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WW20 2019

Woman's weekly magazine




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CLAUDIA Trew-mendous

‘Fifty?It’s the new forty, darling’ trousers

20th May 2019


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‘Spark! was different... it’s a call to action – a call to live, really – and it’s a message
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Marie O’Neill,




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May 20, 2019 Contents Issue 20: where has the time week. I know, I said last week skincare and books). ere's
Vol.56 Issue 20 gone? It doesn't feel like we're it was closing but a few readers also a free mini craft magazine
in May at all, as I'm writing this contacted me to ask if we could compiled by Louise.
COVER IMAGE: looking at the rainy weather keep it open. Your wish is my
Lili Forberg outside. Mind you, we've command. So, there's never Amy has health and travel
plenty within this week's been a better time to nominate news for you while Michelle's
Woman's Way to more than if you haven't already. And if real lives are worth settling
entertain on aforementioned you have, I can only thank you down to read with a mug of tea
rainy day. from the bottom of my heart. and a selection of biscuits.

For starters, we've kept Also in the issue we have All this as well as soaps, telly,
the Woman's Way and Beko competitions for tickets to tarot, horoscopes and recipes.
Mum of the Year Awards see Aslan plus a Limerick
nominations open for one more staycation (and beauty, Have a
great week
from us.

On the cover Pg 8 WIN COMPETITION Regulars

4 Claudia Carroll Win TICKETS TO SEE 22 Agony advice
7 Win Limerick break 26 Weekly puzzles
8 Top of the trousers WtbrawoAoteSIaSntobhnvabaiwsJonatanmeneeeeedaleNtkhtnaadawfuemaiauMpooonnegtArrmenraastrtrvashdadleespt’seilizsoarrt,natltueGqiteaeymwnhydnRoWrhpnau,ndl,fegfiyoeerdtoelJawJtmldtdhtceurwggyuootiheneiemncabhitliinaaeavymklgnhteegelcysnereeairi1eehev8CaIgsscsttO3ireaeesowo,ndir.oitLcos’unreyaetttBphiDrhktnccoowovlyehrieludawue.iguornoewisetcb’ovTdhin.alenhnblilcletethAtienu,enkahneaeccsBJenldekkoslordiaolyenlgnye, t MlaC2Cevr0haceoeGdar1ryck9r-uulsiisaaernipnrnnneMegddencesoitDtraslohyul,CnebsAhohhlcrneilonoiaasntnwdtphcysDreeTorDifoormtowiusGgrirnsnioanfeeaololymbdtrwooba,htnybheode oatnhdeTr ogoreLaattteufnoersHliakleleTluhjiashI.s 42 Books
15 Win Aslan tickets aMritWbtknesSthtoTenluheouae1oohcenrt9npahnwyleds?e9dth.ernhRwi,4efacdeafooaisnaelird2nocldnanml5inamatdacSgliuslysnaGwbwsrseogneuoieaafcd,moberlrsooWsstdeottombwTnashihnyn.giaeegmoetcosArhlf,aeueCseblC’w,dbhslaraaibueaacntnllurmkbhzlgl-tiyuweemill Ttptoohriewzbefeionsilniltmohwwipsiiltnyfhagabaqnucuslhoweausentsricoen: 43 Reader fiction
21 New dad parenting tips Q. Who is the lead singer 44 TV pages
24 Mum of the Year in Aslan? 46 Soap gossip
29 Free craft magazine Cpoamgep4le9teotrhveiafoermmaioln 48 is week
54 Approaching anxiety 49 It’s your letters
56 Impactful recipes Tptntisiroccikznkaeee-n.tttdssrPa.CfhnrNsoosotmfaoepcrIvapaDesblynhlwe.uaiEelalltanbebcdorehnxnraweaotiqminvuneecireeogeriodvwneeairnlltelohdmrnee.gucdeswaitvyitbehoetfawtthhtoieectkpicceeoktrnesvctooesnuratccs.hoTpelliraecrktctoteiotncsfogtallhreeecitr 50 Your stars
51 Tarot advice
Pg 37 Pg 15 WOMANSWAY.IE 15 52 Latest health news
58 Food news
Pg 14 Your life 60 Home & away
62 I said it
10 e It bag
12 Beauty news Pg 12
14 Best in feet treats
16 Gemma Kane
18 Carmel Byrne
20 Sleep aids
37 Tackling moths
38 Lily Collins
39 Leslie Manville
40 Gardening with kids

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Claudia Carroll on why
living your best life is the

“Fifty?It’s theonlywaytodothings
new forty,


Our headline is how Claudia Carroll late seventies who lives in Malta with “I think you latch onto an age in your
begins our chat over lunch about ageing. her boyfriend. She goes off and has these head and you think, ‘Okay, I’m going to
sunshine holidays and power walks stay at that now’ for a few decades anyway.
e bestselling author and actress is around the place and loves a glass of wine.
adding string to her bow (more on that So it’s positive ageing really, isn’t it?” “You see some ‘young fogies,’ people
later) and has a refreshing approach when who are old before their time. You see it a
it comes to getting older. It’s no secret Does life change when you age? It does, lot in politics, you can’t believe that’s the
we are fans of Claudia so catching up and says Claudia, as your mindset changes. age they are, they just seem older. It’s to do
talking about middle age, staying active with your attitude.”
and raging against the dying of the light is “I remember turning 40, a friend of
no hardship. mine said, ‘When you turn 40, your ‘eff Attitude and a healthy body. Claudia
off’ gene just kicks in and the emotionally stresses that staying fit is, of course, crucial
“Ageing is something that creeps up draining rubbish that you put up with at any age.
on you but I personally never considered in your twenties and thirties, at forty it
it,” she says. “I think the entertainment kicks in and you realise you won’t put “My dad, who passed away in January,
business, in which I would count up with it. I’m not putting up with that was a marathon runner. He always said
publishing, acting, theatre, keeps you any more. ere’s a large part of you that all those things you hate doing like load
young, you’re mixing with people all just doesn’t care, you realise there are no bearing exercises, all those things to build
the time of all ages and I do think you’re consequences, you don’t care.” up muscle, it just stands to you.
as old as you feel. I have friends in their
fifties who act like it’s over for them, one Rather, Claudia is keen to talk about “Of course people get sick in older years,
particular pal who says, ‘I don’t want to ‘living your best life’ and the ‘definite everybody does, but you fight back better,
go to that particular restaurant, there freedom’ that comes with ageing – as well you’ve a lot more to draw on.”
are too many stairs’ and then I know as ‘the boring things like looking after
people in their eighties who want to do your health and staying fit.’ With physical health comes a balance in
Kilimanjaro and would be at base camp mental and psychological wellbeing – ie,
for Mount Everest – and I know which “I’m still waiting for an awful lot of sense not worrying.
one I’d rather be. It’s that little voice in to kick in. Even today, I went out and I’m
your head which you cannot give in, ‘Oh, wearing a mini dress and I thought, ‘You
I’m old, I think we’ll go for the early bird can’t not wear minis just because I’m a
and let’s be home at a nice, respectable certain age!’ I might think twice about
hour.’ It’s just that little voice that you’ve wearing bare arms, but you can’t think
got to stay on top of. like it. Also there’s a real blurring now.
You see some women in their fifties and
“I have an aunt who would be in her they’re dressed the same as their teenage


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redesigned brush. Je les adore.

YOUR Beauty in a rush
ROUND-UP If you’ve got mere minutes to get ready, reach for Kiss Beauty’s
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We rate… Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment €80 BLANK ON IT

Night-time skin rituals are quite the thing and while I’ve Blank Canvas
nodded and agreed about their importance, I, er, don’t Cosmetics 6 Contour/
exactly have one. I began using this new Murad treatment and Highlight Palette
wondered if I’d stick to it. I have (no one is more surprised Powders (€17) + One
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LOM Cleanser, These are the names of
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Woman’s Way are delighted McGuinness, Alan Downey and other great tunes like This Is
to team up with Irish rock lead-singer Christy Dignam, and Too Late for Hallelujah.
bank Aslan to give two lucky are currently on their Goodbye
readers the chance to win Charlie Moonhead Tour for To be in with a chance
an amazing giveaway. The 2019 and the concerts in both to win this fabulous
winners will each receive Cork and Dublin promise to be prize simply answer
one pair of tickets to see very special shows for all who the following question:
Aslan perform at Live at attend. Q. Who is the lead singer
the Marquee in Cork on in Aslan?
Saturday, June 8 or at the The iconic Goodbye Charlie
Iveagh Gardens in Dublin on Moonhead album was Complete the form on
Saturday, July 13. released 25 years ago back page 49 or via email
in 1994 and was the album
Not only will each winner get that the classic song, Crazy Ts and Cs apply. Each winner will receive two tickets as part of their
to attend the gig, you’ll also World, featured on. Aslan will prize. Photo ID will be required along with a ticket voucher to collect
be invited to meet the band be performing lots of well- tickets from venue box o ce on the day of the concert. Tickets are
and attend the soundcheck known songs from the album non-transferable and name given must be the person collecting
before the gates open. Aslan, such Rainman, Where’s the tickets. No cash alternative o ered.
whose members include Joe Sun? and Sweet Time, but
Jewell, Rodney O’Brien, Billy they will also be including



Valentine’s Day this A play on the On the resurgence that the
year marked the 38th past theatre has experienced in
anniversary of the Stardust recently times, particularly
nightclub tragedy, during Gemma Kane took her parent’s among younger generations,
which 48 people lost their love story as inspiration when Gemma says this is
lives when a fire broke out something she has noticed
at the venue in 1981. Among writing her play, 48 and is delighted that it’s
those there on the night continuing to flourish.
were playwright Gemma to know each other. When someone to call you, it’s just By Michelle Newman
Kane’s mum and dad and the waitress came down something that you have “I feel like there’s
their relationship is what with the dessert menu and to get up and do yourself. definitely been a big uproot
inspired her to write her said, ‘So guys, would anyone You’re never handed and awakening of theatre,
play aptly called, 48, which like a dessert?’ The four of things because everyone the spoken word, poetry,
premiered at Smock Alley us were like, ‘Oh no sorry is so qualified and so full comedy. It’s everywhere
theatre in Dublin recently. I don’t like sweet things!’ of knowledge that they’re and venues are just more
In some ways we have very only going to choose the open to having theatre there
“Yes, there is tragedy in similar styles and in other best. We do have to work or fundraisers,” she says,
it but I’ve written it as a ways completely different extremely hard because adding that she and her
romantic comedy because styles of working, so I think everyone is so talented these colleagues are grateful to
my mam and dad’s love is that’s why we work so well.” days, everyone’s brilliant at those who were generous
the only thing that I can everything, everyone’s so up with their time and space.
touch that is Romeo and Due to the sometimes to speed with everything.
Juliet to me, I just think it’s unpredictable nature of “We are an unfunded
so gorgeous and that’s why the acting industry, while “If you want to succeed in theatre company so we had
I ended up writing it,” says studying their craft, Gemma what you want, you have to to fundraise in order to have
Gemma who explains that and her colleagues were work harder than everyone a set, have a rehearsal space,
48 doesn’t tell the story of ‘encouraged to make their else to rise to the top,” says really basic things that you
the night in question, rather own work.’ Gemma, whose interest in need to out on a show and
it focuses on friendship and writing first began when she everywhere was just so
the happenings of the era. “You can’t kind of was a teenager. willing to help us. I feel like
sit around waiting for it’s definitely an awakening
“It’s the story being told in “I always just saw myself for the arts across the
a very gentle, delicate way. “If you want acting and then when board.”
It’s not there to upset people to succeed in the theatre company was
it’s just to inform people what you want, made, I loved devising While Gemma says that
because so many people you have to and improving all of our letting go of the security
don’t know that it happened work harder own stuff. When I wanted of her colleagues to create
at all or have a very brief than everyone” to write this I was kind of something on her own was a
knowledge of it. [48 is] about scared because this was scary thing to do, now that
four friends and the 1980s all [me] whereas when we she has completed the task
and the fun and the joy that devise as a company we’re she not only feels that she
they’re having. bouncing off each other.” has a much ‘better handle’
on writing, she also found
“It’s about love and gas that she enjoyed the process
Dublin times and I think it’s much more than she initially
very relatable.” thought she would.

For Gemma, who is “I have lot more love for
26-years-old and lives in it now that I’ve finished my
Artane with her parents, first play. Having a group
this was her first time at the around you is a great safety
helm. Knowing that acting net to create work but on
was what she always wanted the other side of the coin,
to do, Gemma ‘saved up’ in they’re brilliant as well for
order to be able to attend the giving constrictive criticism.
Gaiety School of Acting and So although I did write it
graduated from there two myself I’ve had a great group
years ago. around me who have told me
what they think about it. I’d
After this she, along with be lost without them, really I
three of her classmates, would.” WW
formed their own theatre
company with a name that’s For more information on
truly unique to them. No Desserts Theatre, find
them on Facebook:
“The company is called @NoDessertsTheatre
No Desserts. In first year we
went out for dinner to get


