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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-09-05 06:44:16

irish tatler fashion march 17



STYLING by Sarah O’Hegarty
PHOTOGRAPHY by Veronika Faustmann

We rate their style in front of the lens – whether it’s in the hottest cult movie or
from the worlds of film and fashion play dress up in spring summer 17’s most delectable


storming the catwalk – so what happens when our favourite bright young things
pieces? Prep for ultimate outfit envy – and don’t forget to take some notes.

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Emily wears: Coral high-neck blouse
(€200) by J Lindeberg @ Arnotts; floral
print silk dress (€3,195) by Johanna Ortiz
@ Net-a-porter,com; earring (€28) @

Om Diva

Laura wears: Blue silk-blend turtleneck
(€480) by Céline @ Brown Thomas; flared
hem trouser (€95) by Jen Byrne and floral

earring with pearl detail (€28), both @
Om Diva

Harleigh wears: Zebra print coat (€225) @
Michael Kors; green striped knit (€220) by
Étoile Isabel Marant @ Costume; long gold

and rhodium-plated earring (€190) and
mini gold-plated earring (€135), both by

Maria Black @ Brown Thomas

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Katie wears: Silk appliqué blouse (€735)
and floral-jacquard skirt (€535), both by

Dries Van Noten @ Brown Thomas

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Katie wears: Blue silk-blend turtleneck

(€480) by Céline @ Brown Thomas;
embroidered tulle slip (€837) by Sharon

Wauchob @; resin and
metal earring (€28) @ Om Diva

Harleigh wears: Embroidered cotton
shirt (€513) and silk fringed trouser (just
seen) (€513), both by Sharon Wauchob @

Harleigh Buxton for sure, but for now my home is London.” When she’s “The one thing I would change? The stereotype of how a model
not indulging her passions, she’s dedicated to the other should look”
It’s a symptom of the social media age that burgeoning love of her life, her pooch. “I have a cockapoo, he takes
young model Harleigh Buxton was discovered by her up a lot of my time! His name is Noodle, he’s 18 months
agency, Not Another, on Instagram. It’s hardly a surprise old, so is just starting to chill out now.”
either that the statuesque 16-year-old bears an uncanny
resemblance to a certain Gigi Hadid. And, no, that’s not Emily Butcher
the first time she’s heard that. A move from her native
Chelsea to the wilds of County Clare could have proved While Emily Butcher may not technically be Irish, the
a complete sea change for the British-born beauty, but Surrey-born model has more claim to the emerald isle
thankfully modelling proved a welcome outlet to ease any than most natives. “My maternal grandmother is Irish,
culture shock. Her agency had courted her for a full six originally from Dunmore, and when I was younger my
months before finally setting up a go-see, citing it was parents decided to move to Galway for a change of pace.”
“ love at first sight”, and it wasn’t long before success – and Despite starting from scratch in a new home, it’s clear
Chanel – came knocking. Bracing herself for a career in Butcher doesn’t do things by halves, “I got an A1 in
the international scene (“The one thing I would change Honours Irish for the Leaving Cert. It was so difficult as
about the industry? The stereotype of how a model should I only moved to Ireland at the age of ten, but it taught
look”), Buxton is ripe for success, but for now is taking me a lot about being disciplined and dedicating myself.”
it all in her stride, eschewing industry parties for the The 20-year-old got her start when Gucci’s Alessandro
waves of Lahinch beach. Does she take a minute to look Michele plucked her from relative obscurity to walk
up from her phone? “I think it’s important that you create exclusively in the brand’s spring summer 2016 show and
