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Information for parents of pupils joining Reading Blue Coat's Sixth Form in 2021.

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Sixth Form Parents' Information Guide 2021-2022

Information for parents of pupils joining Reading Blue Coat's Sixth Form in 2021.


Sixth Form





With new subjects and new opportunities, new friends
and a new Common Room comes a greater depth of
learning, greater freedoms and greater responsibility; we
very much hope that your son or daughter will not only
be wonderfully happy in the Sixth Form at Reading Blue
Coat, but thrive!
Before heading to university, as the vast majority does,
or indeed into the world of work, we want the next two
years to be those in which they find and develop new
passions, all the while knowing that they will be cared for,
encouraged and helped to develop the independence and
skills necessary for life beyond Blue Coat.
W​ e will talk to the students a great deal about the Blue Coat community while
they are with us; please know that you are a significant part of that community. In
conjunction with tutor and teacher, your encouragement of them with their work or
at the many plays, concerts, fixtures or events we hope they will be involved with will
be vital. I hope they will also bring a lot of fun and enjoyment!
Two purposeful and productive years await and I very much look forward to sharing
them with you.

Mr Pete Thomas



Contents 5

6. Our Aims and Ethos
7. Looking After Your Son or Daughter
8. Who’s Who?
10. Communication
13. Getting to School
14. Getting Ready
16. GCSE Results
18. Starting
21. Up and Running
26. Learning
29. Learning Support
31. Sport
32. Music, Music Tuition and LAMDA
34: Drama
36. Clubs and Activities
38. Medical Department Information
40. Remote Learning
41. Chaplaincy
42. The Foundation Office
43. The Aldworth Partnership
45. Appendix 1 – Term and Holiday
Dates 2020-21
46. Appendix 2 – Schedule of Fees
and Charges for 2020-21
48. Appendix 3 – Uniform List
51. Appendix 4 – School Coach and
Public Bus Information


Our Aims and Ethos


• To foster a stimulating, friendly and supportive • This School is founded on mutual respect,
atmosphere that enables personal growth and social tolerance and courtesy. We expect all members
development, and to provide a nurturing environment of our community to show consideration for
in which all our pupils feel valued and cared for; others at all times;

• To encourage in every pupil the development of • We relish our opportunities to develop our
self discipline, responsibility, spiritual awareness intellectual, sporting and cultural abilities and
and a personal moral code within a Christian make the most of our time both in and out of
framework, leading to the highest possible standards the classroom;
of behaviour, consideration for others and a pride in
him or herself and the School; • There is no place for apathy and cynicism in our
community. We will make the most of our abilities
• To encourage the growth of intellectual curiosity, at all times and encourage others to do the same;
creativity and the habits of learning, in order to help
each and every pupil achieve his or her potential; • We are an open and friendly community.
We welcome guests and display politeness and
• To provide a well-qualified staff of varied talents and consideration in all our dealings with them;
strong commitment, who will enable our pupils to
thrive and enjoy their education; • We are proud of our fellow pupils and the School
as a whole and consequently take pride in our
• To pursue active and open collaboration with parents; collective achievements;

• To promote an awareness of the world outside • We recognise our place in the local and wider
school and a sense of service to the local and wider community to do our best to develop our links
community; with them;

• To prepare pupils for life after school, in particular • We show care, consideration and courtesy in all
promoting an awareness of higher education and that we do.
career possibilities;

• To offer a wide range of co-curricular activities
through which pupils can develop their social,
sporting, cultural and intellectual abilities.


Looking After Your Son or Daughter

HOUSES, TUTORS AND Whole Sixth Form assemblies are arranged twice
PASTORAL CARE every half term. When required, Heads of Year will
meet with their year group to discuss matters that are
Pastoral care is hugely important to us at Reading Blue specific to Year 12 or Year 13.
Coat. On joining the School, your son or daughter will
become a member of one of our six Houses: School Please remember that your son or daughter’s tutor
ties should include the appropriate colour stripe. is the students and parents’ first port of call for all
matters relating to him or her personally. Tutors can
ALDWORTH HALL be contacted via email.


NORWOOD WEST Each tutor group will have a representative on the
Council, which will meet twice per term. This is
Houses are an important focus for students in the an opportunity for students to express their views
School and provide the framework for many sporting on issues pertaining to the Sixth Form, including
and cultural competitions and lots of other enriching suggestions for improving the facilities and life for all
activities. It is important for students to get involved Sixth Formers. Four Council members will be chosen to
both as competitors and as organisers for their House. represent the Sixth Form at School Council meetings.
Students should volunteer their services and believe in
their own abilities! This is an excellent chance for them What’s in a name?
to learn the communication and management skills that
they will need later on in life. Here at Reading Blue Coat, we’re very proud of our
heritage. Founded in 1646 by Richard Aldworth, the
Your son or daughter will join a tutor group within School’s goal was to provide an education to 20 boys
the House. The tutor is responsible for the pastoral who would otherwise stand little chance at learning
care of their tutees and for supervising their progress how to read and write. These boys’ uniforms consisted
in academic work, sport and activities throughout of a long blue coat and yellow socks!
their Sixth Form journey. As we operate a rolling
tutor group system at Reading Blue Coat, your son Though society, and indeed the School, have come
or daughter will remain in the same tutor group a long way since then, we still look back at Richard
throughout Sixth Form. Students will develop a good Aldworth’s legacy and celebrate that Blue Coat. Today,
relationship with their tutor and it will be the tutor we refer to the School in a number of ways: Reading
who will write their UCAS or any other reference. Blue Coat, Blue Coat or RBC.

Tutors see their tutees twice a day, once in the
morning and once in the afternoon before lessons
get underway. Tutor time is the ideal opportunity to
deal with the business of the day and to ensure that
progress is being made.

8 `

Sixth Form and Careers
When students first arrive at Reading Blue Coat, these Administrator
are some of the people they will come across quite [email protected]
regularly and who they will get to know.
MR PETER THOMAS Head of Learning Support
Headmaster [email protected]
Mr Thomas teaches Geology,
Geography and PSHE, and coaches MRS GERALDINE
rugby and cricket, when he isn’t MONTGOMERY
looking after the School! School Nurse
[email protected] [email protected]

Second Master Head of Careers
Mr Trelinski teaches Politics and Mr Nash-Wortham teaches
oversees the Co-Curricular life at Economics and Business.
Blue Coat. [email protected]
[email protected]

Deputy Head (Pastoral)
Dr Williams teaches Philosophy
and Ethics and is the Designated
Child Protection Officer.
[email protected]

Deputy Head (Academic)
Mr Tidbury teaches Mathematics
and coaches netball.
[email protected]



Holme Park
Sonning on Thames
Berkshire, RG4 6SU
0118 944 1005
[email protected]

Headmaster’s Secretary
[email protected]

School Secretary and
Office Manager
[email protected]

Staff Secretary
[email protected]

Academic Secretary
[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Sixth Form Academic Enrichment
(including Oxbridge)
[email protected]

Further staff profiles can be found on our

To email tutors, please put their initials in front



As mentioned before, your son or daughter’s tutor is My children: You will be able to view specific details
your first point of reference when you need to contact about your son or daughter on one simple dashboard
the School. Tutors do work closely with the Head of and will be able to report an absence and make a
Year and subject teachers and may well suggest getting specific leave request. You will also find:
in touch directly with one of them.
• Timetable (NB This will not be available until the
MY SCHOOL PORTAL™ first day of term)

The portal provides you with a convenient way to • School reports
communicate with the School, and is your single port
of call. It can be used on any device, including mobiles • Contact information for your son/daughter’s teachers
– there is no app to install, just a website link to put on
the desktop of your mobile/tablet/pc. My details: From here you can advise the School of
changes to your contact details of your child’s medical/
You are able to view: dietary details.

