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Published by BBYRA, 2016-03-21 18:20:12

Dinner Flip Book

Dinner Flip Book


Honoring top performers from:


Presented By



General E.W. Rawlings Chapter
of the Air Force Association

Friday April 1, 2016
6:10PM to 9PM

Town & Country Club
Saint Paul, MN

6:00 PM 2016 Awards Dinner
6:40 Program Schedule

6:50 Check in/Registration and Social Period
7:00 PM Presentation of Colors
7:30 – Univ. of MN AFROTC Cadets
Singing of National Anthem
9:00 PM - University of St. Thomas Cadet Choir

– Univ. of MN AFROTC

Invocation – Chaplain Donald Mikitta,
Deputy Wing Chaplain, Lt Col, CAP


Remarks by David Dietsch
Col (Ret.) United States Air Force

Awards Ceremony
M/C – Dan Murphy
President, Rawlings Chapter of AFA

Colors Retired in place

David Dietsch is current Vice-Chairman of the Board for
Field Operations for the Air Force Association. He is a
retired Colonel in the United States Air Force. In 1966,
Dave was commissioned out of AFROTC at University of
Miami at Ohio.

Dave served in Vietnam, Thailand and other locations in
Indochina. His specialties were resource management,
supply and logistics, aircraft maintenance. He acquired
many decorations and retired a Colonel in 1992.

In his civilian career, Dave applied his knowledge of Air
Force maintenance and resource management issues to
work for Air Force partner contractors in engineering,
R&D and logistics. At the same time, as a lifetime member
of AFA, he has worked his way up its volunteer executive

Dave his wife Connie and two daughters all reside in
Arlington, TX.


Civil Air Patrol of Minnesota
C/Lt Col Boaz Fink
C/Capt Samuel Kitzerow
C/1 Lt Joseph Christenson
C/SMSgt George Hare
Maj Ellen Browning
Capt James Jagow

Park High School JROTC
C/Lt Col Daniel Cocchiarella

North High School JROTC
C/Major Alec Buerskin

Woodbury High School JROTC
C/Major Zachary Wild

Johnson High School JROTC
C/CMS Veronica Rademaker

North Branch High School JROTC
C/SSgt Jacob Wettschrek

U of St. Thomas ROTC Det. 410
Cadet Nicholas Cox

U of M ROTC Det. 415
Cadet Douglas Bryson

133rd Airlift Wing
SrA Jose Carrera – AMN of the Year
TSgt Neil Bacon – NCO of Year
SMSgt Ryan Aaron Siek – SNCO of Year
MSgt Heather Klein– FSgt of the Year

934th Airlift Wing
SrA Keirsten Englund – AMN of Year
TSgt Tabitha Morrison – NCO of Year
MSgt Clint Hamann – SNCO of the Year
SSgt Edward Savage – FSgt of the Year
F Lt Jonathan Polos – CGO of the Year

Rawlings Chapter Teachers of the Year
Trista Gallagher

University Aerospace, Children’s
Engineering & Science School


Caroline Little
St. Thomas Academy High School

Mendota Heights


The small table in the place of honor is set for one. It is our way of
symbolizing the fact that members of our profession of arms are
missing from our midst. They are commonly called P.O.W. or M.I.A.
We call them BROTHERS. They are unable to be with us this evening
and so we remember them because of their incarceration.

This table set for one is small, symbolizing the frailty of one prisoner
alone against his aggressors. REMEMBER!

The tablecloth is white, symbolizing the purity of their intentions to
respond to their country’s call to arms. REMEMBER!

The single rose displayed in a vase reminds us of the families and
loved ones of our comrades-in-arms who keep the faith awaiting their
return. REMEMBER!

The red ribbon tied so prominently to the vase is reminiscent of the red
ribbon worn on the lapel and breast of those who bear witness to their
unyielding determination to demand a proper accounting of our
missing. REMEMBER!

A slice of lemon is on the bread plate to remind us of their bitter fate.

There is salt upon the bread plate, symbolic of the families’ tears as
they wait. REMEMBER!

The glass is inverted – they cannot toast with us this night.

The candle is reminiscent of the light of hope that lives in our hearts to
illuminate their way home, away from their captors, to the open arms of
a grateful nation. REMEMBER!

REMEMBER – all of you who served with them and called them
comrades, who depended upon their might and aid, and relied upon
them, for surely, they have not forsaken you.

Let us pray to the Supreme Commander that all of our comrades will
soon be back within our ranks. Let us remember and never forget their
sacrifices. May God forever watch over them and protect them and
their families.

General Edwin W. Rawlings 1904 - 1997

• Born in Milroy, MN.
• Graduated Hamline University, St Paul with economics

• Flying Cadet in Feb 1929.
• One of the youngest USAF generals at age 49.
• MBA Harvard University.
• Command Pilot and Combat/Aircraft Observer.
• 1930 Distinguished Flying Cross

(rescued an aircrew.)
• 1954 Soldier's Medal (rescued a downed pilot.)
• Retired 1959.
• 1981 AFA and AEF establish the Gen E.W Rawlings

Award -
• Recognizing an outstanding technician or manager in

environmental matters.
• The Gen E.W Rawlings Chapter is chartered in August

1982, Minneapolis/St. Paul - AF 213.

Award plaques are handmade with sublimation printing on
aluminum plates by Col Thomas Theis, CAP (Ret.)

Mrs. Doyle E. Larson

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