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The October 2019 edition of the Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier Newsmagazine.

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The Courier Online - October 2019

The October 2019 edition of the Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier Newsmagazine.

the courier online
volume 3
issue 2

obstacles with autism

olentangy orange high school 2840 east orange road lewis center, ohio 43045

october 2019 | table of contents

table of contents

designer athena heckman

Staff Editorial

3 orange united helps students

4 newst iphone released
5 News

the upcoming election
6 Sports
8-9 senior nights at orange


homecoming court

Cover Story

obstacles with autism
10-11 Feature
eternal halloween

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october 2019 | editorial


orange united helps students with autism

writer raymie shields by teacher Lynne Merkowitz. The a boys soccer game. The next club
designer tatum bardash club hosts one after school event per meeting will take place on Monday,
quarter. In the past they have been on Oct. 28, right after school. The
Autism is something that can trips such as bowling, holiday parties students will be painting pumpkins to
affect one’s life every day, or attending a school event like a choir bring home to their families.
but for others it’s something concert or sporting event.
that hardly enters their mind. Only a While Orange United is only an
handful of students know what it’s like Orange United is a great club to after school program, some students
to live with a relative who has autism. join because it brings students with are also involved during school hours
disabilities and their peers together. with the students who have disabilities.
According to Web MD, autism is
defined as “a complex neurobehavioral It’s a great opportunity not only Students can sign up to
condition that includes impairments for students with disabilities to get be student aides that
in social interaction and involved but also helps students who can volunteer to go into
developmental language volunteer to become more open the classroom during
and communication skills minded and see what it’s like to try their study hall or get a
combined with rigid, and help someone with autism or any permanent pass to the
repetitive behaviors.” other disability. room for what would’ve
While one might not been a students early
be affected by autism In mid September the students dismissal or late arrival.
directly, most people can ventured to Pioneer Field to watch
think of someone close Some of these
to them who is affected students with disabilities
by autism. are also involved with
the Special Olympics
Autism affects more in which the orange
than 1 in 100 people football team volunteers
and over 700,000 after their practices once
people have autism in every couple of weeks to host fun
the U.S. therefore almost and friendly games and competitions
3,000,000 people have a relative on between the students.
the autism spectrum, according to the If you would like more information
National Autistic Society. While this on any of these events or are
many people are affected by autism interesting in joining Orange United,
in the United States alone, one may please go to room 1404 and talk to
come to ask the question, what can I Mrs. Merkowitz.
do to help?

Orange United is a club held

editorial statement:

The Courier is an official student-produced medium of news and information published by the Advanced Newspaper Journalism students
of Olentangy Orange High School. The Courier has been established as a designated public forum for student journalists to inform, educate and
entertain readers as well as for the discussion of issues of concern to their audience. It will not be reviewed or restrained by school officials, adults
or sources prior to publication.

The content of The Courier is determined by and reflects only the views of the student staff and not school officials or the school itself. The
Publication will not publish any material, determined by the staff or adviser, that is libelous, obscene or disruptive to the school day.

The adviser is Kari Phillips. Readers may respond to The Courier through Letters to the Editor. Letters may be mailed, e-mailed to [email protected] or dropped off to room 2223. The staff asks that submissions be 300 words or less and contain the author’s name and signature. Editors
reserve the right to edit or withhold publication of letters.

The Courier strives to uphold the Canons of Professional Journalism, which includes accuracy, impartiality, etc. Therefore, major errors will be
corrected in the next issue. Distinction will be marked between news and opinion stories.

