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Published by BBYRA, 2016-02-22 08:36:46

FEB 2016 Flight Log

2016-FEB Flight Log



Vol. 28, No. 1 April 1 Awards Dinner
Registration Open
FY 2016 Charitable Giving

Recipients $ Amount Friday, April 1 the Air Force
Association Awards Dinner is at Town
934th Key Spouses 700 & Country Club. Sign up with the
reservation form on page 3 of this
ACE’s Camp 5,000 newsletter. Or reserve seats online at Reserve the date. Bring
Civil Air Patrol 2,500 a friend. It’s always a terrific event.

CAP ACE 1,650 Theme for the event celebrates the 70th
anniversary of AFA. Seventy years ago
MAC-V 1,700 this February, General Hap Arnold asked
Colonel James Doolittle to organize
UMN ROTC 800 AFA and to be it’s first president.

UST ROTC 1,075 Retired Colonel David Deitsch, AFA’s
Vice-Chairman of Field Operations, is
Veteran Events 1,250 slated as the headliner speaker. Colonel
Deitsch began his Air Force career in
Awards Dinner 149 AFROTC. After his 26-year career
ended, Colonel Deitsch continued his
====== service volunteering with AFA.

Total July, 2015 to Date $14,824

AFA’s 70th Awardees will include top
performers from the 934th
Anniversary Reserves Airlift Wing,
133rd Airlift Wing, MN
Meetings are at Signature Civil Air Patrol, AFROTC
Flight Support. 5:30 PM, at UMN and UST, local
second Tuesday each month. Junior AFROTC programs
North Post Rd. off MN5. and Teacher(s) of the Year.

Rawlings Chapter Funds AFROTC

Cadets travel to regional and
national conclaves

In October, Rawlings Chapter All members of Silver Wings University of St. Thomas
members voted funds to help (SW) and Arnold Air Society cadets Amundson, Diegel
Arnold Air Society/Silver Wings and Burr at ARCON.
cadets attend the regional ARCON (AAS) are also members of the
conclave in Milwaukee. The cadets AFA. Their ability to attend
helped their own cause with a ARCON conclaves helps them
push-up-a-thon in November.
with connections to Air Force
Rawlings is also helping with community, career advice,
expenses for University of comparative high standards and
Minnesota cadets to attend Cowboy
NATCON March 25-29 in Dallas. developing!seasoned perspectives.

These cadets are the future of

AFA and are sure to perpetuate
the organization in years to come.


Rawlings Chapter of the Air Force Association February, 2016

Rawlings Chapter Activities at a Glance !
At it’s January meeting at AFA’s CyberPatriot MN'TEAM'REGISTRATIONS!
Signature Aviation, attending
chapter members agreed to CyberPatriot VIII holds its !
provide $5,000 in scholarship regional qualifiers round of Anoka!Composite!Squadron!
funds to Minnesota Aviation competition mid-February. The
Career Education Camp (MN National Finals round is 3!Civil!Air!Patrol!
ACE). The Rawlings money scheduled for Baltimore April Park!High!School!
enables a lot more kids to 10-14. CyberPatriot has grown North!Hennepin!Squadron!
participate in the program. nation-wide to include 3,379 Denfeld!High!School!
high school teams. Twenty-five Marshall!School!
MN ACE, during 1-week Minnesota high school teams are Twin!Cities!Squadron!097TWN!
summer camps, allows selected participating in this year’s CAP!MN3042!in!St.!Paul!
students to explore many competition. Eden!Prairie!High!School!
different careers in the aviation Hutchinson!Civil!Air!Patrol!–!3!teams.!
field including piloting, air traffic CyberPatriot is AFA’s National Mankato!Civil!Air!Patrol!!3!2!teams.!
control, engineering, military. Youth Cyber Education Program. Patrick!Henry!High!School!
CyberPatriot was conceived St!Cloud!Composite!Squadon!
Throughout the week, students by the Air Force Association 130th!Composite!Squadron!
get classroom instruction. They (AFA) in response to a request Como!Park!Senior!High!School!
tour MSP airport, the Joint Air from the Air Force to inspire
Station and various aircraft. They high school students toward –!3!teams.!
get opportunities to fly in single- careers in cyber security or other Highland!Park!Senior!High!
engine planes, helicopters and science, technology, engineering, Washington!Technology!Magnet!
gliders. The young students love and mathematics (STEM)
the week long summer camps. disciplines critical to the nation's School!!3!5!teams.!
future. !
AFA designed CyberPatriot. It
proved the concept of learning Minnesota Flight Log is published
quarterly for the members of the
through competition. With help Rawlings chapter of the Air Force
from many tech companies, Association.

