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Company Profile 2018-2019

Company Profile 2018-2019

Company Profile


Emphasizing Reliability 01 About Us

Imandar Enterprise Sdn Bhd

02 Brokk AB

Robotic demolition machine

03 Heko Ketten GmbH

Round links, steel chains, etc.

04 Bricking Solutions

Refractory maintenance items

05 Standard Industrie

Air blasters, Liftubes and etc.

06 Dulevo International

Industrial and road sweepers

07 Thermoteknix Ltd.

Industrial thermal imaging

08 Howden

Industrial fans

09 Toyo Grinding Ball

Grinding media and etc.

In-House Technical &

Maintenance Support

About Us 11 Silo Cleaning Services

Emphasizing Reliability in Providing
Solutions to Your Industrial Needs

With a team of trained professionals, we are dedicated
and committed to offer optimum solutions to our clients
from our versatile range of products and services; mostly

suitable to your requirements and industrial

We take pride in representing well-known brands of
their products and services in Southeast Asia market,

adaptable to different industries.

The Hallmark of Demolition
Robotic Machines

The BROKK Concept

Brokk is tailor made for high performance demolition. Whether you work
in construction, metal processing, nuclear or underground, this power-
packed demolition robot gives you the competitive edge to win the
contract and the effectiveness and reliability to finish the job.

BROKK - Giving You The Edge

When you need a demolition robot that truly meets your needs – there is
no competition. A Brokk helps you finish the work, faster, safer and with
better margin. And they are built to last. Engineered into every part and
feature is the ability to withstand countless hours of tough work.

100 Years of

Chain Technology

One of the world's leading manufacturers of hardened chains,
HEKO Ketten GmbH has been producing round steel chains and
accessories for bulk material conveyors since 1917.

HEKO is also the market leader for heat resistant kiln chains.

Hardening Technology In Perfection

HEKO is able to offer high standards and quality products as a
result of regular investment in modern equipment and the
continuous qualification of personnel.

The new ModulTherm system represents the technological
leadership within the sector of low pressure carbonizing.
Flexible qualities of the ModulTherm system permits a quick
exchange between different changes.

HEKO is therefore able to supply other manufacturers of high
wear resistant components with this progressive hardening

For over 50 years, Bricking Solutions have been
manufacturing custom rotary kiln refractory
maintenance products which make up the well-
known Circle of Refractory Maintenance.

Bricking Solutions machines and other custom
maintenance products are designed with safety
and cost effectiveness as priorities.
Their products will assist your plant in ensuring
safe, quality and fast kiln maintenance.

Innovative Processes for
Bulk Handling

Blockage & Build-up Removal || Conveyor Belt Optimization || Industrial Vacuum Cleaning

Since 1978, Standard Industrie International is the specialist in the design
and manufacture of equipment to facilitate the handling of powdery bulk
products safely and with respect for the environment.
With SI methods, you can optimize the performance of your production
tools while reducing your operating and maintenance costs.
Standard Industrie offers their expertise in Blockage & Build-up Removal,
Conveyor Belt Optimization and Industrial Vacuum Cleaning.

One of the world's top 5
manufacturers of retail, industrial

and urban cleaning machines,
Dulevo offer highly

productive machines with minimal
environmental impact, both in

terms of CO2 emissions and water
consumption, with increasingly
high levels of fine particle filtration.

Thanks to years of experience in the
sector, Dulevo has been chosen by

various municipal authorities
around the world, including Rome,

Milan, Athens, Dubai, Lyon and
Singapore, as official supplier of

urban cleaning machines.

Due to high performance level of
machines, Dulevo sweepers are also

extensively used in the heavy
industries such as cement

manufacturing plants, mines and

Thermoteknix Systems Ltd has over 30 years experience of
delivering innovative technology in infrared (IR) imaging and
thermal measurement based hardware, systems and software
application products throughout the world.

The Company has been driven by consistently providing high
quality products and services and by taking care of its
customers’ most challenging and fast-changing needs in the
industrial, automotive, aerospace and defense sectors.

Supplying tailor made or pre-configured fans for the
cement industry

Modern cement making processes impose a wide range of
demands on process fans, including high abrasion, excessive
dust build-up, and high temperatures. Howden supplies the
many and varied fan types required by the cement industry,
ranging from large custom built fans for process critical
applications to pre-engineered units for the lower specification
and more general applications.

One of the most established manufacturer of High Chrome
Grinding Ball, TOYO is the preferred global supplier for LAFARGE,

cement and mining companies in North and South America,
Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asian & Oceania countries.

TOYO's field of expertise includes manufacturing of grinding
media, hammers, tube mill internals, heat resistant parts, vertical
mill parts and ball sorting machines. TOYO also offers mill auditing

services as a part of their engineering services support which
provides ball charges calculations, technical data analysis and

improvement proposal report.


With a team of trained and skilled technicians, our Engineering
Department is ready to provide and offer their technical support and
services to clients, including but not limited to, the following work scopes:

Brokk Monitoring Diagnostic & Repair Service Maintenance Parts Installation

Our technical and maintenance support services includes, but not limited
to, Brokk robotic demolition machines, refractory maintenance products,
air blasters, industrial vacuum machines and industrial (road) sweepers.


Cardox Blasting

Based on liquid CO2 system, it is designed to break or
aerate materials by discharging carbon dioxide at
high pressure into the material. 
Versatile and usable to almost all applications in
different industries.
Operates without having to stop the kiln.
Often used on pre-heaters, cyclones, feed pipes,
cooler area, rotary kiln, raw meal mill, silos, hopper
and bins.

Rope Access Method

Applications mostly for confined spaces, difficult
access, and sheer structure heights.
Highly trained personnel are required to get the job

Whipping Method

A mechanical cleaning system powered by hydraulics
which can be maneuvered to reach and clean head by
simple controls.  
Safe and fast solution for maintaining clean
operating conditions in silos, bins and hoppers.
Eliminates the need to enter potentially dangerous or
confined spaces for bulk storage, thus eliminating
Efficiently clears build-up using a hydraulic whip or
air whip.

Block E2-01-12, OUG Parklane,
Jalan 1/152, Off Jalan Klang Lama,
58200 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,

+603 - 7453 5737

[email protected]

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