Calendar: All event information is detailed on a view- Event booking: Event, trips and activities letters are
at-a-glance calendar. Sports fixtures and results show stored in one area and secure booking is available for
a personalised view for each student. The calendar certain events.
is automatically updated with up-to-date information
from The calendar can be filtered To get started, please go to the link below and
by your son/daughter’s year group and also synced to choose ‘forgot your password’. You will need to use
your personal calendar. the email address held by the School as your username.
Alternatively, if the email address held for you is a
Email integration: Our Blues Post communication Google or Microsoft one, you may choose to sign in
tool integrates with the portal. All email dialogue is with Google or Microsoft.
stored within the Reading Blue Coat Portal. This means
no more searching for that elusive email or waiting for
the school to open at 08:00. You may reply to emails
from within the portal.

Sport: Information about fixtures and teams can be
found here too.


READING BLUES PODCAST whom the message is intended, eg Attn: Mr Meehan
We are pleased to offer the Reading Blues Podcast; a re music rehearsals.
recorded conversation with a member of the Reading
Blue Coat community. Episode one features Mr Peter MOBILE DEVICES
van Went, the School’s Archivist, as he explores his
relationship with the School in the 60-years since he Students are permitted to bring mobile phones and
joined as a pupil. In later episodes, we hear from the iPods (or the equivalent) into school. Our Mobile
Director of Drama, our Grounds Manager and Second Device Policy states that pupils are only permitted
Master, to name just a few. The Reading Blues Podcast to use their phones in Common Rooms, or on the
can be found on Spotify or iTunes. direct instruction of a member of staff. They are not
permitted to make recordings (picture, film, sound)
BLUES POST of pupils or staff without the direct instruction of a
member of staff. Any expensive items need to be
A weekly email via Blues Post is sent to all parents each stored securely in the lockers that are provided for
Friday to keep you up to date with events and other each student.
important information such as examinations, sports
fixtures, rehearsals and upcoming trips. PARENTS’ EVENING AND
At Reading Blue Coat, each pupil will receive
At the beginning of each term, your son or daughter Commitment to Learning Grades every half term. There
will be also issued with a copy of a pocket-sized will be a separate grade for work inside and outside the
calendar booklet called the Line-up. classroom. In the second half of every term, there will
also be an attainment grade for every subject, alongside
EMAIL a progress indicator showing whether or not a pupil is
on track to achieve their potential. The subject teacher
Email is one of the most effective ways for you to will provide a written comment accompanying the
communicate with tutors and staff. Staff are encouraged attainment grade to provide a focus for the pupil to
to respond promptly, although please be aware that the work on during the coming term.
nature of their responsibilities and duties, particularly
during a busy School day, may make an instantaneous We believe that feedback can be best delivered face to
response unlikely. If your message requires a swift face as part of a dialogue with the parents and as such
response, it is best to call Reception. Please also note we have two Parents’ Meetings a year for all year groups
that during holiday periods we cannot guarantee that except Year 11 and Year 13 who have one.
teaching staff will access their school email.
Once a year we provide a pastoral report which
A full list of staff email addresses is available on the will include a self-reflective statement by the pupil
portal. You may also send messages via Reception. and a summary, by the tutor, of the pupil’s character
Please remember to indicate in the subject space for development and co-curricular contributions that
academic year.


STUDENT PLANNER It is customary for us to include photographs or images
All students are given a student planner on their first in the School’s promotional materials such as the
day of term. Students should record all homework in website. We would not disclose the home address of
here. Rules and regulations are included in the planner any student without the parent’s consent. If you do not
and your son or daughter should familiarise him or want your son or daughter’s photograph or image to
herself with these. be used, please ensure your son or daughter is aware
of this and send formal notification to the Headmaster.
STUDENT PLANNER We are always grateful to parents whose photographs
have helped liven up our publications and social media. If
2021/2022 you are a good photographer and have a fantastic shot to
share, please send it to Mr Tom Strudwick, our Marketing
and Communications Officer, at [email protected]


Please do not try to telephone or text your son or
daughter between 08:45-13.00 and 14:10-16:10. If
something is really urgent, please call main Reception
on 0118 944 1005 and we will get a message to him or
her as soon and as appropriately as possible.


All sports training and fixture information, match
reports and results are available on Reading Blue Coat’s
page on, which you can access from
the School Portal.

For more updates on events in School, you can follow
us on:
Twitter: @ReadingBlues and @TeamRBCS,
Facebook: Search ‘Reading Blue Coat’
Instagram readingbluecoatschool
YouTube: officialRBCS
Podcast: Search Spotify or iTunes for ‘Reading
Blues Podcast’
We are always happy to share our pupils’ achievements
and news on Social Media, so do email any good news
stories to our Marketing and Communications Officer,
Mr Tom Strudwick - [email protected]


Getting to School


All of our school bus services are operated by external The following rules must be followed if students are
operators and as such you should contact them to driving to school, regardless of where they park:
arrange a seat on the relevant route for your son or
daughter. Please see Appendix 4 for areas covered and • The car is seen only as a means of travel to and
who to contact. The buses drop off and pick up from from school. It is not a place for any kind of social
the Berkshire Sports and Social Club car park opposite gathering, hence, it is out of bounds during the
the main school gates. Buses leave promptly at 16:20 school day and no student is allowed to retrieve
each day. Some services offer a later pickup at 18:00. something from their car without permission from
Please check bus operator websites for travel details. a member of staff.

DROPPING OFF OR PICKING • The School can accept no liability for motor vehicles
UP BY CAR parked on the premises.

Pupils may be dropped off or picked up at the dedicated • Students should not be repeatedly late due to their
drop-off/pick-up lane. Please do not drop off pupils use of a car.
in the main car park or outside the Sports Hall.
Please also do not drop off or pick up children from • Cars driven by Sixth Form pupils are not allowed
anywhere along Sonning Lane or the Delivery area into school until after 16:30, nor are they allowed
outside Reception. Please enter the site carefully and past the barrier at Reception.
be aware that the pupil crossing is close to our front
entrance gate. Sixth Formers may be granted permission to park in
Please adhere to the speed limit on site and observe the allotted spaces in the Berkshire Sports Club car park
one way system and any direction given by our Traffic (opposite the School). An application form must be
Attendants, especially if cricket is going on. Vehicles obtained from Ms Howard, Sixth Form and Careers
should not wait in any yellow cross-hatched areas. At Administrator, and signed by parents before a permit
the end of the school day, traffic on the site is often busy is issued. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a
so if you are able to stagger your pick up time, this can new form every year. This is seen as a privilege, which
help ease congestion. Please be patient and particularly can be withdrawn if driving on their site is conducted
careful when manoeuvring as students in particular are in an unsafe manner. Sixth Formers must follow all
not always very good at observing moving vehicles! instructions by the Parking Attendants and should
Please do not use the car park opposite the School as not return to their cars in the school day without
this can hamper the coach arrivals/departures and is not permission from the Sixth Form Office.
permitted under the terms of our lease. Please do not
use your mobile phone while driving on the School site.


Students may leave their bicycles in the storage racks
opposite the main reception. Students will need their
own bike padlock and must also wear a helmet when
cycling to and from school.


Getting Ready

Please complete all of the induction forms via the A smart jumper or cardigan that is fitted, V-necked
parent portal at your earliest convenience, but no later or crew necked, fine-knitted and with no emblem or
than Monday 22 June. logo, may be worn under the jacket. No sweatshirts or
If you have any questions about the forms, or need
advice, please contact the Admissions Team on Dark-coloured formal leather, or faux-leather, shoes
0118 933 5806 who will be very happy to help. must be worn; trainers, boots, stilettos or trainer-
style school shoes are not allowed (this includes when
SCHOOL UNIFORM walking onto or leaving the school premises). Socks
must be dark in colour.
Our school uniform is supplied by Stevensons,
based at 11-12 Market Place, Reading RG1 2EG. Plain coats may be worn but must be taken off during
Contact telephone number: 0118 9596462 lessons. Sportswear, including hooded tops, or casual
Email: [email protected] clothes should not be mixed with smart school wear.

