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Published by madihahfissol, 2020-02-18 01:04:41

The Fox and The Swan Who Wishe To Be Each Other

Fables for children.

Keywords: fables,Fox,Swan,Children

The Fox and The Swan Who Wished To Be Each Other

- nor fauzan madihah binti fissol -
- 402 2020 -

Once, there was a beautiful swan who lived peacefully on a lake.
She had beautiful shiny white feathers and all the creatures under

and on the lake loved her.

Despite her beauty, she was feeling insecure about herself. All the
creatures around her saw her as a graceful and beautiful swan. But,

she wanted to be seen as a strong and independant swan. Every
night, she would hide behind lotus on the lake to peep on a fox. The

fox had black fur and red striking eye which made it look fierce.

“Oh, how strong does the fox appears. How I wish I had black fur
and red striking eyes like him,” the swan sighed.

One the other hand, the fox envied the swan for having shiny
white feathers and loved by all creatures. The fox was seen as
strong and fierce, respected by all creatures, resulting he is always

alone as other creatures were too afraid to get close to him.

Every night when he was quenching his thirst by the lake, he
would watch the swan behind the lotus with the corner of his eye.

“Oh, the swan looks so elegant with her shiny white feathers.
How I wish I look like her,” the fox said. He went away with

sorrow in his heart.

One day, the swan was eating on the lake. Suddenly, she felt
something was pulling her from underneath. “Help! Help! Someone

please help me!” The swan cried.

Coincidentally, the fox was passing by the lake when he saw the
swan was struggling to get out of the water. “Swan! Hang on!” The
fox shouted and started to howl as loud as a thunder at the water.

Finally, the unknown creature let go of swan.

“Thank you for saving me.” Swan said to the fox. As fox’s insecurities
is peeking, the fox gave swan a single nod and went away, leaving

swan by the lake. Swan, feeling disappointed, she continued her day.

The next day, the fox was eating on the field. One second later, he was hanging in a trap,
set up by a group of hunters. “Haha, this fox is going to give me a lot of profit”.The
hunters laughed in satisfaction. The fox cried because he knew nobody was going to

help him as all the creatures in the jungle was afraid of him. “I am a lonely fox. Nobody
is going to help me.” He howled in sadness.

Like luck falls into his lap, the swan came by and showed off her beautiful feathers in
front of the hunters. The hunters were amazed by her beauty. The fox saw this as a

chance, he used his claw to create bigger holes on the trap and escaped together with
the swan.

“Thank you, swan. I would’ve been a human’s lunch if it wasn’t because of you.” The
fox thanked the swan. And so, they understood, deep inside their hearts that both of

them had their own kind of strength that benefits them in unique ways.

‘The grass is always greener on the
other side’

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