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Table of contents

- Getting organized
- Study Skills
- Argumentative Essays
- Evaluating Sources
-How to give killer presentations



Chapter 1: Getting Organized

The first thing I recommend canva
you to do, is to go to a website

called, "What is my learning
style." Here you can to find out
whats your best way of learning

and retaining information.

Make sure you remember to do this because
Ms. Van Strien will make you write a whole

paragraph about your learning style.

Weekly schedule

The second thing you have to
do is creating a fully

organized schedule of your
whole week. This so you do
not get disorganized during
your week and to maintain a
healthy and productive life.


This is and example of a
schedule I did for Freshman


Study Area

The third and last thing for this chapter is
finding a perfect study area where you

don't have any distractions and where you
don't have to worry about anything.

canva canva



Recommended Tips
- having good lighting in your study room
- having at least 3 pencils that you can use
at any given moment
- having something to reward your self
after finishing your HW, like a healthy
snack or a chocolate bar.

Chapter 2: study skills

Time management is an important study skill. Knowing
how to manage your time is truly beneficial. It will help you

be more productive when you study in general or when
you study for tests. You should also have a plan of study

and breaking down information.

Besides these three there are other things listed below
that are as important to better your performance in school.

1. When you-have a good 2. Studies show that if you
sleep at least 10 hours a
breakfast in the morning it day you will be able to pay
helps you retain more attention in school,
improve your grades, you
information much more will look good. Sleeping the
easier along the day. necessary hours is also

part of maintaining a
healthy lifestyle

This video will help canva
you improve your
study skills! y/lesson/how-to-improve-


Chapter 3: Plagiarism

- Plagiarism is a big deal and it’s not
something you want to test. Having
said this, first you should never have
anybody else than yourself write your
paper. Second, you should never ever
copy someones work, and if you take

information from the internet you
should cite your sources.

Consequences of Plagiarism:

- getting dismissed from college
- Earning yourself a BIG F

q=dont+copy&safe=strict&source=ln - failing your course


- Getting in legal issuesDigB&biw=1440&bih=821#imgrc=zpQ


* To get a more detailed idea of what plagiarism is, visit
the following link and select the Dylan character. It will
only take you ten minutes.
ou_quote_it_you_note_it/ 10 min.


Important things to know:
- Definition of paraphrasing
- when to use paraphrasing
- How to paraphrase

1. Paraphrasing is changing someone else's work
into your own work. You do this by changing the
words in the writing but keeping the main idea.

2. You should paraphrase
when you want to use

anothers person work but
without plagiarising.


3. you can paraphrase when you
have read the passage several
times and you feel 100% confident
that you can rewrite the passage
using your own words without

changin the main idea.

Chapter 4: Argumentative

An argumentative essay is an essay that
presents both sides of an argument, meaning it

puts both side of an issue in a conversation.
When you write this type of papers you should
always keep in mind who your audience is and

deliver your information accordingly.


For an argumentative essay you have to have the
following in your paper:
- Intro paragraph
- 3 body paragraphs
- Rebuttal paragraph
- Conclusion

The following link containf a power point that will guide
you on how to write a intro paragraph for you
argumentative essay.


When you are writing a paper you should
always incorporate quotes in your text as

part of your evidence.

How To Use Quotations

First you need to introduce the quote in a complete
sentence. For this you can paraphrase the quote or
explain how it fits into your work. You can also
introduce the quote with an explanatory phrase
followed by the comma and the quote on the same
sentence. Second you of course place the quote in
your paragraph and last you explain the quote.It
should work smoothly in your paper.

Remember when you want to
incorporate a quote you should
always use quotation marks before
the quote and after the quote.

Persuasive Techniques:
Ethos, Pathos & Logos

-Ethos canva
Ethos is the ethical appeal in your
argument. This term means to
convince your audience of your
credibility as an author or
character. This can be
accomplished by using the
appropriate vocabulary for your

- Pathos
Pathos is the emotional appeal in
your writing. When you use pathos
you persuade your audience by
appealing to their emotions.

- Logos

Logos is the appeal to logic and

reason. This means you convince

an audience by appealing to their

common logic.


Rebuttal Paragraph

A rebuttal paragraph is when you present
the counter arguments to your main

argument in your writing and respond to

Why do you need a rebuttal paragraph?

You need a rebuttal paragraph because it
helps you build credibility (ethos.) When
you present both sides of an argument
you demonstrate your knowledge of the
topic you are writing about. By having a
rebuttal paragraph you can also
decreases the amount of points your
opposition can make in when they are
developing their
counter-argument in regards to your

How do I write a rebuttal paragraph ?

1. Start by predicting what the counter argument to your
claim would be. Introduce it in a topic sentence and
transition or signal words such as:

-“Opponents of this argument may think…”

-“Some feel....”

2. Explain in a few sentences, what
the argument
against yours is. (This demonstrates
your knowledge of
the issue and shows you are

3. Once you are done explaining the
counter argument you should
acknowledge the truth or lack of truth
in it. You should ask yourself if the
argument accurate, only true in
certain situations or if it is completely
false. To explain this you may start
with something like:

-“While this much is true…”

4. Lastly, you have to circle back to
your argument. For this you should
use a new piece of evidence to
bolster your opinion and explain why
your argument is still stronger.


Chapter 5: Evaluating Sources

We use the internet for
everything, for research,
to do shopping and for
many other things. This
is why it is important for

you to know it the
website is credible,
specially for academic


- When you are not sure
if the website you are
using is credible, you
can use the table in the
right to evaluate your

I have a short challenge for you! I will list 4
different website links and based on the
chart I gave you, you will have to identify
wether any of the websites are credible or
not credible.

1) .

- With the 4 links
provided make sure
to go check them out
and put your skills to
practice and find out
if any of this websites
are credible.




Chapter 6: How to Give Killer


Imagine giving a presentation to a big audience
and suddenly you forget everything, you bore your

audience, you don't make eye contact and you
start making distracting movements. That wouldn't

be a good thing right?

Thankfully you don't have to worry about these
things happening, because today I will teach you
how to give killer presentations! For this you just

have to follow my following advice.

Remember that your Always breath before doing a
information is always directed presentation, make sure to take
to the audience you will present deep breaths.
to, so use appropriate Relax yourself, stretch and
vocabulary move before starting.
Use colors and visuals that will Mentalize your presentation so
catch your audiences eye you are confident about
Use as little text as possible in yourself
your presentation
Make sure you know your info
well never read of your

use this link to get a better
idea on how to give killer



Before giving your presentation you can use
this chart to make sure you meet all the points

required to get a good grade and have a
successful presentation





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