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magazine IL (Be chic)

magazine IL (Be chic)

team the body Be Chic
How to
be in

Semester 2

Sec 28


1 Eating well
2 Physical Activity
3 What is BMI?
4 7 Habits That Make You Fat
5 How to solve obesity problems

Dining Time

Type 1
Breakfast (7AM-9AM) : eat after 1 hour of waking up.
Lunch (11AM-1PM) : eat after 4 hours of breakfast.
Dinner (3PM-6PM) : eat at least 3 hours before bedtime.
Type 2
Eating 3 to 4 hours per meal, focusing on fruits and vegetables

Eating well V

Types of food D
1. Water O
2. Protein .
3. Fruits and Vegetables of me
4. Omega-3 fatty acids
5. Calcium

QR of shape link in Physical Activity
order to know the type.
Type 1
Skinny Body.
Mannequins like this are not recommended to lose weight. If
you lose more than this, you should eat 3 meals and consume
too much protein to boost your muscles.
Exercises : Exercises that use flexibility such as yoga,
bodyweight, dancing.
Type 2
Good body.
Normal standard mannequins are not too fat and not too thin.
It is not recommended to lose weight.
Exercise : You should choose from a number of exercises to
keep your body healthy, such as playing outdoor sports, hiking,
badminton, walking.

Type 3

Plump body.

It is advisable to control eating more fruits and

vegetables and eating the right amount, which is the Link of exercise
first stage of fat starting to lose easily, but do not
worry because the weight may increase even more.
Exercise: This plump body emphasizes burning out
fat!! Boxing cardio interspersed with bodyweight uSA3b11HY4TKuJ_w7EIJydxNIsP73PMjkecSWYJ46qs

runs. .

V Type 4

D Chubby body.
O watch?v=DOLmHsINKVo It's not late stages of plumpness, it's fat!
Exercise : Exercise frequently, but do not fight yourself as this will
. cause injury to your body. It should start with exercises that do
not cause injury to the body, such as swimming. Raised
of me

dumbbells, fast walks.

What is BMI ? Body mass index (BMI) is a
value that can be measured
Scan to calculate your BMI. from an individual’s weight per
height. The BMI is often used as
a measure of the amount of fat
in our body (Body fat), which
the World Health Organization
(WHO) sets the BMI standard
for people. At the age of 20
years to be used as an index of
body fat in order to indicate the
risk of obesity or being overly
skinny as shown in the figure

Scan to calculate BMR
and TDEE

Besides BMI, there is also BMR, which stands for Basal Metabolic Rate, or we can call it the daily metabolic rate.
With this energy value, the body is used to drive the system and regulate various organs in the body and the TDEE
value is Total Daily Energy Expenditure or the value of energy used by other activities on a daily basis. That can be
used to help schedule exercise and eating to reduce body shape.

7 Habits to make you fat

As a result of the survey, these
habits are the ones that create excessive
eating habits. When we eat more than what
our body uses, it means the body stores the
rest of the energy in the form of fat. Will give
us more fat and make it fatter.

The study found obesity
prevalence 57.54%, mostly female (76.44%),
age 50-59 (32.44%), obese parents (44.44%),
working all day sitting at a table (67.11%).
Most popular beverages containing sugar
(22.22%), more than half, do not exercise
(53.96%), perceive obesity at a high level.
Most of them used energy-saving tools
(96.89%) and lived on the second floor and
above (58.22%).

According to the research article, I think
the prevalence of obesity is mostly women
because women burn less fat than men and
men use more energy than women.

2. Natural treatment How to solve
This method focuses on modifying a person's obesity

behavior, namely eating and exercising. In terms of problems
diet, herbs are commonly used as a helper in
weight loss, such as ginger: it helps digest and burn 1. Modern medicine treatment
fat and also helps reduce cholesterol levels in the To treat it in this way, mainly focus on eating. It
body. Garlic: reduces cholesterol and blood sugar
(must be fresh garlic only). Hairy Basil: Eating hairy is to control the amount of food and the type of
Basil helps to saturate the stomach faster, and the food eaten. In addition, the doctor may take
fibers of the tablets also help trap bad fats, remove medications for individuals at high risk of
them outside the body and help absorb good fats. developing complications from eating or exercising
(the person must be under the supervision of a

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