We hope that Stevensons will be in a position to After Games, Activities or PE, all students must return
bring supplies to Reading Blue Coat on Monday 5 July to the changing rooms and change back into their
2021. Further details will be sent to you should this be normal school clothes before leaving the school site.
Hair should be appropriately cut and tidily worn. It must be of a uniform, natural colour and without significant
differences between light and dark. Likewise, excessive
A full uniform list is available in Appendix 3. variations between long and short hair (eg steps or
undercuts) are not permitted. Longer hair must be kept
Parents and students’ attention is drawn to the tidy, with a minimum of accessories. No top knots. Any
following guidelines. queries will be decided by the Director of Sixth Form.


Blue Coat recognises that styles are forever changing • No visible tattoos
and amendments to these rules will be made when
necessary. The School reserves the right to veto • You must be clean shaven, unless you have
anything we deem inappropriate. a religious exemption, and will be asked to
shave if this is not the case
Dress must be smart, clean, well-cared-for and
appropriate for a business setting. A good guide would • A single stud or pair of studs or tight hoop
be to consider if this would be how you would arrive at earrings may be worn; larger hoop and drop
a formal business job interview. It is recommended that earrings, or ear bars, are not allowed
all students have two jackets for occasions when one is
being cleaned or has been mislaid. • No nose/eyebrow studs or any other visible
A suit or blazer/formal jacket with lapels must be worn.
Navy, black or grey trousers or skirt to be worn with • Other jewellery should be discrete and
the blazer, or a formal business dress may be worn with minimal
the jacket instead. Skirts/dresses should be suitable for
a business environment. Trousers must be tailored, not • Minimal daytime make-up
tight-fitting and at least ankle length.
• No false eyelashes
A long or short sleeved formal collared business shirt
or blouse should be worn under the jacket. A tie must • Nail varnish should be uniform and well
be worn with a formal collared business shirt. Checked maintained
leisure, black or dark coloured shirts are not permitted.
• No nail extensions/false nails


SHOPPING 365 apps (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, etc.).
They also need a durable set of headphones. All
In addition to their uniform, students will also require pupils must be able to bring their laptop to school
the following items: each day. These laptops should fit the following
criteria to be best utilized in School:
• A dark coloured school bag that is large enough -Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i5
to carry a laptop, a lever arch file and other school -Memory: 8GB
books and equipment. Either a back pack or cross- -Storage Type: SSD
over strap style will suffice. -Storage Capacity: 256GB
-Webcam and Microphone
• A separate bag for sports kit to be brought in to -WiFi
school on the days that it is required only. It is recommended that pupils do not use
Chromebooks or iPads, as they are unable to run
• Stationery such as pens and pencils. Specific full-featured versions of Microsoft Office apps
requirements may be required for certain subjects. (Word, Excel etc), which the School subscribes to.

• A padlock for locker.

• All pupils require access to a laptop with a
microphone, a webcam and the ability to connect
to WiFi and to run the full range of Microsoft Office


GCSE Results

IMPORTANT: External students must forward to us – by email to Mrs Jarrett:
[email protected] or by post or in person – their GCSE results as soon as they receive them
on Thursday 12 August 2021. This is to ensure that students’ meet the grade criteria for
the A Level subjects they wish to study. Students studying GCSE Science and Additional
Science must also forward the marks for the individual components (i.e. Biology,
Chemistry and Physics).


It may well be that students change their minds about their A Level options between now and
the time that they start at Reading Blue Coat in September. This is perfectly understandable,
especially once the GCSE results are published, and we endeavour to do our best to fit in
their changed options. However, sometimes some subjects are already full based on our
earlier planning, and so we are not able to add to these groups. Our blocks are also fixed,
so students will need to ensure that their choices fit into the option blocks as follows:

Option A Option B Option C Enrichment
Biology Art Business AS Biology
Business Biology Chemistry AS Classical Civilisation
Computer Science Business Design Technology AS Electronics
Extended Project Qualification
Economics Chemistry Economics (EPQ)
AS Film Studies
Geology Drama and Theatre English Literature
Geography Economics Geography AS Mathematics
Further Mathematics (chosen as
History English Literature History part of Block B)
Sport Enrichment
Mathematics French Latin
Physics Geography Music AS Psychology
Politics German Physics
Psychology History Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Politics
Mathematics Psychology
Further Mathematics Spanish
Physical Education


Before the start of term, on Friday 3 September If a student does wish to change a subject after term
between 16:00 and 18:00 in the Sports Hall, a has started, they must follow this procedure:
session has been arranged for any Year 12 students
who are considering changing their subject choices, • Discuss the issue with their parents.
and their parents, to speak to Heads of Department,
the Sixth Form Team and other senior staff about A • Discuss with their tutor.
Level options. It is important for students to seek this
advice beforehand so that they are fully aware of the • See the relevant Subject Heads of Department for
requirements and demands of the courses they would the subject being discontinued and their proposed
like to follow. Please note that this event is subject new subject.
to change.
• If further advice is needed, speak with the Head
Please be aware that a considerable amount of the of Year.
syllabus of a subject is covered in the Autumn Term;
only in exceptional circumstances will a student be able • Speak with Mr Tidbury.
to switch courses after the first three weeks.



Friday 3 September 2021
Students joining Reading Blue Coat for the first time should be in School for 13:00, when
they will have lunch with their tutors. School prefects will be on duty in the car park and
will direct students to the Dining Hall. Students should wear full school uniform but will
not require sports kit. Students will finish at 16:00.
Monday 6 September 2021
This will be the first full day for the whole School. Students should arrive in time for
an 08:35 start.


07:30 Earliest time of arrival for students. 12:30-14:00 Lunch can be taken in the Dining
Sixth Form Centre opens Hall or in the Sixth Form Centre.
07:30-08:30 14:00-14:20 Activities and Library open
Breakfast available in the Dining Hall 14:20-14:55
08:00 14:55-15:00 Registration
Reception, Switchboard and 15:00-15:35
08:35 Library open 15:35-16:10 Period 7
08:45-09:05 Bell 16:20 Changeover time
09:05-09:40 Registration, Assembly or Tutor 18:00 Period 8
09:40-10:15 time
18:00 Period 9
10:15-10:35 Period 1
End of School
10:35-11:10 Period 2
11:10-11:45 School buses depart from Berkshire
11:45-11:50 Break – drinks and snacks available Sports and Social Club car park
11:50-12:25 from Sixth Form Centre
12:25-13:00 Activities and Library open
Period 3
Activities finish. Reception,
Period 4 Switchboard and Library close

Changeover time Sixth Form Centre closes to those
staying for Activities. Late buses
Period 5 depart from the School site

Period 6

*Please note that timings for Period 6, Lunch, Tutor
Time and Afternoon Registration are subject to change.