GOOD karma

When her life changed, Carmel vowed to help other people like her
After living in London for 15 that the lady on the phone had “I am Generally I have a pretty good
years Carmel Byrne decided not been truthful with her privileged idea when I look at somebody
to move back to Co Kildare about the range of wigs they to meet what style of wig will suit
where she worked for AIB and had to choose from. every person them, however they come
raised her three children. Life, that comes in with their own ideas. It’s
she says, was pretty hectic for “She said, ‘Don’t be silly through like everything else, you see
a long time but 15 years ago dear, nobody has 5,000 wigs. the door” a dress in a shop window you
her world was shattered by Isn’t it a pity you didn’t come in think, ‘Gosh, that’s amazing,’
the death of two of her family when you had hair and I’d have what she was going through then you try it on and you
members in the same year. known.’ She tried another wig and the emotional impact it think, ‘Oh my God!’ e wigs
“My sister died and my mother on me and I was really upset, I can have. “People make weird are fantastic, they are just
died within a few months of was wanting something fair I’d comments and they say, ‘Oh fantastic and if I haven’t got
each other and then in 2005 been fair all my life. Anyway, you know your hair, you’ll get the colour and I can get it in, in
my marriage broke down, the €550 later I walked out of there over it, it’s nothing.’” a week, it’s not a problem.”
whole lot was just so traumatic with a wig. I went home, again
and then overnight my hair with the hat on, I didn’t know After educating herself Carmel, who stocks human
went,” she says. what to do. I prayed to God that on the many things that hair wigs and synthetic hair
day in the car, ‘Just get me out should be taken into account wigs at her salon, says that
Carmel describes how of here alive and I will open when shopping for a wig and it’s vital to choose a wig that’s
she went to bed one night, a wig salon, this will never knowing only too well what going to suit the person’s
only to wake the following happen somebody again,’” this experience is like when lifestyle and one that will
morning in complete shock Carmel explains. not handled correctly, in 2012 make life easier, not more
after discovering her hair had Carmel decided to leave her complicated, for them.
started to fall out. ‘Scrambling’ “ e wig was itching like job to open her own wig salon,
around her home to find crazy; I mean if someone loses Karma Hair Solutions, the “It’s not your own hair,
something to wear while she their hair suddenly, their scalp following year. we’re all used to our own hair,
took her children to school, is really sensitive. e next it will have a different texture
eventually Carmel had to day when I came home from “I love it, I absolutely love it,” to your own hair. Particularly
settle for her 11-year-old son’s work I just pulled the wig off Carmel says of the salon which if you’re on treatment I
cycling hat. and put my head under the tap; is a custom built room in her wouldn’t recommend a human
my head was on fire. Up to this house. For her, it’s crucial that hair wig because you’re going
“[It was] black with a bright [point] wigs weren’t even on her clients are at ease when to feel pretty bad.
florescent stripe across the top my radar; they were horrible they arrive, so getting to know
of it, the hat went on, I had no things that people on stage the person over a cup of tea “You have to get up and
choice. I rang my doctor in a wore, end of story. during the appointment is a big wash the wig or style it and
complete panic when they had part of the process. if you go out and you get wet,
all gone to school and she gave “A specialist said, ‘ e best you have to start again and
me the names of three places; advice is can give you is go “I also do home visits if style it again,” she says.
one had an appointment in home and don’t worry.’ So you people cannot travel or if they
about two weeks, the other get off the chair minus €150 don’t have means to come “If you have a synthetic
one said, ‘Seven or eight days’ and even more deflated than to me and they can try [the wig and you go out and get
and the other one said, ‘No when you went in.” wig on] in their own house. I wet, it will hold its style and
problem, come on up, we have will happily go to see them, when you go to put it on in the
5,000 wigs in stock.’” Over the following months it doesn’t bother me at all. morning it’s done. So for that
things were ‘extremely reason alone I would say to
When Carmel eventually difficult’ for Carmel, who someone on chemo, go with
found the location of the continued to go to work and a synthetic wig. Other people
wig shop in Dublin she was go about her daily business. love synthetic wigs because
encouraged to try on wigs that One of the most difficult parts, they’re easy to wash, they’re
were ‘everything she was not’ she recalls, was dealing with easy to mind. If you have a
and, to her dismay, she realised comments from people who medical card and you have
simply did not understand a condition with hair loss,


By Michelle Newman you get a prescription form REAL LIFE
the doctor or a letter from the
hospital if you’re attending the WOMANSWAY.IE 19
hospital, to say you require a
wig and it generally covers the
cost of a very good wig.”

The importance of feeling
like yourself and feeling good
about yourself is something
that Carmel says people can
take for granted. Often her
clients will feel the need to
‘apologise’ unnecessarily
because they are not ill and
rather, are self-conscious
about the way their hair looks.

“[They say] ‘I’m not on
chemotherapy, I only have
thinning hair,’ and their lives
are destroyed. Some people
come in the door and they are
so used to heading for a corner
and they’ve lost their social
life. When they come and I try
on a wig on them, it makes a
new person out of them.”

The experience has not
only brought Carmel and her
three children a lot closer,
she says that it has also made
them more understanding
and aware of other people
and what they might be going
through. Today, Carmel has
her confidence back and she
regularly travels to incredible
destinations all over the world.

“Life is wonderful, life is
better than it’s ever been really.
I’m a different person than I
was then and my children have
grown up strong and they’re
strong minded individuals,”
she says with pride. “I love
what I do and I love meeting
people. I’m here to listen and
give them a direction. I know
what it’s like and I’m able to
reassure them from that point.
I am privileged to meet every
person that comes through the
door and every person that
comes through the door, I learn
something from. I came out of
it, I came out of the bottom of it
and so can they.” WW

For more information on
Karma Hair Solutions, see For a free
consultation call: 045 522 634

Dream MachinesWouldn’t it be amazing if there was a magic BOSE NOISE-MASKING
technique that could help to comfort a crying SLEEPBUDS €234 APPROX
By Liz Connorbaby back to sleep every time they stir?FROM BOSE.CO.UK
If it’s your turn to be on baby duty,
Sadly, getting kids to slumber town isn’t quite give you partner the gift of an
as simple as that, but there are some handy bits unbroken night’s sleep (or vice
of tech that can make the challenge less difficult versa) with these headphones that
when swaddling, gentle rocking and humming play subtle masking sounds to
songs don’t do the trick. drown out crying.

Here we’ve rounded up some home kit that can ROCKIT €49.90 FROM
help both you, and your little ones, get a good TRALEENURSERYSUPPLIES.COM
night’s rest. A portable baby rocker, that clips onto your
pushchair and gently vibrates your buggy in a
ARLO BABY €274.99 calming motion, is the nappy bag essential you never
FROM LITTLEWOODS knew you needed. Now you can enjoy your coffee
IRELAND with both hands.

This bunny-shaped EWAN THE DREAM
baby monitor projects a SHEEP DELUXE €46.99
calming night light and FROM BELLABABY.IE
plays lullabies to help This cuddly toy creates
pacify your baby when a soothing womb-like
they are restless. It links atmosphere through
up to your smartphone its soft pink glow and
and is packed with other gentle heartbeat sounds.
useful features like night Newborns and toddlers
vision, motion detection will quickly be lulled
and 24/7 recording. into a peaceful slumber
This bluetooth pillow hooks up to your
Getting back to sleep Can’t make it smartphone and is compatible with apps like
after your child home for nap time? Calm and Headspace, so you can listen to a
has stirred can be Parents can record guided meditation as you fall asleep.
difficult. This bedside their own bedtime
metronome projects story on this nifty
a pulsing light onto gadget, so kids can
the ceiling which you be settled to sleep by
breathe in rhythm to, mum or dad, even if
aiding the sleep process they’re still caught
and helping to relieve up at the office.
insomnia and stress.

GET BACK Want to keep your kids in bed for
TO SLEEP longer? This sleep trainer uses
QUICKLY coloured lights and cute facial
WITH THESE expressions to teach little ones when
SMART it’s time to catch some shut-eye and
SLUMBER- when it’s OK to wake up.




Our how-to guide will help impending and new dads enjoy the birth and
the early weeks

How to enjoy the birth more women are sharing
These days it’s not unusual their experiences nowadays
for dads to be present at the as it can be frightening and
birth, but if your partner debilitating. It’s important that
specifically requests that professional medical help is
she doesn’t want or need sought. Treatment, which can
you there, try not to take range from talking therapies
offence. It may be that she feels to CBT to medication, or a
she needs someone who is combination of these can be
going to offer the practical help put into place so that you can
she knows she’ll require, and both get on with enjoying your
sometimes that’s in the form of new baby together. WW
her mum, sister or even a hired
By Una Rice doula. If you are going to be at that when calling on the new partner wants to co-sleep with SAD DADS
the birth the very best thing you parents they shouldn’t require a baby if she is demand feeding,
can do is to read up on it from silver service, but you would this can be safer without you in Did you know new dads are
at least one reliable source, get be amazed at the number of the bed. also at risk of postpartum
familiar with your partner’s visitors who want to cuddle depression? A study
birth plan, which outlines her your newborn even while How to cope with the newness published in the Journal
preferences, and know that you they have a sniffle or cold sore New fatherhood can catapult of Family Issues explored
may have to speak up on her virus. So it may be up to you to you into a strange place. There’s what they encountered and
behalf. Know too that although be vocal on both your behalfs a lot of emphasis on new how they can move beyond
most births are straightforward, about what’s okay. For instance, mothers and how the baby is barriers. Some of the issues
emergencies do occur and this your newborn doesn’t have to doing, but for dads it can be a experienced include not
is where your calmness and be held by everyone, or their little isolating as they deal with knowing that men can suffer
support comes into play. children, and it’s perfectly their emotions and a different with this condition, that
good practice to insist that set of responsibilities, especially men are often reluctant to
How to bond like a pro people wash their hands before if there was a difficult birth. This share their feelings, that
With a whole load of emphasis handling your baby. can cause anxiety which can be they get overwhelmed
on a new mum and baby, often difficult for a father admit to, but unable to express a
when breastfeeding is part of the How to get some sleep because they are looked upon multitude of emotions,
equation, a new dad can feel a as the ones who are supposed that they can experience
little nudged out of the picture, Do not be offended, and do not to be strong. Never be afraid resentment and that they
particularly if his role is reduced think it’s odd or weird when to talk about your feelings. invariably feel lost and
to making tea for visitors. the new mum suggests you Talking with a trusted friend or neglected.
Bonding is obviously very much sleep in the spare room. It’s a professional has benefits.
encouraged and new dads can not a sign you’ve fallen out, WEIGHT AROUND
do this by doing the nappy it’s usually a sign that she’s How to manage when things
changes and baby bath time or trying to find a way to manage aren’t right How does new fatherhood
being there for cuddles while a demanding night feeds and You know your partner better change you? Well, you may
new mum gets some sleep. As sometimes doing this with the than anyone and if you notice find yourself putting on a
soon as your partner can express least interruption is best for a change in mood in the days, little weight. A study found
milk, you can get involved in the everyone. So if you’re relegated weeks or even months after the that 22 per cent of new
feeding loop, but don’t just step to the spare room, breathe a sigh birth, it can be an indication dads gain over a stone after
in for a middle of the night feed. of relief. This stage doesn’t last of the baby blues which affects the birth. Why? Experts
Take the odd day time feed too. long. In just short weeks your around 75 per cent of new mums suggest it’s because dads
baby’s feeds become stretched or postnatal depression, which have less free time on their
How to deal with visitors out until that middle of the night affects around 13 per cent, and hands and sleep disruption
It’s really important to share feed is completely eliminated. which can vary in severity and has an effect also, combined
your feelings with your partner From a practical point of view requires professional help. PND with doing less exercise
about visitors and the effects there is no point in everyone’s is treatable, and thankfully and not spending quite
of this. Most people know sleep being hijacked and if your long enough on meal



Columnist and trained counsellor
Fiona Caine offers advice


My stepson is seven and though it was my fault. important thing for you “One thing
visits every other weekend. I’ve tried to get my husband to know is that this is not that doesn’t seem
When I married his father last personal, it’s a reaction to
year, he was clearly upset, but to accept that something is the changed circumstances. to have been
since then things have got so very wrong, but he thinks the It’s also important that you agreed on
much worse. He says he hates boy is fine. He says it’s only a understand it should not be is parenting
being with us and goes out of reaction to the divorce and it solely your responsibility to styles”
his way to break things in the will sort itself out over time. deal with the situation.
house. When he really loses I’m not so sure of that. What I place to the next, and his
it, he throws himself around do know though, is that I really I sense from your letter father and mother would
the house and screams at the can’t do this for much longer. that you take on the role be cooperating to contain
top of his voice. A.H. of peace-maker whenever difficult issues before they
problems arise and, if this became a problem.
Nothing I do seems to make FIONA SAYS: IT SOUNDS is the case, I think your
any difference. I have tried to LIKE HE NEEDS PROPER husband is shirking his Things are not perfect
be calm and talk him down SUPPORT responsibility as the boy’s though, and whatever the
as well as getting angry, but father. reasons for the divorce, one
nothing works. Last week he This child is clearly in pain thing that doesn’t seem
got so upset that he smashed and in need of help. He’s If things were perfect, to have been agreed on
his hand through a glass- confused and emotional and, he and his ex-wife would is parenting styles. Your
fronted cabinet. at seven years-old, may lack continue to parent their son, husband may well be feeling
the capacity to understand so that he understood all the guilty about breaking up
We spent the rest of the day and explain why he feels rules were the same in both
at A&E and when his mother this way. Instead, he makes homes. The consequences
called to collect him, she his feelings and frustration of behaviour too, would
gave me such a filthy look, as known by lashing out. The remain the same from one


that the way you dress will IS WORRYING ME
I am 16 and, for family reasons, attract the wrong kind of CAN I LEAVE MY
live with my Gran who is 76 attention - and she probably I like my boyfriend a lot, 13-YEAR-OLD HOME
and old-fashioned. We have feels you’re too young to but he’s got a nasty temper. ALONE?
had issues in the past, but two deal with that. I also suspect For the most part, he’s
weeks ago we had a furious she’d feel the same way if good fun to be around, but At what age can I leave
row about what I was wearing. you were 26, 36 or 46 - not if something sets him off, my 13-year-old daughter
I said some things that I am 16! he flies into a rage and if at home on her own?
not proud of. Basically, my gran he thinks I’m the cause he I have recently been
wants me to stop wearing tops You’re ashamed of how will shout and sometimes persuaded to join a local
that show my midriff and too you spoke to her, so I threaten me. It never lasts dance class, which takes
much cleavage. suspect you care about her as long and when it’s over place every Thursday
much as she cares about you. he always apologises. He evening. I can’t afford a
The problem is, I am large Tell her you’re sorry and, says he needs to let these baby-sitter. Besides, my
for my age and it’s difficult not for as long as you’re living things out because, if he daughter thinks she’s
to. I really don’t want to keep with her, be prepared to doesn’t, they fester and too old to need a baby-
arguing with her about this. How modify the way you dress a just cause bigger upsets sitter anyway. It’s only
do I convince her that I am old little. Being on trend doesn’t later. He has never hit me for a couple of hours
enough to decide what I should mean you have to show off and promises he never will, and she thinks it’s a
wear? your cleavage and your tum but this doesn’t stop me good idea for me to get
M.D. - look at other ways to dress from being scared at the out. She also says that
in a way you like that she’ll time though. He also says if she has a problem,
FIONA SAYS: find easier to cope with. he loves me and wants us she can contact me on
IT’S HER HOUSE There will be plenty of time to get married eventually, my mobile. She’s more
for you to write your own but I am starting to have sensible at 13 than me!
I don’t know what the fashion rules when you’ve doubts. Do you think he P. R.
reasons are that you’re moved out. will ever change?
currently living with your T.H. FIONA SAYS: IF
grandmother but whilst A FEW BOXES ARE
you’re in her house, you FIONA SAYS: TICKED – MAYBE
need to be at least aware of THIS ISN’T RIGHT
her feelings. I suspect she’s She does sound sensible
opposed to what you wear He might - but it’s unlikely and, surprisingly, the
because she’s worried about law doesn’t specify
because people with quick a minimum age at
the family, but he is also ie; Locall 1890 927 277 or which a child can be
deluding himself if he thinks 01 873 3500) tempers rarely change, left unsupervised. A
this behaviour will simply parent can, however,
correct itself. His son is NOT Your husband also unless they acknowledge be prosecuted for
fine - he needs help and needs to help his son to negligence if a child
soon, so that this situation understand that he needs they have a problem and of any age is left in a
does not escalate further. to respect you and what situation where they
that means. undertake some sort of are at risk of harm.
If he fails to act now, he It comes down to a
risks embedding behavioural He needs to make counselling for anger question of judgement
problems in his son for years it clear that there is a and taking precautions
to come. And if he won’t be difference between love management. If you want and this will depend
persuaded by you, show him and respect, and that he’s on the age of the child.
your letter and my response. not asking for the former to give this relationship For a 13-year-old, this
but that he does expect may include arranging
His first step should be his son to demonstrate a chance to work, you for a nearby neighbour
a conversation with his basic respect. or family member to
ex-wife. They need to find a need to talk with him. be ‘on call’ in the event
way for their son to get the That means, of course, of an emergency, and
help he needs. that you must do the same Explain that you care for ensuring your daughter
in return. can contact you by
This might involve a him but are worried and phone. Then, providing
specialist child counsellor But if this situation she’s comfortable
and perhaps input from his threatens to overwhelm often frightened by his with the idea, I see
school as well. At the very you or you simply need no reasonable reason
least, they should contact someone to talk to, please outbursts, then ask if he’s why you shouldn’t go
Parentline (www.parentline. contact Parentline for to the classes.
advice and guidance. prepared to get help.
If he can’t or won’t,

then you should think

very carefully about what

it is you see in him and

whether he is right for

you. How certain can you

be that what is almost

certainly emotional abuse

now, won’t eventually

become physical abuse?