a big following on social media but it can’t become pretty soon after, the fashion world was fawning at her
something intimidating: it can’t rule my life. I horseride feet. (Ed’s note: We’re not sure anyone else can pull off
and have my own horse – a lot of the girls in Clare do. So those Elton John specs with quite the same amount of
I love spending time with animals or surfing.” Cowabunga. cool.) Looking ahead, Butcher would be happy to trade
the spotlight for a move behind the scenes, with avenues
Katie Whelan in journalism, marketing or PR all piquing her interest.
The performing arts also hold some appeal: “I did a video
“I actually talk a lot – I can speak a lot of words in a for Gucci that was shot in the Warner Brothers Studios
minute, so I suppose that’s kind of a talent. A speed so I got a taste of it – it was probably the most fun I’ve
talker?!” One look at the doe-eyed good looks and instant ever had at work!” With Gucci on your side, we’d wager
catwalk appeal of new face Katie Whelan, and it’s clear there are plenty more fabulous times ahead.
it’s not just her conversational skills that are set to grow
at a rate of knots. In fact, it’s clear that the unassuming Laura O’Grady
16-year-old, who was discovered in a restaurant last
autumn, is on the brink of the big time. Role models are Shooting to fame when she walked for arbiter of rock’n’
essential for impressionable teens today, says Whelan, roll, Hedi Slimane in 2013, Laura O’Grady is the
who counts Cara Delevingne amongst her own. “I feel a quintessential chameleon; one moment working the
strong female figure is needed to empower younger girls designer’s leather jackets with an irreverent pout, the
who wish to pursue their passions. Yes, I would consider next, looking like she’s just walked out of a Renaissance
myself a feminist – and proud – as I feel a feminist outlook tableau. Such diversity meant she was on the cusp of true
is what’s needed in this industry today.” fashion darling status: when someone walks exclusively
for the then-called Saint Laurent Paris for a season, the
Olwen Kelly fashion arena takes note. But don’t let those cherubic
good looks fool you, beneath the playful laugh, the
Fun fact about Olwen Kelly: she’s great at playing dead. 22-year-old is wise beyond her years. The Dublin native
“According to my friends, I’m the only ‘critically acclaimed was working steadily internationally – until she gave it
corpse’ there’s ever been!” she laughs. The 29-year-old, all up. “I went through a stage of being incredibly
Celbridge-born actress and model is, of course, referring passionate about fashion and loving it, and then I went
to her turn in The Autopsy of Jane Doe – the highly-buzzed through a stage of being kind of cynical a couple of years
film that scooped second place in the People’s Choice at ago. But in the past six months I’ve come to love it again.”
the 2016 Toronto Film Festival – in which she plays a O’Grady has certainly gotten her groove back: these days
deceased young woman who harbours a dark past. With you will find her dividing her time between the rather
her enviable curves, Kelly can certainly rock the bombshell cosmopolitan locations of Tokyo, London and New York.
label. In the flesh, however, she is petite and ever-gamine, Her favourite location to date? “Japanese clients are
with a Gallic gap tooth mirroring a young Vanessa Paradis amazing, they treat you with a lot of respect. But I’d rather
– or, perhaps more aptly, an ingénue who isn’t afraid to live in New York, it’s kind of a grind sometimes, but I love
speak her mind. “I’ve been told so many times in the past it. The reality of living there is kind of different from Sex
to fix my teeth, I’m glad I didn’t listen.” Up next, is a and the City, but still, it has everything you could want.”
potential move across the pond. “I see myself going to LA