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october 2019 | trending

iPhone 11 with three cameras
writer carissa long

designer carissa long

Aphoto/ carissa long iPhone and said, “I’m on my phone all latest silicon called the A13 chip and it
pple has been around for about day, and by the end of the day it’s only succeeds the previous bionic chip that
43 years and has created at least 50 percent.” was in the 2018 models. According
20 different products, from “The iPhone has a back design that to Apple’s website. We attempted to
computers to phones to headphones,
according to Macworld. It released its is precision milled and sculpted from call Apple but they were not available.
first iPhone on June 29, 2007. This first a single piece of the toughest glass yet. It is the “fastest CPU and GPU in a
phone was called the iPhone 2G. The There is also a water resistance for two smartphone.”
cell phone was $499 for the CPU and GPU mean
4GB and $599 for the 8GB. Central Processing
The new iPhone is offered Unit and Graphics
in green, blue, coral and Processing Unit. These
several other colors. However, units are the soul of
the iPhones all looked similar the phone. They help to
until the iPhone 7 plus, which power everything else.
had two cameras on the back, The Bluetooth range
a fingerprint lock and was is wider and more
larger overall. spaced out than the
When the IPhone X was original phones. There
released there was no home is a new sensor that
button. There was also a bunch allows the phone to pick
of conspiracies following the up someone’s location
new phone because it used in 3D space and the
facial recognition to unlock facial recognition
the phone rather than using captures more angles
one’s finger. than before. The phone
According to The Next is able to make out the
Web, many people didn’t owner’s features faster
want the phone because “they to unlock the phone at a
didn’t want the government faster speed.
to see you or recognize you.” The cameras on the
However, people still bought iPhone 11 have a new
the phone because of the dual lens system. It
camera quality and how has new sensors and a
useful it really was. new ultra-wide-angle
Then came the iPhone lens that provides a
11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. 120-degree field of view.
The iPhone 11 is the newest With the iPhone 11 Pro,
member of the Apple family users get a triple lens
and the most advanced by system with wide, ultra-
far. The iPhone apparently This image is the difference between the two iphones. On the left wide and telephoto lenses.
has a battery life that lasts all is the regular iPhone 11 and on the right is the pro.
Sophomore Casey
day, and it comes in the color Muhlenthaler has the
purple, green, yellow, white, black and meters for up to 30 minutes”, according regular iPhone 11 and she said, “My
red. to favorite feature is the camera quality or
Sophomore Brodie Dial has the new The phones are powered with the having no home button.”

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news| october 2019


2019 Orange Township Trustee Election

writer molly shomock
designer molly shomock
photo molly shomock

From left to right is Robert Quigley, Ben Grumbles and Lisa Knapp. They have been peparing for the upcoming

Robert Quigley is, a name drivers see trustee election on Nov. 5. friendly,” Knapp said.
on signs in the grass going down budget of the community, he is keeping An election can be a family effort.
Old State Road or driving through his relationships in the community strong.
He and his family are residents in the Knapp’s son, Keegan attends Orange as
neighborhoods. Quigley is an Orange community and they have been for 14 a sophomore and sees the hard work she
Township resident who is running for his years. His son Aidan Quigley is a senior puts into the election and how well she
second term as Orange Township Trustee. and his daughter Alayna is a freshman at handles things other people might find
With the knowledge of already being Olentangy Orange High School stressful.
elected once, he is working hard to get “Orange Township is a great family- “We’ve learned how to handle all the
elected a second time. He wants to see oriented community, and we couldn’t be stress of the election, and she seems like
growth in the community and wants prouder to call it home. Our family has she has it under control,” Knapp said.
to make sure that it is going in the right been surrounded by so many extraordinary Her campaign facebook page has over
direction with the things it needs to thrive. people and has made many friends here.” 600 likes and shows her in the community,
“I wanted to help make sure our Quigley said. at events like the Orange football game
township stays on track to be the best In the election, he will be running selling blankets for the wrestling team.
community,” Quigley said. against two other candidates: Lisa Knapp Grumbles is the only one out of the three
One of Quigley’s main goals involves and Ben Grumbles. They are tough who is a new face to the election, and that
managing the money when it comes to competitors and there is only one spot is part of his campaign. On his website he
improvements the township recommends open on the board. states “Orange Township needs a NEW
making to the community. He wants to add Knapp is a tough competitor because and fresh start.”
more enhancements to the community she, along with Quigley, is a former Grumbles is a US Army veteran and
that he thinks are going to be beneficial. trustee. She has also made so many works for the Department of Defense as
“Some of those items include building positive impacts on the community, and a strategic programs manager. He grew
parks and trails, ensuring we have has a plethora of relationships. up close to the community attending
proper safety services or enhancing the According to This Week’s Community Westerville North High School and
infrastructure to support the growth, just News, “Projects are being completed, attended Ohio State University.
to name a few,” Quigley said. new policies have been implemented The election will take place on Nov. 5.
Along with the ideas he has about the and Township Hall is efficient, calm and Each registered voter is allowed one vote.

