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Woman's Way Issue 19 LIVELINKED EMMA

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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-05-10 06:55:18

Woman's Way Issue 19

Woman's Way Issue 19 LIVELINKED EMMA


Wow! WINNER Magazine of the year


(AND ink for a year) WdheyfdinoeesusA?GE


Yes, you can
be happy


Nationwide’sThe new Irish drama WHAT TO
The perfect
CASSINblowdry 16th May 2017
Beauty No airs or graces
under ¤20 ¤1.49

(NI stg £1.39)

Search for romance... is your date a conman?


Express it with style

27 & 28 May 2017 Make your home a world of beauty and style. Everything it
RDS Main Hall, Dublin 4 takes to create your dream home is here at house, Ireland’s most inspiring interiors event. We’ve brought together Ireland’s
premier interior brands, designers, craftsmen, architects and
home improvement specialists for a weekend packed with
gorgeous ideas.

Discover the latest trends from Jo Hamilton, Dermott Bannon,
Roisin Lafferty & Annie Sloan. Browse original works from over
40 Irish artists in the Art Loft. Chat with the experts and take
home style advice that will rock your world. Book today, for all
the advice, inspiration and expert tips you need to make the
magic happen, at house.


Jo Hamilton Dermot Bannon Roisin Lafferty Annie Sloan


Contents Fashion news PG10

At this stage, ON THE COVER DLOreRssR€A9IN0EfrKoEmLLOYxendales TAKE MY PIC!
we have
almost chosen 4 e new Irish drama New collection YusmtmToPschuraeuhroecreobtwknrehnionlyeceieonaomlwiplntpueoh,drwnlofeasmaoitndtrosh1osjeu8gabeatsrn0silalt(my.epa€dCsbhope1oel0yshgelntorfisftceanertaleouinesipnmdy.fiosmispordhahetweeaoa.sy6binntie7gliheennlxteogtihnsirwnyitstsoi)t.adousbLeealeceatanmtnons.gfienlsei,
our regional 6 Anne Cassin oKAPomngacIivrnollvroakiioilcnaJledisolueleihneanlsvvacaybsjeisb,tetlt’tiresAolwwoaemntivnrnerwioete,nlaAclifwtavelrrahrner.oaonjelaydumnssoncevdbittdooi€thgrdssmlaiort5ie,ntneols5Hpeddrudi.aglemogvinpJnnuheueyissgrxvn.’temcsshidwooifiheeelfmvinraitPFleshtshr(trrara)aifee.slsuntllJeawieleporliaw,leicresnWlioeerlgelsdlaielsineasitslrcanhli1satkl8de,inetocCadtnkose.ral
finalists and 11 Carraig Donn discount EPDIC’SK STYLE STEALw€SWpcttd7wshrdoiioNneser9iiiznwresbkpa.lnte9ssco.eve,aonos9v3aochnsweaueb2ufhfadvsn…i.rrtodia’tortrsmrFnb,seotaPmrm,n,ilinoie.idtnaktoismar€ienlvedsiyict9ilao-gloietsroi9osnhhlreretaen.iiaiptd9nhnsbaaaubg9Bigsllnflrecl,oobamugfaetinxratedtnhoueayrt.segmsjepthoaCoraroaerltirientonenagpdsree
overall winner 12 e perfect blowdry Blow Weave a Web
of the Woman’s 14 Beauty under €20 Suitcase €69.99 from PARFOIS the budget
Way and Beko 18 Simple ways to be happy lirbutttlcuI’hooegs’unmeaogssruwkpatbrtuagioeaaynertngbydgiwgtiI?st’ylaf)lyhrol.lgeu,iRrebegnbgneethoreghaetciucaetscrauggocalbuephanomesilmamtesmoobmtvIeyl.s’hiysimunsnootpiglgtruadricesilitaweacnlistelitntaleod(ttytool,ihesrte.
Mum of the 36 Is your date a conman? lCcioaolnwewatovonHnhnsroehdieepoottak’fehuimltbdaloriotrgnmbnerHonyoyaseden,kooawiwphwnaarbybtremant.yobePicuasdns’oatwarrra,chsCleleoreyaeletryhranicoasecaninaserucpveolerde’faeialcprlsotl,ydogoeetbrr–yltalcoofienltaoointeAmetnoiumrtacouA–tr’itnaanrongeibrnyenao’aruenus.ndnetbnosoy.bdtuttuaftAieahrntyg1tte,oshfi8aatignmnrantteioehnngibarndutet
Year Awards. 44 Win a printer and ink
It’s that part of the year where I get 53 Being defined by age Take five… dresses
very, very excited altogether. We’ll
keep you all informed about who €34.99 €139 from Fenn €69.95 €45 ((po€i€sstnlabftceioh3o6Gosrtrovto9ua5htraohune)kti)erne.lce,nns,ldkSaudoubsahiesnottiolamsthnen’aydkhsghcarodleSharialr(faprsype€eotmtinhscsa(eifsp6wdd.aellhl(ba5laeadngyoofr)rdrneodlawmtawyceydoinneaa.lsedfedwmnldgoWntb,tiorhaotoneaoesoraarnno’vtocbdtdrphtlueluer.weiroarinnasoWdstrenee5dbhttir0dicsoiteetscs)apshslt,uei)nhkallfaaetr
our judges pick over the coming from New Look Wright Manson from Carraig Donn from River Island
weeks. Don’t forget, one person who
nominates will also win a goody bag 10 WOMANSWAY.IE €30
packed full of beauty bits. from iClothing

In this week’s issue, we have an YOUR LIFE WW19 Fashion news.indd 1 04/05/2017 16:07
exclusive 20 per cent discount for all 2 Ladies in red Luxe Studio 5X - The
readers from Carraig Donn (see page PG12 Bargain Everything Brush PG14
11 for more) plus a competition to win €11.49
a printer and ink for a year. Pretty 5 Katherine Heigl Suu Balm €14.95 InstaOntICcIoOloIunrs, tzaeTroincto€m6m.5it0ment! Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream €12
nifty if you’re planning on writing a Free from parabens and steroids cAoevsbmerureystthihctisnh,gas,tkiwinnocclraukrdesinfaognrd The lemon leaf scented is our favourite
letter to us (where there’s €10 for each even sun cream
letter published) or a short story to
8 Perfect in prints BUXOM Full-on Catrice Metallic
Lip Polish €18 Liquid Liner
Available in 18 010, €4.30

10 Fashion news BEAUTY BUYS UNDER €20FuschiaMakeUp The smooth
Fibre Fused Mascara texture is fast-
€16.95 drying and easy
Builds upon your to apply
natural lashes to
create a false lash
e ect
17 Aiding IBS LOV unexpected eyeshadow in Lagoon €6.95
Highly pigmented metallic formula
22 Edward’s meringues
26 Primary schooling
28 In oar of rowers Rimmel Volume Paese Lip
Shake Mascara Crayon €10

€10.95 A lip
Breakthrough nourishing,
product from much moisture balm
loved brand AND a lipstick

30 Lighting up interiors Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab €10.99 Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer €12.95
Conditions and strengthens cuticles Love the wand applicator

33 Visiting Gibraltar
34 Clíona Hunter-Moore
Origins FBloowoestriFnugsSiohneeOtrManagsek Randiance- By Áine Toner
Batiste Root Concealer €16 approx
PS Insta Girl Face Perfecting €5 ElePgraen-Gt lTuoeudchGeCmrysst€a2l.C4l9ear Available in five shades Cra ed with natural Bamboo and formulated
A primer and anti-shine balm? Yes please Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! with pure flower extracts
37 Pete Wedderburn 14 WOMANSWAY.IE
04/05/2017 10:13
38 Claire Monnelly
WW19 Beauty under20.indd 1

48 Archangel Haniel
53 Soapbox

grace our reader fiction pages. PG20

Foodwise, Edward Hayden’s REGULARS COMPETITION
making meringues and we’re looking 16 Latest health news WINNERS

at the best in kitchen gadgets. Well, 20 Food news Issue 16 (April 25, 2017)
27 Parenting news Crossword winner
anything to make life easier... PG32 Kay Browne, Co Tipperary
We’re also thrilled to have Three new books
32 News for jetsetters Mary Evans, Co Kildare
Nationwide’s Anne Cassin on our 40 New reads Spotting Liam Neeson
Marion O’Sullivan,
cover - she’s a 41 Reader fiction Co Kerry
Shimmer body cream
real favourite. 42 Soapland Anita Halpenny, Co Louth
gossip Jurys Inn two-night break
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45 Have BFree hamper
week from us at your say Brid McCurry, Co Donegal

Woman’s Way. Wow!FREE SliWmINmNiEnRgMWagoazrilnde 20% OFF CARRAIG DONN FOR EVERY READER 47 Una Power Twitter...
49 Horoscopes
! Win!Nswkiominrtuchaer¤e500 EVERY reader WINNER Magazine of the year WdhTeyPfAidOnLoeIKeNusINTsA?GGE 50 Puzzles
Perfectly 55 Knitting
simple pattern
of the year
Yes, you can
5 TEEN A PRINTER be happy PG31
(AND ink for a year) CHAPRRMININTGS
help WEAR

