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Rawlings Chapter, AFA quarterly newsletter.

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June 2016 Flight Log

Rawlings Chapter, AFA quarterly newsletter.

Keywords: 2016


Vol. 28, No. 2


934th Key Spouses Awarded $1,000

Tuesday, May 10, attendees at Rawlings Key Spouses provides financial Because of her efforts building 934th
Chapter’s monthly meeting approved a support for military families of Key Spouses, Tina recently won the
$1,000 donation to 934th Key Spouses. the 934th Airlift Wing at the 2016 AFA Joan Orr AFRC Spouse
Tina Harstad, the group’s leader, spoke Minneapolis/St. Paul Air of the Year award. She is being
in support of the request for funds. The Reserve Station. It provides considered for overall Air Force
photo at right shows Tina talking with assistance specifically to 934th Spouse of the Year. Congratulations
934th spouses who are members of her families of those that are to Tina and Key Spouses. They fill
organization. deployed or experiencing a a real need in the 934th Air Force
hardship. It works closely with
EDUCATE about, both military and civilian Reserves community.
ADVOCATE for & entities to connect the families
with resources they need in both
SUPPORT the local and national networks.
US Air Force & airmen.
Key Spouses focuses on
Meetings are at Signature families and members during
Flight Support. 5:30 PM, times of separation and times of
second Tuesday each month. hardship. It is a liaison between
North Post Rd. off MN5. family members and base

Fall 2016 registration is now open at contacted AFA. They wanted a implemented at the Air Force for high space theme program similar to Academy. SECAF provided
school teams to compete in the successful CyberPatriot “proof of concept” funding.
StellarExplorers III. This is a Youth Cyber education Orbital ATK, Blue Origin, Kratos
program that challenges students to program. AFA accepted the and other aerospace companies
design realistic aspects of space challenge and developed the have provided grants to continue
operations such as orbit definition, program. and grow StellarXplorers.
satellite design and launch vehicle
selection. Analytical Graphics, Inc. Any high school can register for a
agreed to supply software to $200 fee per team. The more
StellarXplorers began in August model, analyze and visualize teams that register, the better for
2014, when the Secretary of the Air space systems, which had all involved with the program.
Force’s office for STEM outreach previously been tested and


Rawlings Chapter of the Air Force Association June, 2016

Spring Activities at a Glance Adventium’s Todd Carpenter with
Rawlings Chapter President Dan Murphy.
Page 78 of June’s Air Force marathon in New Mexico gave a
Magazine shows photos from short presentation. ROTC cadets highlight Bataan Memorial Death
Rawlings Chapter’s April 1 awards March marathon.
dinner. Attendance was about 145. Lt Col Joe Sharkey (MNARG)
It was well attended by 133rd ANG Public Affairs distributed copies of CAP cadets present “Thank You” award to
and 934th AF Reserves, ROTC, the Minnesota National Guard Dan Murphy.
JROTC & CAP. Two generals Annual Report for 2015, including
attended: Brigadier Generals Sandy their 2016 Objectives. They also Minnesota Flight Log is published
Best and David Hamler. noted that the 148th Fighter Wing quarterly for the members of the
will deploy to South Korea in Rawlings chapter of the Air Force
Following the April awards event, support of the US Pacific Association.
monthly meeting attendance has Command’s mission to deliver rapid Members may view the newsletter
been very good. We have been and precise air capability for assured on the chapter website
blessed with a bounty of terrific regional stability.
keynote speakers. To report problems or to submit
Cadets provided a great presentation items, call Bob McGonigal at
In April, Todd Carpenter, Chief on the CAP programs here in MN. 952.884.1625. Email Bob at
Engineer and co-owner of They covered the various schools [email protected]
Adventium Labs, talked about cyber and encampments including MN
security. Adventium Labs solves Encampment, Advanced Leadership
hard problems in the areas of cyber Course, MN Leadership Academy,
security, system engineering, and NCO School, and Regional Cadet
automated reasoning. Officer School

Todd’s presentation focused on the The cadets also spent some time
Internet of Things (IoT). He talked covering the CAP Color Guard
about how lives have become team. They emphasized that it was
integrated with technology and how about more than just drill and
many access points we have to our ceremonies, but also about
data. Use of seemingly harmless camaraderie. They also talked about
electronics can allow for ‘pivot’ how they really enjoyed their public
attacks into our home networks. He ceremony events.
made all of us sufficiently nervous
about our cyber security. He took Finally, the cadets presented a thank
many questions and his time and you plaque to the Rawlings Chapter
knowledge were greatly appreciated for our support of their programs.
by the membership. The chapter previously voted $2,500
to help fund Minnesota Wing CAP
Arnold Air Society Cadets and for the current fiscal year.
Silver Wings members gave a short
presentation on their attendance at In May, Mr Michael Sanford from
the Arnold Air Society National the 934th FSS/FSFR (Airmen and
Convention in Dallas TX Family Readiness) was a guest
(COWBOYCON.) speaker. He told the membership
about their programs, resources
University of Minnesota ROTC available to service members and
Cadets that participated in the programs available through the
Bataan Memorial Death March Retiree Activity Office.



