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Woman's weekly magazine




On taking The hhiigghhlliigghhttss of their year
risks and




(NI stg £2.50)


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THYAONUK!yoWAusaMufyrpAotpemSoaSrmittnIhVa2fenEo0Wdr1t8ahloolamlynyaakolntuy’sr Ha y panic, you don’t find the opportunity to
say ‘thank you.’ So I’m saying a massive
WELL DONE WINNERS! holidays thank you to the team for everything
they’ve done in 2018.
Issue 47 (December 3) I have written a little over 500 editor’s
letters in my time in Woman’s Way and I want to say thank you to everyone
Three new books I always have something to mention. Of who’s worked on Woman’s Way this
Ger Ahern, Co Waterford course, it’s easy to show off our features, year, and all of those whose names often
Lucky dip goody bag cover interviews and our competitions. don’t get a mention. ank you to Mary
Donna Brown, Co Carlow My team works incredibly hard to Kennedy and Eileen Dunne, who grace
Killeen cleaning hampers ensure we provide as high quality a this issue’s cover and who were a lot of
Maggie O Sullivan, Dublin; Judith magazine as we can each week - and fun at our hotel cover shoot - and much
Deegan, Dublin; Marie Leahy, Co I’m incredibly proud of and grateful for appreciation for everyone who worked
Cork; Catriona Ryan, Dublin 20; Mary everything they do. behind the scenes in ensuring the
Byrne, Co Waterford pictures are exquisite.
Pair of perfection pillows Writing an ed’s letter at Christmas
Martina Donoghue, is particularly special. is is our last Here’s a picture of the editorial team
Co Wexford issue of 2018 and it’s been a busy year, at our cover shoot (we’re launching our
Turkeys and hams busier than we expected. We’ve had girlband in 2019, promise).
Evelyn Scanlon, Co Kerry; Lucy McArdle, a rejuvenation of the Mum of the Year
Co Louth; Irene Butler, Dublin 9; Phyllis Awards, our second Children’s Awards, Of course, thank you to our readers -
Walsh, Co Mayo; Clare Rudden, Co Cavan worked for other events, worked on there wouldn’t be a magazine without
The Civic Panto pass additional magazines and generally been your loyalty and I can’t explain how
Ger Cosgrove, Co Galway kept quite busy. much it means to all of us to receive
Dealz decorations your letters, emails and social media
Kathleen Harty, Co Kerry I’m sure you can understand that there messages. Keep contacting us - we
Brooke & Shoals candle isn’t a lot of downtime on a weekly issue, read everything and if we can change
Niamh Quinn, Dublin 6 but we’ve still had some chances for fun things to improve your weekly read, we
Crossword winner and humour (really, we’re really all quite want to do it. On behalf of Louise, Amy,
Name and address with editor hilarious when the moment takes us). Michelle, Karl, Noëlle, Áine, Catherine,
Michelle O’S, Nadine and myself, I wish
Looking back on the year, I think it’s you a peaceful and happy holiday.
important to tell my fellow Woman’s
Wayers how much I appreciate what
they do. It’s the season, isn’t it, to say
thanks and to be grateful for the help
and support you’re given? I mean
every word. When it’s busy or you’re
tired or you’re a bit stressed (guilty as
charged) or there’s no Double Deckers
left because you ate them all in a blind

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EILEENrisks and It’s not a Christmas song but
& MARYFWACROWIERNEEKSVTACABTIUONMPERTh1e0hh0iiggh-hllPiiggAhhtGtssEof 3 Áine’s 2018 Pg 26 Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s The
their year Power of Love brings a little tear in
14 Laura Woods So handy! my eye. Always.
ANNUAL 15 Louise’s 2018
16 Pretty pyjamas LOUISE
2019RGURSASNETL’LS 18 Winter warmers Obviously, it’s Step Into Christmas
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STARS (NI stg £2.50) of a WW tradition that I take a
20 Shapewear tested ISnesotaunlitstMaaRnoicsuyrHe a€n8d.9s 9 literal step into Christmas to that
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28 Favourite fragrances
4 Rory Cowan tells all 30 Get lippy
6 Mary Kennedy and Eileen 31 Perfect palettes AMY
32 Health trends 2019 I’m going to go classic with my
Dunne on 2018 and next 34 Night before Christmas choice and say O Holy Night. It’s
year’s plans 40 After-dinner drinks INGOT Breathable Nail been my favourite ever since I was
36 Perfect party food 46 Amy’s 2018 Enamel in 437 €8.99 a little kid - I love the melody and
38 Winning wines 51 Michelle’s 2018 the drama when the music swells
42 Sumptuous sparklies 52 Must-read real life C(Npooall7retcGoteifolNnF)oin7€is1N8haNilaGileCl FoilnoiusrhinNaDiel eCpolWouinr e Essie Treat Love & MGCeayltsreLilcafecaqInCudOerMNinayilMs e, CNGNoaoolilll7edGceGtneieollSnFFai)ninn€idsi1ssh8h(NpNaaairlitlCoCofolNolouour7r in towards the chorus. It really gets
44 Fizzy cocktail recipes 54 Uplifting real life YCooulo€u1r0in.9S9heers to Polish €2.99 me into the festive spirit.
69 Win a West Cork holiday
74 Russell Grant horoscopes 26 WOMANSWAY.IE

56 Cosy candles Viviscal KARL
60 Soap Awards WinPg 69 Competition Áine Toner stole my song!
63 A special poem
66 Fionnuala Kearney Stuck between three: Little
answers 68 Reader fiction Drummer Boy with Bing Crosbie
itnhethpeudzizrleecstiiomnpolyf write your 70 Heritage pages and David Bowie, Fairytale of
the arrows 72 Ask yourself this... Etawcncdole-osnniHgehodttienslntiaenyr)Gftoloernttgwwaoorrvpi eer,oyWpllueecs(ktinyCcWolurokdm,iniasgnob’sreeWarkianfygasat New York, Kirsty MacColl and
82 Quiz of 2018 riwpaPnerneaiFotpLdldhocvpietoeirMadermoprsiaMnavi!iecngreivtydgruead2grgBtle5ieurasi0atennqonsctyunqtsheesuyhWaivwaralis.vspliBlt,ealhw.aEgacYceweleclellalogaferaofrtsmsasrGHc,MtlheGheodoanetesuemgIoprrlar,eeigrttlteroaaeuinnlcuiBtdkO,nye’ehws’rdaHanfiinsnaaardrwdrbsda.teaSaeynnhdaw The Pogues and of course Dean
CHRISTMAS CAROL ANAGRAMCan you rearrange the lettersto form some well-loved Christmas carols? 94 Alison Canavan caouwvsLeatoryoctmfawrt-ooebmdcueoiClnntothurtkhor,ieteeEsWlc,.ctillhedseAHpteloartfneetlciictsWp, laaascyeitjufhosartsaabnreehelaonxuifrnogr Martin’s Baby it’s Cold Outside.
A very hard choice to make so we
87654321RHIWHHBAdieniiiariroggcegsnskhnieJdnyelaelysndfglhMlcnltOyarLienaankeshtgitnstoinoicosrglYnonalenaewdgvanythahidgmeoorlsedloegg 3 LETTER WORDS UNCLE BOUQUETS WINgtvfrawhoeeinletAarnldaawroBgwmuwaeeeanrnaradyowrena.ratiddnodiPnGdaeadeynabnudjroyoiliengnfyltsiiiehncstuxiehgholpaefiuiRl,nossreserpastdinerwtigoncagailtuntlmatihrenhcaregauenilontgbta.hflrrEaAergvsocaoicsutellehfgewo,rtshfswayHsktooahoiuorvnemdetgcesrwae,lbtnt’esshehlilaceitonouobdgmtkaoyiywno.gnf should have them all!
4 LETTER WORDS 6 LETTER ESCALATOR Tt1o2heamvtoawnilota-hbnsili.igtThyetramsntdasymanautdsEtccobcneledusitsHieoodntsienlatipshpeslyun.bejxetct
hDAienrNagSlddWoaEnnRgg:e1lmsJeirsrniilgnlyge;ob5nellhGiso;goh2d; kA8iwnTaghyeiWnfiernasctemsNlaoanësgl;er6; 3OnOcehionlyRnoiygalht;Da4viHd’asrkcitthy;e 7 7 LETTER SUSPENDED
EXACT I love all the festive tunes but
OFFER DOUBLED Competition entry form CRoomsepmleotuentthHe ofoursme,aDnudnsdernudmitRtooaWdo, mDuabnl’isnW14aybyCothmepcelotistiinongsd,aistesuoer 50, this year I can’t stop listening to
EARNEST email Sia’s Christmas album, Everyday
SOCKS YOUR DETAILS Is Christmas. Ho Ho Ho and
TUSKS ENTRIES Name: [email protected] Underneath the Mistletoe are my
ISSUE 49 SOLUTIONS 8 LETTER WORDS favourites, although there’s always
Address: a strong case to be made for Elton
HOW TO ENTER John’s Step Into Christmas.
To win, simply answer this question:
In which county is Eccles Hotel?

Wwianrmteerr SCcSioirczcwaeurlfm::2f23e1rccemmncdweeiedpe and 80 cm in NuAmwbinenr:er will be selected at random. Closing date: Midday, Tuesday, January 2, 2019. Terms and Conditions apply. Photocopied competition entry forms are not allowed.
Scarf or cowl, take your pick by 150 cm long
84 WOMANSWAY.IE MRCS5CaSkwoi,cpaocncawoYoptwairtrearrlfDlkt:orfr::i:in1nxebcYa1.gxisaBlarsip8ccr2gn:uak1n00neilxraceaA0Cmndr22:grdl025e1elb5mao0sfxaotmngm(il2rvlogmt0beirhnsa0yPinwlnsgoloehgiiumebntalhedacds:ollpaeheluosiac2nl,ididnrsecthue6aldadre
T3iwnes)inttshssqi2aou5nnamdre5minrnoSwetesodctlkoeisna.g13Stcimtch(4(s¾t st) REGULARS
ASKRCRtbo/eS/bPpns/r/ttW–eps–vaSk–itacnto–tsi(itntso/rit)tpniigcn–ushhur/tlersestpiidteceah/tew/spraotntgersnid(se) 58 Soapland gossip
4 IFSRSEUEE*S*GOTOPAGE 62 Parenting with Una Rice
95 FOR DETAILS ICWumNtatt(OChshwnkSieieaWtendntThisrshsgitweRlLtt2oio.,apeU5odJffavklmro,ConeknlicnTodmnroatgyoI,hwstOscbttre2eaoiNoeomrlciriuynclSnka.nuois1gWnirdlt8nac)otfesrahrSfntaoorntusveosrm.emeftcTe7uikitdtbinrlcphilonhnceee–uaoesgnensstpadSntdtufntsodorstidotn.cmh 81 Una Power’s advice CATHERINE
using your hands. 84 Puzzle special My favourite Christmas song is
88 Kids puzzles Little Drummer Boy, it reminds
SCARF me of school Nativity plays and
Uktoansniilin5totgsirntYtsgha. ruWnnmeoeArbdkalceniansds,ttawhonneidtfhmou2lsel5iotnmhwgomidan,lgocnasgt Pg 9290 New Year crafts it’s too catchy not to enjoy. I don’t
pattern: think it’s played on the radio o en
Row 1 (RS): K1, (p1, k1) twice. enough in the lead up to Christmas!

