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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2020-01-31 10:22:21

WW02 2020

Woman's weekly magazine



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WNNUuHmMATBe’rESoRlYo?OgyURadvice Breaking out of
her comfort zone

YOUR 2020

20 sex resolutions
you’ll enjoy keeping


(that don’t 20th January 2020


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Jan 20, 2020 On the cover Pg 54 Regulars
Vol.57 Issue 2 Pg 60
4 Clelia Murphy 6 Opinion
COVER IMAGE: 8 A-Z capsule style 18 Una Rice parenting
Brian McEvoy 13 Banish brassiness 19 Kids’ page
14 Heavenly hair products 20 New in books
Hope you’re having a great 27 iClothing competition 22 Reader fiction
week, we are back into the 29 Your 2020 revealed 24 Puzzles
swing of things at Woman’s 52 Sex resolutions 40 Knitting pattern
Way HQ, though a little 56 Unislim recipes 42 Soap gossip
bleary-eyed with returning 45 It’s your letters
to earlier mornings than we Pg 10 46 Una Power
had been enjoying over the 47 Horoscopes
festive period. Your life
Pg 5050 Health news
is week, I want to 10 2020 fashion loves
encourage everyone to 12 Beauty masks 60 Home and away
get in touch with us at the 16 Leanne Hammond
magazine. Have you a start- 38 George Murphy
up business that is promoting 39 Help houseplants
Ireland? We’re launching a 48 Kyle Grey
new feature in a few weeks 49 Aromatherapy 101
and are looking to celebrating 54 Cups and mugs
the businesses and business 58 Travel Department
owners from around the 62 e WW week
country. Get in touch with
Niamh for more information. Pg 58

Have you been on the best Pg 30
holiday of your life? Got
We’ll include some readers’
holiday experiences if you’re Issue 50 (December 23) We’veiawhaCtaccbfirpepalClioeoootlpspmplnhutthoeehhodtbtaipaioihuwsrlnanr.,ntiiinghgnnCtnhfhy.agghaocga,et.torevociertaCcmouiloveenkflmtef.aoswgforosirttry.oethuesodAaftiwtfanrwseot.1bpoegrg0aIle.oesteecr0k’nttsdtophh.pdhmrarAeeeeolairrliclblbrosatefcerhintrasenieoee,cgnngsrsmwcsgttlseieeshdeIissartnsyeisthingeaotsotcdhihnrrhuaoti-eosiletnsstwotnosordswwpleteisfhweniniatqntayteseuhoitolwdsrawecwnhrlsoli’iyatismtlyihslnseignc’sMokaia Halter Neck WIN Pg 21
happy to tell our readers the Sunway vouchers Carmel Chadwick, Co Tipperary; givtwe oawtoayaisfwntodnqaa–arsIvsdruhspfahemBtvaetyiesi1nlehryos.oo4ia,cteinTuyrntyamliehio’orutgoraeohuceeesnnwrkaaaedse,idsntnphitiluittoiosaese’snaoosrnatiferlfehCkra.de1eteelnT4pshndooerhp.eeotovoyseFrohnetsfffroaniaeruelesbnuisncaor€nrtgitswtdbmrie5.hocfcualo0aynsseeorlrnt.yr.dampsoFtdnteirrdoht.sareodoeryia,sdolboclnsiuauovriomncziosaenCeedknersflsdytpidoohdharatswcieirihngcnnaneiihadrtggntaehs,fpgcfsisagootA.crtcsyrrniuyhncoelerleemiaiPvaostteohnersytDress In Black €44.99
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The sound

When I call Clelia Murphy LIFE BEYOND THE STREETS OF
for a quick catch up, she has CARRIGSTOWN HAS OFFERED ENDLESS NEW
just completed her role in AVENUES FOR ACTRESS CLELIA MURPHY
stage production The Valley
Of The Squinting Windows by one ear out the other. I have no Bord Gáis Energy Theatre this
Brinsley MacNamara. Clelia interest in it, whatsoever,” she month. She excitedly describes
says she was delighted by the says. “Michael is a genius and how she felt about receiving
response to the production he adapted the play from the this particular role.
and the arrival of President book. So him getting his hands
Higgins and wife Sabina, who on it, and bringing it back “I can’t wait, the actual
both attended the play at the to life in Mullingar was just excitement in this house, The
Mullingar Arts Centre during amazing.” Sound of Music is everyone’s
the Gala Opening. favourite in this house.
Despite the fact that the Thanks so much to director
“It was great. I loved every name Clelia derives from the Bill Kenwright who made my
minute of it,” she says. Latin word ‘Cloelia’ which Christmas,” says Clelia.
means ‘to have renown and
“The production was just fame’ the actress never really With so many roles, I ask if
filled [with] the happiest had ambition to be known by the actor ever gets tired of the
little cast and crew. President the public. Her motivation for constant workload?
Higgins and Sabina came work comes from her daughter
down and gave it a glowing Clarabelle Murphy (21), who is “I don’t really function well
review so I don’t think also now in the arts. if I’m not working and I like
that this will be the end of it that way, so if the universe
The Valley of the Squinting “My daughter is my is listening – keep it coming,”
Windows, I think this is only motivation and the fact that says Clelia.
the start.” I’m a single mother and I
have to pay my bills. It’s very Having asked what she likes
The adaptation deals with simple,” laughs Clelia. “I really most about the Baroness, Clelia
a fictional rural Irish village have no interest in fame or to states it’s her independence.
named Garradrimna at the be known, it was just about
beginning of the 20th century putting a roof over our heads. “She is extremely
and the public perception of independent almost too
an inward-looking society. “I had Clarabelle at 22 so she independent I would say.
When I ask Clelia if she was has been my main concern Which is a really good thing
of the opinion that Ireland since. This is the job I have and I would never suggest
has now changed as society, trained for and I hope I am anyone, man, woman, or child
she answers no and says she getting better at as I go along. to not depend on themselves.
believes director Michael Scott So quite simply that is my Ultimately that balances
had such power in conveying motivation. I can’t leave it to out with the Baroness as
that message. anyone else to do it so therefore she doesn’t depend on the
I have to do it myself.” rich spouse or trust fund
“Honestly, I don’t think because you don’t know when
society has changed that Clelia is playing the role of anything can run out.”
much. I still hear gossiping the Baroness in the production
today amongst the street, of The Sound Of Music at the Having been known for her
although I am a great one to iconic role as Niamh Cassidy
tell gossip to, it simply goes in on the much loved Irish soap



By Niamh Shields. Picture: Brian McEvoy “I really do motivating me to do things
believe life is about that I never dreamed about
doing before.
learning and it’s
not about staying “Life is all about saying, ‘I’m
in your comfort going to give that a try.’”

zone” But life is giving Clelia
endless opportunities as
Fair City for 22 years, I had to she is also teaming up with
ask the star about her thought fellow former Dancing With
process on leaving a much The Stars contestant and
loved character behind. rugby star Peter Stringer
as he will train Clelia to
“I loved Fair City and as participate in a body building
an actor you are constantly competition in April. The aim
trying to juggle everything of the training is to eradicate
and do as much in the world bad habits and maintain
as you possibly can do to keep healthy long-term fitness.
yourself motivated. So, in 2016
I was saying to myself, ‘I’m “I am going to compete in
playing this one character, a body building competition
and I’m turning down a lot of in April. We are asking the
work. Is it enough for me to question: ‘Are you fashionably
stay here?’ stated Clelia. fit?’ ‘Are you fit for now? ‘Are
you fit for the next job? ‘Are we
“I have no control over approaching physical health
Niamh, anything could in the right sort of balance?”
happen the character. explains Clelia.

“The writers could marry “It’s about maintaining. I
Niamh off to a prince in found it myself initially tough
Buckingham Palace for all I in the first few weeks getting
know,” she laughs. to the gym because everything
has been full-on hour wise and
“Don’t get me wrong, I had I need eight hours kip or I’m
been so lucky over the years to useless. So it’s about essentially
get such incredible storylines finding yourself again, making
but I had to ask myself, ‘Is it the right choices for yourself.
enough, are you happy to stay
with that one character?’ “As of yet we have no
answers, but we are figuring
“I had got to a point in my things out as we go long. I
career where I had Clarabelle might not even get to the
so young, I had said to my competition in April, we may
agent, ‘I think I need to be a bit too ambitious.
just focus on this one part
[television] of my career.’ “But we are exploring the
right way to eat foods, the
“But as she got older I right choices to make to show
wanted to work with people people that if you are trapped
that I never worked with by bad choices, you can change
before, to learn things that I it, it is just habit.”
never had learned before. I
really do believe life is about Lastly, I ask Clelia to
learning and it’s not about describe why readers should
staying in your comfort zone, attend The Sound Of Music in
which is quite scary but I eight words or less to which
thought, ‘No, I have to get out she replied: “It’s in our DNA,
and challenge myself and not go see it now.” WW
mistake fear for excitement.’
The Sound of Music is running
“This fear thing is actually in The Bord Gáis Energy
Theatre until February 1.
Tickets available from



Sch l days

Picture of me


ere are many reasons grew up in on a cul-de-sac “You are shaped change – life partners found,
to pick this photograph of on the northside of Dublin, by where you children conceived – there
myself, my brothers and is ‘home home.’ grow up; the was an agreement that this
my mother standing outside was where we wanted to
our house on the first day of It was where I learned family you’re part spend every Christmas, that
school in 1997. You’ll note to ride a bike, to play of, the school you this was still home.
Mam looks the least happy rounders without breaking
of us all about the arrival windows and where I attend” I love the house I live in
of September, such is the concocted dance routines now with my partner and
life of a primary school to the various hits of the actual neighbours are all young son. It’s the first place
teacher. e elder of my aforementioned 1990s girl far too nice to make it into a I’ve owned and the first I’ve
brothers is sporting the very groups. is road was also novel, so that bit is fictional. made my own. I love coming
1990s bowl haircut. It was the central inspiration for Still, my mother remains home at the end of the day.
around this time that Mam suspicious. Yet it doesn’t have the same
decided to save the price of a ree Little Truths, my new sense of community as
hairdresser and do Eoghan’s novel, and if my mother What made the road so the road where I grew up.
hair herself. So horrific looked annoyed at the appealing to write about – Maybe it’s changing times,
were the results – she put thought of returning to work and to revisit mentally – was or maybe it’s just the luck of
the bowl on crooked – that more than 20 years ago, you the sense of community. the draw, but I don’t get the
Eoghan bawled crying and should see the look she gave It was a neighbour who swell in my chest that I get
was allowed to miss a day me when I told her I was ultimately taught me how when I mount the doorstep
of school in order to visit a writing a book about a group to cycle without stabilisers, you see in this photograph
(trained) hairdresser as a of neighbours inspired by and I wasn’t choreographing and walk through the
matter of urgency. our road. “It’s alright for Wannabe and C’est La Vie on spot where we once stood,
you,” she decried. “I still my own. It’s been more than clutching shiny new
My own hairdo in this have to live here.” a decade since I lived there, schoolbags, frozen in time.
picture was a night in the but the neighbours still came
making. I plaited the front I’ve told her not to worry, to the launch events for my I love going home but
of my hair the previous that I’m only using the previous two novels. there’s nothing quite like
evening to make crimped, geography of the road, going ‘home home.’ WW
face-framing bangs and then layout of the houses and You are shaped by where
carefully fashioned the rest some of the neighbourly you grow up; the family Three Little Truths by
into a half-pony. 1990s girl concerns – is there a you’re part of, the school Eithne Shortall (Gill
bands had a lot to answer for. community within a 10-mile you attend, the community Hess) is available now
radius of Dublin city that you live in. It was only
Yet the main reason I’ve isn’t borderline obsessed as adults, as we began to
chosen this photo is because with parking? And okay, have families of our own,
of where it was taken: on yes, I also borrowed the that I appreciated the deep
the front step of the house I existence of a WhatsApp attachment my brothers
still think of as home, even group between the female and I have to that house, to
though I moved out 13 years residents of our road, that road. At the point in life
ago and now own my own set up to organise their where everything starts to
house, and have my own monthly poker games,
child. Where I live is ‘home,’ it also serves as a handy
but this house, the one I means of communicating
local news. But that’s it. Our

