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Published by EUA Marketing, 2018-09-05 10:45:29

EUA - The Engaged Workplace

January 2024

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 1 THE ENGAGED WORKPLACE

EUA BY THE NUMBERS: 116 Years in Business 250+ Talented Employees 140+ Registered Professionals 40+ LEED® Accredited Professionals 7 Client Markets 5 Office Locations Our core values have been the same for over a century: always do the right thing; treat clients, partners, and communities with respect; and deliver quality planning, design and engineering solutions. We’re committed to the markets we serve, including education, community, healthcare, industry, learning, living, science + technology and workplace. We believe that informed and effective design elevates people’s potential. We’ll make sure this happens by asking you a lot of questions about what your space needs. We encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas — our design philosophy always puts your visions first. milwaukee : madison : green bay : denver : atlanta

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 3

4 The Engaged Workplace

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 5 THE ENGAGED WORKPLACE In today’s environment, creating an engaged workplace is critical for organizations to attract, engage and retain the best and brightest talent to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing marketplace. People are at the core of a company’s culture and ultimately its success. As employee engagement remains reportedly low across the country, businesses are in search of opportunities that will elevate engagement thereby increasing opportunities for higher profitability, higher productivity, decreased absenteeism and lower turnover rates, to name a few. DEFINING THE ENGAGED WORKPLACE We define this environment as The Engaged Workplace — the alignment of your people with the right place and technology solutions that allow them to bring their best and whole selves to work. We believe the engaged workplace can move the needle to elevate your people’s potential. UNDERSTANDING THE ENGAGED WORKPLACE DRIVERS Through our experience and research we have found five key drivers to an engaged workplace that have the opportunity to elevate the potential for team and individual performance. One size does not fit all and each of these drivers, supported by design elements, are a direct response to our client’s unique culture and business objectives. Every organization, their people and its culture is unique and by incorporating these elements, we are able to respond with custom design strategies that support the work of individuals and teams. TRUST + EMPOWERMENT Variety, Choice + Control, Flexibility KNOWLEDGE SHARING Mobility, Proximity, Interaction + Retreat WELL-BEING Access to Nature, Enclosure, Amenities + Support BRAND + IDENTITY Experiential, Display, Personalization SAFETY + SECURITY Personal Comfort, Security, Acoustics

6 The Engaged Workplace SAFETY + SECURITY Creating a safe and secure work environment can improve employee comfort, in turn enhancing focus and productivity. Safety and security can translate to multiple areas beyond a secured entrance to a building. The pandemic further elevated the need to address employee’s overall health safety through environmental enhancements, capacity planning for visitors and employee designated zones. Providing spaces that minimize distractions and enhance focus can minimize overall employee stress levels. Lighting levels and thermal comfort also support employees by addressing the essential needs of individuals within an effective work environment.

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 7 According to the American Psychological Association, 60% of employees report that work is a significant source of stress. Workplace design can play a significant role in helping decrease environmental stress for an employee. American Psychological Association PERSONAL COMFORT Supporting an office culture shift, the design of M3’s new space focuses on creating an enjoyable work environment. Various meeting spaces throughout the departmental areas allow teams to take conversations into these areas, minimizing noise distraction. Natural light fills the space and the environment’s HVAC systems are zoned to provide comfort for all employees. ACOUSTICS Due to the confidential nature of the client’s business, acoustical solutions address privacy needs with sound proofing and private offices each equipped with sit-to-stand workstations. Custom partition systems maximize daylight through floor-to-ceiling transparent glass paneling throughout the space. SECURITY By offering three layers of security−a check-in point, turn styles and card access at the elevators−Northwestern Mutual provided their downtown location with a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors. HOW CLIENTS ARE TAKING IT ON M3 Insurance Solutions Financial Industry Client Northwestern Mutual

8 The Engaged Workplace BRAND + IDENTITY A company’s identity is intangible and hard to measure, yet instantly sensed when you walk into a space. Promoting your brand throughout the workplace, purposefully and authentically, involves infusing brand values into the design to reflect your company’s story and culture. By encouraging teams and individuals to personalize space and display work product or success, the environment created can invoke pride and develop purpose and connection points between teams. Employees take more ownership in a company when their sense of place is enhanced through the physical environment.