RRoewp t2h:eKse1,2pr3o,wks1.once more.
Row 5: Knit.
Row 1 (RS): Knit.

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MY 2018 My 2018
by Áine
Keep on walking

Look at us, we are so tired. This was
pictured at about 3am just before
we completed the Darkness into
Light 5km walk. There may also
be a picture floating around of a
certain Taoiseach walking (and
being overtaken by WW).

Buy my book Wonder women

Okay, the year got off Louise, Noëlle and I had a
to a great start with the great time at the International
publication of my first book, Women’s Day breakfast
Let’s Talk About Six. I still in M&S, Grafton Street, in
walk past the bookshelves March. It is a truth universally
in my parents’ flat and stop known that international
to have a look at them sitting women wear glasses.
there. It remains a lovely
feeling and I’m all geared up Number 1 Noelley Celeb mates
for book two in February. mammy
Thanks to everyone who Noëlle, our fab Commercial I know, I’m very fond of this
bought it and enjoyed it. I want Nancy Ashmawy Manager, is always up for a dress (I really am) but look
to be my friend: fact. We bit of fun and this picture at Louise and our celebrity
Gamechanger had so much fun with her shows nothing different. We friend, Charlotte Tilbury. We
on our cover shoot and this couldn’t and wouldn’t want had lunch with lots of Irish
One interview I keep year’s Celebrity Mum was the to do without her. media ladies, Charlotte, and
remembering this person everyone wanted to speak her beauty crew. It was truly
year is when I spoke to at our event. She’s class and a New crew an incredible day to play
with Vicky Phelan. The true lady – and bonus points to Baz with/experiment with the
tenacity, the courage, for popping in to see his mammy Nadine joined the team this new products.
the determination this receive her award. year as our social media maven
woman has is incredible, and we’ve had a lot of fun with #Mum18
I’m not sure I could do the her within the last 12 months.
same in her position. Her Long may it last! Here’s us at the Aren’t our pink letters
honesty was needed and fancy dinner the night before something else? I adore them
her strength of character the Pope came to Ireland (yes, and they’re a great reminder of
is something from which we’re that fancy). what was an especially moving
I think we could all learn. day for this year’s Mum of
the Year winners. We mixed
things up this year and it was
all the better for it. I wonder if
I can slip those letters into my
suitcase for taking home for


We question..

Rory Cowan

What is your first memory? that situation. And I blame myself This year The Olympia Theatre is home to the most star-
On a radio show I said my first for that. I’m far too selfish. Being studded panto in the country. The cast includes the hilarious
memory was of my mother in love is compromise and I hate Rory Cowan who will be joined by Ryan Andrews (Fair City),
and my auntie Eileen playing to compromise. You make deals Jake Carter, Erin McGregor and James Patrice in this year’s
Peep-O with me when I was in when you’re in love. Do you have spectacular Olympia panto Polly and the Magic Lamp.
my pram. I was told I couldn’t to bring your friends around to Running from December 21 to January 6, tickets are on sale
possibly remember that because the house so much? Well I’ll stop now from, Ticketmaster outlets nationwide,
I was too young. So maybe it’s bringing them here if you stop or in person from The Olympia Theatre Box O ce and by
just an invented memory even going off every Saturday to play calling Ticketmaster at The Olympia Phone Bookings on
though I remember it. I do golf. ere’s always a variation 0818 719 330.
definitely remember singing e of that scenario going on with
Young Ones on the swing in our people who are in love. It becomes
back garden in Ballyfermot. I a battle of wills. Being in love
was three or four. When I sang is making deals – I don’t
that song the woman next door, like Chinese food but he
Mrs Houlihan, used to give me does. I like Indian food
a sup of Guinness. In those days but he doesn’t. So let’s go
Guinness was good for you. and have Italian. It’s all deals and
compromise. Me? I do what I like,
The thing you think about when I like, and I don’t have to
before falling asleep is... compromise or make
‘Tomorrow I’m definitely going deals with anyone.
to get up early and get a walk Being in love is
in before breakfast.’ I plan to do overrated.
this every day, and every night
when I go to bed I think I’m Who would
going to do it tomorrow. I never be your ideal
do it though. dinner guest?
Whoopi Goldberg.
Who is the most interesting I find her hilarious, but also
person you’ve ever met? because she’s a straight talker
Well if shaking someone’s and has views on everything
hand and saying I enjoyed their really. You’d never get stuck for
talk is meeting someone, then conversation with her. She makes
it would be A. C. Grayling, a you think, too. For years I thought
philosopher and author. I met that we now had to refer to black
him in London a good few people in America as African
years ago. He was giving a talk Americans. Not Whoopi! She
about morals and their place doesn’t want that term applied to
in society. I’d no interest in it, her and she makes a great case for
but a guy I was seeing wanted why she won’t accept that term
to go, so of course I pretended for her. She’s American and that’s
I was very interested in going it. And she’s right. We’re all too
too. It was the start of a new quick to want to label people to
relationship, so you pretend you make them, or us, different.
like things your other half likes.
Happiness is...
e relationship didn’t last, but Having no worries and having
Mr Grayling’s ideas did. I found three or four good friends. I
him to be fascinating. I’ve got refuse to worry about anything.
all his books and I follow him on It’s a waste of energy. You tend to
Twitter. I can barely remember worry about things that are out of
the guy I went to the talk with. your control. So if it’s out of your
control you can’t do anything
Have you ever been in love? about it. Worrying isn’t going to
I used to think I was in love, but change that. My mother was a
the truth is I’ve never been in



worrier. She was so bad that she perfectly. My mother wanted me in 1979 and I go back at least once sell them off for beef. And we
used to say to me, on occasions to work in a bank. I took, what was or twice every year. It’s a city that have the situation where female
when things were going really seen as a dead end job, in a record suits me. I never get bored there. calves are immediately taken away
well, “Rory, is there anything I shop. Within seven years I was from their mothers because the
should be worrying about?” She the sales and marketing manager The movie/s you could watch mother’s milk can be sold and the
went looking for worries. And of EMI Records Ireland. I ended again and again is/are... cows who have just given birth
good friends makes me happy. up meeting and working with Oliver the musical. I saw that first produce more milk. e dairy
fabulous people like Tina Turner, back in 1968 when it was released farmers don’t want that milk
What could you not live Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, and I loved it. I went to see it in the being wasted by feeding new born
without? David Bowie. My next career was cinema at least 20 times. When it calves.
Music! All my memories are music working with Brendan O’Carroll, came out on video and then DVD
related. A song can take me back who was doing stand-up gigs in I was thrilled. It’s a film I still What would you like to be
to a specific time and place. For Dublin pubs. I was advised I was watch. Also, Christmas wouldn’t remembered for?
instance, the song Get it On, by too qualified to do that. In 40 be Christmas without watching It doesn’t matter. Nobody
T Rex, brings me right back to years, until I left the Mrs Brown’s the Alastair Sim version of A remembers who built Stonehenge,
July 1971 in our sitting room in Boys organisation, I had only two Christmas Carol. I watch that every so when you look at it like that,
Athlone. I was 12-years-old. It was employers, EMI and Brendan Christmas Eve. It’s just dawned they’re not going to remember me.
the first time I heard that song O’Carroll, and I went to the top in on me that my two films I go back
and it changed my life. We only both careers. You’ve got to take a to again are based on books by What are you working on?
lived there for two years, but I can risk. Otherwise you’ll always just Charles Dickens. I will be playing the dame in the
remember in detail everything in accept second best. panto, Polly and the Magic Lamp,
that room if I close my eyes and What makes you angry? in the Olympia theatre in Dublin.
listen to that song. The song you’re most likely to e dairy industry. It’s just too
sing at karaoke is... is will be my second year doing
Tell us a secret. You’re Sixteen, the Ringo Starr cruel. We’ve situations now panto in the Olympia and I can’t
My second name is Mary. I was version. at’s because if Ringo where there are thousands upon wait to get back to it. I love panto
born on a holy day and when I was can sing it then so can I. Ringo’s thousands of cows hooked up to and I think it’s very important.
getting baptised my mother wasn’t not a great singer and neither am I, machines for their whole lives. It gets children into theatres and
there. She was in the maternity so covering his song suits me. I’ve On dairy farms male calves are they grow up knowing that a visit
hospital. I was only two-days- stopped going to karaoke shows, shot immediately after they are to a theatre is a great night out.
old and in those days babies had even though I like them, because born because they can’t supply I’ve also written a book and that’s
to be christened quickly, in case of dreadful singers. If you get up milk and it’s cheaper to shoot coming out in the first half of next
on stage and your song choice is them than it is to feed them and year. WW
they died and their souls Whitney or Celine then you need
went to Limbo. e to be good. Songs by either of those Partner Promotion
priest christened artists sound crap even if they are
everybody, born sung by an adequate singer. Sing to
on the holy day your strengths. Mine is Ringo.
and christened in
his church, with the What’s your guilty pleasure?
second name of Mary. Bringing a plate of spring onion
sandwiches and a cup of tea to bed
If only my mother had been with me so I can eat and drink
there. She would have stopped them before I go to sleep. And I
it. Every time I hear that song by don’t mean eating them at the
Johnny Cash, A Boy Named Sue, I table and then going to bed. No,
think of that priest. that wouldn’t do at all. What I
look forward to is getting into bed,
What’s your greatest vice? whooshing up the pillows and
Clothes I suppose. I spend way having my sandwiches and tea and
too much on them. Outside of then going to sleep.
that I don’t have too many vices.
I bought my own house, a two What is your happiest memory?
up two down back in 1990. I still It took me a number of years to
live in the same house. When I come out. I thought my friends
started earning big money in Mrs would have an issue with it. So
Brown’s Boys I never felt the need when I told them, in the early 80s,
to buy a bigger house or a holiday that I was gay, not one of them
home. I never got into debt or had a problem with it. It was like
bought things that might have a party situation. ey were in an
shown I had a few bob, but weren’t apartment I was living in and they
practical. Freedom from debt gives rang everyone they knew to tell
you lots of choices and peace of them the news and to invite them
mind. So I don’t have many vices. down to celebrate my news.
Where is your favourite place?
You are inspired by... Tel Aviv, Israel. I went there first
Risk! I took risks in my career
choices and they worked out


