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Published by 23namparbeng, 2022-05-20 10:05:34

New publications

New publications

“We’ve got ears say Cheers” to a
year of Publications!

Nana Amma Amparbeng
May 2022

Table of Contents

Page 1-2 Hard News

Page 3 Sports Story

Page 4 Editoral Cartoon

Page 5-6 Photo Essay

Page 7 Choice Story

Page 8 Personality Profile

Page 9 Feature Story

Page 10 Review

Hard News

6 year old boy in Indiana reported
missing January 5th found dead in
an alleyway. Mother, Older brother,
and sister arrested in involvement.

Damari Perry was reported missing January 5, 2022 by his Photo by Gary Police Department
mother Jannie and brother Jeremiah Perry. Jannie and
Jeremiah claimed he was out with his older sister at a party
and she fell asleep leaving him unsupervised. She also said
that when she woke up he was nowhere to be found. Peoples
Magazine’s article by Chris Harris goes into more depth
about how authorities realized the statements coming from
the family were untrue.
Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart says the story
given to authorities was “completely false.”
After coming to this realization of the fallacy of the stories,
attention was hastily drawn to not only the unnamed sibling
that allegedly saw him last but also the brother Jeremiah
Perry and mother Jannie Perry who had initially reported
Damari missing.
After collecting witness statements, investigator’s from the
FBI came to a discovery that shocked many. Information
from witnesses led to the discovery of Damari’s body in
Lake County, Indian., It is believed by investigators that he
passed away late December. The autopsy revealed there was
“underlying suffering” before his death. He was tortured by
his mother and brother in a cold shower until he threw up
and went unconscious. Although he was found wrapped in a
plastic bag buried under snow, the Coroner mentioned the
“charring on his body and deep bruising on his legs.” CBS
Chicago reporter Jermont Terry says “ But the wounds for
the torture go deeper than the skin, the autopsy discovered
partially frozen internal organs”. Serving as evidence that
Damari likely died of hypothermia.
All 3 family members are being charged with concealment
of a homicidal death. Along with the charges mentioned, the
mother has also been charged with homicide and the brother
with aggravated assault.

“We’ve got ears say Cheers”

Hard News

Bengals Tight end Player C.J
Uzomah leaves fans in deep ponder
on wether he’ll be able to play in the
Super Bowl after his knee.

CJ Uzomah was born in Suwanee, Georgia to his 2 parents versus the Kansas Chiefs. The injury later found out to be a
Xavier and Stephanie Uzomah. Cj began playing football torn MCL. Bengals Coach Zac Taylor told reporters
in High school as a Quarterback for North Gwinnett High Again, we’ve got three more days of work to see where he’s
School. He continued his football career into College at at,” Taylor said, “He won’t practice today but he’ll likely get
Auburn University from 2011 and 2014 and later went on in some work tomorrow. So, again, optimistic with where
to play for the CIncinnati Bengals and went on to become he’s at.”
crucial player on the team as their Tight end. Fans are loving how optimistic coaches and media are be-
ing but the concern that he may be unable to play in the Su-
per Bowl. CJ released a statement full of positivity as well.
“To me, I’m like I’m not missing the biggest game of my
life. Right? Like, I’m not missing it.” “So that’s my approach
going into every day of rehab. If I wake up, and I’m like,
‘Oh, man, it’s a little sore,’ it doesn’t matter. . . . Right when
I put my feet on the ground, it’s go time. Let’s get this rehab
going. Let’s do everything I can to make sure I’m ready and
available to play. That’s kind of where my mind is.”
The Super Bowl is being played in Ingelwood, California
this Sunday at 6:30 and fans are looking forward to seeing
C.J. in peak health and recovery.