Up and Running

STUDENT PLANNER 08:45. In the afternoon, students must be in their tutor
room for registration at 14:00.
Your son or daughter will be given a Student Planner at
the beginning of each year. If students miss registration, they must sign in at the
Sixth Form Office in the Sixth Form Centre. Arriving
LOCKERS at School after 08:45 is considered late. Persistent
offenders will be required to sign in at the Sixth Form
Your son or daughter can choose a locker in the Office by 08:30 for one week. Parents will be notified
Sixth Form Centre on the first day of term. The of this sanction by the Head of Year.
locker should be used to store books, which can be
swapped over at break times, laptops when not in Arriving after 09:30 is classified as an absence and as
use, and personal possessions such as mobile phones, such a communication via the school portal or email by
iPods, wallets etc. These items must not be left in the way of an explanation will be required from parents.
changing rooms as these are not secure areas and the
School cannot be held responsible for the loss of such All pupils are registered in each individual lesson
items. All Sixth Form students will require a padlock. throughout the day. No pupil may leave the School
Once chosen, the locker number should be shared Grounds during school hours (08:45 and 16:10)
with the tutor. There are also valuables lockers in the unless special permission has been given. In cases
changing rooms for use during Physical Education, where permission has been granted, e.g. medical
Games or Activities. appointments, the student must sign out/sign in at the
Sixth Form Office.
Students are expected in school by 08:35. They must
leave the Sixth Form Centre no later than 08:40 in Parents should advise School by 08:00 of their
time for a prompt start to tutor period or assembly at child’s absence. Please report absence via the School
Portal or, if you cannot access the portal, please


email [email protected], copying your son or Parents have the option to add credit to their son or
daughter’s tutor, explaining the reason for absence. daughter’s account using ParentPay™. This credit can
Please email ongoing absences on a daily basis to keep then be used to purchase snacks, drinks, stationery,
the School updated. breakfast or ad-hoc lunches. Breakfast is available from
07.30 in the Dining Hall.
Appointments during the day, such as dental, doctors
etc., need to be requested via the School Portal and If your son or daughter is entitled to lunch, no credit
will receive an automated acknowledgement email. has been added to their account so they cannot
If your son or daughter arrives or leaves during the purchase other items on it until cash is credited to it.
school day for any reason, he or she must sign in and Any credit left on the student’s account at the end of
sign out at the Sixth Form Office. their final term will be refunded on their final bill.

Permission for any other absence must be obtained PARENTPAY™
from the Headmaster. Please note that the
Headmaster will not authorise any holidays during term The School uses the online payment system,
time (and promises not to take a holiday of his own in ParentPay™, as its preferred means for parents to pay
term time). Your attention is drawn to our term dates for ad-hoc lunches and shop purchases. ParentPay™ is
on Page 43 in this booklet. a convenient and highly secure web payment system
for payments to be made 24-7 using a Debit or Credit
MIFARE CARD card. Payments made in the morning will be available
for the student to spend over lunchtime through an
The School operates a MiFARE Card system for automatic link to the School’s till system. Prior to
purchases in the Dining Hall, the Sixth Form Centre the start of term, you will be sent a letter explaining
and the School Shop (The Wharf), although students how to use ParentPay™ and containing the activation
may still use cash in The Wharf and the Sixth Form username and password that will enable you to set up
Centre. your online account and top up your son or daughter’s
school account. If you already have a ParentPay™ login,
Each student has a photocopying allowance with which your son or daughter can be linked into that.
to complete their educational activities. Each student is
issued with a PIN code to authorise photocopying.


An email will be sent during the summer holiday which of hot meat, fish and vegetarian main dishes available
will provide login details. along with a variety of tempting salads, jacket potatoes,
a pasta bar and a selection of delicious hot and cold
Making a payment is straightforward and ParentPay™ desserts or fresh fruit to complete the meal.
holds a payment history for you to view at a later date;
no card details are stored in any part of the system. ASSEMBLIES
Once you’ve activated your account, you can make Whole School Assemblies are held twice a week on
online payments straight away. The student top-up Mondays and Thursdays at 08:45. House Assemblies
account appear as items that you put in your basket are held on Wednesdays at 08:45.
and purchase at the checkout in the normal way.
There is helpful information on the ParentPay™ The costs of text books in the Sixth Form is charged
website and these are billed in the Autumn Term.

• Year 12 students are allowed in the Sixth Form
The Dining Hall is open from 07:30 to 08:30, where
pupils can purchase breakfast using the MiFare card or Centre before school, during break, during lunch
time, after school or to retrieve items from their
cash, and for lunch between 12:30 and 14:00. The café lockers. During school hours, music can only be
in the Sixth Form Centre is open for hot and cold drinks, played before 08:35 and during break, lunchtime
snacks and light meals at break and lunch time. The and after 16:10.
Wharf is also open each day between 16:10 and 16.30.
• Year 12 students can access the Sixth Form Centre
Lunches are charged on a termly basis, depending on for their two unsupervised private study periods,
the number of school days in a term, at £4.39 per day but are also encouraged to use the Library during
(£4.89 when purchased if a student has forgotten his those periods. Behaviour in the Sixth Form Centre
or her packed lunch). Please complete the application is expected to conform to School rules and must
form via the portal, if your son or daughter wishes to not be of a nature that could impinge on another
have a school lunch.

Our caterers, Sodexo, provide students with a broad
choice of nutritious food. There is always a selection

24 Senior fiction, careers information and study space.
The Reading Room is a more relaxed area with
student’s personal rights. Their three supervised beanbags and a couple of sofas, it is home to our Junior
private study sessions will take place in a classroom. fiction collection. The Resources Room is a dedicated
computer room.
• The Sixth Form Centre must be totally clear for the
duration of morning and afternoon registration (apart The Library catalogue is available through the School
from the duty tutor group during registration). intranet and our page has access to other resources
such as JSTOR and Massolit, as well as hints and tips
• The upstairs of the building is designed to be a work for study. We have reading lists for most subjects and
area where noise must be kept to a minimal level. stock the listed titles in the Library. The librarians also
Students should bear in mind that others are using produce a list each term of recommended reads.
the Sixth Form Centre so must be thoughtful in We host yearly author visits, too.
terms of noise. No group games, ball games or noisy
activities are allowed in the Sixth Form Centre. Year 12s and Year 13s are encouraged to use the
Library for study throughout their time with us.
• Students must start to leave the Sixth Form Centre
as soon as the warning bell goes for registration in ICT
the morning and the afternoon.
All students are required to bring a laptop to
• The upstairs of the Sixth Form Centre must be school to support their learning. Students should
empty by 18:00, unless students are staying for an use these devices as directed in lessons and can use
after-school event. In this case, students may remain them for study during study periods, lunchtimes etc.
in the centre until 18:55. However, they will not When devices are not in use, they should be kept
have access to the centre after this time and should securely in students’ lockers and they should certainly
take their belongings with them. never be left unattended in classrooms, common
rooms or changing rooms.
Students can access the internet around the School via
The Library is located on the first floor of School House the Guest network. All use of computers and smart
and is open each day from 08:00 to 18:00 during term phones is governed by our ICT Policy.
time. The Library is in constant use throughout the day,
and is also available before school, break, lunchtime and
after school for independent study or reading.

The Main Room consists of print non-fiction,


PRINTING expect our Sixth Form to be mature and sensitive
enough to avoid. However, where transgressions do
The School runs a printing credit system and jobs are occur with regard to poor judgements and lateness,
charged according to whether they are black and white for example, these are addressed with an after-school
or colour. Pupils are encouraged to think green when detention and an early sign-in process respectively.
they print. Each pupil is issued with a PIN code to A written contact with home will be made when a
authorise both printing and photocopying. The School sanction is issued, and an opportunity to meet and talk
provides a free allocation at the start of each year, about its need is welcomed.
based on the amount of printing and photocopying that
each year group is expected to do, to complete their CONTACT BETWEEN STUDENTS
educational activities. This is quite a generous allocation
and it is rare for pupils to require more credit. Physical contact between students should always be
However, if this occurs, the IT Department will top-up. appropriate for a school setting. Behaviour which
makes other students or members of staff feel
REWARDS AND SANCTIONS uncomfortable, for example cuddling, kissing, sitting on
laps or holding hands is not permitted.
A rewards system operates in the Sixth Form for
academic progress. Following each half-termly OPEN DAYS
assessment of the student’s commitment to learning,
lapel badges are distributed to those demonstrating There is an expectation that when required students
good to excellent commitment. Successful Year 12s attend school on Open Mornings and Open Evenings
will receive an invitation to a reward lunch, and to assist in departments and act as tour guides for
Year 13s will be granted a lunch-out pass, allowing prospective families. The scheduled open events are
them to enjoy their lunchtime away from the school Saturday 2 October 2021, Tuesday 12 October
site for one lunch break. The Sixth Form follows the 2021 (from 17:00) and Saturday 7 May 2022. Please
School’s policy of awarding Colours to students who reserve these dates in your son or daughter’s diary.
have shown commitment and ability in an area of the Please also note that these dates are subject to change.
School’s co-curricular life.
Tutor groups will have the opportunity to win ‘pizza
party’ rewards in recognition of excellent attendance Part-time work must be kept to a minimum and must
or adherance to the dress code. not interfere with a student’s ability to keep up to date
with their academic and co-curricular commitments,
Sanctions for poor behaviour are something that we including attendance at Open Mornings and
Open Evenings.