Theyear Cover interview

that was

Christmas may be a few weeks Ireland so I spent my year going that happens – that you are very that weekend but I did have a
away at the time of shooting to weddings, which I love, very fond of the person that they’re party afterwards. It was just nice
our three-week issue cover happy occasions. e first one going to marry,” says Mary. to gather because I suppose since
with Mary Kennedy and Eileen was probably, well, I can’t really I was 50, in the last ten years,
Dunne, but the Christmas spirit say the best, but the first one was She tells us that the wedding we’ve lost a few people that were
is well and truly in the air. close friends of mine and the will be taking place next close to us and very special so
We’re surrounded by Christmas rests were sons and daughters summer and that Shona’s mum I kind of saw it as an excuse to
decorations, carols play softly of friends or cousins – but they will be visiting for Christmas gather people together. I think
in the background and festive were all special in their own and spending the year in Ireland. it’s important to do that when we
cheer abounds. One thing ways,” says Eileen. can. We had a nice gather – old
that’s apparent when working With talk of weddings, friends and new – and all the
with Mary and Eileen is their “I went to China for two weeks another celebration is on my rest of it. I don’t mind. I kind of
friendship and the warmth they with my sister and we’d never mind and I have to ask Eileen feel I could retire now if I wanted
both have for one another. In actually gone away together on about celebrating her 60th to. I kind of feel that I’m in
between shots they’re laughing, our own before, we’d always earlier in 2018. How was it? control – I’m 60 so!”
joking and engaging in the type gone as family groups, and it
of banter that only really good really worked very well. We got “Well, it was fine,” Eileen “But Eileen’s great for
friends share. on so nicely together and we laughs. “It was around the time gathering people together
stayed with a cousin of ours who of the first of those weddings so always. You’re great for keeping
When we sit down to have a is teaching in Beijing and that we didn’t celebrate too much people in touch with each other,”
chat post-photoshoot, we begin was lovely as well. at was a says Mary, smiling at Eileen.
by reflecting on the year that highlight. It really was a very “Eileen’s great
was. So if Mary and Eileen had to special time,” says Mary. for gathering “It’s very important. ere has
pick one word to describe 2018 people together to be somebody in the group that
what would it be? “My son Tom got engaged always. You’re
on what would have been my great for continued on next page
Both begin to laugh and Eileen mother’s 100th birthday which keeping people
says: “Sixty! I hit 60!” Mary was very nice because he and in touch with
responds with “For me the word my mother were very, very each other”
would be ‘book’.” close. She absolutely adored
By Amy Wall him. She loved them all. And
is time last year, curled up also, then, the book being
in Mary’s living room while published in October. ose
her dog Daisy sprawled across were the highlights.”
Eileen’s lap, we were talking
about their hopes and dreams I ask Mary if she’s gearing up
for 2018 and it seems like the for the next wedding and she
past 12 months have been a bit laughs.
of a whirlwind for both of them.
I ask them what some of their “It’s lovely because Shona
favourite memories from the [Tom’s fiancée] is gorgeous
past year have been. really. I love her and that’s a
real gift you know? I love Eva’s
“Well, I had five weddings [Mary’s daughter] husband and
and only one of them was in it’s lovely when something like


E Continued from over

does that. [You drift] because “I don’t think host [Christmas] that we make gone well and that we reverted
life gets very busy. People get either of us a big effort and that everybody to normal living. But life just
preoccupied so it’s good to stay would like to mucks in and that no one is left got busier and busier and there
in touch.” turn down with all of the work. I enjoy it was a lot of travelling for work.
challenges but equally when it’s in my house as It got to the stage where I had
You can’t do a Christmas- there’s times I do when it’s in somebody else’s forgotten some of the places
themed photoshoot without you have to house,” says Mary. that I had been to. I had to look
spending a few minutes talking take stock” at photographs to remember
about the big day itself and “We just go down to Eva and and I was having feelings of not
I ask the ladies what they’re be up as well.” being in control. You know that
looking forward to most about October saw the release of her husband for New Year and go feeling? e feeling of being
the festive season. for a walk in Glenstal and play in control no matter what the
Mary’s much-anticipated latest board games and just have that circumstances is very important
“ e dynamic in my house book, Home oughts From e simple sense of home. I think and I didn’t feel in control.”
has changed in that my son has Heart (Hachette Ireland, €16.99). it should be welcoming, gentle
left and gone into an apartment. So what’s it all about? and simple. at’s the way I Mary goes on to say that she
I suppose, for the first time, think people should make home felt as if she was “running on
I’ll be looking forward to him “It’s a book celebrating home for themselves and others at empty”. “Flat” and “grey” are
coming home and he’s only in and the sense of home that I Christmas time.” just two of the words she uses to
town. He’s not too far away but have and the importance it has describe the feeling of burn out.
he’ll still be coming home for in my heart and in my family. “Yes, I agree and I’m going to She also says that she felt she was
Christmas. at’ll be different,” have a week off,” says Eileen. “lacking in confidence.”
says Eileen. e different experiences of “I think it’s the first time in my
home that I have had and, also, career I have a whole week off “ en I decided to do
“I suppose for me I’m just the different insight into home so I love those few days after something about it and I have
looking forward to having for other people in different Christmas because everybody’s definitely kept those things as
everybody home because Lucy, countries and other countries. so busy in the run up. Just to be part of my routine and I do say
my youngest, she’s living in And there’s also talk of people dropping in here and having the ‘no’ more often than I used to. I
London and she’s been touring who are less fortunate when it neighbours in. Just easy time don’t try to get everything done
with her cousin. comes to home. People who are where you can come and go and in the one moment and I think
homeless and in orphanages have a drink here and a cup of I’m better off from it. I feel in
“She’s a photographer and and things like that. It’s really coffee there. control,” she says.
he’s a singer/songwriter so they my reflections on home,” says
will both be home and they’ve Mary, who tells us that her “No pressure, basically it’s I say to Mary that those
been away, really, since August daughter Lucy took most of the just time to relax. I know for feelings of overwhelm,
and they’ll be leaving on the photographs in the book. some people, and we said it flatness and grey are valid and
27th for Australia, so it’s really last year too, that Christmas something a lot of people can
important to make the most of e book also contains some is particularly difficult but I relate to.
that time that they’ll be with of Mary’s favourite recipes. Pro suppose make the most of it in
us,” says Mary. tip – try her recipe for chocolate whatever way you can.” “Yes, because we all push
biscuit cake, it’s delicious. ourselves and if somebody says
“It’s my turn to cook the “And neither of us would take to you, ‘Will you collect so-
dinner so I’m looking forward to Home is such an important for granted the fact that we have and-so?’ you say, ‘Yep! I’ll work
that but everybody helps and, as aspect of the human experience family around us and we’re not that out’ and it’s just too much.
I said, Tom’s fiancée, Shona, and and I ask Mary and Eileen if they flippant about it,” says Mary. Sometimes you have to be able
her mother will be here from think that it’s important to give “We do realise that it’s a great to say, ‘I really can’t do that,’”
Australia. a sense of home to others when gift and a privilege.” explains Mary.
we can.
“Her sister and boyfriend are “Not everybody has it,” “And you go through phases
coming from California so it’ll “I’m delighted that people are says Eileen and Mary agrees: too where there’s just a lot
be nice to have everybody. Eva’s comfortable coming to my house “Exactly. No, not everybody has happening and there’ll be
husband and mother-in-law will and yet I’m very conscious that it like that.” other times where there’s very
when it’s my brother’s turn to little happening. But it’s just
One thing I really want to talk sometimes, it’s hard to keep all
to Mary about is the fact that the balls in the air,” says Eileen.
she reveals in her book that she
experienced a period of burn out “And also, because we’re both
last summer. What was that like energetic and curious women I
for her? don’t think either of us would
like to turn down opportunities
“It was very unpleasant. I and challenges but there’s times
think we just push ourselves when you just have to take
very, very hard. I was definitely stock,” says Mary.
pushing myself too hard and it
was post-wedding,” says Mary, We speak about the
referring to her daughter Eva’s importance of learning to say
wedding in 2016. no and treating it as an act of
self-care and Mary says paying
“ ere was huge anticipation attention to your mental health
with the wedding and that was
fine. I was very happy that it had