Doubt, worry and fear

do not make strong

foundations on which to

build a loving marriage.

A nominee who has
TRANSFORMATIONAL used social media
MUM for the benefit of
others – charity or
A nominee
who has transformed fundraising for
herself, her family
or her community


A nominee who A nominee who A nominee who has
has encouraged has encouraged or channelled adversity
and helped within motivated others in
her community decision making into something
positive, a true

role model

We were meant to close off How to nominate MUMPRENEUR/
nominations last week, but SOCIAL
decided to leave it open one e closing date for entries is May 17, 2019. We’ve added ENTREPRENEUR
more week to ensure everyone another week because we want as many people as A nominee who has set
who can, nominates. possible to nominate! When you’re nominating please up and runs her own NEW
mark clearly ONE category ONLY business in addition MUM
Teaming up with Beko POST: Complete nomination form and post to Mum of to caring for her
for the fourth year to the Year Awards 2019, Rosemount House, Dundrum children
showcase our 2019 Mum of Road, Dublin 14
the Year winners, we are EMAIL: [email protected] A nominee who
supporting new mums, ONLINE: has recently
those who have overcome become a
adversity, inspirational and mum
transformational mums.
What the categories have in ...AND YOU The gracious surroundings of
common is the difference COULD WIN TOO! The Merrion’s Drawing Rooms
they’ve made to their are the perfect place to relax for
partners, families, friends We want to say thank you for an a ernoon with a selection of
and/or communities. everyone who is taking the delectable treats, accompanied
time to nominate their mum by teas and co ees selected
If you want to nominate or a mum they know. Every by our in-house tea masters
your mum or a mum you nomination we receive via and barista, while browsing
know, someone who is a Woman’s Way magazine will through a complimentary copy
local hero in the community, go into a draw to win a ernoon of The Merrion art collection
someone who is using social tea for two in the Merrion catalogue.
media as a force for good, Hotel, Dublin.
someone who is a social Simply nominate through
entrepreneur, someone who Treat yourself to a slice of Woman’s Way magazine and
goes above and beyond, we 19th- or 20th-century art one lucky reader could win
want to hear about it! served on fine china with a delectable, delicious and
miniature sweet creations entertaining a ernoon.
Woman’s Way and Beko inspired by the work of J.B For information on Art Tea
want this to be the biggest Yeats, William Scott, Louis Le at The Merrion, log onto
year yet and with your help, Brocquy and others.
we can ensure it is.












1 - Lilo and ___ wooden ships (5)
Once a month, we will be o ering readers (and crossword fans) a super puzzle to test : Walt Disney 6 - Military
your skills. This month, you could win a Kelly’s Resort break animated film (6) gestures (7)
5 - Ukrainian port 7 - Driven and go-
WIN! A break at Kelly’s Resort (6) getting (9)
8 - Get back (7) 8 - Retails (anag)
Enjoy an upli ing midweek overnight stay with breakfast for 11 - Seventh Greek (7)
two at the multi-award winning Kelly’s Resort Hotel, Rosslare. letter (3) 9 - Boundless (9)
Kelly’s Resort o ers a choice of interesting, informative 12 - Type of 10 - Henrik ___ :
and exciting midweek breaks at no extra cost. This resort is sandwich (6) Norwegian author
uniquely situated along five miles of safe sandy beach and 13 - Australian (5)
o ers an easy atmosphere that encourages relaxation and fun. marsupial (5,4) 16 - Watchfulness
For guests requiring a more active holiday, then Kelly’s o ers 14 - Opposite of (9)
a host of activities such as tennis, golf, swimming pools, gym, least (4) 17 - Allows (4)
jogging track plus much more. The Gastronomic experience in 15 - Act of 18 - Country in NE
Beaches Restaurant is not to be missed, as those visitors who harassing Africa (5)
return repeatedly will testify. Locally produced food, specially someone (11) 20 - Reversed (5)
selected wines and nightly entertainment are very much part of 19 - Group that 21 - Rigid (5)
the tradition at Kelly’s, a complete destination. produces ideas 23 - Italian
(5,4) cathedral (5)
T&Cs: Prize based on two adults sharing. Prize includes overnight midweek stay 20 - Unattractive 26 - Smooth
with breakfast for two. Scheduled daily mid-week activities. Subject to availability. (9) textile fibre (5)
Valid: May 2019-June 2019 OR can be redeemed October-December 2019 22 - Rich biscuit 27 - Ben ___ :
26 WOMANSWAY.IE (10) Scottish mountain
24 - Bores into (6) (5)
25 - Violation of a 28 - Flow
law (13) copiously (4)
31 - Certainly (10) 29 - Acuteness (9)
33 - O cial 30 - Boyfriend (4)
inspection (10) 32 - Run away with
36 - Absent- a lover (5)
mindedness (13) 34 - Lacking
40 - Wrench an meaning (5)
ankle (6) 35 - Character in
42 - Final result the musical Oliver!
(3,7) (5)
45 - Exceedingly 37 - Piety (9)
(9) 38 - Ludicrous (9)
47 - Implant ideas 39 - Piece of paper
in the mind by (5)
indoctrination (9) 41 - English public
49 - Amazing (11) school (4)
53 - Solitary (4) 43 - Musical wind
54 - Incredulity (9) instrument (7)
55 - Taxed (6) 44 - Fishing boat
56 - Consumed (7)
food (3) 46 - Portable lamp
57 - Break (7)
between words (in 48 - Spanish wine
verse) (7) (5)
58 - Angry 50 - Bits of meat
reprimand (6) of low value (5)
59 - Royal chair 51 - Small island
(6) (5)
DOWN 52 - Hang in the
2 - Part exchange air (5)
for something new
3 - Hackneyed (5)
4 - ___ Klum:
supermodel (5)
5 - Loose fibre

Simply post the completed crossword
with the competition form on page
49 to Competition 20, Woman’s Way,
Rosemount House, Dundrum Road,
Dublin 14. Closes May 27, 2019.


Every letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number, the MEDIUM SUDOKU
same number representing the same letter throughout the puzzle

Me and my bruv HARD SUDOKU
were the hard men
of Walford - now I’m
doing it alone

It’s not Pointless 4 LETTER WORDS: Arts; Club; Jail; Zips. 5 LETTER WORDS: False; ISSUE 19
knowing who I am, I Pearl. 6 LETTER WORDS: Cycled; Easier; Please; Rigged; Safest; SOLUTIONS
have all the answers Speech; Topics; Traced. 7 LETTER WORDS: Compete; Donkeys; MEDIUM SUDOKU
a er all! Excited; Satisfy; Shampoo; Somehow. 8 LETTER WORDS: Operates;
Umbrella. 9 LETTER WORDS: Companion; Housewife; Presented; HARD SUDOKU
Though not Ginger, Squirrels. 10 LETTER WORDS: Management; Vegetables; 13 LETTER
I teamed up with a WORD: Uncomfortable.
Spice Girl to host a
singing competition WORDWISE PUZZLES

The word may sound familiar, but do you know what it means?

NIMBLE A Bird like a lark
A Light in weight B A kind of apple
B Agile C Slender tube used in
C Tread warily chemistry

A Five-sided A Lead weight attached to
B Best of its class fishing line
C Last but one B Fungus disease a ecting fruit
C Form of carbon used in pencil-
A Plea for mercy
B Damnation RETICULE
C Everlasting A Suite of persons in attendance
B A spy-glass
PIPIT C A bag or purse

ANSWERS: 1B. 2C. 3B. 4A. 5C. 6C.



To solve the puzzle, simply get the holidaymakers from the Can you get the worm safely out of the pear?
beginning of their journey to the beach


Which piece slots perfectly into which section?


Match the pairs. Spot the odd one out.


FREE Craft magazine




Scarf lifeAquickknit



Summer cover
ink pink with this gorgeously springy top

Circle the size you wish to make MEASUREMENTS 81/86 91/97 102/107 112/117 122/127 132/137 cm

TOP TO FIT BUST 32/34 36/38 40/42 44/46 48/50 52/54 in
Using 5.00 hook make 72 MEASUREMENT Cardigan
[80:88:94:102:110]ch. FULL LENGTH Note:-this shaped garment is designed to be close fitting and will
Foundation Row (rs). 1tr Top
into 3rd ch from hook, 1tr Cardigan stretch to give the fit shown in the photograph.
into each ch to end, turn. 71 SLEEVE LENGTH
[79:87:93:101:109]tr. 90 101 111 121 133 141 cm
1st Row. 2ch (2ch counts as 1tr),
1tr into each tr to end, turn. 35½ 39¾ 43¾ 47¾ 52½ 55½ in
2nd Row. 2ch, 1tr into each
of next 16 [18:22:24:26:28]tr, 60 62 66 69 71 73 cm
tr2tog, 1tr into each of next 33 23¾ 24½ 26
[37:37:39:43:47]tr, tr2tog, 1tr 52 54 58 27¼ 28 28¾ in
into each tr to end, turn. 69 20½ 21¼ 22¾
[77:85:91:99:107]tr. 8 8 8 61 63 65 cm
Working in tr (throughout) 3 3 3
proceed as follows:- 24 24¾ 25½ in
Work 1 [1:2:2:2:2] rows without
shaping. 8 8 8 cm
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each
of next 15 [17:21:23:25:27]tr, 3 3 3 in
tr2tog, 1tr into each of next 33
[37:37:39:43:47]tr, tr2tog, 1tr MEASUREMENTS 5 56 7 7 8 100g balls
into each tr to end, turn. 67 5 56 7 7 8 100g balls
[75:83:89:97:105]tr. Top
Work 1 [1:2:2:2:2] rows without F047 Sirdar No.1 shade 218
shaping. Cardigan
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each F047 Sirdar No.1 shade 220
of next 14 [16:20:22:24:26]tr,
tr2tog, 1tr into each of next 33 Also suitable for Country Style DK, Cro er DK, Soukie DK, Beachcomber DK, Amalfi DK, Cotton DK,
[37:37:39:43:47]tr, tr2tog, 1tr Cotton Prints DK, Toscana DK and Dapple DK. Amounts may vary.
into each tr to end, turn. 65 The yarn amounts are based on average requirements when specified tension and yarn is used.
[73:81:87:95:103]tr. You will also need 1 5.00 (UK6 - USAH/8) Crochet Hook. 4 Buttons for Cardigan.
Work 1 [1:2:2:2:2] rows without
shaping. Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each 33 [37:37:39:43:47]tr, 2tr into (counts as 1dc), 1tr into each tr to
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each of next 11 [13:17:19:21:23]tr, next tr, 1tr into each tr to end, last 6 [7:9:9:11:13]tr, 1dc into next
of next 13 [15:19:21:23:25]tr, tr2tog, 1tr into each of next 33 turn. 65 [73:81:87:95:103]tr. tr, turn. 43 [49:53:55:59:63] sts.
tr2tog, 1tr into each of next 33 [37:37:39:43:47]tr, tr2tog, 1tr Cont without shaping Next Row. Ss to 6th [8th:10th:
[37:37:39:43:47]tr, tr2tog, 1tr into each tr to end, turn. 59 until back measures 41 10th:12th:14th] st, 1ch, 1tr into
into each tr to end, turn. 63 [67:75:81:89:97]tr. [41:43:46:47:47]cm, (16 each tr to last 6 [8:10:10:12:14]
[71:79:85:93:101]tr. Work 5 [7:4:4:6:6] rows without [16:17:18:18½:18½]in). sts, 1dc into next st. 33
Work 1 [1:2:2:2:2] rows without shaping. [35:35:37:37:37] sts. Fasten off.
shaping. Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each of Shape Armholes
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each next 11 [13:17:19:21:23]tr, 2tr into 1st Row. Ss to 4th FRONT
of next 12 [14:18:20:22:24]tr, next tr, 1tr into each of next 33 [4th:4th:6th:6th:6th]tr, 2ch, 1tr
tr2tog, 1tr into each of next 33 [37:37:39:43:47]tr, 2tr into next into each tr to last 3 [3:3:5:5:5]tr, Work as given for Back to **.
[37:37:39:43:47]tr, tr2tog, 1tr tr, 1tr into each tr to end, turn. turn. 59 [67:75:77:85:93]tr. Work 11 [13:15:15:16:17] rows
into each tr to end, turn. 61 61 [69:77:83:91:99]tr. 2nd Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr into more without shaping.
[69:77:83:91:99]tr. Work 3 rows without shaping. each tr to last 3 sts, tr2tog,
Work 1 [1:2:2:2:2] rows without Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each of 1tr into last tr, turn. 57 Shape Neck
shaping. next 12 [14:18:20:22:24]tr, 2tr [65:73:75:83:91]tr. Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each
into next tr, 1tr into each of next Rep last row twice more. 53 of next 8 [11:15:15:19:23]tr,
33 [37:37:39:43:47]tr, 2tr into [61:69:71:79:87]tr. ** tr2tog, 1tr into next tr, turn. 11
next tr, 1tr into each tr to end, Work 13 [15:17:17:18:19] rows [14:18:18:22:26] sts.
turn. 63 [71:79:85:93:101]tr. more without shaping. Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr into
Work 3 rows without shaping. each tr to end. 10 [13:17:17:21:25]
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each of Shape Shoulder sts.
next 13 [15:19:21:23:25]tr, 2tr Next Row. Ss to 6th
into next tr, 1tr into each of next [7th:9th:9th:11th:13th]tr, 1ch Shape Shoulder
Next Row. Ss to 6th



