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Published by HARMONI JACKSON, 2019-09-19 22:43:42

harmoni project (1)

harmoni project (1)

About Harm

moni’s Life


What happened with my birth s
for 14 hours. I was born at Kais
was born I was overdue past m
September 2nd 2006, at 7:58 a


story was my mom was in labor
ser Harbor City hospital. When I
my original due date. On
am. 6 pounds 15 ounces,18

Event 1 :

My first important event is when I won first place for
Stephen White Middle School dance team. When I
first got there I was nervous, and changing my mind
saying I don't want to compete anymore. When it
was our turn to perform I Was so scared. I thought
we were going to lose and embarrass ourselves.
After we performed it was time for awards,where
they give out awards to the winning teams. As we
were waiting for them to call our names, we’re just
sitting down nervous. It has came to first place
winners and they still didn't call our names. Then it
was grand champion , there was one more trophy
left. Everyone was sitting down giving a drum roll
until they called Stephen white middle school . My
team was very excited. From then on now i'm not
afraid to compete at a competition.

Event 2:

My second important event was my first time going
to vegas for my 10th birthday for a surprise. On
saturday my dad took me to go to six flags with
him, my step mom, my two brothers and my
stepsister. When I came back my mom texted me
and told me she's going to come and pick me up
early in the morning on Sunday morning . When she
picked me and my brother up we went to go get my
step sister and step dad on my moms side. Then we
we’re just on the road for about 2 hours until we
stopped at a gas station. When we stopped we got
stuck, and we couldn't go nowhere we were stuck
for about 8 hours. That's when my step dad’s dad
came to pick us up because he lives in vegas but at
that point I still didn't know where we were going .
We finally pulled up at the Air B n B my mom rented

Event 3:

My third important event was my first time going to
fright fest at Six flags magic mountain. All my
cousins were going for my cousins birthday who
was turning 11 . In the car on the way there,I was so
scared. I almost wanted to change my mind and
didn't want to go anymore. We finally arrived there.
As we were walking through the entrance of the
park , all I could see is monsters,goblins,and more. I
was holding my moms arm so tight. As I was
walking one of the monsters popped up in my face.
I was so scared so I started running. I wanted to
leave at this point. As I was running I ran into my
cousin. Then I tried to calm down and enjoy the rest
of the time I was there and get on the rides. After
that we left and I don't think I will ever be visiting a
scary amusement park .

About the Author

About the author. Harmoni Jacks
grade. She goes to Stephen White
Torrance California. Her favorite t
dances for Stephen White dance t

son is 13 years old in the 8th
e Middle school. She was born in
thing to do is dance and she

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