Smart Edge Foil Hyperflex TI Beard Trimmer Grooming set
Shaver (€100) Advanced Rotary (€15 from Argos)
trims longer hairs Shaver (€120) Braun BT5050 Beard (€50 from Boots)
before catching features an Trimmer (€50) has precision diamond contains multi-cut
shorter hairs, to anti-microbial
prevent pulling additive that comes with 25 length settings, sharpened blades for a clipper and precision
of the skin and to inhibits bacterial so whether you want that five
help reduce skin growth. Plus, 007 smooth shave trimmer ideal for subble,
irritation whilst WETech lets you o’clock shadow or a longer
shave wet or dry hipster style, you can keep it beards and hairlines
shaving for your ultimate looking neat with this trimmer
and accessories. Once charged,
it will give 50 minutes of
trimming time - plenty for
taming that hairy situation

THE KIT FO Kiehl’s Power Health
BEADED Nourishing Beard Oil
BEAUTIES (€11.50)
Grooming Oil Pomp Supreme
Beard & Stubble
Balm (€18)

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