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Woman's weekly magazine






Bowing out

Friends on and off the dancefloor 3rd December 2018


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Contents 16 Latest health news
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Another week,
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features and 36 New in books
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starters, we 42 Soap gossip
have €500 44 It’s your letters
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give away, just in time for December 48 Puzzle special
25. at whet your appetite? How about 52 I said it
something that’ll ensure a sumptuous Pg 8 55 Knitting patterns
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voucher? Or could I direct you to Vol.55 Issue 48 Pg 27
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selection of festive reads? Whichever Leigh Keily/BBC
competition you pick - and I hope you 2 Boyzone WELL DONE WINNERS!
pick them all - I hope you enjoy our little 4 Strictly’s Tess and Claudia Pg 51
precursor to the festive season. 8 12 days of Stylemas Issue 45 (November 20)
24 Christmas cupcake recipes CWIhNriAsNtmICaEsL!AND Competition Three new books
Elsewhere this week, we have 26 Win €500 Hasbro toys Mary Murphy, Co Dublin
interviews from Boyzone (be still my 30 Agony advice €250VOUCHER Cocoa Brown tan hamper
beating 13-year-old heart... who am 51 Win €250 Iceland voucher Annette O’Brien, Co Kildare
I kidding? Be still my 30-something cphvoathgctlteaouCnnesahsoaofwvwgmnCrhndatnotiooekasoImeihhnirtamsactnedtniyrertspheserhgya’eesieaeroettléossikliafrgstmIcotaianstfb.reccnhahwtrmsnofgeieAdaeifdilyoiocmdinisloessaeatlnmoaun,sIgnrvhltsv!nruffsi,otsaecefaeetffrdoadw,etiladlvsaogoouolasisflloleitssierrnunterhttigosuteutteh’vnies!dohisavosxfcrsenvepYieereccidthttmetgrinuotpsroieahaatfrestiaelliasraufnyressoesnnhitoaimd’somnauugi,eaytlsaooenlntrhsnwlieolmdenllffilesedeaynutaiwy,niataroei.lsnmohnitdsraidgue-yonesrrsd,t v(pthfpasinonsalsanatraeoviveoptdttlowIepecoeoicuoukaecrpffarnsntralouiacai.iwtmeronrpntexoniaididtopyslsslhy’lenoeessea,tcuaffthnratssrooheeoevoovrkedwsoaneiiie)eutrvtnvcC–’aCr2esheiohiht5xlreytrearpryinoissibmosoesutltincnrtoeen’memtleraleate’aasoddsssy ST€OWHTI5WTOOHC–2ANUKAOH5ERARNIGVIERL0LMIFTTDSEMLKALT’EIYASEUCDRNWTUDOONYECECEE!DRRHUL’KCACHGSKEAIAEEYMRRSIEWTINVIMPNEIYVER’SEDALSBE-DEETIAYASNNEVAMMAWUTNRDOTDTOPOAFA,DOEUH€RYRSYRWR1GCEGEOE!E0FHRIEAIWUOT0VEEHOEERADT– WIN Beauty bag
heart!), Strictly’s Tess and Claudia and Pg 32 Brendan Hanlon, Dublin 6
Arlene Phillips who enjoys a little bit of IotsTchrieomeleawmpcnoilandymilaahpinan€esvt:2weiHt5ein0oorawntItchifmoeoislnraawmqnnuidydoeevsns?totpoiuoracenghseeodrn4o4es Crossword winner
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MOD‘WWNOEMEI’TRLELEANITNNTG’OTHTE e mind boggles at how a plethora of hit original songs,
challenging it must be to make including Picture Of You, So Good
e end is nigh for Irish boyband the decision to finally draw a line and A Different Beat, as well as
Boyzone, as they release their under a 25-year career. popular cover tracks such as
last album and prepare to hit Father and Son, Words and Love Me
the road on their farewell tour Despite the neat and tidy round For A Reason.
number of a quarter of a century
2 WOMANSWAY.IE well-served - delighting the After spending the best part of
world with their ballads and sing- the 1990s riding high they split
along cover versions - Boyzone’s in 1999 amid group tensions, but
resolution to call it a day was not reformed in 2007 and went on
as straightforward as it may seem. to embark on a well-received
reunion tour with later plans to
“It took us a while to get to this release new music.
decision to be honest,” says lead
singer Ronan Keating. It was a happy comeback for
the band as they sold out venues
“It’s not something you can across the UK and Ireland, but
decide overnight, it’s such a they were hit by tragedy when
massive thing in our lives. It took Gately died in October 2009.
us about six months of to-ing and
fro-ing and making a decision Gately was 33 when he died
that finally this is it. at his home in Majorca from a
congenital heart defect, sending
“We’re 25 years at it now - it’s a shockwaves through the group
good number.” and their fanbase. But from
the sadness came a somewhat
He adds: “But we’re not kids bittersweet positive, Duffy reveals.
any more, you can’t do this sort of
thing forever, and we wanted to “I think the loss of Stephen
go out on a high. We wanted to go made us all wake up a little bit and
out on our terms, and this felt like realise how important we are to
the right time to do that.” each other and how important we
have been in the memories of our
It’s clear that for Keating and
bandmates Keith Duffy, Mikey “There’s nobody
Graham and Shane Lynch, who else in the
were part of the band alongside world I could
Stephen Gately until his death reminisce with”
nine years ago, the time is right
to mark the end of a successful lives together,” he notes.
career, which saw them nab four “ ere’s nobody else in the
Brit Awards and two MTV EMAs
among countless highlights. world that I could reminisce about
my life to than the boys because
For their millions of devoted they were there for all of it - the
fans, their impending final good, the bad, and the ugly.
curtain moment is a bitter pill,
although the band members “All our success we celebrated
themselves aren’t feeling low together. Every time that phone
about it. Not yet, anyway. rang and we were told we just
went number one, or we sold our
“At this moment in time, it’s tour or whatever, it was always
still very distant for us, so we’re those memories were spent
not dwelling on it at the moment,” together.”
Duffy explains.
He adds: “I think we realised
“I’m sure as the date of the last how important we are to each
show becomes closer to us, we’re other through all those things,
going to start getting a little bit and now as older guys and more
worried, sad, emotional.” mature men I think we embrace
that now. We embrace the fact that
And how could they not, we have that camaraderie, that
considering all that time spent brotherhood, that friendship, and
together? Boyzone was formed we’re very blessed to have good
in 1993 in Ireland by Louis friendship.”
Walsh and, despite a hilariously
misguided TV debut on RTÉ’s e
Late Late Show where they danced
haphazardly in front of a bemused
audience, they went on to score
numerous number one singles and
albums in the UK and Ireland.

e group, Ireland’s cleaner-
cut answer to Take at, released

Gately - fondly referred to by comfort between ourselves, an Partner Promotion
the guys as Steo - is, of course, understanding with each other.
part of their final album. His We’d grown up. Seasonal
recognisable vocals are heard on a Support
track called Dream, a reworking of “We were kids the first time
a demo he recorded in 2002. round, so we didn’t really know for your Liver
what we were doing or who we
“It kind of happened by were. So, for me that was the best New Nordic Active Liver™
accident,” Keating says, shedding time in Boyzone, definitely.” is a high-strength botanical formula,
light on how the poignant addition designed to help your liver stay healthy.
came to be. e inevitable question is - is
this really the end for Boyzone? Exclusive to Health Stores
“We were making the record, Will there ever be a comeback, and Pharmacies
we were in full flow, and in the years down the line? ey did,
process a producer that Stephen after all, split once before.
wrote with about 16 years ago, was
clearing out boxes and found this “We can’t even go there,” insists
old demo tape of a writing session Keating. “ is is huge, it took us a
that they’d done together, and that long time to make this decision.
tape, and basically sent it in to us.
“It’s an emotional decision, it’s
“He sent it into the label, and a business decision - there are lots
they played it to us, and we were of different decisions that we had
just blown away. to make that all came to this. And
we can’t think past it.
“We were like, this is fate. So we
went into the studio and we pulled “It’s going to take a year. e
the track apart a bit, and made tour doesn’t start till January, and
it into a more contemporary feel then it will go all the way through
with our vocals, and rewrote the into summer.
lyrics so that it worked.”
“We don’t even know when the
“We kept Stephen’s original end date is, but we’ve got to focus
vocals and it’s just been perfect – on that for now.” WW
he always wanted the last word.
We loved that about him and it’s Boyzone’s final album Thank You
the last track on the album. and Goodnight is out now. Their
farewell tour of UK and Ireland
Looking back at their time in kicks o in January
the band, particularly those times
By Lucy Mapstone with Gately, is a joyous walk down
memory lane for the singers, now
aged between 41 and 46.

Asked about their favourite
moments from their time in the
spotlight, Keating considers for
a while, before answering: “I
would say, for me, 2007 to 2009,
the last tour we did with Steo was
pretty magic. It was a magic time
in Boyzone. We kind of found a

“We are

The co-presenters of TV’s terrified from the minute they
Strictly Come Dancing have arrived early in the morning
worked together regularly for right through the day and
four years and never a cross can’t want to get it over
word has been uttered. with. They put in such a lot
of hard work you cannot help
Strictly is watched by millions but care for them and share
every single week and Claudia their big moments and their
and Tess are thrilled by every disappointments.”
show even though they are the
stars presenting it. Before they came together
as co-hosts of Strictly, Claudia
“It’s great because you never and Tess were already stars in
really know what is going to their own right. Claudia was
happen,” said Claudia. “There an art history graduate who
are rehearsals of course but was prompted to take a screen
anything can still happen at any test for a show being made by
time, someone slips, someone Planet 24 where a friend of
does something extra and it’s hers worked. In a little over six
stunning and no matter how months she was suddenly in
many times you see the show front of the cameras.
you never know who is going to
win so it is fresh and exciting “My mother, Eve Pollard,
every single time.” has had a great career as a
newspaper editor and appeared
“It’s also amazing because many times on TV so there
some of the celebs who take was always a chance I would
part find they have a talent they go into media work but I didn’t
strive for it, it just happened.
never knew they had,” added I wasn’t very good I’m afraid,”
Tess. “Because they didn’t she recalled.
know they could dance, neither
did the viewers so they are all “I didn’t really know what on
the more encouraging when Earth I was doing and getting
someone who would never used to the director speaking to
think could put one foot in front you in your earpiece was tough.
of the other suddenly does It used to make me freeze at
something sensational first. You get used to it though
on the night and takes your and I enjoyed doing fairly small
breath away! TV parts and my radio work
which meant that I had a fairly
“You find yourself genuinely low profile. It all changed when
caring for the contestants. Strictly came along because it
Remember we see them all is such a massive show and has
day not just when the cameras such a huge following.
start. Many of them are
“I don’t think it has changed
me though, I hope not. I am
still the same person, have the
same friends, shop at the same
places, pick the kids up from
school and so on.

“I still make the same
mistakes, but not as many as I
used to. If I get through a show
without saying the wrong thing
or even falling over – which has
been known – then I am pretty
happy – and relieved.”


