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The 2019 JoAnn McGovern Memorial Golf Tournament Book

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JoAnn McGovern Memorial Golf Tournament Book

The 2019 JoAnn McGovern Memorial Golf Tournament Book



Thanks to our generous sponsors, golfers, donors and volunteers, the 4th annual JoAnn McGovern
Memorial Golf Tournament was a huge success. Not only did our golfers enjoy a great day on the
north course at Silverado, the McGovern Family Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Foundation raised
more than $40,000 for pancreatic cancer awareness, treatment and research. The Foundation this
year is sharing proceeds with two impressive groups working diligently to improve the lives and
lifespans of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and
the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

This book of memories is one way to say thank you for helping us in this vital cause and to invite
you to join us again for the 5th Annual Tournament on JULY 31, 2020 at Silverado Resort.

REMEMBERING Casey, Jessica, Annie, Tom, Hailey Ciemins, Kelsey, Brett,
Ryan, Patti, Erin, Jon and Jack McGovern
Our Mom loved an adventure and especially nature. Our Mom truly
loved and felt connected to nature. Her particular favorite was any Ryan, Hailey Ciemins, Kelsey, Erin, Annie and Jack
natural stream that was finding its way down a hill or mountain. We
would literally stop the car on many occasions to get out and investigate
when we would see one. Earlier this summer we were hiking in McCall,
Idaho and my 8-year-old daughter Kelsey was asking about her. We
talked about how much my Mom would have loved all the streams
coming down the various areas of the hike we were on. Kelsey decided
to collect a handful of rocks out of the mountain streams to save so she
could put them at her late Grandma’s grave upon our return. I thought
“wow, what a thoughtful gesture from a little girl missing her Grandma.”
Our Mom is still dearly missed by all of us and we appreciate your
participation in this event in her honor. Thank you. –Brett
Joey filled our lives with fun and laughter! That is what I remember most
when I think about Mom and one of the many reasons why we all miss
her so much. I remember the day I had to take my high school placement
exam. We were moving from Thousand Oaks to Bakersfield, so Joey and
I had to make the road trip a few weeks before the move to take the test.
I was 14 at the time, and I think Joey could tell I was nervous about the test,
the move, making new friends and starting at a new school. We were
driving down the grapevine towards Bakersfield and the mountains
were covered in beautiful wildflowers. Being in nature, and especially
wildflowers, were some of Joey’s favorites! She pulled over and told me
that it was time to have some fun! She handed me the keys to the car
and taught me how to drive that day on dirt roads outside of Bakersfield
surrounded by the wildflowers. We had a blast together that day, which
was to be expected when you got to spend time with Joey. –Casey
When I was 11, I hit the golf shot of my young life. A 3-wood shot
that landed only a foot from the hole. As I walked to the green with
anticipation to make my birdie putt, I saw my Mom skipping across
the green. She scooped the ball up and skipped off with it. I remember
feeling unamused, but I can still remember her laughing. She just was
having a great time being out on the golf course with her family. -Jon

Steve Summerfold, Justin Charnetski and Tony Scoma check in with Brooke Rex Kyle and Joan Meyers sell Muligan
tickets to Jon Lam and Ken Yun

Brian Louie and Michelle Paholik help attendees Kevin Grampp and Mike Richardson with Jim Jackson
at the Silent Auction table sponsors PJ Harrigan and Rona Draper

Julissa and Mike McDermott with John Farr

Tom and Brett Matt Birdseye and Cyndi Clouse

Adrian Tighe and Hoang Tran Casey McGovern with Allen Coombs Jim Corbett and Stacy Benner

Mimi Eaton and Merren Bang
Faramarz Moeen-Ziai and Chad Geyer

Jonathan Hallstead and Mark Malmberg sponsored the Burger-Dog lunch for the 3rd time!

Joshua Westmark and Randy Chenaur Alyce Piper and Jim Jackson Kelsey and Brett

Hoang Tran, Adrian Tighe and Larry Coppa Mimi Eaton, Randy Chenaur, Merren Bang and Joshua Westmark

Peter Wengert, Alyce Piper, Philip Mikolaj and Jim Jackson Brian Perez, Ken Perry, Dave Lamy and Kyle Meyers

Faramarz Moeen-Ziai, Travis Dunfee and Mike Richardson Sponsors PJ Harrigan and Rona Draper from Radian Curt Kravitz and Ali Ghaziani

Sponsor Laura Dutkowski from Comerica John Rodrigues Phil Chigos with Anne, Erin and Casey McGovern

Jen Curtin, Pamela Coombs, Liz Grampp, Lydia Kravitz Joan Meyers and Sharon Echols
and Kelly Ross sold Jell-O shots to golfers

Jim Corbett, James Johnson, Stacy Benner and Matt Birdseye Ryan and Nicole Parker with Michael and Kristi Picore