“Make it as [47:53:55:59:61]ch. Foundation work 2 rows of dc evenly TENSION
a top or a Row. 1tr into 3rd ch from hook, around neck edge. 15tr and 9 rows to 10cm, (4in) on
cardi, we’ve 1tr into each ch to end, turn. 42 Fasten off. 5.00 hook or the size required to
both in this [46:52:54:58:60]tr. give correct tension.
pattern” 1st Row. 2ch (2ch counts as FRILL Check your tension - if less
1tr), 1tr into base on which 2ch stitches use a thinner hook, if
[7th:9th:9th:11th:13th]tr, 1ch, stands, 1tr into each tr to last It may be helpful to place a more use a thicker hook.
1tr into each tr to end, turn. 5 2tr, 2tr into next tr, 1tr into last marker thread across front IT IS ESSENTIAL TO WORK
[7:9:9:11:13] sts. tr, turn. 44 [48:54:56:60:62] and back approximately TO THE STATED TENSION TO
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr. Rep last row twice more. 12 [12:12:14:14:14]cm, (4¾ ENSURE SUCCESS.
of next 3 [5:7:7:9:11]tr, 1dc into 48 [52:58:60:64:66]tr. Cont [4¾:4¾:5½:5½:5½]in) down
last st. Fasten off. With rs of without shaping until sleeve from beg of shoulder shaping to ABBREVIATIONS
work facing, miss next 29 measures 8cm, (3in). help with placement of frill. NB these instructions use UK
[31:31:33:33:33]tr, rejoin yarn to 1st Rnd. With rs of work facing, terms US terms are given in
next tr and proceed as follows:- Shape Sleeve Top using 5.00 hook turn work brackets below where applicable.
Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr Next Row. Ss to 4th st, 1ch (1ch upside down and starting at beg beginning, ch chain, cm
into each tr to end, turn. 11 counts as 1dc), 1tr into each tr to left side of back 1 st in from centimetres, cont continue,
[14:18:18:22:26] sts. last 4 sts, 1dc into next st, turn. armhole edge, rejoin yarn, 2ch dc double crochet (US single
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr 42 [46:52:54:58:60] sts. Rep last (2ch counts as 1tr), 2tr into same crochet), DK double knitting, dtr
to last 3 sts, tr2tog, 1tr into last row 6 [6:7:7:8:8] times more. 6 st, work 48 [55:62:66:74:78]tr double treble(US treble crochet),
st, turn. 10 [13:17:17:21:25] sts. [10:10:12:10:12] sts. Fasten off. evenly along back to last 2 sts in foll following, g grammes, in
from right armhole edge, work inch(es), patt pattern, rs right
Shape Shoulder NECK EDGING 3tr into next st, working 1 st in side, rep repeat, rnd round, ss
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each of from armhole edge work 40 slip stitch, st(s) stitch(es), tog
next 3 [5:7:7:9:11]tr, 1dc into next Join shoulder seams. With rs [40:42:42:43:43]tr evenly along together, tr treble (US double
st, turn. 5 [7:9:9:11:13] sts. facing, using 5.00 hook and armholes to front marker, crochet), ws wrong side, yoh yarn
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr starting at left shoulder seam work 3tr into next st at marker, over hook. tr2tog (yoh, insert
to last st, 1dc into last st. Fasten hook into next st, yoh and draw
off. through, yoh and draw through
2 loops) twice, yoh and draw
SLEEVES (Both alike) through 3 loops.

Using 5.00 hook make 43 work 48 [55:62:66:74:78]tr
evenly along front to last 2 sts in
from left armhole edge, work
3tr into next st, working 1 st
in from armhole edge work
40 [40:42:42:43:43]tr evenly
along armholes to start of
back marker, ss to 1st tr. 188
2nd Rnd. 3ch (3ch counts as
1dtr), * 1dtr into next tr, 2dtr
into next tr, rep from * to
last 3 [5:3:3:1:1] sts, 1dtr into
each st to end, ss to 1st st. 280
[300:328:340:368:380] sts.
3rd Rnd. 4ch (4ch counts as 1tr,
2ch), 1tr into base on which 4ch
stands, * 2ch, miss next 3dtr,
(1tr, 2ch, 1tr) into next dtr, rep
from * to end, ss to 1st st.
4th Rnd. Ss into first V st, 3ch
(3ch counts as 1dtr), 4dtr into
same V st, miss next 2ch, * 5dtr
into next V st, miss next 2ch,
rep from * to end, ss to 1st dtr.
Fasten off.


Fold sleeves in half lengthways
then placing folds to shoulder
seams sew sleeves in

continued on next page


continued on last page front measures approximately [9:10:13] sts. For 3rd, 4th and 6th sizes only
33 [33:35:37:38:39]cm, (13 Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each of Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each of
position. Join side and sleeve [13:13¾:14½:15:15½]in), ending next [7:8:11] sts, 1dc into last st. next [7:8:11]tr, 1dc into next st,
seams. Pin out garment to the with a ws row. ** Fasten off. turn. [9:10:13] sts.
measurement given. Cover Next Row. 1ch, 1tr into each tr
with damp cloths and leave Shape Armhole RIGHT FRONT to end.
until dry. See ball band for Next Row. Ss to 4th Fasten off.
washing and further care [4th:4th:6th:6th:6th]tr, 2ch, Work as given for Left Front to
instructions. 1tr into each st to end, turn. 31 **. SLEEVES (Both alike)
CARDIGAN Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr Shape Armhole Work as given for Sleeves of Top.
BACK to last 3tr, tr2tog, 1tr into last tr, Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr
turn. 30 [34:38:40:44:47]tr. to last 3 [3:3:5:5:5]tr, turn. 31 NECKBAND
Using 5.00 hook make 68 Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr [35:39:41:45:48]tr.
[76:84:92:100:106] ch. into each tr to end, turn. 29 Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr Join shoulder seams. With rs
Foundation Row (rs). 1tr [33:37:39:43:46]tr. into each tr to end, turn. 30 facing, using 5.00 hook and
into 3rd ch from hook, 1tr Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr [34:38:40:44:47]tr. starting at neck edge work 2
into each ch to end, turn. 67 to last 3tr, tr2tog, 1tr into last st, Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr to rows of dc evenly around neck.
[75:83:91:99:105]tr. turn. 28 [32:36:38:42:45]tr. Work last 3 sts, tr2tog, 1tr into last tr,
1st Row. 2ch (2ch counts as 1tr), 9 [11:12:12:13:14] rows more turn. 29 [33:37:39:43:46]tr. FRONT BORDER
1tr into each tr to end, turn. without shaping. Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr
1st row sets tr patt. into each tr to end, turn. 28 With rs facing, using 5.00 hook
Working in tr patt Shape Neck [32:36:38:42:45]tr. Work 9 and starting at lower front edge
(throughout) cont until back For 1st, 2nd and 5th sizes only [11:12:12:13:14] rows more of right front work 1 row of dc
measures approximately Next Row. With ws facing, without shaping. evenly along right front edge,
33 [33:35:37:38:39]cm, (13 break off yarn, miss next 3dc into corner st at neck, work
[13:13¾:14½:15:15½]in), ending 14 [15:16]tr, rejoin yarn to Shape Neck dc evenly around neck shaping,
with a ws row. remaining 14 [17:26]tr, 2ch (2ch For 1st, 2nd and 5th sizes only 3dc into corner st at neck edge
counts as 1tr), 1tr into each st to Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr and evenly along left front
Shape Armholes end, turn. to last 14 [15:16]tr, turn. 14 [17:26] edge, turn. Place markers for 4
1st Row. Ss to 4th Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr sts. buttons evenly from top of right
[4th:4th:6th:6th:6th]tr, 2ch, 1tr to last 3tr, tr2tog, 1tr into last st, Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr into front approximately 7cm (2¾in)
into each tr to last 3 [3:3:5:5:5]tr, turn. 13 [16:25] sts. each tr to end, turn. 13 [16:25] apart. Work 1 row more in dc
turn. 61 [69:77:81:89:95]tr. Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr into sts. working 5ch button loops to
2nd Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr into each tr to end, turn. 12 [15:24] Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr to correspond with markers where
each tr to last 3 sts, tr2tog, sts. last 3 sts, tr2tog, 1tr into last tr, appropriate.
1tr into last tr, turn. 59 Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr to turn. 12 [15:24] sts. Fasten off.
[67:75:79:87:93]tr. Rep last row last 3 sts, tr2tog, 1tr into last st, Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr into
twice more. 55 [63:71:75:83:89] turn. 11 [14:23] sts. each tr to end, turn. 11 [14:23] FRILL
tr. ** Work 13 [15:17:17:18:19] sts.
rows more without shaping. For 3rd, 4th and 6th sizes only It may be helpful to place a
Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr to For 3rd, 4th and 6th sizes only marker thread across left and
Shape Shoulders last [15:16:16]tr, turn. [21:22:29]tr. Next Row. With rs facing, break right fronts and across back
Next Row. Ss to 6th Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr into off yarn, miss next [15:16:16] approximately 12 [12:12:14:14:14]
[8th:10th:10th:12th:14th] st, each tr to end, turn. [20:21:28]tr. tr, rejoin yarn to next tr, 2ch, cm, (4¾ [4¾:4¾:5½:5½:5½]
1ch (1ch counts as 1dc), 1tr into Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr to 1tr into each tr to end, turn. in) down from beg of shoulder
each tr to last 6 [8:10:10:12:14] last 3 sts, tr2tog, 1tr into last tr, [21:22:29]tr. shaping to help with placement
sts, 1dc into next st, turn. 45 turn. [19:20:27]tr. Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr to of frill.
[49:53:57:61:63] sts. Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr into last 3 sts, tr2tog, 1tr into last st, 1st Row. With rs of work facing,
Next Row. Ss to 7th [8th:10th: each tr to end, turn. [18:19:26]tr. turn. [20:21:28]tr. using 5.00 hook turn work
11th:13th:14th] st, 1ch, 1tr into Next Row. 2ch, tr2tog, 1tr into upside down and starting at
each tr to last 7 [8:10:11:13:14] Shape Shoulders each tr to end, turn. [19:20:27]tr. left front rejoin yarn at marker,
sts, 1dc into next st. 33 For 1st, 2nd and 5th sizes only Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each tr to 2ch (2ch counts as 1tr), work
[35:35:37:37:37] sts. Fasten off. Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each of last 3 sts, tr2tog, 1tr into last st, 24 [26:30:33:37:40]tr evenly
next 4 [5:10]tr, 1dc into next st, turn. [18:19:26]tr. across left front to last 2 sts
LEFT FRONT turn. 6 [7:12] sts. from armhole, 3tr into next st,
Next Row. 1ch (counts as 1dc), 1tr Shape Shoulders working 1 st in from armhole
Using 5.00 hook make 35 into each tr to end. Fasten off. For 1st, 2nd and 5th sizes only edge work 40 [40:42:42:43:43]
[39:43:47:51:54]ch. Foundation Next Row. Ss to 6th [8th:12th]tr, tr evenly along left armhole
Row (rs). 1tr into 3rd ch from For 3rd, 4th and 6th sizes only 1ch (1ch counts as 1dc), 1tr into to back marker, 3tr into next
hook, 1tr into each ch to end, Next Row. Ss to [10th:10th:14th] each tr to end, turn. 6 [7:12] sts. st, work 50 [60:68:70:78:86]tr
turn. 34 [38:42:46:50:53]tr. st, 1ch (1ch counts as 1dc), Next Row. 2ch, 1tr into each of evenly along back to last 2 sts
Working in tr patt 1tr into each tr to end, turn. next 4 [5:10] sts, 1dc into last st. from right armhole edge, work
(throughout) cont until left Fasten off. 3tr into next st, working 1 st in
from armhole edge work 40
[40:42:42:43:43]tr evenly along
right armhole to front marker,



work 3tr into next st at marker, DIAMONDS ARE “Make it,
work 25 [27:31:34:38:41]tr evenly FOREVER e cowl is the perfect wear it,
across right front, turn. 192 love it”
[206:226:234:252:266]tr. piece for chilly evenings
2nd Row. 3ch (3ch counts as
1dtr), 1dtr into each of next 3 SIZE
[4:6:6:5:6]tr, * 2dtr into next 7½ in (18 cm) deep and 25 in
tr, 1dtr into next tr, rep from * (64 cm) circumference
to last 4 [5:7:7:6:7] sts, 1tr into SPECIAL ABBREVIATION
each st to end. Fasten off. 284 C4R slip next st onto CN and
[304:332:344:372:392] sts. leave at back of work, K3, then
3rd Row. Rejoin yarn to left front, K1 from CN
4ch (4ch counts as 1tr, 2ch), 1tr C4L slip next 3 sts onto CN
into base on which 4ch stands, * and leave at front of work, K1,
2ch, miss next 3dtr, (1tr, 2ch, 1tr) then K3 from CN
into next dtr, rep from * to end. MATERIALS NEEDED
Fasten off. DMC Woolly (136 yd/125 m
4th Row. Rejoin yarn into first V per 50g ball) 2 x Blue (072)
st of left front, 3ch (3ch counts as • US 6 (4 mm) circular needle
1dtr), 4dtr into same V st, miss • Cable needle
next 2ch, * 5dtr into next V st, GAUGE (TENSION)
miss next 2ch, rep from * to end. 22 sts and 36 rows to 4 in (10
Fasten off. cm) measured over cable patt
using US 6 (4 mm) needles.
Fold sleeves in half lengthways
then placing folds to shoulder Using US 6 (4 mm) circular needle
seams sew sleeves in position. CO 140 sts.
Join side and sleeve seams. Sew Place marker and join for working
on buttons. Pin out garment to the in the round, being careful not to
measurement given. Cover with twist CO edge.
damp cloths and leave until dry. Round 1 (RS): Knit to marker.
See ball band for washing and Round 2: Purl to marker.
further care instructions. WW Rep last 2 rounds twice more.
Next round: *(Kfb) twice, K6,
(Kfb) twice, rep from * to marker. around these 6 sts 3 times, then K6 from right needle to le needle
196 sts. from CN), K4, rep from * to marker. then reposition marker a er last
Round 10: As round 8. st knitted.
Cable patt Round 11: *K3, C4R, C4L, K3, rep
(Note: Marker is moved 3 sts on from * to marker. These 20 rounds form patt.
round 18 and returns to original Round 12: As round 6. Work in patt for a further 37
position on round 20). Round 13: *K2, C4R, K2, C4L, K2, rounds, ending a er patt round 17.
Round 1 (RS): *C4L, K6, C4R, rep rep from * to marker. Next round: *(K2tog) twice,
from * to marker. Round 14: As round 4. K6, (K2tog) twice, rep from * to
Round 2: *K4, P6, K4, rep from * Round 15: *K1, C4R, K4, C4L, K1, marker. 140 sts.
to marker. rep from * to marker. Next round (RS): Purl to marker.
Round 3: *K1, C4L, K4, C4R, K1, Round 16: As round 2. Next round: Knit to marker. Rep
rep from * to marker. Round 17: *C4R, K6, C4L, rep from last 2 rounds twice more.
Round 4: *K5, P4, K5, rep from * * to marker. BO purlwise.
to marker. Round 18: *K3, P8, K3, rep from *
Round 5: *K2, C4L, K2, C4R, K2, to marker, then K first 3 sts of this Block to measurements carefully
rep from * to marker. round again and re-position marker following instructions on ball
Round 6: *K6, P2, K6, rep from * a er last st knitted. band.
to marker. Round 19: *K8, wrap next 6 sts, rep
Round 7: *K3, C4L, C4R, K3, rep from * to marker. Extracted from Knitted Scarves
from * to marker. Round 20: *P8, K6, rep from * to and Cowls by Jody Long (Tuva,
Round 8: Knit to marker. within 14 sts of marker, P8, K3, now €20.93) which is out now
Round 9: *K4, wrap next 6 sts slip the next 3 sts from le needle to
(by slipping next 6 sts from le right needle, remove marker, slip the
needle onto CN and hold at front 3 sts that you have just slipped back
of work, take the yarn clockwise