Cover interview

really goodIftherewasaStrictlyBestof

Friends Claudia Winkleman and

“As soon as the show work together. Now and then
By Bernard Bale is over, we get out of through – excitement and fear Claudia echoed that maybe an ego has taken over
the glam wear and at the same time.” thought. “Yes, we really are but generally it is pretty good
all of us gather for good friends,” she agreed. “I and o en a lot of fun. You find
something to eat” From Tokyo, Tess went think that if there were any that a lot of the people who
to New York, where a friend problems between us the appear on the show become
Tess Daly was on Strictly asked if she would like to audiences and viewers would great friends for the rest of
first, of course, but even she try red-carpet interviewing. soon spot it but as it is we their lives and that gives some
did not set out on a journey of She did and that was the real get on brilliantly. I think if the idea of what it is like behind
fame and fortune. start of her getting used to viewers could see us away the scenes.”
being in front of a TV camera from the cameras they would
“I was born in Stockport and with a microphone in her find it quite entertaining. There is no sign of Strictly
my dad worked in a wallpaper hand. losing its popularity so will
factory while my mum worked “As soon as the show is they be back for more?
in a paper mill part-time “I started to host Strictly over we get out of the glam
and did a few other jobs to as long ago as 2004 when I wear as quickly as possible “That’s di cult to say,”
help keep the family. I have a worked alongside dear Bruce and all of us gather together said Claudia. “I would like
younger sister too. Forsyth who was wonderful for something to eat. Tess to think so, I hope so but in
and taught me a lot about and I usually sit on the floor television you never know
“My parents worked hard presenting such a TV show,” with a McDonald’s. Tess what will happen next. That’s
for us and my childhood was a said Tess. “It was a great goes for something fishy and probably part of the appeal of
happy one. It’s only when you experience to share the I go for a quarter-pounder. the industry. It is nice to know
become a parent yourself that hosting with him. You knew Then we sit around with the what you are doing for the
you really appreciate the work that whatever happened he producers and crew and just next six months but a er that
your own parents put in to take could deal with it. chat, have some laughs and you could have nothing to do
care of you. wind-down from the day. and have to start to build your
“Working with Claudia is career again.”
“They hoped I would take great fun as well and she is “There has always been a
a job in banking or nursing or also very professional and a good atmosphere behind the “It’s true, you can’t
something steady and regular really good friend. We keep in scenes. Mostly people just guarantee what will happen
but I was not very keen on touch all the time and have a get into the team spirit and but having been with the show
either idea. Then one day I was lot of laughs together.” so long I do hope there will be
outside a McDonalds and I was more to come,” said Tess.
approached about becoming
a model. It was all legal and “I think both of us feel that
proper and when I was 18 I it is such a major and fun part
went to Tokyo. It was exciting of our lives that we would like
but it was terrifying too and Strictly to go on for a while. It
I felt quite lonely because I becomes a part of you as well
didn’t really know anyone or as you becoming a part of it.
speak the language at first.
“I know that if it stopped for
“It did get better but it was us our friendship would still go
pretty tough at first and in a on and I am pretty sure that
sense I can feel what some if Strictly went on without us
of the Strictly contestants go we would be avid viewers and
phone each other a erwards
to talk about it like any other
fans of the show.”

So, Tess and Claudia are
not just co-stars but friends
and co-fans of Strictly Come
Dancing. WW


Real life s

bBusy with the
AthfeoErmngelrismh acorkuenttrreysseidaercinhesreanrocwh travels
of honey

Emily Abbott ‘extraordinary bunch of people, “I really want to ‘base’ in large buckets,
from all walks of life.’ people to then jars it, labels it and
When life began to feel like know where decides if it’s a fruity honey
Groundhog Day for Emily Abbott, “Starting a hobby like that it’s from and or a caramel–flavoured one.
the mum of two from London meant that you instantly have connect them” She then sells these jars as
started to look for a new hobby, something to talk to people about gift sets and those who are
something that would eventually and whatever your background, I would have ever made my interested in trying a new
lead her down an entirely new you had this common interest. mind up about what to do, flavour every month can even
career path. so I had a lucky redundancy. sign up to her Honey Lovers’
at really helped and gradually When it works, redundancy Subscription service.
“I’m also divorced and I realised you build up friendships; you’re works very well,” she says
that you have a very well-trodden seeing each other regularly of finally branching out and “ e bit that is most
path don’t you in your day, well I hanging around the beehives and starting her own business, exciting is getting a different
did anyway. You’d get up, sort the conversations develop and I really Hive & Keeper, which has jar through your door
children out, drop them to school, liked it for taking me off my continued to grow. and I give the story of the
sit on the train, go to work, sit in beaten track,” Emily explains. beekeeper with it as well
the office, get on the train back Travelling to various parts because I really want people
and so on. It was fine, there was “It opens your eyes to the of England and meeting the to know that it is what it says
nothing depressing about it but seasons as well; I’m such a proud beekeepers is Emily’s it is and where it’s from and
just very much the same so I was Londoner [but] you start walking favourite part of her job. just connect them back.”
looking for a hobby; a new way around and you’re noticing the
of enlarging social circles and weather and whether it’s too “A lot of them can’t sell all Selling an authentic and
just more connections really. I’ve windy for them [the bees] to fly of their honey locally, loads genuine product, one which
always really liked insects and or whether it’s too wet. Bees are of them are just drowning in she can fully stand behind, is
bees and I’d always assumed that kept in places where you really honey and obviously [they] something that gives Emily
you couldn’t do that sort of thing if wouldn’t’ imagine. You walk past can’t sell it in the tonne a great sense of pride and
you lived in the city,” says Emily. garden walls, bits of derelict land, quantities that the large accomplishment in what she
behind office blocks, fields or companies need, so part does. At one time she found
A bit of Googling led her to the anywhere and there could easily of what I like about Hive herself disillusioned with
London Bee Keeping Association be a beehive.” & Keeper and wanted to the corporate world and
and Emily discovered that they ran do was support small scale their penchant for ‘bigging
introductory weekend courses, Emily ended up with two hives beekeepers and get more something up or re-spinning
which sounded like the perfect in her back garden and she began British honey sold.” it as something else.’
solution. From there she met other to realise that each hive was
beekeepers who she describes as an producing a contrasting flavour Emily brings the honey back “I find it very fulfilling
honey, which ‘amazed’ her when it’s your own thing
because the initial interest was and you get an email from By Michelle Newman
in the actual bees, not what they someone saying that’s
produce. is discovery helped fantastic, it just makes you
her to realise that the honey sold feel incredible but then
in shops has been ‘blended and equally the lows are terrible;
mixed’ from many sources to if I send honey out and it gets
create a consistent flavour and broken in transit, I could cry
sparked her desire to show people so it has its ups and downs. I
how honey produced around the like Hive & Keeper for being
country can taste completely much more honest and real
different. Emily was still working and all of the people I work
full-time but over the next with, all of the beekeepers,
couple of years she set herself the people I buy boxes from,
mini targets and after surpassing everything feels much more
certain criteria, she would move human.” WW
on to the next stage.
For more information on
“ en I got made redundant, Hive & Keeper, check out
probably two years ago now and
that was the push I needed to do
it. I’m a Libra and I don’t think



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Beauty tools that make great gifts

ghd platinum + styler €215 InStyler Max
e world’s first
smart styler Add
Beurer BS55 reduce
LED Illuminated frizz and
Cosmetics Mirror smooth
€49.99 from hair
Currys PC World
Offers 1x & 7x FOREO LUNA Mini 2 Magnitone 3D Vibra-Sonic
magnification Facial Cleansing Brush Cleansing Brush €89.99 from
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Babyliss Ombre PC World
573U Hair Dryer Friendly to all skin types
€49.99 from With eight
Currys PC World
With speed settings

StylPro Slique Brushed
Rainbow Make-Up Nickel Vanity
Brush Cleaner €49.99 Mirror
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Clean and dry Homesense
brushes in less
than 30 seconds Get up

MAC Brush Eye Kit €49.50 from close and
Brown Thomas
Get for a make-up lover personal

Dyson Airwrap €499.99

Maintain your
shine and achieve
cool curls

Glam Box (large) Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic
€149.99 Nail Care System €49.99

Store everything A professional manicure
in one place set that transform nails
in minutes


TAKE CONTROL Partner Promotion


Break the taboo and
stop suffering in silence

Our hair is our crowning glory wash my hair, more of it is falling thoroughly impressed with the results Cycle, causing a disruption that
and if it begins to thin or fall out than normal, and sometimes I have seen Nourkrin® provide. results in the follicle releasing the
out unexpectedly, it can have I find some on my pillow in the Q. I have recently moved house hair prematurely (shedding), a
a devastating e ect on our morning. I am finding this very and started a new job, exciting but shortening of the growth cycle and
confidence and self-esteem. upsetting and I can’t wear a hat stressful! Lately I have noticed in the follicle becoming dormant.
all the time! What can I do to help clumps of my hair coming out both
Stress, hormones, diet, personal keep and strengthen my hair? in my hairbrush and very noticeably As a result of the above
health and genetics are the major A. First of all, it is important to in the drain when I take a shower. I factors, the presence of a specific
causes of hair loss and many understand that normal, healthy hair am so embarrassed and don’t really group of molecules (known as
women are unaware of the options growth is regulated by the body’s Hair know who to ask for advice! My Proteoglycans) that help to
available to them and will try to Growth Cycle, which is individual from confidence is su ering greatly and I manage the Hair Growth Cycle,
deal with this subject alone. person to person. The normal function find myself avoiding social events in are a ected and their presence
of your Hair Growth Cycle can be case anyone notices. Is this normal? reduced. The lack of these specific
Nourkrin®, the original and negatively a ected, however, due to A. Congratulations on all your recent molecules a ects the growth phase
leading hair growth supplement many di erent internal and external achievements! of the cycle for the follicles, which
brand is drug free, safe to take and factors. O en it is a combination of results in hairs being released
has been scientifically proven for factors that lead to symptoms of hair The fact is that 60 per cent of prematurely from the follicle and a
over 30 years. thinning and/or hair loss, such as women and 80 per cent of men will reduced level of regrowth.
stress, hormonal imbalance, childbirth experience some form of hair loss in
Nourkrin® WOMAN – FOR and genetics, among others. their lives. This might sound alarming, Personally, I always recommend
HAIR GROWTH is specifically but it is not a reason to panic. What Nourkrin® WOMAN, a proven
formulated for women, to nourish On average, we lose 50 to 100 is unsettling, however, is that almost OTC supplement for hair growth.
the hair and support normal hair hairs per day, so there is no reason to half of women (46 per cent) are A er my many years of research
growth. The proprietary blend of panic. su ering in silence with this issue. and practice in the medical field,
ingredients, including the unique especially within dermatological
Marilex®, works in conjunction But if you notice an increase in Women o en feel alone and conditions, I am thoroughly
with the normal Hair Growth the amount of daily hair shedding unsure of where to turn for help, as impressed with the results I have
Cycle and helps to normalise the it is time to consider a treatment female hair loss and hair thinning seen Nourkrin® provide.
overall life and function of the hair solution. Generally, there are many has remained a greatly stigmatised
follicles. nutritional supplement products on ‘taboo’ subject, based on the belief
the market that are simply a waste that it cannot and should not be
It’s time to take control of money. Although these products discussed openly.
Ask the Expert with may claim to support hair growth
Professor Dr Jan Wadstein they may be nothing more than a There are many underlying factors
simple multivitamin. However, a few that can a ect the health of the
With a career spanning over supplements can directly support the hair in women, such as: Stress,
40 years and more than 100 healthy Hair Growth Cycle, which is diabetes, thyroids, medication,
publications, Dr Wadstein is a important, as this is the mechanism hormones, child-birth, over-styling,
respected researcher and professor controlling hair growth and quality. hypertension, and more. These can
in the field of medicine, who also negatively a ect the Hair Growth
donates his time and expertise to Personally, I always recommend
the National Hair Council. Nourkrin® WOMAN, a proven OTC
Q. I am a woman in my mid 50s supplement for hair growth. A er my
and I have noticed that when I many years of research and practice
in the medical field, especially within
dermatological conditions, I am

Nourkrin® products are the preferred choice of healthcare professionals as the e ective baseline treatment to
regulate and normalise the Hair Growth Cycle and are available from pharmacies and health food stores nationwide

Health news IHNoTpHe EfoNrEcWoeSli..a.c disease

There could be a new treatment on the cards for those
suffering with coeliac disease and it doesn’t mean avoiding
gluten. Nexvax2 is a treatment that could change people’s
immune response to gluten, meaning it doesn’t cause
damage to the body when ingested. Nexvax2 is currently
being tested in a phase two clinical trial in Australia. If
it passes this trial, it will move to phase three trialling
before it is free to apply to the FDA for approval to become
available to patients in the United States. While it’s a long
way off from making its way into mainstream treatment,
if proven successful, Nexvax2 could change the lives of
millions of people around the world.