the courier online | 5

october 2019 | sports


the effects of losing the senior class

writer tyler reed
designer tyler reed

Senior night is different depending a little stressful, thinking about college bunch of valuable players. The team’s
on the sports team; some teams and getting scholarships for sports. performance may change throughout
are announced on the field before the years from getting new players and
their game starts and other teams have “Senior night is a way for all of us to losing some players.
a party/dinner for the seniors. For teams recognize the seniors who have done so
like the girls tennis team, they celebrate much for the team,” Kaufman said. “There’s four seniors on varsity and
after a match or practice with a dinner/ through losing them we might lose a lot
party outside of the school. For other Senior night is always a sad night for of depth,” Sproule said.
teams like soccer, they announce all the players. It is also very sad for the
the seniors during the game and also senior’s family members and the coach. Some years more seniors are lost
celebrate after as well. If the athlete spent all four years of their than others, and some seasons are
high school career on the team, saying better than others because of it.
Each season, all sports have a night goodbye is always very hard.
to celebrate the seniors. Some senior “This year is really important to me
nights are more important to teams than “The hardest part about senior night because it’s my sister’s last year playing
others and different teams do different is knowing that they won’t be there next on the team. It’s really sad, but it has
activities during senior night. year. Some of the girls I am really close also motivated both us to try and have
friends with, and it’s sad to know they the best season yet because it’s the
“I think it’s important because won’t be here next year,” junior Caroline last time we will ever be playing soccer
Orange soccer has been their family for Sproule said. again,” Kaufman said.
three years, and we spend almost every
day together so it is nice to have a day Celebrating the seniors must make Each team has different days for
to honor them and everything they have them feel good to be recognized and to their senior nights, and senior night is
done,” sophomore Maia Kaufman said. be able to have a night just for them. normally toward the middle or end of
the season.
Being a senior in the school is “We celebrate senior night on the
always exciting; they’re at the top of the field before the game and then we have “Senior night was on Sept. 26, and
grades, and it’s their last year in high posters for the seniors in front of the my favorite part was probably the senior
school. But, being a senior can also be stadium,” Kaufman said. roasts. Senior nights are important
because it’s celebrating the seniors’
Each year losing more seniors hurts final year on the team,” Sproule said.
the team because the team loses a

The girls soccer and tennis
teams celebrate their senior
night. These seiniors have
played all four years. “The
seniors have all gotten really
close throughout the four

years of playing together
on the soccer team,” senior

Grace Poorbaugh said.

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feature|october 2019

voting produces unexpected results
writer sam amonette
designer sam amonette
photo athena heckman