Cover interview

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E Continued from over


Cover interview

is “very, very important.” her own experience of loneliness wish you had somebody to talk I ask the women about
“If you have a broken leg you in one of her past books and she to or a particular person to talk authenticity and whether they
said that a number of people got to, but again, like Mary, I have feel it’s important – especially
trot along to the doctor but if in touch with her to respond and very good friends and I know given that we live in a time
you’re feeling overwhelmed relate to her thoughts on this I can always lift the phone if I where there’s so much ‘fakery’
you’re less likely to and then it common human experience. need to,” says Eileen. – fake news, fake social media,
gets worse,” she says. fake everything.
“It’s almost like if you admit “Sometimes you hear people
So is there anything in to being lonely you’re admitting ringing into radio programmes “Well I suppose in our business
particular that both women do to failure. ‘Well why are you [because they’re lonely] and for a start, and I think in a way
to care for their mental health? lonely? [Is it] because you have it’s almost like they’re sitting all this is doing, as traditional
no friends?’ But it’s not about at home waiting for people to media people and outlets that
“I would be a great believer not having friends. I have come to them. at ain’t going are trusted, whether it’s radio,
in time-out time. A day where wonderful friends and I have to happen. Ultimately we’re television or the big newspapers,
you do absolutely nothing or a a great social life and I have a all responsible for our own [is that] people are coming back.
day where it takes you all day to wonderful family and no rows. happiness, our own wellbeing, So you know it’s an ill wind if
do very little. A day for yourself But you can still have times so you’ve got to get up and get you like… I don’t know, what
[where you] choose something where you are lonely and I think out there and join a club. Join a gets me about the whole online is
nice to do whether it be go for actually it bears testimony to the walking club or join a choir – the lack of respect,” says Eileen
a walk, go to a movie, sit down importance that people have, the something that just gives you a and Mary nods adding, “ e lack
and watch those programmes importance that people have in purpose.” of manners.”
that you recorded last week and your lives and that you feel it’s
still haven’t done,” says Eileen. very important to have people in You can’t speak about “ e aggressiveness,” Eileen
your life,” says Mary. loneliness without speaking continues. “It’s that side of it
“But just set aside time and about the importance of that I just feel you can see it on
say no, I’m not going to have “ ere are times when I’m on vulnerability and how essential the streets, you can feel it on the
anything in the diary for today. my own and I’m not lonely. I it is to allow people to see that streets, there’s an aggression
And to do that every once in a love it. I love my own company. side of us and Mary agrees out there. People just don’t have
while. It’s easier for us because But then there are other times that we should allow our respect for each other anymore
our children are grown up now. as well and I think it’s good to vulnerability to show. and that’s the biggest thing,
admit that people are really whether it’s in relationships or
at wasn’t always easy. I think important. And again, from “ at takes practice. at takes whether it’s in society, I think
as you get older you need it more going to the counsellor, I’m practice, I can tell you. But it’s respect is one of the big words.”
anyway. You just need to be able better at reaching out to friends good,” she says.
to take time out.” when I’m feeling lonely because “You can see the
there’ll be times when you’d “I also feel with the loneliness, aggressiveness and the lack of
For Mary, one thing that helps say, ‘Well I don’t want to bother you have your mother still which common decency when people
her mental health is to see a them. It’s the weekend and it’s is lovely, really, really lovely [she interact. Even when getting onto
counsellor. a family time,’ you know? I’m smiles at Eileen] and because I a bus or something like that, I
better at that now.” don’t have a mother or father feel that. And I can understand
“I like to go and see a in my life, I think it’s different. why so many people have gone
counsellor. I think it’s very “I suppose I’m lucky in I really do. Because when I fell away from organised religion
important. For me anyway it a sense, I’ve always been and ended up with stitches, it and that’s fine, I don’t have
was very important when I comfortable with my own was my mother that I wanted. I any problem with that. But for
was feeling stressed but I think company so it’s not something think that bond is very close and so many nothing has replaced
it’s good to go maybe once a that really hits me at the moment you’re lucky to have your mam.” it so there’s this vacuum of a
month, once every five weeks, anyway, but there are times too
when you’re feeling well so you and you just sometimes “Absolutely, that’s very true. continued on next page
can talk about things and keep I know I felt to a certain extent
things in perspective. at’s one “There are when my father died that I had
of the things I do for self-care if times when I’m to grow up. I finally felt, ‘Well,
you like, mental self-care, and I on my own and you’re an adult now. You’re the
look forward to it,” she says. I’m not lonely. adult in the room.’ And I know
I love my own that when my mother goes it
From our mental health company. But will be similar, if not a more
conversation, we begin there are other enhanced feeling I suppose,”
speaking about loneliness – a times as well” says Eileen.
topic that Mary has been quite
outspoken about in the past. While we’re speaking about
these large human concepts,
“I think I’ve gotten to a stage
in life where I am not going
to pretend to be anything
other than the way I am and if
loneliness is a part of it, and has
been, I’m not going to pretend
otherwise. I just think what is
the point in trying to keep up
an appearance that everything
is fine?” says Mary.

Mary wrote extensively about


E Continued from over

moral code and, I think, “Women appreciate that about ourselves
basic human manners and are really and we don’t congratulate
human decency and it’s nice strong human ourselves enough for the gifts
that people are coming back beings and we that we have and the gifts that
to that as well. Sound values. don’t always we impart to, be it the children
Respecting people,” says Mary. appreciate or the men or the colleagues
that about around us,” says Mary.
When we spoke last year, ourselves”
Eileen mentioned that one “I think we should be more
of her big hopes for 2018 was year that was, spoken about aware of that and congratulate
to slow down more – did she Christmas and dissected the ourselves more. Celebrate
manage to achieve it? human experience of loneliness, ourselves more.”
vulnerability and authenticity, I
“Absolutely. I have my life want to know what the women With that I switch
back because I’m working have planned for 2019. off the dictaphone
week on, week off now. I do and say goodbye to
seven days on, seven days off so “Who knows?” laughs Eileen Eileen and Mary.
it means I can go to the theatre, with a cryptic smile. I notice As I’m leaving the
I can go to a movie during the she’s giving Mary that very hotel, they’re off
week, I can take my mother out specific glance that’s shared into the hotel’s
to lunch, I can make plans. only between close friends. e restaurant for a cup
type that tells me there’s a whole of coffee and a good
“So yeah, it’s been fantastic. bunch of things planned for 2019 catch up, smiling
I mean the seven days on is full- but sadly, we won’t be made and laughing as
on obviously, but then it’s just privy to them just yet. they go. WW
nice to have seven days off and
to be able to plan around it,” she Mary says that she’d like to CREDITS
smiles. travel more and Eileen says she Photographer: Kip Carroll;
wants a quiet year with maybe a
Mary had a similar goal only trip to France thrown in for good Stylist: Georgina Vahey;
hers was to continue slowing measure.
down. Has she met that goal? Hair: David Cashman;
It’s getting late and it’s cold
“Oh absolutely yes. Definitely. and dark outside, so before we Make-up: Bre ni @ Callan & Co;
I did. It was part of the whole finish up I ask the ladies the
feeling of burn out and post- same question I asked them last Shot on location at: Iveagh Garden
burn out and post-wedding. year – what is their wish for Hotel, 72-74 Harcourt Street,
Much more calm. our Woman’s Way readers for Dublin; tel: 01 568 5500;
Christmas 2018?
“I was never very good at Special thanks to: Hayley Good
taking time out but now I’m “Make the most of it whatever
much better. I’ve no problem just your circumstances. It’s a nice LOOK 1
sitting and not bothering. I used time. It’s a time even if other Mary: Blouse €76.99; trousers €82.99
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say, ‘Well, I’ve half an hour, I’ll you can be nice to yourself, so diamante boots €150 from Sheneil
get a wash on. I’ll get so many be gentle with yourself as the Shoes @ Oranmore; earrings €8 from
bits of ironing done.’ Jaypers, the Desiderata poem says,” says Soul @ Carraig Donn
ironing will be there after me, Eileen. Eileen: Top €189.99; trousers €189.99
won’t it?” Mary laughs. from Style Kloset Boutique, Galway;
“I think women are really shoe boots €150 from Sheneil Shoes;
Having already assessed the strong, capable, giving and earrings €10 from Soul
compassionate human beings
and I think we don’t always LOOK 2
Mary: Jacket €69.95 from J’aime la
Vie @ Carraig Donn; top €16.95 and
trousers €29.95 both Pala D’oro @
Carraig Donn; boots €120 from Sheneil
Shoes; earrings €8 from Soul
Eileen: Coatigan €69.95 from Rowan
Avenue @ Carraig Donn; top €16.95
Pala D’oro @ Carraig Donn; trousers
€49.95 from J’aime la Vie; boots €145
from Sheneil Shoes; chain €15 from

Mary: Dress €239 from Style Kloset
Boutique; shoes €165 from Sheneil
Shoes; earrings €15 from Soul
Eileen: Dress €255 from The Kilkenny
Shop & Ellie Lane Boutique, Oranmore;
shoes €150 Sheneil Shoes; earrings
€15 from Soul


Cover interview



20 questions with..

Laura Woods

The TV presenter talks presents, pudding
and her secrets to a stress-free Christmas

1. Do you believe in 5. Which three things loved this time of year, Christmas? 18. Where do you spend
Santa? do you want for although I appreciate it the actual day?
Of course! Christmas? can be very tough for I love to watch The We go to mass in the
A lie in, someone else to many people. So, it’s a Gruffalo with the kids at morning, family for
2. What was the best cook and the kids not to time of year when I count Christmas and last year drinks, drop in to some
Christmas present fight for one day. Or a my blessings too, and we introduced our elder friends then it’s home to
you’ve ever received? big diamond. I imagine know that I’ve been very son to Back to the Future get organised for dinner
A Raleigh Vectar bike I neither will happen. fortunate in life. I don’t which he adored. It’s that evening.
got around 1988. The fact take this for granted so always fun to watch the
that I remember it so 6. Turkey or ham? Or for me it’s a time to reflect movies we grew up with 19. Do you make New
well says it all. I adored neither? and give thanks. through the fresh eyes of Year’s resolutions – and
that bike, it was quite A little of both, please. the boys. do you stick to them?
futuristic looking but it Sometimes I make them
was very cool. 7. Tell us a Christmas 10. Who will you be 14. What is your and I stick to the easy
joke. spending Christmas favourite Christmas ones.
3. Christmas pudding: Q. What happened to the with? And who does the film?
with cream, custard or man who stole an advent cooking? I don’t have one. 20. What’s the most
both? calendar? My husband and I share Christmassy thing you
Custard please, I’m not a A. He got 25 days. the cooking. Both his 15. Be honest: is it own?
fan of cream, whipped or family and mine are better to give gifts or Over the years since we
otherwise. 8. Are you good at coming to our house, receive them? started to host dinner at
wrapping presents? so it will be full-on and Both options [are] very ours I’ve been buying a
4. What’s your favourite No, I’m not but my busy day, full of chat and rewarding - it’s always few festive decorations.
festive tune or what’s husband is so good at laughter, I hope. nice to spoil and be Delighted to say I don’t
on your festive playlist? it. He gets all arty and spoiled. own a Christmas onesie
Fairytale of New York is really proud of his 11. What’s your secret but I think my bosses
brings back memories of wrapping talents, as am I to a stress-free 16. Who is the most have other ideas for our
The Gingerman Pub in because I can delegate the Christmas? difficult person to buy final WeekendAM of the
Dublin with my college wrapping to him. Preparation for me is for? year, so keep an eye out
gang so I love that song important. I like to chip Probably me, or so my for that one. WW
because it transports me 9. What does Christmas away slowly at the to- husband and friends say
back to a really happy mean to you? do list in the run up to anyway.
time in my life. It is a chance to unwind, December 25 so anything
to step back from the that can be prepared in 17. If you could invite
busy pace of my everyday advance, has been. anyone for Christmas
routine and cocoon dinner, who would it
myself among friends 12. Do you have a be?
and family. I have always Christmas jumper in The people who are
your wardrobe? already coming: the
I have many! boys will have their four By BMiychMeillcehelNleewNemawnman
grandparents over for
13. What will you be dinner and I’m so glad we
watching on TV this have the chance to create
these memories with


MY 2018 My 2018
by Louise

The snow Mum of the Year Trying new things

What a year of weather It’s always a highlight of my This year I wanted to give new things
we’ve had. While the long, year, but this one in particular a go. Here’s me with my lovely
hot summer was gorgeous, really stood out. I got to friends Celine and Liv (and Kim, who
I’m more of a cold weather embrace my inner interior is taking the pic) when we went to a
person, so I loved the big designer and dressed the room pottery class in Brookwood Pottery,
snow we had at the start of in a pink and white theme. I Dublin. These pedal operated wheels
the year. I got snowed in so had a vision and it came true were very hard work.
had to work on Woman’s thanks to the help of the whole
Way from home. I made this team of people working on the
snowy Art Garfunkel on my event. Thanks everyone!
lunch break.