Total wellbeing PRESCRIPTIONS DELIVERED Super salads

Give yourself a boost Hickey’s Pharmacy recently launched a new app Freshly Chopped, the health food
during these darker months which allows users to access express prescription company, has announced the launch
with Revive Active. With delivery and a ‘click and collect’ service. You’ll of the brand’s first range of home
26 ingredients, including be able to order your medicine in advance and products. The new range features
Vitamin B12 which plays your prescription will be ready to collect in one four salad leaf bags with resealable
an essential role in the hour from any of the 37 Hickey’s Pharmacy packaging, ensuring your salad lasts
production of red blood cells, stores nationwide. To save even more time, you longer. All produced in Ireland, the
Revive Active is an easy can also pay for your medication in advance. The salad leaves are washed and ready to
way to protect your immune app also offers repeat prescription customers an eat and include Super Greens, Baby
system and look after your express two-hour delivery service from 20 of its Leaf and Rocket, a Coconut Salad
energy levels throughout the stores. This means you can get your prescription and Taste of the Garden – a salad
day. Even better? It’s caffeine delivered to your home or workplace. The app is containing apple, red chard, land
and sugar free. available to download now from the iTunes app cress and more. The salad leaf bags
€59.95/30 days, available in store and Google Play. will be available exclusively in Dunnes
pharmacies and health shops Stores before launching in other
retailers over the coming months.
YOUR Prices start at €1.99.

Take part The voyage will take place aboard the
specially designed Lord Nelson. If you’d
In May 2019 Spinal Injuries Ireland will like to take part, each crew member will
be embarking on their inaugural Tall be required to fundraise €3,000 in the
Ships Challenge. Led by Paralympian run up to the event. However the costs
athlete, John Twomey, Spinal Injuries of assistants will be covered. All funds
Ireland is putting out a call for people raised will go to services provided by
to join their tall ship crew. The crew Spinal Injuries Ireland. The closing date
will consist of six people with spinal for application is April 1, 2019.
cord injuries, their six assistants and 18 For more information log on to
able-bodied people and will sail from
Cork to Southhampton over six days. tallshipschallenge


Perfect presents TAKE THREE: Reasons why you Health news

Don’t know what to get the fitness enthusiast may feel queasy or nauseous SMARTER SMOOTHIES
in your life this Christmas? Worry not.
GYM+COFFEE has you covered. The brand’s 1. FEELING STRESSED OR ANXIOUS Are you ready to upgrade your morning
new gift boxes are ideal. The big box, priced Stress and anxiety can affect the body in smoothie? The NutriBullet Balance
at €100 includes a hoodie of your choice, many ways, and it’s not uncommon for Smart Food Blender is the latest iteration
a branded beanie, tote bag, small reusable these things to trigger feelings of nausea or in the popular NutriBullet range and it
KeepCup, stainless steel water bottle and sickness. “This is because your body reacts to is so savvy. This gadget features built-
250g of GYM+COFFEE coffee. The small box stressful or anxious situations by releasing a in Bluetooth smart nutrition sensor
is €50 and includes all of the above, with the surge of hormones, including adrenaline and technology. What this means is that the
exception of the hoodie. The gift boxes are cortisol, and the imbalance can make us feel NutriBullet sends the nutritional value of
available exclusively from the GYM+COFFEE unwell,” explains Dr Luke Powles, associate each ingredient you put in the blender
store at Dundrum Town Centre and the pop- clinical director at Bupa ( to your phone in real time, as you add it.
up shop in Arnotts. Amazing. It’s ideal for the super health
For more information log on to It’s usually obvious if this is the cause conscious or for anyone who is trying of your symptoms, as the nausea usually to be more aware of just what they’re
passes quickly once the feelings of fear and eating daily.
Going strong overwhelm settle. €179 from Harvey Norman

Strong Roots have just added two new Powles says the best initial course of action DID YOU KNOW?
products to their range – cauliflower hash is to try making simple lifestyle changes, to
browns (€3.99) and broccoli and purple help reduce your feelings of stress or anxiety. Our eyes are the same size from birth,
carrot bites (€3.99). Stocked in Dunnes These include leading a healthy lifestyle but our nose and ears never stop growing
Stores, SuperValu, Tesco and independent by eating a balanced diet and exercising
retailers nationwide, the cauliflower hash regularly, looking at ways to reduce work WOMANSWAY.IE 17
browns are a healthier version of the stress and practicing relaxing techniques, like
breakfast staple while the broccoli bites meditation or mindfulness.
are ideal for dips and as a side. 2. TAKING CERTAIN MEDICATIONS Whether
taken for pain, allergies or mental health
By Amy Wall issues, popping a pill can sometimes irritate
the lining of the stomach. Even common
pharmaceuticals can have side-effects. This is
particularly common if you don’t use them as
advised by your pharmacist, such as taking
them on an empty stomach – so always read
the guidelines.

“Nausea or vomiting can be among these
side-effects, so it’s worth considering
whether your sickness is linked to any
medicine,” says Powles.

“If you’re worried about a particular
medicine you’re taking, you should always
speak to a pharmacist or your GP.”
3. MIGRAINE Most people associate
migraines with a nasty headache – but
the condition is actually far more severe
and complex than that and there are other
symptoms associated with it too, such as
feeling sick and/or vomiting.

“There’s unfortunately no cure for
migraines,” says Powles. “But there are ways
to treat symptoms, reduce the pain, and stop
them from happening often.”

When you feel a migraine coming on,
it’s best to rest in a quiet, darkened room.
Powles advises applying pressure, an ice
pack or hot water bottle to the painful area,
as this may also help. There are also specific
medications that can help with migraines,
which your GP can advise about.

PLEASE NOTE If in doubt, see your GP
If you have persistent nausea and vomiting
for more than 48 hours, you should book in
to see your GP. If you’re bringing up blood or
bile, you have severe tummy pain and a high
temperature, you should seek immediate
medical attention.

Health feature

20 Health Questions with your teeth, it becomes part of 17. What are your three top tips
your life and if I’m slacking off I for staying in good health?
ARLENE PHILLIPS play uplifting music to lift my
spirit and find my get up and go. Eat lots of salad, whenever you
1. Have you always had 5. What’s your go-to guilty get the opportunity put some
an interest in health and pleasure food? 10. How important is it to music on and dance, a good walk
wellbeing? factor in time to look a er your and fresh air never did anyone
My guilty pleasure is French mental health? any harm.
Because I always wanted to be a cheese, particularly Délice de
dancer, my health, wellbeing Bourgogne with assorted I have never thought about 18. What’s your weekly health
and physical fitness have always crackers. looking after my mental health and fitness schedule like?
been important. Without a as something I need to set time
strong and healthy body it’s 6. What’s your favourite type aside for. I make every day a Every week is different for me, I
hard to dance professional. of exercise? precious day that I need to make never know what country I’m
the most of. I try not to look going to be in, what job I’m going
2. How important is health My favourite exercise is dance, back, only move forward. to do in my ever-changing life,
and fitness to you? of course. I play music loud and so I have no fitness schedule
let the rhythm take over, 11. What’s your favourite way to other than try to find a step
ey’re very important to me whether it’s salsa, disco or a mind your mental health? somewhere and step up and
and are key to helping [me] to bouncy jive. Movement and down as many times as I can.
stay feeling younger for longer. I music is the perfect mix. My favourite way seems simple…
encourage everyone to look stand up, shoulders back, look up 19. What’s your life’s
after their health and fitness, at 7. Do you think it’s important and not down. How you hold philosophy?
any age. to have a good balance in yourself can make a huge
life when it comes to healthy difference to how you feel. Be good, be kind and remember
3. Would you say that you eating/staying fit etc.? a hug goes a long way.
enjoy working out and eating 12. Do you engage in any other
well? A good balance in life is all self-care practices? 20. What’s the best piece of
important. I love being healthy advice that you ever received?
I only enjoy working out if it’s and I love being fit but I also I only have to think of my family
dancing to music. I find running enjoy lying around reading and and how much I love them to I think a wonderful piece of
punishing for my knees and dipping into a box of Ferrero make me value every moment advice to live by is, ‘Do unto
exercising at the gym doesn’t Rocher. and not get down. others as you would have them
engage my mind and do unto you.’ Remember that and
imagination. Eating healthy food 8. Do you ever have days 13. Being in the public eye, do you’ll be okay.
makes a big difference in my life where you struggle to make you ever feel under pressure to
but I enjoy treating myself to a health a priority? look a certain way? Renowned choreographer and
delicious cake every so often. former Strictly Come Dancing
Every day is a struggle to make Because I’m in the public eye, I judge Arlene Philips is working
4. What’s your go-to healthy a health a priority but I always do try to look good, but I’m also with Specsavers in Ireland to
dish? think if you want to achieve of an age where I have the encourage people to have regular
something in life you have to confidence to not put myself hearing checks to coincide with
I love a simple salad like work for it. under pressure to do so and as the launch of the Signia Styletto
chicory, iceberg lettuce with a only my family know, I can be – a stylish and discreet new
large squeeze of lemon. I can eat 9. How do you motivate the biggest slob in the world and hearing device available at
copious amounts and not put on yourself to exercise? smile about it. Specsavers stores. For details see
an ounce. WW
Exercise has to be like brushing 14. What’s the secret to feeling
18 WOMANSWAY.IE comfortable with being in the By Amy Wall
public eye?

Smile, not just with your mouth
but with your eyes.

15. Do you drink alcohol?

I don’t really enjoy alcohol unless
there is a candy floss or
bubblegum vodka cocktail.

