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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-09-29 06:44:09



Forget her fab life, Vogue Williams has energy levels
to die for. While walking her dog and juggling
calls with designers, she fills us in...

J, model and TV presenter, Vogue Williams It’s a lot more prominent in Ireland than you would think,
can now add author to her jam-packed there’s a lot of girls in Ireland on those websites.
CV. We speak to the modern multi-tasker
about her new book, Everything, her The other one, Going it Alone, is about fertility and women
inside guide to beauty, style and fitness, who decide to have kids on their own. A lot of women are
Irish sugar daddies and being loved up choosing that route, particularly in our age group. It was nice
with MIC’s Spencer Matthews. to meet a bunch of women like that, very empowering. I think
it’s important for people to check their fertility because you do
DVogue, you are always on the go – everything else for your health - why not check your fertility if
what are you up to now? children are something that you definitely want?
I just finished a shoot and then I’m off to Greece. I’m going So you spend much time in Ireland now?
over to see Spencer - he’s away for a TV show. He’s usually the Yes! I was at the Ploughing Championships with Glenda [Gilson]
one who follows me around [for work] and whenever I have and Louis [Walsh] yesterday actually – gas! It’s a really lovely
time I’ll go and see him. It’s a pretty violent trip though, I’ve event and we got a great day out of it. My management is a
to get two flights, and a ferry, but it’ll be worth it in the end UK-based company and they’re obsessed with it. They can’t
because I’ll be on a beach tomorrow. comprehend it and love it so much, they’re like, ‘That’s the best
You walked in the Paul Costelloe show at Fashion Week, job any of our clients have to do!’
how did that come about? So are you spending more time in London?
I’ve known Paul for a few years now. I’ve worn his clothes a lot… London is more like home now, I am based a lot more here. I
I was delighted that he’d lend me clothes. I wasn’t meant to do it bought a place in Dublin a couple of years ago and my sister
and then I had to fly home anyway, so I went for my fitting on the lives there but I kept a bedroom so whenever I go home I have
Saturday and I was walking on the Monday. my own stuff there, it’s like my second home.

You started in modelling – did you enjoy being back? Is it true you just bought a house in London?
I used to love doing the shows because you’d be with all the I’m moving house in London, but that’s all I’ll say about that
one. I hate moving house, it’s the worst
girls and it’s always a laugh and there’s no job, ever. I got rid of nine giant bags of
bitchiness. It was just a really fun thing to
do again and I was delighted. clothes, so I’m delighted with myself.

Congratulations on your new book – RESPECT FOR WRITERS - Are you still DJ-ing?
was it a difficult process writing it? IT'S REALLY HARD, AND I’m DJ-ing quite a bit now. I love it, I listen
Oh my God, I have so much respect for to music non-stop, it fits in with my life.
writers – it’s really hard, and you have to YOU HAVE TO BE SO
be so disciplined. Any time I had a day off DISCIPLINED. ANY TIME It’s not something I
I was like, ‘Right, I have to write my book, I HAD A DAY OFF I WAS think I’ll ever have
have to write my book…' I didn’t want a LIKE, 'RIGHT, I HAVE TO to give up because if
ghost writer, I was adamant about that. I people keep booking
wanted it to be in my own words. It took WRITE MY BOOK...'" me, why not? I was
ages but it was so worth it in the end. DJ-ing at Longitude
this summer which
was tonnes of fun.

You mention in the book that you Will it always be
suffer from anxiety. Was it hard to be so personal? your first love?
I took me a while to write that part but I thought it was TV is my first love:
important to do it. I’ve now done a TV show on anxiety as well making and creating TV shows. It’s a
so it was like the book was step one. It is nerve-wracking to slog when you’re doing it but when
do something like that because you are talking about mental you see the finished product, it’s all
health. I think, for me, it was really important to talk about it worth it. I love the whole process,
because so many people have come to me asking me about it and am learning all the time.
and have been mailing me. If it helps anyone or makes What’s in the pipeline?
anyone feel better about what they’re going through, I’m always working on new things.
I’d rather do that than just keep silent. I’ve a lot more ideas that I’d like
Do you feel anxiety is something that really to do with RTE so I’m focussing
affects the millennial generation? on getting the documentaries out and my book out and
I think our generation is suffering from it more because then it will be on to the next thing.
we all live such fast-paced lives and we struggle to slow We have to ask, how are things going with
down and take a little break for ourselves and things like Spencer?
that. I do think a lot of people have it so I think people It’s going really well, we’re absolutely delighted. The only bad
will be interested to watch that show.

Tell us about your new RTÉ2 series... thing is that we have to spend time apart because we love being
There's three documentaries - one is about anxiety, one is on in each other’s company. It’s going great.
sugar daddies which was very interesting. I think people are
going to be really surprised by it - I’ve done a lot of shows Vogue's new RTÉ2 series starts 10pm on Tuesday 3 October with
and a lot of things and I don’t get shocked too easily but that Vogue: Going It Alone, Everything; Beauty. Style. Fitness. Life. by
one… I couldn’t believe the stuff I found out, it’s quite mad! Vogue Williams (Hachette, €19.99) is out now


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