Rawlings Chapter of the Air Force Association June, 2016
Chapter #213
Wounded Airman Program Executive Council
Takes Off
National AFA recently conducted a highly successful 4-day
Wounded Airmen Program panel and adaptive cycling in
the Air Force Association Cycling Classic in Arlington, VA.
This year, AFA collected $30,500 in donations.

There is much Pentagon and civilian support for the
Wounded Airman Program. Also, WAP has recently
received several grants to include 1.5 million travel miles
from American Airlines. AFA members in the field and at
the headquarters are doing a great job supporting our
wounded Airmen. This is what AFA is all about.

Signature Flight Support Provides
Terrific Meeting Space

Signature Flight Support stepped a booth this summer and at future
up to provide a fine monthly Spring awards dinners.
meeting space for Rawlings
Chapter meetings, after closing of Look for our Rawlings Chapter,
the 934th Officer’s Club. AFA booth at AirExpo in July, 934th
& 133rd Family Day events,
The meeting space has a beautiful Minnesota State Fair Military
flat panel presentation screen built Appreciation Day.
into the wall. This makes it easy for
visitors to make presentations St. Thomas Academy EVT update:
everyone can see. It’s just a simple Caroline Little, Rawlings Chapter
matter of hooking up a laptop and AFA Teacher of the Year, is with her
running files from a USB device students in London for a world
competition with their battery
This is a terrific way for cadets to powered experimental vehicle.
practice presentation skills in front Follow the team on Facebook
of a friendly crowd. They spend
quite a bit of time preparing
presentations on their own. The
screen at Signature provides the The team won Shell’s Eco-Marathon
opportunity to share with others. in Detroit, Michigan 22-24 April
2016. They won first place in their
Thank you to Lloyd Ward for Urban Concept Battery-Electric Car
printing a supply of 500 postcards division. Some vehicle statistics:
with a photo of the Air Force weight 290 pounds; top speed 35
Memorial on one side; the miles per hour; range 50 miles per
Rawlings Chapter logo on the charge; electrical fuel equivalent of
other. 1750 miles per gallon using a 48 volt
Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.
We will be giving away these
unique postcards wherever we have

Minnesota’s Air Force Association Non-Profit Org. Non-Profit Org.
U.S.Postage U.S.Postage
MinnesotGae’snAeirraFl oErcWe ARsaswocliniagtisonChapter PAID PAID

General EPWORBaowxlin1gs18C0ha2pter Twin Cities MN Twin Cities MN
PO Box 1S1t8. 0P2aul, MN 55111-0802 Permit No. 1751 Permit No. 1751

St. Paul, MN 55111-0802


The AFA is a 501 (c)(3) ORGANIZATION

Donations are appreciated!

If youThreeceAivFeAd tihsisane5w0s1le(tcte)r(3in) tOheRmGaAilNitIZATION
inacpcruorbaatbel,yormyeDoaunosdnyoaontiu'torhneas-vmeaareie-lmaadpadiplr,reoesrcs iwiasete'rde !

blocIkfeydoaus are'pcoepivuepd' (tshpiasmn).ewPlselaestetesrenind the mail it
correctiopnros btoa:[email protected] -ymouaihlaavdedress is
accesisntaoctchueriantteer,noert.yOoru, mdaoinl y'tohuarvuepdea-tme taoil, or we're

blocked Masema b'peorsphiupp' (spam). Please NseEnWd: eMemberships are $30 per year.
correct1i5o0n1sLtoee: [email protected] if youShiganvuep online and when prompted, type in
Noatec:tcomeusespmAdtbaortleeitrnhtsghetweoii1innrt,5htreVe0MacrA1nonereLVed2mt-s.2eim.s2beOi0aeTtHr9iruh,lsisamahgnad9ihkatp3d:wsi4rlAteahysyiFosraEu:mxrpiuloypEdDeRdiaataehwtyneelriAPnAtgoruFsaAgCiurChisaheptaSNtJp7eutir.Eeg.lrWny2u11:3p6,-eoo1Mrn7lG.ienemne.baEenWrdshwiphseanrper$o3m0ppteedr,yteyapre. in
ThpeleCahsaep!tetgore'stuwypoAedMubarrstliieinntnenetgwhiestsesowoilnertwat,rtwVSeerct.Amaootnre1nd23alFif3s2naa.r2di.ero0.FTrM9aghmialiniltkyarsDy aAypApuregcuiastti2oRe0inat.hwDelrianAygFsAACuChgahupastpettre3.r0213, or Gen. EW

NJmOooptInelNet:haUmsaSeteaSm!tigRgbneaeawttruyslirnoewguFisrltiChgnhheaatwnpStuseelpr-epmmtoteaerteritl(inonaongdrsltdih5nr:a3eet0.sPsPoM:st the second Tuesday of each
Rd. exit off MN5.)
The ChapterN'sexwt edbatseiste: Juislyw1w2,wA.umgnusatf9a.aotrSgignature Flight Support.

September 13 at Howe Daily Kitchen – (Formerly Rail Station Bar & Grill.)

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