A big walk
On St Patrick’s Day

I decided to do the A day for
Harbour 2 Harbour walk A trip to Norway women
in support of Aware, at
short notice. I walked from

Happy Dun Laoghaire to Howth I got the surprise of my life when This year we helped out
birthday (26KM!) in some horrendous I got engaged in Norway in the with the company’s
weather and with very little summer. I hadn’t a clue it was Planet Woman Academy
Both my mum and dad preparation – next year I’ll do some going to happen. Also, I got very event, it was a really
turned 60 this year and training. But the sense of achievement sunburnt that day, hence how inspiring day hosted
we’d two very special was huge. Here’s me wrapped up shiny I look in this picture. by our publisher Norah
days in celebration. against the elements. Casey. Lots of running
Here’s a pic of them
getting married. They’ll Children’s Awards about on our end but
kill me for putting this it felt great when it all
into Woman’s Way!
Okay, I love dressing up. So when came together.

it came to our Children’s Awards Ps… It’s always a good
which had a wizarding theme I

couldn’t wait to embrace my inner year when you welcome a

Hagrid. Here’s our lovely Nadine new family member. My heart

catching me doing my best possible grew a little bigger with the

Robbie Coltrane impression. You’re arrival of my first niece in

a wizard, Harry! March, Ruby Rita.


And so to bed.. Blackstudded Grey and pink PJ
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Check coat €77, scarf €20, Biker coat €100, faux leather Sequin poncho €49, trousers €42 from BUTTON UP
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Dorothy Perkins that perfect winter coat? runs Ireland’s
Keep warm first online personal styling
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Whether it’s a coat or a coatigan, help you find the perfect
snuggle up with a festive layer piece. 925 Style says,
“Don’t feel like you have to
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Coat €184.95, jeans €69.95, socks Lucasta jacket €150 from Alesha leaves room for plenty. On
€10.95, boots €149.95 from White Stu Dixon @ Regatta Great Outdoors a mild day, it can be thrown
over a light shirt. As the really
Coat €90, jeans €28, Tekla coat €329.95 from cold weather approaches, a
tunic €55, boots €49 from Second Day @ AVOCA thick knit and a mighty scarf
can be added without making
Oxendales it a squeeze. In fact, the
coatigan’s versatility knows
Houndstooth coat €420 from no bounds: It can be layered
Marella, corduroy blazer €499 and with a smart turtleneck and
chinos for work, or a slouchy
trousers €299 from Strenesse, tee and skinny jeans for
silk T-shirt €129 from Hugo, all at casual weekend wear. The only
rule to bear in mind is that,
Arnotts because this kind of knit is
loose and oversized, it’s best
teamed with fitted items,
otherwise it might swallow
up your silhouette. The best
thing about the cardicoat is
that it’s breezy and breathable
and easier to slip on and off
than your average winter
jacket. That means no more
wild temperature variations on
your commute – the coatigan
is cosy enough to keep out the
chill on the walk to the bus
stop, but not so heavy that
the journey itself is horribly
sweaty. Here’s our picks…

€59 from Wallis

Check fur coat €113 from €60 from Evans
River Island

Double breasted coat €87, €44 from Lipsy @ Next
jeans €35, shirt €38 from

Cotton Traders

€52 from Topshop

Coat €125 from M&S Collection Faux fur lined parka €150, metallic Pink coat €79.95 €34 approx from Tu
embroidered dress €100 from Nine by from Zara @ Sainsbury’s

Savannah Miller @ Debenhams WOMANSWAY.IE 19


The WW crew tested some of the shapewear on the market to see what it really did

ATIR Toner €75.99 Spanx Faux Leather Moto Penneys Secret Possessions Miraclesuit Hi-waist briefs
Tested by Louise Leggings €76 High Rise Control Briefs €7 €52 from Figleaves
I’m not sure that I looked any Tested by Michelle N Tested by Amy Tested by Michelle O’S
slimmer, but it did smooth I was worried these would be While they offered a small bit
out lumps and bumps for difficult to put on because of of control across my stomach, is shapewear option gave
under clothing. ey’re the material but I was wrong, there was a gape at the back. me a lot of tummy control
especially good though, there was a lot of stretch to and did a great job of
because you can wear your them. ey are flattering, ey’re generous fitting so I smoothing out my stomach. I
own bra. I did not like the fantastic for helping you to could have gone down a size. did however find that it
hook and eye closing on the feel more toned and gave the Ideal for when you’re in need seemed to collect around the
crotch opening but that is my illusion that I was in fantastic of shapewear or if you’d like top of my back where the
only complaint. shape. Amazing! to add some to your wardrobe seam met my bra strap. Very
without a huge price tag. easy to wear and comfortable.

MAGIC Bodyfashion Maxi Definition Shapewear Definition Shapewear Spanx OnCore Mid- igh
Sexy Hi-Bermuda €39.99 Bodyshaper Mini-Short €92 Shorts €59 Bodysuit €99 from Arnotts
from www. Tested by Michelle N Tested by Tara Tested by Amy I liked how the straps are no It’s made from a barely-there
Tested by Áine wider than a bra strap. e ere is a lot to like about this style fabric and believe me
suit was very comfortable style: the pale nude colour is when I say that it fits like a
is is deceptively light around my bum and thighs good, the lace trim at the leg second skin. It also has
which is brilliant as you don’t but I did find it difficult to and waist is a decent width support in all the right areas
have that immediate feeling close; inside the zip there is a and well constructed so it – tum, bust and bum. I will
of being constrained. I found line of hook-and-eye doesn’t curl when you are say that it was a struggle
it came up very high up my fasteners (it was a two-person wearing it. e rubber band actually getting into this.
torso, and under a dress it job!) If you’re after that that adheres to the skin also Once on, however, I did
really did make a difference. cinched-in waist effect, then helps to prevent it riding up. notice that my silhouette
It also was easy to remove this is the one for you. appeared smoother.
and it’s a winner in my book. e seaming throughout was
supportive and smoothing.


Did you know if you buy from an EU website
you have stronger rights?

If something you buy is faulty or is not what
you expected contact the CCPC’s consumer
helpline on 01 402 5555, 1890 432 432 or

….go to

Áine’s perfect skin, pop of colour

Calvin Klein Eternity Catrice The Little Black
Air Eau De Parfum One Volume waterproof
€44.50 mascara €4.95

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r So No7 Instant Illusions
Matte Longwear Foundation Airbrush Away primer
in 110 Cool €32 €22.50 from Boots

CYO Two Clever By Maybelline The
Half lipstick and liner Burgundy Bar
in Blow Your Mind €9 Eyeshadow Palette
from Boots €14.99
Techni.Art Thermo
Modelling Spray
Limited Edition

Palette in
The Rebel

22 WOMANSWAY.IE IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Nuxe Aquabella Micro-Exfoliating
Better CC+ Cream with SPF Purifying Gel €14.50
50+ €39 from Arnotts

Louise’s everyday heroes

Barry M That’s How Jo Malone London
I Roll mascara €7.49 Honeysuckle and Davana
cologne 30ml €54

NARS Lush Helping
Radiant Hands hand
Creamy cream €10
Concealer in
in Quartz

Original Foundation

Neom Body Avène Skin Charlotte Tilbury Colour Medik8
Scrub in Scent Recovery Cream Chameleon eyeshadow pencil in C-Tetra Cream
to De-Stress 50ml €21.99 Champagne Diamonds €25 €39.40

Amy’s tried & fested favesLa Roche- Bourjois Revlon
Posay Rouge ColourStay
Hydraphase Velvet The Crème eye
Intense Eyes Lipstick shadow in
€18.49 in 07 Joli 710 €9.99
Pixi Rose €12.99
Flash Balm
€34 NARS No7 Perfect Light
Velvet Pressed Powder in
Matte Lip Translucent €16
Pencil in

Maybelline Lasting
Drama gel eyeliner

Lancôme Teint Idole Benefit
Ultra Wear Foundation GALifornia
in 005 Beige Ivoire €39 Golden

Charlotte Tilbury
Instant Magic Facial
Dry Sheet Mask €24


Miche e’s li le bit of luxury

Laura Mercier Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating
Translucent Loose Treatment Essence €42
Setting powder €42

Charlotte Glossier Boy Laura Mercier Oil-free Tinted Moisturiser SPF20 €48
Tilbury Matte Brow in Blond
Revolution €15
lipstick in The
Queen €32

Urban Decay
Naked Cherry
Palette €49

Milani Baked Sally Hansen
Blush in Miracle Gel nail
Luminoso €11 colour €11.99
Penneys Strobe Cream
in Pearl €4

Penneys My Perfect
Colour Liquid Concealer
in Cool Sand €3


So handy!
It’s time for your mitts to razzle and dazzle

Seoulista Rosy Hands Essie Nail Lacquer
Instant Manicure €8.99 in Ring in the Bling
Norwegian Formula L’Occitane X Castelbajac
Hand Cream €5.29 Almond Milk Delicious
CeraVe Reparative Hands €17
Hand Cream €7
KISS Gel Fantasy
Nails €8.99

INGOT Breathable Nail Essie Treat Love & Catrice ICONails No7 Gel Finish Nail Colour in
Enamel in 437 €8.99 Colour in Sheers to Gel Lacquer in Me, Golden Sands (part of No7
No7 Gel Finish Nail Colour in Deep Wine You €10.99 Myself and My Nail Gel Finish Nail Colour
(part of No7 Nail Gel Finish Nail Colour Polish €2.99 Collection) €18
Collection) €18


Born to shimmer

Bling on the sparkle, subtle or OTT, we love it all

Maybelline Total IsaDora L’Oréal Paris Elnett
Temptation Eyeshadow Strobing Fluid Starlight Glitter
+ Highlight Palette Highlighter Hairspray €4.42
€14.99 €23.70
KISS Gel Fantasy
Catrice ICONails Lancôme Paris Starlight nails €8.99
Gel Lacquer in Sparkle Iridescent Gold
Darkness Before Highlighter €54.95 Clarins
Pleasure €2.99 Illuminating
Powder €34

