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WW6_let it blow


Struggle with getting that Mark Doherty of SitStil, Dublin
salon blowdry at home? “Make sure
Here the experts share e perfect you work
their tips on getting it right blowdry right to the
end of the
There’s no better feeling that leaving a e perfect, modern blowdry needs to be done hair to give
salon with a beautiful blowdry. But try to in two parts: roots first and ends to finish. For you a sleek
recreate it at home, and if you’re anything volume, apply a generous amount of Joico Body finish”
like us, it can sometimes look more wind- Luxe Volumising Elixir (€15.75) throughout the
blown than chic. We asked some top stylists hair. Dry the roots first while moving the hair
for their tips on how to recreate the magic at around the head from one direction to the other.
home and the products they recommend for the When the hair is 80 per cent dry, use a round
style you’d like. Next stop, beautiful bouncy, bristle brush that’s not too small, but will still
professional looking hair. give you movement in the hair. Work in small
sections no bigger than brush, directing the
Lee Stinton airflow down the hair just behind the brush.
of Preen salon, Dublin Make sure you work right to the end of the hair
to give you a sleek finish. Don’t be afraid to pull.
To blowdry curly
e power comes from the wrist so clench the
1. Apply a shine serum such as Kevin Murphy wrist not the elbow. Tadah!
Young Again on the ends of damp hair, then See for more details
blowdry all of your hair without a brush until most
of the moisture is gone. Sandra Greene of Kazumi Hair Salon, Dublin
2. Put up the top sections of hair and clip them.
Starting at the back, wind small sections of hair Drying made simple
from the ends up to the scalp around a large
round brush metal/ ceramic and hit with the heat The shape of brush you Pillowproof Blowdry pointing down the hair sha
until dry. choose is important, if treatment primer cream to from roots to ends.
3. Unravel hair from the brush. As you do, rotate you’re going for volume mid-length and ends.
your wrist so the hair curls on itself, forming a and curl, it is best to 4. Continue section by
loose ringlet. Repeat until all hair is dry. use a round brush. If a 2. Divide your hair into three section throughout the hair
4. Flip your head forward and mist the hair straight, sleek look is what sections – top, middle and and finish by adding a blast
underneath with a texturising spray like Kevin you’re a er, it’s all about nape –and clip the sections of cool air to give the hair a
Murphy’s Doo Over. Use your fingers to massage the paddle brush. Also a up. shiny finish.
the roots, then flip back up and finger-comb into good hairdryer is key with
place. e perfect curly blowdry. di erent heat settings. 3. Put the nozzle on your 5. Finish your style with
dryer and, beginning with either Redken Control
For more information see 1. Shampoo and condition the nape section, wrap a Addict hairspray for hold
your hair with the products 2-to-4in section of hair or Redken’s Glow Dry Style
12 WOMANSWAY.IE such as Redken High Rise around the brush, making Enhancing Oil to add shine
or smoothing Redken’s sure you have tension on the and so ness.
All So . Apply Redken’s hair to smooth it. Ensure
that your dryer nozzle is

Great hair day

Vincent Allenby, celebrity stylist

Four point plan fringe section, comb Trudy Hayes,
A good set of only suggested if founder and owner
of Raven
brushes. I have no you have frizz free the hair forward.
Towel dry
snobbery about straight or wavy Take a round brush,
Don’t go near your hair with
brushes. The best hair. Curly or wavy hold it vertically a hairdryer unless you have
towel dried it first and be gentle.
brushes are the frizzy hair must from the corner of
ere’s no need to vigourously
ones that work. be done from wet the temple. Secure dry your hair, you are simply
squeezing out the excess water
Also I suggest a in order to create the brush in the and blotting it dry. Brush your
hair from the ends upwards
simple vent brush smooth glossy hair. roots, drag in the rather than trying to run a brush
through the hair from the roots
for grooming and Fringe opposite direction, down. Work out the tangles
wrap drying prior as doing so twist and brush through smoothly.
to blowdrying the brush wrapping It’s important to handle hair
carefully after washing as it can
properly. If you have a full the hair back in the be more prone to breakage
when wet.
Volume fringe the hold the intended direction. See
hairdryer above the Repeat until dry. for more details

I stick to an old and fringe and brush Blow motion
viable favourite, vigorously from
head upside down side to side, this

and blast those way ensuring a I stick to a light and

roots to attention. consistent fall in the dry product regime.

This works a treat fringe then polish This way the hair

in instant root li . o with a round isn’t sticky or heavy

John Harvey, Peter Then proceed with brush. If you have which would hinder
Mark styling expert
your blow dry. a sweeping fringe, the blowdrying

However, this is section o a deep process.

PREP hair in two sections, people make at home SPEED professional drier. COLD

Choosing the right one above and below when blowdrying their Speed is key. Keep They are lighter, faster Section with a blast
product for your length, the curve of your own hair is the start and better designed for of cool/cold air from
you air speed high
condition and texture is head, to make your on the side of their and your temperature you hair. Yes, they are your dryer will help to

key to getting the right hair easier to manage. head they find easiest on medium; if your more expensive than lock in the straightness

result. Keep the drier moving or naturally go to. temperature is too a non-professional or the form of the

PRE DRY and the air flow in the Try starting on your high or focused it one but a professional section. Think of a
This is to remove the same direction as your weaker side so you can can dry your hair or dryer is running for blacksmith forging and
heavy moisture from fingers are teasing do a better job of this even scorch it. Using about 30 mins a time, working metal with
your hair as you really your hair. awkward side then a nozzle will help you at an average of six heat then plunging it
don’t want to start moving onto control your air flow. times a day, all year into cold water to seal
until your hair is 80 START ON YOUR your easier side as round for many it. The principles are
per cent dry. Separate BAD SIDE you tier. TOOLS years. the same here.
A common mistake You need a


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