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All those little extras Good boots will A flattering shade
that will make or last a lifetime and against the face, a fine
break an outfit, three styles will camel knit is a wonder
this tortoiseshell see you through worker – team it with
necklace will be in every occasion: an grey trousers or a
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Hayden necklace heel, a flat knee-high detail jumper €28
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work and walks, and
Denim a slouchy heeled pair Ea ings
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occasions, fur is breaking print bow leather are you waiting
all the rules: Make like gloves €24 from for? Go for grey for
the young ‘uns and Dorothy Perkins everyday wear.
wear it with a midi skirt, Grey sna e side
slouchy knit and runners, Jacket fedora hat €37
or palazzo trousers and a from River Island
killer heel. The black jacket is no
Faux fur jacket €46.99 more. The modern Ki en h l
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Investment piece colour or pattern. that won’t stop you
A versatile number, in your tracks, the
An investment piece, it can work with kitten heel is ideal
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trench or a designer bag, over a dress. the move.
needn’t be a basic – it Double breasted Sian kitten heel €35
should make you happy blazer €95 from M&S from V by Very @
every time you wear it. Littlewoods Ireland
Darley Croc crossbody
bag €750 from Mulberry
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By Tara Corristine Leather Midi dre Navy FASHION

Add to your textures A midi dress is a must- A much easier shade
with a touch of have, suitable for work and against the skin than
leather, whether play. Layer it up with a fine black, choose a navy
it’s faux or real. A knit polo or add a slouchy dress in your preferred
skirt, either A-line cardi for colder weather. style. It’s a great standby
or pencil, is an Ruched midi dress €76 for work events and can
excellent choice. from Topshop be easily dressed up with
Faux leather skirt metallic accents.
€50 from Evans Print and pa ern Eyelet detail dress €46
from Roman Originals
Oversized knits A patterned top
in a luxury fabric Quality bag
Cosy, comfy knits is a wardrobe
will pair with almost lifesaver. Your day-to-day
anything – from tailored Carolyn Donnelly handbag can carry
trousers to mini skirts. The Edit floral a multitude – give
Buy a size bigger or tuck print top €39 your neck a break and
in on one side to give a from Dunnes switch to a backpack.
sense of shape. Stores Classic backpack €48
Knit €27 from M&Co from Gionni @ Shaws
T s and tops
Robe coat Underwear
Good basics are worth
A clever shape that is ideal their weight in gold. If Don’t neglect your
for both casual and smart you can, buy two. unmentionables – whether
occassions, it works equally V-neck top €57 from you like it simple and
with jeans and runners or a Pure Collection seamless or all the lace,
fitted dress. make sure it fits.
Robe coat €98 from V-neck Bra €39, thong €22.50
Abbey Clancy x Lipsy from Reger by Janet
A more flattering style Reger @ Debenhams
Shirt than a round neck,
look for v-neck styles Wrap dre
Give the sti starched in tops, knits and
shirt the heave-ho dresses. A wrap dress is a great
and add this pussy Black and gold year-round staple,
bow beaut into your v-neck wrap top working from desk to
rotation. €34.99 from H&M dinner.
White lace trim pussy Calais dress €69.95
bow blouse €45 from Yoga pants from iClothing
River Island
If your sportswear is Zebra print
X-factor sad and saggy, you
may be tempted to Animal print ain’t
Everyone needs a piece skip that spin class. going nowhere so take
that gives them a little Treat yourself to a walk on the wild side
li , and a sequin jacket decent gear and you’ll with an animal print
is sure to do just that. be halfway to the gym. dress or midi skirt
Silver sequin waterfall Patterned leggings which will see you
jacket €43 from Wallis €18 from TK Maxx through the seasons.
Zebra pleated skirt
€72 from Oliver Bonas



What’s to


Brights at White Stu

UtilPityencnheiyc sfrom

Folk at Co on Traders

Florals at M&S

Neutrals at HOBBS T haetuLlitimlaetMe miastxriedre

T he perBfeect cayrd&iCgaon from Power pink from Vera Mont



e Mask


IMAGE Alex Steinherr JUVENA Express Skin Formulas
I MASK Firming Pore Balance Firming & Mask Exfoliator
Transformation Super Detox Clay
Mousse Face Smoothing Bio- €35
Mask €65 Fleece Mask €78
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By Liz Connor Every blonde knows, that of with a sort of ‘stained plastic “Excess heat These shampoos remove the
all the hair disasters likely look’ that’s brassy, yellow and to the hair can build-up of pollution or product
to strike between salon orange.” cause blondes that coats the hair
appointments, developing to go brassy, and makes it look
unwanted brassy locks might TIP 1: SHAMPOO THE HAIR especially if murky or dull.
just be the worst. Even if ONLY ONCE your colourist
you shell out a small fortune uses a toner,” Drying sulphates
getting the perfect colour at Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s explains Katie are chemicals used
the hairdressers, just a few a mantra that many of us Hale, head of as foaming agents
short weeks later, your hair follow in the shower, but all colour at Charles to form a lather in
can often turn an undesired that double cleansing could Worthington many shampoos,
shade as your tone fades fast. be stripping your hair of its ( but they can strip
precious colour - and with no your hair of their natural oils,
Fortunately, there are real benefit to its cleanliness. “The more heat used, the more so look out for sulphate-free
several things you can do to it effects the cuticle,” says Hale, options, which are kind to
both prevent and fix an attack “Keeping the beautiful work “which strips out any toner or colour-treated locks.
of the brassy blondes. Here’s that your stylist created as anti-brass shampoos that have
what the experts have to say... long as possible starts with been used on the hair.” As a general rule, most
shampooing less,” says Corby. Try: Slipsilk hair scrunchies experts recommend washing
Why does bleached hair “I always advise shampooing (€46 for three) your hair every two to three
turn brassy? only once, not twice, because days, and although opinion
you don’t need it.” TIP 4: GO FOR A COLOUR is divided on the matter, the
When your hair is lightened at Try: John Frieda Sheer Blonde REFRESHr overwhelming majority say
the hairdressers, it’s usually Lightening Shampoo (€8.49) washing too much can cause
bleached with a mixture of “Pop in to hair breakage.
ammonia and peroxide. Even TIP 2: DRY HAIR see your
the most silvery of blondes IMMEDIATELY colourist “Wait for three days before
are left with some underlying for a ‘colour you shampoo, and maybe even
pigment in the hair though, You might think refresh’,” make it four, if you can stretch it
and as the artificial colour that leaving your says Hale. out,” says Corby.
begins to fade, the warm tones locks to air dry is “This usually Try: Bumble and Bumble Gentle
start creeping back in. the best way to involves applying a glaze to Shampoo (€26.50)
keep your blonde remove any brassy tones and
“People assume that if they in top condition, amp up cooler ashy tones.” TIP 6: DRY SHAMPOO IS
leave bleach on their hair but experts say YOUR BEST FRIEND
for long enough, it will go this is the first Hair toner can help you
completely white, but there’s mistake many correct or personalise your Corby’s biggest tip? “Invest in
still some natural pigment people make after colour, to control brassiness and a good dry shampoo, one that
that’s left inside of the cortex leaving the salon. keep hair looking healthy. doesn’t make your hair feel
which never goes away,” texturised or dirty.”
explains Michael Shaun Corby, “The longer the hair is wet, The blonde toners used by
global creative director of the more the [blue] molecule hairdressers usually come A decent dry shampoo will
Living proof. is prone to fall out of the hair,” in a purple colour, since the remove all the excess oil, sweat
explains Corby. “Rather than violet reduces yellow tones and odour that’s built up in the
“Some people also have what waiting, get your hair dry and eliminates brassiness. A strands, leaving you with fresh,
I call a ‘pre-existing condition’ straight out of the shower silver shampoo or home toner clean hair that will last for
though, which is when they using a hairdryer, and spray in can help to keep your colour many days.
previously had their hair lots of heat protection.” in peak condition between
tinted a darker shade for Try: Davines Melu Shield Heat appointments too. “Spray it in and leave it for
the winter, or added some Protection Spray (€29) Try: Living proof Colour Care 30 seconds,” is Corby’s go-to
highlights between. Whipped Glaze (€28.45) technique. “People spray, rub
TIP 3: SKIP THE and then spray again,
“This causes permanent STRAIGHTENERS TIP 5: CHANGE YOUR but that’s the wrong
staining that never goes SHAMPOO GAME way to use it. You want
completely light. It’s tempting to recreate those to spray, wait for 30
loose curls you left the salon “Use a clarifying shampoo, such seconds and then
“As hairdressers, we tone with, but if you want your as the A’kin Moisture Rich brush it out.”
those away with pearl tones, blonde to go further, it’s a Wheat Protein Shampoo (€16.95 Try: Living proof
violet tones and shades of blue good idea to limit your use of from on the Perfect Hair Day
and red. But when the blue heated tools. hair once a week,” advises Hale. Dry Shampoo
molecules fade, you’re left (€21)



Hair Heaven

Clairol Color Crave Semi- Living proof Perfect L’Occitane TECNI.ART Multi-
Permanent Colour in Orchid Hair Day Triple Detox Cleansing Use Liquid-to-
Scrub €25 Paste €14.99
€9.99 Shampoo €25

AVEDA Sap Moss
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Shampoo €28

Schwarzkopf LIVE Alfaparf Style L’Occitane AVEDA Sap
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Purple Platinum Hydration
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14 WOMANSWAY.IE Phyto Ultra-
Repairing Mask


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AquaTech delivers up
to 50% faster washes
that are also up to 50%
more gentle. Water
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powerful action of water
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your clothes.

* Compared to conventional Beko machine, tested on Cottons 40 degree programme with a half load.



“I really didn’t
want to talk about

it as I felt it was
an embarrassing


“In 2014, I began to feel unwell embarrassing topic.” – but I didn’t mind as I wasn’t the digestive system. I was
and was getting more so as The Dublin woman, who was particularly looking forward to absolutely heartbroken with
the months progressed,” says either procedure, even though the news. I was only 19 and had
Leanne. “I started developing a teenager at the time, soon my symptoms got increasingly only just dealt with my dad
symptoms quite quickly and realised that she needed to seek bad while I was waiting for my having cancer.”
any time I ate a meal, I would advice about her symptoms so appointment [which she had in
get unusual cramps in my made an appointment with her February 2015]. Leanne, who has an older
lower abdomen. I was also doctor who referred her on for sister Elaine and younger
visiting the toilet a lot more further tests. “This was to be my first brother Jack, was given the
than ever before. But my diet ever hospital appointment and news four weeks later that the
wasn’t the best because I was “I started doing some reading after the procedure the doctor polyps were pre-cancerous
always on the go so this is what online and began to realise told me that I had hundreds of so she would be referred to a
I put the symptoms down to. that my symptoms could be polyps lining my entire bowel surgeon and may need to wear
serious so I went to see my GP,” – she described it as being like a stoma bag.
“But as time went on, things says the 23-year-old. “I was bubble wrap and a lot of them
started to get a whole lot worse mortified speaking about it, but were large which wasn’t a good “In May 2015 I met with my
and I even spotted blood at one knew it was the right thing to sign. She removed 20 polyps for colorectal surgeon to discuss
stage but I really didn’t want to do. I had a blood test and then biopsy and called my mother what was to happen next and
talk about it as I felt it was an a few days later got a call to say to tell her that she thought I this was when I discovered
I was low in a lot of vitamins so had Familial Adenomatous things were moving a lot
was referred for a colonoscopy Polyposis (FAP) – a genetic quicker than I thought,” she
and an endoscopy and told that condition which attacks recalls. “I needed to have major
the waiting list was very long surgery, involving removing