Homecoming is an American Students aren’t motivated to campaign had a big problem when it comes to
tradition since the early 1900s. for homecoming court and really dive electing people as actual mean jokes.”
Universities such as Baylor, into campaigning for homecoming Junior, Erin Kelly said.
Southwestern in Texas, Illinois and court.
Missouri have made claims that they A more relevant example was in
held the first modern homecoming, “No, I actually think that it’s a bit Michigan in 2012. A bullied girl was
according to VICE. of an antiquated tradition. I think elected homecoming queen as a joke.
that perhaps when schools were much The story was reported by CNN, and
Homecoming is normally a week- smaller and all of the classmates knew she made an appearance on Ellen.
long event organized by high schools each other really well picking a guy and
or colleges. The week ends with girl to ‘represent the class’ made more Due to being able to vote in anyone,
Friday night football and then the sense,” Performing arts teacher and there’s a chance in the high school to
homecoming dance on the following Sophomore Class Cabinet adviser Lori have a situation where the students
Saturday. Homecoming is usually Cornett said. voted in are voted in for negative
held in late September- early October. reasons.
Alumni come back for the time being Although the tradition is not as
serving as a strong sense of community. important as it once was, the more “We’ve had some problems with
well-known students still get most of that, but I think students are mature
Another upheld tradition is the the votes because of their involvement enough to vote for the candidate that
homecoming court. At the high school, in school activities. they feel best represents them,” Dotson
students elect a representative to be said.
on court from each grade, and then a “The people who end up winning
queen and king are elected from the really only have between 15-35 votes The reason for some of these
senior class. Students use a google forms total because the other votes are really students being voted for the wrong
system where they vote for a male and spread out. I have found that typically reason may be a joke and not meant for
female student from their respective those who win are part of a larger much harm.
grades. Students have the option to opt- organization such as marching band,
out or voting if they want. football, or track. It seems that through Some people think that it would be
that organization a few kids have rallied funny to vote for them as the male and
“I don’t think it’s (homecoming behind a particular candidate and female representative so they have to
court) essential to the high school picked them to be their representative,” walk together. I’m not sure that this
experience, but I do think it’s a fun Cornett said. qualifies as “malicious” although it is
thing and a tradition to uphold, “science in poor taste and not really the point
teacher and Student Council adviser Being able to vote in anyone could of picking someone to represent your
Alex Dotson said. have some consequences. There have class,” Cornett said.
been instances where students have
As the school’s student body grows, been voted in as a joke. Homecoming is a tradition that is
it makes it harder to know everyone. ongoing. It’s a fun time for everyone
“I dont think that our school has and has great festivities although it’s not
taken serious as it once was.

Homecoming Court 2019
The 2019 homecoming court lines
up on the football field. This took

place on September 27th 2019.

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october 2019 |cover story


spotlight on those diagnose

writer tatum bardash
designer athena heckman
illustration athena heckman

Autism: a developmental disorder to MedLine Plus. workforce.
of variable severity that is “There are many variations of autism, “People don’t really treat me differently
characterized by difficulty in social
interaction and communication and by and it affects every child differently. because I have Asperger’s, other than the
restricted or repetitive patterns of thought Unfortunately, it can’t be fixed, but we fact that it has sometimes been hard to
or behavior. One percent of the world can help others gain knowledge and make friends. We are just regular people
population has autism in some degree of understanding,” Katelin said. and are nothing really different,” William
severity, according to the Autism Society. said.
An attempt was made to interview
Freshman Taylor Shane is just one of Taylor, but he was unable to respond. Different families find out the
several students at the high school who has diagnosis of their child at various
been diagnosed with autism within their William Sproule is another student
lifetime. His sister, senior Katelin Shane, who faces similar daily obstacles to Taylor. times throughout their life. In
and his family work together to assure He is a 2019 graduate of the high school William’s case, he had an early
that he has all the resources necessary who was diagnosed with Asperger’s and is diagnosis because he found
for him to become independent in the now learning the skills to get a job in the out that he was diagnosed
future. with Asperger’s Syndrome
when he was only 4 years
“He was diagnosed with autism old.
when he was 6 years old and in “He was first diagnosed
kindergarten. Autism affects with autism when he was
every member of our family in preschool, and my mom
in different ways. We are noticed that instead of
emotionally impacted by daily hanging out with other kids
challenges, but this also made our he would choose to play alone
family closer together,” Katelin said.
with himself. People usually don’t
Each member of a family is able know from the start what Asperger’s
to contribute and help out with the is. They usually assume that autism
child who has been diagnosed with and Asperger’s are the exact same
autism. With the help of several thing,” junior and William’s sister Caroline
people, it is more manageable for a Sproule said.
family to make sure that the child is getting According to Web MD, Asperger’s
the care they need. disorder is diagnosed when an individual is
very intelligent. However, they lack social
“By educating ourselves, we have skills. Asperger’s is considered to be a mild
learned how to deal with these daily type of autism based on the spectrum.
challenges. This diagnosis has opened our When a child is diagnosed with Autism
eyes for sure. We have also become more Spectrum Disorder, there is a variety of
understanding and forgiving,” Taylor’s different responses to the news. Each
mom, Kelley Shane, said. family handles it differently depending on
their views and prior knowledge with the
Autism is considered a spectrum disorder.
disorder, meaning that the disorder ranges “I was sad at first because I didn’t want
from mild to severe. Depending on the William to miss out on anything socially,
degree of the disorder, people with autism but then I realized that God made him
are given specific care and treatment unique. My focus turned to understanding
based on their individual case, according

