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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2017-08-15 10:13:45



Master mid-century modern
worthy of the Mad Men set....
complete with '50s prints


When it comes to
Instagrammable interiors,
few trends hit the spot quite
like mid-century modern.
Remember how we all lost our
shit during the reign of Mad
Men and wanted to dress like
Joan and Peggy? Well we're
set to do it again as interiors
catches up with fashion and
shines a light on retro interiors
with a seriously modern edge.
Three-legged coffee tables
and top opening sideboards
have us collectively swooning,
while lowly hung lighting and
brushed metal barware ooze
retro charm and sophistication.
Think about fabrics too - geo-
print cushions and a sheepskin
rug will help to take the edge
off things, perfect for when
you’re recovering from one-
too-many Old Fashioneds.

1 23 4 5

1. Printed cushion, €4.99, H&M 2. Glass light pendant, €60, Harvey Norman 3. Nesting table set, €305, Urban Outfitters
4. Ceramic cactus ornaments, from €26, House of Fraser 5. Rattan chair, €218,



We’re falling for monochrome stripes
with an Art Deco vibe



They say nothing is black and LANIVIN ART DECO
white, well except for the JASPER CONRAN
interiors crush we’re having on DIY
monochrome stripes. We love the
Looking to channel some
felonious feel of the big and bold lines on the of that Roaring Twenties’
gowns at Carolina Herrera - very Prohibition- vibe in your own pad? Go
era gangster - and we’re translating them for a careful balance of
into our decor. These stripes were paired with monochorome stripes and
pops of primary blue at Etro and orange red subtle textures
at Fendi, something you can draw inspiration
from for your own at-home colour palette. 1Add interest by mixing
Which basically means whatever colour you vertical, diagonal and
already have will work. horizontal stripes in
different sizes.
Of course this monochrome combo is the
iconic Art Deco palette, so don’t be shy in 2Keep your big tickets
adding a geometric or exotic zebra print into items neutral. White
the mix or hints of gold and copper accents furniture accented with
to add colour and warmth, while also giving a black is easy to achieve.
nod to the glamour of the Roaring Twenties,
which inspired the movement. 3Painting some pieces?
Opt for a matte finish in
We Want white but a high gloss
lacquer finish for black.
12 34 55
4Limit any extra colour
1. Gin & Tonic Bath Salts, €11.50, The Oak Room 2. Cushion, €37, Red Candy 3. Jar, €5.99, H&M additions to one or
4. Smartphone speakers, €69.50, Cuckooland 5. Gin & Tonic Candle, €7.50, Next two dominant shades -
primary colours or magenta.


A TRUE Brighten up a sunny afternoon
CLASSIC with a grown up treat
Why Gin?
These days every bar with notions
boasts a full gin menu, but why
the sudden interest? Gin is pretty easy

to make, which is why bootleg bathtub gin
was often served in Prohibition-era American
speakeasies, now a growing pop-up bar trend. The
distinct gin flavour comes from juniper berries,
but today artisan gin makers add botanicals like
thyme and coriander, citrus elements like lemon
and grapefruit or bitter orange peel and spices
like anise, liquorice root and cinnamon. For
instance, the Glendalough Distillery works with
a local forager to forage fresh, local botanicals,
berries and fruit from the Wicklow countryside to
use in its small-batch gins and Scottish gin and
The Botanist uses 31 botanicals. So just like wine,
you can taste different notes in every gin!

(makes 10)
3 cups of tonic “Saying you don’t like gin is like saying you
¼ lime juice don’t like sauce. I mean, they all taste so
2 shots of gin different.”
cucumber slices
“Did you know there are more classic cocktails
Mix the tonic, gin and lime juice. Place the made with gin than with any other spirit? That’s
cucumber slices into the popsicle moulds, because the botanicals really only come to life
then pour in the tonic mix. Freeze overnight. when mixed.”
Top tip! The gin means that these don’t
freeze as solidly as a normal popsicle, so “I’m not drinking that bathtub gin. I’ll have a
might melt a little bit faster than normal. Hendrick’s and tonic with cucumber - sliced
(Recipe courtesy of food blogger Chelsea lengthways obvs.”
Kelso of
“You don’t have Fever-Tree tonic?” *Rolls eyes*

3 O F T H E B E S T . . . Gins 3 O F T H E B E S T . . . Shakers

12 3 1. Bertha’s Revenge, 123 1. Hollywood
€47, Ballyvolane Cocktail Shaker,

House €24, M&S
2. Glendalough 2. Deco Cocktail
Wild Botanical Gin, Shaker, €20,

€35, Glendalough KitchenCraft
3. Pineapple Shaker,
Distillery €27, by Butterfly
3. The Botanist,
€57.99, Home by Matthew

Bruichladdich Williamson @

Distillery Debenhams

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