my full large intestine in order confidence was crushed and in the same position. I realised counted down the seconds
to survive – and this meant a I was finding it difficult to see it wasn’t the end of the world for this moment and cannot
stoma bag. In that moment, how I was going to make this a and I needed other people to believe how blessed and lucky
my life stopped while the positive outcome.” understand that.” we are. And I feel so lucky to
world continued to pass me have regained a ‘normal’ life
by. I didn’t know what a But the young woman, who In March 2016, Leanne went after such a traumatic time.
stoma bag looked like or what works as a hair stylist and is back to hospital for her third
it involved. I was in shock and engaged to Denis, decided she and final operation to remove “For anyone who has or
when I walked away from the wasn’t going to be beaten by the ileostomy and start living will face a similar journey
appointment I had so much her condition – so instead of life with the ‘J-Pouch’. to me, my main advice is to
information to process. hiding away, decided to go stay positive as no situation
public with her story. is proved difficult initially is permanent and with every
“I was given two options but she learned how to cope illness or surgery comes
including a three-step surgery “I knew the only option was and launched her book – change and adjustment. So
to create a ‘J-Pouch’ which to speak about what I had been Trouble with my Genes – so she listen to your body and don’t
was a false rectum created through, so after the company could help others in the same try to rush your recovery.
from the small intestine with which made my stoma bags situation.
temporary ileostomy bag for contacted me and asked me to at’s what happened to me
some time – but this option had blog about my experience, I put “I wrote my book so I could initially and the more my body
a risk to damaging my fertility. it up on Facebook for the world hand it to someone who would wouldn’t co-operate the more
to see,” she says. “I thought face what I did because I had anxious I got. But four years
e other option was one step this would help me regain my no guide to get me through and on, I wouldn’t change one
surgery with a permanent confidence – and it did. After had no idea what to expect,” thing about my journey as it
ileostomy. I was very grateful 48 hours I had reached over she says. has shaped me into the strong
to be given these choices and 150,000 people, the positive person I am today.” WW
decided on the three-step comments were flowing and “And now in 2019, it has been
surgery which happened on that’s when I realised I wasn’t four years since my surgery
September 10, 2015. alone on this journey. and I am living a very normal
life - sometimes I even forget Trouble With
“I became very sick after the “Five months later I went all I have been through. I get My Genes by
surgery and a CT scan showed to Tenerife and wore a bikini regular screening every year to Leanne Hammond
I needed another operation to showing my stoma bag every ensure I am still clear of polyps (Get2Publish) is
remove a stoma hernia and also day, I felt very confident. It was as they can return at any stage. available now
my small intestine had twisted then, that I was approached And I feel as though my life is
so I needed some of that about writing my own book, just beginning as I am currently
removed. But after two weeks at first I didn’t think I had pregnant with our very
I was allowed home as I was enough to write about but I sat precious miracle baby. We’ve
coping incredibly well with my down and put pen to paper. My
stoma bag under the guidance family has had a very difficult
of my nurses. However when I journey as prior to my illness
returned home, anxiety made my dad Billy had throat cancer
it become a major issue – my the previous year while my
mam Lorraine had breast pre-
By Arlene Harris cancer at the same time. is
[her own experience] has given
me the strength to write it all
down and help other people



Is yourmobile phone use

hurting your child?

Parents and society at large morning, another could be child’s needs, even in a and startling and be the By Una Rice
have concerns about screen helping them brush their teeth, moment, is a building block kickstart you need to kick a
time effects on children and a little direction on sharing to creating the potential for phone habit.
rightly so. But another aspect a toy with a friend, or a little behavioural issues. 8 Don’t spend more on a phone
of digital device usage comes explanation about something than you would on books and
under less scrutiny - and that’s you see together. When But what’s excessive use? memorable trips out with your
how parents use them. those pearly bead moments For parents that may vary. child.
are eclipsed with a device, Some parents use phones 9 Don’t hand your young child
It’s difficult to be out your child misses out on a and tablets throughout the your phone as a distraction,
and about at today’s family new learning or reinforcing day as a crucial part of home this is passing on your bad
events, hospital and school experience, on expansion or working. habit. Offer them a book, or a
appointments, and even direction. They are essentially toy, or a bounce on your knee.
leisurely walks in the park being ignored. The solutions to device 10 Roughly add up the
or a visit to the supermarket, overuse to the detriment of minutes you spent on your
and not observe parents If you have any concerns attention to children lies in device today, compared to
using mobile phones almost about your own mobile phone being vastly more aware of the minutes you spent talking
constantly, very often while usage and the effects on your how and where you use your with your child, or engaged in
there are children in their care, child, ask yourself honestly - is phone or device. If you are an activity.
looking for and requiring their it possible that checking your concerned about your own 11 When engaged in an activity
attention. phone at breakfast makes for use, try the following tips: with your child, put the phone
a vastly less interesting and out of sight. Give 100 per cent
One six-month study based happy experience for a child, 1 Ask yourself honestly if it’s to the activity - be it playing
on 200 families about phone who may then receive less possible you are addicted to in the park, going for a walk,
usage had startling results with encouragement and praise for your mobile phone. baking or crafts.
researchers concluding that eating well? 2 Remind yourself to shut off 12 Using your phone or device
parents using mobile phones your phone and put it away to check work emails? Again,
was linked to poorer behaviour Is it even slightly possible, periodically throughout the create some rules that work for
from children. The children that a crying toddler could be day, unless waiting for an you, ie, no checking of work
mostly affected were those more easily placated leaving emergency call. emails after 6pm.
whose mothers spent more the supermarket if you weren’t 3 Try to restrict the times you 13 If your child is crying and
time on the phone, possibly juggling pushing a pram as visit social media for updates, you’re on your mobile, it’s a
because mothers most often well as holding mobile phone rather than respond to every no-brainer. Think about it:
are the main carers. In the to your ear? single notification. a teacher would confiscate a
study 40 per cent of mothers 4 Avoid bringing your phone phone from a child if it was
and a lower percentage of How likely is it that bedtime to bed. Leave it on the kitchen brought into a classroom. You
fathers admitted to being story time which has been table. You will actually sleep may need to confiscate your
addicted to checking their proven to be part of enriching better. own phone. WW
phones for updates. a child’s imagination, boosting 5 Turn your phone off at
literacy and calming them mealtimes and banish all
You may think that ‘just for sleep, is being hijacked in devices from the kitchen table.
checking the phone quickly’ favour of social media? 6 If your child interrupts
has no effect on your child, you on your phone, try to
but consider this; the role And when it comes to remember that your phone
of parenting is made up of meal times, is it even slightly will always be there to check,
micro moments, where every possible that less family but your child may lose faith in
moment ultimately adds up banter takes place around the you responding to their needs.
to how that child spends half table, less problem solving 7 Ask your own child/children
an hour, or an entire day or a and problem sharing occurs if they ever see you using
week. Those precious moments because someone’s attention is your phone and how it makes
of parenting, are like little elsewhere? them feel? Their answers will
pearly beads – one pearly bead probably be the most revealing
could be a cuddle in bed in the The truth is, any excessive
use of digital technology that
takes you away from your




Help the astronaut to find the shortest path to the spaceship Find the top view


Which of 2-10 aren’t in picture 1? Can you spot the differences between the two pictures?




Christmas may well be over but Marrying The Ugly Before I wrote it, not one
we’re still in a gi ing mode (for Millionaire (Carcanet single book existed on the
others and ourselves). This is 2015) specific topic of grudges. It’s
where The Book Resort comes in, These are my Collected very exciting to be the world’s
a new monthly book subscription Poems, and they mean only Grudge Guru! The
box. Each month, it delivers a the world to me. I write premise of my book is that
new book, Irish chocolate and very personal poetry about when we welcome, nurture
a small surprise to book lovers relationships that hopefully and understand our grudges
around the world with customers everyone can relate to. This they can be beneficial, for
opting for a subscription or book is like my autobiography us and others, allowing us
one-time box. Customers can choose the genre of the book in verse and reminds me of to be more forgiving and
they’d like but there’s also a surprise option, plus you can some heartbreaks, struggles optimistic. My How to Hold
request an Irish author. Each book is recently published and funny incidents that a Grudge podcast is now
and in paperback size. The lovely team in The Book Resort, made me who I am today. in its third series and is
which is based in Waterford, o er free tracked delivery by available on all good podcast
courier throughout Ireland, while shipping to Europe is €7 Little Face (Hodder platforms.
and the rest of the world is €12. The monthly subscription 2006)
boxes are €23 with the one-time gi retailing at €25. This My first published crime Haven’t They Grown
is a gorgeous idea and perfect for those who love books novel. I’m so proud of it! (Hodder, 2020)
but aren’t always able to access a bookshop. And if you’re It was a huge endeavour This is my latest standalone
reading this page, chances are you love books too! trying to finish it and get it thriller and I love its hook.
For more information see published while looking a er Beth sees her ex-best friend,
two children under two years Flora, a er 12 years of no
WOMAN’S WAY WRITING old! Luckily, I found a brilliant contact. Flora looks older, as
CLASS publisher for it and it became Beth would have expected.
a surprise word-of-mouth But Flora’s children are with
Each week, we’ll be giving advice for anyone looking to bestseller. It has an Agatha her – Thomas and Emily,
make 2020 the year they begin writing. We’ll pick an Christie-ish impossible- who were five and three years
important theme or topic and give some pointers that mystery plot hook: a new old when Beth last saw them.
may help if the muse hasn’t hit you yet. mum is convinced that the And today, 12 years later,
For starters, we’re talking ADJECTIVES. baby in her house is not they appear still to be five
Not my favourite thing, the WW team will tell you that her own, and accuses her and three. Why haven’t they
I abhor them. There’s a reason why Mark Twain said: husband of swapping their grown? I loved writing this
‘When you catch an adjective, kill it.’ That said, they do baby for another. But why so much - both the twisty,
add depth to a story or book and can be useful in helping would he do such a thing? unpredictable plot and the
a reader picture a location or character. My tip is not to satisfying solution to the
overuse them: a little goes a long way, and be mindful of The Mystery Of mystery that I hope readers
the use. For example, very few things can be adequately Three Quarters - a will love!
called ‘majestic’ or ‘breathtaking.’ Hercule Poirot mystery
(HarperCollins 2018) Haven’t They Grown by
Are you writing? What are your tips for other WW This is the third of my new Sophie Hannah (Hodder)
readers? Email Áine at [email protected] Hercule Poirot novels, is out January 23 –
written at the request of see our review in next
WIN Agatha Christie’s family. week’s issue
All three have been UK and
This week you can win a copy of The Fall and Rise of international bestsellers, and
Sadie McQueen and All The Wrong Places. To enter, I think this one is probably
simply answer the following question and complete the the best. Agatha Christie is
entry form on page 45: Who wrote The Fall and Rise of my crime-writing heroine,
Sadie McQueen? and this book is my latest
love letter to her.
How To Hold A Grudge
(Hodder, 2018)
My first self-help book!

THREE TO… give hope WSSutobamsycarcni’postnWionaneycted

TRhiseeFoaflSl aadnide as she’s about TLHookEbooPk ERFECT GIFT
McQueen the hit the big
time, she signs
by Juliet Ashton (Simon & up for a retreat
Schuster) in Tenerife to
Sadie has sunk all recover. But

her money into a call from a

the lease and stranger brings

refurbishment of her to a Scottish island to sort

a small space in out some family business... and

central London. the grandfather she’s never met.

Her goal is to WMINE ULensesxopnescitnedLove woWinneetbihths.eaitFrvereeogamlunalduahnrwecpaehalethghdaevaosenuodrtfofbWasenaoatyuma,tsaywtnifce’es’nareWetuwraraleyyts,hietmnWIorWoRpkstOErFOeoEofoLMeoaEvNonApuedKALndNLYNdYD’S’S
heal others in
her spa, while by Lucy Dillon (Black Swan) and TV news, celebrity interviews, recipes for
healing herself Jeannie’s got that perfect meal, or exclusive horoscopes and
at the same the man of her tarotscopes, is a great place to
dreams and the stay informed about the Woman’s Way world.
time. She’s got perfect life. But
if life seems too Plus, our new site features the exclusive
a lot to learn perfect, perhaps
there’s plenty of
but her peace is threatened by a cracks to make
her doubt one
man named Hero. of the biggest decisions of her
life. Is it all happening too fast?

by Jo Thomas (Headline
When Ruby’s voice breaks, just Can she shout ‘Stop?’
Competitions’ Corner. That’s right: every week
we’ll be giving those who sign up members-only
access to online giveaways. Quite simply, you need
To the forefront
itSmoUpreogrBtisatSnetrCe(mfRoarIiflrBeeaeEc!h) twOoeeeNnks.uLreIyNouEgetTthOatDallAY
Sowwwhawt a.wre oyomu
by Leeann Lane (UCD Press)
Best known for The Irish Republic (1937), the first
history of the revolutionary period told from an to join us. and receive
anti-Treaty perspective, Macardle’s work offers the
political debate of the Civil War from a female perspective. She
was known for her work with de Valera but Lane’s new biography
reveals that Macardle wasn’t totally hidden in his shadow. Rather
than someone who chose not to give an opinion, Macardle was
an influential political propagandist and social commentator,

at a time of great historical upheaval, and when the role and 51 issues plus
importance of women was still largely unrecognised. 4 FREE


by Joy Fielding (Bonnier)

By Áine Toner Four women turn to online dating, each with their TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Free issue offer open to new subscribers only
own reasons. ey intend to swipe their way to with postal delivery to Irish addresses only. Please allow up to six weeks
happiness… but not everyone is as receptive to them.
for delivery of first subscription issue.
ere’s one in particular who may seem to be the Price includes P&P and are correct at time of going to press. If the magazine
perfect date, but who has a night planned unlike any
other. Creepy and unsettling from the beginning, I order changes frequency per annum, we will honour the number of issues
was invested in the plot and couldn’t wait until I got to the end. It paid for, not the term of the subscription. Your subscription contract will be
would make you think twice of how you share information online.
fulfilled by Harmonia Limited (01 240 5363) together with its agents. for full terms and conditions.



