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Published by grahamk, 2019-12-06 09:20:35

Lucy the Elf (1)

Lucy the Elf (1)

Lucy the Elf

By: Kayanna Graham

One day far away in the North Pole
sat Lucy a young elf, she was often alone.
The other elves would always pick on her for her size.

She was smaller than all the elves her age,
she couldn’t help it but no one cared.

The adults didn’t notice and she didn’t want to be a bother.
So she kept her chin up.

Lucy continued to try to get her helpers badge.

That way she would be able to help Santa with presents.

It was her forever dream,

she knew one day she would be able to build amazing presents for children all

Lucy sat outside alone studying to be able to get her badge.
A group of elves a little bit older than her came and sat down next to her.
They had already had their badges and always picked on her for not having hers.

It didn’t help with how small she was either.

One elf had said, “Why would you study, you won’t get your badge anyways”

The others laughed

The biggest one went on to say, “ yeah you're too small to be helping Santa, you
cant even reach the table”.

Little lucy just kept ignoring them.

The elves didn’t know it but Santa had been on a stroll nearby.
He had heard everything the elves had said to poor Lucy.

He was mad that he didn’t notice one of his dear elves getting picked on.
He went to Ms. Claus and told her what happened.

They talked about it and figured what he was to do.
He went to the workshop, he called forth the elves picking on her.
He talked to them and told how what they were doing is super bad.

The next day they all apologize to Lucy.

Lucy was called to Santa's office,
she was so excited to meet Santa.
She walked in and there sat Santa Claus.

He had her take her badge test and she passed!
She was so excited, she was to be Santa's helper.

She jumped up and gave santa a big ol hug.

She wasn’t supposed to take her test for another couple months.

So she asked, “Santa why did I take my test now, I wasn’t supposed to for another
couple of months?”

Santa then says to her, “I knew you were ready and I couldn’t wait to have you on
my team.

When all the elves found out what happened they cheered.

They were proud of little Lucy,

That day she found out that she had more people who cared about her then she

The End...

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