Photo by Dan Gartfeild
As we all know, as of last month the Cincinnati Bengals
won their first play off in 31 years against the Las Vegas
Raiders 26-19. Meaning we will be seeing the Bengals in
the Super Bowl this
February. Tight end player C.J Uzomah, was rushed off the
field during overtime at a game leading up to the playoffs

“We’ve got ears say Cheers”

Sport Story

Six Years later, could Minnie
Minosa finally have his shot at being
honored in the Hall of Fame?

Though Mimosa is not here today, we can still credit him for his
many achievements and influence in
baseball. On November 15, 2021 the white sox held a
virtual panel meeting to acknowledge Minosa’s Merits before the
Golden Day Era committees final Vote in December. The
current panel consisted of a diverse group of baseball players
and influencers such as Bob Kendrick, José Contreras, and
Eduardo Perez.
As voting for the new members of the Hall of Fame is coming up
we can continue to stay hopeful that his influence and hard work
will be remembered and acknowledged.

Photos by Hy Peskins Courtesy of the New York Times
For years, society has struggled with the under
representation of minorities. Their credit not being given when
it’s due and their achievements being often overlooked. Minnie
Minosa, known as the Cuban Comet born on November 29,
1925, in Matanzas, Cuba
Is easily remembered by his great influence, speed, and
numerous accomplishments in pioneering the
movement for people of color in the baseball industry. As the
first black major league star from Latin
America, he began playing baseball for the Cuban
Sugar Mills then in 1945 Minosa joined the Negro Leagues’
New York Cubans. After the major league color barrier was
broken by Jackie Robinson in 1947 Minosa signed with the
Cleveland Indians.
Despite Minosa’s incredible playing abilities he only made
appearances before his time with the minor leagues. He played
for the Chicago White Soxs in making history as their first
black player.
Former Cleveland Indians,Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays,
St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and Los Angeles Angels
player Eduardo Perez said.“I am who I am because my father
aspired to be like Minnie Miñoso,”.
As we could go on and continue to name Minosa’s numerous
achievements, they were not acknowledged in the hall of fame
while he was alive. On March 1, 2015 Minosa passed away
behind the wheel in his car. Autopsy later revealed that he died
from a tear in the pulmonary artery.

“We’ve got ears say Cheers”

Editoral Cartoon


“We’ve got ears say Cheers”

Photo Essay

Here comes the Pride of the Bears!

Photo Credits Nana Amma Amparbeng

Coach Brooks prioritzes discipline and ethic in Seniors Manha Shams and Selah Wright
his class greatly. Berlin Bears worked on their take a break to pose in media center to have
lifting technique for their sports seasons in the their photos taken by Journalism staff. They

weight room during their third period. had been work- ing hard on making final
touches to their College Essays.

Berlin Teddy Bear display in Art hallway.
Berin Staff reminded new students of our
“Inclusive and Diversity” policys to help them feel

welcomed throughout the year.

Hand made mural in art teacher Ms. Murphy’s
room. This mural was made in order to remind her
students to allow themselfs to grow through their

art work.

“We’ve got ears say Cheers”

Photo Essay

Our Bears make their mark with a “paw print” in

hall with word of encouragment on them. Senior

Manha Shams shows her support for the

“Claws of Pride Mural” mural in the hall. Beautiful sunshine on East side of Berin.

Mr Spinner told the Class of 23’ on their first day about the

location of our school gives us the perfect amount of sun- shine.

in the mornings.

Pink Ribbon for breast Cancer Awareness poster on doors
of the athletic hallway. Athletes and Coaches show their
support in the fight against breast cancer and help raise
awarenss for it by haning up a sign infront of their hall.

Health teacher Mrs Lewis hangs inspirational
quotes around her room. At the beginning of this
year she does this to let students know her room

is a safe space.

“We’ve got ears say Cheers”

Choice Story

I sat down with Berlin Baseball
player Griffin White 23’, here’s
what you should know!

