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Dec2015AFA NL - Reduced

Dec2015AFA NL - Reduced



Vol. 27, No. 3 Signature Flight Support Hosts
Monthly Meetings at MSP
Charitable Giving

Recipients $ Amount When the 934th Officers’ Club closed
earlier this year, Rawlings Chapter had
934th Key Spouses 700 to hustle to find a suitable alternative site
to hold monthly meetings. Signature
MAC-V 1,700 Flight Support stepped up to offer use of
their onsite training room in their private
ROTC Conclave 250 terminal at MSP airport.

Veteran Events 888 Signature is a nationally recognized
fixed base operator (FBO.) At MSP, they
====== provide fuel, a terminal and other flight
services to smaller, private executive and
Total July, 2015 to Date $3,538 commuter aircraft. The company is
generous in supporting local aviation
June, 2014 to June 30, 2015 $28,706 related non-profit organizations like
Rawlings Chapter of AFA.
EDUCATE about, Sagstetter presented Kevin
ADVOCATE for & with the plaque in
recognition of Signature’s
SUPPORT the ongoing support of
US Air Force & airmen. Rawlings Chapter and
AFA. Meetings are at the
Meetings are at Signature With this focus Kevin Inge, Signature’s main terminal 2800 East
Flight Support. 5:30 PM, General Manager at MSP, accepted an 70th St. - North Post Rd.
second Tuesday each month. AFA Community Partner plaque in between MN5 and 34th
North Post Rd. off MN5. September. Chapter President Larry Avenue in Bloomington.

Rawlings Chooses New President

Dan Murphy to lead Rawlings
Chapter into 2016

Chapter members in October voted programs as chapter Vice- Together, Dan and Andrea
Dan Murphy to lead as Chapter President of Governmental promise to make a terrific
President. Capt. Andrea Gehrman, Relations. team to broaden the reach of
from the University of St. Thomas AFA in the Twin Cities, to
ROTC Det. 410, was brought on Capt. Andrea Gehrman is an grow the chapter and
board as Vice-President. Assistant Professor of continue to highlight
Aerospace Studies and interesting speakers at
Dan has over 20 years global Recruiting Flight Commander at chapter meetings and events.
experience in defense and space Air Force ROTC Detachment
sales and marketing. The past few 410 at the University of St.
years, Dan has played a key role in Thomas.
advocating for Air Force issues and


Rawlings Chapter of the Air Force Association December, 2015

Summer - Fall Activities at a Glance

May, 2015 AFA was invited to Larry Spencer has a motto:
speak at an Eagle’s Club “Every airman a Member.” The

luncheon in Owatonna. In June, Rawlings AFA booth has been a
we brought AFA’s message to tool we use to have a presence at

the Lake City Kiwanis Club. local events on base and off base.

In both instances, chapter It gives the chapter an Dan Murphy discusses
officers talked about how AFA at Owatonna
Rawlings Chapter promotes opportunity to let folks know
aerospace education in the Twin who we are and what we are
Cities via ROTC, CAP and
JROTC and ACE’s Camp – about. We inform visitors to the
getting CyberPatriot, a cyber booths about AFA’s focus on
security program, into local high
schools. advocacy for Air Force issues,
the importance of air power and
We talked about our work with
Air Force family support at the control of air space to achieve
133rd Air Guard and 934th national objectives.
Reserves, specifically with 934th
Key Spouses to offer families of We fill them in on AFA chapter Bob McGonigal mans AFA
airmen in need a helping hand. support of education grants
available to airmen and their
Throughout the summer and families. We support aerospace
fall months of 2015, Rawlings studies at ROTC detachments,
has had an AFA presence at a cyber security training in high
number of military events. schools through AFA’s
CyberPatriot program.
In July, we brought our booth to
AirExpo in Eden Prairie. In In the Twin Cities, Rawlings booth at 934th Family Day.
August we did 934th Family Day
and Military Appreciation Day at Chapter gets local kids interested
the Minnesota State Fair. In
September we were at RAD in aerospace science, technology “Thank you for the professional
(Retired Appreciation Day) and possible careers in aviation. effort put forth during 133rd
Conference and 133rd ANG Family Day. You did make a
Family Day. We do this through financial
support of Civil Air Patrol and
At each event we had Salted Nut ACE’s Camps, where students difference in the lives of our
Rolls to give away, along with
Air Force Memorial post cards, learn to fly sailplanes in one service members and families.
AFA magazines and, of course,
lots of AFA membership forms. week. Please take a few extra minutes

AFA’s new President, General AFA also supports airmen and to thank your assistants as well in

their families by working with on the planning, preparation and

base Family Support Centers and execution of your AFA table. “
groups like 934th Key Spouses.

Air Force Advocacy, Education “This was truly an outstanding

and Support. This is the event!”

message we bring to events with

Rawlings Chapter booth, with the - Jeff Rosenthal, CMSgt USAF 133 AW
opportunity to join AFA.