The one that “After all, it was
got away her that had left

She had always been selfish. She knew handed and defeated. She could feel the him stranded By Anna Fitzpatrick (@theglamgramedit)
that. Her therapist knew that. She could eyes burning into her back, the whispers six years ago. She
hear Dr Fowler in her head now “You’re of the neighbours, the rumours circulating remembered the
expressing self-centred tendencies, about the naive Irish girl who was conned missed calls and
Sarah. Would you like to talk about in the Big Apple. Even the realisation angry messages”
that?” that no accountancy firm would give her
CV a second look paled to the news that opening up the store tomorrow would
She had smiled at him and nodded in Aodhán was happier than ever. He was take pity on her and turn a blind eye to
agreement. “Yes definitely, we should newly engaged to the local teacher. the un-mopped floor and empty co ee
deal with that in our next session,” she machine.
muttered while hastily picking up her Declan O’Toole, a family friend, had
belongings and making a beeline for the taken her on in the co ee shop in what The bell over the front door rung.
door. Needless to say, she had never she had described as a mere stop gap Sarah let out an exasperated sigh as
returned. before she sorted her life out. It had she turned the corner with her coat laid
been a year and a half since then, but over her arm.
A disgruntled customer drummed on Sarah had grown to love the dinky shop,
the wooden counter and Sarah pulled to take pride in the place and had built “We’re clos-” she stopped mid-
her eyes away from the time display on relationships with the loyal customers. sentence and her words hung in the
her phone screen to greet them with a air between the two women. It was
wry smile. Another hour and she would Aodhán had started visiting the co ee her. The teacher. The one person that
finish her shi at the co ee shop. shop around six months ago. His delivery stood between Sarah and her chance of
Another hour and he would be waiting route had been changed and every happiness. She pleaded with Sarah to
to collect her outside. Another hour morning she opened the shop his white talk and they both awkwardly took a
and she would convince him to change Toyota van would routinely appear five seat on the new stools snuggled beside
his mind. She could hardly concentrate minutes later. It was always a quick visit, the shop counter.
enough to make a flat white let alone but she would treasure that time. Her
plan what she was going to say to him. hair always perfectly curled and lipstick in “I’ll keep this quick,” she said,
A er all, it was her that had le him place for his 8:05 appearance. For those playing with the fat diamond on her
stranded six years ago. She remembered few stolen minutes it was just the two wedding finger. “He’ll leave me for you.
the missed calls and angry messages. of them in a perfect bubble of bliss. One You know it and I know it. The whole
where Sarah had never le for New York flaming parish of Barnascrone knows it.
Even now her face reddened at the and Aodhán had never gotten engaged. And I wouldn’t expect you to let him go
memories. How sure she had been of for me. But.” She moved her jacket and
herself a er landing the internship in Now just a week before the wedding, pressed her hand gently to her lower
a big shot accountancy firm in New she had arranged to finally meet him a er stomach. “Let him go for the baby.”
York. She had le everything behind work. She remembered the flurry of panic
her without a second thought, even she felt when she had sent the message. A erwards Sarah le the shop and
him; even Aodhán. It had been fun for Her hands shaking, her breathing heavy. he was waiting for her as promised. For
a while. Before she realised the suits at She paced the shop floor until she heard once, Sarah decided that she wouldn’t
work were more interested in the length the familiar bing and felt her head go think of herself. She wouldn’t be
of her skirt than her ideas, before her dizzy upon reading his “See you then” selfish. She decided to break her own
studio apartment rent was raised for response. heart instead of someone else’s.
the third time and before Paolo her
Italian boyfriend had returned to Rome And now here she was, minutes away She let him go.
with all of their joint savings. from seeing him. She closed up shop in
a hap hazard way, her hands clumsy and
She had never felt more embarrassed her head refusing to process anything she
upon returning to Barnascrone empty asked of it. She hoped that whoever was

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Find and cross out all the listed words






To solve the puzzle, simply write your answers in the
direction of the arrows

CELEB PIXELS ACROSS: 7. Fat (6); 8. Pugilism (6); 10. Accept (7); 11. Put (5); 12. Image
(4); 13. Manufacturer (5); 17. Hackneyed (5); 18. Couple (4); 22. Boundary
(5); 23. Regular habit (7); 24. Obvious (6); 25. Boulevard (6). DOWN: 1.
Reproach (7); 2. Vehicle (7); 3. Demand (5); 4. Intricate (7); 5. Essential
(5); 6. Tally (5); 9. Leaving (9); 14. Feign (7); 15. Brave (7); 16. Raiser (7);
19. Gradient (5); 20. Friendship (5); 21. Arc (5).


ACROSS: 4 Abridge; 8 Enough; 9 Sloping; 10 Tiring; 11 Edible; 12 Alphabet;
18 Handicap; 20 Mirage; 21 Devour; 22 Corrode; 23 Pliant; 24 Include. DOWN:
1 Bestial; 2 Corrupt; 3 Agenda; 5 Bulletin; 6 Impair; 7 Gentle; 13 Beheaded; 14
Acrobat; 15 Operate; 16 Disown; 17 Barrel; 19 Deeply.

WGIFINT!HBAIOM-POEILRBio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is a brand new body W€O4R5TH

I played an actress in a film I loaned my voice to a very care product from the makers of Bio-Oil
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Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel and Bio-Oil Skincare Oil.



I helped save the future I used to spend my time in Number:
Children of Men Orange County CLOSES: JANUARY 27, 2020

Post entries to: Crossword 2, Woman’s Way, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14.
This competition in Woman’s Way is open to anyone resident in Northern and the Republic
of Ireland aged 18 and over except employees and their families of Harmonia Publishing, its
printers and anyone else connected with the competition. No purchase is necessary. We will
only accept one competition entry per envelope. Prizes are awarded by drawing entries a er
the closing date. Winners will be notified by phone or post. The editor’s decision is final.


CODE WORD The word may sound familiar, but do you know what it means?

A Limits of space A A delicate degree of di erence
B Failure to secrete milk B Worthless
C Forbidden marriage C Invalid

A To naturalise A Chinese weight
B Applied through the skin B Black and white
C To make dear C Deal in trifles

A South American tree A A pimple
B Sluggish B Consisting of four
C Irish oath C Stanza of four lines

1: B. 2: A. 3: B. 4: A. 5: C. 6: A




1 “How many of those new belts three hundred pounds.” WHO AM I?
have we sold?” Joe asked. “I How many belts were sold?
priced them at £14.95.” An actress, I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1945. I am
2 “Lend me two pounds,” said Jill. the daughter of actress Maureen O’Sullivan. My films include
“Not many,” Sarah replied. “I’ll pay it back.” Rosemary’s Baby and The Purple Rose of Cairo.
Joe nodded. “Okay. Drop the
price one pound tomorrow, and a “But I haven’t got that much,”
further pound the next day if you Jack replied, checking his cash. “I’ll
think it advisable.” let you have what I’ve got if you
Some days later Joe guess how much it is. If I added
remembered the belts, and asked half the square of half of it in pence
about them. “I cut the price I would get an exact number of
twice, as you said,” Sarah told pounds.”
him. “We’ve sold them all now, How much did he have?
and for a total of just 5p under

ANSWERS 1: 21 belts sold. 2: Jack had £1.92.

Mia Farrow



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AFDlxorPerasaslriKinsimMNoanevlyoviSn€4l9e.e9v5e To win simply answer
the following question, an Irish owned company, offers next day delivery with An Post. on page 45:
Who delivers parcels?




Astro news for In-depth
the year ahead tarotscopes

Numerology advice



AQUARIUS mindset and you’ll spend most also be beautiful because business, travel abroad) and
of the year learning how to you’ll come to understand the universe wants you to
(Jan 20 – Feb 18) THE CHARIOT think in a more constructive the value of self-care. You’re know that no matter what you
way. It’s time for you to delve in about to blossom in the most choose, you’ll be taken care of.
You’re firing on all cylinders to all those limiting beliefs that wonderful of ways. So why not take the leap? If you
as we enter 2020, Aquarius, have been holding you back jump with arms wide open,
and this year is set to be one of and to start dismantling them. TAURUS you will be caught in the most
magnificent change for you. Unsure of where to start? Do wonderful way.
The Chariot speeds us towards some research on Emotional (April 20 – May 20)
our goals and dreams and Freedom Technique. You’ve TWO OF PENTACLES GEMINI
it helps us to take action on allowed these beliefs to dictate
something that may have fallen your life for too long. It’s time You’re at a crossroads this year, (May 21 – June 20)
by the wayside. This card does to free yourself. Once you get Taurus, and the universe is SEVEN OF PENTACLES
come with a word of warning out of your own way, you learn extending an invitation to you. It’s time to think long-term,
though – make sure you think how to soar without You can choose to stay in the Gemini. You’ve had your fun
things through before you dive restriction. status quo or you can be brave but in 2020, your eyes will be
in. Impulsivity will get you and take the leap – you will be focused firmly on the future. It
nowhere and could lead you ARIES supported. There is something sounds like boring work, but
astray. Think, take a breath and you’ve been dying to do now is the time to set goals for
then respond. It’s a big year for (Mar 21 – April 19) FIVE OF PENTACLES (write a book, start that yourself and to begin investing
you full of achievements. Now’s Oh Aries, you put everyone in your future. Whether it’s
the time to put pen to paper and ahead of yourself and while saving for a deposit, making
write down your top 10 goals that served you in 2019, in 2020 that career transition or
and then, when you’re ready, it’s all about self-care. This year choosing to simply look after
allow yourself to run towards you’re being called to make yourself better, this year sees
them. a promise to yourself – that you laying the groundwork so
you will look after yourself, you can have a safe and secure
PISCES do what brings you joy and future to look forward to. Just
establish boundaries with don’t forget to have some fun
(Feb 19 – Mar 20) NINE OF WANDS those people who just take and too, okay?
take and take – I’m sure one
If you’re feeling blocked, specific person comes to mind CANCER
Pisces, it’s because you’re the when you read this. This year
only person standing in your will be a slow year, but it will (June 21 – July 22) THE MAGICIAN
way. As 2020 dawns you’re You’re packing some serious
being called to change your