16. Has your approach to health
and fitness changed in recent

As I get older, when I should be
doing more and more exercise, I
often find myself doing less as
my career has developed not just
as a choreographer, but as a
director, so I spend more time
on my feet working but not




is festive season, 5-star Lough We have two
Erne Resort has introduced their

Christmas Choice voucher, vouchers from
offering the perfect stocking Lough Erne
filler or gift for that hard-to-

buy-for family member. e Resort to give To enter answer this question:
vouchers are designed to provide away How much is the Ladies Choice Voucher?
a bespoke visit, giving recipients Place your answer on page 44 or email in.

the chance to choose from three

decadent experiences. Whether Ladies Choice Voucher (worth £60) Gentleman's Choice Voucher (worth £60)
it’s a golf lesson for dad, a relaxing spa

treatment for your sister or a delightful ›C› hTAoefomtesrpentfiornoogmnStuoennaedfoaoryfttlwuhneocfohllfoowr tiwngoeinxpereiences: ››ChROoenojeusevinefnrteoarmtaicnotginv4ee5og-fomtlhfinleeufsotselolonspwianinttrgheeaetxGmpoeelrfniAetncinacdees:me y
Sunday lunch for the in-laws, Lough
Erne’s Christmas Choice voucher has it

covered. For more information and to › Catalina Restaurant spa treatment in e › ai Spa for one person for two in the Catalina
browse the range of vouchers on offer, see Heavenly 45-minute Sumptuous Sunday lunch ai Spa for one person Restaurant

Vouchers available for use from January 3, 2019 up to March 31, 2019

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€4.50 Teapigs Dark Circles from Penneys
Snooze Sleepy Tea
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Pillow Mist from Neom Goodnight Aroma-Roll from Night Cream from
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Mist from health stores Green Angel

health stores €6.77 (approx.) Sleep Better
Roller Ball from Tisserand

€4.99 Ultra Pure
Epsom Salts with
Lavender Oil from


By Amy Wall

€49 Sleep Worship Collection from VOYA WOMANSWAY.IE 21

1. TAKE 10 MINUTES TO… Write a ‘let go’ list – Every single day we

consciously (and subconsciously) carry things around with us. The next time

2. SET BOUNDARIES… in 10 you’re feeling stressed or upset, grab a piece of paper and write a ‘let go’ list.
minutes – Setting boundaries This is exactly what it sounds like. Simply write down every single thing that you
want to let go of. For example, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you could add that
is an essential part of caring to your list. Or if you’re feeling upset about something, jot that down too. You
for our mental health and may find that your list is very long and that’s okay. Get it all out of your system.
wellbeing. Unfortunately, it’s When you’re ready, take a deep breath and rip up the paper and throw it away.
something that few of us learn This acts as a powerful visual signifier to begin to release what’s on the list and
until circumstances forces us it’s also very cathartic so will offer some relief. Repeat as often as necessary.

to. Setting boundaries can be

a difficult thing to do, but taking the time to define

what you will and will not accept from others will

help you to establish what you are (and are not)

responsible for and will also show others how to treat

you. So spend ten minutes thinking through what

you are willing (and not willing) to accept in your

personal relationships and jot them down. Use these

boundaries as a starting point and begin to enforce

them. You’ll find that the more you enforce your

boundaries, the more new boundaries will spring to

mind and the more harmonious your relationships

will become in time.

3. SPEND 10 MINUTES… Playing with 4. TAKE 10 MINUTES… to find your Myers-Briggs personality type – If you’re in the
bubbles – Yes, we’re talking about the
mood for a little self-exploration, here’s a fun thing to do. Go online and find a Myers-Briggs
bubbles that you blow. Believe it or not, personality type test (the internet is littered with them). The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
ten minutes spent blowing bubbles will (MBTI) is an online questionnaire that helps you to discern how you perceive the world
not only make you laugh, it can also help around you and make decisions. It’s incredibly interesting to read about your personality
to relieve feelings of stress, boost your type and who knows? You may discover something about yourself that you never really
mood and improve the circulation in your noticed before. If you want to dive even deeper, we also suggest taking a ‘5 Love Languages’
respiratory system. This is an excellent test – a different type of quiz, this will show you how you best relate to others.
stress-relieving practice to do with your
young children or grandchildren and is
a great way to spend quality time with
them while also enjoying yourself.


5. TAKE 10 MINUTES… to reminisce Exhale
– In need of a little boost? Here’s
something you can try. Sit somewhere THOUGHTS – Now here’s a clever grounding
comfortable and quiet where you
won’t be disturbed and conjure exercise to try the next time you find yourself
up your favourite memory. Really feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. Simply sit
allow yourself to be taken back to
that moment and enjoy the feelings down and take three deep breaths. Next,
of reminiscing. Believe it or not, focus on five things that you can hear
reminiscing about happy memories in your immediate environment. Once
has a host of positive benefits you’ve heard five different sounds, focus
associated with it – especially the on four things you can feel (such as the
older that you are. Various studies material on your clothes for example),
have shown that reminiscing on a three things you can see, two you can
regular basis can help to boost your smell and one thing you can taste. This is a
mood and protect against feelings of
depression or loneliness. simple exercise that will help you to begin to
unravel your thoughts and calm down.
6. TAKE 10 MINUTES… to turn off your
notifications – Give yourself some breathing space 9. TAKE 10 MINUTES… to
go to bed earlier – If you
from your mobile phone by taking the time to turn
off your notifications. Notifications can be a good go to bed 10 minutes earlier
thing when they’re really needed (such as when every evening, by the end of
you miss a call or get a text from someone) but the week you’ll have clocked
often times, they’re just mental clutter from apps. up over an hour of extra
If you find that your phone is constantly showing sleep. Never underestimate
you notifications you don’t need or want, then the power of getting some extra
take 10 minutes to go into the ‘settings’ panel of shut eye. Sleep deprivation can
your phone where you’ll be able to pick and choose have a devastating effect on our health and various
which notifications you still want to see and which studies have found major links between lack of sleep
ones you’d rather ditch. and serious health issues such as heart disease and
obesity. It’s also incredibly good for your sex life.
7. TAKE 10 MINUTES… to do cat-cow – Cat-cow is an A poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation
found that almost 30 per cent of people believe their
easy yoga pose that helps to warm up your spine, improve sex life suffers because they’re simply too tired. So
coordination, relieve stress, increase flexibility and it also get to bed a little bit earlier every night and your
helps to gently stretch out the muscles in your lower back, body will thank you.
hips and stomach. It’s best approached slowly and gently –
if you feel any pain at all stop immediately. To try it, simply 10. TAKE 10 MINUTES…
get on your hands and knees with your shoulders over your to floss every day – We
wrists and your hips over your knees – your weight spread evenly throughout your
body. Inhale, allowing your belly to drop to the floor and your chest and tailbone to tilt all know how important
upwards (like a cow), then exhale, gently arching your back (like a cat) and allowing it is to brush our teeth
your chin to rest on your chest. You can complete as many rounds as you like, but just twice a day, but have you
be sure to move easily and effortlessly. been flossing every day
too? Flossing your teeth is
a simple act that can have
a huge positive impact on
your overall dental health. By flossing, you clean
the areas that your toothbrush can’t reach, which,
in turn, prevents the build-up of plaque that can
lead to gingivitis and other more serious issues.

By Amy Wall 11. TAKE 10 MINUTES TO… SAVE AN EXTRA Oyveoruto
€10 – In the flush this week? If so, take 10 minutes
to add an extra €10 to your savings account. Our
finances (or lack thereof) can have a huge impact
on our physical and mental health, and an easy
way to increase your financial ‘health’ is to pop
an extra €10 into the kitty every time you can. If
you’re able to save an extra €10 per week, that’s
a massive €520 in savings every single year. Now
that’s something to smile about.


Baking for Christmas
It’s not all about pudding, cake and mince pies

Peanut ¼ tsp salt coated. Spread evenly over the up the pretzel stick. Use the top
butter baking sheet and refrigerate for half of the pretzel for control
pinecones To decorate 10 minutes. while decorating.
10 gluten-free pretzel sticks 4. In a medium bowl, mix the 7. Place pieces of the cornflakes
1 cup icing sugar five tablespoons icing sugar and into the peanut butter cone to
peanut butter. Mix in the butter form the scales of a pinecone. If
Serves 10 Time 2 hours Level Easy Method and salt until combined. the peanut butter gets too soft to
1. Line a baking sheet with 5. Line a baking sheet with wax work with, chill for 10 minutes.
You will need parchment paper. paper. Roll one teaspoon of the 8. Once the cone is fully covered
¼ cup chocolate chips 2. In a large bowl, melt the peanut butter mixture into a ball in cornflakes, cut the top of
1½ tsp coconut oil chocolate and coconut oil and place on the baking sheet, the pretzel to the height of the
1 cup cornflakes together. Gently mix together repeat to form 10 balls. Set aside pinecone. Cover the cut end
½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder the chocolate mixture and the remaining peanut butter of the pretzel with some of
5 tbsp icing sugar, si ed cornflakes, being careful not to mixture for decoration. the remaining peanut butter
3 tbsp peanut butter break the cornflakes. 6. Insert a pretzel stick into a mixture. Lightly dust the
1 tsp unsalted butter, at room 3. Add the cocoa powder and peanut butter ball and shape into pinecones with icing sugar to
temperature mix until every cornflake is a pinecone that reaches halfway look like snow.



Christmas Method 8. Line a baking sheet with
tree 1. Preheat the oven to 375˚F. Line wax paper and place the pretzel
cupcakes 12 cups of a muffin tin with brown sticks about 3 inches apart. Pipe
paper liners. the green candy back and forth
Serves 12 Time 1 hour Level in specialised cake shops) 2. In a stand mixer fitted with the across each pretzel stick to create
Medium 12 pretzel sticks paddle attachment, mix together a Christmas tree, leaving the
Rainbow confetti sprinkles the plain flour, cake flour, sugar, bottom third uncovered to be the
You will need Yellow star sprinkles baking powder, salt, cinnamon, trunk.
1 cup plain flour 1 batch buttercream frosting and nutmeg. 9. When still wet, sprinkle with
½ self raising flour 1 cup sweetened shredded coconut 3. In a small bowl, whisk together rainbow confetti for decoration
1 cup sugar the egg yolks, rum extract, and top with a star sprinkle.
1½ tsp baking powder Equipment vanilla, oil, and single cream Freeze the trees for 10 minutes to
¼ tsp salt Stand mixer fitted with the paddle 4. On low speed, add the cold set.
1 tsp ground cinnamon attachment butter to the dry ingredients and 10. Scoop the buttercream
½ tsp ground nutmeg mix until a soft, pebbly texture frosting it into a decorating bag
3 large egg yolks forms. fitted with a #809 tip. Pour the
1 tsp rum extract 5. On low speed, add the half- shredded coconut into a bowl.
1 tsp vanilla extract and-half mixture in thirds, 11. Pipe a mound of frosting onto
2 tbsp vegetable oil mixing well after each addition the centre of each cupcake. roll
¾ cup single cream until the batter is smooth. the frosting in the sweetened
8 tbsp unsalted butter, cut into 6. Fill the paper liners two-thirds shredded coconut for snow. Place
cubes and chilled full with the batter. Bake until a candy tree in the centre of each
a wooden pick inserted into the cupcake.
To decorate centre of a cupcake comes out
1 bag green Candy Melts (available clean, 15 to 19 minutes. Extracted from Baking All Year Round by
7. Melt the green candy Melts and Rosanna Pansino (Little Brown, €25.21)
scoop into a decorating bag fitted which is out now
with a #4 tip.