Fuschia Make-Up L’Oréal Paris La Vie En
Glitter in Orbit Glow Highlighting Powder
€14.50 Palette €17.99

Maybelline FaceStudio MAC Eye Shadow in essence Melted Chrome Inglot
Master Chrome Major Win €21 Liquid Lipstick in Copper Sparkling
Metallic Highlighter Dropper €2.99 Dust in
€11.49 02 €18


A special spritz
Classic and contemporary scents for him and her
this festive season

Alien Man by Calvin Klein Eternity Air Azzaro Wanted Boss Bottled Marc Jacobs
Mugler Eau de Eau De Parfum €44.50 Eau de Toilette Tonic Eau de Daisy Eau de
Toilette €58 100ml €76 Toilette for Toilette 50ml
Hugo Boss Boss him €56 €69.50
the Scent for
Her €53

Chloé Eau de Parfum The Body
30ml €59.50 Shop White
Musk Eau
de Toilette Alien by
30ml Thierry Mugler
€21.95 Eau de Parfum
30ml €70
Angel Fruity Fair With thanks to….
by Thierry Mugler Clear table decorations (pack of 60) €2 from Penneys
Eau de Toilette
for her €55


Get Li y
Slick it on and you’re party
ready all season long

Max Factor Velvet Lancôme Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick
Matte Lipstick in L’Absolu in Bitch Perfect €32
05 Nude €12.99 Rouge O’s fave!
Clarins Joli Matte Miche e’
Rouge Brilliant Lipstick in
in 742S €22 Amy’s pick! Berry Noir
Bourjois Rouge
Edition Velvet
Lipstick in 08

Twist Up
Lip Pencil in
Chestnut 653

Laura Mercier
Extreme Matte
Lipstick in
Clique €26

Sisley Le Phyto Áine’s must-have
Rouge Long-Lasting
Kat Von D Essence Velvet Hydration in Rose
Studded Kiss Matte Lipstick in
Crème Lipstick Urban Decay Unredsistible €2.99 Louise’s Delhi €43
in Hexagram Max Factor Miracle
€21 Cream Vice Satin pick Prep Lip Scrub
Lipstick in €12.99
Rapture NARS
€19.50 Lipstick in
e N’s fave Orgasm €27


Perfectly pale e
Choose your favourite shades

Fuschia Makeup Wet n Wild Colour Icon Carter
Paradise Palette Eyeshadow Palette in Rosé in Beauty
€27.50 the Air €4.95 Warm
essence Not Your Velvet 18
Princess Eye & Face Shade
Palette €6.99 Eyeshadow
IsaDora Beach Glow Face €14.95
Glow Bronzing Wheel €24.95 PS… Nude Basics Eyeshadow Palette €6

INGLOT Freedom System
Honey Palette €32

L’Oréal Paris Cherry My Urban Decay Naked
Cheri Eyeshadow Palette Cherry Eyeshadow
€19.95 Palette €49

NARS Cosmetics No7 Nude
Provocateur Eyeshadow to Night
Palette €39 Beauty


from A to Z
Health trends
THE BIGGEST A IS FOR… AIR QUALITY on our immune system, the Make 2019 the year you embrace a
HEALTH AND By Amy WallThanks to the advent of smart air more people are incorporating life of less.
WELLNESS purifiers, it’s never been easier probiotic foods, bone broth and
TRENDS FOR to keep a tab on the air quality of prebiotics into their diets. N IS FOR… NATURE
2019 your home and in 2019 pure air Exercise is all about getting out
inside the home will be a huge H IS FOR… HEALING into the fresh air, engaging your
32 WOMANSWAY.IE trend. From Reiki to Angelic healing, muscles on different types of
more people are turning to these terrain and experiencing the
B IS FOR… BRAIN HEALTH spiritual practices as a way to mood-boosting benefits of time
From doing puzzles to keep the rebalance the energy centres of in nature. Whether it’s hiking,
mind active to eating neurological the body, encourage relaxation, climbing or cross country
boosting foods, in 2019 the focus and banish stress. running, expect to see more
will be on brain health. outdoor classes and workout
I IS FOR… IMMERSION options springing up as we move
This practice uses colour to restore This refers to full body workouts
balance to the mind, body and that you can do from the O IS FOR… ORGASMS
spirit. For example, red helps to comfort of your own home. The How many orgasms are you
fire us up and motivate us, while eoncept is that it is possible for having and, more importantly,
blue promotes feelings of peace you to get gym-worthy results are they leaving you satisfied?
and calm. without having to pay expensive Orgasms have a host of health
membership fees. benefits from boosting our
D IS FOR… DRINK UP immune system to reducing stress
Drinks are no longer just to keep J IS FOR… JEWELLERY and making us happier, so it’s
you hydrated. In 2019 they’re all Think expensive gold and sleek essential that you’re having them.
about adding nutrition. From green sliver looks as wearable fitness Whether alone or with a partner,
juices to gut-healing drinks, 2019 tech becomes more stylish and 2019 will see everyone talking
is the year that you make your subtle. about and investing in their own
drinks work for your health on a big ‘O’.
new level. K IS FOR… KINDNESS
Kindness is set to be a huge P IS FOR… PREVENTION
E IS FOR… EXCITING trend. You can hop aboard this As the years pass, more and more
EXERCISE trend a little early by reading people are waking up to the idea
Say goodbye to slogging it out in the work of Dr Kristin Neff, that prevention is most certainly
a gym, over the next 12 months an expert in the field of self- better than the cure when it
exercise is getting an energising compassion (or self-kindness). comes to health. Expect to see
upgrade. From rock climbing to On her website, www.self- lots of books, articles and classes
aerial yoga, the trend is to find a type, she offers about how you can boost your
of exercise that lights you up, with a detailed explanation of the
the idea being that if it’s exciting, practice and simple exercises to
you’re more likely to keep it up. get you started.

Intermittent fasting, that is. More High in protein and
and more research is showing carbohydrates but low in fat,
that intermittent fasting (fasting it’s easy to see why legumes are
one day a week, for example) becoming so popular. In 2019
can have a hugely positive expect to ditch your courgetti
impact on our health. From and instead pick up legume pasta
reducing inflammation in the and rice for an extra nutritional
body to lowering cortisol levels, hit.
intermittent fasting is set to
become the new norm. M IS FOR… MINIMALISM
Practicing minimalism helps to
G IS FOR… GUT HEALTH declutter your brain, offers a
As more research emerges about sense of freedom and is fantastic
the impact gut health can have for easing feelings of stress.

health and put systems in place V IS FOR… VEGAN
now as a method of prevention. Google Trends shows a
worldwide increase in the
Q IS FOR… QUICK WELLNESS interest in veganism from 2004
Forget slogging it out at the gym for to 2018 and it’s believed that
hours and instead make exercise this will continue to rise as we
more manageable by squeezing in move into 2019.
quick sessions while you can. In
a bid to get people more involved W IS FOR… WATER
in exercise, many experts are now Staying hydrated has always
recommending moving more when been important and in the
you have five or ten minutes to coming year, how we imbibe our
spare. Try doing squats while you water is set to get sexier. From
wait for the kettle to boil or doing swish glass bottles designed to
press-ups during the ad break of keep your H2O cold, to bottles
your favourite show. with crystals in them, so your
water absorbs positive energy
R IS FOR… ROWING before you drink it, staying
When it comes to a decent hydrated is the ultimate trend.
cardiovascular workout, 2019 will
see people ditching their spinning X IS FOR… (E)XTREME
classes in favour of hitting the ACCEPTANCE
rowing studio. Rowing is brilliant There’s a great sense of peace
for toning the upper body and that can be found in accepting
building strength. our lives for what they are
in this moment. Instead of
S IS FOR… SOUND HEALING beating yourself up, adopt
The benefits of sound healing are a compassionate approach
numerous and include relaxation, and practice acceptance.
lower blood pressure, relief from Acceptance has been shown
depression and anxiety and can to improve our moods, boost
help with chronic pain. From our optimism and lower stress
gong baths to singing, a qualified levels.
practitioner will help you find
whatever type of sound healing is Y IS FOR… YOGA
best for you. Yoga remains on health trend
lists year after year and for good
T IS FOR… TRANSPARENCY reason too. This gentle workout
Moving into 2019 the call for more is so effective at inducing
transparency on food labels is feelings of relaxation and peace
getting louder. People want to and for helping to improve
know what exactly they’re eating balance, flexibility and overall
and the government is cracking strength.
down even more on how our food is
packaged and labelled. Z IS FOR ZZZZ HYGIENE
Everyone is going to be talking
U IS FOR… UNFORGIVENESS about sleep hygiene in the
(and letting it go) – Did you know coming year. Sleep hygiene
that holding a grudge can be refers to your habits around
incredibly detrimental to your sleep – when you go to bed,
physical and mental health? In what type of mattress you sleep
2019 it’s all about letting things on, how good the quality of
go. Remember, choosing to forgive your sleep is etc. In 2019 it will
someone doesn’t mean that you be all about investing in healthy
condone whatever they did – it sleep habits that will ensure
means that you care enough to set we’re all getting enough shut
yourself free. eye. WW


e night before FOR Little ELVES

€11 Family Fortunes

€6 Alarm clock from

€11 Charades from €16 Team Rudolph
Debenhams Babygro from

€20 Festive
Skittles from

€7 Mince Puds for your
Dog from Debenhams

€4.95 Lainey’s €14 Elf onesie from
Handmade Chocolate Penneys

Biscuit Cake

€13 Home Alone
collection from
Golden Discs


€16 A Bad Moms Get set for December 24
Christmas from Golden
€9 Penguin Pyjamas
from Penneys

€11 Mr & Mrs Game €13.95 Almond Milk and Honey Soothing and €4.49 Absolute
from Debenhams Restoring Body Lotion from The Body Shop Aromas Lavender