Panda mug hug Abearnecessity
of an accessory

Everyone loves a panda and white. Make the tab You will need
now you can create your own Beg with a p row, work 16 (20) For the smaller cozy, with RS Wendy Mode Chunky (50% wool,
cuddly mug-hugging versions rows in st st, noting instructions facing pick up and knit 6 sts 50% acrylic; 153yd/140m per
for both a standard-size cup below. evenly between 5th and 12th 3½ oz/100g ball) bulky (chunky)
and something a bit more giant, For smaller size, mark rows, checking that the tab yarn:
just like the creature itself. Not beginning and end of 5th and knitted here will fit neatly 1 ball each in shade:
only do these mug hugs look 12th rows on RH side with through your mug handle 202 Vanilla (white)
great, they’ll help keep your stitch markers, safety pins, or and adjusting the position if 220 Coal (black)
favourite drinks warm, too. contrasting thread. necessary. Small amounts of bright colored
Row 2: K2, p2, k2. bulky (chunky) yarns for the
Make the main part of the mug For larger size, mark beginning Row 3: Knit. collars and bows
hug and end of 6th and 15th rows Row 4: K2, p2, k2. 1 x ¾ in (18mm) gray button for
Cast on 38 (46) sts using a bright on RH side with stitch markers, Rep rows 3–4 twice more. each cozy
colored yarn for the collar. safety pins, or contrasting Row 9: K2, bind (cast) off 2 sts, k US 8 (5mm) knitting needles
Knit 2 rows. thread. to end. (4 sts) Yarn sewing needle
Break collar yarn and join in Bind (cast) off kwise. Row 10: K2, turn and cast on 2 Large-eyed embroidery needle
Stitch markers or small safety
White sewing thread

Gauge (tension)
16 sts and 22 rows in stockinette
(stocking) stitch to a 4-in
(10-cm) square on US 8 (5mm)

The smaller cozy fits a standard
½ pint (300ml) and the larger
cozy fits a 1 pint (600ml) mug.
The smaller cozy is 3¼ in (8.5cm)
deep and has a 9½ in (24cm)
circumference. The larger cozy is
4¼ in (10.5cm) deep and has an
11½ in (29cm) circumference.
Figures for the larger cozy are
given in brackets a er the figures
for the smaller cozy. Measure the
mug you want to use the cozy on
and decide which one to make.

inc increase k knit k2tog knit 2
stitches together kwise knitwise
p purl p2tog purl 2 stitches
together pwise purlwise RH
right hand RS right side ssk slip
slip knit st(s) stitch(es) st st
stockinette (stocking) stitch

Joining in a new color
Picking up stitches
Sewing up
Embroidery stitches
Sewing on buttons

sts, turn back and k to end. (6 sts)
Row 11: Knit.
Row 12: Bind (cast) off tightly.

For the larger cozy, with RS
facing pick up and knit 8 sts
evenly between 6th and 15th row,
checking that the tab knitted



“Create together at the base. Oversew in RUGS AWAY
your own position.
cuddly mug- Crochet away with this easy make rug
hugging Add the eye patches
Oversew the eye patches in DROPS Design: RUG:
panda” position using the photograph Model ee-595
as a guide. Yarn Group E + E + E Work 5 chain
from here will fit centrally Dimensions: stitches with hook
through the mug handle Add the eyes about 95 cm in diameter. size 12 mm and 3
and adjusting the position if Pull apart a 12in (30cm) length Materials: strands Eskimo
necessary. of black yarn into two thinner DROPS ESKIMO from and form them into
Row 2: K2, p4, k2. strands. Use these to work a Garnstudio (belongs to yarn a ring with 1 slip
Row 3: Knit. French knot for the eye centers group E) stitch in the first
Row 4: K2, p4, k2. in the middle of each eye patch, 550 g color 53, light gray chain stitch. Then
Rep rows 3–4 twice more. making sure you can see its 500 g color 01, nature work PATTERN
Row 9: K3, bind (cast) off 2 sts, k position on the black eye patch. Work can also be knitted with according to
to end. (6 sts) Pull apart a length of white yarn from: diagram A.1 – see
Row 10: K3, turn and cast on 2 yarn in the same way and work “Alternative yarn (Yarn group description below;
sts, turn back and k to end. (8 a circle of chain stitch around E)” - see the link below. work 12 repeats
sts) the eye centers. DROPS CROCHET NEEDLES of A.1 every round
Row 11: Knit. NO 12 - or the needle you need - read CROCHET
Row 12: Bind (cast) off tightly. Add the nose to get 6 rows of 10 cm in width TIP! Cut and
Using a separated length of with 3 threads. fasten strands
Make the ears black, work a coil of chain INFORMATION FOR THE when A.1 has been
(make 2) stitches for the nose and PATTERN: completed.
Cast on 6 sts in black yarn. add a line of chain stitches PATTERN:
Beg with a k row, work 4 rows underneath, using the Work according to A.1. Always
in st st. photograph as a guide. work with 3 strands, but change
Row 5: K2tog, k2, ssk. (4 sts) colours according to the letters
Row 6: [P2tog] twice. (2 sts) Join the seams in the diagram.
Row 7: [Inc] twice. (4 sts) Join the top and bottom edges of CROCHET TIP:
Row 8: [Inc pwise, p1] twice. the side seams using flat stitch, The first treble crochet on the
(6 sts) leaving a gap in the middle round is replaced by 3 chain
Beg with a k row, work 4 rows the size of your mug handle. stitches. Finish the round with 1
in st st. Use white yarn for the white slip stitch in the 3rd chain stitch.
Bind (cast) off. parts but finish off with a few The first double treble crochet
stitches of colored yarn to join on the round is replaced by 4
Make the eye patches (make 2) the collar. chain stitches. Finish the round
Cast on 2 sts in black yarn. with 1 slip stitch in the 4th chain
Row 1: [Inc] twice. (4 sts) Add the bow and button stitch.
Beg with a p row, work 3 rows Stitch the two short ends of the
in st st. bow piece together to make DIAGRAM
Row 5: K2tog, ssk. (2 sts) a loop but don’t cut the yarn.
Row 6: P2tog. (1 st) Instead, with the seam in the = Work 5 chain stitches and form them into a ring with 1
Fasten off. middle at the back, make the slip stitch in the first chain stitch
loop into a bow and secure it in = 1 treble crochet in stitch
Make the bow place on the front of the collar = treble crochet around chain stitch/chain-space
Cast on 22 sts in the same color by stitching over and over the = 2 treble crochets around chain-space
yarn as you used for the collar. center point. Fit the mug cozy = 2 treble crochets in stitch
Bind (cast) off. over the mug, with the tab = 1 chain stitch
through the handle and mark = 3 chain stitches
the center of the buttonhole. = 1 double treble crochet but wait with the last pull
Sew the button where the mark
is. Weave in all loose ends. WW through, 3 treble crochets but wait with the last pull
through on all of these, 1 double treble crochet and pull
Make up the ears Extracted from through all 6 loops on hook
Fold the ear pieces in half, right My First Animal = 1 double treble crochet, 3 treble crochets and 1 double
sides together and oversew Knitting Book by treble crochet in same treble crochet
around the curved edges, Fiona Goble (CICO = 1 strand o white + 2 strands light grey
leaving the flat edge open for Books, €13.99) = 3 strands light grey
turning. Turn the ears the which is out now. = 3 strands o white
right way out and oversew Photography ©
CICO Books



Baby born
is onesie is as cute as it is easy to make

SIZE: “You’ll get edge, every 4 rows: 4 times 1 st. All seams are sewn using side
–a) 3 months –b) 6 months –c) loads of wear After finishing the crotch seam technique.
12 months increases and after finishing a Straps: Using light blue cast on
The garment in photograph from this wrong side row, leave the sts on –a) 58 sts –b) 62 sts –c) 66 sts.
corresponds to size –b) 6 months romper suit” hold. Work in 2x2 Ribbing beginning
Left leg: Work same as right leg, and finishing with K2.
MATERIALS reversing all shaping. reversing all shaping. Buttonhole: Make 1 buttonhole
PANAMA: –a) 1 –b) 1 –c) 2 balls After finishing the crotch After finishing the crotch in the 3rd row, 3 sts from edge.
light blue color 10 increases and after finishing a increases and after finishing a Work 3 more rows and bind off
–a) 1 –b) 1 –c) 1 ball aqua green right side row, pick up the sts right side row, pick up the sts (cast off) all sts.
color 75 from left leg and work across from right leg and work across Work another strap in the same
NOTE: This garment can also all sts continuing to decrease at all sts continuing to decrease at way.
be made using MISSISSIPPI-3 side edges as set. side edges as set. Sew the 2 buttons to the ribbing
or CAPRI (using the same After finishing the decreases After finishing the decreases of top of back, each button 3
instructions), bearing in mind you have: –a) 58 sts –b) 64 sts you have: –a) 58 sts –b) 64 sts 1/8” (8 cm) from side edge.
that the number of balls may –c) 70 sts. –c) 70 sts. Sew the straps (= the side
vary. When work measures –a) 9” Armholes: When work without buttonhole) to the top
2 buttons (23 cm) –b) 9 7/8” (25 cm) –c) measures –a) 9 7/8” (25 cm) –b) of the front neck, one at each
10 5/8” (27 cm) change to light 10 5/8” (27 cm) –c) 11 3/8” (29 edge, cross them on the back
Knitting needles Stitches blue and continue to work in cm) bind off (cast off) at both and fasten to the buttons. See
Size 3 (US) or 3 mm XX Garter 2x2 Ribbing beginning with K2 edges, at the beginning of each the dotted line in the pattern.
st and finishing with –a) K2 –b) P2 row: 1 time 3 sts. Now decrease, Sew the side seams and the
XX 2x2 Ribbing –c) K2. 3 sts from each edge, every 4 crotch. WW
XX Round buttonholes When work measures –a) 9 7/8” rows:
XX Side seam technique (25 cm) –b) 10 5/8” (27 cm) –c) –a) 9 times 1 st
XX Stripe pattern (see 11 3/8” (29 cm) bind off (cast off) –b) 10 times 1 st
explanation) all sts. –c) 12 times 1 st
See instructions in basic stitches You have: –a) 34 sts –b) 38 sts
FRONT –c) 40 sts.
Stripe pattern: Work in Garter st. Neckline: When work measures
* 2 rows using light blue, Right leg: Using light blue –a) 3 ½” (9 cm) –b) 4” (10 cm)
2 rows using aqua green * cast on –a) 32 sts –b) 35 sts –c) 4 3/8” (11 cm) from the
Always repeat from * to *. –c) 38 sts. Work 6 rows in 2x2 beginning of armholes, bind off
Ribbing beginning with K2 and (cast off) all sts.
GAUGE finishing with –a) P2 –b) K3
Take time to check gauge –c) K2 and continue to work in FINISHING (making up)
Using size 3 needles, in Stripe Stripe pattern decreasing, 3 sts
pattern: from left edge, every 14 rows: 7
26 sts and 46 rows = 4x4” times 1 st.
At the same time: After
BACK finishing the 2x2 Ribbing
section shape crotch by
Left leg: Using light blue cast increasing, 3 sts from right
on –a) 32 sts –b) 35 sts –c)
38 sts. Work 6 rows in 2x2
Ribbing beginning with K2 and
finishing with –a) P2 –b) K3
–c) K2 and continue to work in
Stripe pattern decreasing, 3 sts
from left edge, every 14 rows: 7
times 1 st.
At the same time: After
finishing the 2x2 Ribbing
section shape the crotch by
increasing, 3 sts from right
edge, every 4 rows: 4 times 1 st.
After finishing the crotch
increases and after finishing a
wrong side row, leave the sts on
Right leg: Work same as left leg,