Griffin White, is a 16 year old Griffin aspires to play D-1 in college as he is very passionate
baseball player for Olentangy Berlin about his sport, plans to stick to baseball and hopes he can
High school who enjoys playing continue to play after high school. He isn’t quite sure yet what
video games, taking his dog on walks, and going to the lake college he wants to play for but has recently been thinking
with friends. White is from Dayton, Ohio and says he could about Xavier or Miami University. He is a part of the
see himself still living here as an adult; although if he was Distributive Education Club of America program at his school
ever to move it would be into a southern state either a and his favorite class at the moment is Marketing applications.
Carolina or Florida. Although Baseball is the only sport for him, he does enjoy
Griffin illustrates himself as outgoing, fun, and passionate. He watching college football along with college basketball.
lives by being positive and doing his best to make sure he is When Griffin was around 11 or 12 he lost his grandfather.
controlling what he can control and not letting a single “It just taught me don’t take anything for granted and tell the
negative thing ruin his day. I had the pleasure of sitting down people that your close to you love them.” This changed the
with him for an interview. He spoke about his parents and way he looked at life in the long run allowed him to to move
how they Inspire him to be the best athlete and person he can forward differently.

Photo Courtesy of Griffin White
A typical Saturday for him is waking up around 9 am he then
heads to his game that usually ends around 3:30 the rest of his
day then is used to watch the Ohio State Football game if their
playing and hanging out with friends and hang out. In 10 years
from now he sees himself with a good job a family kids and a
dog. When he graduates from college he would like to go into
education and become a teacher. He has 2 younger siblings,
Ella who is 14 and Quinn who is 8.

“We’ve got ears say Cheers”

Personality Profile

How Olentangy Berlin High School’s
vice principal Mr. Jagger became

From a business major to school administrator but why? Reader, research to find
allow me to share with you how our vice principal became ours. out new ways he
Our Vice Principal Mr Benjamin Jagger grew up in Whitley could help his wife
County, Indiana. All of his family lived within 8 miles of each eventually it started
other and only 2 of his family members including him had ever to greatly interest
moved away. him. During our
He was very active in his high school years from a interview he said, “If
football and baseball player to a tennis, swimming, and wrestling. I hit the lottery I’d
He did his best to be a very attentive student to help remove the become a
stress of worrying about your child education off of his mother as Pediatric
she had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. “My mom Oncologist”. At one
was positive through all of it and always maintained that level of point Jagger was
it wasn’t going to beat her.” coaching
Jagger went on to Ball State University originally to major in Volleyball and met
business and become an entrepreneur. As Jagger puts it ‘I got one of his students
really really good at John Madden Football instead of being really Gabby. Over the
really good at going to classes”. This resulted in an academic years her
dismission in the semester after Fall of 2001. His parents received wonderful and pos-
the letter of his termination on Christmas eve it read, “ Mr. and itive energy allowed
Mrs. Jagger we regret to inform you that your son ben can no them to build a bond
longer attend Ball State”. Ironically , that same night his parents even through her high school years. She was a volleyball player
received another letter about his older sister Amand. At the time but when she heard Mr Jageer would be coaching tennis she
she was in her Doctorate program and the same night his parents joined the team for
had received a letter about her making the Deans List within her conditioning.. Sadly became very sick and her life was taken by a
program. He re-entered the Spring of 2003 and Graduated in prognosis of blood fungus “But throughout that entire process
2006. she was always positive she always was. At one point Jagger was
Jaggers parents were entrepreneurs who owned a few Sears retail coaching Volleyball and met his students Gabby. Over the years
dealers stores.“I enjoy Business that why I taught it, i am still her wonderful and positive energy allowed them to build a bond
interested in personal finance…I wouldn’t say business wasn’t for even through her high school years. She was a volleyball player,
me i would say the act of running a business, or euntrepenuship but when always a fighter”. After Gabbys struggle when Mr Jagger
wasn’t for me. Mr Jagger shared with us the difficulty of him and and his wife had their kids taking into consideration that their
his wife’s pregnancy. His wife was pregnant with triplets who kids would suffer of life long medical issues they named one of
suffered of Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome also know as their daughters Gabby in honor of her battle and steadfast
Pheto-Fetal Syndrome. This made the pregnancy extremely deli- positivity. Readers lets all take from the story of Gabby and do
cate which contributed to multiple doctor visit and drives to the our best to be positive in times of hardship that we may impact
specialist weekly. Mr Jagger and his wife now have 2 those around us.
daughters and a son. During this time he was doing a lot of
Photo by HR Imaging

“We’ve got ears say Cheers”

Feature Story

Original designs of your
favorite everyday shoes.