DARINA NNEFmafamovvieiley
ALLENABlaelcdwin’s Changing The perfectCASSINBeauty SUBSCRIBE TO WOMAN’S

S9(¤tNhI1eMst.agy4£210.9a3197)urnchdefro¤r 2ro0mance..N.oisayirosuorr graces 1¤6th1M.a4y 29017 WAY NOW & GET...
date a (NI stg £1.39)

Ireland’s food scene conman?

the boss 04/05/2017 15:04 4 ISSUES FREE*
WW19_CVR_Reg 1.indd 1 * GO TO PAGE 52
The father and daughter cycling for charity 26/04/2017 12:13 FOR DETAILS
WW19 Vet.indd 1 WOMANSWAY.IE 37

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Cover interview

By Amy Wall. Images by Hazel Coonagh she gets on.” “I tend to sweat experience. We had, I
Aside from supporting her the small stuff, suppose, a long run into
so I’m trying it in the sense that Dad
daughter, I ask Anne if she has not to do that was [ill] over a number
anything she would like to achieve as much” of years. He had carers in
this year and she tells me she’d love with him. My mother died
to run a half marathon. ways indestructible and Anne agrees. very, very suddenly out of
“When you’ve had a father as old as mine, the blue eighteen years ago
“I think I’m confining to that and that was a completely
because I’ve been saying it every we’ve had him around an awful long time different experience. at
year for about five years and I’ve and well, we didn’t think he was going to was very raw and very
only done it one year,” she says. go on forever, but you really get used to the traumatic, so this wasn’t
person being there all of your adult life. the same experience – it
Anne is a massive supporter of the Every single bit of it. But his quality of life was different.”
Park Run, a timed run that takes was really poor. His mobility was gone, so
place in parks across the country that was very hard to look at… at was Dealing with grief is
really hard to look at. never an easy thing to do
every weekend morning, and she but unfortunately it’s a part
tells me she’s just completed “I’m reluctant to be too sweeping about of human life. I ask Anne
her 100th Park Run. it and I can only speak about my own about her own experience.
“I completed my
100th Park Run “Certainly there are
about a month ago, phases to it. Not quite sure
which was a bit what phase I’m in now. I’m
of a milestone so I not as exhausted as I was
was delighted with at the beginning. I think
that. e Run is once I’m just coming out of that
a week, so it’d take you kind of early exhaustion.
three years to do that. So Anyway, I try not to over
think it and try not to over
who’d have thought that when I analyse it. Just get on with
started out all those years ago, three it,” she says.
years ago, that I’d be slugging away
at it? I was delighted and had a bit of I ask Anne if losing her
a celebration and I’m going to keep father has changed her
going,” she says. perspective in anyway.

Given that running has become “No, I wouldn’t say it’s
such a big part of her life, I ask if she changed my outlook on
could imagine her life without it. life. It’s brought on the
inevitability of the process
“I wouldn’t like to lose it now. No, of life and the fact that
I wouldn’t. I can’t imagine my life death is at the end, and
without it now but I suppose that there is absolutely no escaping it. So it hasn’t
will come in time. But I’m not even changed my outlook, it’s just reinforced the
considering that at the moment. It’s finite nature of our lives and the fact that we
just what I do now.” are on this planet for quite a short while and
if you can, try and get your head up out of all
We’re five months into 2017 now and the busyness of life and smell the roses.
when I ask Anne what her year has been “I know it’s a bit cliché, but it’s true. I tend
like so far, she describes it as being “mixed”. to sweat the small stuff, so I’m trying not to
Sadly Anne’s father, Barry Cassin, the noted do that quite as much. I’m trying to take a
theatre actor and director, passed away in longer view – not focus on the wrong stuff, or
January at the age of 92. the silly stuff or the trivial stuff.” WW

“My dad died on the 14th of January and WITH THANKS TO
that was the end of an era. He had been ill for Stylist: Roxanne Parker;
quite a while to be honest. Well, not so much Hair: Vincenzo Viticchie for Hot Hair @ OSLO
ill, but he had been failing. He had been Beauty, 67 Mespil Road; tel: 01 563 8300;
failing for quite a while.
Make-up: Hannah Ennis for INGLOT Swords,
“It’s hard to say it without coming off a Unit 30G Level One, Pavilions Shopping Centre;
bit harsh and black-and-white, but it was a tel: 01 813 9939;
happy kind of occasion in a weird way. No, Anne wears: Dress €515 from Goat @ Arnotts;
not happy, but it was sort of a relief. It was a earrings €25 from Absolute Jewellery; bracelet
relief yes,” says Anne. €189 from Chupi; cu €40 from Stella & Dot;
shoes €128 from Bu alo shoes
“Obviously there’s a loss and it’s the end
of an era. Somebody who has been at your
shoulder all your life, for them to be gone is
a little bit odd still, I must say. It’s a little bit
odd because I still kind of think that he’s still
there, but he’s not.”

As children, no matter how old we are, we
always feel as though our parents are in some


Whatever your pattern, we’ve got it for you!

€16 from Oasis €28 approx from 3
George @ Asda 2


1 €15 from Penneys 4
2 €73.50 from Studio by Preen @ Debenhams
3 €25 approx from George @ Asda
4 €108 from Monsoon
5 €35 from Dorothy Perkins



2 3

€52.50 from Nine by Savannah €25.90 from Accessorize 5
Miller @ Debenhams

€34.99 from PARFOIS 1 1 €19.99 from New Look By Áine Toner
8 WOMANSWAY.IE 2 €86.45 from Chi Chi London
3 €16 from Penneys
4 €55 from V by Very @ Littlewoods Ireland
5 €60 from Simply Be

Prints charming

€45 from River Island €58.50 from White Stuff

€60 from Topshop

€35 from Simply Be €39.95 from Zara

€57.60 from Closet London 1 2
€49 from Dorothy Perkins
€30 from V by Very 3
@ Littlewoods Ireland
1 €17.95 from Zara
5 2 €30 from Dorothy Perkins
3 €89 from Miss Selfridge
€34.99 from PARFOIS €29.99 from New Look 4 €12 approx from George @ Asda
5 €30 from iClothing



Fashion news


LORRAINE KELLY Phone lens set (€10 from designist)
Dress €90 from Oxendales Turn your mobile phone or tablet into a mini
mobile photography studio with this set of
New collection three clip lenses. Contains a .67 x wide angle,
macro and a 180 degree fisheye lens. Lenses
screw into adjustable clip meaning you can
use them with almost any phone or tablet.
You know, for any selfies.

EPDIC’SK Irish jewellery brand Juvi has released the Coral STYLE STEAL
collection, the company’s first full collection
Suitcase €69.99 from PARFOIS available in rose gold vermeil (as well as 18ct Navabi’s mid-season sale
gold vermeil and sterling silver). Jewels like is now on, o ering major
I’m a bit luggage loving moonstone and iolite mix with an original take discounts in clothing up to
currently, because I’m always on Juvi’s travels through the Phillipine islands. size 32. From separates and
looking for the best suitcase Prices start from €55. dresses to tailoring, there are
to spot when it comes out into Available in Arnotts, House of Fraser, Weirs, tons of transitional bargains
the baggage reclaim. is little Kilkeny, Avoca and independent retailers and to be had, like this flattering
beauty is right up my street (or online at crepe shirt, available in hot
runway?). Reasonably priced, pink and midnight blue.
it’s sturdy enough to hold all the Blow We love… Persona Boxy Crepe
luggage I’ll be cramming into it. the budget Shirt, currently reduced to
€79.99 from €99.99 from
e new Palace collection from
Hobbs has arrived in Arnotts and
oh my, we’re in for a treat. A treat Weave a Web
that may cost a little more than
we’d normally pay for an outfit but
with Hobbs, you’re not buying one
look to wear once, you’re buying
one look to wear again and again
and again. e collection’s been
inspired by three prominent 18th
century princesses – Augusta,
Caroline and Charlotte – and their
love for nature and botany.

Take five… dresses

€34.99 €139 from Fenn €69.95 €45 €30 Golden Spiderweb sounds like
from New Look Wright Manson from Carraig Donn from River Island from iClothing our kind of brand, a brand that
is unashamedly for a particular
consumer (women over 50), a
brand that shows that we can
look and feel good in clothes
that look and feel good. With
seven shops and an online
store, it’s really cemented itself
in the hearts (and wardrobes)
of the stylish lady. We’re
particularly partial to this top
(€65), bag (€65) and trousers
(€39). So chic.


20% Reader discount

discount To claim
at Carraig your 20 per cent off:
Donn for iSnimstpolryeporregseonotntlhinisepaangde
every reader
usWe tohme vaonuscWhearyc2o0de -
Carraig Donn is offering 20 per cent
discount, just in time for summer

Summer is finally here, so to celebrate,
Carraig Donn is offering every Woman’s
Way reader the opportunity to avail of
a 20 per cent discount, in one of its 36
stores nationwide or online at www. From elegant fashion
and accessories, to luxurious jewellery
and beautiful homeware, Carraig Donn
has something for everyone this season.