YHRefOrOeshUMRE bottles. We’ve plenty of some mattresses - including
Don’t have time for a ‘big clean?’ home grown green Irish Sealy’s mattresses containing
Try these tips instead brands such as TippTop (we Purotex smart fibres, which
love their stuff) that are have self-cleaning properties
By Gabrielle Fagan Rushing to polish windows, go into a seasonal cleaning worth checking out too. – are unsuitable for cleaning
scour surfaces, sweep away frenzy, there are a few easy- with baking soda.
cobwebs and generally peasy ways to get a spring Tool up
spruce up your rooms as part clean result without too Plant up a room
of that annual big seasonal much time and effort... There’s a homely, nostalgic
clean? Thought not! feel to vintage-style cleaning Indoor greenery can clean
Clean it green kit – even though it might the air, as well as injecting
It seems today’s busy lives Add to that glow of remind you that in the past life and colour into a space,
and stretched schedules satisfaction at the end of you’d have been spared which is a perfect way of
are helping kill off the a good clean by knowing the annual cleaning chore, welcoming spring, declares
tradition of a seasonal deep you’ve used planet-friendly which would have been Claire Bishop, houseplant
clean, according to recent products. There’s a wide delegated to below-stairs buyer for Dobbies Garden
research by home appliance variety of eco-friendly servants! Companies such as Centres in the UK.
specialists, Beko. ranges out there these days Re-Found Objects specialise
- or you could Google DIY in reclaimed, vintage and “Houseplants are brilliant
The brand quizzed 2,000 recipes and make your own hand-made household items, anti-pollutants and help to
people - and found that 38 (that way you can avoid meaning you can stock up increase oxygen levels. For
per cent believed the notion excess packaging and harsh in a more sustainable way me, stepping into a room of
of spring-cleaning was dying chemicals altogether). The too. Whatever task you’re lush and leafy greenery is a
out. On top of that, only half National Trust’s new range tackling, ensure you’ve got definite mood booster,” she
of the people polled set aside of household cleaning items all the right tools for the job enthuses.
time each week to clean is made in the UK and uses at hand from the start, so
their home, and three in 10 a combination of natural your enthusiasm doesn’t “My favourite is lavender,
admit they only manage to ingredients, fragrances wane as you search for that which can add a lovely
squeeze in a few chores at the and 100 per cent bioplastic missing dustpan or broom. calming fragrance to any
weekends. But, even if you room and is particularly good
don’t quite feel the urge to Mattress makeover for aiding sleep in a bedroom.
Simply ensure it has plenty of
Most of us wash the bed fresh air and natural light.”
sheets every one to two
weeks, but when was the last Bishop’s top tip: Don’t
time you actually cleaned overlook existing houseplants
your mattress? in a spring clean. Wipe leaves
with a damp cloth to help
“It’s a little-known fact remove dust and promote
that you should actually good health. Remove
clean some mattresses every yellowing foliage and trim
six months to prevent dust damaged leaves of larger
mites, dead skin and dirt plants with sharp scissors.
accumulating,” says Neil Houseplants may also need
Robinson, chief sleep officer re-potting and feeding in
for bed specialists, Sealy spring, and some, such as
UK. “Use a vacuum-cleaner orchids, need specialist
to remove dirt, hair and feeds to encourage fruits and
crumbs. One old home- flowers rather than foliage.
remedy suggests using baking
(bicarbonate) soda to freshen Scent the air
a mattress,” he adds. “The
theory is, it draws out the Even if you haven’t swept
dirt, moisture and odours.” and polished every nook and
cranny, you could simply
If you want to try it, pour a throw open the windows, to
small amount into a sieve and allow rooms to air and banish
sprinkle over the mattress any lingering, stale odours of
aiming for an even dusting winter.
over the surface – apply
more in areas which are Once that’s done, prolong
particularly stained. Leave that fresh scent with a
it to air for a few hours, or spring-friendly scented
ideally for the whole day, candle or room diffuser.
and then vacuum away. Bright tangy citrus is a
However, be aware that popular scent, which makes
any home feel fresh and
inviting. WW


Nicholas Hoult as J.
R. R. Tolkien and Lily
Collins as Edith Bratt

‘WHEN PLAYING Nicholas Hoult got to know the
A REAL PERSON, man behind the myth in biopic
YOU CAN ONLY Tolkien. But it’s far more than
EVER PLAY A just an impersonation of the
GHOST OF THEM’ legendary author

Few could accuse Nicholas Steered by Finnish film as star-crossed lover, Edith meant so much to him. Or that
Hoult of underpreparing for director Dome Karukoski, the Ann Bratt - a young pianist he found a great love and had
his roles. From losing weight biopic – simply titled Tolkien who went on to become it taken away and struggled to
and taking science lessons - tells the story of how the Tolkien’s wife and the mother find it again,” he reasons.
to play Nikola Tesla in the young writer transformed of his children.
long-stalled film Current from a lonely orphan into one Hoult - most recently seen
War; to embarking on a hot of the greatest storytellers of Exploring the formative as the flamboyant Harley in
yoga routine to bulk up for his all time. years of his life, including the The Favourite - soon dived
upcoming reprisal of Beast in friendship he finds among a headlong into research,
Marvel Comics’ X-Men: Dark Hoult recalls: “I was fellow group of writers and looking for ways to make the
Phoenix; and even living in shooting X-Men before this, artists at school (nicknamed role his own.
a hutch, in anticipation for so I’d do a little bit of an action T.C.B.S. for Tea Club,
the BBC revival of Watership sequence and then I’d go into Barrovian Society), as well as “I read all the biographies,
Down. my little Beast tent - I’d have the devastation of the First listened to recordings of
my watercolour kit - and copy World War, the film focuses Tolkien in later life, and went
OK, he was joking about the some of Tolkien’s illustrations on the events that drove the through all the photographs,”
last one. We think. But suffice in there... author to pen his Middle-earth he notes.
to say, Hoult - a rising star in novels. It’s a side of Tolkien
Hollywood - would probably “And then I’d be like, ‘Yep, neither Hoult nor Collins had “And the more you learn
give it a shot. one second!’ and then go back encountered before. about Tolkien, the more
out and be [Beast]!” he cries, you are amazed by all his
“Acting is exploring animatedly. “Though I’ve loved Tolkien’s achievements and ideas.
different things, times, novels since I was a boy, I
periods. It’s learning new “I normally try and pick up knew nothing about this time “Still, as an actor you have
skills, understanding different characters’ hobbies or things in his early life, which is so to reconcile with the fact that
people,” he recently told whilst playing them and intriguing and illuminating,” when playing a real person,
Esquire. sometimes I’ll carry them on begins Berkshire-born Hoult, you can only ever play a kind
for a little bit, but then I’ll try who first came to the fore as of ghost of them.
The latest addition to his something else for the next the woolly-hatted Marcus
skill set, then, is painting. A role, whatever it is.” in 2002 comedy-drama film “You can’t impersonate
pastime he adopted in training About A Boy. them, so you try to capture
for his role as literary great Hoult will star in the epic some of their living essence.”
J.R.R. Tolkien. opposite English-American “I never knew about his
actress Lily Collins who shines personal losses, tragedies at For Collins, landing the
love and at war, or about the part felt like she had come full
foundational friendships that circle. For the Les Miserables
actress had auditioned, to no
avail, in 2014 to play an elf in
Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The



Battle Of The Five Armies – a toddlers (two and three years ‘IT’S A STORY ABOUT
creation said to be based on old, respectively), it wasn’t MIDDLE-AGED PEOPLE
Tolkien’s beloved Edith. an arduous task to find the FALLING IN LOVE’
on-screen chemistry. Due in
“It was for the character the main to their similar work Mum, having viewers
that Evangeline Lilly ended up ethic, reckons Collins. laughing one minute
playing...,” Collins confides. “I and crying the next,
was one of hundreds probably, “Nick is one of the kindest, sees Lesley Manville
but an elven character. most down-to-earth human in the title role
beings I think I’ve ever met,”
“I was very much inspired she says. Until last year, Lesley viewers was clever.
by [Peter’s] movies and Manville had remained “You could have had us in
Tolkien’s books growing up, “He also has an extreme under the radar. e
so to even be able to have dedication to his craft, an 63-year-old had worked in bed with our hot chocolate
auditioned was amazing,” she interest in doing everything theatre, TV and film, most and pyjamas but it’s not,
says. “And then who knew he can to make his character notably in Mike Leigh movies it’s just one fleeting kiss on
years later [I’d] get to play better, while also really such as All Or Nothing and the lips and you think the
the woman who ended up enjoying the experience. Another Year. audience is probably going,
inspiring those characters?” ‘Got to rewind!’
She adds: “He was always But it was when she was
As for Edith’s wit, “I actually so uplifting and so positive. If nominated for an Oscar, for “But the other thing that
almost think of her as kind of you decided you were going to Best Supporting Actress, for is so good, I think, is it’s a
a woman ahead of her time,” go for something, he was right her role in 2018 film Phantom story about middle-aged
admits Collins, who’s also there, going for it with you.” Thread, that she was really people falling in love and,
currently starring opposite thrust into the limelight. very sweetly, a lot of the time
Zac Efron in Ted Bundy biopic “Lily brought so much grit, just looking like teenagers
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly intelligence and grace to Edith e part she mainly gets because this whole new fizzy
Evil And Vile. that you could feel all this recognised for though, she thing is happening to them.
energy from her,” mirrors says, is BBC Two comedy
“ e photos that we can Hoult. Mum, which is returning for “ at’s not dealt with very
find of her, there’s a child-like its third and final season, much in telly and films. Or,
cheekiness behind her eyes, But despite their fledgling and sees her play the titular in Hollywood, it’s all kind
kind of as though she’s in on friendship - and the theme of character, Cathy. of, ‘Aren’t they still sexy at
something that we don’t know fellowship high on the Tolkien 50?’ - but it’s all glamorous,
about and I really loved that agenda - there were no new Mum follows Cathy as she and they’ve all still got to
quality in her. clubs nor societies formed tries to move on from the look great.
behind the camera, they death of her husband, Dave.
“And the fact that she confess. But this new series is a little “It [Mum] is real, it’s
wanted more for herself...” she different. Instead of being normal, it’s the unglamorous
continues. “We didn’t have a secret tea filmed in Cathy’s house, thing about being with
society on set, no,” Hoult says, she is away for a week with somebody for the first time,
“She knew what her with a smile. the family and each of the or the relationship being
prospects were, but she episodes covers a day, as they new. Cathy and Michael
wanted him [Tolkien] to be “But film sets kind of feel stay in a country house. are such secure people,
able to live out his dream and like that anyway because it doesn’t matter that
through him doing that, she everyone is thrown together e storyline that people Michael turns up and
was able to escape as well.” to create this thing, and will be most excited about is sees her in her worst
everyone cares about it a lot. the developing relationship mum jeans, and terrible
For Collins and Hoult, between Cathy and friend slippers. None of that
who have both been in the “You become fast friends Michael (Peter Mullan), after matters, and that’s very
industry since they were and spend 12-15 hours a day she admitted her feelings for refreshing.”
By Gemma Dunn . PA Photo/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Fox Searchlighttogether, so it feels like you’re him in the last series.
By Georgia Humphreyspart of a group anyway.” Mum returns to BBC Two
In the first episode, it’s on Wednesday, May 15
“Yeah and you can go on to apparent that the two are
the next film and then run into closer than ever (although
that person and always have Cathy is worried about her
that sense of connection,” son, and Dave’s parents
agrees Collins. finding out, because Michael
and Dave were best friends).
“So, in a way, it becomes
quite secretive because years Manville thought the way
later you could have that same the romance was revealed to
feeling with that person and
harp back on that history. “So
it’s nice to bring that with you
wherever you go.” W W

Tolkien is in cinemas now




Lee Connelly, aka the ‘Skinny Jean Gardener’, says encouraging
green fingers is all about making it fun

As the weather warms up, it’s “A study by the National space, use an old washing-up peppers are a good bet. My
time to don coats and wellies Trust has found that our bowl, put holes in the base daughter loves going to our
and fire up the imagination to children nowadays are for drainage and then create a allotment and picking the
encourage your kids to get into spending half the amount of mini-allotment for them. Good tomatoes and the strawberries
the garden, with fun projects time outdoors as we used to crops include salad leaves and and eating them while we’re
to stimulate their interest. when we were younger,” says other fast-growing vegetables, down there.
Connelly. “Getting outside is so they can see the results
Podcaster, former Blue Peter all about creating memories as quickly. “Pumpkins and runner beans
gardener and RHS social media a family. Just getting out there, are also good to sow.”
host Lee Connelly, known as playing games and stimulating “If you have an allotment,
the ‘Skinny Jean Gardener’, the imagination is what it’s all give them their own space 3. Encourage wildlife
created a children’s garden at about.” to do what they want,” says Children will be engaged when
this year’s Ideal Home Show. Connelly. “It gives them a sense they see butterflies, beetles
Fancy getting your of responsibility. Just be there and other bugs. “We have a
youngsters outside for some for guidance.” hedgehog home in our garden
green-fingered fun? Here, and we often see them in the
with help from his four-year- 2. Encourage them to grow evenings,” says Connelly.
old daughter, Olive, Connelly their own “Make your own hedgehog
offers five tips on how to “My daughter didn’t used to home - it’s cheap and easy
encourage kids to get off their like eating vegetables much, and you can use things you
screens and into the great until she started growing have around the house. Use
outdoors... them,” says Connelly. a plastic box that you can cut
holes out of and put up against
1. Give them their own space “But start them off growing a fence line. Cover the box
something they like eating, with natural materials such as
Let them have their own or they won’t care about it as wood. Everything needs to be
patch in your vegetable bed or much. accessible and easy.”
allotment. If you have limited
“Tomatoes, lettuce and





Want to identify a plant? Need some advice
or just want to connect with other gardeners?

