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Published by BBYRA, 2017-02-25 15:54:13

2017 February NL

2017 February NL



General Deptula Headlines April 7 Awards Event

Rawlings chapter is pleased to announce The Mitchell Institute's Above: Lt General David Deptula,
Lt Gen David Deptula, USAF (Ret) has fundamental objective is to Dean of AFA’s Mitchell Institute for
agreed to headline our Friday, April 7 provide creative, insightful Aerospace Studies.
awards dinner at Town & Country Club policy options to better
in St. Paul. A reservation form is empower our nation's leaders.
included in this newsletter.
Given his extensive fighter pilot
Lt General Deptula is AFA’s go-to – Air Force leadership
media expert for getting word out about background, General Deptula is
Air Force issues of the day. He is well suited to lead AFA’s
frequently interviewed about Air Force Mitchell Institute. He has
topics on National Public Radio, all excelled in conceptualizing the
major TV and radio networks, print and Institute, selling the idea of
social media. building it to AFA. In just a few
years he has made it a self-
GtheenMeritaclhDelelpItnusltaitusteervfoesr aAsetrhoespDaecaen of sustaining think tank for future
Air Force policy.
Studies. He is a world-recognized leader
and pioneer in conceptualizing, General Deptula is a highly
planning, and executing national security sought out speaker about Air
Force issues in Washington, DC
ompaejroart icoonms bfraotm. ThhuismiasnwithayriaAnFrAelicehfotsoe and around the world, really.
We are grateful he will make
him to lead the Mitchel Institute, which time to headline our April 7
publishes many original research and event. He is excited to be part of
white papers each year for public and it. We are pleased to have him
congressional dissemination. here.

Arnold Air Society/Silver Wings
November Conclave

Rawling’s chapter helped fund local ROTC
cadets to attend ARCON in Grand Forks,
North Dakota the weekend of November 4-6.

Featured speaker, Lt Col (Ret) Chris Stratton,
spoke about how his career was affected by
family health issues; how his family benefited
from benefits provided by the extended Air
Force family.

Cadets received a strategy briefing from Brig
Gen (Ret) Dan Woodward. Regional AFA
leadership was on hand to provide cadets a


Chapter Activities at a Glance

training session on planning, meeting at Signature
reporting and recruitment. Aviation’s terminal at MSP
airport. He talked about his
ROTC cadets at the plans to rejuvenate Bong
conference came from Illinois, with new ideas, members
Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and leadership.
South Dakota, North Dakota
& Wisconsin. He wants to get his ROTC Lt Colonel Bryan Graddy, Commander of Duluth Air
cadets more involved with Force ROTC Detachment 420 with Glenn Shull.
Fall Quarter Roundup AFA, bringing Arnold Air .
Society and Silver Wings
Dan & Jane Murphy represented back to the Duluth campus.
Rawlings chapter at the He also wants to focus on
Minnesota Medal of Honor bringing more Duluth Air
Convention the weekend of Guard members into Bong
October 7. There they met up chapter of AFA.
with Leo Thorsness and his wife
Gayle. Leo is the distinguished Farmington middle school Todd Kohorst, Farmington science teacher
POW survivor of the Vietnam science teacher Todd on right of Glenn Shull.
war, having served a sentence in Kohorst presented at the
the Hanoi Hilton. same November meeting.
Todd is an exciting science
Later that evening, current teacher currently in
Rawlings president Dan Murphy suborbital astronaut training
and past-president Jon Powell with NASA.
had there photo taken with
congressman Keith Ellison. The He transfers aerospace Jon Powell & Dan Murphy with
list of attendees at the dinner was knowledge he gains through congressman Keith Ellison (center.)
a whose who of the Twin Cities his NASA training back to
political and business his middle school science
communities. students. This generates
enthusiasm among students
A significant focus of AFA is for to think more about the
local chapters to get in front of science behind technology.
members of congress regardless
of party. Get them to know that Leo Thorsness & wife Gayle on right of Rawlings Minnesota Flight Log is published
AFA represents airmen in their Chapter President Dan Murphy & Jane Murphy at quarterly for the members of the
community. Inform them about Rawlings chapter of the Air Force
current issues affecting the Air left. Association.
Force and airmen and airwomen.
Members may view the newsletter
Rawlings chapter accomplishes on the chapter website
this by making it’s presence
known at events like the Medal
of Honor convention. To report problems or to submit
items, call Bob McGonigal at
In November, Lt Colonel Bryan 952.884.1625. Email Bob at
Graddy was elected president of [email protected]
Bong chapter in Duluth. Bryan
leads the ROTC program at
University of Minnesota Duluth.