Carraig Donn’s new look website,, makes shopping
easy, allowing shoppers to browse and
buy the latest collections from the comfort
of home. Shoppers can also get inspiration
from Carraig Donn’s ‘Shop Our Instagram’

Terms and conditions
Terms – offer valid May 9 until May 23, 2017 inclusive. Offer only valid on full price stock, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Offer valid in all Carraig Donn stores nationwide. Exclusions apply. For info, see


Struggle with getting that Mark Doherty of SitStil, Dublin
salon blowdry at home? “Make sure
Here the experts share e perfect you work
their tips on getting it right blowdry right to the
end of the
There’s no better feeling that leaving a e perfect, modern blowdry needs to be done hair to give
salon with a beautiful blowdry. But try to in two parts: roots first and ends to finish. For you a sleek
recreate it at home, and if you’re anything volume, apply a generous amount of Joico Body finish”
like us, it can sometimes look more wind- Luxe Volumising Elixir (€15.75) throughout the
blown than chic. We asked some top stylists hair. Dry the roots first while moving the hair
for their tips on how to recreate the magic at around the head from one direction to the other.
home and the products they recommend for the When the hair is 80 per cent dry, use a round
style you’d like. Next stop, beautiful bouncy, bristle brush that’s not too small, but will still
professional looking hair. give you movement in the hair. Work in small
sections no bigger than brush, directing the
Lee Stinton airflow down the hair just behind the brush.
of Preen salon, Dublin Make sure you work right to the end of the hair
to give you a sleek finish. Don’t be afraid to pull.
To blowdry curly
e power comes from the wrist so clench the
1. Apply a shine serum such as Kevin Murphy wrist not the elbow. Tadah!
Young Again on the ends of damp hair, then See for more details
blowdry all of your hair without a brush until most
of the moisture is gone. Sandra Greene of Kazumi Hair Salon, Dublin
2. Put up the top sections of hair and clip them.
Starting at the back, wind small sections of hair Drying made simple
from the ends up to the scalp around a large
round brush metal/ ceramic and hit with the heat The shape of brush you Pillowproof Blowdry pointing down the hair sha
until dry. choose is important, if treatment primer cream to from roots to ends.
3. Unravel hair from the brush. As you do, rotate you’re going for volume mid-length and ends.
your wrist so the hair curls on itself, forming a and curl, it is best to 4. Continue section by
loose ringlet. Repeat until all hair is dry. use a round brush. If a 2. Divide your hair into three section throughout the hair
4. Flip your head forward and mist the hair straight, sleek look is what sections – top, middle and and finish by adding a blast
underneath with a texturising spray like Kevin you’re a er, it’s all about nape –and clip the sections of cool air to give the hair a
Murphy’s Doo Over. Use your fingers to massage the paddle brush. Also a up. shiny finish.
the roots, then flip back up and finger-comb into good hairdryer is key with
place. e perfect curly blowdry. di erent heat settings. 3. Put the nozzle on your 5. Finish your style with
dryer and, beginning with either Redken Control
For more information see 1. Shampoo and condition the nape section, wrap a Addict hairspray for hold
your hair with the products 2-to-4in section of hair or Redken’s Glow Dry Style
12 WOMANSWAY.IE such as Redken High Rise around the brush, making Enhancing Oil to add shine
or smoothing Redken’s sure you have tension on the and so ness.
All So . Apply Redken’s hair to smooth it. Ensure
that your dryer nozzle is


At The Dylan Bradshaw Hair Our apprenticeship courses focus on both the
Academy we o er bespoke theoretical and practical aspects of cutting
training and courses to suit and colour. And for qualified hairdressers, either
all levels. Simply put, there is returning to work or just looking to brush up,
no better place to learn we have a range of advanced courses in styling,
the mastery of the colouring and much more.
hairdressing trade.
For more information visit

» Creative Cutting & Colour
» Trainee Finishing School
» City & Guilds Diploma in Hairdressing

& Barbering

56 South William Street, Dublin 2
+353 1 671 93 53

Health news

Grab your glasses Super sleek Save your skin

Nadine Coyle has launched the e Fitbit Alta HR is the world’s Broadcaster Karen Koster
Specsaver’s Ireland Spectacle slimmest fitness wristband. has just launched the La
Wearer of the Year competition. With up to seven days battery Roche-Posay ‘Save Your Skin’
Open to glasses wearers aged 16 and life and a heart rate monitor, campaign in partnership with
over, the winner will walk away this is stylish, sleek and packs the Irish Cancer Society. The
with €12,000 and an extra €1,000 a powerful fitness punch. You campaign encourages us all to
to spend solely on eye care. But can track your calories burned, have ‘SunSmart’ behaviour
that’s not all, for every entry into your exercise intensity and your this summer and, most
the competition, €1 will be donated resting heart rate. It’ll also track importantly, to pass it on to
to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital your sleep and more. A savvy the next generation. Last year,
in Crumlin. e competition has investment for anyone who La Roche-Posay launched
five categories and the winner from needs a little encouragement to their My UV Patch – a patch
each will receive a VIP make-over start moving more. to help you become aware of
and the chance to attend a star- From €149.95 from your level of sun exposure.
studded bash in London. This year the brand will be
To enter log on to www.specsavers. giving away 15,000 free
ie/loveglassescomp Bookworm patches through participating
Unplug pharmacies with a purchase of
Know two of their products. Twelve
the By Suze Yalof Schwartz hundred patches will also be
signs (Piatkus, €16.50) available online from May 2017
to those who register online at
A new survey conducted by GSK has SAY Too busy to meditate? is book By Amy Wall
revealed that 44 per cent of Irish parents GOODBYE is the answer. Unplug offers
think a distinctive rash is the first symptom TO SNEEZES a simple, minimalist guide to THREE STEPS
of meningitis. Contrary to popular belief, this ancient practice. Instead TO BE SUN AWARE
the rash often appears after other symptoms We’re stepping into of devoting an hour a day to
and sometimes, it does not appear at all. hay fever season, sitting in silence, author Suze La Roche-Posay and the
but the good news Yalof Schwartz shows that you Irish Cancer society are
e #TackleMeningitis campaign from GSK is that you don’t can get much more done (and encouraging the public to be
in partnership with rugby players Rory have to su er. Lu a start reaping the benefits) by ‘sun aware’ by following these
Best and Matt Dawson is aiming to raise Pollinosan Hay fever simply consciously unplugging three steps.
awareness of the rare but potentially fatal tablets are made up for a few minutes each day. e 1. Check moles and monitor
disease by helping parents to understand of a natural remedy techniques within this book any changes in your skin.
the signs and symptoms of the disease and containing seven are simple and incredibly easy Become a ‘skin checker’ for
raise awareness of existing information and tropical herbs to stop to follow, your loved ones.
materials that can be used to help. sneezes and other meaning 2. Protect your skin with high
For more information log on to symptoms in their you can start factor broad spectrum sun tracks. Simply begin practicing screens.
taking the tablets up straightaway. 3. Be SunSmart and play safe
What is meningitis? to four weeks before in the sun. La Roche-Posay
your symptoms ere’s has launched My UV Patch
Meningitis is the inflammation of the usually start and sail no stress – a wearable patch which
lining around the brain and spinal cord. It through the season. or hassle. monitors your sun exposure.
is a serious illness and needs to be treated €9 (for 80 tablets) Brilliant.
quickly as it can potentially cause life- from
threatening blood poisoning (septicaemia),
permanent damage to the brain or nerves,
loss of limbs and in some cases death.
Meningitis often resembles common viral
illnesses, making it hard to recognise. If you
think someone has meningitis, seek medical
help immediately.



Living with IBS ConsultantDietician
Paula Mee on
ways to manage
D o you have irritable bowel syndrome
(IBS)? Are you regularly bloated? WHAT ARE FODMAPs? buckwheat and oat breads and cereals and ensure
Do you suffer with abdominal you drink plenty of water. Avoid wheat bran as it
discomfort or pain, emotional FODMAPs are found in carbohydrates. They may make symptoms worse. Try oat bran instead.
anguish, diarrhoea or constipation? Bowel are not found in proteins and fats. Healthy
conditions affect as many as one in five carbohydrate-rich foods such as apples, garlic Try adding ground or whole linseeds to cereal,
people and IBS is particularly common and milk contain FODMAPs. Not-so-healthy salad or two tablespoons of natural yoghurt. Start
in women. If you’ve been living with an processed carbohydrate-rich foods like battered with one teaspoon, increasing to one tablespoon
irritable bowel for years, you may not have fish, croissants and biscuits contain FODMAPs per day over time as tolerated. Drink 150ml
heard of the low FODMAP diet, an evidenced too. The amount of FODMAPs in carbohydrate- additional water with each tablespoon.
based way of managing symptoms. rich foods can vary depending on where the food
is grown, the climate and soil fertility. It’s not DIARRHOEA
DIAGNOSING IBS advisable to simply li information from the
internet, as the advice will only be relevant to the If you eat high-fibre foods, reduce your fibre
Once your GP has assessed your symptoms, country of origin. A dietitian will provide you with intake from allowed low FODMAP foods. Stick
a diagnosis can be made on the basis of your the most up-to-date list as well as any relevant to rice crackers and corn cakes without added
medical and dietary history. Blood tests are personalised advice. fibre and white gluten-free bread and rolls. If
required to rule out other digestive conditions symptoms improve, you can increase your fibre
with similar symptoms. Anti-spasmodic, anti- MANAGING EXCESSIVE WIND intake again to assess your tolerance level of
diarrhoeal or laxatives may be occasionally these foods. Peppermint oil can help to slow the
prescribed for symptom relief. Sometimes a Everyone has wind and it’s normal to pass wind time it takes food to travel through the gut and
referral to a gastroenterologist is necessary to throughout the day. Too much wind, can cause lessen diarrhoea in some people.
rule out other gut disorders such as inflammatory pain and flatulence. Some people swallow too
bowel disease or coeliac disease. much air when talking or eating, resulting in Your dietician may discuss the use of a
excessive wind. If you gulp your food, try chewing short-term eight-week probiotic supplement
MANAGING IBS each mouthful completely with your mouth or psychological therapies for the long-term
closed. Excessive wind may also arise if there is management, such as mindfulness, relaxation
If you do have IBS there are a number of practical an imbalance in the gut microbiome. Taking a treatments, yoga, CBT or counselling. WW
steps to follow to help manage symptoms. These probiotic supplement for two months might help.
include the following: In order for the probiotic to work it must ‘arrive, Gut Feeling by Paula Mee and Lorraine Maher
survive and thrive’ where it’s needed. Some (Gill Books, €19.99) is available now
› Eat small meals at regular intervals. Take your probiotics require a prescription.

