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The December 2019 edition of the Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier Newsmagazine.

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The Courier Online - December 2019

The December 2019 edition of the Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier Newsmagazine.

the courier online
volume 3
issue 4

just talking

olentangy orange high school 2840 east orange road lewis center, ohio 43045

december 2019 | table of contents

table of contents

designer athena heckman

3 Staff Editorial
5 finding the one through online dating
8 Trending
10 new year’s resolutions

tragedy at saugus high school

Cover Story

just talking


the spinout of nascar


winter formal


driver’s license frenzy


studying season

web staff:

editorial board: staff:

courier online writing editor-in- Carissa Long
chiefs: Samantha Amonette

Raymie Shields & Molly Schomock
Tatum Bardash Tyler Reed
courier online design editor-in-
Olivia Lehmann
chief: Morgan Kubetin
Athena Heckman Caroline Schattschneider
2 | the courier online

editorial | december 2019

finding the one through online dating

writer tatum bardash

Ddesigner morgan kubetin who the person behind the screen actually scammed by online dating users should
ating in today’s society has is. This scary thought of going on a date be taken seriously by all dating app users.
transformed and evolved over the with someone who isn’t the person they However, when signing up for the online
past few generations. One major described on their profile may run through program, users should understand the
change within societal norms has been the the minds of users. risks and factors that come along with it.
acceptance and increased use of online
dating. According to the To ensure that users aren’t scammed,
Federal Trade the Federal Trade Commission advises
Some may be against the use of these Commision, that users never send money or gifts, talk
alternative means of finding a significant “In 2018, to trusted family and friends about the
other, but people should be able to find Sentinel [a relationship, take things slowly and know
their partner with these applications if they dating site]
chose to do so. With easy access to many had more the signs of someone that is a scammer.
individuals across the globe, meeting new than “Romance scammers lure people
people has become easier than ever. 21,000
reports with phony online profiles, often
According to Statista, “In 2018, about lifting photos from the web to
approximately 33.9 million U.S. users romance scams, and people reported create attractive and convincing
accessed online dating services. The losing a total of $143 million – that’s
number of U.S. online dating users is more than any other consumer fraud type personas. They might make up
projected to reach 37.2 million in 2022.” identified in Sentinel.” names or assume the identities of
real people. Reports indicate the
Apps such as Tinder, Bumble and These valid concerns of being
Hinge have all been apps that have scammers are active on dating
continued to receive more interest from apps, but also on social media
single individuals. According to sites that aren’t generally used
PC Magazine, Ohio’s top used
dating app is Tinder. for dating. For example,
many people say the scam
“In contrast to started with a Facebook
matchmaking services, online
dating focuses on casual message,” the Federal
contacting and easy flirting Trade Commission states.
among its members. The
users normally carry out the Whether individuals
search on their own. In doing decide to use online
so, they can apply search filters with dating applications is up
regard to criteria such as age, location and to them and it is a choice
other attributes,” according to Statista. that they should be able
to have. Knowing the signs to protect
The major concern with dating apps oneself is important while using these
is that there is an unknown element of apps because of the apprehensions linked
to them.

editorial statement:
The Courier is an official student-produced medium of news and information published by the Advanced Newspaper Journalism
students of Olentangy Orange High School. The Courier has been established as a designated public forum for student journalists to
inform, educate and entertain readers as well as for the discussion of issues of concern to their audience. It will not be reviewed or
restrained by school officials, adults or sources prior to publication.

The content of The Courier is determined by and reflects only the views of the student staff and not school officials or the school
itself. The Publication will not publish any material, determined by the staff or adviser, that is libelous, obscene or disruptive to the
school day.

The adviser is Kari Phillips. Readers may respond to The Courier through Letters to the Editor. Letters may be mailed, e-mailed
to [email protected] or dropped off to room 2223. The staff asks that submissions be 300 words or less and contain the
author’s name and signature. Editors reserve the right to edit or withhold publication of letters.

