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Published by EUA Marketing, 2016-06-06 11:42:24

ProHealth Care Mukwonago

Case Study

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Mukwonago, WI : 65,000 sq ft addition

Creating a Healthier Community (Pictured above) The emergency department
entrance allows for effective protection from the
ProHealth Care recognized that the Mukwonago community did not have easy, timely elements while creating a visual presence within
access to emergency healthcare services. In an effort to meet this need, they undertook the community.
a 65,000 square-foot addition to respond to community growth and better address
the emergency medical needs of local families. Project Features

ProHealth Care sought to build in flexibility to support the community’s continued • E nclosed and heated four-vehicle
growth and health care demand. It was critical to design a site that would enhance ambulance garage
the patient experience, support clinical excellence and promote environmental
stewardship. Above all, the project needed to provide peace of mind for area • Twenty-five exam rooms including
residents, reduce their need to leave town for emergency care, and make them proud specialized rooms for behavioral
of the investment made in their community. health, ENT, and bariatric patients

The final solution involved ProHealth Care expanding its existing D. N. Greenwald • Trauma room with a two-bed capacity
Center site in Mukwonago, Wisconsin to include a freestanding emergency • Radiology department expansion,
department, four ambulance transport bay, helipad and larger imaging and lab
departments. including new X-ray and CT
equipment and a green roof
PROJECT GOALS INCLUDED: • D edicated spaces for law enforcement
and EMS personnel
»» Providing emergency care close to patients’ homes and work • Decontamination areas
»» Reducing patient volumes at ProHealth’s existing hospital EDs • Enhanced staff areas
»» Creating an environmentally sustainable hospital facility • New receiving, storage and loading
»» Developing a design that is complimentary and sympathetic to original building dock areas on the lower level
»» Increasing patient privacy and comfort by separating patient and staff flow • N ew and enhanced mechanical/
»» Improving staff visability and access into patient rooms electrical areas
»» Incorporating a sense of community into the design aesthetic • Exterior canopy to provide weather
protection during patient drop off

Community Engagement
In order to determine what community members valued and
expected from the project, ProHealth Care reached out to
patients and their families through surveys and community
open houses. ProHealth also connected regularly with Friends
of Mukwonago River, local inspectors, city officials and regional
EMS providers to develop trust and foster open communication.
The input from each audience was shared with the design team
and integrated into project goals and principles.

Incorporating a Sense of the Community Separating staff work areas and patients
The village of Mukwonago (also known as the “place of the
bear”) is represented throughout the biophilic design. The lines
of the local landscape inspired the design team to incorporate
perfectly imperfect grids and parallel lines which can be found
on walls, flooring and other surfaces. A tree-like element carried
throughout the space represents a bear’s den – the literal
translation of the community’s name. Wide open spaces create a
sense of expansive terrain.

Blending with Existing Dual-entNryewexadmdirtoioonmss
ProHealth wanted to ensure the addition would blend seamlessly
into the existing structure, while still being visible from a distance. To support ProHealth Care’s Lean objectives, EUA’s design minimizes staff
The composition of the existing building was complemented by footsteps, fosters care team collaboration and creates an environment that
use of taller glass forms to provide a visible presence around promotes superior delivery of healthcare to patients.
the clock. By refreshing the material and color palettes used, the
team was able to provide a comforting environment while still
maintaining elements critical to the delivery of emergency care.

ProHealth Care’s
D. N. Greenwald Center
provides an innovative
solution to emergency
department design.
Featuring a clinical
arena with a staff-only
core, double entrance
rooms and improved
views into patient
rooms, ProHealth Care
successfully separates
staff from visitors to
elevate the patient

The interior design is inspired by the surrounding Mukwonago community and landscape. Features of the design include extensive daylighting and biophilic design
to exemplify nature, wide open spaces, expansive terrain and a sense of perfectly imperfect lines/grids throughout the emergency department.

Overall, the design solution minimizes staff footsteps, fosters
team collaboration and improves lines of sight into patient exam
rooms. The design features extensive penetration of natural
light, providing separation between comforting public areas for
patients and task-oriented private areas for staff.

Laboratory Sustainability
Over 50 sustainable features and products were employed
Public / Private Boundaries during this project. Examples include a live vegetated roof, PVC-
A key objective of the project was to create efficiency free flooring, LED lighting and water-saving plumbing fixtures.
for the staff. When boundaries between public All engineering and design disciplines contributed to making the
and private space do not exist, staff members find building’s environmental impact as small as possible.
themselves challenged by numerous interruptions
and they are not able to focus on patient care. The sustainable features were selected specifically to support
the project. For example, the live vegetated roof was positioned
To support ProHealth Care’s lean objectives, EUA so that infusion patients, located in the UW Cancer Center at
designed dual-entry exam rooms. Each features a ProHealth Care in the original site, view it and the prairie below
sliding glass door which opens to a central staff- from the windows of their treatment rooms.
only work area. The inner core or work area offers
space for physician collaboration and dictation while Accelerated Schedule
the glass doors make it possible to easily monitor In order to minimize construction time, a voided concrete deck
patient status from across the room. Different structural system (“Bubble Deck”) was employed. The majority
flooring materials used in the emergency department of the concrete deck was pre-manufactured off-site. The entire
indicate specialty cart parking zones and enforce a 28,000 sq ft floor system was installed in three weeks. Also,
necessary sense of boundaries. multiple bid packages were employed to allow construction to
begin before the entire design was complete.

“EUA can bend and
adapt to the project’s
need.Their goal is the
same as ours, to have

an end result that
meets our needs.”

Dan Budde, project Manager,
ProHealth Care

Family waiting area

Family waiting areas were designed to allow respite from the chaos of the arena. Soft, calming elements
were implemented to reduce the anxiety usually associated with an emergency department.

The End Result

ProHealth’s Mukwonago emergency department is one of only four freestanding emergency departments in Wisconsin. Its presence
on the D. N. Greenwald Center campus has significantly increased the accessibility of healthcare services. The addition will help
ProHealth Care achieve its mission to “continuously improve the health of the community.” Most importantly, the new emergency
department provides care the community of Mukwonago needed and desired – eliminating the need for most individuals to travel
30-minutes or more in search of emergency medical care. The site is projected to reach 19,000 patient visits per year by 2017.

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