time and chew your food well. Eating certain foods such as brassica vegetables
may cause wind too. Culprits include cauliflower,
› Cut down on high-fat foods like cakes, biscuits, cabbage, broccoli and legumes. Drinking fizzy
beverages can also cause excessive wind.
confectionery, fried foods, ice-cream and creamy
sauces. Avoid carbonated drinks and chewing Foods, medicines and chewing gum containing
gum. the artificial sweetener sorbitol also increase wind
production. There is a possibility that wind can
› If you believe spicy foods cause symptoms, trial arise as a result of lactose intolerance. The low
FODMAP diet is worth trying once your doctor
their restriction for a period of time. has ruled out associated medical conditions
related to excessive wind.
› Reduce your alcohol intake to well within the
national recommendations.
Try increasing your fibre intake from allowed
› Ensure you are fully hydrated. low FODMAP foods, if you have been advised to
› Ca eine (in co ee, tea, energy drinks and so follow this diet. Use wholegrain varieties of rice,

drinks) may induce or worsen IBS symptoms. “Free yourself
Monitor your intake and if you think it may be
related to your symptoms, reduce it. by switching

› Avoid supplementing your diet with wheat bran. off your phone

Ground linseeds (6-24g per day) can help to for an hour”
relieve constipation, abdominal discomfort and
bloating if you have constipation.

› Take a probiotic for a month and assess any

beneficial e ects.

› Get regular exercise and maintain a healthy


Additionally you can go and see a dietitian trained
in using the low FODMAP diet. You don’t need a
doctor’s referral but it’s always better to keep your
doctor updated on any dietetic management plan.


Health feature


Could enjoying the small things in life make you happier? e answer is yes

O ften we associate happiness with EXAMPLES OF SIMPLE or mindfulness, which are both great By Amy Wall
the big things that happen in our PLEASURES methods.
lives. Happiness comes as the result
of booking that badly-needed › Reading in bed Another way to slow down is to take five
holiday, sealing the deal on a new car or › Taking a walk in the rain minutes at the end of your day and simply
getting that wonderful new job. But these › Lighting a fire sit down. ink back over your day and
big events are sporadic – they don’t happen › Making a home cooked meal ‘see’ each moment unfolding in your mind’s
every day and anyone who was been away › Spending quality time with loved ones eye. Did anything lovely happen today that
on a fab holiday will know the depressing › Engaging in a hobby you couldn’t give much attention? Maybe
‘back to real life’ slump that occurs when › Singing along to the radio someone gave you their seat on the bus? Or
we return to our normal daily routines a › The smell of lavender oil maybe the rain held off so you could walk
week or two weeks later. › Having fresh flowers in the house the dog without worrying about getting
› Clean bed sheets soaked. As you remember each of these
We all want to be happy and we all deserve › Playing with a pet good things, allow yourself to feel true
to be happy, so the question is how do we › Reading to your child appreciation for them.
stay happy on a daily basis when we don’t › Treating yourself to something lovely
have these big events? e answer is simple Chances are you’ll notice your mood
– we focus on the small things. important to note that no two people will lifting in a matter of minutes.
have the exact same simple pleasures, and
THE SMALL THINGS that’s perfectly okay. A simple pleasure for WAKING UP
you might be going for a long walk while
e small things are exactly that. ey’re another person might favour switching By slowing down and trying the above
those every day moments that have the off with their favourite TV show. Simple practice you’re priming your mind to notice
potential to lead to big happiness if we pleasures are completely individual. simple pleasures. Eventually you’ll find
notice them. So often we live our lives in a yourself ‘waking up’ to these things and
cloud of stress and we rush around trying to e first step in starting to notice our actively enjoying these moments as they
accomplish everything we need to get done. simple pleasures is to slow down ever so happen without having to reflect on them
slightly. When we slow our pace, we open at a later stage. is is a process that takes a
erefore these simple pleasures regularly up space which gives us the time to actively little practice, but the good news is that it’s
go unnoticed, which is why we need to rely notice what’s going on around us. Some a nice thing to do and it feels good, so this
on the big events for happiness. people slow down by practicing meditation usually encourages people to stick with it.

But what if we made a promise to When you find yourself noticing these
ourselves to start noticing (and really moments as they happen, why not take it
enjoying) these simple pleasures every day? one step further and actively bring these
What would our lives look like then? moments into your life?

Acknowledging simple pleasures on a If one of your simple pleasures is enjoying
daily basis not only feels good and makes a punnet of fresh strawberries, why not start
us happier, it also encourages feelings of sprinkling them on your morning porridge
gratitude, which in turn cultivate more good to make you smile? Likewise if getting a hug
feelings and happiness. It’s a positivity- from your partner makes you feel amazing,
fuelled cycle which can make us feel why not have a weekly ‘cuddle date’
incredible and give us all of those health where you get cosy and watch a film or do
and wellbeing benefits associated with something else together?
happiness, such as lower blood pressure, a
brighter mood, more confidence and more It’s important to remember that
empathy towards others. happiness doesn’t have to be a lovely thing
that happens every once in a while. By
TAKE NOTICE taking some small steps and focussing on
everything that lights us up inside, we’re
e most important thing that we can start cultivating a more sustainable sense of
doing for our mental health and wellbeing is happiness that will be more consistent in the
to start noticing these simple pleasures. It’s long run. WW



MIX IT UP! Makebeatingyour €105 (approx) Silver
meringue easy
€79.99 Hand mixer stand mixer
from Dualit @
Littlewoods Ireland from Lakeland

€19 (approx) Stainless €199 Retro blue
steel mixer from Wilkinson stand mixer from Swan

Tiismkienyg €549 Mini stand mixer in

€9.99 Kitchen timer from matte grey from KitchenAid
Currys PC World
@ Harvey Norman


Cookbook the speed of the egg 6. Place the sponge onto meringue on the top
whites to a very low a large cake stand (I and then using a chef’s
Lemon and speed and then gently sometimes cut the top blowtorch glaze it up
raspberry pour the boiled sugar on crust off it). Spread with to brown it. No need to
baked Alaska top. Continue to whisk the raspberry jam and put it in the oven as the
very slowly until the then top with some sliced meringue has already
Serves 6 Time 1 hour 30 mixture is cool. At this ice cream and fresh fruit been cooked by pouring
minutes Level Hard stage it should be smooth if desired. the boiled sugar syrup in
and glossy. 7. Pipe the Italian on it. Serve immediately.
You will need
For the sponge
3 eggs, separated
110g sugar
Grated zest of 1 lemon
150g ground almonds

For the Italian meringue
60ml cold water
20g liquid glucose
240g caster sugar
4 egg whites

Other ingredients
2 tbsp raspberry jam
1 box ice cream
Fresh fruit (if desired)

1. Preheat oven to
180˚C/350˚F/Gas Mark 4.
Lightly grease and line an
8in/20cm deep round cake
2. In a mixing bowl beat the
egg yolks with the sugar
and lemon zest to a pale
light cream, add the ground
almonds and mix well. At
this stage the mixture will
be very stiff but don’t worry
about that! Stiffly beat the
egg whites until they are
meringue like and then
beat in half of the egg white
mixture into the almond mix
to loosen it up. Gently fold
the remaining egg white into
almond mixture.
3. Pour into the tin and bake
in the oven for approximately
20-25 minutes until set. A
skewer inserted in the centre
should come out clean.
4. Place the water and
glucose into a medium
saucepan and place onto a
moderate heat. If you have a
sugar thermometer put it into
the pan also. In a large clean
mixing bowl start beating
the egg whites until they are
stiffly beaten.
5. When the sugar reaches
121˚C (hard ball stage) reduce


Peach and

Serves 6 Time Overnight cream and thinly sliced peaches Photographed at The Edward says
Level Medium and halved strawberries and the Edward Hayden School of
tiny star shaped meringues and Cookery by Hazel Coonagh. “I think pavlova is
You will need some fresh mint. WW For details on Edward an eternally popular
3 large egg whites and his classes see www. dessert and is always
175g caster sugar a great success when
½ tsp cornflour it is served. Also for
½ tsp vinegar those that are calorie
½ tsp vanilla extract conscious it does have
a considerably lower
To garnish quantity of fat than
Freshly whipped cream other desserts, you
3-4 peaches (fresh or tinned) might need to go easy
10-12 strawberries on the cream though!”

