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Portfolio ELC 590




Prepared for Faculty of

Profesor Dr. Alice Shanthi A/P Faculty of Sports Science and
Kasawi @ Krisnan Recreation

Prepared by

Muhammad Taufiq Bin Osman

SPECIFIC To persuade my audience to
PURPOSE avoid text while driving
because it can cause

CENTRAL Texting and driving is one of
IDEA the most dangerous forms
of distracted driving.

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(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Attention)

How many of you talk on the phone
while driving ? How many of you even
text while driving. To persuade my
audience to not get distracted while
driving so they will not get into a car
accident. Texting and driving is the
act of composing, sending, or reading
text messages on a mobile phone
while operating a motor vehicle.

Death may be a part of the normal,
natural expected cycle of life but
death by any sudden, unexpected ,
particularly car accident is not. These
deaths bring significant challenges at
personal, family and community

Although maintaining communication
while on the road is beneficial or
important, nobody should put their
life or others by texting while driving.
Today I will persuade you and show
you how dangerous using your
phone while driving is. I am going to
talk to you about texting while
driving, phone conversations, and
driver inattentiveness.


(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Need)

Texting is the most alarming
distraction because it involves
manual, visual, and cognitive
distraction simultaneously.

01. 03.

According to Texting and Driving One of the most obvious things that
Statistics: The minimum time your happen when a driver is texting
attention is off the road while while driving is that the driver would
texting is 5 seconds, which at a turn his or her eyes from the road
speed of 55mph or 88kmh you for around five seconds. This is more
would have travelled the length of than enough time for a person to
a football field without looking at run in front of the vehicle or for the
the road. vehicle in front of you to make a
sudden stop or to miss seeing the
02. light change.

Nowadays, we can find many
studies that examine the effects
of texting while driving. The one
conclusion they all seem to have
is that texting impairs a driver’s

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One main reason drivers are
distracted is because drivers are
not cognitive while driving.

Talking is the main cognitive
distraction while driving because it
deals with your mind focusing on
what you are saying rather than
paying attention to what you are
seeing on the road.

There are 3 types of dangers
while not being cognitive in the

1.Moderate Danger- Talking on
a hand held phone or hands
free mobile device.

2.High Danger- Using voice
activated texting or email
feature in your car.

3.Mild Danger- Listening to the
radio or audio book

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(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Satisfaction)

There are many things we can do to overcome this
dangerous habit of our generation.

1.The Department of Transportation has launched a variety of creative
campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving.
a.Many states have stepped up to pass the laws against texting,
talking on a cell phone, and other distractions.
b.How will you stop texting and driving
i.Out of sight, out of mind.
ii.Put your phone somewhere out of reach so you can’t get to it
while driving.
iii.Turn off the notifications so you won't be tempted to look at
your phone.
iv.There are applications that can help you stop texting and

2.Local elementary schools teach you about the danger on the road
a.In those programs, everyone is welcome. It could help you
understand the danger of texting while driving. Now that I have
talked about solutions that we can do to stop this epidemic.

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(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Visualisation)

Not texting while driving will benefit all of us.

a.You won’t put innocent lives at risk
b.That simple action of "answering a quick text" or even glancing at a

text, means that you are selfishly putting other people’s lives in
danger. It is one thing to put your own life in danger, but it is unfair
and unnecessary to risk the lives of others.
c.You won’t crash your car and pay any damage.
d.It will prevent you from getting a ticket or citation.


(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Action)

Today We discussed how dangerous texting and driving really is and why
we should all be more careful while doing it. We went over solutions to
resolve this epidemic. Persuaded you to refrain from texting and driving.
We never know what can happen. I encourage all of you to pay attention to
the road no matter what. You can find more information about it at the
library or any article. Many teens and young adults feel like nothing bad will
ever happen to them and they can beat the odds but please don’t let that
be you and become a statistic.

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