Sixth Form pupils study three subjects at A Level and also an additional
subject in the Enrichment Block. For some students, this will lead to an
additional AS; others will gain the Extended Project Qualification or an
A Level in Further Mathematics.
At various stages of their time in the Sixth Form, students will receive
advice and help from staff to help them achieve their potential. If students
experience difficulties in their subjects, they should approach their subject
teachers or the Head of Department in the first instance and, if necessary,
their tutor and the Sixth Form Leadership Team.


There are 45 teaching periods per week.
The framework for a Year 12 student is as follows:

A Level A Level A Level
Block A Block B Block C

x8 x8 x8

Enrichment Games Supervised Activities
Block x3 Private Study x2

Sixth Form Unsupervised Careers
Special Private Study x1


ACTIVITIES of courses with predicted grades. The Reading Blue
Coat deadline for UCAS applications is 15th October
Activities are an integral part of the co-curricular in Year 13. Students’ references will be written by
programme, which contributes substantially to the their tutors, based on information received from their
well-rounded education that your son or daughter subject teachers. Predicted A Level grades are used
will experience at Reading Blue Coat, whether they in this reference; these are based on the students’
partake in giving back to the local community or try performance in Year 12 examinations and their attitude
something new. Activities are run in a double lesson on to study during Year 12. This deadline still applies
a Thursday, every week throughout the academic year. should the student wish to take a gap year after school
and re-apply. If this is the case, the student’s parent
There are numerous opportunities for students to must write to the tutor formally by the start of the
get involved, ranging from sporting activities such as Autumn Term. Further details of the UCAS Application
lacrosse or ultimate frisbee, or achieving qualifications process can be found on the School intranet and at
such as the Duke of Edinburgh and Sports Leadership
Award Schemes. Furthermore, there is also potential to
acquire or develop skills such as photography, yoga and SIXTH FORM SPECIAL
filmmaking – there are activities to inspire everyone.
A variety of guest speakers provide Sixth Form
CAREERS students with ideas and inspiration regarding careers,
opportunities to travel, and current affairs; in addition
Careers lessons are a component of the Year 12 to pastoral support in areas such as mental health,
curriculum and students are guided and directed addiction and developing resilience. Sixth Form Specials
with regard to Higher Education and beyond. take place every Friday and attendance is compulsory.
After Christmas in Year 12, all students considering a
university application will be required to complete a
UCAS Personal Statement under the guidance of their
tutor and will begin their application on ‘UCAS Apply’.
Later in the year, tutors will also discuss the matching


Students’ work outside the classroom is crucial to their
progress in the Sixth Form and they are expected to Homework is set regularly in Sixth Form and requires
organise their time to allow sufficient numbers of hours careful planning and execution. Sixth Form students are
to be dedicated to their studies. Students should use expected, with our guidance, to be motivated by
their Sixth Form planners wisely. In Year 12, students learning and to show independence in doing so.
must register in their assigned study room or Library
at the start of the supervised study period. Details OXBRIDGE AND MEDICAL
are published on the Private Study Board in the Sixth A P P L I C AT I O N S
Form Centre. It is a quiet place of study with no eating
and students must arrive at their study period dressed Students who wish to apply to Oxbridge or a medical
properly as they would for a lesson. course will need to complete their applications by
15 September in Year 13. Support will be given on
course selection, college and interview techniques.
Those students who show the potential to apply for
these demanding courses will be invited to join the
Oxbridge or Medics Group in the Spring Term of Year 12.


Learning Support

The Learning Support department is led by Mrs
Sarah Berry and assisted by Mrs Kate Robinson, both
specialist teachers in Specific Learning Difficulty. Early
identification of additional needs is key to supporting
your sons and daughters towards their academic
potential and should not be viewed with trepidation.
The department encourages early communication
from parents of a learning related difficulty if it has not
already been disclosed, as well as details of additional
help with reading, handwriting, speech and language
processing or behaviour during previous schooling. The
department values a working relationship with parents,
and encourages an early conversation with Mrs Berry
over any concerns.


ON JOINING THE SCHOOL a short series of lessons for students tackling public
examinations. These students may need a more
On joining Year 12, all students are assessed by the tailored program of support than subject-based
department for signs of dyslexia. Students joining the classroom interventions, due to their established or
School with an existing mild Specific Learning Difficulty emerging Specific Learning Difficulty.
will meet initially with the department to review their
needs, including existing exam access arrangements The department processes and submits applications
which will be provided for the November assessments to the Joint Council for Qualifications for access
and reviewed for their effectiveness at A Level, arrangements for students sitting external
thereafter. The department also supports students examinations. In addition, it provides access
with any initial difficulties with organisation and arrangements in the case of an injury during
managing workload. examinations, or during the year, such as a scribe.
Mrs Berry plays an integral part in the pastoral and
Teaching colleagues may refer students to the academic teams liaising with tutors, Heads of Year and
department throughout the year when they will be Directors of Section to support and guide individuals in
reviewed by the Learning Support Department. their learning needs.

In the Spring Term, students who have been identified All Sixth Form students receive study skills tuition
by the department, or raised to the department by from an external provider as part of the Sixth Form
teachers, are reviewed prior to their summer exams. Special programme.
Identification of an exam access arrangement, such as
extra time or word processing, must originate from The department successfully supports students to
evidence of need in the classroom and, when required, attain top grades at A Level and onward passage to
ensures students are working on a level playing field in top universities, including Oxbridge. Our strongest
the end-of-year examinations in June. academic students often have highly developed
strategies for learning but are sometimes identified
THE GRADUATED RESPONSE with co-occurring Specific Learning Difficulty at A
Level. It may be an unexpected but essential step to
The department supports a graduated response to meet with the department during A Levels, when
additional needs, working with subject staff who meet complex work outweighs previously successful
the majority of mild needs through their classroom strategies masking a Specific Learning Difficulty.
strategies to support learning. Some additional one-
to-one teaching is provided by the department as



The main focus of the Sport and Games programme Fixtures will take place both midweek and at the
is to give all pupils the opportunity to represent team weekend, and if your son or daughter is selected to
RBCS (Respect, Belief, Commitment & Sportsmanship). represent a School team, they are expected to make
Competition, regardless of level, helps build character themselves available for all fixtures.
in so many ways. Learning new skills, playing in teams Outside the competitive sports there is an opportunity
and showing commitment to their peers will teach to use the fitness suite, swim and try new sports such
pupils important values that they will take with them as handball or lacrosse, as well as many other options.
beyond Reading Blue Coat. If you have any questions please contact Mr Gerwyn
Wilson, Director of Sport, on [email protected], and
In the Autumn Term, we have rugby teams, hockey please follow us at @teamRBCS.
teams and a cross-country team. Rowing also starts its
year-long programme by taking full advantage of the PRE-SEASON RUGBY TRAINING
lighter evenings and spending as much time as possible All new Year 12 Pupils welcome
on the river.
•Date: Monday 23 August - Wednesday 25 August,
In the Spring Term, we switch to football, where we Tuesday 31 August and Wednesday 1 September
have seven teams in league competitions, and netball, •Time: 13:00 - 15:30
where we have four teams in league competitions. •Meeting point: Reading Blue Coat Cricket Pavilion
We have friendly hockey matches and compete on •Information: No charge and no need to pre-book.
the Rugby VIIs circuit, culminating in a team playing at Boots, trainers, mouth guards and a water bottle are
Rosslyn Park National VIIs. required. More information will be sent to joining
parents closer to the time.
In the Summer Term, we turn to cricket, athletics,
rounders and it is the major competing term for the
rowers. Also in the Summer Term, we have Sports
Day, senior tennis matches and touch rugby; plenty
of opportunity to stay active and de-stress during the
exam period.