The Courier strives to uphold the Canons of Professional Journalism, which includes accuracy, impartiality, etc. Therefore, major
errors will be corrected in the next issue. Distinction will be marked between news and opinion stories.

the courier online | 3

december 2019 | trending


following through with resolutions

writer carissa long
designer carissa long
illustration carissa long
source Forbes magazine, U.S. news, Go Skills

succeed in finishing their50 49%
resolutions 24%

finish their resolutions on4l0y
some years


never finish their 20

10 8%


Studies have shown that out of the United States, less than 25 percent of people actually stay committed to
their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8 percent accomplish them. 49 percent of people only finish their
resolution sometimes.

F February21417S03UN21581M14ON21619T25UE22710W36ED22811T47HU FRI SAT SAthpepsreocxoimndatweleye8k0opf eFrecbernutaoryf resolutions fail by
1 2
8 9

15 16

22 23

The most commonn resolutions-
• Exercise more.
• Lose weight.
• Get organized.
• Learn a new skill or hobby.
• Live life to the fullest.
• Save more money / spend less money.
• Quit smoking.
• Spend more time with family and friends.

4 | the courier online

news | december 2019


shooting at california school leaves 3 dead

writer molly shomock
designer molly shomock
illustration molly shomock

Thursday Nov. 14th was not a very The front of Saugus High School after the shooting, with a sign that students
happy birthday for Nathaniel made as a thank you for all of the help that teachers and law enforcement
Tennosuke Berhow, a student at gave during the emergency.
Saugus High School in California who
decided to pull a gun on his classmates. come to school in case the student now has word of the shooting and is upset
He killed himself and two other students. somehow brought a gun anyway. about the events that took place.
as well as injured three other students
according to the New York Times. Tragedies like the Saugus shooting are People have been pushing for years
seen as preventable issues. Some people for the government to enforce stricter gun
Unlike Ohio, schools in California are think mental health education and therapy laws, with the idea in mind this might help
like large campuses with outside hallways can help teens through a rough time. A lot save countless lives lost due to guns and
connecting the classrooms. A lot of schools of schools also offer some kind of “help the people unfit for using them.
also have outside cafeterias and courtyards line” or they designate people as someone
where students can sit outside throughout students can go talk to if they feel like they “I think that it’s too easy for people to
the day. are going to put themselves or others in buy them I’ve seen people buy them from
danger. But a lot of times these sources places like Walmart which shouldn’t be
Just after 7:30 a.m., students were are overlooked because the student might allowed to sell them,” sophomore Hanna
making their way into school, walking feel like the adult they are talking to is not Borer said.
through the courtyard and stopping to talk taking them seriously.
to friends. Nobody realized Berhow had Just like guns, school shootings have
the gun until he unzipped his backpack Others think that adults can do more been made a normal thing that sometimes
to reveal the .45-caliber semiautomatic to make the guns they keep in the house people just ignore if it doesn’t directly
pistol, and began to shoot. He used five safe and kept away from children, and that relate to them.
shots on his classmates, and then turned guns should be more difficult to buy.
the gun to his head and shot himself. Shootings are something people
“Adults who purchase guns need to be see in the news or on social media, and
Some students fled and others hid more responsible with them. Ammunition maybe donate a few dollars to a Go Fund
in their classrooms when they heard the should be heavily taxed and restricted. Me page for the families effected, but in
shots. He ended up injuring three and Guns should require a fingerprint (similar a couple days it will be out of their minds
killing two other students and himself. to those on a smartphone)” Riddle said. almost unaware of the fact that the family
After the injured students were taken to and close friends of the people hurt will
the hospital and the students hiding were This event is greatly impacting the never be able to forget what happened.
rescued by police officers, the news of the surrounding community. It was a common
shooting began to spread like wildfire. place for kid’s sports games, and the “I don’t really know what happened,
community around it is very wealthy, all I know is there was a school shooting in
“Within a few minutes of the shooting being named one of the wealthiest cities California,” Borer said.
students were aware of it. Some of them in the United States.
got updates on their phones,” Shane These tragedies have become a
Riddle said. Riddle is a math teacher at “We were just at the park across the normal thing to hear in the news, although
Carson High School which is about 45 street from Saugus for a soccer game the people recognize it as an awful thing a lot
minutes away from Saugus. Sunday before, so it hit close to home,” of people seem to be standing back and
Riddle said. hoping that somebody else is going to do
Incidents like this shooting are not something to fix the issue.
an uncommon occurrence; Riddle’s high The shooting is not only impacting the
school had a similar threat of their school state of California; but the whole country
being in danger of a shooting, because a
video was posted online that a student got
upset about.