Reindeer 1 round chocolate candy pans and line the bottoms with mixture, beginning and ending
cake rounds of parchment paper. In with the flour mixture.
Method a medium bowl, whisk together 10. Divide the batter evenly
Serves 6 Time Overnight Level 1. Work with fondant on wax the cake flour, all-purpose flour, among the prepared pans and
Hard paper sprinkled with powdered baking powder, baking soda, salt, bake until a wooden pick inserted
sugar. cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and into the centre comes out clean,
You will need 2. For the antlers, roll out the nutmeg. 40 to 42 minutes.
Fondant: brown, dark brown, cream, brown fondant to 1/8 inch thick. 8. In a large bowl, with an electric 11. Let cool in the pans for 15
black, white, green, and red cut out two antlers. mixer, beat the butter, brown minutes, then turn out onto a wire
3. For the ears, roll out the dark sugar, granulated sugar, and honey rack to cool completely. Level o
For the cake brown and cream fondant to 1/8 until light and flu y, three to five the tops with a cake leveller or a
3 cups plain flour inch thick. Use teardrop cookie minutes. Add the eggs one at a time, large serrated knife to create three
1 tsp baking powder cutters to cut 2 large dark brown beating well a er each addition. 2-inch cake layers.
1 tsp baking soda outer ears and 2 small cream 9. Beat in the vanilla. On low speed, 12. Tint half the frosting light
½ tsp salt inner ears. Using water, attach alternate adding the flour mixture brown.
2 tsp ground cinnamon the small teardrops to the large and the buttermilk to the butter 13. Stack the cake layers on top
1 tsp ground cloves teardrops. of one another with a thin layer of
1 tsp ground ginger 4. For the eyes, roll out the black light brown frosting in between
1 tsp ground nutmeg fondant to¼ inch thick. Cut out 2 the layers. Frost the entire cake
8oz unsalted butter, at room eyes. Roll two small balls of white with light brown frosting.
temperature fondant for the eye reflection and 14. Divide the remaining frosting
1 cup packed light brown sugar attach to the eyes. among three bowls.
¾ cup granulated sugar 5. For the holly, roll out the green Bowl 1: tint light brown and scoop
¼ cup honey fondant to ¼-inch thick. Cut out into a decorating bag.
4 large eggs holly leaves. Use a fondant tool Bowl 2: tint dark brown and scoop
2 tsp vanilla extract or toothpick to make leaf details. into separate decorating bags.
1 cup buttermilk Roll 1/4-inch balls of red fondant Bowl 3: Leave untinted and scoop
for the holly berries. into a decorating bag.
To decorate 6. Set aside to harden for about Pipe the frostings on top of the
2 batches buttercream Frosting 24 hours. once dry, the antlers cake for decoration.
Brown food colouring should stand upright without 15. Place the fondant decorations
Edible white candy pearls bending. on the cake: antlers, ears, eyes,
7. Preheat the oven to 350˚F. and holly. Place the chocolate
Grease three 6-inch round cake candy on for the nose. WW



Hasbro has announced an exciting list of top toys and games for Christmas!


Furreal Ricky, The Trick-Lovin’ Pup Pet,
the ultimate BFF companion for kids

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Doll Furreal Rock-A-Too, The Transformers:
Show Bird Pet – sing and BUMBLEBEE Power
Nerf Laser Ops Pro Deltaburst Blaster Charge BUMBLEBEE
– get ready to up your game! dance along!
– Power up
Monopoly: Cheaters Edition BUMBLEBEE with
Game – what can you get lights and sounds

away with? in both modes
including over 25
sounds and phrases

Play-Doh Kitchen Chow Crown game Background image by Sirirak Kaewgorn |
Creations Ultimate Swirl
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Collection Twilight To be in with a chance of winning
Ice Cream Maker Set Sparkle Magical School of Friendship Playset €500 worth of Hasbro toys this
Christmas, simply answer the
Lost Kitties Blind Box Singles following question and complete
assortment – Lost Kitties have a mind the competition form on page 44 or
of their own and they’re not afraid to email in.
follow their curious cat instincts into Q. What kind of Monopoly are we
giving away on this prize?
unsuspecting places! A. Crackers B. Cheetahs C. Cheaters

I’M STRUGGLING TO wonder what I’m doing all which is an incredibly common Advice
COPE AS A MOTHER day (although he’s not said result of all the hormone
anything) and the truth is, I changes your body has been WHAT CAN I
My partner and I have two don’t know – the days just through. Looking after DO TO RELIEVE
kids and I’m really struggling drift by and I feel as though I children is rewarding, but it MY PAINFUL
to cope. The eldest is two- am going nowhere. can also be very isolating. MIGRAINES?
and-a-half and the baby S. G. Whilst you mention a
is 10-months-old. Even playgroup for your son, For the past couple of years
though the older one goes FIONA SAYS: SPEAK TO are you mixing with other I have been getting regular
to a playgroup three times a YOUR GP mums and if not, is there a migraines. My GP is happy
week, I still can’t cope with parent and toddler group to provide painkillers on
getting things done and I’m The fact that you’re struggling you could go to? Your health prescription, but seems
so exhausted all the time. So like this doesn’t mean you’re visitor would probably know unwilling to discuss other
much so, that I have to ask a failure at all - many mums about these and can help treatment options - even
my husband for help when he with young children do, unless you to find one in the area. though I think my episodes
gets in from work, just to get they have help. Looking after Or could you get together have been getting worse. He’s
food ready. I barely manage children is exhausting, but the with other parents at your an otherwise good doctor and
any housework and the house more you blame yourself for older son’s playgroup? I don’t want to create a fuss,
is a tip. I feel I’m a failure as a not doing more, the more you Talk to your husband about but I feel that I need more
mum and as a wife. Although risk becoming even further how down and depressed help.
I know my husband loves me, depressed than you are now. you’re feeling, as he may be W. A.
I’m sure he’s getting fed up of Do please see your GP to make unaware of just badly how
me being like this. He must sure you’re not struggling you feel. FIONA SAYS: SPEAK TO A
with post-natal depression, DIFFERENT GP
If you are unhappy with
WHY IS MY DOCTOR patronising remark, you could not have space on their lists the care you are receiving
SO PATRONISING? gently remind him, “Dr X, I’m for new patients, so you may from your GP on this issue,
not 13 anymore, you know!” have to join a waiting list. Also, please consider discussing
I am 31, married and have two Treat it as a bit of a joke and you might want to try one-off it with an alternative
children, but my doctor still try to laugh as you say it - it appointments with the other doctor. You shouldn’t feel
treats me like I am only 13. He might make him realise he’s doctors until you find one that that you are a making a
seems to know his stuff, but out of line. you like. fuss, you simply need to ask
he’s been our family doctor for to see another doctor at
as long as I can remember - I If you’re not happy with him Doctors do strike-off your group practice.
think I first saw him when I was or can’t face asking him to patients, but this is typically
about six. He was particularly change his manner, ask the because of aggressive If this is not possible,
helpful last year when I had receptionist to transfer you to behaviour or where the consider switching to
a skin cancer scare, but I do another GP in the practice. You patient/doctor relationship another surgery. It’s
wish he would stop patronising don’t need to tell your existing has completely broken down. important that you feel able
me. I know this must sound doctor and you don’t need to This does not seem to be the to talk to your GP and that
petty, but it really is beginning say why you want to move. case with you, so please don’t he or she is listening to your
to annoy me - so much so worry. concerns.
that I now dread having to There are two issues here,
see him. Should I speak to though. Other doctors might You could also contact
him or will he be offended? the Migraine Trust which
The last thing I want is can provide a wealth
to get struck off from his of information about
practice. My friend said that living with migraines
her father was struck off and seeking treatment.
recently and is now finding It also has an ‘advocacy
it hard to register with service’ if you feel you need
another practice. Should I additional help in accessing
just put up with my GP as appropriate healthcare.
he is?
W. H.


I’m sure he wouldn’t be
offended if you worded
it correctly. After a


Travel news M20 quaestiodns weithline 11. What’s your biggest GORGEOUS
Riley vice? GREECE

Madeline Riley is the general and Steven. A cup of tea and chocolate Dubbed the place where
manager at the Radisson Blu 5. Who would be your ideal at 3pm is my ideal pick- ‘civilization began’, there’s
Royal Hotel in Dublin dinner guest? me-up during the day. so much to explore in Greece.
1. What is your first memory? 12. You are inspired by… With this package from Travel
Kate Middleton – I imagine Department you’ll spend
Having a birthday party she would be the ideal guest My sister Sandra. She was seven-nights taking in one
at home with family and with plenty of style tips too. great fun and was always of the world’s oldest cities.
school friends. There was 6. Happiness is… found smiling, even when Highlights include Athens and
nothing like a party at times were really tough. a visit to the Acropolis, you’ll
home. Sitting on a beach with a We now live by her motto also get the chance to visit
2. The last thing you think good book, surrounded by to live every day to its the famous ruins of Delphi
about before falling asleep family and friends, all of fullest. on a full-day excursion. Also
is… which I am very grateful for 13. The song you’re most included is a trip to the village
and blessed to have. likely to sing at karaoke is… of Tolo and the ancient cities
I usually read a book before 7. Who would play you in a of Mycenae and Epidaurus.
bed to wind down. I can’t film adaptation of your life? I avoid karaoke for Prices start from €1,019pps
help but wonder what everyone’s sake. and include flights, bed and
will happen next in the Meryl Streep in The Devil 14. What is your guiltiest breakfast or half-board four-
storyline. Wears Prada. pleasure? star hotel accommodation,
3. Who is the most 8. What could you not live transfers and excursions with
interesting person you’ve ever without? Chocolate – again! a local guide. Flights depart
met? 15. What is your happiest from Dublin airport for travel
My iPhone. memory? in March 2019.
Pierce Brosnan – he was a 9. Tell us a secret… For details call 01 637
true gentleman and a kind, The birth of both my 1600 or log on to www.
family man. I’m not a natural blonde – children. They are days I
4. Have you ever been in although that’s no longer a will never forget!
love? secret! 16. Where is your favourite Five-star
10. Why are we here? place in the whole world? break
I met my husband Ian on
holidays abroad at the I truly believe there is a My favourite holiday Enjoy a weekend in Malta
age of 17. We are now reason we have been put destination is Cancun, with this great value package
happily married with two on the Earth. We are so Mexico. I also love the from Spend
wonderful children, Chloe lucky to have the chance West of Ireland – there are three nights in the five-star
to experience life, to learn, some amazing parts of the Grand Hotel Excelsior in
grow and love. country. Valletta, Malta, on a room-
17. The movie you could only basis from €299pps.
watch again and again is… Flights depart from Dublin
for travel in January 2019.
Beaches. For details call 01 906 9545 or
18. What makes you angry? log on to

I hate to see my colleagues
19. What would you like to
be remembered for?

I would like to be
remembered as the best
mum I can be to my two
children as well as a loyal
and trustworthy wife and
20. What are you working
on right now?

It’s an exciting time here
at the Radisson Blu Royal
Hotel, Dublin as we begin
a two-phase extension.
I have been part of the
hotel since pre-opening
in 2007, so it is wonderful
to see our development
plans come to fruition and
to have a wonderful team
with me on this journey.