“Dreams are powerful. They get stronger,

Jenn wears:
V-front dress

(€1,245) by
Balenciaga and
mini rhodium-
plated earring
(€135) by Maria
Black, both @
Brown Thomas;
selection of rings

and bracelet,
Jenn’s own

and one day, you make them a reality”

Jenn wears:
Ruffle detail coat
(€2,500) by Gucci
@ Brown Thomas;
rings, Jenn’s own

Jenn Murray as an actress, this is your way of life and you have to be
really thick-skinned. You need to be kind to yourself also
Shooting our cover at the Bray Head Hotel was like coming – the key to success is understanding that it’s okay if you
full circle for actor on the rise, Jenn Murray. She shot her don’t have work to go to every day!”
first feature film here ten years ago, when she was just Another downside is having to follow the work to other
fresh out of acting college. “It was incredible. Those parts parts of the world. For Murray, this has meant a permanent
come few and far between. It was about a very young girl move to the UK. “London is an amazing city but acting
who had multiple personality disorder so I was sort of can be a lonely profession at times. You learn very quickly
playing seven different characters and it was intense, and who your friends are and that can be actually quite a
I was still green.” The film in question was Dorothy Mills painful smack on the chin, but at least you know that the
and was a mammoth job for a first endeavour. Over the people around you really love you.”
following years, Murray honed her craft - first in Dublin On the flipside, there are benefits to having such passion;
and then in London. In 2015, she got a big break when Murray has never been left wondering what path to take
she won the part of Delores in Brooklyn alongside Saoirse in life. “I’ve learned that I’m really lucky to have that. A
Ronan. Next, came the role of Lady Lucy Manwaring in lot of my peers or family members don’t really know what
Austen’s Love & Friendship, where she rubbed professional they want and it can be overwhelming but I’ve always
shoulders with Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny, and known that I wanted to be an actor. It was a part of me.”
most recently, she was on the big screen in JK Rowling’s It led her, ultimately, to one of the biggest grossing films
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. For some, it of 2016, set against the skyline of 1920s New York and
seems like Murray has had something of an overnight working alongside a stellar cast. “The production was
success, but this is one woman who has dedicated her life huge, it was massive. All the sets were amazing,” she says
to living out her childhood dream. of arriving to work on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find
As a young girl, Murray had always dreamt of becoming Them. “I remember my first day of filming, I was on stage
an actor - but in 1980s Northern Ireland, with no role with Eddie Redmayne and it was terrifying. But then
models, amid political turmoil and a struggling economy, suddenly it was all just like being in acting class.
the notion seemed a far-fetched one at best. “I grew up “ You have this incredible prop department, costume,
in Belfast and I didn’t have any family in the industry. I director... the lines that you say are written by JK Rowling
didn’t have anyone around me that was a professional but you do kind of make the scene up. Everyone’s insecure,
actor so it didn’t really seem realistic…There was nobody everyone’s scared but that vulnerability kind of connects
I knew who made a living out of it. In the eighties and you quickly to people. You sit across from your screen
nineties, movie stars were untouchable and that was what partner and you look them in the eyes and you tell the
was so beautiful about them to me.” story and that’s what it boils down to every time.” Despite
It wasn’t until she was 18 that the idea of drama school, her focus on the task at hand, Murray was not going to
and acting as a full-time career, became something bigger. let the detail of the experience pass her by. “I remember
“I think those dreams are quite powerful,” she says of the when Grace Coddington was in The September Issue, she
passion that she felt, and still does, for her craft. “ You talked about how her mother always told her to look out
kind of cultivate these dreams; they get stronger and the window. She said, ‘Look out the window and you’ ll
stronger and then one day you decide to make them a always learn something’. I felt that way; I really felt like
reality. And you realise that you can because they’ve been ‘Keep your eyes open, put your head up and you’re like a
in this little bubble of yours and they’ve been protected, sponge, you take it all in.’ It was a really rich experience.”
nurtured and enriched.” The cultivating and nurturing of Landing roles like this has no doubt opened doors and
the dream is where good old fashioned graft comes into Murray acknowledges that now is an important time to
play. Dreamy and ethereal as Murray is, in both looks and make big career choices and not accept every script that
presence, it’s not lost on her that this is a crucial element comes her way. “I’m kind of in a position now where I can
of anybody’s success. “As a child you’re entitled to have choose and I want to choose carefully, because the actors
dreams and if you’re ready to work hard you can get them. I admire aren’t afraid to say no. They are chameleons. I
Dreams are important and creativity and hope and all know again that that’s idealistic but I might as well try,”
that stuff and it’s your choice; you can have as much of she adds, with a laugh. All the while, as she discusses
it as you like. But I worked really, really hard and I got career ambition and big budget blockbusters, Murray is
knocked and there is so much disappointment; I got a lot completely modest when it comes to her own talents. “I
of rejection and it feels personal but you’ve to be tough.” just feel really lucky,” she says. “It’s still not lost for me
A decade into her career, there have been important lessons that it is a privilege to be an actor. When I go home to
to learn along the way. “I learnt quickly that it isn’t a Belfast I realise it. In London, everyone [in my circle] is
competition. When I came out of drama school, I didn’t doing the same thing, everyone’s auditioning, and it kind
really know how to conduct myself as an actor. I did a of seems normal. When I go home, I realise: being an
movie straight away and then I did a play for a couple of actor isn’t normal! (laughs) You get to do what you love
months, so I was starting ‘unemployment’ six months for a living; that is never lost on me, I am so appreciative.”
later than my peers. For the first while I felt really guilty;

“I grew up in Belfast in the eighties. Being an
actor didn’t seem realistic”

Emily wears: Metallic
jacquard top (€129) and
trouser (€179), both by
Ganni @ Arnotts; black
faux fur slider (€29) @
River Island; earring

(€28) @ Om Diva

Laura wears: Satin floral-
print blouse (€179) and
trouser (€199), both by
Ganni @ Arnotts; bow
leather slider (€545) by
Balenciaga @
Brown Thomas

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Olwen wears: Check-
print jacket (€1,550),
wool turtleneck (€540),
woven short (€620) and
rubber belt (€200), all by

Prada (enquiries to
Brown Thomas)

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