Col Graddy visited Rawlings
chapter at it’s November 8

Gen. E.W. Rawlings Chapter


FRIDAY 7 April, 2017 1800 –2100 hours

Town & Country Club, NW corner of Otis Ave. at Marshall Ave., St. Paul


Please complete and put in US mailbox NLT Saturday, 1 April

Please reserve seats @ $40.00 per seat (Total = $ )

Circle dinner entrée choice: Chicken, Walleye or Pastry Wrapped Pesto Pasta. Gluten-free meals available by
request. If you have a specific allergy concern attach a note to request an alternative meal.

(Rank) Name UNIT

(please print clearly) _______________________________________________________________________

First and last name(s)_______________________________________________________________________
of guests

Your phone number, in case there is a question about your registration. __________________

Awardee plus one guest is at our expense. All additional guests are $40 each.

Many of our Junior Enlisted and Cadets cannot afford to attend the Annual Awards Banquet and would benefit
greatly from a chance to participate in this military ceremony. We solicit your support for their attendance.

I will sponsor _____ cadets/Junior Airmen @ $40 each: Total = $ __________

I’d like to sponsor table(s) of 8 at $ 320 each: Total = $ _______

TOTAL = $__________

Please make your check payable to “General EW Rawlings Chapter and mail NLT 1 April to:

Lawrence Sagstetter 4035 Victoria St., #313, Shoreview, MN 55126

Need additional information? Contact Larry at 612 – 695 – 8700. Or e-mail at [email protected]

MinnMesiontnae’ssAoitraF’sorAceirAFsosorcceiatAiosnsociation Non-Profit Org. Non-Profit Org.
U.S.Postage U.S.Postage
GeneGrael nEeWraRl EawWlingRsaCwhlainpgtesr Chapter PAID PAID

PO BPoOx 1B18o0x211802 Twin Cities MN Twin Cities MN
St. PSaut.l,PMaNul5,5M11N1-508501211-0802 Permit No. 1751 Permit No. 1751


The AFA is a 501 (c)(3) ORGANIZATION

Donations are appreciated!

If TypohrouebrAaebcFleyAivmeisdeaatnhsis5y0noe1uwr(secl-)em(t3tae)irlOiandRtdhGreeAsmsNaisilIZitATION

inaccurate, oDr yoonuadtioonn'tshaarvee aep-mpraeilc, ioartewde!'re
cboIlrofrceykcoetiudonarssetcaoe:'pivofepieduldpth'@(isspanafmea.wo).rsglPeilftetayesoreuisnheantvhdee mail it
accessptrootbhaebinlytermneeta. nOsr,ymoauirl yeo-murauipldaadtedrtoess is
aicncbcaoelcrosrccseukctretoaidtAotehn1ra,l5ession0Mtriag1ontye:'toLpmeoneoru,befnpVieHdeerAutsloi.dhpgnOi2h'p'@t2w(rs2h,,sopoeudrshawetanSNeReeviidatEg'htewrWnoeelruinA:pgFeosAMnClCiehnmahepabatpeentrreds.rhwi2ph1se3an,roperr$oG3me0npp.teeEdrW,yteyapre. in
to update theirMreecAmoprbdreisl.r7sThahiwpanakrdss dinner reservation form included.

Noptele:amseem! gbeetrys1ow5u0irt1hneaLwneseel-eHmttiaegrilhoawndHladinyraee.pssp: y New YeSNaiEgrWn!u:p eMemberships are $30 per year. in
online and when prompted, type
The Chapter'sAwrelibnsgitteoins,
either AFA Chapter 213, or Gen. EW

Rawlings Chapter.

to update their records. Thanks

Note: members with an e-mail address :

pJlOeaINseU!Sgaet tRyawoulinrgnseCwhsalpettetremr eoentilnignse5. :30 PM the second Tuesday of each
ThemConhtahpatteSri'sgnwateubrseiFteligishtwSwupwp.omrtn(anfoar.tohragt Post Rd. exit off MN5.)

Next dates: February 21, March 14 & April 11 at Signature Flight Support.

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