Brett McGovern, Gil Haskell, Rudy LaPera and Steve Ellison John Farr, Jim Ferrol, Jon McGovern and Tom Ross

Mike Richardson, Travis Dunfee, Chad Geyer and Faramarz Moeen-Ziai Guy Vetrano, Susan Latin, Nichole Safady and Will Marsh

Kyle Melnick, Sue Melnick, Kari Shea, Skyler Shea and Jordan Young Gardner Jones, Ken Yun, Larry Gould and Jon Lam

Ali Ghaziani, Allen Coombs, Kevin Grampp and Curt Kravitz Aaron Naldoza, Scott Thomas, Darren Moffett, and Sean Wilson

Back Row: Phil Chigos, Jon Groesbeck, Casey McGovern, Jerry Igra Tony Scoma, Steve Summerfold, Justin Charnetski and Rob Smith
Front Row: Jack, Erin and Anne McGovern

Peter Steve Summerfold putts while Tony Scoma, Justin Charnetski and Rob Smith watch

Phil Mikolaj sinks his putt while Peter Wengert, Jim Jackson and Alyce Piper watch

Tom Ross and Jon McGovern Sponsor Judy Debellis from Alliance 2020 Dave Lamy

Sponsors Dave Sims and Mariko Hodgkinson from Floify Jon Groesbeck

Adrian Tighe cheers on Larry Coppa Geri Farr, Mike McDermott, Julissa McDermott and Susie Cheatham serve up La Paloma
drinks to thirsty golfers at the Southwest Division sponsored hole



Just days removed from
hosting the PGA’s Safeway
Open, the North Course at
Napa’s Silverado Resort was
still in pristine condition
for the JoAnn McGovern
Memorial Golf Tournament.
Overseen by World Golf
Hall of Fame member
Johnny Miller, the course
was perfect, with long,
manicured fairways and
fast, challenging greens.

Mark Malmberg tees off in front of the
Safeway Open stadium seating.

Brian Louie, Emily Hayes, Tom McGovern, Scott Lidberg, Lorrie McClaskey and James Pulsipher “Playing with Pops” was
back this year! Once again a
highlight of the tournament.
All for a great cause, teams
anted up to tee off with Tom
McGovern. The reward: If
Pops hit the best shot, the
team could use it. If he didn’t,
the team walked away with
opportunity drawing tickets.

Nick Lightle, John Rodrigues, Tom McGovern, Troy Sanchez, Sarah Lightle,
Stephanie Hernandez and Michael Hernandez

Jen and John Curtin with Tom McGoverm, Chad Santander and Paul Chevez Casey and Tom McGovern

Jon McGovern Sean Wilson and Aaron Naldoza

Jordan Young, Skyler Shea and Kyle Melnick Steven Vella

Susan Latin Sarah and Nick Lightle Mimi Eaton and Merran Bang

James Pulsipher and Susie Cheatham Kevin Grampp Ryan and Nicole Parker

Guy Vetrano measures his ball at the Closest to the Pin hole with Dave Sims Larry Gould hits while Jon Lam, Ken Yun and Gardner Jones look on

Casey McGovern and Stacy Benner

Scott Thomas and Chad Santander Michael and Kristi Picore with Nicole and Ryan Parker

Skyler Shea, Kyle Melnick Dave Lamy, James Pulsipher and Mariko Hodgkinson Erin, Hailey Ciemins, Avery, Ryan and Anne McGovern
and Jordan Young

Steve Summerfold, Tony Scoma and Justin Charnetski Tom McGovern, Allen Coombs
and Don Emerson
Scott Lidberg and
John Curtin

PANCAN speakers Shanle Vandermeer and Brooke Caviglia James Johnson, who donated the wine on the tables Hoang Tran, Adrian Tighe
with Lorraine and
Larry Coppa

Jennifer and Edgar Bond assisting with the Silent Auction James Pulsipher and Sue Melnick

Brett McGovern high-fives Paul Chevez Tona Scoma won an Echo Show Michael Picore won an Air Fryer
who won an Instant Pot

Kyle Melnick won a Roomba Philip Mikolaj won EarPods Sean Wilson works the crowd with Brett McGovern


Jonathan Hallstead, Mark Malmberg, Don Emerson and Steven Vella

Hoang Tran, Larry Coppa and Adrian Tighe


Jonathan Hallstead, Mark Malmberg & the Irivine Branch

DRINK STATIONS Southwest Division


Jack Brascia & Scott Fletcher & Tripp Johnson, Travis Evans
The Plainfield Branch J ustin Dimler & The SE Region


Kevin Phillips & Kevin Phillips & John IT The Grampp
The Auburn Branch The Auburn Branch Rodrigues Department Team

Jim Corbett
James Johnson


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