Music, Music Tuition and LAMDA

Reading Blue Coat runs a hugely energetic and busy Frequent concerts and other musical events, both
Music Department led by Director of Music, Richard formal and informal, cover the full range of abilities
Meehan. We hope that your son or daughter will fully and genres. These include the Spring Spectacular!
take part in our musical life and reap the rewards that that features our many rock bands, and Swing Into
this participation brings. Summertime, which ends the year with a picnic in the
sunshine. Every two years we hold our Biennial Music
We run a full range of musical activities, including three Festival, which gives musicians of all levels a chance to
choirs, full and string orchestra, three jazz bands, compete with their peers and receive feedback from a
wind band, brass band and a large number of small high-level professional musician. A full-scale musical is
ensembles, including brass, string, guitar and vocal. staged every year in the spring.
Many students run their own rock bands and coaching
is available. The Reading Blue Coat Big Band rehearses INDIVIDUAL MUSIC LESSONS
to a high standard, accommodating some of our best
musicians, and playing at a variety of events across the Many of our students learn to play a musical instrument
year. The full Choir has a fine local reputation and leads with one of our specialist team of visiting instrumental
the School at its formal events.


teachers who give tuition on a wide range of There are a number of instruments available to
orchestral, band and keyboard instruments. hire through the School. Maximum period of hire
is two terms.
The charge for instrumental lessons is £25 per
35-minutes and there are approximately ten lessons LAMDA
per term. Lessons take place in private studies and
at lunchtimes. The School is able to offer LAMDA classes for
individuals or pairs, on a first-come, first-served basis.
The Music Department strongly recommends that The cost of these are £250 per term for individual
pupils purchase their own ear defenders/plugs for use lessons and £165 per person per term for shared
in their instrumental lessons. lessons. Application forms are available via the portal.

Please note that one full term’s written notice, to the
Director of Music, is required before the termination
of Individual Music lessons.

Tuition is available in the following: Guitar: Acoustic, Electric and Bass –
Classical, Jazz and Pop
Piano, Electric Keyboard, Organ
(the School possesses an organ;
pupils are recommended to have
passed Grade 5 on piano).

Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, French Drums – Rock Singing Jazz
‘Cello, Double Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Trombone, and Jazz styles improvisation
Tuba, Tenor Horn, (any instrument)
Bass Saxophone

If your son or daughter would like to receive individual
music tuition, please complete the application form.



The Drama Department at Reading Blue Coat School are designed to have a significant proportion of
fosters and celebrates the gifts and talents of all independent learning tasks in mini groups. This reflects
students. It aspires to provide inspiring and effective the practice in the creative arts industry. However,
access to Drama across curricular and co-curricular both GCSE and A Level have written papers at
provision. All pupils participate in formal academic the end-of-course and we aim to encourage both
Drama lessons in the Lower School and have the class and individual study beyond the constraints
option of Drama in Year. 9 as a one year pre-GCSE of the curriculum. Extending student learning and
course. The department will offer both acting and engagement comes by enabling educational visits as
technical/theatre design pathways to ensure all regularly as possible. This is partially achieved through
students can reach their potential within the GCSE Theatre Maker Days. Students visit a range of theatre
course. From September 2016, RBCS offered A Level and performance venues in order to see different
Drama. genres, styles and companies.

Students learn through a range of practical exercises, In addition to this, our co-curricular provision in Drama
practitioner masterclasses, research projects is extensive and growing.
and seminar style sessions. Drama qualifications


Autumn Term: Summer Term:
A significant Lower School Production starts rehearsals
Senior students participate in House Drama in the Spring Term and is performed outdoors in
early in the academic year. This is a student- the Summer Term. The cast is of approximately 30
led thematic festival, which focuses on an boys from Years 7 and 8 that form an ensemble. The
agreed topic area and focus for each year. production this year is yet to be confirmed.
A larger Drama production is directed in
the Autumn Term which is open to students Technical Theatre Co-Curricular:
in Years 9-13. This is a cross-curricular Every production at Blue Coat is supported by a
production, aimed at giving students an student technical team. The team build skills in lighting,
opportunity to perform at the best standard. sound and set design. They are mentored by our
Theatre Technical Manager. The highest standards in
Spring Term: health and Safety are adhered to when working with
young people in the dedicated performances spaces of
In the Spring term, there is large school Way Hall and the Drama Studio.
musical that encourages a mass participation
across the Lower, Middle and Senior Schools. If you have any questions please contact Mr Devin
Last year’s Musical was Our House, and this Möller, Director of Drama, on [email protected]
year, we are proud to present Billy Elliot.


Clubs and Activities


The School offers an extensive co-curricular
programme and your son or daughter will be
encouraged to make the most of the many exciting
and challenging opportunities that are on offer to him
or her. Details of each term’s activities are included
on the portal. Please remember that once your son or
daughter has agreed to take part in an activity, he or
she must then make practices and rehearsals a priority.

A selection of activities that took place in the 2019-
2020 Academic Year.







Medical Department Information

The Medical Centre is a ‘nurse-led’ Department, crutches, both on flat surfaces and on stairs. Students
located in the building to the right of Reception. The should not be sent back to school on crutches unless
email address is [email protected] this training has been given.

We aim to staff the Medical Department between the It sometimes takes a few days for students to master
hours of 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, term time the technique of using crutches at home before being
only. If for any reason the medical team is absent, a able to cope with the School campus. In the interest
Duty First Aider will be on call. There is also medical of your son/daughter’s safety please do not send them
cover for home matches on Saturdays in Autumn and back to school until they are able to safely navigate
Spring Terms. distances and at least two flights of stairs.

The function of the Medical Department is to care You must inform the School’s medical team if your son/
for the pupils and staff of Reading Blue Coat at the daughter will be coming into school on crutches. This
onset of injury/illness and whilst they are on the can be done by emailing [email protected] and
school premises. It does not provide an alternative your son/daughter’s tutor.
to the pupil’s GP. Therefore, in the case of illness/
injuries suffered away from school or continuing PUPILS AND MEDICATION
beyond the date of onset, parents/guardians should
seek treatment/advice from the GP/Accident and Students may not carry any medication on them, apart
Emergency Department in the usual way. from emergency asthma inhalers and autoadrenaline
injectors. For both these medications an annual
REQUESTS FOR ABSENCE FROM consent form will be generated by the medical staff
PE/SPORT/ACTIVITIES FOR and sent to parents for completion, so that staff can
MEDICAL REASONS administer medication in an emergency.