By Amy Wall. Images by Samiramay | ‘change-your-life’ vibes or strike up a passionate love supposed to be right now firmly in place throughout
for 2020 my little crab and I feel affair, all of these things are and everything will come to this year. The good news is,
confident in saying this will well-starred. Make this your you in the right timing. Relax now you’re likely to be feeling
be one of the most memorable mantra for 2020: My only job is and breathe. The universe has lighter and happier. And what’s
years of your life. The Magician to feel good. Now what are you your back. next? To share your generosity
beckons you and he asks you going to do to fulfil that? Focus and wisdom with the world.
to believe in magic. This is the on pleasure and the rest will SCORPIO The key to remember? Give
year where you decide what flow towards you like magic. freely. In 2020 your heart
you want and you bring it into (Oct 23 – Nov 21) NINE OF CUPS expands and you come to
reality. Great things can be VIRGO Scorpio, 2020 is a magical understand the true meaning
birthed in your life over these year for you. The Nine of Cups of the old saying, ‘No man
next 12 months if you simply (Aug 23 – Sep 22) JUDGEMENT is the ‘wish’ card of the tarot is an island.’ Connection
set the intention for them A spiritual awakening arrives and its appearance says that abounds.
and then open your arms to for you in 2020, Virgo, and you’re in for some beautiful
receive. You’ll be a manifesting revelations about your true experiences this year. If there’s CAPRICORN
powerhouse. It might be nature and authentic self come a wish that you’ve been holding
time to read up on the Law of to the fore. Anxiety dissolves close to your chest, now is the (Dec 22 – Jan 19) THREE OF PENTACLES
Attraction – just an idea. when you realise that who time to release it and allow the New horizons call you,
you are is already enough and universe to do its thing. Expect Capricorn and the truth is,
LEO perfect. I see you being drawn beautiful news. Waiting on an you know that your current
to religious or spiritual study engagement? A ring appears situation is no longer working
(July 23 – Aug 22) ACE OF WANDS this year Virgo and no matter before the autumn months. for you. You’ve kept yourself
which path you choose, it feels small for far too long and it’s
You may have felt out of sorts in like balm to your frazzled SAGITTARIUS time to move on. 2020 sees
2019, Leo, and I want to assure soul. Enjoy and soak up the you taking a deep breath and
you that you’re about to start newfound peace. This is just the (Nov 22 – Dec 21) SIX OF PENTACLES spreading your wings. The
feeling more like your fiery beginning of a wonderful new You’ve learned a lot over these first step is always the hardest
self. The Ace of Wands brings a path for you. Share your new past three years, Sagittarius, but once you’re set firmly on
passionate new beginning for calm energy with those you helped in no small part by the the road, moving on becomes
you and you rediscover your love and spend time in nature influence of Saturn, the task- easier and you’ll wonder why
zest for life. Things start to flow to recharge. master in your sign. Saturn you didn’t do it sooner. Great
easier for you and if you’ve officially left the building in success and happiness
been hoping to change LIBRA 2018, but his effects remain awaits.
careers, launch a business
(Sep 23 – Oct 22) WHEEL OF FORTUNE
Fate takes an interest in your
life this year, Libra, and
everything you want comes
rushing in. The best thing
you can do? Stop gripping
the steering wheel so tightly
and leave a little room for
magic. The more you can
surrender, the more you are
given. If you’re stressed out
about something, trust in the
concept of divine timing. You
are exactly where you are





2020 is going to be a 22/4 excited. Life has been a tough
year in numerology. 22 is
considered to be a ‘master’ old slog for you since about
number, meaning the
energy that it brings through 2016, but the tides are finally
is strong and capable of
creating mass amounts of starting to turn. However,
powerful change. With 22/4
for the year 2020, we’re likely it’s essential you enter into
to see a lot of conversation
around living our dreams 2020 in the right mind
and how we can start laying
the solid foundations in our set. If you haven’t already
lives now that will allow us
to manifest these dreams into done so, spend some time
physical form in the future.
This will be a fantastic year day dreaming about all the
to chase those long-held
dreams, practice the Law things you’d like to bring
of Attraction or completely
re-invent yourself. It’s going into your life this year. What “Transformation
to be a good, positive year for is the name of the
everyone, regardless of your are your hopes and dreams? game for you in
personal number. 2020, number 5”
What do you want to change?
CALCULATE this year will flourish. In
YOUR NUMBER Write it all down and take particular, it’s time to have a
look at your finances and see
Write down your day and one action step towards your how discipline and structure
month of birth and then in that area will help you
add it to 2020. Reduce the goals every single day. This is to flourish. This is the
number down to a single year when you build solid
digit between one and a year of immense power and foundations (financially, on
nine to find your personal a health level, emotionally
year number. change for you. You won’t be etc.) that will see you
For example, 8/6/2020 through the next nine years.
becomes 8 + 6 + 2 + 2 = the same person by the time time has come. You need to Get it done now and you’ll
18 = 1 + 8 = 9. So your step up and do the thing this reap the rewards before the
personal number for December rolls around. How year. You know, that thing
2020 is the number 9. you keep talking about. e5nTdroafntshfoerymeaatri.on is the
2exAcistiwnge!move into 2020 Switching your job, starting
YOUR YEAR AHEAD that business, writing that name of the game for you in
1 A year of positive new number 2, you’re being novel – whatever the thing 2020 number 5, and it’s been
is, 2020 will see you taking a long time coming. Chances
beginnings awaits you asked to realise that you solid steps towards getting are you’ve felt horribly
number 1. It’s time to get it done. Allow yourself to blocked over the past three
can’t do it all alone. You may dream big and go after what years. The good news is that
you want. This idea has been things are going to get a lot
be feeling upset, burnt- given to you for a reason, easier for you in the coming
it’s divinely blessed. You 12 months. Big changes are
out and bit resentful that wouldn’t have been given
this desire if you couldn’t
no one offers to help you, achieve it yourself. So take
a deep breath and dive in –
but I’m wondering if you we’re all waiting to see what

unconsciously push people y4ouIt’dsot.ime to get serious this

away? This year is going to be year number 4. I know that it
feels as though the past year
all about learning how to let of your life has been serious
and no fun, but I promise,
others in. You’re a naturally anything you put discipline
and structure towards
well-balanced person, but

sometimes the scales can

tip too far in one direction,

leaving you off kilter. Make it

a priority to accept the help

that’s offered to you over the

next 12 months and, for extra

credit, vow to start investing

in your own wellbeing too.

It’s time to get you feeling

b3aOckkainy balance. three, the



afoot and while they may not your relationship is likely gut is saying to you – it won’t last year. The good news is
always be the easiest things to up-level majorly before that you managed to learn
to bear, they will, ultimately, the end of the year. The 8leaYdoyuorutiamsterainy.the sun has some boundaries and put
be for your highest good. most important thing is that them in place (well done)
Take stock of your life today you focus on building your come number 8, and you’re and now you can start this
and release whatever is no community this year. Say year afresh. It’s important
longer serving you. Trust yes to time with friends and likely to make huge progress to understand that while we
that it will be replaced by loved ones. This year will be need to protect ourselves,
something so much better personally and professionally if we are compassionate
for you. This is just the b7eSapuitriiftuula. l growth comes and empathetic some part
beginning of a wonderful this year. Expect stellar of us must be in service –
knocking on your door otherwise we won’t feel
6neYwoeurrasfoocriayloluif.eEknijcokysito.ff in this year number 7 and you career achievements, like ourselves. So this is the
may find yourself gaining a year to get back out there
2020 number 6 and if you’ve deeper understanding of who solid money progress and, and do what you do best –
been praying for a new you are, why you’re here and serve others. Whether it’s
love, this is the year when just what, exactly, it is that for some of you, public volunteering for a charity
they’re likely to arrive on you want. Many number 7s or simply being there for a
the scene. You’ve done a lot are likely to take up some recognition. This is the friend, the more you do it,
of work on yourself over the kind of spiritual practice, the more you’ll feel like your
past two years, specifically whether it’s meditation, yoga year to diversify. Start your old self and the more healing
when it comes to learning and prayer, and there’ll be will take place. Be kind to
how to be happy alone, and a touch of Zen about you. business, build your empire, your heart this year and
now the time is right for A quiet year, this is exactly love yourself – you’re worth
you to share your happiness what your soul needs. Deep go for that promotion and it. WW
with someone else. If you’re truths can be uncovered
single, love is well-fated this now and your intuition is enter that competition. Huge
year. If you’re coupled up, heightened. Trust what your
success awaits and luck is in

y9oAurs side. through the
we move

next 12 months, you’re being

called to give back to your

community number 9. You

have a huge heart but over

By Amy Wall the past year you haven’t

been feeling quite like your

compassionate self. Other

people spent a lot of time

taking advantage of you







By Amy Wall There’s an old saying that “We solid time to do it. Just be NEW MOONS
goes, ‘As above, so below’ could experience aware that Jupiter will be
and what most people don’t some huge wake- RX in Capricorn from May 14 As always, throughout the
realise is that it’s linked up calls that leave to September 13. During this
directly to astrology. As time it’s best to accept what year we have our monthly
the planets interact above us questioning you can and can’t do – don’t
us, so they have an impact everything” oversell yourself because it’s new moons. Again, this
on our lives here below likely to backfire.
them. From the best time to aspect only happens once is something to mark on
launch a business to when every 34 years or so. Taking ECLIPSES
you should sign a contract, place the week of January your calendar each month
astrology adds a little magic 12, Saturn and Pluto will We have a host of eclipses
into our lives that can help be conjunct in the sign of taking place throughout because new moons are
to empower our actions. The Capricorn. This heralds 2020 and it’s important
best thing about astrology that an old way of being is to mark them on your the perfect time to launch
is that it’s never fixed – it’s starting to fall apart and calendar and be aware of
constantly changing and new leaders are ready to them. Why? Well eclipses new things. Whether it’s
we can take advantage step up and bring in a new usually bring major changes
of it at any stage in our paradigm. Transformation is when they happen. If you’d a relationship, a project,
lives. So what are the main at hand. As we start the new like to know how each
astrological movements that year, if you’re not liking eclipse is going to impact a healthier lifestyle or
can help us this year? Here’s the way your life is looking, you specifically, it’s worth
a guide to what’s happening now is the time to accept looking at your birth chart, something creative, in order
above, so we can make the responsibility for what is which you can do for free
most of it below. and to devote yourself to online or with the help of to ensure success, begin
make a positive change. an astrologer. The eclipse
MERCURY RETROGRADE This aspect will help you to dates for 2020 are: January on the new moon. You can
make a commitment and 10, June 5, June 20, July 4,
Mercury retrograde (or get moving to create a better November 30 and December find a list of the new moons
Mercury RX) is one the most way of life for yourself. 14. Note that the energy
well-known astrological This aspect can also herald of an eclipse can last for for 2020 via a quick online
phenomenon of them all. shocking shake-ups in about a week so if you don’t
In 2020, Mercury will be business or government. experience any changes on search, on a calendar or in
RX three times. During On a collective scale, we the exact date, something an almanac. WW
these retrogrades (which could experience some huge else may come to light
are all taking place in wake-up calls that leave within a week or so of it. 2020: RISE OF THE
water signs), emotions are us questioning everything SPIRITUAL TEACHER
set to be heightened and we’ve been led to believe VENUS RX
arguments are likely. It’s a thus far. If you’ve been reading
good idea, when Mercury Venus will be RX from May about the astrology
is RX, to avoid instigating JUPITER IN CAPRICORN 13 to June 25 in the sign of of 2020, chances are
arguments or deep Gemini. What this means you’ll have seen a lot
conversations with people, For 2020, the planet Jupiter is that communication of astrologers warning
as miscommunications are will be in the sign of with your beloved about the importance of
likely. It’s also a good time hard-working Capricorn. could go haywire and becoming your own guru
to avoid signing contracts This is set to bring huge miscommunication could this year. Many astrologers
and to double-check all opportunities for us in the cause some trouble in are predicting that with
travel and communication realms of business and paradise. It might be hard the Saturn and Pluto
documentation. Remember career. 2020 this a fantastic to feel as if you and your conjunction in Capricorn,
to think before you speak time to up-level how you beloved are on the same spirituality is set to step
and to back-up any make your money and to page or you may find it hard into the limelight. It’s also
important documents climb your career ladder. to discern just what it is, likely that more weight
on your computer, as Whether you’re thinking exactly, that you really want is going to be given to
technology has a habit about launching a business, when it comes to your most spiritual teachers or ‘gurus’
of going haywire when asking for a raise or going important relationships. as the year progresses.
Mercury is RX. back to education with a It’s important not to do While spiritual gurus have
view to furthering your anything too hasty during their place in society,
Mercury will be RX from career prospects, this is a this time, as any break-ups it’s important that we
February 16-March 9, June that take place are likely remember we are the best
18-July 12 and October to be regretted by the time authority on our own lives.
13-November 3. Venus goes direct again on Follow the teachings of a
June 26. The best advice is to guru or mentor if it enriches
SATURN CONJUNCT PLUTO wait it out and just see how your life, but do so while
you feel once the RX is over. maintaining your own
This particular astrological personal power. There is
the belief amongst many
noted astrologers that this
conjunction can also warp
the idea of spirituality,
allowing egomaniacal
leaders to gain more
traction in the world. This
is why it’s a good idea
to question everything,
especially when it comes to
spiritual teachings this year.