Rawlings Chapter of the Air Force Association December, 2015

One of the chapter’s biggest Chapter #213
successes of the year was Executive Council
nominating Mark Westlake, a
physics teacher at St. Thomas President: Dan Murphy
Academy, for AFA National Vice-Pres: Capt. Andrea Gehrman
Teacher of the Year. Treasurer: Ralph Delperdang
Secretary: David Pohlen
AFA’s Aerospace Education Mark Westlake, National VP Communications: L Sagstetter
Committee had several Teacher of Year, with VP Aero Ed: L. Sagstetter
outstanding teachers to choose VP Char Resources: Bruce Roberts
from for national TOY. They AFCOS Mark Welsh & wife VP Ldr Dev: Open
gave the recognition to Westlake Betty. VP Community Partners: Open
based on his cutting edge VP Govt Relatn: Dan Murphy
experimental vehicle program at VP UVLC/Vets: Open
St. Thomas Academy. VP Mbrshp: Open

For many years, Rawlings PAST PRESIDENTS
Chapter has nominated local Lawrence Sagstetter
teachers to capture the coveted Jonathan Powell
TOY award. But Westlake’s Vic Seavers
program is in a rarified league Glenn Shull, Gary Chambers
above most others. He works Paul Groskreutz
with and for MIT’s Lemelson
Foundation to back his vision for Minnesota Flight Log is published
his students, along with a lot of quarterly for the members of the
other sponsors. Rawlings chapter of the Air Force
At AFA’s convention in Mark Westlake with
September, Westlake did not General Hyten of Air Force Members may view the newsletter
disappoint. He was the hit of the on the chapter website
convention, gave a terrific Space Command.
speech on techniques to
challenge talented students in To report problems or to submit
science, engineering and math. items, call Bob McGonigal at
952.884.1625. Email Bob at
Westlake brings national [email protected]
recognition to AFA, to Rawlings
Chapter and to St. Thomas Rawlings Chapter funded
Academy in St. Paul. two St. Thomas Air Force
ROTC cadets to attend
His program continues to amaze. Det. 410 cadets raise ARCON in Milwaukee
Late September his students flag at Veterans Day October 17, 18. The event is an
visited Disney in Florida for annual professional
Physics in Motion seminars. In POW/MIA vigil. development seminar for
October, National Geographic members of Arnold Air
brought his students and latest Society and Silver Wings.
battery powered vehicle to Upon their return, they
Times Square in New York City. planned Det. 410’s annual 24-
hour vigil in UST’s courtyard.


Minnesota’s Air Force Association Non-Profit Org. Non-Profit Org.
U.S.Postage U.S.Postage
MinnesotGae’snAeirraFl oErcWe ARsaswocliniagtisonChapter PAID PAID

General EPWORBaowxlin1gs18C0ha2pter Twin Cities MN Twin Cities MN
PO Box 1S1t8. 0P2aul, MN 55111-0802 Permit No. 1751 Permit No. 1751

St. Paul, MN 55111-0802


The AFA is a 501 (c)(3) ORGANIZATION

Donations are appreciated!

If youThreeceAivFeAd tihsisane5w0s1le(tcte)r(3in) tOheRmGaAilNitIZATION

inacpcruorbaatbel,yormyeDoaunosdnyoaontiu'torhneas-vmeaareie-lmaadpadiplr,reoesrcs iwiasete'rde !
blocIkfeydoaus are'pcoepivuepd' (tshpiasmn).ewPlselaestetesrenind the mail it

correctiopnros btoa:[email protected] -ymouaihlaavdedress is
accesisntaoctchueriantteer,noert.yOoru, mdaoinl y'tohuarvuepdea-tme taoil, or we're

blocked Masema b'peorsphiupp' (spam). Please NseEnWd: eMemberships are $30 per year.
correct1i5o0n1sLtoee: [email protected] if youShiganvuep online and when prompted, type in
Noatec:tcomeusespmAdtbaortleeitrnhtsghetweoii1innrt,5htreVe0MacrA1nonereLed2mt-s.2em.ASC2beOa0laeTsuHrvs9irh,lboesiama.chgtniFdhiahkapudetwsiirrlodteahnyasyetosAeru::winrFarfuoirddprmasdeRyiabaat,hwtatAeeinloripqnAntgoruFsitAeloCt1Cbha,ahet2pa0TSNtape1tniorEeg.6nrwWn2Aonu1ui:3pr&n,eoFocMCrneodlGroiecn.eumenen.baEtenrWrydshwiphseanrper$o3m0ppteedr,yteyapre. in
please ! get wyoAeubrrsliintneegwistsowlnewt,twVer.Amonn2alLif2naa2.etoe0.sr9gt infworwmwa.tmionnacfaan.orbgeeR.ifatohwuelrninAdgFsaAtCChahpatpetre.r 213, or Gen. EW
The Chapter's
to update their records. Thanks

Note: members with an e-mail address :
please ! get your newsletter online.

JOIN US at Rawlings Chapter meetings 5:30 PM the second Tuesday of each

TmhoentChhaat pSitgenr'astuwreebFsliigthetiSsuwppwowrt.(mnonrathfaa.ot Prgost Rd. exit off MN5.)

Next dates: January 12, Feb. 8. July 14.

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