1. Preheat the oven to
130˚C/250˚F/Gas Mark ½.
Choose a large spotlessly clean
mixing bowl.
2. Put the egg whites into the
mixing bowl and beat them
vigorously until they are stiffly
beaten. If you were to turn the
bowl upside down the eggs
would not come out of the bowl
and this is a good indication
of the different stages that can
be achieved. Be careful in case
they do come out of the bowl.
3. Reduce the speed of the
mixer and add the sugar bit by
bit until it is all incorporated.
It is important to beat well
between each addition of sugar.
4. At this stage you need to
turn off the mixer and add in
the vanilla extract, cornflour
and vinegar and then return
the mixer to full speed for 50-
60 seconds.
5. Using a piping bag, pipe
the meringue mixture into
a shell (with a piped border)
onto a baking tray lined with
parchment paper. I normally
pipe a small few extra small star
shapes to use as a garnish for
the top later. Place in the oven
and after 15 minutes reduce the
heat to 110˚C/225˚F/Gas Mark ¼
for a further 45 minutes or until
the edge of the meringue feels
crisp to the touch but the centre
will still be quite soft.
6. Allow to cool completely
(preferably overnight) and then
decorate with freshly whipped

Relatively speaking

It can be daunting, but choosing the right school for

your little one can be made easier with a few key tips...

Sending your child off into the big wide make repeat long journeys, five days a week, other parents is a good way of finding out how By Una Rice
world by starting primary school can possibly in traffic? Work out how far the school
be quite the decision. If there are older is from your home, your petrol/diesel costs bullying issues are eradicated and resolved
siblings you have previous experience and how long it’s going to take to make that
and a clearer idea of what you want this time journey at peak times – in the morning and and if the school’s anti-bullying policy is
round and you know the questions to ask, the afternoon. It may not be worth the journey adhered to. WW
which makes it all a bit easier. Ultimately and may be best to look closer to home.
you want your child to be happy and to reach COULD YOU HOME-SCHOOL
their full potential, but how can you possibly 4. WILL MY CHILD HAVE YOUR CHILD?
make these predictions pre-enrolment? Here FRIENDS FROM THE START?
are some key questions to consider asking It’s completely legal to home-school your
yourself, before you commit to a school. e transition from nursery to school is child, and a significant number of parents
mammoth for some children and a certain in Ireland choose this route. According to
Some of this may be eradicated by knowing
Whole School Evaluations (WSEs) are carried there are little friends from crèche going to “Parents have a constitutional right to
out in schools in Ireland and a number the same school. If not, find out who else from educate their children at home. If you choose
of things are evaluated according to the the area is going and make some pre-school to home-school your child, you do not need
Department of Education, from quality of play dates. a formal teaching qualification or curriculum
school management and leadership, quality but you must ensure that your child receives
of teaching, learning and assessment, and the M5.YHCOHWILMD’ASNCYLAASRSE?IN a minimum education. You can adopt the
school’s own planning and self-review. WSEs approach you feel best suits the learning
are an important indicator on how a school Will your child end up in a split class – this needs of your child to make sure that he
functions as this can affect the mood and is where two or more levels are taught in or she is learning successfully and making
teaching standards, so it is worthwhile, the same room by the same teacher, often reasonable progress, given his or her age,
not just reading your chosen school’s report, occurring when there are small numbers ability, aptitude and learning needs.”
but comparing reports of similar schools in of pupils, or when pupil numbers fluctuate
your area. e reports are available online at annually. Some parents worry that a child’s To safeguard a child’s right to this education may be affected in a split class, but “minimum education” it’s a requirement that
according to the National Parents Council homeschooled children in Ireland must be
2G.EWNEHRAATL’SRTEHPUE TSACTHIOONO?L’S this is not the case: “All research shows that registered with the Educational Services of
children are not disadvantaged. e older the Child and Family Agency.
It’s true that a school can go in and out of children benefit by having the work they
fashion, depending on who’s in charge, and covered in the previous year reinforced and Homeschooling can be fun and rewarding
reputation has a huge role to play in attracting the younger children experience a broader and uses multi-educational approaches. It
– as well as losing - numbers. For general spectrum of information, allowing many of does not mean your child won’t be sociable
questions about the school visit on open day them to advance.” and it doesn’t mean your child won’t go to
and meet with your child’s teacher, for more third level.
detailed information make an appointment However, the ability of a particular teacher
with the school principal. But it is also very to manage two or three curricula at the same
much worth speaking with other parents at time should be taken into account, as some
the school, including those on the Parents teachers may find this vastly more challenging
Association and board of management than others, which may affect educational
representatives. outcomes.


e lure of an “amazing school with a fabulous Most parents have some concerns about
reputation” that’s actually quite a long drive bullying issues, some to the point of removing
away seems enticing when you’re faced their child from a school where bullying
with the choice, but when it comes down to occurs. It’s not pleasant, but bullying is likely
it, will you have the time or the impetus to to occur in all school environments. How
effectively and consistently the school deals
with bullying is a crucial factor. Talking with


Parenting news


“My son is about to take his Lucy Kennedy launched a charity partnership
exams and I’m worried about his between the ISPCC and IKEA. e one-year
future if he doesn’t do well. I’m partnership involves over 713 co-workers from the
also concerned that he’ll sense my home furnishing experts fundraising throughout
anxiety and it’ll a ect him. What the year. To mark the announcement of the
should I do?” partnership, IKEA Dublin will donate an initial
€5,000 worth of home furnishings for the benefit
Isabelle Campbell, a wellbeing consultant of therapeutic rooms for children and young people
at the Chartered Accountants Benevolent to be distributed among the ISPCC’s services.
Association (CABA), which helps young
students sitting accountancy exams, says: “I am delighted to be part of launching this
“It’s only natural that parents will feel new partnership between two such well-known
worried about the outcome of exams. You’ll entities in Ireland, the ISPCC and IKEA,”
want your son to achieve and also not to feel said Lucy.
upset over the outcome, whatever it may be.
“However, it’s also important to remember “I am really pleased that IKEA Co-workers
his future isn’t dictated by grades on a piece chose the ISPCC as charity of the year. e ISPCC
of paper. This can be di cult when his focus provides such an important service to children,
is narrow right now, but you can help him listening to every child who needs someone to talk
gain perspective. Regardless of your own to. It’s great that they are being supported.”
feelings, your role is to help your son prepare
as best he can and feel as calm and confident 3 of the best... Indigo Pregnancy Care and
as possible so he tackles his exams with Pregnancy pampering Wellbeing Gi Set (€25 approx
a positive mindset. from
Aqua Oleum Lavender Burt’s Bees Mama
“Have perspective – remind your son that Water (€6.50 approx Bee Leg and Foot Designed for the later stages
exams don’t decide his future and he’ll have from www.aqua- Cream (€14.95) of pregnancy, this sweet gift
options whatever the outcome. box is packed with delights,
Containing including massage oil from
“Don’t be afraid to talk to your son about is gentle lavender peppermint oil the Indigo Botanicals range,
how he’s feeling, as he may allay your fears water - which is and rosemary Pregnancy Care essential oil
and he’ll be grateful for a listening ear. vegan-friendly extract, this and raspberry leaf tea.
and 100 per cent 100 per cent
“Don’t micromanage – it’s up to your son natural, chemical natural formula,
to do his best. Don’t fixate on what he’s and paraben-free - is from cult faves
doing or try to influence or control. Give him lovely and refreshing Burt’s Bees, feels
space and encourage him to take a break for when spritzed on gorgeous and rich
enjoyable activities to ease his mind. your face or skin, or can be when applied,
used as a pillow mist to help and gets to work soothing
“Whether the outcome is better than you relax at night. tired legs and stressed skin.
expected, or not what you’d hoped for,
your son will have many options. Help him ** Always check with your own healthcare professional if unsure
appreciate that we don’t all have to follow
a fixed path, and adversity o en leads to CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE WEEK
opportunities we can’t foresee.” KNOCK KNOCK DINOSAUR

by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Nick East (€6.99)

Little people learning to count will be any worse,
delighted by the first collaboration between the narrator
illustrator Nick East and children’s writer discovers
Caryl Hart. “Four velociraptors are drawing there’s been
on the wall. Five allosauruses skateboard a mistake
down the hall. e kitchen’s in chaos, the and his mum
dining room’s a mess, and who’s in the garden accidentally
is anybody’s guess!” With a nod to e Cat In ordered a
dinosaur play set in ‘actual size’. Luckily,
e Hat, our narrator answers a knock at the the dinos are pretty handy at cleaning up (a
door to find a gigantic T-Rex outside (“I say la the Cat from Dr Seuss’ beloved tale) and
‘Hi,’ and he says... ROARRRR!”). No sooner they’ve soon got the house ship-shape. With
has he gobbled up mum’s apple pie, than brilliant rhymes and colourful pictures that
two triceratops come charging in, followed burst with life, it’s a story that will be asked
swiftly by 51 other dinosaurs (yep, there’s for again and again and again.
54 in the whole book). Just when it can’t get



the watt or the brightness of the bulbs and
something as simple as a lampshade can make
a huge difference.