Ever since The Secret by beyond our own imaginings. When you boil it all down, “The By Amy Wall
Rhonda Byrne burst onto the We are energetic beings and the answer is simple: Feel paradox comes
scene in the early noughties, we have the gift to manipulate good now and the universe when we realise
the Law of Attraction (LOA) this energy through our will start providing you with
has been something that has thoughts and feelings. Our more situations and experience that we can
captured our imaginations. feelings are the highest in your life that you can feel start to embody
Thousands of people claim manifestation of this energy, good about. Feel good now, happiness right
success with this practice (and unto which all like energy is and the new love will arrive.
I’ll admit I’m one of them) but attracted. Feel good now, and the money now”
for many, it falls short and will find its way to your bank
they’re left wondering why it No matter what we desire, account. Feel good now, and each of your desires: If I was
just didn’t work for them. whether it’s a new house, the amazing job offer will the type of person who had
new love or a million euro materialise into your reality. X, how would I behave? And
Whatever your views on in the bank, ultimately what then begin to behave like the
the LOA or the principle we’re all seeking is the feeling WHERE SHOULD I BEGIN? person who already has the
of ‘manifestation’ as it’s of happiness – the ultimate new relationship or the dream
sometimes called, I urge you feeling we can experience as Bear in mind that this is a job. It won’t be long before
to read this with an open mind humans. We want the material huge topic, and there are a lot you start to see the signs of
and give it a try – it could things we desire because we of things that can complicate your manifestation starting to
change your life, if you let it. believe that we’ll feel happy your manifestations but when appear in your life. WW
and joyful once we have them. you’re a beginner the best
WHAT IS THE LOA? thing you can do is to simply FURTHER READING
The paradox comes when decide to feel good now and
For anyone who is unfamiliar we realise that we can start to work on feeling good every Ask and it is Given
with the LOA, here is a very embody happiness right now, single day. It can also help – Abraham Hicks
brief explainer. We live in a right where we are, regardless for you to get clear on what Think and Grow Rich
universe where everything is of what’s going on in our life. it is that you want to attract. – Napoleon Hill
energy. Our universe is ruled Write down your top five The Game of Life and How
by a series of laws such as the Here is the part that most desires in detail and then to Play It
Law of Gravity and the Law books on the LOA leave out: By make it your job to feel good – Florence Shovel Shinn
of Cause and Effect. But the feeling the feeling we want to every single day. To kick it Infinite Possibilities
most important (and yet most experience BEFORE we have up a notch, ask yourself for – Mike Dooley
often overlooked) law is the the physical manifestation
LOA which tells us that like of it in our life, we actually
energy attracts like energy. manifest into our reality all the
What this means, when we things and conditions that will
look at it from the principle of help us to sustain that feeling.
manifestation, is that you can It’s called being in alignment
physically attract anything and it is key when it comes to
you want into your life by making the LOA work for you.
embodying the energy you
wish to bring in. For example, if we make
feeling good a priority in
WHAT IS THE GOAL our lives now, by the law
OF THE LOA? of attraction which states
that like energy attracts like
Without going into the energy, it won’t be long before
metaphysical details too much, we’re manifesting more
simply put we are all souls experiences and material
having a human experience things into our lives that will
and each of us is powerful sustain all of those feelings of
happiness and joy.


‘Spark! – a really enjoyable page-turner that doesn’t lecture anyone’


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of personal insight and the wisdom of twenty years as a top business woman’

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‘Spark! was different... it’s a call to action – a call to live, really – and it’s a message
that’s worth spreading. We only have one life – why waste it?’

Marie O’Neill,




Spark! The perfect gift to yourself
or to someone you love.

Discover a more splendid you!

Buy the book at


G2e0 oqurestgiones wMith..urphy


What is your first with my partner, Fiona. She’s Who do you love? My memory? Selfishly it would
memory? One of my the most loving, kind and friends, my family and my probably be signing with
earliest memories is of my supportive person I have ever girlfriend. My daughter is the Sony and Phil Coulter ringing
grandad sitting me on his known. most important person in the to say he was gonna produce
lap in the driver seat of his Who would be your ideal world to me and a constant my album, or Christy Dignam
car and letting me hold the dinner guest? If I could raise source of motivation. phoning me to ask would I
steering wheel as he drove, people from the dead then What could you not live guest with Aslan. ose were
pretending I was the one I’d love to talk with John without? Playing music, both huge but any time as a
driving. Lennon, or my nana whom singing songs or seeing my child spent with my nana or
The last thing you think I miss every day, but from little girl. grandad is also huge for me.
about before falling asleep people still with us I would Tell us a secret I cried when Where is your favourite
is... It’s often about my very much like to meet Bob my daughter was born and place in the world? New
daughter or family and how Dylan. also cried when Macaulay York City. I lived there for
I can better myself or further Happiness is... Surrounding Culkin died in My Girl... I was years so it’s like a home away
my career to provide for yourself with those you only young! from home and I love getting
them and make them proud. love and who love you and Why are we here? I’m not the chance to go back and see
Who is the most reaching your potential with so sure why it is we are here friends and hang out.
interesting person you’ve their support. but what I find important is The movie/s you could
ever met? I would have to what we do with the time watch again and again
say Ronnie Drew. I’ve met “My while we are. Be the best is/are... The Shawshank
President Clinton and some daughter is the you can be and always strive Redemption.
other really world-famous most important for more. When you are What makes you angry?
names but to share stories person in the gone you’ll want people to
with Ronnie and hear them remember you and talk of Watching how poor
first hand from his deep, world to me you in a positive way. Manchester United have
croaky voice is something and a source of What’s your greatest vice? become and suffering
I’ll take with me to the grave. through their bad spell.
Have you ever been in motivation” I would have to say alcohol. What would you like to be
love? I am very much in love Being a social person often remembered for? I guess
brings me to a pub to see being charismatic and always
friends or sing songs and the trying to make people laugh.
accompaniment of a pint of To be remembered for a
the black stuff is essential. contribution to music would
You are inspired by... Other be nice too but being a good
artists, mostly those who friend, partner and father is
have been and gone. Lyrics more important.
and storytelling within songs What are you working on
that take you to another place right now? My upcoming
and another time. tour with my new band e
The song you’re most likely Rising Sons. Perfecting songs
to sing at karaoke is... My and arrangements to bring
Way by Frank Sinatra. I just the show to the masses. WW
love the vocal range from
low to high and the message Former The High Kings star
within the lyrics. George Murphy launches his
What is your guiltiest New Beginnings 2019/2020
pleasure? Eighties and tour and his new single
nineties action movies. Universal Soldier. See his
Terminator, Die Hard, website for tour dates,
Rocky etc.
What is your happiest





Houseplants are still gaining Variegata (variegated Variegated
popularity - but what if your Swiss cheese plant) monstera
home has lots of shady corners,
By Hannah Stephenson. Images by iStock/PA where your greenery won’t get If you’ve got some space, Clivia miniata This versatile trailing evergreen
the light it needs? this monster will explore it, (forest lily) perennial can quickly reach up
growing to 3m or more. A to 50cm, and will gracefully
You could get some ideas variegated form of this classic cool period from Nov-Feb to adorn the side of a mantelpiece,
from the Giant Houseplant evergreen climbing shrub is form flowers. bookcase or bathroom cabinet.
Takeover, an exhibition of harder to find than the block The lance-shaped, deep
houseplants at the glasshouse at coloured varieties, with aerial 4. Howea forsteriana (sentry bronze-green leaves have two
the flagship RHS Garden Wisley roots and large perforated palm, Kentia palm) silvery bands on the upper side
that starts later this month. green leaves marbled and and a purple underneath.
Each room of the house will be splashed with creamy-white. An elegant, easy to care for
themed around different kinds evergreen palm, which grows Rosy-purple flowers appear
of houseplants, including a The arum-like flowerheads to 2m in height as a houseplant sporadically throughout the
shady living room. have white spathes (bracts but up to 12m in its natural year. Although from Mexico
which enclose the flower habitat. The dark green fronds and able to grow in full sun,
Here, Emma Allen, cluster). Due to its natural can be up to 1.5m in length this versatile plant will tolerate
garden manager at Wisley, habitat being warm tropical and are pinnately divided into a shady spot as well. It is easily
recommends five plants which rainforests in central America, several narrow segments. propagated from stem cuttings
will withstand shady spots... it prefers to be out of direct to refresh when the plant
sunlight, although too dark Originally from Lord Howe becomes too big or tired. WW
1. Platycerium bifurcatum a room will stop the leaf Island (hence the name), they
(common staghorn fern) perforations forming. tolerate low light levels, likely The Giant Houseplant Takeover
due to the high rainfall here. at RHS Garden Wisley runs
Platycerium are evergreen, Mist the leaves, particularly Although flowers are rarely from January 25 to March 1. For
epiphytic ferns, growing if the room is warm and produced when grown inside, details, visit
on trees and not in soil. P. dry, and give them a wash the palms will add an air of the
bifurcatum has a combination sometimes to keep them clean exotic into any room. Tradescantia zebrina
of shield-like sterile fronds and dust-free. (silver inch plant)
and grey-green fertile fronds 5. Tradescantia zebrina WOMANSWAY.IE 39
to 90cm in length, forked into 3. Clivia miniata (forest lily) (silver inch plant)
strap-shaped segments, which
resemble a stag’s antlers, hence Clivia make striking
the common name. houseplants, with their bold
strap-shaped, dark-green
They originate from Asia, leaves and trumpet-shaped
Polynesia and Australia and red, yellow, orange or cream
prefer partial shade, making flowers, borne in groups on
them a good houseplant. They stout stems from spring to
like a moist environment, their summer.
natural habitat is rainforest, so
a humid bathroom is a great Clivia are evergreen
spot for them. perennials growing to 45cm
with swollen bulb-like bases
The best way to display them and originate from low-
is to mount on a piece of wood altitude woodlands in South
with sphagnum moss, nails and Africa. Being woodland plants,
fishing line, then hang on the they prefer indirect light to
wall. A misting of water every prevent leaf damage from sun
day will keep them happy. scorch. They are ideal for a
cooler area of the house away
2. Monstera deliciosa from radiators, as they need a

Let the Sun In

DROPS Design 20 stitches (= half back piece), insert a
Knitted jumper with raglan and stripes in 2 marker thread here, work 14 stitches
strands DROPS Alpaca. Worked top down. (= sleeve), insert a marker thread here,
work 30-32-34-36-38-40 stitches (=
Size: front piece), insert a marker thread
S - XXXL here, work 14 stitches (= sleeve), insert
a marker thread here and work the
DROPS design: remaining 15-16-17-18-19-20 stitches on
Pattern z-842 round (= half back piece).
Yarn group A + A or C Now work STRIPES - read explanation
above, AT THE SAME TIME on first
SIZE: round begin increase for RAGLAN – read
S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL explanation above. Increase like this
every other round 16-19-21-23-25-28
MATERIALS: times in total = 216-244-264-284-304-
DROPS ALPACA from Garnstudio (belongs to 332 stitches on round. REMEMBER THE
yarn group A) KNITTING TENSION! When all increases
250-250-300-300-350-400 g colour 2923, are done, continue until piece measures
goldenrod 19-21-23-25-27-29 cm from cast-on edge
150-200-200-200-250-250 g colour 100, and down mid back. Work next round
o white as follows: Work the first 30-33-36-40-
44-49 stitches (= half back piece), slip
KNITTING TENSION: the next 48-56-60-62-64-68 stitches on
17 stitches in width and 22 rows vertically in a stitch holder (= sleeve), cast on 8-8-
stocking stitch and 2 strands = 10 x 10 cm. 10-10-12-12 new stitches on needle (= in
the side under sleeves), work the next
NEEDLES: 60-66-72-80-88-98 stitches (= front
DROPS DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES SIZE piece), slip the next 48-56-60-62-64-
5 mm 68 stitches on a stitch holder (= sleeve),
DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE SIZE 5 mm, cast on 8-8-10-10-12-12 new stitches on
length 40 and 80 cm for stocking stitch. needle (= in the side under sleeves), work
DROPS DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES SIZE the remaining 30-33-36-40-44-49
4 mm stitches on round (= half back piece).
length 80 cm for rib.
Needle size is only a suggestion! If you have BODY:
too many stitches on 10 cm switch to larger
needles. If you have too few stitches on 10 cm = 136-148-164-180-200-220 stitches.
switch to smaller needles. Insert a marker thread in the middle
of the new stitches cast-on in the side
DROPS WOODEN BUTTON, coconut NO 516: under the sleeves (= 4-4-5-5-6-6 new
6 pieces for all sizes stitches on each side of marker thread).
Move the marker thread upwards when
JUMPER working. Continue in stocking stitch
and stripes. When piece measures 4 cm,
SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE PIECE: increase 1 stitch on each side of marker
Worked in the round on circular needle, thread - read INCREASE TIP-1. Increase
top down. Work sleeves in the round on like this approx. every 5-5-8-8-8-8 cm
a short circular needle/double pointed 4-4-3-3-3-3 times in total = 152-164-
needles. Work entire piece is knitted in 2 176-192-212-232 stitches. When piece
strands and stripes. measures 25 cm, increase 28-32-36-40-
44-48 stitches evenly – read INCREASE
YOKE: TIP-2 = 180-196-212-232-256-280
stitches. Switch to circular needle size
Cast on 92-96-100-104-108-112 stitches 4 mm. Work rib (knit 2/purl 2) for 2 cm.
on circular needle size 4 mm with 2 Cast off stitches with knit over knit and
strands off white. Knit 1 round. en
work rib (= knit 2/purl 2) for 2 cm. Knit
1 round while decreasing 4 stitches
evenly - read DECREASE TIP-1 (evenly)
= 88-92-96-100-104-108 stitches. Switch
to circular needle size 5 mm. Knit next
round as follows: Work 15-16-17-18-19-