8 |the courier online

cover story | october 2019


ed with this unique disorder

why he was the way he was and is. My in the future. month, people are encouraged to donate
focus also turned to finding ways to help “Sometimes life was hard, but as to the cause and show their support
him and people to help him (and us) be towards those facing the disability.
the best he could be,” William’s mom, William matured, it got easier. It was
important to look at each of our children “I think maybe bringing awareness
Suzanne Sproule, said. differently and not compare, especially to all the different branches of autism,
with friends,” Suzanne said. because a lot of people aren’t aware of it,”
There are days where dealing with Caroline said. “It’s a time where we are
the disorder may be harder than others. According to the Autism Society, able to show our support and hear other
However, working towards helping the Autism Awareness Month takes place people’s stories. People can also educate
child diagnosed become more self- during the month of April. Within this themselves,” Katelin said.
sufficient may enable things to be easier

The most researched and commonly used behavioral
interventions are applied behavior analysis and therapies.

Many children affected by autism also benefit from
interventions such as speech and occupational therapies

Almost two-thirds 11-40%
of 6 - 15 year olds
with autism have also have

been bullied 50% an anxiety 7-26%
An estimated one- also have
third of people also have Health depression
with autism are chronic sleep Disorders
nonverbal Affecting 33%

30-61% People With

also have 4-35% also have
ADHD epilepsy

also have

1/59 Children 1/37 Boys are 1/151 Girls are
are diagnosed diagnosed diagnosed

with an with an with an
autism autism autism
spectrum spectrum spectrum
disorder disorder disorder

the courier online | 9

october 2019 | feature

when should you st

writer olivia lehmann
designer morgan kubetin

Being a teenager in high school, I can participating in this tradition, it is also a
definitely say that trick-or-treating concern that the teenagers are taking
was quite a thrill: getting the perfect the attention away from the little kids.
costume, making sure to hit every house Parents or other adults who are helping
on the street, and having the most candy pass out or simply taking their kids Trick-
out of my friend group were memories I or-Treating may be more worried about
looked back on fondly. what the older teens are wearing and how
they act around their kids, than helping
When I was in fourth grade, I their kids enjoy the night.
remember finding the perfect vampire
costume, with fangs and even some fake Others have begun to notice this issue
blood. After long hours of going from as well. According to,
street to street, we all would come back states such as Virginia and North Carolina
and trade candy. The trading game got us have jumped ahead and already set laws
the perfect combination of chocolate and about a certain age limit on Trick-or-
sweets. Treating.