Requests for Years 12 and 13 students to be ‘off games’ The Medical Department keeps a stock of ‘over the
are processed by the staff in the Sixth Form Office and counter’ medications, e.g. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen,
must be supported by an electronic ‘off games’ request so pupils do not need to bring these into school. For
from parents. This can be done via the Parent Portal in pupils taking specific prescribed medication for regular
the same way as absence notification. Please complete or occasional use (e.g. certain anti-histamine tablets,
the form on the portal detailing the reason for the oral medication, eye and ear drops etc.), parents/
request and the date range applicable. guardians should send in a supply of this medication to
be stored in the Medical Department for the pupil’s
Pupils who are ‘off games’ for medical reasons are use. This must be in the original dispensing box, clearly
expected to remain in school until the end of the labelled and accompanied by a letter or email from
school day unless they have permission from their parents/guardians giving consent to administer and
form tutor to attend a medical appointment, for which clarifying the details of their request.
they must sign out of school with the Staff Secretaries.
Otherwise, arrangements for supervised private study Students requiring short-term medication (e.g. a
in school are in place during games sessions. course of antibiotics) only need to bring in a ‘lunchtime
dose’ if the prescription is for administration more than
PUPILS ON CRUTCHES three times per day. Prescriptions for three times daily
administration can be given at home.
It is the responsibility of the person issuing crutches
(e.g. physiotherapist, GP, hospital staff, etc.) to ensure All medicines being brought into school must be
that the student is competent and safe in the use of delivered to the Medical Department before the
start of school, i.e. between 08:00 and 08.40, and


need to be in the original dispensing box with the requirement) as they occur whilst the student is at
dispensing instructions and expiry date clearly written Reading Blue Coat. This can be done using the Parent
on the packaging. Portal, where you can update your son/daughter’s
medical record. Please also ensure that your telephone
The medical staff will send an email notification to numbers and email addresses appear correctly on the
parents to inform them of any over-the-counter Parent Portal so that we can contact you in the event
medication administered to their child during the of an emergency.
School day.
Please make the medical staff aware of any short-
ILLNESS term or acute medical conditions, by emailing them at
[email protected] and copying your child’s tutor.
Please do not send students who are unwell into
school. This request comes not only with your son/ RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL TRIPS
daughter’s interest in mind, but also to limit the spread
of infection in the school generally. All students who These are overseen by trip leaders and therefore, in
have suffered a raised temperature (i.e. greater than order to ensure that each trip leader is fully informed
37.6 degrees), diarrhoea or vomiting should not return of your son or daughter’s up-to-date medical
to school until they have had 48 hours clear of all information, parents are asked to complete a consent
symptoms (as per NHS guidelines). form by the School Office for each residential trip.

Pupils who become unwell during the school day PITCH SIDE FIRST AID
should report to the Medical Department where the
member(s) of staff on duty will decide whether or Saturday school rugby and football fixtures in Autumn
not the student should be sent home. We request and Spring Terms are attended pitch side by members
that students are collected promptly, as the sick bay of the Medical Department. Medical staff work
facilities are limited. alongside the sports team first aiders/coaches to
provide immediate care at the onset of injury. In cases
MEDICAL CONDITIONS of concussion, the School has developed a Graduated
Return To Play Policy which will be put into action.
It is the responsibility of all parents/guardians to
inform the School of any chronic/ongoing medical
conditions or problems (e.g. asthma, allergies, dietary


Remote Learning

In the event that Reading Blue Coat is physically
closed, teaching staff are well-prepared to deliver the
academic curriculum remotely. Our main platform
is Microsoft Teams; through this we can conduct live
lessons, set, mark and return work and give feedback
to our pupils. This is supplemented by a number of
excellent subject specific platforms that enhance our
provision and provide pupils with variety. We recognise
that structure, familiarity and regular breaks are vital to
pupil wellbeing when they are learning from home; so
we strive to follow the normal school timetable with
built-in rest breaks to make the transition as easy as

The co-curricular element of the school also continues
in this setting. The weekly activities slot is replaced by
challenges that can be done at home and celebrate the
benefits of being with family. Successes, and of course
failures, are shared by tutor groups to maintain that
sense of community that makes Reading Blue Coat
such a special place. Games afternoons continue to be
delivered by the PE Department, who encourage video
submission of the pupils completing the weekly tasks.

We know that nothing can replace the feeling of being
part of a bustling school community, particularly that of
Blue Coat. If we are unable to be together physically,
we can ensure that education, both academic and co-
curricular, continues as smoothly as possible.

Please note that while Remote Learning is necessary,
pupils will need a laptop, microphone and a webcam.

Mr Rob Tidbury
Deputy Head (Academic)



The spiritual nurturing of any individual is important Being a presence at Reading Blue Coat is an important
for their well-being, fulfilment and happiness. The way in which the Chaplaincy supports the spiritual
Chaplaincy can support, encourage and provide vision life of the School. It allows the Chaplaincy to be the
for this. We will all have different understandings of conscience of the School, be an advocate for the pupils
what spiritual nurturing is but I hope there are some and staff and build relationships with the community
common themes. There is something that lies deeper and their families. Developing and supporting this sense
in all of us than the things we spend most of our lives of belonging and sense of family is vital to the role of
addressing. The Chaplaincy can raise awareness, create the Chaplaincy at Reading Blue Coat.
space and develop techniques within the School to If you would like to get in touch, either with a query or
support the crucial characteristics and perspectives just to say hello, please do not hesitate to call or email.​
that lead to good well-being. The Chaplaincy can
develop the spiritual pillar of education to create an Rev’d Kate Wakeman-Toogood
all-round, fulfilled and happy student. [email protected]
0118 944 1005
There are various ways to enhance this pillar of
education and sense of belonging at Reading Blue PRAYER GROUP
Coat. Providing pastoral care is one such way; meeting The Prayer Group is a group of parents that meet
up with students and staff, allowing them to express once each half term, for about an hour, to pray
themselves and walking with them in their journey and and give thanks to God for the School. If you
decision making. Supporting families is a key part of the would like to join, please contact: Lindsay Lillie on
role of the Chaplaincy as well; by building and nurturing 07973 128381 or email [email protected]
relationships. I also teach Mathematics at Reading Blue
Coat, as well as running various groups and events,
such as weekly drop in and activity sessions. All of
these things enable me to engage with students in
different contexts. The Chaplaincy is, of course, there
to support members of the community in times of
difficulty, but it is also there for fellowship and fun,
and many members of the school community enjoy
spending time in the Chaplaincy area.

Another way that the Chaplaincy provides food for
thought and direction is in weekly Spiritual Assemblies,
year group assemblies, tutor groups and whole school
functions. There are services in the local church at
key points throughout the year. Many students enjoy
being involved in these assemblies and services, and
this also helps them grow in their presentation and
interpersonal skills.

42 42

The Foundation Office

At Reading Blue Coat, we are very lucky to have a community that extends beyond our current pupils, parents and
staff, and includes former students – Old Blues – their families and friends of the School. Our global network of
alumni alone has almost 7,000 members so you are never far from someone with whom you share the defining bond
of Reading Blue Coat.
Our community is shaped by thousands of one-offs – thinkers, athletes, creatives, leaders and campaigners. We are
proud of this diversity and the great achievements being made. By harnessing this expertise, we can directly and
positively benefit our students. Whether through our mentor scheme, tailored careers advice, speaker programmes,
or organising off-site visits to industry, members of our wider community step in to further enhance our teaching
and learning, and this is not exclusively for the students. As a parent, grandparent, Old Blue or friend, we are
creating social and business opportunities for all, connecting like-minded people through a range of events and
The Foundation Office is also focusing on further extending the charitable values and ethos of our founder Richard
Aldworth. In his will of 1646, Aldworth, a wealthy London merchant, established our School to fully fund the
education of 20 poor boys from Reading. Contemporaries of Aldworth and others throughout our 370 year history
have played an integral role in expanding the Reading Blue Coat School Foundation, it is now time to more to
underpin this vision. Over the coming year, we will focus our attention on raising financial support for our Bursary
Programme and in time, partner with our community to update buildings and enhance our teaching provision.
You are joining an inclusive social and professional network and we hope you will become an active part of our One
Reading Blue Coat community. Please do get in touch with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and
meeting you soon!
Miss Sarah Pyper
[email protected]