EXPLANATION FOR THE PATTERN: purl over purl. Make sure that the over purl. Make sure that the cast-off edge
STRIPES: cast-off edge is not too tight. Use a is not too tight. Use a larger needle size if
Work stripes with 2 strands and stocking stitch larger needle size if needed. Jumper needed. Sleeve measures approx. 31-29-
as follows: measures approx. 50-52-54-56-58-60 28-26-24-23 cm. Work the other sleeve
Work diagram A.1. When A.1 has been worked cm from shoulder and down. the same way. WW
vertically, work diagram A.2 - choose diagram
for your size. When A.2 has been worked SLEEVE: DIAGRAM
vertically, work A.3. Then work with goldenrod
until finished measurements. Slip the 48-56-60-62-64-68 stitches = o white
DECREASE TIP-1 (evenly): from stitch holder in one side of piece
To calculate how to decrease evenly, use back on a short circular needle/double = goldenrod
the total number of stitches on row (e.g. 92 pointed needles size 5 mm and pick in
stitches) and divide stitches by number of addition up 1 stitch in each of the new
decreases to be done (e.g. 4) = 23. 8-8-10-10-12-12 stitches cast on under
In this example decrease by knitting every 22nd sleeve = 56-64-70-72-76-80 stitches.
and 23rd stitch together. Insert a marker thread in the middle
INCREASE TIP-1 (applies to sides of body): of the new stitches (= 4-4-5-5-6-6
Work until 2 stitches remain before marker new stitches on each side of marker
thread, 1 yarn over, knit 4 (marker thread is thread). Work in stocking stitch
in the middle of these stitches), 1 yarn over. and stripes as before. When sleeve
Repeat in the other side (= 4 stitches increased measures 3-3-3-4-4-4 cm, decrease
on round). On next round knit yarn overs 1 stitch on each side of marker thread
twisted to avoid holes. Then work the new mid under sleeve - read DECREASE
stitches in stocking stitch. TIP-2. Decrease in the different sizes
INCREASE TIP-2 (evenly): as follows:
To calculate how to increase evenly, use the Size S: Decrease approx. every 4 cm 7
total number of stitches on row (e.g. 150 times in total.
stitches) and divide stitches by number of Size M: Decrease alternately every 2
increases to be done (e.g. 30) = 5. and 3 cm 10 times in total.
In this example increase by making 1 yarn over Size L: Decrease approx. every 2 cm 12
a er every 5th stitch. On next round knit yarn times in total.
overs twisted to avoid holes. Size XL: Decrease alternately every 1
RAGLAN: and 2 cm 13 times in total.
Work until 2 stitches remain before first marker Size XXL: Decrease every cm 14 times
thread, make 1 yarn over, knit 4 (marker thread in total.
is in the middle of these 4 stitches), make 1 Size XXXL: Decrease every cm 14
yarn over. Repeat at each of the remaining times in total.
marker threads (= 8 stitches increased on When all decreases are done, there
round). are 42-44-46-46-48-52 stitches on
On next round knit yarn overs twisted to avoid round. When sleeve measures 29-27-
holes. Then work the new stitches in stocking 26-24-22-21 cm, increase 10-12-14-
stitch. 14-16-16 stitches evenly = 52-56-60-
DECREASE TIP-2 (applies to sleeves): 60-64-68 stitches. Switch to double
Decrease 1 stitch on each side of marker thread pointed needles size 4 mm. Work
as follows: Work until 3 stitches remain before rib (knit 2/purl 2) for 2 cm. Cast off
marker thread and knit 2 together, knit 2 stitches with knit over knit and purl
(marker thread is between these stitches), slip
1 stitch knitwise, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over
stitch worked.


Things falling apart

Coronation Street Kevin tells Abi she can manage by Also this week
herself when she’s late for work (after
Jade tells Hope to keep checking her a night out with Ray). Meanwhile, Ray › Tim despairs at Kevin
phone as she’s planning an adventure. compliments Bethany and she hopes › Who is forced to go begging?
Later, as Hope and Ruby fight over a toy she’ll be getting promoted. Well, it’s nice › Who finally does right?
handbag - after a few announcements - to have ambitions, love. Let’s just say that
something falls out. Cue a very shocked Bethany finds out more than she expects.
Tyrone and Evelyn. e repercussions
spiral as someone returns home... while Speaking of babies, Maria attends her
another plans to leave. We don’t want 12 week scan and is relieved to hear the
to give away the story but this is quality baby is doing well. As Maria and Gary
Corrie screentime and we love it. proudly show off their scan photo, Sarah
and Adam make snide remarks. Will
Billy urges Paul to accept that Kel may Sarah and Maria bury the hatchet? And
never be punished for his crimes and, if what plan does Maria have?
possible, they need to move on with their
lives. Meanwhile, Gemma’s having a nap Tim’s shocked to find Charlie on his
with the babies and someone pushes a doorstep. She’s broke and has no job
burning rag through the letterbox. Nooo. so Tim can forget about the divorce.
Actually, Charlie will take £5,000 before
ey get out safely - phew - but Gemma’s she’ll sign any papers. Yikes.
naturally shaken.
Elsewhere, Daniel notices that Bertie
David tells Nick that they’re moving doesn’t seem himself and panicking he
Shona to a specialist unit in Leeds and he takes his temperature. We hope the little
intends to visit daily. baby is okay.



Emmerdale EastEnders Fair City

is week, viewers will watch the same Linda arranges a surprise party for Barry has proof of You Know What by
day play out from a different character’s Mick – she forgot his birthday – but You Know Who and Paul’s conflicted. But
perspective – all of whom have a motive she continues to struggle… and drops it’s okay, he’s got a plan!
to kill. And yes, there is a murder. a bombshell. Desperate times call for
desperate measures… Lee has little time for Cass’ retelling of
Kim wants Graham to give their past adventures, just as Cass gets Dean’s
relationship another shot but let’s hope Kat is thrilled when Whitney sets up a Ironman training underway. Darragh
the red mist does not descend. Someone meeting with new client, Mr Hobbs. Will warns Lee not to involve the locals in
does come to a decision. Jai is on a – literal they be offered the contract? his deals while Cass is under pressure to
– high but wants to make someone pay deliver the goods, so to speak.
for what is discovered. Ian’s alarmed when he realises he has
no venue for his election winner’s party. Nora wants Carol to tell Hayley what
Meanwhile, there’s a surprise Who can he sweet talk? she knows as the latter presses for
celebration being planned – this is lovely information about a particular photo.
– as someone is locked into the kayak hut. Lisa tells Phil that she and Louise are
moving to Portugal but Mr Mitchell Laura advises Sash to set boundaries
Elsewhere, it looks like a family is refuses. In fact, the Mitchells are thrown with Orla, which is all well and good, but
about to be torn apart again. into panic as Sharon has the upper hand. is it possible?

Holby City Ros na Rún Milly Zero, who coSnfiOdeAntPial
plays Dotty Cotton
in EastEnders, has

promised some

bigger storylines

for her character

in 2020. During

a recent chat with

Inside Soap, Milly

hinted that Dotty

will soon be more

prominent on the

soap. “Well, Dotty

After last week’s return, now demoted Andy takes matters into his own hands has some really
and back in the trenches, Serena must when he needs to see Jude in the hospital.
find a role for herself. Can she? And Another resident who wants to act is exciting storylines coming up,” she said.
with Jason’s job in jeopardy, can Serena Nathan, but why?
afford to put her neck on the line for her “You’ve already seen the cheeky, naughty
nephew? Er... We think not. Caitriona has agreed to advertise a
company that sells environmentally side to her, but I’m also keen to explore
Elsewhere, Tracey McKendrick brings friendly products – but why is she so
trouble to Holby. How far will Nicky go to unhappy when the products arrive? what’s underneath that. The troublesome
protect her mum?
Annette’s delighted when David Dotty isn’t going anywhere, though. And
Can Essie trust boyfriend Ben enough agrees to meet for coffee, but he’s less
to share the secret of baby Isla’s illegal than impressed when he sees what she’s there’s plenty more of that to come.”
adoption? Will Sacha’s efforts to help with wearing… #fashionfail.
Essie’s home life only push her into Ben’s Milly also said she hopes Dotty crosses
arms for good instead of turning away? Will Niall teach Bobbi Lee a thing or
two when it comes to first aid? paths with another Walford troublemaker,

By Áine Toner saying, “I think Dotty and Ben Mitchell

would make a really good pairing. They

both wear the devil on their shoulder, and

it’d be quite an explosive friendship.”


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anymore? I always

want to believe that the good bits

ANGEL ON PLATFORM ‘predicted’ for me will happen, and
try to ignore the bad bits (easier said
I came across an Angel today
while I was on my way to Bray, than done!). But a lot of my friends are
there she was on the ground
a lovely thing I’ve never found. invested with what they read - I’d love
She was glistening in the morning sun
alone on platform no 1. to know if other Woman’s Way readers
I’m sure it didn’t happen by accident
I truly believe that it was meant, love reading them as much as I used to.
she was placed in my path to be found ANGELA MAGEE, CO DOWN
by me
finding her put a smile on my face CLEANSING SCRUB AND INTENSIVE
as that morning I was in a sad place, REPAIR ENRICHED INFUSED OIL
knowing that day I would come to no
harm. L’Occitane Purifying Freshness Cleansing Scrub silicone-free
You see.... Some things in life are just formula reveals a stunning, fresh gel texture with exfoliating
meant. sea salts that work to remove residue, impurities and dead cells.
My little Angel Heaven sent. Hair feels lighter and cleaner for longer. Meanwhile, for dry and
SUSAN, BRAY, CO DUBLIN damaged hair, just a few drops of L’Occitane Intensive Repair
Enriched Infused Oil could help transforming your hair into the
strong and shiny one with all the e ectiveness of sunflower oil.
This week’s star letter will receive both products

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A winner will be selected at random. Closing date: Midday, Monday, January 27, 2020. Terms and Conditions Complete and post to Woman’s Way
apply. Editor’s decision is final. Competitions, Issue 2, Rosemount House,
Dundrum Road, Dublin 14
or email [email protected]