This night was definitely one of the With that law, comes consequences if
highlights of my childhood. and when offenders get caught over age.
Punishments include fines and even jail
This is a night that adds unforgettable time, which could be up to six months.
moments to childhood memories each
year, but we need to keep this tradition Teens need to act and put this issue
reserved for kids. to a halt. It doesn’t need to be the whole
state of Ohio to set a law even though that
We need to put an age limit to Trick- would be fantastic. Setting an age limit in
or-Treating. The perfect age limit is each particular city is sufficient enough.
between 14-16, for teenagers to finally
stop being one with the little kids on this According to multiple
night. cities have put laws on the age limits
and the punishments that come with
It would be quite an awkward violations. Also, in South Carolina they
encounter to open the door to a Trick- have also set certain age limits to the age
or-Treater who can most likely drive of 16 as well. Setting an age limit will
themselves from house to house, asking allow Trick-or-Treating night to be an
for candy saying the well-known phrase unforgettable childhood memory again
“Trick-or-treat!” for the little kids, just like the teens now
had once.
Some may ask “Why is it so necessary
to put an age limit on Trick-or-Treating?”.

With kids beginning to mature into
teenagers, some important factors come
with that. It is more common that the
older someone gets, the innocence of
getting a costume from their favorite
Disney movie or action figure seems
to disappear. That being said, with the
innocence disappearing, the problem
of teens picking more scandalous or
inappropriate costumes rises.

Tying into that, with teenagers still

10|the courier online

feature| october 2019


top trick or treating

writer caroline schattsschneider
designer morgan kubetin

As a kid, Trick-or-Treating was the purely by opening the door. When
best thing about fall. Dressing up as someone slams the door in the face of the
a princess or pirate and competing teenager, it can create a rippling effect.
with my brother to get the most candy They don’t know what happens to that
was always what I looked forward too. As I teenager at home, or what has happened,
got older, the excitement didn’t die down. so they have no right to deny them
I would walk around with a big group of anything.
friends from house to house, admiring all
the adorable costumes and watch scary Some kids could have been in a
movies while eating candy. hospital most of their childhood and has
not yet participated in the event. If they
While Trick-or-Treating is labeled is had missed it when they were younger,
a children’s event, teenagers have just as they should be able to dress up and Trick-
much of a right to participate. It’s a good or-Treat just like everyone else.
way to get in a group with friends and lets
teenagers feel like a child again. With the The teenager could be
pressure and stress of school, dressing up developmentally disabled. Many
as someone else for a night and getting teenagers have developmental issues that
candy can take the edge off. can have them act younger than they
are. Trick-or-Treating is an occasion that
Teenagers have to sit in class all day, all children can participate in, even the
and most take part in extra curriculars teenagers.
like sports or clubs that take a lot of their Ages are difficult to detect unless
after school time. Halloween is just one someone knows the person. A fifth grader
night and for most highschoolers, a lot of could be the same height as a 17 year old.
good childhood memories are sparked Nevertheless, they still deserve candy
during Halloween. They deserve to have
the same treatment as any other kid on The person behind the door doesn’t
Halloween. know if the candy they’re passing out is
the only thing the teenagers had to eat all
With the added stress of school and day. There’s no way of knowing that when
friendships, Halloween is a good time to someone meets someone by opening the
alleviate the built-up anxiety. Halloween door, but people should treat all teenagers
is just a chance to dress up as whoever the same as they would a 7 year old Trick-
they want and joke around, to feel like or-Treating.
a kid again. There’s so much pressure
for teenagers to grow up; they deserve Also, some teenagers take their
just one night before they have to start younger siblings out Trick-or-Treating,
applying for colleges and getting full time and they deserve candy just as much as
jobs. their siblings.

Teenagers can use Halloween as The person opening the door doesn’t
a creative outlet to design costumes. know the story of the teenager they just
Because they are older, they can work on rejected. There’s always been a fuzzy
creating their own costume rather than line for teenagers and trick or treating, no
buying one. It allows them to feel more longer children but not yet adults. Before
creative and gain self confidence in their the hardships of entrance exams, college
work. debts and full-time jobs settle in, let the
kids eat their candy. Because that’s what
No one’s home life can be shown teenagers are, kids.

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