Dimmer dimension Looking for the perfect table lamp to complete
your room? Here are some of our favourites
A dimmer switch is a wonderful thing to have
in any room because it allows you to have

complete control over the lighting, depending €102 (approx) Ceri

on the mood you would like to create or the €127.50 Lamp from Table Lamp from €34.99 Genevieve table
function of the room. You can turn it up when Debenhams lamp from Argos
you need a bright space and down to a softer Furniture Village

level when winding down at night.

Watts it used for? €99 Blue Globe €60 Oulu Table

Excuse the pun (we couldn’t resist). It’s Lamp from Lamp from
important to take the function of a room into
consideration when choosing what type of Harvey Norman Designist
lighting to go for. A kitchen is somewhere that €137 (approx) Bloomingville
will need to be well lit almost all of the time.
Spotlights are great for a kitchen as they allow Table Lamp with White
extra light to shine in certain places, like over a
countertop, workspace or on top of the cooker. Cord from Amara
Compared to somewhere such as a living room,
the lighting should form part of the overall €19.99 Vintage
design or scheme of the room. Floor and table
lamps are the most suitable here as they help Lamp from
to create a calm atmosphere. In a bedroom on
a vanity table for instance, a bright light is best TK Maxx
but the rest of the room may not need to be this
well lit. Again both table and floor lamps can
work well in an area like this. WW


€999 €799 Your SOFA SPECIALISTS 352681_NIE

‘Joanna’ Lounger. Appliances, Technology & Interiors
Product offer ends 31/05/17.

Travel news

True romance €15 from Flying Tiger DAY TRIP Marvellous
Copenhagen Malaysia
Spend seven nights at the four-star During the warmer
Hotel Postwirt in Soll, Austria, on a months, there’s nothing Enjoy nine nights at the four-star Berjaya
half-board basis from €799pp. Flights more fun than a family day Langkawi Resort and Spa on the island of
depart on June 14. Langkawi, in Malaysia, from €999pps. Flights
For further details call 01 433 1080 or trip somewhere. depart from Dublin airport for travel in June.
log on to This gingham Other dates and durations are available.
picnic For details call 01 433 1063
basket is or log on to
an absolute
for those

picnics. Simply
pack it up, put it
in the car and find the
perfect spot to relax.

When in Rome… Pure indulgence Take three… Things
to experience in
Spend three nights at the four-star Head to the award-winning five-star Sheen Falls Langkawi
Quality Hotel Nova Domus in Rome Lodge and take advantage of their new Easanna
on a bed and breakfast basis from Spa ‘pamper me’ package. Running throughout 1. TAKE A TRIP ON
€269pps. Flights depart from Dublin 2017, this package includes a two-night stay with THE SKYCAB The
airport for travel in May. breakfast on each morning, dinner on an evening Langkawi Skycab
For details call 01 539 7777 of your choice, a complimentary bottle of prosecco is the island’s most
or log on to and a one hour treatment of choice in the spa. popular cable car and
o ers an incredible view
Family break is package is available from €605 based on two to visitors. However, it’s
people sharing. worth noting that this isn’t for the
Enjoy seven nights at the Royal For more information call 064 664 1600 faint of heart. The Langkawi Skycab is one
Sun Apartments in Sunny or log on to of the steepest cable cars in
Beach, Bulgaria, on a self- the world. Are you brave
catering basis from €2,139 for a enough?
family of two adults and three
children. Flights depart from INTO THE WILD 2. VISIT THE BEACHES
Dublin airport on June 12. The beaches in
For details call 1850 453 545 or log
on to Langkawi are

completely out of this

world. Pantai Cenang

is the most popular beach

located at the south-western tip

of Langkawi. If you fancy somewhere a little

more chilled out, try Tengah Beach. It’s further

south and you can still enjoy

the beauty of the beach but

e Firefox Bushcraft Family Adventure is a brilliant day out without the crowds.

for adults and kids alike. Head to Killruddery Woods in Bray, 3. BROWSE THE NIGHT By Amy Wall
where you’ll learn essential survival skills. From tracking MARKET
animals, identifying bird calls, building shelters and more, The Ayer Hangat Night
each workshop is tailored specifically to the attendees, making Market takes place
them suitable for all ages. Workshops cost €18 for Killruddery every Friday evening
House and Gardens members and €20 for non-members. and o ers a little bit of
Booking is essential and all children must be accompanied by everything. This is a great
an adult. Workshops will take place on May 6, June 10, July 1, place to see how the locals live and try some
August 5, September 2 and October 7. incredible food.

For more information or to book log

on to Please note: All prices are correct at the time of going to print


ROCK-STAR Travel spotlight
Often seen as nothing
By Domhnall O’Donoghue more than a haven for ignore politics and, instead, Mosque of the Custodian of the WHERE TO STAY
duty-free booty or a point enjoy the many delights that this Holy Mosques. Ireland’s O’Callaghan Group,
of contention between dramatic and photo-friendly spot which lists the well-known
the British and the Spanish, has to offer. GIBRALTAR’S MAIN STREET Alexander, Davenport and
few places have received as For those who love to mooch Mont Clare Hotels on its
much undeserving bad press WHERE TO VISIT around the shops, be sure to impressive portfolio, has a
as Gibraltar. ose prepared to familiarise yourself with the strong presence in Gibraltar
ignore preconceptions will be Take the Rock itself – the easily bustling Main Street with its in the form of
rewarded with a unique and recognisable landform enjoys profusion of household names all the friendly
magical experience, particularly a wealth of natural treasures vying for attention. If that sounds four-star
ideal for nature-lovers who’d including the Upper Rock Nature like too much hassle, one of the Eliot Hotel.
relish the idea of standing Reserve, which boasts, amongst many beaches dotted along the Centrally
shoulder to shoulder with exotic other things, the Apes’ Den, home coast will grant you a moment located and
birds and wildlife. to the adorable and food-pinching of calm while the lively Grand currently the
Barbary macaque, the only Casements Square or the idyllic recipient of an
ere are scant holiday wild monkey population in the Queensway Quay come equipped extensive make-
destinations that are as surreal European continent. with countless cafés and bars, over, most of the guestrooms
and as bewildering as Gibraltar. the perfect places to refresh and possess magnificent views of
Proudly positioned on the ST MICHAEL’S CAVE refuel. Gibraltar’s stunning physical
southern end of the Iberian History and war aficionados will riches. Other highlights
Peninsula and within touching delight in the Rock’s other star Additionally, if you want to include the leisure facilities,
distance of North Africa, you’d attractions, notably St Michael’s put your sea legs to the test and notably its outdoor swimming
be forgiven for thinking that Cave, the natural grotto teeming acquire an additional stamp pool.
your wanderlust feet were with stalagmites and stalactites, on your Passport, consider a
strolling through Spanish streets. which was prepared as an day trip to Morocco. Weather The good, old-fashioned
However, before you can utter emergency hospital during the permitting, sailings are daily and hearty breakfast on o er
hola or start performing your Second World War, although relatively brief with operators will set you up for the day,
best flamenco moves, you start never used. e Great Siege offering guided tours to Tangiers especially if you enjoyed some
noticing an army of red post Tunnels, an astonishing labyrinth, ( of the contents of the lively
boxes, fish and chips shops and is perhaps the most impressive bar the night before. B&B
familiar high-street stores and, defence system devised by HOW TO GET AROUND rates start from approx €177
immediately, your bearings fly humankind. Elsewhere, the per room (see
out the proverbial window. commanding Moorish Castle and Gibraltar provides options for all for more).
the secretive World War II Tunnels visitors’ various needs. For those
Of course, the reason behind also impress. who enjoy walking and hiking, HOW TO GET THERE
such disorientation is on account the enclave is peppered with There are many direct flights
of the fact that this charming and EUROPA POINT many paths and trails. ere is from Ireland to Seville and
underappreciated enclave has Europa Point Lighthouse stands also an exciting cable car, a fleet Malaga with Aer Lingus and
been a British overseas territory at the southernmost point of of taxis and an inexpensive bus Ryanair. The local bus service
since 1713. Gibraltar and claims breathtaking service on offer for those who will take you as far La Línea de
views of nearby Morocco. e prefer their holidays to be relaxing la Concepción and, from there,
With a modest population of just surrounding area is a melting pot rather than sweat inducing. foot passengers can make
30,000, throughout its history, of cultures, politics, history and their way through customs
Gibraltar has been inhabited by religions: the Union Jack flies high with ease (
a wide range of immigrants from alongside the Shrine of our Lady
differing cultural backgrounds of Europe and the newly-built USEFUL TIPS
including Spanish, Maltese, If you’re taking a day out of
Moroccan, Jewish and Portuguese your Spanish sun-holiday
who, combined with the itinerary, don’t forget to bring
British, now provide the spot your Passport. The currency
with a diverse and multi-racial here is sterling, but euro is
community. widely accepted.