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 9 EXPERIENTIAL Oshkosh Corporation was seeking brand and culture engagement at their new global headquarters to celebrate the people that build their products, the people they protect and the people they serve. A welcome wall incorporates interactive tiles with faces on one side and the stories of team members from across the globe on the other side. By placing the showcase adjacent to the lobby and conference center, community members, visitors and employees have access to interact with the people who make up Oshkosh Corporation. DISPLAY Charter Communication’s engineering facility and R+D labs have several locations throughout their space where teams can, in essence, takeover the space for short and long-term project needs. They leverage this space as both meeting and idea generating space. These unique spaces are one of their many tools within the built environment that support solution refinement through product development and ultimately the launch of new cable telecommunications technologies. PERSONALIZATION Delve (formerly Design Concepts), an established leader in product design and strategic innovation, wanted their new office to convey their corporate brand as well as their employees individual expressions throughout the space. This provides visitors a clear understanding of what they do and showcases employee pride. From a first impression branded foyer to the rooftop tree house, to an expression wall and display cubes throughout the open workstations, employees are encouraged to personalize their work environment and showcase their creativity. HOW CLIENTS ARE TAKING IT ON Oshkosh Corporation Charter Communications Delve 70% of employees said that their sense of purpose is defined by their work. McKinsey & Company, “Help your employees find purpose - or watch them leave.” April 5, 2021

10 The Engaged Workplace WELL-BEING In today’s competitive environment for top talent recruitment and retention, organizations are taking a closer look at how they can best support current employee health and wellness and showcase to prospective employees the amenities available to them beyond the traditional salary and benefits. This can result in increased productivity, job satisfaction and engagement which can make the difference in recruitment efforts. Businesses who make purposeful decisions around ways to support an employee’s well-being through the built environment, can have significant positive impacts on an individual’s physical and mental health.

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 11 HOW CLIENTS ARE TAKING IT ON ENCLOSURE A key component to well-being is the ability to work in a comfortable environment. Sometimes, this means being able to focus on a task without distractions. At Rockwell Automation, incorporating a range of translucent, enclosed workspaces allows employees a degree of privacy while maintaining elements of visual connectivity to their coworkers. AMENITIES + SUPPORT A large focus was placed on sustainability, minimizing environmental impact while creating a healthy environment where employees can be proud of and excited to come to every day. The campus includes amenity and support areas, such as: outdoor walking trails, fitness center with multi-purpose basketball court, on site bike storage, locker rooms, wellness rooms and clinic, game room and on-site cafe with healthy food choices and on-site gardens. Rockwell Automation SECURA Insurance For every $1 invested in worksite wellness programs, companies experienced an average savings of $5.82 in reduced absenteeism. American Institute for Preventive Medicine ACCESS TO NATURE Access to nature, natural light and views to the outside have a very positive impact on people’s well-being. Gauthier Biomedical responded to this correlation by incorporating various outdoor retreat areas on their campus that are visible and accessible to both the manufacturing and office employees. Employees can take in fresh air, relax outside or go for a walk to reset during the day. In addition, strategically placed windows allow employees ample access to daylight and views of the campus. Gauthier Biomedical

12 The Engaged Workplace KNOWLEDGE SHARING As some clients are forecasting a startling 50% retirement of their workforce in the next three to five years, there is a need for increased knowledge sharing. Providing a variety of spaces where collaboration can occur across multiple generations and throughout different work groups within an organization not only aids in knowledge sharing, but also increases opportunities for innovation. Adjacency and connectivity of teams and individuals supported for mobility can enhance opportunities for these interactions to occur.

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 13 HOW CLIENTS ARE TAKING IT ON MOBILITY Superior team performance requires the ability for employees to connect with one another in a wide range of contexts. Rockwell Automation emphasized the partnership between technology and physical space to support the needs of their employees. Team members are able to take mobile tools to a variety of locations to suit the needs of their day-to-day work, fostering innovation and connection. PROXIMITY Proximity is key in promoting teamwork. Through an addition and renovation, Hanson Dodge, previously divided on two floors, was able to allow the entire firm to work on one floor. Private offices were moved to the center and departments were relocated to improve work flow. Prioritizing employee efficiency in the design helped make this office layout an ideal space for employees to work. INTERACTION + RETREAT Many collaborate best when they have the freedom to connect and retreat as needed. By offering multiple areas for interaction, such as open seating areas, social stairwells, central gathering spaces as well as private spaces to retreat to, CSG provides its employees ample opportunities to work together when and where it best suits them. There are a variety of semi-private locations, such as centralized glass meeting rooms, that provide a less distracting collaboration space while maintaining connection to the rest of the office. Rockwell Automation Hanson Dodge CSG International The average large US business loses $47 million in productivity each year as a direct result of inefficient knowledge sharing. Panopto Workplace Knowledge & Productivity Report, 2018

14 The Engaged Workplace TRUST + EMPOWERMENT Trust and empowerment is foundational to information exchange and creating forward momentum around shared goals of an organization. Culturally, trust can be a game changer for organizations. Organizations with high levels of trust among its employees will often demonstrate increased levels of innovation, productivity, profitability, employee engagement and growth. Technologically enabled workplace environments provide employees variety, choice and control to how, when and where they work. Workspaces that allow for flexibility with short and long term growth enable teams and individuals autonomy over their space, empowering them to evolve as necessary.