4. Make wildflower seedballs These days we are just a The community of more
green-fingered tap away than 100,000 gardeners not
“If your kids like getting from being able to identify only helps identify plants,
messy, this is a lot of fun,” he plants, connect with a wider but o ers gardening advice,
says. “You get clay, compost, gardening community, find tips and ways to tackle
water and wildflower seeds, out how to tackle plant tasks, as well as suggesting
mix them all together and you disease and pest control, how to deal with pests.
make these small wildflower and organise our gardening
seedballs. calendar. You can share your
successes and failures with
“Dry them on the windowsill 1. SMARTPLANT a captive audience, who’ll
and then find a spare area of the (ANDROID, IOS, be quick to encourage,
garden, throw the seedballs on SMARTPLANTAPP.COM) sympathise and help. Unlike
there and lots of wildflowers This app used to be known as other apps, when you take a
will pop up in the summer, PlantSnapp but is among the picture of your plant it will
attracting bees and butterflies.” best of the bunch for plant ask you to share it with the
identification and advice. community or with friends
You can also make butterfly on Facebook and Twitter for
fizzy pop by mixing a sugary You take a picture of your identification or advice. You
drink for them. Get a plastic plant for identification, or can tag a question with the
bottle, put a water and sugar scan the barcode of a plant picture and then just wait for
mix in the bottle and give it (partnered with various the community’s response.
a shake to dilute it, then stuff garden centres and nurseries)
By Hannah Stephenson a sponge into the neck of the you’ve bought to give you 3. RHS GROW YOUR OWN its 20,000-plant database.
bottle and hang it upside down monthly care information, (ANDROID, IOS, RHS.ORG. Just take a picture of
in the garden with string. identifying your plant’s UK/ADVICE/GROW-YOUR-
The sugary mixture will seep maintenance needs, possible OWN/APP) the plant, or load it from
through the sponge, creating a pests and diseases and From the world’s foremost an existing image on your
magnet for butterflies. searching for plants to add to horticultural charity comes phone, and it will come back
your collection. It also has a this helpful app, which does with an answer in seconds.
5. Make a runner bean teepee digital care calendar. what it says on the tin. I found it wasn’t always
completely accurate, but
Children love to make dens It’s now linked to Alexa, It o ers easy-to-access most of the time it got it
in the garden, but this one who can give you care advice advice about all manner of right. And it’s quick, so
could have added interest. for your plants, or describe a edibles, in alphabetical order, you’re not waiting around in
Create a wigwam out of specific plant. Although the month-by-month growing, your garden for a response.
bamboo, leaving a space for the app is free, you can upgrade planting and harvesting
entrance. You can then dig a by paying for membership guides, plus information
trench around where it needs which gives you unlimited about common problems,
to be placed, ready to plant chat access to horticultural along with help in choosing
runner beans at the end of May experts, as well as plant care varieties depending on space,
or in June. advice and notifications. time you have to tend your
crops and your experience. It
The beans will grow around 2. GARDEN TAGS also o ers reminders of what
the wigwam and provide (ANDROID, IOS, to do when.
shelter for the children, as GARDENTAGS.COM)
well as some delicious beans. This site is a great way to 4. GARDEN ANSWERS
You can move it each year connect with other gardeners (ANDROID, IOS,
around the garden. Line the as it’s community-based, GARDENANSWERS.COM)
floor of the den with bark, so fellow green-fingered This is a really easy-to-use
gravel or matting for the kids enthusiasts can share their plant identifier, that gives
to sit on. WW knowledge with you. you an instant answer from


Your favourite books and The Lost World, The I’ve never been part of a
The Moomintroll Series Time Machine, Sparkling book club but I think it THE PARISIAN
by Tove Jansson and The Cyanide, Journey to the would be wonderful to
Hardy Boys by Franklin Centre of the Earth... experience how writing by Isabella Hammad
W Dixon. These were the styles have changed (Jonathan Cape)
first books I ever read Which books do you over the decades or Weaving together history
that let me know there recommend to people centuries even. Pride and and personal tragedy, this
were other worlds to be It’s funny, but I don’t Prejudice swi ly followed debut novel from Isabella
explored, and if I read recommend books that by The Road by Cormac Hammad starts with
them now I would still have influenced me, and McCarthy. Midhat, a Palestinian teenager who finds
get that same feeling of I can’t quite understand himself studying in France at the outbreak
excitement – almost akin why. Perhaps if people What is your favourite of World War I.
to a first kiss. don’t enjoy them as I did, classic book
they will be disappointed The Bell Jar. It’s so CAPE MAY
Which books made and see me slightly abruptly poetic. Every
you become a writer di erently? But if pushed time I read it I fall by Chip Creek (Weidenfeld
Ones that influenced - Dragons of Autumn deeper and deeper, and and Nicholson)
my early childhood and Twilight by Margaret I don’t think I’ve ever SEPTEMBER 1957: Henry
let my imagination fly. Weis & Tracy Hickman, experienced anything and E e, young newlyweds
There was nothing more Jackdaws by Ken Follet, quite so gracefully real. from Georgia, arrive in Cape
satisfying than closing Sarum by Edward May, New Jersey, for their honeymoon.
my eyes as I went to Rutherfurd, Frankenstein Mark’s debut novel It’s the end of the season and the town
sleep a er having read [and] The Scarlet Letter. When Darkness Calls is deserted. As they tentatively discover
a chapter from some (Piatkus) is available to each other, they begin to realise that
fantastical journey. The The best books to buy now married life might be disappointingly
Hound of the Baskervilles start a book club di erent from their happily-ever-a er
Ww b k of the w k WIN
BROKEN Every week, we’ll be sending one ISLANDS
by Sarah Hilary reader three books from the WW book
cupboard. To enter, all you need to do by Marion Poschmann
(Headline) is answer this question: Who wrote (Serpent’s Tail)
Jump! Write your answer onto the When Gilbert dreams that
You don’t have to competition entry form on page 49 or his wife has been unfaithful, he reacts by
email in. Best of luck! flying from Germany to Japan. Here he
have read the Marnie only half-intentionally saves a young man
Rome series before CHILDREN’S BOOK named Yosa and together the two embark
on a pilgrimage through some of the
tackling this beauty, JUMP! country’s most ancient sites.

but it does help. OMU1A6YT by Tatsuhide THINGS IN JARS
Marnie and her team Matsuoka (Gecko
are trying to uncover Press) by Jess Kidd (Canongate)
why there are so many The inimitable Bridie Devine,
children dying on This adorable flip red-haired widow and
London’s streets. When chart book from private detective, is asked to
award-winning investigate the kidnapping of
a teenage girl, the daughter of an Japanese illustrator an extraordinary, hidden child. Stalked by
influential man, is killed in an a uent Tatsuhide Matsuoka is full of humour, and a louche prize-fighting ghost, Bridie picks
animals’ bellies as they leap giddily in the the threads of a gothic story that winds
part of the city, everyone begins to air. For one to three year olds, it’s lovely, throughout the crime-ridden capital and
funny, and will have them wanting to jump through a past she’d rather forget.
take notice. Marnie has to balance on their beds. Grown-ups, too. By Áine Toner

focusing on every child fatality while

ensuring her right hand man, Noah,

who has his own problems, is well

enough to do his job.



For the love of Molly

He would never forget the day she Red was her colour, so he thought he Having said that it wasn’t all bad
moved in. It was a day he thought might treat her to a nice red cashmere that day, because it was the first
he would never see. He’d had his blanket for the winter. Yes, she was a time he had seen Molly, and so the
eye on her for ages, and finally she showstopper alright, and her pristine obsession began.
was his. His friends had teased him appearance had to be maintained.
no end about her and told him he It had been a long 12 months from
was obsessed. Dan had to admit that Dan didn’t tell his mother how that day to now. He had asked around
he did constantly talk about her on besotted he was with Molly. She had about her discreetly, not wanting to
their nights out, but had convinced already aired her disapproval by seem too obvious. There was no point
himself that his friends were jealous saying she was a bit on the older side in giving too much away too soon.
of him and Molly. and could be high maintenance. He Dan could be very patient when it
wasn’t going to tell her how much of was something worth waiting for and
God, she was a beauty, way out his time and money he was spending she certainly was. The heart wants
of his league, he never thought on Molly. Even his younger twin sisters what the heart wants. So he played
he would end up with her. When Ciara and Aoife came around to poke the long game, playing it cool in the
he was out and about with her, he their noses. They stood there with beginning, not wanting to come
always found himself feeling a bit their arms folded staring at Molly, across as desperate.
anxious. At first he was flattered by looking all judgemental. Later on they
all the attention she got, particularly were having tea in kitchen when Dan After making initial contact and
from men. He was afraid she overheard them on his way back from calling to see her a few times, there
would come to harm. Normally a the bathroom. They were giggling and were a lot of long phonecalls. He
quiet guy by nature, Dan ended up tittering, Ciara was telling Aoife she discussed Molly with his friends to
getting angry one day. Molly was thought Molly was past it and that Dan the point where his friends told him
waiting outside the shop for him must be mad! To which Aoife replied to make up his mind or forget about
and when he came out a young that he must be having a mid-life crisis her. Truth of the matter was that Dan
man was leaning up against her early. Dan was disgusted with this loved the thrill of the chase. He was
and muttering about how good she and upon his return to the kitchen he wise enough also to know if waited
looked for her age! Well Dan was promptly told them they had to leave as too long he would lose Molly forever.
having none of that. he and Molly were going out. The two So he made his move.
girls were escorted out the door by Dan
Even his friends were not above before they knew what was going on. Dan had a big day planned for the
suspicion. Dan noticed that they following Sunday. After a nice fry he
called around a lot more since Molly Dan was fuming and to think he was would pack a picnic and they would
had moved in. Now more and more going to offer to bring them on outings head off for the day. It was a kind
nights were spent hanging around and maybe even a weekend away with of anniversary celebration. It was a
with Molly and the lads than he was himself and Molly over the summer full year since he had first spotted
happy with. After all she was his. holidays. Well, they can forget that now. Molly at the field day. He’d never
It didn’t escape his attention either Even though upon reflection the girls forget how she stood out amongst
that one or two of his friends were didn’t really share his taste in days out. all the other Morris Minors with her
gazing at her for longer than he was The last time he brought them to a field FOR SALE, sign displayed across her
comfortable with. day they spent all their money on the windscreen.
amusements and junk from the bric-a-
A self-employed accountant, Dan brac stalls. When hunger overtook them As an extra treat on the way, Dan
knew he had let his work slip since he had to fork out for chips and burgers stopped at a garage and treated
Molly had moved in. It was very for them all. The accountant in Dan himself to and ice-cream and some
hard to concentrate on work with buckled against this as he knew fast petrol for Molly, of course.
Molly around, she was a constant food was a rip-off at these field days.
distraction. Anyway, he couldn’t He had assumed the twins would bring
afford to lose clients. He needed all a picnic as he had to pay for everything
his earnings as he wanted to buy else, including their entrance fee.
some blingy accessories for Molly.

By Gemma Bolger Want to be published in Woman’s Way?

We are always looking for reader fiction! To get involved, simply email a short story of approximately 800 words to Áine at
[email protected] If you require the submission requirements, she’ll email them back to you. Happy writing.


WHAT’S ON THE BOX? Programmesto
tune into this week


(RTÉ One, 9.35pm) May 13 (RTÉ One, 7pm) (C5, 9pm) May 13
This series takes a positive view of ageing, May 14 From Suranne
even when faced with adverse life events Jones in Scott
or challenging conditions. Viewers will Liam O’Flynn, and Bailey to
discover that ‘attitude to life’ and social master uilleann Sarah Lancashire
interaction are hugely important in the piper and in Happy Valley, former Coronation
ageing process. It examines how our bodies gentleman, Street actresses have a good track
age, how our brains age, the diseases was one of record when it comes to crime
of ageing and scientific advances. Using Ireland’s most influential musicians of dramas. Can ex-Weatherfield
an evidence based scientific the last 50 years. He was born into a resident Catherine Tyldesley keep
approach with a mix of musical household and honed his craft up the standards in this new
information, exploration and as a piper under the tutelage of Leo series, which is showing across
human-interest stories, it Rowsome and was later influenced by four days? It begins as a shot rings
explores what we can do Willie Clancy and Seamus Ennis. He out in an isolated farmhouse as a
to maximise our chances came to prominence in the early 70s as young man is killed by an unseen
of good health as we go a co-founder of the group Planxty. e hand. Two weeks previously, four
through life. Eva Orsmond group transformed and popularized siblings return home to scatter
grew up in Finland and Irish folk music, touring and recording their mother’s ashes and read her
credits her mother and to great acclaim. A founding member will, little realising that this family
grandmother’s simple and president of Na Píobairí Uilleann, reunion will end in murder.
lifestyle habits for her he remained faithful to the piping
healthy start in life. She also tradition while courageously venturing YEARS AND
believes that her health is into previously uncharted terrain. YEARS
down to her good genes.
(BBC1, 9pm)

(C4, 9pm) May 15 Writer Russell T
Davies gave us
Shane Meadows is perhaps best known for is Is England, one of the most acclaimed dramas
the project that started out as a film and developed into of 2018, A Very English Scandal.
three subsequent TV series. All of them featured Stephen Now, he’s bringing us another
Graham and helped turn him into a star; he and director drama which stars a much-loved
Meadows have now reunited for this eagerly awaited British movie star, in this case
four-part drama. Graham plays Joseph, who couldn’t be further from his recent Line Emma Thompson, as a politician -
of Duty character. A recovering alcoholic, Joseph is already struggling to stay sober although this time, he isn’t drawing
when his ex-partner decides to move to Australia to give their son a better life. After on real-life story. Instead, Years
falling off the wagon, he contacts his long-lost sister and looks set to start afresh. and Years follows the Lyons, a busy
However, being part of her world brings back terrifying memories from a past he has Manchester family, over the course
been desperate to escape. of 15 years. When we meet them,
it’s 2019, Rosie (Ruth Madeley) has
21 Again given birth to a son, and brothers
Stephen (Rory Kinnear) and Daniel
(BBC3, from Wed, 10am) (Russell Tovey) are gathering at the
bedside, with grandmother Muriel
Children always claim that their parents are out of touch (Anne Reid), to wonder what life
with the modern world. With that in mind, the makers of will be like for little Lincoln. But at
this four-part series, which is being made available as a the same time, politician Vivienne
box set, is giving five mothers the opportunity to be young Rook (Emma Thompson) is causing
again. No, it’s not a real-life version of those bodyswap comedy films, such as Freaky a scandal on live TV. And then the
Friday, Big and Vice Versa, that were once so popular. Instead, the mums are given action shi s to 2024...
makeovers - involving dramatic wardrobe and facial alterations - enabling them to pass
for 21. They’re then sent out into the world in an attempt to gain new insights into the
lives of their daughters. From online dating to social media, from sexuality to zero hours
contracts, they try it all out – o en under the despairing eye of their o spring.



By Áine Toner MUM Best of the rest

(BBC2, 10pm) May 15 May 13 GHOSTS BBC One, 9.30pm
Learning that their posh neighbours have
If you haven’t caught Stefan an ancient claim over their land, Mike and
Golaszewski’s acclaimed sitcom yet, make Alison throw a dinner party to help resolve
sure you catch it on the BBC iPlayer; it’s a thorny issue. But with the ghosts her only
a move you won’t regret. Delightfully guide to high-class decorum, the evening
observed and beautifully written, it starts badly and only gets worse.
features a wonderful central performance
from Lesley Manville as the title May 14 THE BORROWERS
character, Cathy. When we first met her, RTÉ One, 8.30pm
she had just lost her husband and was learning Make-up artist Noranne is chasing a
to cope with her grief and being on her own again. Since then, “Hollywood Smile”, Latvian plasterer Igors
she’s developed feelings for his best friend Michael while needs to return home and a community
dealing with the problems of her nearest and dearest, including group want one hundred thousand euro.
her son, his lovable but hapless girlfriend, and her brother
and his snobby partner. The last time we saw her, Cathy and May 15 TAOIDE TG4, 9.30pm
Michael were edging ever closer to a relationship – will the new The final programme will look at the various
third run see them live happily ever a er? ways that man has tried to harness and
control the tide, the way that some societies
NADIYA: have to defend themselves from the tide,
and how people have, and are, using tidal
ANXIETY AND ME energy to their benefit.