Sovereignty remains a Visit for further
contentious issue, especially information on admission
following the fallout from Brexit, prices and opening hours
but Irish tourists, yearning for
a weekend away from the rain
at home or a brief escape from
the Costa del Sol beaches, should


Real life

Adopting courage,
accepting the

One woman’s search for amount, but it meant a huge amount to me.
answers, but are there I was born in a nursing home in Ranelagh,
answers to be found? around the corner from where I grew up. It
was non-identifying information but it gave
Clíona Hunter-Moore is one of a countless the years she forged a very successful career me a sense of who I was prior to my adoption By Michelle Newman
number of children who were placed working on the creative side of print media. at six-weeks-old. I think it’s really important
for adoption in Ireland in the past fifty However, ten years ago, when her partner for adoptees to have clear, open information.
years. She was raised by her adoptive and father of her youngest daughter died Especially medical information because in a
parents in Dublin and although her adoption unexpectedly, followed by her own adoptive small country, stuff like that is important.”
was never kept a secret from her, at school father just seven days after, Clíona decided to
the reality of her situation began to set in. make a change and move back home. So far Clíona has managed to establish
“I was told right from the beginning so as a when and where she was born and even the
small child I thought that’s how people had “It was really traumatic and it shook me name she was given at birth, but she takes all
babies. It always felt quite normal, but it deeply. It was on the back of that, having a of this, as she says ‘with a pinch of salt.’
wasn’t until I started school that I began to baby and my mother died two years later.
feel different really.” I thought in the absence of family, you’ve “My mother was 17 at the time and a typist
community and perhaps that might give my and my father was 21 and a printer, but I don’t
e Ireland Clíona was born into almost children solidity. at’s really what facilitated know whether that’s true. I found out Anne-
half a century ago is worlds apart from the my move back to Ireland. en in the course Marie was my name, maybe it’s some thread
one we know today. Back then unmarried of that it opened the door to this journey.” of connection with perhaps my birth mother.
mothers were frowned upon, often being
ostracised by society. Clíona, a mother of two e journey Clíona refers to is that of the e excitement is dampened by the reality of
girls and one boy, admits that even as a young long and tedious process of finding her birth not knowing.”
girl she felt this stigma, something she’s has parents. She had always believed that her
carried her whole life. adoption was closed, but after contacting old e past years have taken their toll as every
friends she discovered this wasn’t the case. step forward is followed by two steps back.
“Growing up in the 1970s and early 1980s
I was aware that society saw my situation, “I had no information; I was told I had no “It’s such a rollercoaster of emotions; you
or women who had babies out of wedlock, birth certificate, it was closed, dead, nothing. embark on this journey with hope and at
as very shameful and very wrong. I couldn’t It was many years later, in 2011, I found out each interval you get knocked back or come
escape that in the Ireland that I grew up in, so that there certainly was one. It wasn’t easy to up against a brick wall. I have a life, I have a
when I left at 17 I never wanted to go back.” get hold of, but I was registered.” family and I’m living in the present not the
past, but just to know where I’ve come from.”
A move to the UK meant a fresh start for ese snippets Clíona has become aware of
Clíona and after art college she moved into since her search began are viewed as small She believes having the answers to these
the world of fashion production. rough victories for someone who, at one point, questions would pave the way for healing.
believed there was nothing to be found.
“You embark on “My hope is that I could find out who
this journey with “When I got some information from St my birth family were, both maternal and
hope and you get Patrick’s Guild, the agency that my adoption paternal. It’s draining and time consuming,
knocked back” was facilitated through, it was a small it’s very stressful and upsetting. I was just a
baby who was born, I had to internalise the
shame that was put on me from the society
and I don’t think any of that has shaken
now. As much as we can intellectualise it
as an adult, it’s something so deep inside of
my being and I suppose to have information
would help with that.” WW

Clíona was born on October, 26, 1968 at St
Rita’s Nursing Home, Dublin and given the
name Anne-Marie. Follow Clíona’s progress
and find out where she is with her search now
when Adoption Stories – What Happened Next
airs on May 11 at 8.30pm on TV3


THE NIGHT VISITOR (€120.50 from by Fiona Gibson (Avon, €9.99)
A er yet another disaster, Lorrie is
by Lucy Atkins John Lewis) calling time on online dating. She might be single
(Quercus, €14.99) in her forties, but she’s got a good job, wonderful
Take this Kobo children and she’s happy. This, Lorrie decides, is
Olivia Sweetman has worked going to have to be enough. Until she receives
hard to enjoy the life she loves on a sunny LIGUHPT a request from France from someone who she
and now has a burgeoning holiday and thought was well and truly out of her life.
TV career, three children and reading in the
a talented husband. She stands before a daylight won’t be a THE SEARCH
crowd, ready to talk about the work of
her career, but cannot enjoy her moment problem. e screen is by Howard Linskey (Penguin, €9.99)
in the spotlight. One person knows what In 1967, Susan Verity went missing and
Olivia has done – and this lady, Vivian, glare-free, making beach police couldn’t find her. Until now. Serial
has secrets too that she doesn’t want killer Adrian Wicklow, dubbed the prime
to share. e relationship between the or poolside reading a possibility, suspect, lied to police about Susan’s
two women becomes more complex and whereabouts but now he’s decided to tell
tangled but it is a moment of violence with the touchscreen ensuring the truth. But why would a killer give up
that changes everything. I was gripped, his last secret so easily?
I read this in one go and felt bereft when turning the page is a doddle. On the
it was over. It does make you think what THE BOY ON THE BRIDGE
lengths you would go to to save your flipside, reading in a dark room is
reputation, if it was on the line. by MR Carey (Orbit, €16.99)
also a breeze thanks to a solid front People thought a very boy could save
them and their blighted land, so they
light and easy to adjust brightness sent him out into the world. But outside
was where the monsters lived… such is
settings. the premise for the second book by Carey
about a world wherein humanity is on the
READER REVIEW: THE THIRST brink of extinction.

by Jo Nesbo (Harvill Secker, €14.99) THE LIGHT WE LOST

Harry Hole is back. Now married (to Rakel), he has taken up a post by Jill Santopolo (HQ, €14.99)
as lecturer in the Police College and theoretically retired from his Described as Me Before You meets One
former job. However, when a woman is found, viciously murdered Day, Lucy and Gabe meet at Columbia
and mutilated, after an internet date, Harry is blackmailed by the University on September 11,2001, a day
chief of police to undertake an investigation. He sets up his own small that will change their lives forever. Over
team and soon comes to realise the the crime is very similar to one in which he the next 13 years, they are reunited and
failed to find the culprit. Another murder adds pressure to the investigation as the torn apart, time and time again. Lucy
media bay for action and arrests. is is the eleventh book in the series and is as wonders if their love is a matter of destiny
blisteringly thrilling as all that has gone before. e description of Nesbo as the or simply chance.
King of all thriller writers is, in my view, wholly justified in what is a rip-roaring
return to print. Beautifully translated from the original Norwegian by Neil Smith. CRIMSON LAKE

TAKE FIVE… TEAPOTS Well, if it’s a good read you’ll need a lot of tea by Candace Fox (Random House, €8.99)
€34 from It takes six minutes to ruin Detective
€51 from €31 from Cath Kidston Ted Conka ey’s life. He’s accused of the
Amara Oliver Bonas abduction of a 13-year-old girl, Claire
Bingley, and while not convicted, he
€32.50 from €27 from escapes to Crimson Lake. He teams up
White Stu M&S with Amanda Pharrell, but the residents of
Crimson Lake are watching their moves.
Every week, we’ll be sending one lucky reader three books from the WW book cupboard. To By Áine Toner
enter, all you need to do is answer this question: Who wrote The Light We Lost? by Fiona O’Brien (Hachette Ireland, €14.99)
Not a lot happens in the sleepy village of Ballyanna.
Write your answer onto the competition entry form on page 44 or text/email in. Best of luck Documentary maker Daniel arrives in
and happy reading. Ballyanna with his twin sons, devastated
from the sudden loss of his wife. Will
a change of scene help his traumatized
son Sean? As the summer progresses,
Daniel and his sons are drawn into the
local community and it’s clear that all is
not what it seems.