For more information about
the Radisson Blu Royal
Hotel, Dublin, log on to


Chill out in style Hit the
The Ice House in Co Mayo has a fantastic New
Year’s Eve package for anyone who wants to Enjoy seven nights at
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December 23.
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The ‘weekender getaway’ at the Cliff

Escape away this Christmas at Lyons Hotel and Country Retreat

and enjoy an adults only in Kildare is ideal for anyone looking

stay at the four-star to treat themselves to a little rest

Hotel Kilkenny. Arrive on and relaxation. Available on selected

Christmas Eve to dinner in Friday and Saturday nights until

Taste Restaurant followed December, you can enjoy

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complimentary festive spa treatment in The Well with a glass of bubbly. This

drink. Christmas Day package is available from €419pps.
begins with a prosecco For details call 01 6303 500 or log on to
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full traditional Christmas

lunch with entertainment Go subtropical Family Fun DON’T
from magician Andy James. MISS!
Later in the evening you Center Parcs is set to be one of the most exciting launches in Do you have what it takes to
can enjoy a light bite or an Irish travel next year. Opening in Longford next year, booking
evening meal and more is now open for winter 2019. Center Parcs recently revealed the become one of Santa’s elves? If
entertainment in Pure Bar. plans for one of the resort’s most incredible features – Ireland’s
A two-night package is first ever Subtropical Swimming Paradise. To celebrate the so, you won’t want to miss the new
available from €389pps reveal, Center Parcs teamed up with Lego artists, mother and
and €499pps for a three- son Jessica and Faolán Farrell from Rathangan, county Kildare to ‘elves in training’ Santa experience at the
night stay. create a Lego replica of the Paradise.
For full package details call GAA Museum in Croke Park. Starting on
056 776 2000 or log on to November 24, you’ll be able to visit Santa in

his secret elf camp at GAA HQ. Here children

will be able to learn the secrets of becoming

an elf. You’ll get to see behind the scenes and

learn how the elves get ready for the season

Christmas escape ahead. You can visit the snow tunnel before

Spend seven nights at the Abora Catarina meeting Santa. Every child will receive a
by Lopesan Hotel in Playa Del Ingles, gi and get their professional photo taken.
Gran Canaria, on an all-inclusive basis The experience runs on select dates until
from €879pps. Flights depart from December 23 and pre-booking is essential.
Dublin airport on December 20. Tickets cost €10 for adults, €16 for children
For details call 1850 453 545 or log on aged two and over and €8 for children aged
to one to two. Children under one go free.
For full details log on to


Festive reads Lizzy Kingham
heads to her
favourite place

Join the welcoming The first in a new Will Christmas An upli ing, heart- Can Rosie face
community of Mure saga series bring the students warming story her new life and

together? challenges?

Christmas on the The residents of Reunites characters
Home Front Lissbeg are preparing from Paige’s other
for the festive season


Experience the magic Never before Books
of Christmas published seasonal
Will Georgine’s past
Meet the Christmas short stories catch up with her?
pudding club
It is almost Christmas A prequel to
on the Santa Clara A Christmas
cruise liner
A laugh out loud The next instalment Is there a fairy
holiday romance in this much loved tale ending?



We are
away the
on these


on page
44 or
via our


Books MY LIFE IN BOOKS: Who is your
WILSON the American
Every week, we’ll be sending one reader three books from novelist Anne
the WW book cupboard. To enter, all you need to do is What’s your favourite book Tyler. I’ve read
answer this question: Who wrote Bridge of Clay? Write of all time? It’s Jane Eyre by every one of
your answer onto the competition entry form on page 44 or Charlotte Brontë, especially the her books with
email in. Best of luck! first nine chapters when Jane is enormous
a little girl. It’s such an original, enjoyment.
ON SHELF startling and truthful account of
THREE TO a loveless childhood. What’s your favourite
BUY… classic book? I’ve already
What’s the book that made mentioned Jane Eyre, so now
THE STRANGER you become a writer? When I’ll chose Great Expectations
DIARIES I was a little girl I was thrilled by Charles Dickens. It always
to discover e Family From makes me cry.
by Elly Griffiths (Quercus) One End Street by Eve Garnett.
It was a story about children What’s a book you wish
I’ve read all of Elly’s Dr Ruth Galloway very similar to me. I wrote a you’d written? e Borrowers
mysteries (check them out, they’re ace) story about a poor family called by Mary Norton, because it’s
and this standalone Gothic tale doesn’t Meet the Maggots when I was such a clever original idea.
disappoint. English teacher Clare Cassidy specializes in nine - heavily influenced by Eve
RM Holland, a writer whose life and work is interwoven Garnett. My Mum Tracy Beaker by
in the school in which she teaches. When one of her Jacqueline Wilson (Penguin
colleagues is found murdered, with a line from Holland’s What book would you Random House Children’s,
famous work beside her, Clare writes her secrets in the recommend to people? I’d €14.99) is out now
journal she’s kept since a teenager. But someone else is certainly recommend e Diary
reading her most secret thoughts too… of Anne Frank to every teenage
girl. It’s the most moving story
BRIDGE OF CLAY I know – and light years away
from our modern world of selfies
by Markus Zusak (Doubleday) and social media.

If you’re reading a book by the man who What’s the best book to
wrote e Book ief, then you’re on to a start a book club? I think
winner – and this impresses. Epic in tone, Bel Canto by Ann Patchett was
this beautifully written novel centres on my own book club’s all-time
five brothers, the Dunbar clan, who get an favourite. Every single member
unexpected visitor in the form of their father. He wants loved it.
to build a bridge – but will any of his sons accept? Only
Clay proves willing. Clay is a confusing protagonist, B k club › The Book of Love by By Áine Toner
strong but broken, quiet but emotionally deafening, and
the story putters along slowly. However, once Zusak Sinéad Moriarty and Rick O’Shea Fionnuala Kearney
starts weaving in the boys’ parents’ stories, the narrative have teamed up with Eason to
becomes more elegant, more alluring, and his stop-start reveal their winter must-reads. › Normal People by Sally Rooney
language begins to hit all the right notes. › Melmoth by Sarah Perry
ese are: › Always Look on the Bright Side of
› e Darkest Place by Jo Spain Life by Eric Idle
by Kate Furnivall (Simon & Schuster) › In Pieces by Sally Field
› Fighter by Andy Lee › A Keeper by Graham Norton
1945, Germany: Klara and daughter
Alicja have finally arrived at the Graufeld To check out full reviews of Sinéad
Displaced Persons camp. It is dirty, and Rick’s Must Reads, please go to
cramped and dangerous and the duo badly
want to get home. However, when Klara
recognizes a man in the camp from her past, it’s
clear she needs to vacate Graufeld as soon as possible.
Because this man knows what Klara did to save her
daughter… and she knows his real identity. Will either
make it out of the camp safely?


Reader fiction

Writer’s block
Ashling was keen to push herself

“So this is what they call writer’s block,” “The world needs plans and were quite vocal and self-assured
mused Ashling as she stared at the blank dreamers... every about their futures. Always remaining vague
page. It wasn’t as if this was the first idea someone comes about what her real ambition was for fears
time this happened, but today she felt up with starts out of smirks at best and downright ridicule at
particularly under pressure. This time as their dream on worst. Whenever she was asked what she
there were no distractions that she could some level” wanted to do she would fob people off with,
welcome, even emptying the dishwasher “I’ll wait and see how I get on”. People were
to put off the inevitable of committing to worthy, but of no interest to her. At home usually happy with that as it ticked off their
paper, was not an option. she was similarly coy about her ambition. box of showing enough interest in her. It
When she opted for Word Processing as a probably gave them the impression that she
Staring out the high narrow windows choice subject it was assumed this was to was a bit of a dreamer, as all her teachers
that she never liked, always feeling that help get her an administration job. would happily testify to.
they cut the outside world up into precise
rectangular blocks and didn’t leave in Ashling, always ready to welcome any Well as far as Ashling was concerned, the
enough natural light, failed to inspire her. distraction, knew she had none to blame world needs its dreamers. Yes, it needed
There wasn’t much else to look at around for her lack of progress today. There was practical people too, but every idea someone
here, no phones, no radio not even a good just the low hum of traffic in the distance. comes up with starts out as their dream on
book to read. She wished today that she was one of some level. Sadly, Ashling also knew that
those people that ‘worked well under a lot of ideas never saw fruition because
Ashling would have even welcomed pressure’, but deep down she knew she to share your dream with the world was
another hoax call, either offering you a wasn’t one of those. Today would be a to allow yourself be vulnerable and open
cruise holiday or to check her credit card good day to become one though. All her yourself up to all sorts of negativity.
details, always just needing your bank friends seemed so focused and had definite
account numbers to do so. She always To share your idea is to share part of
smirked to herself at this, as she had yourself. You need to be tough to handle it if
neither. The cruise would be nice though things don’t go your way.
right now. It always amazed Ashling how
these scammers came up with new ideas. Searching for ideas, Ashling fiddled with
Was there a headquarters somewhere the sticky label on the corner of her desk.
where they all gathered to have a The desk was too small for her stuff and she
brainstorming session? She bet there felt hemmed in by it. Writing a good story
would be a few good fictional and creative cannot be done on demand, she told herself.
writers amongst them if they decided to Spontaneity was the key. Ideas cannot be
go straight. They definitely wouldn’t get summoned on demand at a time that suits
writer’s block for the lack of imagination! you. This forced, controlled atmosphere with
time constraints was definitely not helping
She also allowed herself a smile at her creative juices to flow.
this one, at how pretentious it sounded,
“writer’s block”. Her mind wandered Suddenly, the screech of a chair being
as to when you would be entitled to call pushed back on the parquet flooring jolted
yourself a writer. Would it be when you Ashling back to reality. An early leaver did
first got published and paid for your work, Ashling a favour that day, they helped her
or do you have to become a household realise that time was running out.
name? Is that when you can call it your
career? This was all food for thought for She needed to get a move on if she
Ashling. She would never risk the sniggers were to complete her English Paper essay
of her classmates to actually tell them question and get the Leaving Certificate
what she really wanted to do when she left results that she needed so badly, to secure
school. Not when all around her wanted a third level course in something she really
to be nurses, doctors, teachers, all very wanted to do! WW

By Gemma Bolger Want to be published in Woman’s Way?

We are always looking for reader fiction! To get involved, simply email a short story of approximately 800 words to Áine at atoner@ If you require the submission requirements, she’ll email them back to you. Happy writing.


Planning €50.17 The Happiness Planner from €34.50 Kate Spade Flamingo Dot Medium Planner from My Shining Armour

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Perfect planners and
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2019 Diary from keep you organised

Paperchase €50 CEO Of My Own Life Planner
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By Amy Wall

38 WOMANSWAY.IE €28.99 Rico 17-month Agenda €25 Planner Classic in
Wonderland from Bellini from My Shining Armour

‘Spark! – a really enjoyable page-turner that doesn’t lecture anyone’


‘Norah shares her journey and the lessons she has learned in Spark! Drawing on a mix
of personal insight and the wisdom of twenty years as a top business woman’

Barbara Scully,

‘Spark! was different... it’s a call to action – a call to live, really – and it’s a message
that’s worth spreading. We only have one life – why waste it?’

Marie O’Neill,




Spark! The perfect gift to yourself
or for someone you love.

Discover a more splendid you!