€5.50 Disney Epsom salts
Face Mask from


€16.95 Bean and €8 Rudolph hot
Goose Distillers water bottle from

Choice Irish Penneys
Whiskey Tru es
from Pearse
Lyons Distillery

€12 Flannel night
shirt from Penneys

By Amy Wall


Let guests help themselves with
these ideas for boards and platters

S’mores Method minutes or up to overnight. STRATEGY: Everyone is always
smorgasbord 1. In a small saucepan, heat the 4. Preheat the oven to impressed when I bring my own
milk and honey over medium- 350°F/180°C. Bake the cookies homemade graham crackers to
Serves 12 Time 40 mins Skill Easy low heat until it just starts to until firm, 20 to 25 minutes. a gathering. ey are great for
simmer, whisking often to make Remove from the oven, sprinkle bonfires because you can make
You will need sure the honey is dissolved. Turn with coarse sugar (if using), and them a few days ahead of time
12 marshmallows the heat off, add the tea bag and let cool completely. Store in an and save yourself some prep
Spiced Chai Graham Crackers (recipe vanilla, cover, and let steep for airtight container for up to three on the day of your gathering.
follows) or store-bought crackers five minutes. days. If you want to keep this board
Twelve 7.5cm square pieces of 2. Remove and discard the tea vegetarian, seek out gelatin-free
chocolate (consider an assortment bag and set the milk mixture To present marshmallows.
like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, aside. In a food processor, DRINK PAIRING: Cut through
white chocolate, white chocolate with combine the flour, brown sugar, Lay the marshmallows down each sweet bite with a big mug
peppermint, etc.) cinnamon, baking soda, ginger, in the centre of the platter of hot peppermint tea. It’ll
270 to 330g toppings (such as cardamom, allspice, salt, or tray. Group the crackers, also keep you warm and aid in
chopped nuts, sliced strawberries, and pepper, and pulse until chocolate, and toppings together boosting your immune system.
butterscotch chips, toasted coconut, combined. Add the butter and around the marshmallows,
jam, fresh mint, etc.) pulse until a coarse meal forms. filling in the outer portions of Extracted from Platters and Boards by Shelly
3. With the processor running, the tray. Invite guests to roast Westerhausen (Chronicle Books, €24.20)
Spiced chai graham crackers slowly pour in the milk individual marshmallows which is out now
You will need mixture and process until a over an open flame. To make
90ml whole milk big sticky dough ball forms, 3 open-face sandwiches: Lay
115g honey to 5 minutes. Place the dough one piece of chocolate over one
1 black tea bag between two long sheets of wax graham cracker, add the hot
1 tbsp vanilla extract paper and, using a rolling pin, marshmallow, and sprinkle
280g plain flour plus more for the roll the dough into a 30.5cm with the toppings of their
work surface square. Transfer the wax paper choice.
200g brown sugar and dough to a baking sheet
2 tsp ground cinnamon and freeze until firm, about
1 tsp baking soda 20 minutes. Line two baking
1 tsp ground ginger sheets with parchment paper.
1 tsp ground cardamom Remove the chilled dough from
½ tsp ground allspice the freezer and divide into two
½ tsp fine sea salt pieces. Transfer the dough to
¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper a floured surface and roll each
110g cold unsalted butter, cut into piece into a 30.5-by-40.5cm
small cubes rectangle that’s about 4 mm
Coarse sugar (optional) thick. Cut the rectangles into
10cm squares and transfer to the
36 WOMANSWAY.IE prepared baking sheets. Freeze
the dough until firm, at least 30

Fondue 1 tsp olive oil simmering. Cookbook
spread 2 tsp cornstarch 2. Once simmering, add small
240ml dry white wine handfuls of the shredded cheeses cauliflower, and bell peppers.
Serves 6 Time 30 mins Skil Easy 110g shredded white Cheddar to the mixture, constantly Transfer the veggies to a platter
cheese whisking and making sure the with the snap peas and set on the
You will need 110g shredded Gruyère or Swiss cheese has completely melted serving table. Lightly toss the apple
Triple cheese tru e oil fondue cheese before adding another handful. slices in lemon juice, place on a
(recipe below) 80g shredded Emmental cheese Once all the cheese has been plate with the grapes, and put on
1 head broccoli, chopped into florets Freshly ground black pepper added and melted, remove from the serving table. Combine the two
6 medium carrots, peeled and diced 1½ tsp white tru e oil the heat and season with pepper. breads on the last plate and place
1 head cauliflower, chopped into Transfer the fondue to a fondue on the serving table.
florets Method pot and drizzle with truffle oil.
2 bell peppers, cut into strips 1. Rub the garlic all over the inside Serve right away. STRATEGY: Dice and prepare as
170g snap peas of a medium saucepan set over much of the food ahead of time
3 apples, chopped into bite-size medium-low heat. Add the olive To present as you can. Steam the vegetables
pieces oil and cornstarch and whisk Transfer the fondue to a fondue and cook the fondue right before
2 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice together. Slowly pour in the white pot and place in the centre of your eating. Look for colour-coded
480g seedless grapes wine while whisking. Turn the serving table. Working in batches, fondue spears so that each guest
1 pumpernickel loaf, cut into bite- heat to medium and let cook until lightly steam the broccoli, carrots, can keep track of their own eating
size pieces utensils (especially if guests are
1 French bread loaf, cut into bite- eating directly from the spears
size pieces instead of transferring to their
plates and using forks).
Triple cheese tru e oil fondue DRINK PAIRING: Serve with
You will need an aromatic white wine like a
1 garlic clove, halved Riesling. If you want to serve
something more unique, add a
splash of Kirsch, a German cherry
brandy, as it is traditionally added
to many cheese fondue recipes.

Black-tie You will need 12 white chocolate tru es 2. Transfer the dip to a serving
spread Whipped feta with black sesame bowl, cover, and chill in the
seeds (recipe below) Whipped feta with black sesame refrigerator until ready to serve.
Serves 12 as an appetiser 170g so white cheese (such as seeds When ready to serve, uncover
Time 10 mins Skill Easy Camembert or mozzarella) 340g feta and sprinkle with black sesame
4 white radishes, sliced 115g cream cheese seeds. e dip should keep for
1 head cauliflower, chopped into 90ml double cream up to two days in an airtight
bitesize florets 1½ tsp black sesame seeds container in the refrigerator, but
230g light-coloured crackers best enjoyed same day.
1 pumpernickel loaf, cut into bite- Method
size pieces and toasted 1. In a food processor, pulse To present
36 black olives the feta until finely crumbled, Place the whipped feta in a
12 dark chocolate tru es about three seconds. Add the serving bowl. Place it on one side
cream cheese and pulse until of the board and the soft cheese
the cheese mixture is combined on the opposite side of the board.
and starts to become smooth, Surround the cheeses with
about 10 seconds. With the food radishes, cauliflower, crackers,
processor running, slowly pour pumpernickel bread and olives.
in the double cream until a light Place the truffles on a separate
and fluffy dip has formed, about board or serving plate near the
15 seconds. savoury board. Serve right away.

STRATEGY: To stick to the black-
and-white theme, select light-
coloured crackers. If you can’t
find black sesame seeds for the
whipped feta, poppy seeds will
also work. Also, if possible, pick
out black and white plates and
DRINK PAIRING: Serve with a
bottle of bubbly champagne; it’s
the perfect drink to celebrate
ringing in the New Year (or any
other momentous occasion)! WW


€17.49 Georges €18 Diablo Dark Red 2015 from
Duboeuf Fleurie 2015 Tesco

from Tesco €15 Barossa Shiraz
2016 from Tesco
€11.99 Beaujolais
Morgon Aop from Lidl Finest

€10 I Heart Cabernet
Sauvignon from Iceland

Red, red wine
Dress your Christmas
table with one of these
delicious tipples

€7.80 House Wine €9 RAW Cabernet
Red from M&S Sauvignon Tempranillo/

€9.99 Lirac 2016 from Aldi Merlot (organic and
38 WOMANSWAY.IE vegan) from Centra

€10 Terra Linda Syrah
2017 from Centra

€12 Proeza Red Reserva
2016 from Centra

Wine guide

A little

glass of white

€10 I Heart €7.99 Pinot Grigio Delle
Sauvignon Blanc Venezie 2017 from Aldi

from Iceland €10.99 Juraçon Doux
AOC 2016 from Lidl

€12 Picpoul de €12.50 Burra Brook
Pinet 2017 from Chardonnay 2017

Tesco Finest from M&S

€9 RAW White €10 Coast Road Sauvignon
Sauvignon Blanc (organic Blanc from Centra
and vegan) from Centra
€17 Maison Louis Latour
Mâco- Lugny Les Genièvres
2016 from O’Brien’s Wines


€44.99 Lough Ree Distillery Gin €35 Blackwater
Sling Shot Irish Gin Barry’s Tea Irish Gin
€40 Listoke 1777 Small
Batch Irish Gin Because it’s cocktail
hour somewhere

€54.95 Chinnery
Dublin Dry Gin

€39 Ha’penny
Dublin dry Gin

€24.99 Wild €49.95 Dublin
Burrow London Dry City Gin

Gin from Lidl

€44 Minke
Irish Gin

€50 Bonac Irish Gin €24.99 Wild Burrow €42.99 Ha’Penny
(includes glass) Slow Distilled Irish Gin Rhubarb Gin

from Lidl


€53 Atlantic Distillery €59.95 Pearse Irish Whiskey Drinks special
Clonakilty Irish Whisky Founder’s Choice 12 Year Old
€33 Slane Irish
(Port Cask Finish) Single Malt Whiskey Triple

€45 The Dubliner Irish Casked
Whiskey Master Distiller’s


€44.95 Wah-gios-gkoey
Ha’Penny Irish


€40 The Sexton

Single Malt Irish

The time is now for Irish Whiskey

made whiskey

€27.99 Dundalgan
Single Malt Irish
Whiskey from Lidl

€57 Lambay Single €41 Lambay
Malt Irish Whiskey Small Batch Irish


€32 Bushmills
Black Bush Irish



€10.50 Rocca di Lago €60.75 Moët & Chandon
Garda from M&S Imperial

Asdpdarklea little €22.99
Fizzy bubbles to make Champagne
Comte de
your Christmas pop Senneval from


€22 Valdo Rosé Brut

€15 Prosecco from Floral Edition

Tesco Finest €7.99 Prosecco
Frizzante from


€13.99 Millesimato
2017 Collezione

Oro Valdobbiadene
Prosecco Superiore

from Aldi


€10 GN Graham Norton
Sparkling Italian Prosecco

from Centra

€10 I Heart Prosecco €11 Val D’Oca Prosecco €7 Low Alcohol
from Iceland from Iceland Sparkling (0.5%) from

No aalncdohloolw Tesco

€6 Fizzero Zero
Alcohol Sparkling
White from M&S



Drinks special

€13.99 Maynard’s 10 Years Aged treatsAfter dinner
Tawney Port from Aldi

A great price, and a great little
glass to end on

€24.99 Warre’s The little drinks to finish
Otima 10 Port off a meal
The classic a er-
€26.68 Absolut limited
dinner sip editon Gra vodka

€36.60 Hennessy Very We’d have ours with
Special Cognac cranberry juice and a slice

Sip it alone, or add of orange
to co ee for a very
€25 Baileys
decadent treat Almande
Guest dairy free?
No problem with



€24.99 Pota Cúig Irish €9.99 Irish Chocolate
Vodka from Lidl Cream Liqueur from Lidl

Irish made with wheat! Because chocolate,
that’s why

€23 Baileys €36 Seedlip Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit
Original Irish Cream Garden 108 Herbal

It wouldn’t be Not drinking? No problem with this non-
Christmas without alcoholic gin. Add tonic, drink

Baileys €36 Jose Cuervo Tradicional
Silver Tequila
€17.99 Raspberry
Flavour Vodka from Lidl Anyone for margaritas? Add
Serve chilled over a big lime, syrup, salt and sip

glass of ice WOMANSWAY.IE 43

Party drinks

Let’s get

packed full of bubbles
tequila Pippa says:
“If you’re a fan of Margaritas and other
The Classic Recipe tequila-based drinks, this one’s for you.
The bright seeds add a Taking inspiration from the Paloma, one
burst of texture, colour of the most popular cocktails in Mexico,
and flavour the Pink Tequila Fizz combines fresh
pomegranate and hibiscus bitters to create a
Ingredients floral but zingy refresher.”
45ml tequila
15ml pink grapefruit juice
15ml lime juice
15ml sugar syrup
3 drops hibiscus bitters
Seeds ½ pomegranate

1. Shake tequila, pink
grapefruit juice, lime
juice, sugar syrup,
hibiscus bitters and the
crushed seeds of half a
pomegranate over ice.
2. Strain the mixture into
a highball glass filled with
3. Top with rosé

Garnish: Rim the glass
with salt for an extra kick.

