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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-08-03 07:12:52



At Home With…

The ingredients for Dublin’s
most stylish housemates -
take one part the country’s top
model, the other, a trendy
PR guru. Add a dash of the
cutest lurcher pup around and
mix together in a less than
typical Stoneybatter redbrick.
U takes a sneak peek into the
adorable home of Thalia
Heffernan and Rob Kenny….

Photography: Sarah Orr

"My decorating Thalia Heffernan needs no .Thali.Laeaonn.tdaurrRdnosBbototwawkieeaHlikteirfnfee.sruncaend. og,.
style would be introduction, even in the
quite influenced unlikely event that you don’t - a fusion of boho-luxe and Scandi-chic. “My
by Moroccan recognise her name, her face decorating style would be quite influenced
interiors and is surely familiar. As one by Moroccan interiors and prints. I love
prints. I love of Ireland’s most successful African colours and Indian patterns. I have
African colours models, the just-shy-of-6ft beauty has a big blue tapestry on my wall, which has
and Indian shot campaigns all over the country and travelled with me from home to home and
patterns." Thalia has worked internationally in the UK, I love it more every place that I bring it,”
New York and Australia. Currently settled say Thalia, while Rob tends to favour a
in Dublin (although, she’s over and back more minimalist approach. “I am only really
regularly to Birmingham, to see her starting to get into interior design now at
boyfriend Ryan McShane), she’s living age 25. It is in my blood a bit, as I have
with another familiar face, that of PR grown up with an interiors queen of a mum,
guru and digital influencer, Rob Kenny. Anne. I am well used to seeing her houses
The fashionable pair met years ago at an done incredibly beautifully, she treats them
event (which exact one they can’t quite like works of art. My mum’s taste in interiors
remember) and the decision to move in has always been quite simple-chic, a lot of
together came about pretty organically, neutral colours, a lot of white.”
“We have loads of mutual friends and
when Thalia said she was looking for a For creative, free-spirit Thalia, there’s
housemate, I immediately put my name in no such thing as a style ‘no-no’, she’s all
the ring!” says Rob. about self-expression. “Creating a space of
your own is so unique to each induvial,
With a combined Insta-following of over there’s no right or wrong really. I guess for
55,000, and so much of their jobs about me, rugs on top of already carpeted floors
being ‘on show’, Thalia and Rob love to are a ‘no’, solely because I'm clumsy and
escape to their cosy Stoneybatter house, it’s just another obstacle for me to have
decorated in a mix of each of their aesthetics to work my way around... Rugs in general
are difficult for me, I trip over them a

Does their "And so, 21 years
street look later, the angels
familar? The share" reads
Spice Girls the inscription
shot the iconic on the vintage
video for Stop, wine box Thalia's
just around the parents bought
corner! for her, to open
on her 21st or a
future special

lot!” Maybe it’s a tall people thing. Rob
then hates “Pine. Wallpaper. Anything
fussy,” and tries to incorporate a Nordic
approach to quality design in both his
fashion and interiors. “I tend not to fuss
over short-lived trends. I’d far prefer to
spend my money on timeless classics, such
as a tailored coat, blazer or, (a personal
favourite of mine), well-cut cropped
pants. I obsess over fabric and shape too.
For me, quality is super important – it has
to look luxurious, even if it’s not!”

For both, finding the time to see family
and friends with such hectic schedules,
can be difficult, so keeping photographs
and collected memories around is all the
more important. “I have random pieces
from my past, memories and photos of
my childhood, old family jewellery and a
bottle of wine from Francis Ford Coppola’s
vineyard (I'm named after his sister, Talia
Shire) that my parents bought the year I
was born, for us to open on my wedding
day,” says Thalia, while for Rob, “Gifts
from my boyfriend. My bags. My coats.”
take pride of place.

While each of their bedrooms reflect

.Biggest.Ainntyet.rnhiooin?rsg"ntPooion,.efu. Wssay.l"l.paper.. Brightly
coloured, soft
framed photos
and countless
candles – perfect
for chilled (if
rare) evenings in!

"ThaIltiacocuolldTlehbceetys.Ca’hrrOeag.SauirlecwpdoialnIlyesasc!m.tionraeanvteotrfhyfiicscioparoln. ienrt.". .

their personal tastes, their communal
living spaces are more of a compromise
- filled with brightly coloured soft
furnishings, framed photos and countless
candles - perfect for chilled (if rare)
evenings in, with wine and take-out.
In general, they operate a pretty much
‘open-door’ policy and for Thalia’s lurcher,
Leonard Bowie Heffernan, there’s no room
or surface off limits - she says her heart
melts when she comes home to find Rob
and Leonard having cuddles on the couch.

If her love of animals, effortless good-
looks and hot fellow-model pals weren’t
enough to make Thalia the dream
housemate, she’s also a keen baker. “I
love being in the kitchen! My mum is
an amazing baker and I do try!” Rob
interrupts, “She made banana bread last
week - we demolished it!”. “Yeah that’s
the danger of that recreational habit,”
Thalia laughs.

So, to recap - a city-adjacent house
with Insta-worthy interiors, filled with
dreamy wardrobes, A-list party invites,
and delicious homemade, baked goods - is
there room for a few more, guys?





"In a reflection 9 55k
of my fashion INSTAGRAM
interiors taste
continues to 11 16
lean further PAIRS OF
towards Nordic
design." Rob


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