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“I’ve got to the point where

CARE what people


Ellie Goulding tells Irish Tatler why maintaining a strong body and mind allows her
to lead the crazy life she does. By Jessica O’Sullivan
Acouple of weeks ago we just all had the urge to meditate
because we were feeling stressed out.We turned off the lights, personal appearances rather than album sales are where the big money
put a meditation app on and sat in the dark just thinking can be made. A demanding tour schedule has become every singer’s
about things and clearing our minds.” This may not sound bread and butter so it is necessary to find ways to give every audience
the same high-energy performance without burning out. “It’s the kind

like the rock and roll lifestyle you might expect from a chart-topping of lifestyle where you have to meditate otherwise you’d go insane, and

musician and her tour crew, but 29-year-old Ellie Goulding is part of a being insane is not convenient for me,” she says laughing.

new breed of stars who know that maintaining the momentum of a Goulding found success in 2010 when she burst onto the scene with

gruelling gig-a-day world tour can only be achieved by the natural high her first album, performing at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s

of healthy living. wedding reception later on that year, and sealing her status as the next

The landscape of the music industry has changed dramatically in the big thing in music. For any woman, her twenties are perhaps the most

last few years, mostly due to online availability of music, so touring and transformative years. It tends to be the decade where you cast off the

“It’s when you LET GO

that you really start
to be able to


chrysalis of self-doubt that goes hand in hand with the teens and emerge, Dougie Poynter. She frequently referred to the singer-turned-actor as
hopefully, a more self-assured woman. Looking at Goulding, it can be ‘the one’ during their time together but their busy schedules made a long
hard to believe that the blonde siren working the red carpet at A-list distance relationship impossible, for now at least.
events is the same beanie-hat loving young lady of six years ago.
“Sometimes my lifestyle is really crazy so I need things that I can rely
“I think that so much is about confidence and owning it. I’ve got to on. There’s been a massive shift in emphasising fitness for women, but
the point where I don’t really care what people think of what I wear, or things like meditation and yoga have always been really important things
my makeup or my appearance. It’s when you let go that you really start to do.” But like everyone else there are days when training is the last
to be able to move forward. I used to have a grunge style and now I go thing she wants to do. “I always have days like that. Don’t we all? It’s
between that and being more classic: Wearing a simple dress and heels, just being a human being. Some days I’m not in the mood to exercise
something slightly more sophisticated. I wear what I want and I feel like so I listen to my body. If I’m not mentally motivated then I won’t work
that’s amazing freedom to have.” out very well, and it kind of defeats the object. So, I wait until I wake
up and I’m feeling good and I’ve slept well, have eaten well and I’ve got
She has undoubtedly come a long way, changing not only her look, energy, and I use those days to really make the most out of training and
but her entire lifestyle. A keen runner, she now follows a vegan diet and exercising.”
often runs six miles to the gym before doing kickboxing, yoga or dancing,
and it’s from this that all other positive changes in her life, mental and To maintain her positive routine on the road, Goulding surrounds
physical, have sprung. “For me being fit, healthy and mindful, being herself with a team of like-minded people.“My dancers are really active
kind and compassionate, are very important qualities to have as a human. so are certain members of my crew. We’ve got a Whatsapp group to
That’s something I’ve learned through my new lifestyle. Regardless of arrange exercise. My entire team is so positive and we try to see the
being in the industry, just growing up as a person, I’ve learned a lot more funny side of everything.”
about fitness. That it’s about what works best for my body and what
works for me, what I find to be most enjoyable, most effective, efficient.” When your private life as well as your music can be subject to public
comment and media snark – speculation was rife that a not-so-flattering
It is in part because of this, her dedication to exercise, healthy living ditty by Ed Sheeran was in fact written about her – positive influences
and wellbeing, that Pantene Pro-V chose her to front its new Strong is like this can be the best form of defence when people feel at liberty to
Beautiful campaign – the idea that true beauty comes from the inside take personal potshots.“I’ve had so many of those experiences. Criticism
out – a mantra by which Goulding herself lives.“There’s a misconception is something that I’ve had to face quite a lot in my career, and I don’t
of what looking good is: Like it’s all about having made up hair and think that I’m anything special because everybody gets criticism in
lots of makeup on. It’s good to focus on what’s on the inside – eating everything they do, as well as praise. It’s just something that I’ve had to
well and keeping fit and strong, so it can encourage your skin and your keep picking myself up from. When you’re in the public eye, it’s just
hair to be strong, because so much of it is based on your diet and your slightly more surreal and strange to deal with…and not necessarily
lifestyle. For me when my skin and hair are at their best is when they’re something you expect to have to deal with.”
strong and looking great. Then, I feel empowered.”
So what is next for Goulding? Will she be pursuing an Eat, Pray,
Maintaining her wellbeing isn’t just about looking good to Goulding. Love-style gap year to inspire some new music? “I’m an ever-changing
She admits that her demanding lifestyle as well as being in the world and evolving artist and my music will always keep growing and be
spotlight would otherwise take its toll on her. For this reason she says representative of the time that I’m in and the mood that I’m in and what
she has to find ways to empower herself every day. A practice that is my situation is in life. But I’m proud of myself for still being here and
particularly poignant now that she has hinted that she might take a still being positive and looking on the sunny side of everything. That’s
career break following her recent split with her boyfriend of two years, why I feel like a strong person.”

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