(BBC1, regions vary) May 16 SUPER GARDEN
Since Nadiya Hussain won The RTÉ One, 8.30pm
Great British Bake O in 2015, Horticulture student Patrik Weisser,
she’s rarely been o TV screens. originally from the Czech Republic, is
But behind the scenes Nadiya ambitious beyond his years. His Super
su ers from extreme anxiety and Garden entry will be the very first garden he
debilitating panic attacks, which has ever built!
she’s had since childhood. For decades, she has kept her
anxiety a secret, ashamed to speak out. Now, she sets May 17 THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW
out to find the cause of her anxiety, exploring the most BBC1, regions vary
e ective, available treatments, while also having therapy With Graham on his jollies in Tel Aviv
herself, in the hope of managing her anxiety. preparing for Eurovision, Jack Whitehall
steps into the host’s shoes. Among the
PUPPY SCHOOL comedian’s guests is Beauty and the Beast
actor Luke Evans, who is currently starring in
(C4, 8pm) May 17 comedy film Murder Mystery.
Leading dog experts Oli Juste,
Katie Patmore and Hannah Molloy May 18 FILM: THE IMITATION GAME
bring their pop-up school to the Film 4, 6.45pm
spectacular grounds of Chatsworth Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Alan Turing
House, where they teach novice pet in Morten Tyldum’s intense Oscar-winning
owners how to navigate puppyhood. drama, which explores the life of the
But while the canines may be the mathematician, Second World War code-
stars of the show, we also get an insight into the lives of breaker and father of the modern computer.
their new families and their reasons for opening up their
homes to a four-legged bundle of joy. In the first episode, May 19 THE RAIN, SERIES 2 Netflix
we meet Hannah and Jack, who thought that bouncy Last year, Netflix made the first series of
Labrador Rueben would be a practise baby, but are now Danish post-apocalyptic drama The Rain
finding they have very di erent parenting styles. available. It focused on two siblings -
Rasmus and Simone - struggling to survive
a er a brutal virus carried by rainfall wipes
out almost everyone in Scandinavia. The
new series picks up where that le o .


Hitting the road

Kirk serenades Beth before he saddles up and heads off


Coronation Street Gail tells David she thinks Natalie has Also this week
a crush on him and to keep her at arm’s
Toyah is gutted when she says length. If only that were so easy! Nick › Who makes a romantic move?
something and it’s overheard (well, this wants his wee brother to keep Natalie › Who wants to make a purchase?
is Weatherfield, you can’t breathe oddly sweet... but we don’t think Shona will be › Who rallies round?
and everyone knows about it). Leanne too pleased. Also, we quite like Natalie’s
invites her sister to stay, leaving Nick style if we’re honest.
absolutely furious.
Beth thinks she’s in the doghouse
Speaking of Nick, Paula is looking for with Kirk but in fact, he’s written a song
him and Leanne is growing uneasy. Nick about her. Before he heads on tour.
tells Gary to be vague about how he was
paid for the barber shop job. Roy’s evasive when Brian quizzes him
about his trip to Portsmouth. When
e Battersby women, and Sarah, join Brian talks about asking for Wayne’s
forces to hatch a dangerous plan. I have help, Roy masks his worries.
my head in my hands at the very thought
of what they’re arranging. Sophie and Paula show Sally the
photos from their pony trekking
Steve’s shocked to see the police quiz holiday in Andalucia, leading to Sally
Tim over a petrol station robbery. His reminiscing. Sigh. Ever one to do what
life is quickly going from bad to worse she wants, Sally splashes out on a lot of
though, as Tracy insists on him driving. expensive riding kit.

Well, it doesn’t go according to plan, And, going one step further, Sally
leading Girl Power to reign at Streetcars. wants to buy a race horse. Yes, that’s
And no bad thing, really. right. But who else is interested?



Emmerdale EastEnders Fair City

So, some relative good news this week as Lola isn’t having the best week as Ben Robbie continues to rebuff Carol as she
someone agrees to a short engagement. confirms her fears and Ewan appears. divulges her suspicions to Nora. Carol’s
Will things go as planned? No, but that Ben and Jay get the car lot up and running supicions grow as Robbie is elusive.
isn’t a bad thing either. but who’s looking for work? There’s
something unsettling at play. Fiona tests the waters with a suspicious
David turns all techy as he convinces Paul - will he be receptive? Well, he
an uncomfortable villager to aid his It’s Shakil’s anniversary and Tiffany might just change his mind about her -
training. Things later become heated... offers Keegan her support. The pair do but who makes contact with Fiona?
will he have made the right decision? their best to support Bailey.
With the poitín in McCoy’s, Jane gets a
Speaking of the meaning of right and Kush makes a big decision but we’re not shock when Hughie returns, causing her
wrong, Megan is convinced she’s on the sure how it’ll be taken. to lie to him. Will she caught out?
good side and determined to face the
consquences of her actions. But how will Jack asks Mel to watch the children so Eoghan receives sad news in the post
she react to a heated conversation? he can go on a date with Denise, but she and it quickly turns to anger. Killo and
uses it to her advantage. Sneaky. Vinny continue to harrass him.
Elsewhere, Cain’s surprised and Nate Linda and Mick attempt to get some alone
tries to get Moira to open up. time. Good luck with that. Cass delegates the work for the charity
race night but Robbie isn’t impressed.

Holby City Ros na Rún Soap confidential

By Áine Toner As Dominic tries to give Isaac’s father the Andy pressurises Michelle to get more It sure is important that actors keep a
best treatment possible, Lofty is desperate money (the swine) but, knowing there’s sensible head on their shoulders and Sair
to repair their relationship. no end of his demands, makes a decision. Khan is no different, saying last week
What will she do? that her role as Coronation Street’s Alya
But as Isaac becomes Dominic’s Nazir may not be a job for life.
shoulder to cry on can Lofty and Dominic Berni wants Briain to stay away
rebuild their marriage? from Jude, who believes him to be her “I heard someone say once, ‘If you have
deceased husband Máirtín. a Plan B, go for the Plan B’, because it is
A troubled Ange learns of Isaac and such a tough industry,” she said to The
Dominic’s relationship, as the truth about Noreen is not happy that Cóilí Jackie Daily Mirror. “I’m under no illusions, I’m
Dominic and Ange’s relationship spreads is to be Bláithín’s godfather. Meanwhile, a complete realist – if I leave Coronation
around the hospital. She turns to Carole Katy is blissfully unaware that Dee is Street I’ll be prepared not to work for two
in order to protect her son. trying to sabotage her every move. years. I need to have enough money in my
bank account to get back to the real world
When an old patient of Jac’s shows up Máire devises a plan to show how good and start auditioning.
with a tempting offer, how far will she go she is at her job, thinking Rory wants to
for personal gain? fire her. But does he?



is week... MREALEYAS2E4D MAY 13-20

We just love the idea behind
Antrim company The Present Will Smith takes on the role of the Genie in this live action adaptation The latest attraction
Tree who offer a thoughtful at Tayto Park will have
alternative to cut fresh of the classic Disney version. We all know the story, Aladdin (Mena kids flying high. The
flowers. They will package up new Flight School ride
a sapling of your choice (this Massoud) picks up a magic lamp, rubs it and gets three wishes. Naomi is due to open this
one is a pear tree) and safely month and will take
deliver it as a gift. It can then Scott co-stars as Jasmine, the princess he falls for. Can Smith match ‘pilots’ on a 281 metre
be planted and grow tall for ride at speeds of up to
years to come. Prices start up to Robin Williams’ iconic turn as the Genie? We will have to wait 46kph. At the end little
from £30 (€34 approx.). ones will even be able
See www.thepresenttree. and see. to collect a Tayto Park
com for more details pilots’ driving licence.
Magic music for more details
The latest limited FOR AUTISM
The Irish National Opera edition collection GRUAIG CRAZY
brings its production of from Jo Malone is Eeeps! Is what we said
Mozart’s The Magic Flute called Blossoms when we saw this picture. Help support the work
to Wexford, Limerick and and celebrates the Autism Assistance Dogs of CMRF Crumlin by
Dublin this May. Produced heady scents of some Ireland is calling on organising a Crazy Hair Day
in association with the gorgeous blooms. members of the public to in a primary school near
Irish Chamber Orchestra, Their bottles boast abseil 100ft from the roof you. When it comes to hair,
the mini tour kicks off in pops of ombre colour of the Hogan Stand in anything goes. Rugby star
the National Opera House, and include new Croke Park during their Rob Kearney was on hand
Wexford on May 17. scent Frangipani Flower, as well Abseil for Autism Day on to help launch the event and
For more details on dates as Orange Blossom, and Star May 18. Participants will if you’d like to get involved
near you visit www. Magnolia and Silk Blossom. Priced be allotted 90 minutes CMRF will be sending out from €57, it’s in stores now. and given full training special Crazy Hair Day
on how to complete the packs to schools nationwide.
Lust list descent. Want to order a pack? Email
Fancy the challenge? [email protected] for details.
Visit for
more details



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It would be wonderful if letter writing who lived nearby. They were easier times. family. Well done. Thank you.
came back. It would be nice to receive They were the good old days. BRONAGH FITZGERALD, CO DUBLIN
a letter, card or postcard in the post. MRS MURPHY, CO CORK
Maybe if they reduced the price of PERFECT PETS
the stamp there might be more letter FAVOURITE MAG
writing. No Christmas cards this I was in the doctor’s surgery recently and
year. Bring back letter writing. It’s
important. I love the Woman’s Way. I have been browsing some old issues of the Woman’s
buying it for years and it was always in Way. I came across some letters from

my house. My mother used to read it and readers who were talking about the impact

passed her love of it down to me too. It is of losing a beloved family pet. I went

a great magazine. There’s always so much through that last year myself and it was

to read in it and the awful. My German shepherd Bessie, a

pages have good HELP! MY HUSBAND VISITED A LAP DANCER€O1.N6L9Y dog I had for ten years, passed away
articles on them, very suddenly after a short illness.

BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS not just pictures. COLIN MURPHY My heart broke. Even thinking about
My favourite pages her now, I get upset. She lived a great
I enjoyed reading Marian Dalton’s memory are the health win €150 life and is survived by our two other
of her family’s old barn. What a lovely pages. I used to be PLAUVNSHODBOBUEOMLCAIOOHUDKRTEASYERY, dogs – a Jack Russell called Benji and a
account of the impact these places can a nurse. My own KLEOARNRE AINE“AGSEYTOFUITCAASN”YOUNG Labrador called Max. We often take the
have on us. I grew up on a farm and have daughter now buys ONE SHOP animals in our lives for granted but they
very happy memories of playing hide the magazine too bring us so much joy. I would love to hear
and seek in the barn with my cousins, and I hope my wFiigthh.t.i.n.g...f.a.m...ine WIISMNUYNOMUEARR? other reader’s stories about their pets.
siblings and friends. On Halloween, my granddaughter will NOTMOIDNAAYTE JUDY DOYLE, CO MAYO
Dad would tell ghost stories there and FREE FROM DESIRED
on New Year’s Eve, the family would BNEAATUUTRYAL 6¤th1M.a6y 29019
gather just outside it to ring in the new (NI stg £1.59)
year. It was simpler times back then. You
didn’t need much to make you happy. I A NURSERY FIT FOR
think children these days have too much.
They’re always on their smartphones and WIN A BIO OIL HAMPER WO€OV4RE5TRH
staring at a screen. I think they should
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little going a long way, and is clinically proven to significantly improve

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containing Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel and Bio-Oil Skincare Oil.

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What’s in your stars this week?

Taurus Gemini

April 20 - May 20 May 21 - June 20

New optimism makes It is much easier, in anything
this week stand out. you do, if loved ones are
Getting others to share supportive. Continue the
your vision may not be charm with partners to
easy but time is on your build trust. What starts as a
side. Keep up the good flirtation, perhaps from a work
work. An event you were colleague, could build into
not looking forward to something more. Is that what
could be avoided. you want?

Cancer Leo Virgo Libra

June 21 - July 22 July 23 - August 22 Aug 23 - Sept 21 Sept 22 - Oct 23

Often, when we least expect it, Someone who has been on e kinder you are this week, Romance is on your mind. A
success bounds to us. Be ready the edge of your circle could the better people respond to lighter approach from others
by getting niggling jobs out now become more important. you. Someone in particular encourages you. Many things
of the way. Physical closeness Will this make you think may have been feeling are possible but be sure that
oils the wheels of your social twice about a current plan? neglected. Are you in the you are reading the signals
life. Something that just ‘drops Anticipating a special event? mood to spend more time with right. Much as you may feel
into your lap’ may be worth Look to be at the right place them? Do what is best for you. like rushing ahead, check
keeping even if you didn’t ask and with the right person for More stability starts to give your timing. Give someone the
for it. No need to feel awkward. best effect. you back your confidence. benefit of the doubt.

Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn COMPETITION

Oct 24 - Nov 21 Nov 22 - Dec 21 Dec 22 - Jan 19 If your skin is easily
irritated, prone to
Having been taken up with A lighter and more promising Being a bit more aware of what redness and reacts
urgent matters last week, atmosphere at work can really is going on around you really to every little thing
this one should give some inspire you. Keep smiling. pays off. At work, it can bring then get to know
welcome relief. Bear in mind out a good idea. At home you ziaja SenSitive Skin.
that cash flow needs to be is week, be sure that you may see a problem coming This line of products
watched carefully to avoid do it at the right time. ere before it happens. At the provides relief,
extra charges. Comments are folk around you who are weekend, you find that every calms redness and
from a relative have certainly down in the dumps. eir cloud has a silver lining and delivers gentle hydration
given you food for thought. sensitivity could mean that this is a big one. for sensitive skin su erers.
they are best avoided. Everything has been
developed to be mild, gentle,
Aquarius Pisces Aries hypoallergenic, paraben By Cassandra Nye
and fragrance free but also
Jan 20 - Feb 18 Feb 19 - Mar 20 Mar 21 - April 19 e ective. We have a ziaja
SenSitive Skin day cream
In giving someone more is is your time to do New ideas may be forming. A (€6.99), night cream (€6.99)
responsibility, you help them something purely for yourself. breath of fresh air comes from and enzyme peel (€4.99) to
to grow. Satisfaction is high. Spending the days just a partner on your wavelength. give away. To win, answer
Resist getting too involved. It thinking about yourself is so Hopefully you are seeing the this question using the entry
is good to know that there is a refreshing. No guilty feelings, ‘big picture’ and aiming well form on page 49: What
safety net but not if it is in the please. Being a little bit selfish ahead. ere is inspiration to be zodiac sign is represented by
wrong place. It is an emotional is sometimes the best way to had from an idea that you had the ram? Good luck!
time. Any feelings of tiredness help others, especially if they in the past. Maybe its time has
should be checked out. are too dependent. now come?


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