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Mike is having a good day until The Bad Day Starts!

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Published by Susette Lopez Gutierrez, 2019-05-08 11:58:09

Mike’s Worst Day Ever!

Mike is having a good day until The Bad Day Starts!


Mike’s Worst Day Ever! 

​ B​ y​:S​ usette Lopez Gutierrez


Mike is 29 years old. He has one dog named Ossie. 

Ossie is a fluffy white dog, she is as fluffy as a cloud. 

Mike works at Mcdonalds, and he loves his job! Right 

now, Mike is getting ready to go to work. He hops in his 

car, and he remembers to feed Ossie before leaving.  

First of all, he knew it was gonna rain because he 

checked his iPhone 7 plus. Mike had a brand new red 

Toyota car which was his favorite type of car. Mike hoped 

in the car and drove off. 



While he was driving to work, he heard a loud 
“POP”!! Then his car stopped, and he had to move to the 
side to check what happened. While he was calling for 
help, he noticed that he had no Wifi connection.  

Mike tried to fix his car, but he gave up. Mike was 
getting pretty stressed, and he got very angry at that 

Then all of a sudden, his car blew up and made a 
huge “BOOM” sound. It started to smoke a lot, luckily 
Mike did not get hurt. 

“I need thousands of people to come and help me”, 
Mike said. He was running out of gas. Mike tries to 
signal some people driving but people just ignored and 
laughed. ​ ​Mike started to feel really mad and scared 
because he thought he was gonna get fired from his job.  



Mike is also stressed because of his car and paying 
for a new one. He knew he was going to be in big trouble. 
This is not the first time Mike is late for work. Mike has 
been lying about the reasons why he has been late such as 
he hit a dear, he lost his keys, and there are a lot of more. 
Mike has been late for 6 days in a row and Andrew said 
that if he was late again then he would get fired. He 
remembers when his boss deducted a lot of money from 
his paycheck for being late. 

His boss is really strict. He yells at Mike every time 
he is late. Everybody does not like strict Andrew on how 
mean he is. Even if the employee's talk to help Mik, 
Andrew would get really angry. 




Mike knew he was going to be in big trouble, but 
Mike wasn't paying attention to much about work. He 
was paying attention to “his Boss”! When Mike arrived at 
Mcdonalds, Mike was so messy, and everyone stared at 

Then his boss yelled, “You're fired”! Mike got sad and 
ran olut of the door. 

The End 


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