PSYCHIC SUANYAS“Piscesofistthheezgordeiaatc”romantic



DOREEN, DUBLIN all safe and ticking over as normally as One certainty is that you would stay
you can. closely involved in your children’s lives.
I am a Virgo and recently met a younger
man (Pisces). I am 64, he is 46. He has Would you be brave enough to upset If I were to tell you that your present
three children and is separated now a a few long-held rules by asking him troubles are entirely normal, given your
year. He calls to see me and tells me he has outright if he has any plans about how age and those of your children, you’d say
feelings for me and phones me. I enjoy his your future relationship might develop? I must have something wrong with me.
visits to my house, but I’ve told him that I Keeping things secret isn’t an option I don’t. I have the greatest compassion
don’t want to be intimate. We never talk because if you don’t tell them, the children for you and the emotional weight you are
about our age difference, it doesn’t seem to will get their information at the school trying to carry. I feel you’ll succeed and
matter. I enjoy it when he calls in to see me, gate. Not the best source. feel rewarded by the middle of next year.
but he has never taken me out anywhere.
I told him we are going nowhere in this As it turns out practical Virgo and You’re struggling with life and worried,
relationship but he keeps phoning. dreamy Pisces aren’t highly rated by but won’t give in until you see your
astrologers for long term success in any children ‘finished’. Could you change
I feel very confused about what to sort of relationship except a sexual one. that? ink about your eldest daughter.
do or think - do you think it’s our age She wasn’t even born when you were
difference? Should I tell him to go away? e scene is set. Proceed with caution. taught by your parents, school and first
job that you should sit at your desk and
You like his company and so far he seems LEO do what you were told. at’s where your
to be very persistent. You have told him battle with being controlled comes from.
that right now you don’t want a physical I am deeply unhappy in every part of my
relationship. But I think you certainly life. I am a Leo in my late fifties and am In the flip of a coin your circumstances
regard this friendship as a relationship. heartbroken. changed for the worst. Your daughter’s
Does he ever describe it that way? particularly. Instead of running to invite
For the past eight years my eldest everyone in to look at her new kitchen she
ere is a very big gap between daughter has not been in our lives on a has to share mother’s kitchen. Leo woman
relationship and affair. He’s not open genuine level. Yes, we have had her and is a strong free spirit who needs exciting
enough about his current circumstances her husband for Christmas. ey travelled new projects to challenge her. Leo’s
to reassure you that he is free to start a the world then came home and organised special talent is in organisation. You might
relationship. He has never asked you out a lovely party for my birthday. She was do some planning to drive or go on a coach
for a date. Pisces is a passionate sign. ink the best child anyone could have. tour? It’s worth thinking about.
of the Piscean men and women you know.
When they fancy someone, everyone en, about a year later she decided It was great for your children when
knows about it because Pisces is the great I was a bad person. Her personality they went off to travel the world. ey
romantic of the zodiac. changed so much. She tried turning my inherited that spirit from you. But they
other three children against me. I always came home to a very different Ireland
You are hypnotised by each other, thought we were so close. I worry so much from the one they left. It shocked them.
drawn like a couple of magnets, blind to about my children but I do understand No one could prepare them for the news
the necessity of obeying a few basic rules that they have to live their own lives. that an apartment was beyond them and
surrounding the behaviour we expect of a they must go home. You’d hardly believe
courtship with a man who has an ex and Can you tell me if my daughter will how many family relationships crumbed
three children. e first being that he must regret all this or even want me in her life? under that situation.
try to maintain a cordial relationship with I’ve worked hard all my life and just want
his ex. Can you handle that? to be happy. I worry about my son and his Your daughter, all your children,
lovely girlfriend. ey go travelling and love you as much as you love them. Leo
When it comes to rules surrounding I would love to be included. He gets very woman is very good at holding her family
courtship you, as a Virgo, are an expert. angry at times but I know they have to run together, now it’s time to accept help for
Your life is built on rules and regulation, their own lives. yourself from your family.
in or out of a romantic scene. You’ve
discovered that they are there to keep you You feel that life has somehow cheated
you. Ideally you’d like to be sitting back
planning what to do with your retirement.

CONTACT UNA... If you have an unresolved issue you need guidance on, Una may be able to help. You can write to her at Una Power, Woman’s Way, Rosemount House, Dundrum
Road, Dublin 14; or email: [email protected] Please include your name, town, county and full date of birth. Please note, Una can only reply through this column.





Capricorn Aquarius

Dec 22 - Jan 20 Jan 21 - Feb 19

Stay calm as things start Avoid awkwardness with
to happen. Opportunities colleagues, as you may need
come when they come. their help. Sympathising with
In an emotional week their problems gives you a
you can be close to chance to think of your own.
tears at one moment
and full of joy the next. e way others deal with these
Optimism should be your gives a clue to the way forward.
companion in all this. Be there for loved ones and
don’t take them for granted.

Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini

Feb 20 - Mar 20 Mar 21 - April 20 April 21 - May 21 May 22 - June 21

A slow start to the week Loved ones seem closer than Security and finances Having been given the chance
is deceiving. Soon things ever this week. Although dominate this week. A feeling to improve a relationship,
start to happen. Promise to you feel the love, there is a that you need to stay in don’t miss the opportunity.
have a restful weekend. e nervousness. is feeling is control can cause friction with In a week when you are most
expectations that others have of universal at the beginning a partner. Trying to deal with likely to get what you want,
you do not tally with how you of this New Year. It brings a their concerns seems tedious. choose carefully. Finances
see yourself. Keep your belief general feeling of frustration at Even so, you do care, so take and business may be sluggish
of who you are and be ready to a lack of control. What you can time to listen and learn where but it may be best to avoid any
put your own needs first. control is your working life. they are coming from. ‘knee-jerk’ reactions.

Cancer Leo Virgo COMPETITION

June 22 - July 22 July 23 - Aug 23 Aug 24 - Sept 23 Yes To Skincare is the
perfect range for when girls
Trying to please everyone is After the break, work appeals Don’t let a quiet start to start taking an interest in
not going to work. Pour your to you again. Getting back the week put you in a low their skin. Whether you
resources and energy into in line with colleagues puts mood. ere may not be are a teen or even a later
getting a balance between you in the mood. ings in any immediate success in stage in life, this is the
work and home. Given the this area can move fast now, prospect, that needs a bit more perfect introductory range
chance to start a new venture especially if you pull together. time. Even so, pick up on those of products to spark an
with someone, make sure that Of course, working hard opportunities that do come interest in your skincare
the money and effort put into means that ‘playtime’ needs your way. Slowly and carefully routine. Yes To products are
it is truly shared. to be more relaxing. should be your motto now. free of all the nasties and
filled with all the goodness.
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
We have Yes To products
Sept 24 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Nov 22 Nov 23 - Dec 21 worth over €15 to give
away. To win all you have to
Rethinking your role at home Before you leap into your next Pop-up problems soon pop do is answer
or work serves to move your project, give yourself time down. Looking for the chance the following
life forward. ings that out. Be centred on what you to help others can bring you question
changed over the last year really want. To do so saves you comfort. Who knew so many using the
seemed bad at the time. Now time and money. Energy and felt the same? Sometimes form on page
it is clear they were necessary. enthusiasm will come in their you have felt isolated in your 45: Which
Rejuvenation is painful. Show own time. Meanwhile, just be thoughts and feelings. Not any star sign is
your courage and ability to prepared to think positively more. You only have to reach represented
take life as it comes. and plan for success. out to find the answers. by the twins?





what can only
I was a teenager when I for revealing to me what I need WHAT ANGEL By Kyle Gray
first noticed 11:11 appearing to know about seeing 11:11’ and be described NUMBERS ARE
everywhere I looked. I in a flash I saw lots of images as signs and YOU SEEING?
remember looking at my and heard the words ‘We are messages from
first cell phone and seeing it all one.’ Use this angel number key
appearing time and time again. heaven” codex to get your message
I wondered if I was going So 11:11 is a message we’ve interpretation.
crazy, imagining it or even received time and time For thousands of years ZERO New beginnings.
unconsciously looking at my again through the ages: it’s a numbers have been considered Doors opening. God.
phone at that particular time, reminder that we are all one. a way for understanding ONE The self. Oneness.
but what happened next was the universe. The ancient Higher self. Universal
undeniable. I told my mum and Today, belief in angels is philosopher Pythagoras created connection.
some of my friends about it and getting stronger. In 2016, a a system that was able to reveal TWO Union. Connection
it started happening when they survey of 2,000 British people information about a person’s to others. Aligning with
were with me too. revealed that one third believed personality based solely on love.
in angels. And recent polls in the numerical values of their THREE Expansion. Higher
Other repeating number the USA have shown that eight name, date and place of birth. power. The Ascended
sequences kept appearing as in ten Americans believe in This system is referred to as Masters.
well, and not just on mobile angels. This is so exciting! Pythagorean Numerology. FOUR Angels.
phones. We’d go to the store for Communication. Gifts
groceries and the bill would be It’s no wonder that so many In contrast, modern-day expanding.
£11.11. of us are receiving signs from numerology focuses on the FIVE Changes. Effort.
heaven at this time, because numerological values of Action and input are
I was fairly new to spirituality these beings want us to know your name and date of birth. required.
then but I took some time that they are here for us. Through the information SIX Balance. Intention is
to pray and ask about what revealed, a person may required. Carefulness.
was happening. I remember Living in a digital age, many understand their particular SEVEN Magic.
saying something like, ‘Angels, of us find ourselves looking purpose and what challenges Manifestation. Divine
if it’s you sending me these at screens all day long. It only they are here to face during this inspiration.
numbers, I want to see them makes sense that the angels lifetime. EIGHT Journey. Growth.
three times today so that I will begin to communicate Spiritual lessons.
know you’re trying to tell me with us through digital means, Although angel numbers NINE Self-mastery. Union
something.’ And the numbers inspiring us to look at the may contain similar ideas and with higher self. Divine
kept coming. I knew that the clock or other places that hold information to Pythagorean feminine.
angels were sending messages. numbers at specific times. Numerology, the information Seeing more than one
But what were they saying? about each angel number in number at a time? Don’t
I remember googling, ‘What If you always see the same my book is divinely inspired worry. Simply blend
does 11:11 mean?’ and reading numbers repeated – from and channelled rather than the above meanings.
interpretations. Many people license plates to receipts and calculated. WW Kyle advises: “If you’re
said the numbers indicated that digital clocks – it could be your constantly seeing 303
this was time to ‘make a wish’ angels sending you a message. Angel Numbers: The the message would be
or ‘set an intention’ while Message and Meaning something like: ‘The higher
others said they meant that Angels are divine messengers Behind 11:11 and Other power and holy masters
angels were encouraging us to who have existed in some form Number Sequences by are supporting you, let the
align our thoughts. in almost every religion and Kyle Gray (Hay House light in!’”
culture since the dawn of time. UK) is available now
So I did what I always do In this digital age, they are
when Google doesn’t have a finding new ways to remind
definite answer: I meditated. you of your higher truth.

During my meditation I Whenever you need guidance
remember saying a simple from your angels, simply ask.
prayer like, ‘Angels, thank you Know that your angels are
always listening and looking for
an opportunity to send you a
reminder that they are near.



Heaven Scent

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made for pilgrims a low mood and can be blend contains lavender flower, and lemon, use this to
and seekers who visit helpful when it comes to Hawaiian sandalwood, vetiver relieve pressure and
Glastonbury, this is a the menopause (for best root and more to promote sharpen your mind.
deeply relaxing scent. results work with a qualified feelings of calm and tranquillity.
Ideal for winding down
aromatherapist). ATOMPYPI’CSK!
a er a long day.

By Amy Wall €4, Peppermint from €7.69 approx., Eucalyptus €7.63, Lemongrass €25 approx., Balance blend
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medicine cabinet, weather, di using eucalyptus Burn this oil to relieve bringing harmony to body
peppermint oil can help ease oil can help to ease congestion feelings of stress and and mind, helping you to
nausea, o er pain relief for and coughs. Tisserand now anxiety. It has also been
migraines, boost energy shown to help ease calm down and ground
levels, soothe irritability o er ethically harvested anxious emotions.
eucalyptus oils. headaches.
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our waste and consumption,
YOUR Helping hyperpigmentation connect with the seasons by
WEEKLY eating seasonally and how to
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pharmacies nationwide The premise is simple: Do
what you can to feel better
CHECK YOURSELF and, while you’re at it, help the
environment too. A beautiful
A massive 90,000 people in Ireland are living with heart read for this time of year.
failure, and a further 160,000 are living with impending
heart failure. According to experts, up to one in two people
living with heart failure are at risk of iron deficiency.
Symptoms of iron deficiency can include shortness of
breath, dizziness and fatigue. People living with heart
failure are encouraged to ask their GP, Heart Failure Nurse
or Cadiologist to check their iron levels.
For more information log on to


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