They quickly resolved the issue, and
police investigated the people involved.
However, students were still afraid to

the courier online | 5

december 2019 |cover story

our generation
dates differently

than the rest

writer raymie shields Raymie Shields and Zane Lattig at
designer athena heckman Heritage Park.
photo athena heckman
illustration athena heckman
source statista

The first time I ever met my now afterwards. We sat next to each other at a crush on each other, and they both
boyfriend was probably one of the the table, but we were sitting about five know that they like each other and won’t
most uncomfortable things I have feet apart. We probably said fewer than pursue anyone else, according to urban
ever experienced. Our friends were trying 10 words to each other the whole night. dictionary.
to set us up because we were both in the
same prom group, but we were also the I was very nervous, but I definitely “Everyone kind of has that weird in
only ones without dates. So, they thought could’ve said more to him. I just didn’t between stage where they’ve established
why not just go together? want to make it seem like I was trying too they like each other and don’t want to date
hard when we were hardly even “a thing” anyone else, but yet they aren’t dating.
I went to his baseball game with our at this point. My parents have always said they don’t
friends, and we all went out for ice cream understand that and always ask ‘if you like
A thing is when two people have

Dating Slang

Talking or A Thing - when two people have Ghosting - ending a relationship by suddenly cutting
established that they like each other but technically off all communication without an explanation
are not dating
Catfishing - luring someone into a relationship with
Cuffing - beginning a serious relationship with a fake or stolen online identity
someone typically in winter or “cuffing season”
Microcheating - small acts of infidelity or disloyalty
Curving - turning someone down
Wifey Material - traits that one would want in a wife
Bae - before anyone else
Boo - a boy or a girl who will be there for you
Breadcrumbing - keeping the hope of a relationship whenever you need them
alive by giving someone just enough attention

6 | the courier online

cover story | december 2019

each other, then why not just date?’” my Most Popular appear that they do, a person may try to
friend who was at our first date, Grace Dating Sites then find their Snapchat.
Parsons said.
1. Tinder “As with everything today, the process
A few days later, we went on another has been streamlined and accelerated due
group date with all of the same friends, Tinder holds to technology. No one is glancing across
but this time we were a little more thr number a room at a party, then spending a week
comfortable around each other. This time one spot with gathering vital information from friends,
we only sat around a foot apart, and we 7.86 million just to ask someone out on a date,” Bock
went to Topgolf so every time we sat back said, according to www.grownandflown.
down we slowly got closer to each other. users. com.
Eventually he put his arm around me.
2. Bumble Phase two would then begin if two
This caused me to freak out internally. people start to communicate over social
I got butterflies in my stomach, and my Bumble holds media, most likely over snapchat. As
hands wouldn’t stop sweating. Our friends thr number of 2019, around 40 percent of current
were constantly teasing us and saying “you two spot with relationships started online through a
should just get married already!” 5.03 million dating app or social media, according to
Thoughts swirled in my head users.
wondering how is he OK with trying this Phase two is also known as “talking”.
hard? Isn’t he afraid I will think he cares 3. POF It usually just consists of reciprocated
too much? Snapchats and texts. This phase could last
Plenty of Fish for days or sometimes months.
Through the next couple of weeks, I holds the
went to almost every one of his baseball Phase three is the “hanging out” stage
games pretending I had to take pictures for number three that can begin if the “talking” stage goes
my journalism classes, but I really didn’t spot with 4.28 well and the willing participants want to
have to. I just wanted to see him. The only million users. move on. This can occur in groups, or with
reason I told him I had to be there was so just the two people involved. At this stage,
he didn’t think I was trying too hard. 4. Match parents might foolishly assume dating has
commenced, but that term still should not
After most of his baseball games, we be used, unless the teen or young adult
would go and get food, just us. After the holds the has explicitly used it themselves first.
first time we hung out just the two of us, he number four
sent me a snapchat saying “will you go to spot with 1.95 Reasons for teenagers to vet potential
prom with me?” I waited a few minutes to million users. mates have their beginnings in the
respond so that I wouldn’t seem desperate psychological make-up of the brain,
and then said yes. 5. OkCupid regardless of what generation it may be.