In the 1980s collecting sneakers became a huge part of Afro Nike Blazers
culture. To collect sneakers can be an expensive hobby, but it More Recently Nike Blazers became popular as well.
quickly stole the hearts of many and made a name for itself. They gained the favor of many as gym and lifting shoes
Things like the Street Wear aesthetic and brands like FUBU, Sean because of their flat bottoms and laces that come up high
John, and Hilfiger all started to make their dabeau. Though today enough to tie tight for good ankle support while doing
new sneakers are released monthly I find it important that we exercises. There isn’t a very specific color way that is the most
remember some of the first colorways and designs that were predominant as when it comes to Blazers. The biggest
released of our favorite shoes when sneaker culture first became differentiating design is the Nike check on the shoe. Blazers
rampant. first came out in 1973 as not only a basketball shoe but also
Air Forces one for skating. This shoe’s versatility has made it such a
Let’s start with one we all know, Air Force Ones. All white Air go-to as it can be worn for so many activities. Below, a photo
Forces recently became popular amongst the younger generations of George Gervin wearing a pair of blazers for his game
again as a casual daily lifestyle sneaker. As there are many many against the Bulls in 1982.
different types of Air Forces, The all white Air Force 1 Lows
quickly became a favorite. The first pair of Air Forces were r
eleased in 1982. Designed by Bruce Kilgore as Basketball shoes,
the company quickly acquired different designs to the shoes in-
cluding the basic lows that we all know today.

Nike Air Force 1 07’ Photo by Fred Jewell
Jordan 4’s
Last but not least, my personal favorites, Jordan 4’s, released in
February of 1984. Recently the “University Blues” have become
super popular and retail for about $250. Along with the “Fire
Reds”, their retro look and affordability has made them an
essential for many sneakerhead’s collections.

Fire Reds University Blues

“We’ve got ears say Cheers”


I visited America’s
favorite Cafe! Heres
how it went.

Starbucks is one of America’s most well known Cafes, Logo credit Starbucks trademark
notoriously known for their drink menu. Since their drinks The wait time for these was very short, almost immediately
are the most popular thing on their menu, I decided that after all 5 items were ordered the Barista handed me the pack-
reviewing food items would be most beneficial. I visited one age I suppose this was because they are pre-packaged.
of their locations on Columbus Pike in Delaware, Ohio to try
for myself. I ordered a few snack items to taste myself while I give the customer service a 4/5. I had to consider the time
considering all of the components listed. Customer Service, I was coming along with the amount of people at the drive
Taste, Presentation, Wait time, and Financial Worth. through but I do think they should have had more people on
staff. My Barista was very polite and did not show any signs
of irritations despite all the other things I ordered. They did
appear very organized and had a good system going to make
sure everyone did eventually get served.

First, I tried the Chocolate covered Espresso Beans. This is
a perfect snack for someone who needs that quick shot of
caffeine. The bean to chocolate ration was very well measured
so it wasn’t too sweet or overpowered by the espresso bean. I
received my cake pops not long after. I rate these a 4/5. They
could have been better packaged, my bag was filled with quite
a bit of air and I would have appreciated more content in the
bag for their price. They were very well presented. They came
in a small clear bag with a green sticker on top. Next I ordered
“Birthday Cake” cake pops.

Photo by Nana Amma Amparbeng

“We’ve got ears say Cheers”

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