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 15 HOW CLIENTS ARE TAKING IT ON VARIETY Adding a rooftop terrace created the ideal multi-purpose area for work and social functions year-round. The terrace offers a central gathering space creating opportunities for multi-generational and cross-functional socialization that helps foster EUA’s culture. By providing a flexible work environment located away from the core floors, it supports employee choice and speaks to the trust the organization has in their work. CHOICE + CONTROL American Family Insurance’s downtown Madison office location boasts views of the Capitol building and offers employees a variety of options in which to work. Employees are empowered to work throughout the office in technology infused spaces that best enable their current work requirements. A variety of amenities such as a rooftop terrace, co-working space or conferencing areas are offered as options to employees. FLEXIBILITY With a focus on creating a flexible, highly interactive workspace, Briggs & Stratton’s corporate office features mobile benches and a centrally-located core designed for maximum knowledge sharing. Employees now have multiple settings within the workplace to choose where to work and how they engage with one another. This open and collaborative core will help frame future work environments and styles within the executive and administration areas. EUA Headquarters American Family Insurance Zurn Headquarters Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report: 74% less stress, 13% fewer sick days and 76% more engagement. The Neuroscience of Trust | Harvard Business Review

16 The Engaged Workplace WORKPLACE CLIENTS Over 70+ people in EUA’s Workplace Studio specialize in workplace design providing our clients with research-based knowledge and an understanding of the best practices in today’s workplace environments for tomorrow’s workers. We design workplace environments that empower people to do their best and allow organizations to thrive and grow. • ABB • Accenture • Acuity Insurance • Air Methods • American Family Insurance • Ascension • Baird • Bartlit Beck • BMO Harris • Briggs & Stratton Corporation • Broadcom • Charter Communications • CliftonLarsonAllen LLP • Clorox • Comcast • CSG International • CUNA Mutual Group • Dish Network • DPC Companies • Effectv • Epsilon • Filament Games • Foley & Lardner • Froedtert • GE Healthcare • Godfrey & Kahn SC • Harley-Davidson • Holland & Hart LLP • Hy Cite Enterprises • JDA Software • Johnson Controls • KOHLER • Landmark Credit Union • Leprino Foods • Liberty Global Inc. • Lockheed Martin • M3 Insurance Solutions • ManpowerGroup • MGIC • Milwaukee Bucks • Nature’s Way • NCR • Northwestern Mutual • Norton Rose Fulbright • Oshkosh Corp. • Paradigm • Plexus • Red Robin • Rexnord Corporation • RiteHite • Rockwell Automation • SECURA Insurance Co. • SC Johnson & Son • Sierra Nevada Corporation • Spectrum • Uline • United Properties • Workiva • Zund America, Inc. • Zurn

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 17 EUA SERVICES Our clients hire us for our expert advice, problem-solving skills and creative planning and design solutions. We are strategic business partners with our clients, offering a comprehensive range of design-focused services: Assessment + Pre-Design ADA / Accessibility Study Code Review Existing Facility Survey Facility Assessment Project Feasibility Study Preventative + Corrective Maintenance Building Location Rezoning Site Planning Site Selection Evaluation Architectural Services Building Design + Planning Building Systems Coordination CM / Contractor Selection Furniture Selection Interior Design Master Planning Programming Engineering Services Electrical Engineering HVAC Engineering MEP Design Assistance Plumbing Engineering Structural Engineering System Design Communication + Graphics Change Management Community Engagement Computer Animation + Visualization Environmental Branding Exhibit + Interactive Design Life Cycle Services Facility + Enterprise Design Standards Historic Preservation Sustainable + Wellness Design Strategic Planning Workplace Strategy

18 The Engaged Workplace 1. Affiliated Construction Services 2. Airgas 3. Rockwell San Jose 4.Workiva 5. Global Building Technology Firm 6. Breakthrough* 7. Confidential Client 8. J.F. Ahern 9. Douglas Dynamics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 *Completed by EUA acquired firms

Design to elevate people’s potential | EUA 19 1. Financial Industry Client 2. Delve 3. LBA Realty 4. US Engineering* 5. Milwaukee Bucks 6. Paradigm 7. Gauthier Biomedical 8. Zund America 9. Miron Construction - Milwaukee 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 *Completed by EUA acquired firms

20 The Engaged Workplace EMILY DUNN Director of Workplace Strategy [email protected] | 303.256.1132 denver : milwaukee : madison : green bay : atlanta

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