“Back then, I was afraid of coming OkCupid holds “In new relationships, you also see a
off too strong or like I was desperate,” my the number surge of dopamine and serotonin, which
boyfriend Zane Lattig said. five spot with are feel good neurotransmitters. This is
1.79 million what they call the ‘honeymoon phase’ of
Looking back on this now after dating users. a relationship. Overtime, those levels wear
for eight months, I can’t believe we off, and if you really like the person, you
thought like this. Now my question is, why date them for a long time. If not, then you
is dating so much different now than from ‘break up’ or ‘stop talking’ as you would
previous generations? say,” psychology teacher Jamie Paoloni

DATING PHASES However, sometimes life and
relationships can’t be explained through
According to Marybeth Bock, author science and psychology. Sometimes the
of Grown and Flown, a book about this best lessons are learned through history
generation of teenagers and how they and parents’ personal experiences.
are very different from the previous
generations, dating now presents itself in “When I was a teen/young adult, I
three phases. suffered through blind dates and set-ups
with total strangers, so I do admit there
Phase one commences with a dense may be a few benefits to how it’s done
amount of social media research. In today. But I’d say that a lot of parents
under three minutes, enough data can be now are somewhat sad that their kids are
gathered to let the young person know if missing out on slower, more old-fashioned
they even need to contemplate moving on version of dating,” my dad, Brad Shields,
to the next phase. said.

This phase typically starts on Instagram.
This is to firstly see if that person has a
significant other to begin with. If it doesn’t

the courier online|7

december 2019 | sports

decline in popularity of racing

writer cole pattersom
designer morgan kubetin

Anew era of sports car racing was Philadelphia and Dallas that same night, teams and have drivers swap cars. “Each
born on Dec. 14, 1997, with the according to Forbes. driver does one round in one car. Then
birth of the National Association at the next round everyone swaps, until
for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR “Young people aren’t really interested every driver has done a round in each car,”
for short. This new racing organization in anything real. They prefer virtual reality one user wrote on a Quora forum about
was founded during a planned meeting to over REAL reality. They would rather stare NASCAR.
discuss the future of stock car racing at the at a screen than go outside and perform
Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach. physical activity,” Chris Ritterspach said. A lot of older fans actually prefer the
Ritterspach has a nephew and a niece at oval race format. “As for oval racing, it is
Since its founding, NASCAR has Orange, and he has experience watching what it is. I find it very boring. But then
held over 1,500 races, and has attracted many NASCAR races. again, the cars are pretty inadequate
fans from across the world. However, for road course race tracks, and most
attendance has significantly dropped The overall audience that NASCAR NASCAR fans prefer ovals.” amateur race
in the past decade. Bristol’s spring attracts is aging. According to a poll driver Ernesto Gasulla said.
race attendance rates have seen a near conducted by Digital Media Solutions,
75 percent decrease, according to 47 percent of fans are between the ages When a majority of fans already prefer of 18-44, meaning that more than half of the oval racin-g format, it would be a risky
NASCAR’S fans are above the age of 44, as move for NASCAR to spend the money
Television ratings in every sport have of Nov. 29, 2018. on altering what many of their loyal fans
seen unsettling drops in viewership in past already love about the declining sport.
years. However, NASCAR seems to be Despite the audience being more on
more drastic. The television ratings from the older side, the drivers are actually “I like the sport, but I don’t watch the
one of NASCAR’s most famous tracks, the younger than ever. races very often.” Keller said, who finds it
Talladega, averaged 4.7 million viewers hard to watch NASCAR for long periods of
in 2018. One year prior, the same race “I think the tracks make it hard to time as well.
averaged 5.9 million viewers, according to watch,” junior Ben Keller said. “To watch
Forbes. them turn constantly in an oval can get NASCAR seems to have no plan in
very boring very fast.” place when it comes to attracting younger
In comparison, 21.06 million fans to the sport. At the rate NASCAR is
viewers watched the NFL game between Even fans have proposed ideas of declining, it’s only a matter of time until
how to make the sport more attractive and they spin out.
interesting. One popular idea is to set up