The Aldworth Partnership

Reading Blue Coat has the opportunity to give more The key to sustainability and ‘buy in’ is to have the
to the community and beyond. Through our giving we programme being student lead. The prefects of 2020/21
can also receive. Both people in a partnership benefit have left a legacy in this respect and next year’s prefects
and this is the aim of the Aldworth Partnership – for have already taken on the mantle and are bringing great
communities and our student body to grow and be enthusiasm to the drive. As it stands, all pupils at Reading
fulfilled through service. Blue Coat have the opportunity to engage in meaningful
service during each year they are here. The School is
This relationship is best served through service that committed to this growing over time.
is ‘transformational’. Meaning that both groups in the
partnership are transformed for the good because of The scientific research is strong. Those that serve
the relationship. This is very different to ‘transactional are happier. Those that serve when at school are
service’ which is raising money and just handing it over more likely to serve and be benefactors when they are
to people. People do not get to grow in their human older. Good role-modelling helps well-being for both
relationships and their values through this. The Aldworth parties. Serving helps build positive relationships which
Partnership is founded on transformational service. can be learnt and modelled in other contexts.
The relationships are the building blocks of society.
The Aldworth Partnership comprises of all the things
we do in the School involving outreach – locally and
internationally. Local primary schools that we have
a strong partnerships with are Thameside Primary,
Highwood Primary, Rivermead Primary and Cranbury


School projects

Over the fence



Appendix 1 45

TERM AND HOLIDAY DATES 2021-22 6 September
21 October
Autumn Term 2021 Monday 08:35 2 November
Term begins Thursday 16:10 26 November
Half Term begins Tuesday 08:35 15 December
Term resumes Friday
Open Day Holiday Wednesday 13:00 6 January
Term ends 18 February
Spring Term 2022 Thursday 08:35 28 February
Term begins Friday 16:10 8 April
Half Term begins Monday 08:35
Term resumes Wednesday 13:00 27 April
Term ends 2 May
Summer Term 2022 Tuesday 08:35 27 May
Term begins Monday 6 June
Public Holiday Friday 16:10 1 July
Half Term begins Monday 08:35 2 July
Term resumes Friday 16:10 2 July
Term ends Saturday 10:30
Prize Giving Saturday 14:30
Malthus Leavers’ Service


Appendix 2


School Fees £6,013 per term
School Lunches
Students’ Personal Effects Insurance £4.39 per day (£4.89 per day when purchased on an ad hoc basis)
Pupil Absence Insurance Scheme
Denshield Dental Insurance £8.12 per term

Rowing subscriptions, which includes 0.73% of pupil’s fees
the British Rowing Race Membership.
£4.99 per term

Y9/J14 £20.00 per term (Spring and Summer Terms only)

Y10/J15 £40.00 per term

Y11/J16 £60.00 per term

Y12+/J17-18 £60.00 per term

Please note the following: PAYMENT OF FEES

• Full details of the business relationship that exists All parents are required to pay their school fees by
between Parents and the School are set out in the Direct Debit. Fees are due on the first day of each
Terms and Conditions document that was issued term, unless parents opt for the Termly Instalment
with the Headmaster’s original offer of a place. Scheme, which commences in July 2021.

• The Governors normally give a term’s notice of TERMLY INSTALMENT SCHEME
any increase in fees, although they reserve the
right to amend fees at any time in exceptional At the School’s discretion, a particular year’s fees
circumstances. No remission of fees can be made by may be paid in instalments by Direct Debit or other
the School for any reason whatsoever. agreed method. This scheme is known as the Termly
Instalment Scheme. Under the Termly Instalment
• In line with many schools, non-means tested Scheme, the dates and amounts of each instalment for
discounts have been reduced and the money that particular year’s fees will be set out in a separate
put into means-tested bursaries. Old Blues and agreement. No administration charges, interest or
parents with more than one child at the School do other charges are included in the Termly Instalment
not receive discounts but may apply for bursarial Scheme. The School reserves the right to withdraw
support if needed. or amend the terms of the Termly Instalment Scheme
at any time by giving you notice in writing before the
beginning of a new school term. No agreement to
accept payment on deferred terms will be valid unless
it provides for no more than four payments within


a 12 month period. For more information on the
Termly Instalment Scheme please contact Mrs Pratima
Errawalla, Fees Billing Accountant, at [email protected]


The School does not accept responsibility for loss of,
or damage to, the personal property of pupils, but we
do use an insurance scheme offering cover on an ‘All
Risks’ basis within the UK, rather than whilst on school
premises. If you require Students’ Personal Effects
Insurance, please complete the insurance form via the
portal. Further information can be found on the portal.


If pupils fall sick and are off school for a length of time,
the School cannot refund any fees. However, the School
participates in a Pupil Absence Insurance Scheme,
which enables some refund of fees when illness or
accident leads to absence from school. There is also
an accidental death insurance cover for the School Fee
Payer. If you require Pupil Absence Insurance, please
complete the insurance form via the portal. Further
information can be found on the portal.


The School participates in an insurance scheme
operated by Denplan. Existing insurance policies
do not necessarily cover all the costs that could be
incurred in the event of injuries to the mouth. While
the policy itself will not prevent injuries, it would
help soften the often heavy financial burden of any
necessary, and often costly dental treatment. If you
require Denplan cover, please complete the insurance
form via the portal. Further information can be found


Appendix 3


All students are required to possess the clothing listed below.

Key: Available only from Stevensons
Available from Stevensons or any high street retailer
• Available only from high street retailers
* Optional items

Uniform - Sixth Form Information Supplier
Suit Jacket A blazer or formal jacket with lapels must be worn. Navy, black or grey
trousers or skirt to be worn with the blazer, or a formal business dress
Shirt or blouse may be worn with the jacket instead.

Trousers, Skirt or Dress A formal business shirt or blouse is compulsory, not short or low cut.
Shirts should be stiff-collared and long enough to cover the top of the
RBC House tie trousers or skirt. Low-cut tops, bare midriffs, overly-tight shirts or
blouses are not allowed. Soft-collared or checked leisure shirts are also
Shoes not allowed, nor are black or dark-coloured shirts.
Jumper or Cardigan* Trousers should be tailored and ankle-length, not denim, cord or
72 woven name tapes jeans. Skirts or Dresses should be formal and suitable for a business
Iron-on name tapes environment.

Pupils require the appropriate House tie to wear with a stiff-collared
shirt. There is a different House tie for Sixth Formers. Pupils transferring
from Year 11 at Reading Blue Coat will have to purchase the Sixth Form
tie. Alternatively, pupils can wear a Colours tie if one has been awarded.

Formal black, brown or navy leather or faux-leather with a low heel. Not
suede or boots. No stilettos. No trainers or trainer-style shoes, even
when entering or exiting the School site.

If worn, must be plain and dark colour.

An optional item that may be worn in place of a jacket. Jumpers and
Cardigans should be fitted, fine-knitted, plain, dark in colour and without
any visible logos or emblems.

Available via Stevensons or other online retailers. Please ensure all items
of clothing are clearly named.

Available via Stevensons or other online retailers. Please ensure all items
of clothing are clearly named.


Sportswear – Sixth Form Information Supplier

Items This is a compulsory item, which matches the RBC track pants.

RBC mid-layer or sports This is a compulsory item, which matches the RBC track top.
jacket This is a compulsory item of dress and should be Navy in colour. Specific
shorts are required for Rugby.
RBC track pants This is a compulsory item of dress.

RBC PE skort, shorts or Students require one appropriate House T-shirt for training and games
leggings lessons.

RBC Games top Compulsory: 1 pair for indoor use; the other for outdoor activities.
As required for rugby, football, hockey and/or cricket.
House T-shirt (Aldworth – Compulsory for students who play team matches.
green; Malthus – navy; A compulsory item worn for rugby.
Rich – red; Hall – yellow; Compulsory for hockey and football.
Norwood - Purple; West - A compulsory item.
Light Blue) A gum shield is required for hockey and rugby.

Two pairs of trainers An optional item.

Studded boots as required An optional item.
An optional item.
RBC cricket cap This is an optional item, but some form of holdall will be required.
An optional item for athletics, cross-country and rowing.
RBC rugby short An optional item.

Shin pads

RBC sports socks

Gum shield

RBC waterproof sports

RBC cycling shorts*

RBC navy baselayer

RBC sports holdall

RBC hooped singlet*

RBC bootbag*


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