FIRST DATE Reader fiction
Melanie hadn’t been lucky in love
but could a TV show change that? Little by little, Melanie
started to trust Bert and
By Christina Hession Melanie knew she should that they would help her Gere. He was so surprised let him into her world.
turn the telly off. She had an recuperation. he didn’t even reply. Well I She didn’t dare tell her
early commute to Dublin in suppose it was better than colleagues at work, but they
the morning. However, she What an absolute pet, a ‘no’, Melanie reckoned in had noticed a new spring
couldn’t resist those First Melanie thought, blinking a hindsight. Ping. A Facebook in her step and the fact that
Date programmes. tear or two away. message. Oh my God it was she was making more of an
from HIM – Bert. effort with her appearance.
I’ll only watch a few When Jane said she didn’t Bert told her about his dates
minutes. Famous last want to go on a second date Hi Melanie, with British women, but they
words. She loved studying with Bert, he was gutted. anks for being my friend on never seemed to get past one
the body language of the Melanie empathised with or two dates at the most.
daters. Trying to predict his disappointment, but here. I’m new to it, so learning
who fancied who and which also thought, wouldn’t he as I go along. ey had been
pair had that elusive spark, be a lovely partner for some Regards, corresponding and phoning
which sadly had eluded her lucky woman. e following Bert each other for about
most of her life. evening she clicked on the three months, when Bert
First Dates Facebook page, What would she say? Keep announced he was coming
She would love to have to find Bert was an internet it light. Yes. at would be to Dublin for the weekend.
had the courage to apply sensation. Loads of women best. Would she meet him for
for the programme herself, were saying how lovely he dinner in e Gibson Hotel?
but Melanie was still wary was and offering to go on Hi Bert, Melanie smiled to herself.
after her online date from dates with him. Someone Sorry you didn’t find love
hell. Maybe it was sad living was even bold enough to ask on First Dates. But a lovely, e venue for First Dates
vicariously through people for his details. caring man like you will have Ireland, that had to be a good
on a TV dating show, but no problem. You’ll be beating omen.
she couldn’t get hurt that It transpired that a young them off! Wishing you all the
way. She settled down with female relative had set up best, Melanie. Getting ready on the night
her mug of hot chocolate to a Facebook page for him. of the date, Melanie couldn’t
watch the British First Dates Melanie clicked on it and To her surprise, Bert believe how calm she was.
programme. found he had no shortage of replied thanking her for All the healthy eating and
friends, all of them women. her kind words. It was the exercise had paid off.
Bert and Jane were the Before she could stop herself, start of a jokey, no pressure
first daters on the show, a she sent him a friend request. Facebook correspondence. She knew she looked
widower and a separated He accepted it the following great and exuded a new
woman in their 50s. e day. Melanie was envious of “Maybe it confidence. Head high,
latter was a very glamorous some of the messages on his was sad living shoulders back, tummy
blonde, and Bert was a well- homepage from women with vicariously tucked in, she strode into
built, jolly man. Melanie a lot more bottle than her. through the hotel foyer. Bert came
could see he was very people” towards her smiling, arms
pleased with his date. Jane “Bert, you’re such a out. is would be a first date
was pleasant and laughed a sweetie. Jane’s loss is our to remember. WW
lot at his jokes but she was gain. I’m footloose and fancy
harder to read. free, if you’d like to meet up
Bert is exactly the type
of man I’d like, Melanie “Loved you on First Dates,
felt. She knew at one level it Bert, I live close to you.
was ridiculous, but Melanie Maybe we can go for a bevvy
hoped that Jane wouldn’t sometime? PM me.”
want to go on another date
with him. Bert started “Hey big fella, I’m also
telling Jane about his late single and blonde. Here’s
partner who died suddenly my number if you want to
three years earlier. She was hook up.”
housebound. Bert bought
a camera and took photos Melanie recalled the first
of lovely seascapes, hoping and only time that she asked
for a guy’s number on a
night out. A guy from Cork
who looked like Richard


I’ve put up with my husband’s drinking, DEAR UNA Psychic solutions

smoking, womanising and carefree ways Renowned psychic Una moment in time he badly needs a good friend
since we married. I’ve been a doormat in the to talk to. Someone who will listen without
past but changed my own ways. I exercise, judgement and not jump in with solutions.
eat well and spend money on hair, clothes Someone just like you, Anne.
and make-up. I look and feel ten years
younger than my age (I’m Gemini, 61). My Power offers readers some A guy I like keeps asking me out but
husband (Scorpio) is the same age as me but
looks much older; he hasn’t aged well. He guidance on life’s issues always cancels at the last minute. He’s from
has changed his ways, he doesn’t smoke any
more, his womanising has stopped and he another county and usually makes something
socialises less but he is still a compulsive liar.
Where does this leave us? Do I forget all the to do with that the excuse for letting me down
hurt and accept him for what he is? He carries
a lot of guilt. Or is it that he can’t attract other returned to speaking to him after a messy at the last minute. I’m Capricorn (32), dress
women like he used to. Is it just that, after 40
years, he has accepted his wild days are over divorce. It brought its own problems, they well, look presentable and know how to
and that he will settle down with a wife who
will look after him in his old age? Is it too late are all in their twenties and thirties. ere behave. I know these things are important to
for me to have a happy life? I now have a life
outside my marriage. But I’d like to know will was less time for us. ere was an argument him because he told me so.
my life include a husband who loves me or a
husband just settling for second best? during last Christmas about something small. We met when he chatted me up at a dance.
Bernadette, Monaghan
We often had worse and he finished it. I am We danced all night and were totally lost in
You have a lot of questions but you only want
one answer, to know that your husband is so upset. I love him very much. Ten minutes each other. I was in love by the end of the
choosing you because he loves and wants you. I
can sense very clearly that his feelings changed before he left and before the argument broke evening. I waited for days after that first
in July of last year. What happened then? Was
there a crisis of some sort? Whatever happened out he told me how much he enjoyed my meeting, confident that he would ring me. He
made him aware that he might lose you. at
thought frightened and grieved him a lot. He company. e argument was not even with didn’t. Gradually I realised it was all part of a
curtailed his ways because he wanted to win
you back. ink back, Bernadette, did he make me, it was with a relative staying at the time. pattern, if we bumped into one another he’d
little overtures to you that you shoved aside,
afraid of being rejected? He’s well aware that he Will we get back together? ask me out then cool down and cancel. I know
was devious and manipulative in the marriage
and doesn’t like that side of himself. If you were Anne, Co Cork I must be mad but I’m still very attracted to
to ask him outright, this minute, if he loved you
he’d tell you, yes, and mean it. him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting at

It’s very rare for a marriage like yours to You’ve put yourself on an equal par with his home still hoping. I am a very outgoing person
survive but where it does the Gemini/Scorpio
combo can beat the odds and prosper. children. You’re seeing time he gives them as and really enjoy a good social life. I suppose

It’s definitely not a second best business, don’t time taken away from you and you resent what I want to know is will that man ever ask
even think it. When a Scorpio of any age looks in
the mirror they usually see only a maddeningly them for it. I can see your Cancer man me out and not cancel?
attractive face oozing potent sexuality looking
back. Your man doesn’t think the woman exists surrounded by his adult children. Mags, Co Clare
who could withstand his sexy charms. Equally
rare and very appealing is the Gemini and Family minded Cancer loves Una says.. He will ask you out again and
Scorpio youth gene that offers them a second being in that situation. But his
bite of the apple. Take it because it comes with a
lot of love. adult children are showing “Gemini and very soon. I think the meeting
the effects on them of rowing, Scorpio can beat is taking place at a sporting or
I am Scorpio (54) and have been very ill, divorcing parents. ey music event. I can sense it’s a
are all needy, some will feel the odds and fine day and there are a lot of
also, I was in a relationship for ten years with anger towards him, others prosper” people around. When he asks you
a Cancerian (59). We got on so well and helped disappointment. Few will love out take him by the arm and lead
each other a lot. He was so good to me when I
was ill. We trusted each other completely, the him for leaving their mother. He him to a tea and coffee outlet. Over
relapse of my illness affected us as we couldn’t
do the things we normally did but that all makes the best of it because he’s coffee tell him how you feel and ask
not in a position to bargain. You see him to give you the real reason for always
In the last 12 months his children had all
the children disappearing after a visit and cancelling. I suspect it’s something to do with

you turn to him happily ready to take up where alcohol.

you left off before they walked back into their ere could be something karmic happening

father’s life. But their absence doesn’t mean he here, maybe you two were partners in a

forgets all about them. ey’re in his head and previous life and are drawn to each other

heart and he tries to play down to you, how he without understanding why.

loves them and wants them to love him. Astrologically you are signs-next-door to

He’s being pulled and pushed in many each other and this always causes tension and

directions and cut you loose for a while to lighten misunderstandings between a couple who seem

his load. When the two of you are back together, to be competing against each other until they

try to look at your relationship differently. reach their years of maturity (when he’s 90 and

Astrologically Cancer and Scorpio struggle she 85).

hard to make a go of a love situation because Your temperament and behaviour always

each wants to rule the other. ey view any remain the same so friends and family always

distraction from their affair with each other as know how you are and where they stand with

some sort of hurdle to be overcome or obstacle to you. Aquarius is sometimes so changeable

be removed. It’s not either, it’s something to be that it’s like being with a whole new and often

negotiated or lived with. difficult person. Not recommended. You are

He’s not your enemy, neither are his children. meeting someone else very soon, I feel it’s

Help bring calm into his household by being someone new to your workplace. You’ll hit it off

a good listener and kind friend to him. At this very pleasurably from the moment you meet.

Contact Una... If you have an unresolved issue you need guidance on, Una may be able to help.
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