8 | the courier online

opinion| december 2019


bringing back old traditions

writer olivia lehmann
designer olivia lehmann
illustration olivia lehmann

High school dances are definitely friends. even more unforgettable memories.
a big part of my high school I want to add this dance to my This dance will always give
experience. Every dance adds a
new unforgettable memory. I love the high school memories. High school is everybody a chance to meet new
exciting and cheerful atmosphere I have something that may seem like it is going people. I love meeting new people
with my friends while we are putting on by slowly, but in the blink of an eye it and making new friends. Everyone
the perfect makeup and hair to match will already be graduation. I want to is dancing closely to each other, and
with each of our beautiful and unique enjoy as many fun-filled school dances everyone is having a good time. This
dresses. as possible. gives the perfect chance to meet new
people and have fun with them as well.
The sad thing is I only have six With winter formal being taken
school dances I can experience. While away from the normal rotation of Winter formal gives a unique and
this does sound like a lot, I would love dances, being able to fulfill this wish new way of when it comes to asking
the opportunity for more. Unfortunately, becomes quite impossible. Adding back a date to the dance. For the other two
our high school has taken away one of winter formal gives every student and dances the school hosts for the student
our dances: winter formal. myself another chance to go to one of body. The “normal” way is that the guy
these amazing and fun dances, and add would ask the girl to go with him to
Winter formal is a dance that many the dance but winter formal gives this
high schools across the nation host for a little twist. It allows the girls to ask
their student body. This dance takes the guy to the dance.
place every year during the winter
months, but sadly for our school we no This would be quite exciting for
longer have it every year. girls. Specifically the freshmen and
sophomores who have not been
Winter formal has different names: given the opportunity to attend a
winterfest, winter ball, Christmas ball, winter formal yet in their high school
snow ball or even just simply formal. experiece.

I want to bring winter formal back It is understood that it was taken
into the dances our school hosts for our away due to not many people wanting
students each year. to attend many of the sophomores and
freshmen have never gotten to experience
With the dance being held during a winter formal. They have not been
the winter, that is the time that not able to see what the atmosphere at the
only me but also most students are dance feels like or the thrill of getting
beginning to become overloaded in all dressed up with your friends.
homework and studying for tests.
Midterms are a big part of my semester That will help take the stress away
grade, and I know that I am always from eveything going on at school.
stressed and worried to perform well. Therefore, the issue of not enough kids
going would no longer be a problem.
Bringing winter formal back would
alleviate students’ stress for one night. I believe adding Winter Formal
Students would only worry about back into the annual school dances has
taking- more pictures all dressed up only benefits. No one is going to turn
with friends dancing to the latest hits down an opportunity to have fun with
under the strobe lights and the fog and friends and fellow students when they
not about all the upcoming midterms are stressed out and just need a break.
and the loads of homework they have Winter formal gives them the perfect
at home. It would allow students to just opportunity for that, making new
let all those worries disappear for one friends and adding more memories to
night and just have a blast with their look back on in the future.

the courier online | 9

december 2019 | feature


the best place to take the test

writer sam amonette
designer sam amonette
source BBC, CBS

One of the biggest accomplishments although the Hillard location allows walk- “Another important thing is you have
for teens is getting their driver’s ins. Teens must have a parent with them. to be confident and not be anxious,”
license. It’s one of a person’s real Graham said.
glimpses of growing up and freedom. “The best way to sign up for an
appointment is to schedule an appointment Although location might be a helpful
There’s a lot of steps to get a license. online. Walking in is not a good way to go strategy for the driving part of the exam,
Teens have to study to get their temps, because you aren’t guaranteed a straight according to CBS nearly 44 percent of
then they have to go through driver’s ed, away appointment, and you could be American drivers could not pass a written
do in-cars and pass the final test, which waiting a very long time,” a Hillard DMV exam.
includes a written test, a driving test and worker said.
maneuverability test to get the license. Where she took the test in the Hillard
The Hillard DMV offers both the shopping mall is rated two and a half sars
According to BBC, there’s a 45 percent written test, and the road test which is out of five stars on google reviews and is
fail rate on the first try for the written test. also the driving exam. Before going to located in a suburban area.
any DMV, make sure they offer the tests
In Columbus, many different places because some DMVs may not offer the “My best advice for the written exam
are available for teens to take that final testing services. The information to sign up is to study, pay attention in drivers ed and
test. The closest one to Lewis Center is in is always online. to test you. to take practice quizzes,” Graham said.
Delaware, Ohio.
To sign up for an appointment, The location of taking the driving exam
The Delaware DMV is rated three out teens need to provide three pieces of is a certain strategy for many students and
of five stars on google reviews and offers information including driver’s license it’s been proven to be helpful to the test in
the drivers exam. information, personal information and a a calmer and less crowded areas.
driver’s test customer key.
There is a common belief among teens Although taking the test in different
that different locations give an easier test. “I took it in Hillard. It was a small locations may be helpful, but it may not
The less busy the area the easier the driving area, so it was an easy neighborhood to go always work. Make sure to check the
test will be to pass. Of course, that means through,” junior Ashley Graham said. availability of the exams at the different
that teens should still study and practice. location and schedule an appointment
Graham, who passed the test in July ahead of time although the best strategy to
For most places, to take the exam 2019, said that location is a helpful tool, pass the driver’s test is to study and make
they have online ways to schedule and but to be the most prepared for the driver’s sure to practice driving skills on the road.
that’s usually how most people sign up. exam is to practice and study.
Most DMVs do not accept walk-in exams