CyberPatriot has grown to Members may view the newsletter
include classroom teams in over on the chapter website
3,000 high schools, public &
private, across the country. To report problems or to submit
items, call Bob McGonigal at
Two ACE Camp students Rawlings Chapter primed 952.884.1625. Email Bob at
check out a commercial CyberPatriot growth in the Twin [email protected]
airplane’s cockpit.
2 Cities by funding start-up of the
program at Park High School and

Hill-Murray High School. CAP
and JROTC alike see value in the

program. All together, 25
Minnesota CyberPatriot teams

are entered into this year’s

Rawlings Chapter of the Air Force Association February, 2016

Chapter #213
Executive Council

Gen. E.W. Rawlings Chapter


FRIDAY 1 April, 2016 1800 –2100 hours

Town & Country Club, NW corner of Otis Ave. at Marshall Ave., St. Paul


Please complete and put in US mailbox NLT Saturday, 26 March

Please reserve seats @ $40.00 per seat (Total = $ )

Dinner entrée choice is Chicken Veronique or Pastry Wrapped Pesto Pasta. Gluten-free meals available by
request. If you have a specific allergy concern attach a note to request an alternative meal.

(Rank) Name UNIT

(please print clearly) _______________________________________________________________________

First and last name(s)_______________________________________________________________________
of guests

Your phone number, in case there is a question about your registration. __________________

Awardee plus one guest is at our expense. All additional guests are $40 each.

Many of our Junior Enlisted and Cadets cannot afford to attend the Annual Awards Banquet and would benefit
greatly from a chance to participate in this military ceremony. We solicit your support for their attendance.

I will sponsor _____ cadets/Junior Airmen @ $40 each Total = $ __________

I’d like to sponsor__________table(s) at $ 360 each Total = $ _______

TOTAL = $__________

Please make your check payable to “General EW Rawlings Chapter and mail NLT 26 March to:

Lawrence Sagstetter 1696 E. Third Street Saint Paul MN 55106

Need additional information? Contact Larry at 612 – 695 – 8700. Or e-mail at [email protected]


Minnesota’s Air Force Association Non-Profit Org. Non-Profit Org.
U.S.Postage U.S.Postage
MinnesotGae’snAeirraFl oErcWe ARsaswocliniagtisonChapter PAID PAID

General EPWORBaowxlin1gs18C0ha2pter Twin Cities MN Twin Cities MN
PO Box 1S1t8. 0P2aul, MN 55111-0802 Permit No. 1751 Permit No. 1751

St. Paul, MN 55111-0802


The AFA is a 501 (c)(3) ORGANIZATION

Donations are appreciated!

If youThreeceAivFeAd tihsisane5w0s1le(tcte)r(3in) tOheRmGaAilNitIZATION

inacpcruorbaatbel,yormyeDoaunosdnyoaontiu'torhneas-vmeaareie-lmaadpadiplr,reoesrcs iwiasete'rde !
blocIkfeydoaus are'pcoepivuepd' (tshpiasmn).ewPlselaestetesrenind the mail it

correctiopnros btoa:[email protected] -ymouaihlaavdedress is
accesisntaoctchueriantteer,noert.yOoru, mdaoinl y'tohuarvuepdea-tme taoil, or we're

blocked Masema b'peorsphiupp' (spam). Please NseEnWd: eMemberships are $30 per year.
correct1i5o0n1sLtoee: [email protected] if youShiganvuep online and when prompted, type in
Noatec:tcomeusespmAdtbaortleeitrnhtsghetweoii1innrt,5htreVe0MacrA1nonereLed2mt-s.2em.S&A2beOa0aeTiCHrrv9irh,leFosiamahuogtndhrinhkapcdetwsierrldyAeayasCystosesluou:: r6cbiP.uaRMtpieodResFniaeatrhrwtAieedvlrwieanAtygoaaFs,rAsACdeChspaahtbrpa.iaSNtplBentirE1egr.qr,iWnnu22u1g0e:3pt1a,6eaoofMtrnrlTGiieenoemnnewd.baEn.enWrdshwiphseanrper$o3m0ppteedr,yteyapre. in
please ! get wyoAeubrrsliintneegwistsowlnewt,twVer.Amonn2alLif2naa2.etoe0.sr9gt infworwmwa.tmionnacfaan.orbgeeR.ifatohwuelrninAdgFsaAtCChahpatpetre.r 213, or Gen. EW
The Chapter's
to update their records. Thanks

Note: members with an e-mail address :
please ! get your newsletter online.

JOIN US at Rawlings Chapter meetings 5:30 PM the second Tuesday of each

TmhoentChhaat pSitgenr'astuwreebFsliigthetiSsuwppwowrt.(mnonrathfaa.ot Prgost Rd. exit off MN5.)

Next dates: March 8, April 12, May 10.

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