Buy the book at


This week... DECEMBER 3-10

WAITING FOR A STAR Post for less?
Yes we thought that might
Based on the Oliver Jeffers’ book How to Make a Star, BOOK NOW grab your attention. Online
Branar Téatar do Pháistí bring How to Catch a Star to FOR… company make
the stage of the Ark eatre from December 5-30. e sending your Christmas parcels
story is told without words but instead uses puppets AQUAMAN cheaper and easier. Simply log
accompanied by a score from musician Colm Mac Con on, pay, attach your printing
Iomaire. It is recommended for children aged four and labels and they’ll come and
up with tickets priced from €12.50. pick up your packages and deliver them. An example
See for more of a saving is sending a 5kg within Ireland costs just
€8.85, saving you €11.65.
ON D’BOX... See for more details

MOWGLI: LEGEND OF THE JUNGLE e very hunky Jason A castle at Christmas
Momoa takes the lead
Revamps of e Jungle Book seem to be quite the rage in this DC comic book Head to the very scenic village of Hillsborough in Co
at the moment. is film from Netflix boasts an all star adaptation. e story Down to discover the renowned Hillsborough Castle as it
cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, Christian Bale is that Aquaman’s half boasts a whole host of festive activities this December.
and Cate Blanchett. Directed by Andy Serkis it delves brother isn’t too happy Coming up next is the castle by night tour on December 7
into the life of the famous character and how he’s torn and wants to wage at 6.45pm and 7.45pm when you’ll get the chance discover
between two worlds. war on us landlubbers, the origin of some of our enduring Christmas traditions.
Launches on Netflix on December 7 cue big waves and Entrance costs €15 and includes a festive drink.
scary shark soldiers. See for more
Carlow c ks Our hero has to step
in to save us all from
Join Rachel Allen and Martin a watery destruction,
Shanahan for this year’s Carlow there’s no Sebastian the
Culinary Christmas which crab here... Class pre-
takes place December 6 to 8 Christmas cinema fun.
in various locations. Rugby Released in cinemas
star and farmer Sean O’Brien on December 14
(pictured) was on board to help
launch things. e three day event celebrates the best of Oh
the county’s produce, so expect demos, samples and more.
See for more details CHRISTMAS
On our desk this
YES, THEY’RE A THING. week we’ll be rocking
WE RECENTLY GAVE around this mini tree
THEM A RIGOROUS from Paperchase €5.53.
MOREISH. GREAT AS e scenic Ballynahinch
AN AFTER DINNER Castle plays host to a
TREAT. special floral workshop
on December 8. Mark
Grehan of e Garden at
Powerscourt Townhouse
plays host on a day that starts with a foraging walk
and then sees guests create their own floral wreath to
take home – plus you’ll enjoy a luxury afternoon tea.

e class is priced at €85 or you can book an overnight
package for €175 per person.
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This Christmas, why not make your

gifts count for something more? Laura Lynn

Cgihvaertihtye ggiiffttogfugidiveing Unicef

Barnardos Jack & Ji

Gifts for Good are a fantastic alternative to a Image credit: © UNICEF/UN02439/Schermbrucker
traditional present because they are based on
the items most used by families coming to Irish Cancer Society
Barnardos and offer practical support at
BByyMMiicchheellleeNNeewwmmaann. Background image by Aprescindere | Christmas time and beyond. There are five gifts million, which provides palliative care to the gift of education will not only change a girl’s
to choose from including a food voucher, books children living with a life-limiting condition and life, it will also improve the lives of others, as a
and pyjamas, bed socks and slippers and more. support to their families. Little Brown Bear child born to a literate mother is 50 per cent more
Prices start at €18. charms are €32 each. likely to survive past the age of five. Educate a
Girl vouchers cost €25.
Concern Oxfam Ireland

As part of Concern Worldwide’s Gifts campaign, Why not choose a gift card with a difference with Irish Cancer Society
shoppers can buy a voucher that will enable six an Unwrapped gift from Oxfam Ireland? These
teenage girls to take part in a Girl Skills alternative gift cards can be purchased in stores This Christmas you can help support people
programme. This innovative sports-based course and online and help to create a brighter, happier affected by cancer by purchasing a pack of
teaches young women how to have important future for people living in poverty and crisis. festive cards to send to your friends and family.
discussions in life, know their rights, achieve their Choose from gifts such as a clutch of chicks, safe Proceeds are used to fund lifesaving cancer
goals and stay strong when faced with challenges. water for a family and even caring for a baby. Gift research and services to those who need it in
For each purchase, a personalised postcard or cards start at €10. Ireland. The Irish Cancer Society relies on public
e-card can be sent to anyone you choose – donations to fund 98 per cent of its work to
making it the perfect gift for those at home and ensure those facing cancer have the information,
abroad. A Girls Skills voucher is €24. Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation care and support they need. A pack of cards starts at €4.99 and are available to buy online
Diamonds are forever – or at least for two lucky and in retail outlets nationwide, including Eason
UNICEF recipients of a Jack & Jill Find a Real Diamond Ireland.
Candle. Each candle contains a beautiful costume
This winter millions of children in Syria and the jewellery pendant, with two real diamond Dublin Simon Community
surrounding countries face freezing pendants to be found in two of the candles,
temperatures, without proper heating or shelter. worth €1,000 each. Remember, every €16 spent The Dublin Simon Community have a variety of
UNICEF teams are doing their best to make sure on a Christmas gift provides one-hour home ways that the public can support them over the
every child gets the warmth they so desperately nursing care to a family. Candles are €19.95. Christmas period, including its Simon Stars. The
need but it’s a race against time. This Christmas stars vary in price and each contributes to a
help keep them safe and warm by purchasing a different gift, meaning those the Simon
warm winter blankets. Just €20 can provide four World Vision Ireland Community work with won’t feel so alone this
children with a thermal blanket. Christmas. For example, a Simon Star of Hope World Vision is one of the largest overseas aid which costs €75 could help the charity to
and development organisations in the world, provide one of their recovery residents with a
LauraLynn working in over 100 countries to help eradicate secure bed, a warm meal and gift to open on
poverty and injustice – one of these factors being Christmas day. Simon Stars are priced at €10
This year Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, the poorer quality of life and education for girls and upwards.
LauraLynn have teamed up with jewellery brand compared to that of a boy. This Christmas giving
Alex and Ani to create a beautiful, Little Brown
Bear charm. For every charm sold, 10 per cent of
the profits will be donated to LauraLynn to help
support their annual fundraising target of €4.2



Emotional blackmail!
Is there going to be another showdown for Fiz and Ty?

Coronation Street about it. Oh crumbs. Also this week
Sinead masks her guilt as Daniel thanks
Evelyn’s trying her best line in emotional › Who plays matchmaker?
blackmail to get to stay chez Dobbs but Fiz Steff for helping her cope with chemo but › Who’s looking at a diary?
wants her out - trying to source dog-friendly she’s suspicious when when sees her father- › Whose dinner plans go awry?
accommodation. But someone is up to in-law handing Carla a load of money. Can
something a bit mean... they focus on feeling the baby kick?

Later in the week, Hope bites Ruby and a Sinead’s got so many lies going on that
deeply upset Fiz accepts Hope needs help. Is they’re getting out of hand (that is putting
there a big decision being made? it mildly). When she asks a certain spiritual
resident if they can pray together, will she
Tracy’s suspicious that Amy has a crush on ‘fess up everything?
someone as she wants to cancel Family Night.
Is she right, and if so, who is it? Speaking of Carla, she’s furious with Nick
when he undermines her in front of a client. I
Imran tears a strip off Leanne for wonder what she’ll do?
jeopardising his case while Toyah comes to
her sister’s aid. And well, maybe a bit more Elsewhere, Seb finds an envelope stuffed
than that. Ooh! full of cash in Eileen’s cupboard. Is it a result
of one of Phelan’s dodgy deals?
Rita plucks up the courage to sack Cathy.
Which isn’t going to be fun. Cathy resolves to give Phil a piece of her
mind as Brian is overwhelmed with work.
Adam lets slip a certain plan and Imran is
FURIOUS that someone else doesn’t know



Emmerdale EastEnders Fair City

Someone is forced to admit they lied about It’s Hayley’s party and someone tries to create Cristiano is put out by Will’s jealousy over
their relationship status but it leads to a a distraction. is person also has a new Mairead and Damien while someone offers
conversation that makes us uncomfortable. business... and is in need of a heart-to-heart. Damo relationship advice. Hmm...
Also, Tiffany gets a shock when Evie arrives.
is is treading a fine line. And who needs a TV? And why is Stacey so Meanwhile, as Orla and Wayne bicker, they
e twins are ill and Brenda’s relieved taken aback by her mammy? realise that someone’s overheard something
they shouldn’t.
as it means she doesn’t have to go on a date Later, there’s a definite need for some
with Doug (harsh). Oh, I wonder who could answers and to focus. Will truths be revealed? As Paul sings Charlotte’s praises, Carol
potentially come back into the fold... teases that she’s after something. Is she? And
Someone is pressurised about drugs (don’t about whom does she need to know the truth?
Noah is easily convinced to take part in do it, kids) but will they give in?
one of Leanna’s pranks and it’s an oldie but a Decco, on edge, hides his dilemma about
goodie. But the stakes get higher, and more Annoyed that Ray has ditched her for work working with Ritchie from Sarah.
dangerous, and well, a bit silly. again, Mel agrees to meet Maddie at the E20.
Farrah is hopeful when Bob puts her
Daz is proud he gets a company car with his e sneaky minx. forward for a community photo project but
new job and goes on a boozy lunch with his Billy is caught out trying to meddle in does her mammy see her in the same light?
boss, Trish. Will things end well? Honey and Adam’s relationship but will his
ex-wife see through his painful attempts? Bela embraces a new way of doing things
Moira has harsh words for Cain while Paddy And Karen joins choir practice. while Doug is buoyed up when Darragh
shows Chas a special tree. Awh. suggests a lads’ night out.

Holby City Ros na Rún Soap gossip

By Áine Toner A much-loved face from the past forces a Frances is determined to leave Ros na Rún Former EastEnders
guilty Serena to think about her future. Will until she discovers Áine’s involvement in star Jack Ryder
she be able to keep her terrible secret? Oh Tadhg’s deceit! Oh no, will she feel like she has and Olivier
Serena, we feel for you, which is something to punish her? Award nominee
we never thought we’d say, but you’ve quite Amy Lennox
grown on us. Elsewhere, Colm, with his pent up anger are due to join
and frustration with Mo’s cancer lets rip and the cast of
Dom and Lofty find themselves at a urges her to put herself before others. Will his Holby City next
crossroads when a game highlights the anger get the better of him? year. Amy will
cracks in their relationship. Can their union play Chloe Godard, a
withstand some home truths? Sorcha has had enough of Cóilí Jackie’s doctor at neighbouring
mouth when she discovers his stash of cash! hospital Capel Cross, who arrives at Holby
When Frieda and a difficult patient reach a So much, er, for being poor, right? to help her mother Ange, played by Dawn
place of understanding, Frieda finds herself Steele, with a tricky patient. Jack will play
taking in an unlikely companion. We’ll leave Dee thinks John Joe needs to up his game. Evan, Chloe’s on-o boyfriend, who arrives
you to watch the show to find out more! Should he be listening? Well, yes, John Joe at Holby to try to convince her to take their
should always be listening... relationship seriously. Jack said: “I am
delighted to be joining Holby City and look
forward to working with such a talented
group of people. I can’t wait to give a voice
to this exciting new character and serve a
show that people love.” We can’t wait to
see what is in store for the new characters!