where to take the Central Ohio Driver Exam Station Google Ratings (out of five stars)
drivers exam in columbus 2079 US 23 North, Deleware Ohio
4738 Cemetery Rd., Hillard Ohio
990 Morse Rd, Columbus Ohio
1583 Alum Creek Dr., Columbus Ohio

10 | the courier online

feature| december 2019


the ways students prepare for midterms

writer Tyler Reed
designer Tyler Reed
illustration Tyler Reed

It’s the day before midterms, and Sophomore Ashlinn content from both quarters.
Ashlinn is sitting at her desk “In my U.S. History class, for
stressing about what classes Riemenschneider said she is going
he still needs to study for. He is example, students are given learning
organizing all the papers he has laid to study a couple hours each night targets for each unit on which they
out on his desk into each individual are taught and assessed. Reviewing
subject to make it easier for him a week before exams. To help her those targets and study guides
to study. He is going through his made from those targets are the
learning targets and study guides study, she reviews any units she has key to effective studying. Also,
from first and second quarter to get create good study habits like putting
as ready as possible. forgotten information about from distractions away and studying in
chunks. Try to teach the material to
Midterms are coming up on Dec. the two quarters. a family member or a friend as part
18-20, and students and teachers of your review,” Tierney said.
are both thinking about Christmas Many students are nervous to
break, which is soon to come. Sometimes it’s hard to
Midterms are the last big tests taken take their exams because these understand and study the content
to end the first semester. They can individually when it has been so
stress a lot of students out because tests are the last grade that will go long since learning the material. It’s
of the 20 percent they can change always good to ask for help on the
students’ grades by. in for the quarter. Most of them are study guides for midterms and in
“Study! Go back through notes, nervous because they like to finish
in class activities and reflect on unit “When I forget the content, I ask
tests from earlier in the year and the semester strong with a good my older sister or teachers for help if
review the material. Each teacher I’m confused or need re-taught what
should have a way in which they grade in the class. If they don’t do I’m studying,” Riemschneider said.
teach their material that can be
reviewed for the midterm,” US well on the test, it can drop their Study all material in every
History teacher Jesse Tierney said. class from first and second
grade by a decent amount. quarter
Each and every student has a
different way to study for finals. “Midterms are important Make sure your well rested
Some study for hours in advance, for each exam day
while others hardly study. because they assess the students on
Eat a good healthy break-
their learning. They force students to fast so your energized

review material from the beginning Be confident, don’t stress
out too much
of the year in tandem with new
the courier online | 11
material recently learned. Learning is

often forgotten if it is not repeatedly

reflected upon, and midterms are

one way of encouraging students

to reflect and prove what they have

learned,” Tierney said.

Many students tend to worry

about at least one class because

they may not have a good handle on

the information, especially content

that was taught at the beginning of

the semester.

“The hardest midterm I’m

taking this year is Biology

because in Biology there is a lot of

content to memorize for the test,”

Riemenschneider said.

The content on the midterm is

anything students learned from

first and second quarter. That’s why

it’s good to start studying early on,

so they remember and go over the

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