Serve in a highball glass

Extracted from Let’s Get Fizzical by Pippa
Guy (DK, €9.99) which is out now


Prosecco Prosecco
mojito Crushed ice
The passionfruit adds some
sparkling passionfruit mojito extra zing.
1. Muddle the mint, rum,
Ingredients lime juice, sugar syrup, and
6 mint leaves passionfruit in a highball glass.
60ml rum 2. Top with Prosecco, then add
30ml lime juice crushed ice.
15ml sugar syrup 3. Garnish with a half
Scooped ½ passionfruit passionfruit or mint.

French 75 Pippa says:

Rose 75 “The French 75 is one of the
An elegant, floral variation on most popular celebration
the classic cocktails for weddings,
birthdays, New Year’s Eve,
Ingredients or just because it’s Friday.
3 drops orange flower water It can be traced back to the
Rosé Champagne Parisian New York Bar in
15ml sugar syrup 1915, the name inspired by
30ml lemon juice the comparable kick of the
30ml rose petal-infused gin French 75mm howitzer gun.
This drink made its first
1. Combine all ingredients published appearance in
except the Champagne in a The Savoy Cocktail Book in
shaker. 1930.”
2. Fill the shaker with ice
and shake vigorously for 15
3. Strain into a Champagne
flute, top with rosé
Champagne, and garnish
with rose petals.

MY 2018 My 2018
by Amy
Tarot special

cards have in
store for you?

My husband is in ill health. He is not entitled of your own stress levels and limitations. non-action and distance, actually suggests
to any benefits as he was self-employed.
Don’t feel bad for saying no to people if you to me that right now, not having contact
He has no money coming in and I only work
need to. Overall, things will get better for with your parents (although painful) is
part-time for very bad wages. Can you see
you. Try to think of some ways that you can the best port of call. Sometimes we need
our circumstances changing and my husband improve the situation, whether it’s through
returning to good health and back to work? to distance ourselves so we can gain

KATHERINE, VIA EMAIL making a budget or seeking financial advice. clarity and perspective on things. You say

Also keep your own needs in mind. By this that you would like a relationship with

time next year I see that things are much your parents and I’m going to ask you a

I don’t conduct readings on health issues, better. question: What are your parents bringing

Katherine, as I don’t believe tarot is capable to the current relationship as it stands?

of predicting health-related outcomes. Yes they are your parents and, as their

However, I did pull some cards on how you child, you’re hardwired to love them. But

can improve your situation. The first card is having a relationship with them causing

that I drew for you was The Magician, and you more harm in the long run? Just

this tells me that the best thing you can do something to think about. Dysfunctional

for yourself right now is to be proactive. family relationships can be the most

Could you contact the Money Advice and painful ones to try and heal or work

Budgeting Service ( to get through and they can leave a lot of pain

On the box another perspective on your problem? They and devastation in their wake. I would very

Ever since I got Netflix, one of may be able to help. The Five of Pentacles strongly encourage you to seek the support
my favourite ways to relax has
been to find a really good TV next suggests that this situation is taking its of a counsellor or therapist and to begin
series. I’ve enjoyed watching
the edge-of-your-seat thriller toll on you Katherine and that it’s important I have a very difficult relationship with my dismantling the emotional hurt and pain
Ozark starring Jason Bateman for you to look after yourself as well. Having parents. I am in my late 30s and they are that this relationship is having on you. The
and I’ve laughed my head a loved one who is ill is never an easy thing cold, distant and abusive. At the moment we Nine of Pentacles shows that with support,
off to the amazingly funny to deal with and it’s so important for you are not speaking. I would like a relationship you can heal this hurt and move on to a
Brooklyn 99. Treat yourself to a to get help and support if you feel like this with them but every time I establish one they more fulfilling life where you feel solid and
subscription this Christmas. is what you need. The Five of Pentacles hurt me. Can you help? confident in yourself. You can undo any
suggests that it might be helpful for you GEMINI, VIA EMAIL impact that their abuse has had on you.
to seek the support of a counsellor. Your Then, from that space of empowerment,

Your questionsGPcanputyouintouchwithoneinyour you can assess your situation and make
area, or, if you’d prefer to speak to someone a decision on what’s best for you when it
confidentially, you can call The Samaritans comes to your parents. You can step into
at any time on Freephone 116 123. The Star your power and take control of your life in
comes next and tells me that things will a way that you possibly can’t do right now.
improve, but it’s essential for you to do what I would urge you to seek help with this. You
The Three of Swords, your first card,
Gemini, tells me everything I need to know
about your relationship with your parents.
I look at this card and the first word that
springs to mind is ‘ouch’. This is the card

Happy hiking you can yourself in this moment. When you of profound emotional pain. There is the don’t have to try and carry all of this by
is year I really wanted to
challenge myself to try new Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels take the first step, the universe will take ten sense that this situation is creating a deep yourself. Your GP can put you in touch with
things and one of those was
hiking. I’m very pleased well of sadness in your life, one that extends a counsellor in your area or you can visit
to report that I am now all the way back to your childhood and it’s the Irish Association for Counselling and
officially a hiking addict. getting harder and harder for you to carry it Psychotherapy’s website by logging on to
I’ve really enjoyed working on themore for you. The last card I pulled for you
ere’s so many benefits. My was the Four of Swords and this tells me that
favourite adventure from this you need to make sure that you’re getting
year has got to be hiking the the rest that you need and just being mindful by yourself. The Four of Swords, the card of
Spinc trail in Glendalough
with my fiancé Mick – he’ll tarot page this year. It’s been soPLEASE NOTE: Tarot is not designed to replace any medical or financial advice or your own free will. Tarot can guide you and show you options of what may happen.
kill me for putting this Remember, when it comes to making choices, you are the master of your own destiny. Have a question you want Amy to answer? Write to: Tarot questions, Woman’s
picture in! great connecting with readers and aWay, Harmonia, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14 or email: [email protected]
Pick a card
special thank you to those who have
Every morning I choose
a tarot or oracle card for written in to let me know whether or
myself to see how my day is
going to pan out. I usually not they’ve managed to find their lost
alternate between my
favourite decks, but this objects. I appreciate the feedback!
year I’ve spent a lot of time
working with the Angels Staying On the list Happy Potter
and Ancestors’ Oracle Cards Zen
from Kyle Gray. Another practice that I’ve really I spent some time
I’m a huge fan started to take seriously this year re-reading (and re-
of meditation has been gratitude. Honestly? watching) the Harry
and I’ve been Potter series. Even now,
exploring my daily ere’s a reason why this simple in my thirties, these
practice a little more practice features in so many self- books still bring back
deeply this year by trying help and wellbeing books. memories of desperately
out more guided meditations. Guided waiting for the next
meditations are beautiful recordings instalment of the HP
that gently talk you through a full saga to be released. I
meditation practice. remember dressing
up and going to the
Perfect planning Cool coconut oil midnight release parties
with my best friends and
Last year I embraced the bullet I have ridiculously dry skin. What’s secretly reading under
journaling trend and I haven’t the best moisturiser I’ve found? the covers with a torch
looked back. I spent my year Plain coconut oil. Simply grab a while I was supposed to
planning in the official Bullet jar, keep it in the bathroom and be asleep (sorry Mam!).
Journal from Leuchtturm1917 and I massage a small amount into your Revisiting this series
absolutely loved it. skin every day. as an adult has been
even more enjoyable
and if you’re looking for
something epic to watch
over Christmas, I highly
recommend starting
with the first film and
working your way
through the series.


Have a

Enjoy more for everyone with a
Lidl bit of luxury with Deluxe range

Create your perfect festive feast 350
with quality trusted produce



A slice of Christmas


µ Preheat your oven to 220°C. Place your turkey on a roasting tray,

remove the neck and giblets from the cavity and tuck the wings
underneath the bird to keep it in place.

µ Stu the cavity with a quartered onion, a crushed bulb of garlic, a

halved lemon, and sprigs of rosemary, sage and thyme.

µ Brush the outside of the turkey liberally with butter and season with

plenty of salt and pepper. Then cover it loosely with a sheet of foil and
place it in the oven to roast. Reduce the temperature to 180°C a er 20
minutes. Remove the foil for the last 25 minutess.

µ Cooking time depends on the weight of the turkey, but a general rule

is to cook it for 45 minutess per kilo, plus an extra 25 minutess at the
end. To be sure that your turkey is cooked, use a meat thermometer.
The temperature should read at a minimum of 82°C in the thigh. The
juices should also run clear when the meat is pierced.

µ Finally, you need to allow your turkey to rest for 15 minutes before

carving. Enjoy!


µ Place your ham in a large pot with an onion, halved and

studded with cloves. Fill with water to cover, bring to the boil
then reduce to a simmer and cook for 45 minutes per kilo.

µ Drain your ham and preheat the oven to 200°C. Using a

knife, carefully remove the outer layer of fat and score the
skin diagonally in both directions to make diamond shapes.
Stud with a clove between each diamond and brush all over
with our delicious ham glaze.

µ Roast for 25 minutes until the top is a rich brown colour.

Rest for at least 20 minutes before carving.

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