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Star le er set of classic books or an art set? I have read in my tabby cat, Moira. I adore her and am so
I started painting this picture 20 years ago. the paper that this reliance on social media is grateful she came into my life as a rescue
doing untold amounts of damage to how our kitten. Please send my condolences to this
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I read with great sadness the letter sent in a few The Scary Movie
BRIDGET SNOW, CO GALWAY weeks ago from a woman who was mourning actress turns 42
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heart. As an animal lover, this is something
THOUGHTFUL GIFTS I have been through many times myself. WRITE AND WIN WO€OV5RE0TRH
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Tarot special


What do the cards have in store for you?

I am undecided what I should do. to use the time that you have in remain at this company (now new partner coming into my life? Illustrations by Jeffrey ompson |
I work sometimes with children, limbo right now to your advantage. knowing everything that you HUDSON TAYLOR FAN
which I enjoy. Can you see a job in Surrender. See this time as a gift know about how they deal with
the near future in this line of work to allow a new way forward to certain issues) or whether you I’m not sure what your current
or another? surface. I do see you working with should cut your losses and start situation with your ex is, but
MARIA, CO KERRY children – you have a lovely energy again elsewhere. I almost feel like Justice and the Hierophant point
and they respond really well to you will be given an ultimatum to some kind of legal struggle. I
The cards have some practical you. But I do see you working with and will have to fight for either a feel that you may be in the process
advice for you, Maria, when it them in a way that’s maybe not settlement or a redundancy pay- of gathering information that’s
comes to the next steps in your what you initially thought it would off. The King of Pentacles asks you necessary to take your ex to court
career. The Knight of Swords be. The Sun is a very positive card to get your affairs in order when or to enforce some kind of law.
coupled with the Judgement card and shows a happy outcome. But it comes to this job. Make sure The Queen of Pentacles shows
show that while you’re undecided, just remember, there’s a season that you keep note of everything that you’ll be successful in this.
there’s also a sense of urgency. for action and pushing forward that’s happening and, most The Knight of Cups appears next
I feel like you’re putting serious and there’s a season for surrender. importantly, don’t allow people and shows me that you will meet
pressure on yourself to make a You’re currently at that surrender in positions of power to force your someone new soon. Also known
decision and to just move on with season now. Take a breath. Let go hand. The Wheel of Fortune in as the ‘beloved’ of the tarot, this
your life. However, Judgement and see what wants to arise. You’ll the near-future position indicates is your knight in shining armour.
suggests that there is a deeper crack this soon. that things will work out for the I feel he will have light-coloured
calling for you that needs to be best and the Ace of Pentacle in hair and I want to say that he’ll
explored, but you’re so consumed My job is not going too well at the the future position does see you have a defining feature – possibly
with thoughts of pushing ahead moment – company problems. moving on to something much some kind of birth mark or scar.
that you have yet to experience Can you see a satisfactory outcome better. In the meantime, keep He will be fantastic with your
this. Judgement asks you to take a to the problems or possible your will strong. Stay on top of child and the three of you will be
breath and to just stop right now. redundancy? things and trust that this will be very happy together. However I
Stop looking a job descriptions, KATE, CO KILDARE resolved for your highest good. do see your ex returning into the
stop mulling the situation over I feel that your new job will be a picture when they catch wind of
and over in your head, just make First up we have Justice, which much better fit for you and that this new relationship. The King
a pact with yourself that you’ll suggests to me that there’s some the new company will be much of Swords along with the Two of
let the subject drop for a few kind of legal issue happening friendlier and warmer – the Swords shows that you will have
weeks and see what comes to within the company that’s directly people will be much easier to to almost make a decision between
you. Judgement always heralds impacting on you. Are you waiting deal with and there will be an staying on good terms with your
some kind of awakening and you for a specific outcome regarding atmosphere of support instead ex or allowing yourself to be
may find that, out of the blue, a legal issue? If so, Justice does of higher-ups humiliating and happy with someone new. Ace of
the perfect career path suddenly indicate things working in your berating their staff. Wishing you Cups shows that love will trump
makes itself known for you. The favour. I don’t see a redundancy the best of luck. all and the 10 of Pentacles shows a
King of Pentacles does indicate that off the bat. The Hierophant up happy resolution and you building
you will find something soon but, next shows that you will be given I am separated three years now a new family unit. Everything will
The Sun appearing next, asks you a choice over whether you should and have one child, do you see a work out.

PLEASE NOTE: Tarot is not designed to replace any medical or financial advice or your own free will. Tarot can guide you and show you options of what may happen.
Remember, when it comes to making choices, you are the master of your own destiny. Have a question you want Amy to answer? Write to: Tarot questions, Woman’s Way,
Harmonia, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14 or email: [email protected]




What’s in your stars this week?

Sagittarius Capricorn

Nov 22 - Dec 21 Dec 22 - Jan 19

It might be an idea to keep You know that thing you want?
out of the affairs of others. You’re waiting and waiting for
No matter how good your one person to make that move,
intentions you can cause trouble yet they don’t seem to be reacting
by sticking your nose in where to your subtle gestures. You need
it's not wanted. How would you to take clearer and bolder action.
feel if others did the same to Don’t be afraid to ask, you might
you? Offer advice and ask if you just get what you want. Others
can help but leave it at that. will move on if you don’t act.

Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus

Jan 20 - Feb 18 Feb 19 - Mar 20 Mar 21 - April 19 April 20 - May 20

ings will be a little calmer this ey seem to be queuing up at the A new window of opportunity Other people’s problems seem to
coming weekend. You have had moment for your attention. It’s not is about to open, but you need be all around. Friends and family
to cope with a lot of change and the central heating that’s making to be careful that you don’t get a are looking to you for advice.
uncertainly over the last few days them hot for your attention. Enjoy chill. Listen to what's on offer but Give your honest opinion but
but that has ended for the moment. yourself but remember there's remember that many people are don’t expect them to follow any
Any changes you make now will only one of you. If you’re greedy only out for themselves. It may guidance you give. If they listened
be for your benefit and those that you could end up in bed from be useful for you to tag along but to you in the past, they would not
you love. Keep that to the front of exhaustion. Feel free to ignore keep your eyes open at all times be in their current position. Don't
your mind this week. those who upset you in the past. and don't take things at face value. invest your heart and soul in this.

Gemini Cancer Leo COMPETITION By Christianna Caeliss founder of Unleashing Aphrodite;

May 21 - June 20 June 21 - July 22 July 23 - Aug 22 Brooke & Shoals Fragrances are
constantly creating. Blending
You really do enjoy your sleep so You have a set of principles you live Some people are determined to combinations of floral, fruity,
don’t let others disturb the early by. Someone may upset your peace enjoy themselves. ey’ll make earthy and woody notes to
part of your day. Turn the phone of mind with their petty words. plans and try to drag you along to design wonderful scents that
off and wear earplugs if you Don’t let the immature actions of all types of events and festivals. enrapture, energise and engage.
must, otherwise you will get very another ruin your day. If you don’t All their products are made here
grumpy this week. You can catch want them around ask them to go ere is no harm doing something in Ireland. We’re giving away
up on your shut-eye when Sunday away. Be firm about it if you care that you enjoy but say no if you a Brooke & Shoals fragrances
comes along. about your peace and quiet. don’t agree with their idea of limited edition cinnamon and
entertainment. cedar candle worth €20. This
candle blends the sweet aroma
Virgo Libra Scorpio of cinnamon spices with the
fresh, woody notes of cedar to
Aug 23 - Sept 21 Sept 22 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Nov 21 create a fragrance combination
that will gladden the spirit
Watch out, people that you deal e love that you have for another Be careful who you confide and evoke yuletide magic. To
with on the phone may be a little is getting stronger as the days in. ese people may twist the enter, complete the
difficult this week. Make sure not go by. Don’t be foolish and avoid information that you give out form on page 44 with
to take it personally. Try to have going overboard so much that you and this could lead to a lot of the answer to this
any important discussions face to will regret in the future. Check trouble over the next few days. question: How much is
face. If they were not giving out your facts before you show others Some people think about their the Brooke & Shoals
to you they would be giving out how you want to support them. own needs first, so keep any facts cedar candle worth?
to someone else so remember that that you have to yourself for now. Best of luck from all at
and don't internalise it. eir first reaction may not be Privacy is your theme for now. the magazine.
what you’re looking for.


1 - Old-fashioned (7)
Once a month, we will be o ering readers (and crossword fans) a super puzzle to test 5 - Triangular bone (6)
your skills. This month, you could win a George Foreman Advanced Grill and Melt 8 - Lower (6)
11 - Anger (3)
WIN! A George Foreman Advanced Grill and Melt 12 - Opposed to; against (4)
Woman’s Way have teamed up giving you a chance to win the new George 13 - Showed on a computer (of information)
Foreman Advanced Grill worth RRP €119.99. We all want fast food without W€1O19R.9T9H (9)
the guilt and with the George Foreman Advanced Grill and Melt this is finally 14 - River in South America (6)
possible. The heated bottom plate is designed to channel away excess fat into 15 - Something that is revealing (3-6)
removable trays to reduce the fat content of food by up to 42 per cent making 16 - Think about carefully (11)
for a healthier meal time. The Advanced Grill and Melt which can cook up to 20 - Favourable (10)
five portions at a time makes for a convenient and healthier way to make family 21 - Sedimentary rock (9)
meals and snacks as the plates are removable and dishwasher safe. 24 - Almost landlocked sea (13)
To win, simply fill out the Big Crossword and return it complete with the 29 - Eastern temple (6)
competition form on page 44 31 - Methodical (10)
33 - Separation (10)
Terms and conditions apply 35 - Bright patch of colour (6)
36 - Acrobat who twists and bends their
body (13)
40 - Closest to the centre (9)
42 - Butterfly (3,7)
44 - Tolerant in one’s views (5-6)
48 - Not commercially motivated (3-6)
50 - Sphere; territory (6)
51 - Groundless (9)
52 - Team (4)
53 - Possess (3)
54 - Person gliding on ice (6)
55 - Quash (6)
56 - This starts on 1st January (3,4)
2 - Tall and slim (5)
3 - The masses (3,6)
4 - Italian red wine (7)
5 - Nervous pa (anag) (9)
6 - Opportunities (7)
7 - In the middle of (5)
8 - Supply with new weapons (5)
9 - Speak in a slow manner (5)
10 - Small piece of fried bread (7)
17 - Synthetic fabric (5)
18 - TV award (4)
19 - Nut (9)
20 - Short-tempered; ardent (5)
22 - Form of oxygen (5)
23 - Make law (5)
25 - Cherished (9)
26 - Decays (4)
27 - Tortilla topped with cheese (5)
28 - Detailed assessment of accounts (5)
30 - Celestial body (4)
31 - Japanese dish (5)
32 - Elegant sitting room (5)
34 - Of the nose (5)
36 - Quoted (5)
37 - Authoritative order (9)
38 - Anxiously (9)
39 - ___ Amos: US singer-songwriter (4)
41 - English county (7)
42 - Huge coniferous tree (7)
43 - Medieval cell (7)
45 - Change (5)
46 - Large residence (5)
47 - Words that identify things (5)
49 - Asian country (5)

Simply post the completed crossword
with the competition form on page
44 to Competition 48, Woman’s Way,
Rosemount House, Dundrum Road,
Dublin 14. Closes December 10, 2018.


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